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Contacting Santander Customer Service Center

Santander is a consumer finance company with a main headquarters outside the United States. The company has been gaining strength for quite some time, but a recent influx of mergers in the US has developed Santander into a household name. The company, like many other financial businesses, supports community, education and involvement.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

The main Santander phone number is the Servicing number. This is the phone number that will appear if the bank calls you about your account. When calling make sure you have your account number for verification and security.

  • Servicing: 1-888-222-4227
  • Funding: 1-800-877-4696
  • RoadLoans: 1-888-276-7202
  • CarMax Funding: 1-800-378-0949
  • Underwriting: 1-888-540-5626
  • Titles: 1-800-526-0157

Mailing Address

Three addresses are available on the contact page for Santander customer service. The first is a general customer service address and the last is the office of the President of the company. In the middle we’ve listed the payment address because payments should never be sent to customer service.

Santander Consumer USA – Customer ServicePO Box 961245Fort Worth, TX 76161


Santander Consumer USA – Payments PO Box 660633 Dallas, TX 75266


Santander Office of the PresidentPO Box 961245 Fort Worth, TX 76161

Official Website

The US site for Santander customer service is located at You can apply for a new loan, log in to your loan account or access online customer service from this page. You can also check out how Santander works in the community.

Customer Service Email

There are email forms available for various Santander departments. Customers should use the customer service form only – the others are for expressly dedicated contact.

The Santander Office of the President is the only contact listed as a direct email. This address is listed under the Customer Complaints tab of the site.

Our Experience

We recommend customers know exactly what department they want to contact prior to calling the customer support hotline. The reason being is the automated system is long and confusing. We attempted several times to press 0 in order to reach the operator to no avail. Finally we decided to wait, more than 7 minutes to be exact, for an agent to answer the call.

When the agent answered the call, we asked if the company provided payment assistance programs for customers facing financial hardships. We are delighted to report Santander provides several options for payment assistance. The company provides options, including, extended payment, reduced interest payments and changing the due dates. The overall experience was better than expected. How was your experience? Comment below.

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20 Comments on “Contact Santander Customer Service
  1. I received a deferment in July; at that time I made a payment of900.00 and was told I would be caught up. I have scheduled my August payment with my bank. The information on the web site says I am behind. This is not correct.

  2. They are not a good company to deal with! drivetime, Santander etc… Get away from them ASAP! They are not honest and will do whatever they can to keep their clients in the hole. They are deceptive and well known for cheating their customers! Run, run, run…

  3. I made a deferment in April 2013. Over paid it and now they are saying I’m still 1800.00 behind. I have faxed proof 5 times. They refuse to fix so far. I hope they read this cause I will pay what I owe them. I have paid on this car going on 3 1/2 years and now this really. No thanks I guess I will get a lawyer.

  4. Tried to get this account straightened out to no avail! We did not chose this company. We were with an A+ loan company and got sold in a block of loans to Santander, which we checked out with the BBB to discover they were an F rated company. Not at all happy with the service, the inability to communicate with the customer service personnel. Will be so glad when this is completely paid off!

  5. they are the worst company ever-total rip off-they are liara and cheaters and do not care abt anything other than getting money-they should be illigal!


  7. This company is the worst. The payments are sitting on their desk and they have refused to post them. They have sometype of excuse everytime, while trying to collect more interest. Thank to Jesus I keep to tracking number

  8. i have been treated with respect and was informed of the information that I wanted.
    even when my payments were mixed up.
    I am trying to get a newer vehicle ( 2013 buick lactose) from Jerry’s Chev.
    I need my account number

  9. I have a car loan with them and I have rec’d nothing but good service. Maybe they have cleaned up their act, I don’t know. All I can say is I’ve been treated ok and have had no problem since getting the loan a year and half ago.

  10. Santander has deceptive practices who does not allow the consumer to ever pay off their loans. This company charges interest on top of interest in top of interest! Just when you think you’re paid off, they’ve added another balance. This company has literally forced me to file bankruptcy because I can never seem to pay off this now 8 year loan!

  11. This is my third time attempting to get a name removed from a title. First they had the wrong name on the fax. Second I was assured I would have a corrected fax today. I need this fax by noon tomorrow 6/17/2016. Thanking you in advance

  12. Stay away from them at all cost. They rip everyone off and lie. They tell you to fax in information, but fax is always busy. They do not accept emails. That right there tells you what kind of place it is.

  13. This is William and good afternoon I would like someone call me with the fax number with the office of the President cause I have a fax something that I have to complete the repo of the car that my daughter bought Account #8656645.

    Thanks William Cheek

  14. Have been trying to contact the office of the president because he apparently is the only person in this country from this company that can help me. After 29 days days of almost daily attempts, he still continues to ignore me.

  15. When I tried calling the number for customer service in the U.S. on the back of my Santander debit card, the robo voice told me to “press 1 for English.” However, I live in the U.S., where English is the language our nation was founded, so I refuse to press any number for the language of the U.S. since that is where I am.

    Please tell your phone menu programmers to CHANGE the menu so that as long as the caller speaks English they don’t need to press any number, and it is presumed that they wish to converse in the U.S language. Make only those who cannot converse in English press a number for a different language.

    I am a U.S. military veteran who served my country honorably, and I will never press any number for English as long as I am calling within the United States.
    My sentiments are shared by the majority of U.S. citizens, so it would behoove Santander to not disrespect their native language.

  16. I read the previous comments. I agree with all of them and have told everyone of friends to make sure NOT to go with Santander. It is a sad time in this country for a company has been set up to confuse, upset, and make paying a bill a living hell. You CANNOT make sense of customer service. They do not know what they are doing. Does not answer your questions. And yes it is almost impossible to pay the car off. These off shore people answering the phone can be just as rude as they want to be. There seems to be no one to answer to.

  17. It is a horrible company. I wish I never bought the car from them. A car for $30,000 with $10,000 down payment in 2014, and I am still owing more than $20,000 to this date. I have changed the engine and many more parts. I feel trapped. I wish Santander will reduce the balance and my monthly payment.
    However, the representatives have been very polite each time I called. I will be happier to see my balance and payments reduced.

  18. Santander keeps mailing someone who moved fro the address in 1972 and died in 1993. I have emailed and told them there is a problem, but more mail comes .
    Poor attention to detail And apparently no concern that the mailing list they pay for contains stupid errors. I would not bank with a company that pays so little attention to detail.

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