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Contacting Sallie Mae Customer Service Center

Sallie Mae is a huge company that is well-known for handling student loan accounts, but the company also handles insurance, 529 plans and banking services. If you are a student or parent of a student with a Sallie Mae loan, you’ll need to use the official website to access for account, make payments, request forbearance and deferment extensions and manage your loans.

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Contact Info

Sallie Mae offers customer service information for phone, mail and email contact.

Phone Contact Numbers

Customer service hours are available between 8 A.M. and 8 P.M. Monday to Thursday. Shorter hours are available on Friday from 8 A.M. to 8 P.M. We did not find any hours on Saturday and Sunday. All customer service hours are EST.

  • Account Customer Service: 1-888-272-5543
  • TDD Customer Service: 1-888-833-7562
  • Account Customer Service (Direct): 1-317-570-7397
  • Customer Service Fax: 1-800-848-1949
  • Sallie Mae Insurance: 1-877-527-2370
  • 529 Plans: 1-877-529-2980
  • Banking Customer Service: 1-877-346-2756

Mailing Address

The mailing addresses listed here are for all services provided by Sallie Mae. General correspondence mailing addresses are the ones typically used by customer who want to send comments and other correspondence to Sallie Mae.

Sallie Mae – Loan Payments
P.O. Box 9532
Wilkes-Barre, PA 18773-9532

Sallie Mae – Cosigner Payments
P.O. Box 9555
Wilkes-Barre, PA 18773-9555

Sallie Mae – General Correspondence
P.O. Box 9500
Wilkes-Barre, PA 18773-9500

Sallie Mae Insurance Services
241 A Street
Ste. 104
Boston, MA 02210

Sallie Mae 529 Plans – Upromise Investments, Inc
95 Wells Ave.
Ste. 160
Newton, MA 02459

Sallie Mae – Banking
P.O. Box 30531
Tampa, FL 33630-3531

Sallie Mae – Banking (Deposits)
P.O. Box 4534
Carol Stream, IL 60197-4534

Official Website

Customers with one or more Sallie Mae accounts can access the official website at You will need a user ID and password to log in to your account. There are contact opportunities for logged in customers that are not available to the general website visitor. Logging in also prefills in some of the information for email communication.

Customer Service Email

The customer service department can be reached by email using the online general correspondence form. If you are interested in emailing the customer service department for Sallie Mae Banking, contact

Our Experience

Considering colleges and universities are open throughout the entire year, the customer service department did not have us waiting. We sat through the automated system prior to speaking with a customer service representative. Customers must enter their account information or social security information. In order to alleviate this, customers must wait. When we were connected to the customer care department, we encountered an alarming message. The approximate wait time was 10 to 15 minutes. The other option was to have Sallie Mae return your call.

We waited on hold 25 minutes before we could speak with a customer service representative. As any customer could attest, our experience was not optimal. Although the company addressed our concerns regarding applying for student loans, the wait times were unacceptable. What do you think of Sallie Mae customer service department? Share your thoughts below.

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51 Comments on “Contact Sallie Mae Customer Service
  1. The customer service for this company is absolutely horrific. I have never had to deal with people so rude and disrespectful in my life. I asked to speak to a supervisor and even he was rude. When I asked to speak to someone above him he refused. The conversation ended with me just hanging up. They say they can help an there are options there are none what so ever. I feel belittled ever single time I speak with someone from there.

  2. Horrible phone customer service every time I’ve called. I can’t believe these are the people who gave me money to go to grad school. They seem unable to comprehend basic ideas like ‘I want to round off my monthly payment amount.’ Why can’t I do that online anyway?

  3. SallieMae has just taken over my loans on behalf of the Direct Loans and I am quickly finding out that are an awful company to deal with. For starters I applied for an Income-Based Repayment Plan, which I was accepted for. My payments for the first 11 were around the $200 range but after the 11 months jump yo almost $800 a month. This should be fun to deal with when the time comes. Next I needed to change the day of my payments, so I sent an e-mail, which is one of their options, but they do not provide enough space to type a decent message. There is only enough space for one or two lines. Finally yesterday January 8 I received a letter from them that states I have 10 days from the date of the letter December 30, 2012 to sing and send back to certify that my loans were used for the purposes of higher education. It is very clear to me that this company has no desire to help anyone. They are greedy and just awful.

  4. MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The worst experience ever with customer service.
    They do not know how to answer questions.
    I ended repeating myself five times to get the right answer.
    They are not located in US thus, they do not speak English.
    Also, they do not let you speak to the supervisor.
    I was on the phone for one hour with so much frustration.

  5. Sallie Mae has a recorded message from 765-283-3000 that keeps calling for a person that has never worked here! They call numerous times a day and has been calling for years! I can’t get anybody to remove our company phone # from their records so they will stop calling here! Debt collectors are suppose to be calling a place of business anyway! Just shows that Sallie Mae really needs to update their records!!

  6. Have been on phone many times within a week to get my loan payment posted to correct account. They prepaid 1 loan for 6mths and didn’t put any towards the loan it was to go to so I’m delinquent on that account!!! I just talked to someone who said she couldn’t find documentation re: the request for reapplication of the loan payment- I’ve called several times and even talked to a supervisor about this and nothing documented???? They’ve done this before and it’s only taken 3-5 business days to correct and I’m told 3-5 bus days and then told 7-14bus days for them to correct their mistake!!!

  7. Sallie Mae’s Slogan should be:
    “Every Student’s Nightmare begins with Sallie Mae”

    Mission Stmt should be:

    “We strive to ruin’s people’s lives…one student at a time”

  8. The worst customer service ever!!! Who ever heard of a company hiding their physical address so you can’t sent important documents via FedEx. Come on, get it together.

  9. Every time I called I was treated like scum. That is the best way to put it. I went through 5 or 6 different so called customer service people and no one could help me. All I need is a fax number to fax papers to. Lost my job, can’t pay the high payment and thanks so much for your help!!!!!

  10. The representative do not know what they’re talking about 90 percent of the time I’ve been lied to many times, Two different people have told me two different things on multiple occasionsand it’s ridiculous!! I wish I never would have gotten a loan through these people!

  11. Per Sallie Mae conveniently misleading billing technique I overpaid my account by approximately $1000.00. The billing to send more monies is still coming despite me paying the last quoted amount twice. $492.00. Yesterday my quoted balance was $492.00. Today the balance is $300.00. All I am requesting is a thorough audit of my account be made and the over payment be refunded to me. In am thoroughly frustration by this blatant attempts of fraud or theft. I will be mailing copies of my cashed checks since March. Please help

  12. Per Sallie Mae conveniently misleading billing technique I overpaid my account by approximately $1000.00. The billing to send more monies is still coming despite me paying the last quoted amount twice. $492.00. Yesterday my quoted balance was $492.00. Today the balance is $300.00. All I am requesting is a thorough audit of my account be made and the over payment be refunded to me. In am thoroughly frustration by this blatant attempts of fraud or theft. I will be mailing copies of my cashed checks since March. Please help

  13. I have been calling their phone numbers and all I get is some darn noise that sounds like a hysterical car door chime when you leave the driver’s door open. I am so sick of Sallie Mae. I wish I would have never went to college sometimes because it almost seems like it wasn’t worth it when you have to go into debt, especially with Sallie Mae. They are worthless and it doesn’t surprise me that their phone numbers are not working properly. They don’t want to talk with you and help.

  14. Not only are they horrific but I believe they are misappropriating our funds. I have been paying them double what they request and they now say I am in arrears. They refuse to allow me to speak to a supervisor. All they do is threaten, tell me the call is being recorded, but when I tell them I am also recording the conversation they hang up. The only way we are going to solve our problems is to write the President, Senators and Congressman. Maybe if our letters reach the proper please these ignorant workers will straighten up.

  15. Wow again Salliemae never amazes me. Sallie Mae phone automatic system truly have a lot of glitches in its phone system. It is costing me a lot of money to call not only once but a few times from overseas and yet I get no where the issues still remain.

    One of the times that I called I left my phone number but Sallie Mae never returned my call–again it does not amaze me.

    Very poor customer service. I could testify to this because I pay about 10 different bills by phone from overseas with 3 that are college loans and Sallie Mae is the only one I appear to have ongoing poor service. I sure miss the bank who serviced my loan before Sallie Mae bought it.

    So, will I get impacting impressive and more important, professional service?


  16. This is the worst company I have ever dealt with.

    All I need is to get a new payment book. It should not be that hard to ask for.

    You guys are awful !!!!!1

  17. Sallie Mae needs to be sued. They are ruining people lives and the government shouldn’t have bailed them out of bankruptcy. The Department of Education or the Government needs to intervene and stop the madness. HELP NEEDED ASAP!!!!!!!!!!

  18. I keep getting calls from the Sallie Mea automated system. The message states that the calls if for someone who I’ve never heard of and does not live here. I’ve called Sallie Mea and told them what was going on and they assured me that the calls would stop. THEY HAVE NOT. The calls are annoying and I don’t know where to go next. Customer assistance doesn’t exist.

  19. This firm does not provide any customer service, unless you are lucky to get a real person that cares. Even clear documentation from their own files does little or no good. Their staff does not believe in service, including management. Even when you believe they are helping, you find out they did nothing. I am trying e-mail to the bank, hope that does something; but, with the two state rating they have probable not.



  22. This company sucks. My son and I were told we do not have any accounts by SSN. Real funny we have been making payments though. We were supposedly delinquent in payments due to their poor website and login. Just reset passwords 4 or 5 days ago and can’t login today. Went above heads last week to talk to a manager Jeremy personal id E69773 to resolve our issues and he gave me a personal id to call back in. I have called a humpteen dozen times today and they cant seem to help. I left a message to have Jeremey call me and haven’t heard from him yet. They do not have an email address to write to a human being. SUCKS!

  23. Iam having a hard timne with Sallie Mae. Never missed a payment and have proof of all payments.They are still saying I am behind.Forming a payment sheet alone with money order reciepts. I have proof I have paid every month,I should not be sent to collections.Sallie Mae Reps do not follow up,bad service.

  24. These people are SOOOO underhanded – they SUUUUCK!!!!!! They are totally unreasonable. I have tried to explain that we cannot afford what they want and they do NOT listen – ever! Now they’ve started harassing me – calling my work phone 4-5 times a day. I’ve blocked all their numbers on my cell. Everyone go to and read “How to Deal with Sallie Mae – Empowering Yourself.” It is a long, but AWESOME article. I feel much better since I read it. They are so crooked that the government pulled out on them, if that tells you anything! For your own good, go read this article. Let’s unite against them!

  25. This is the WORST “company” to deal with EVER !!! They are not forgiving, but rather like Nazi’s who hold you captive and torture you…for the rest of your life because they continue to rise interest rates…how can ANYONE EVER PAY OFF A LOAN? ! How in God’s name can this “lender”, who are really like snakes continue to be allowed to represent students and their loans ?

  26. Sallie Mae won’t allow me to request a lower monthly payment plan despite my reduced salary. And they call twice a day, every day – Sundays included. All they want to do is pass me off from person to person to negotiate “when I can pay”, not IF I can pay. Horrible customer service. Hard to get in touch with, except when it’s time to pay up. Wish I never borrowed from them. Why are they allowed to treat people this way? Who monitors them?

  27. This company is, hands down, the biggest train wreck around! It’s a shame that such a shady company can ruin the credit of literally millions of people because of the epic levels of ineptness. They don’t care about their customers – just about making lots of money! Also – they send their jobs overseas. Why not employ AMERICANS that have gone through the time and expense of getting an education!

  28. I have dialed in 7 times in a row and have been disconnected on your end every time after I hear the calls may be monitored speech I get hung up on

  29. BY FAR the worst people to deal with. No supervisors available to help ever. “We can call you back” whatever. Their system took my payment 3 times and they cant stop it or give my money back. Their response was call your bank. Absolutely HORRIBLE customer service IF you can get through.

  30. im just want to know if navet got my w-2 for last year taxs i finlly got some wifi at a bar i faxed it over just want to know if you got it im gone send what i can send thanks eddie its very hard to talk to someone like me!

  31. My experience with Sallie Mae has been that the people working there are very nice, helpful, etc. BUT they have the job of trying to explain all of the horrific practices of their company (policies that they didn’t create but now have to “defend” or at least apologize for!).

    The latest tactic used is to show a total amount due for all loans, but then when the amount is paid it is all applied to only one loan and the other loans are now past due (and they can add late fees). The agent promised me that she would talk with the “folks upstairs” and they would fix the problem. She also added that “we’ve been having all kinds of problems like this with our website so we’re working on it.”

    Hard for me to think that these glitches are not at least somewhat programmed or par for the course.

  32. I took out student loans in 1994, then paid it in full in 2002. Since 2005, I paid for a credit monitoring service which has reported an “open” account with Sallie Mae. I have called Sallie Mae NUMEROUS times. Each time, I am put on hold for 30-45 minutes. When I do reach a live person, they NEVER express an interest in getting my SM account reported as “closed.” Instead, they pee on my back and tell me its raining! I have written to SM but get NO response back. If SM treats you like it has treated me, it will hurt YOUR credit! Shameful service.

  33. sallie mae dumped my daughters 3 student loans to Navient which is the worst company I have ever had to deal with. sallie mae did not give sufficient notice or important information that they were turning over these 3 student loans to a company that deals with all kinds of loans. As a result the loans fell into past due because proper notice was given. I have been working with this company Navient since September 2013 to clear up the mess that sallie mae caused. I am the cosigner and since they were not able to contact my daughter they came after me. I contacted them after receving information from my bank that a credit company Equifax had posted a default of payment which caused my bank to freeze my accounts. I still am trying to correct this error but Navient and Equifax refuse to clear this problem. sallie mae caused this problem and should be held accountable for this mess. Navient caused more problems by posting the loans as in default. Whoever is in charge of sallie mae should be notified of the underhanded manner with the way they transfer loans to other loan companies without giving complete and clear notice. Navient also should be noted as a company who just wants to collect as much money from people without notice and also not send negative information without first letting either my daughter or myself as cosigner that there was an issue with these student loans.

  34. I have to say I HATE WORKING WITH NAVIENT!!!!! I never get an american representative on the phone. AND the rep confirmed my email to update my account then changed my email. My email has been the same for 10 years. Navient changes it , sends me a bunch of warning letters. advises me to contact customer service via email. The email doesn’t work. They gave 3 fax numbers to fax my forms in and no body could confirm that they received it.Because they changed my email address. I have had nothing but aggravation dealing with Navient. I actually lost my head and screamed at them like an irate customer. it was awful. I wish Sallie Mae did not give up my student loans to Navient. Oh and they never heard of loan forgiveness. this didn’t happen in just one phone call quite a few emails and phone calls. Oh when they leave a message they say they are heather. you try dialing the number back and its not a number to talk to customer service. GRRRRR!

  35. Sallie Mae is very unorganized. You get transferred from one rep. to another. They have screwed up on getting my loan payments right. Now the Dept. of Education has consolidated my loans. I sent payment to Dept. of Education and Sallie Mae also automatically withdrew a payment from my checking account too. Now Sallie Mae I hope gives me my money back because it isn’t right I have to pay twice.

  36. This is the absolute worst company to deal with. They are rude, inconsiderate, and frankly just a pain in my a$$. Where to even start… First off, I regret ever signing a loan through them. As a nieve 18 college freshman, I didnt know what I was getting myself into. Unfortunately, I am stuck with them. Whenever something needs done that works in my favor (i.e. they screwed up with a document and was charging me for unnecessary reason, they do not call to tell you they messed up, to help you out, or to apologize). But whenever you are late for a payment (a payment that I wasnt even late out but they just changed the due date without telling me), they call nonstop. They call my cell, my home, and my cosigner two – three times a day. And even after I call back to settle the situation, the calls do not stop. I am not treated like a customer at all; instead I am treated like a damn money symbol. If it wasnt for customers like me, your company wouldnt even be in business. The other thing that bothers me is how unhelpful customer service is. They are poorly trained and dont seem to give a $hit about anything in your life. The worst is when you call, the first thing they say is “so how are you going to make your payment today”. Its not a “hey, how are you?” or “how’s your day going” or even “whats going on with your payments? are you able to keep making them.” I do not feel treated fairly. Plus, when you have to defer a loan, they also charge a fee. How stupid is that!!! I borrowed close to 80k from you and you are going to get a large amount of interest from me, yet you still charge me a fee to defer.

    I can not wait to have my loans finally paid off. I will never work with this company again, and I will be sure that non of my family or friends do either. There are many other options out there.

    I usually do not leave web comments on anything. However, this is important enough to me that I had to. I just dont want others going through the same problem.

  37. Worst customer service known to man. They treat you like scum, get angry when you don’t understand something, and hate their jobs.

  38. Good Day:

    I am contacting you for I need you to email me a bank statement to my yahoo email address. I won approximately $5 milion last year and put some into my Sallie Mae account as well as other accounts. My account password and numbers were compromised only because I had it into a Capella log book, that was stolen in New York. I ask that you please research and send me a bank statement and I will respond on an email you send to me, I do not have a cell phone right now but need to make a withdraw, pay bills and place orders. No one should have transferred it over to my name I used previously which was Priscilla Nefertiti K. Smith. Nor Horton-Smith. Thank you very much.


    Miss Nefertiti K. Horton

  39. THis company harrasses me on a daily basis calling me up to 10 times a day for a Kevin Carlile, whoever the hell he is?? This has been going on for over 9 months!! They hang up when you answer. You call back to tell them they have the wrong number, they accuse you of lying are rude, hang up on you and refuse to get you a supervisor. I had to lie in order to get to a supervisor and they were just as rude and law breaking by refusing to remove my number. I have NO loans, nor have I have I ever applied for onefrom any company! . You write them they ignore the LAW, that clearly states you are NOT allowedto call a phone number more than once a day,. They ignore the law that states if told you have wrong number they MUST remove the number and make note in file and NEVER call again!

  40. Very inconvenient that there is no way to email customer service simple questions or requests like correcting a typo in the name on the account from Partrick to Patrick – not a name change!!

  41. I have to echo all the other negative comments about Sallie Mae. In particular, the lack of reasonable methods to contact support, like email or chat, as the phone “system” is a joke. Spending an hour or more to make contact and not even being able to resolve the issue, is shameful.

    Now comes the good stuff: If you have a legitimate complaint about their handling of your loan….. File a complaint with the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau at Within two weeks Sallie Mae called ME to resolve the issue.


  43. I called yesterday at 8pm (2/2) and today at 11am and the system says you are closed for business. please tell me why you are closed an hour earlier than your business hours….I was trying schedule a payment via credit card for my son yet it doesn’t give me the option that was there before. please help

  44. How about changing your television ad so that the guy wants to become an elementary school teacher and the girl wants to start her own law firm. Your current ad appears very sexist to me.

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