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Contacting Saks Fifth Avenue Customer Service Center

Saks Fifth Avenue is a high-end clothing store commonly found in malls across America. Just because a store’s merchandise cost more than other retail stores doesn’t mean the customer service, quality or care taken to treat customers right is better. There are thousands of customers who contact Saks Fifth Avenue customer service every year using the following contact information.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

Your call to a Saks Fifth Avenue customer service representative will be answered 24 hours a day. You will have to move through an automated system, but live agents are always on call for customer support.

  • Sales: 1-877-551-7257
  • Sales Direct: 1-601-592-2860

According to Saks Fifth Avenue, all issues with in-store purchases need to be addressed by the store, not customer service. There is a phone number printed on the receipt that customers should use to contact the store. There is no mention of what customers should do if they have issues with the store or store employees.

  • Credit Card Support: 1-800-221-8340
  • SaksFirst: 1-800-871-7257

Call between 9 AM and 7 PM Monday to Friday, EST.

Mailing Address

The corporate address is not openly listed on the Saks Fifth Avenue customer service page, but there is a corporate website with the address. If your issue has anything to do with your Saks credit account, do not include any credit card or personal information in your letter. Call the credit department and talk with a representative.

Saks Fifth Avenue Attn: Customer Service 12 E 49th St New York, NY 10017

Official Website

The official site for Saks Fifth Avenue is, but you’ll also find important contact information on the corporate website If you have an account with Saks Fifth Avenue; you’ve ordered online or you currently have a credit card, log in to your account before sending an email or chatting with customer service. Once logged in the Saks representative will have access to additional information to speed up the response.

Customer Service Email

For customers who’d rather send an email as opposed to calling or writing to Saks Fifth Avenue customer service, the email form is located at You can also contact Saks via social media, if desired.

Our Experience

We called the company and within 90 seconds, we were speaking with an agent. We asked the customer service agent if customers could return an online purchase to the stores. The explanation we received was yes, but the customer must have the invoice from the original purchase in order to receive a refund or exchange the item. Customers cannot visit a store and claim to have purchased the item online and receive a refund.

Overall the experience was something we expected from a high-end retailer. Do you have a different story to tell? Take a few minutes and comment below.

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17 Comments on “Contact Saks Fifth Avenue Customer Service
  1. I have been a longtime customer and supporter of Saks. This complaint involves the OffSaks5th store in Petaluma, CA.
    For the 2nd time in 2 months the customer service has been unacceptable.
    I understand Saks is under new ownership/management and is NOT empowering your sales people to resolve customer issues, thus causing very bad service.
    I made a $480 purchase at the off Saks in Petaluma yesterday (Tues 4/15) and forgot to present the Outlet discount card for $25. 15 minutes after my purchase, I returned to the store ans asked to be credited the measly $25. After 3 sales associates asked if I had spent over $150, and confirmed 3x (I had just left the store 15 minutes prior) they spent 30 minutes trying to credit, re ring, and exchange my 3 items for the $25 credit, and were unable to provide the $25 credit. The new manager on duty said she couldn’t void the sale because Saks new parent company had not yet provided her with a new PIN #. Really?? needless to say: unhappy client, unhappy manager and unhappy and frustrated sales associate. and NO Refund! I left the store very angry.

  2. Thought about this comment for several years so now I am going to comment. I shop on El Paseo, Palm Desert Ca. To my discomfort the clerks appear uninterested in even saying hello. The ladies in lingerie are always lovely however the rest of the store is aloof at best and makes one feel like not entering. The clerks are chatting with one another or on ipads anything but gracious. Is this a practice Saks encourages? It is so prevalent in this store I think if this is not what Saks wants customers to see or feel then perhaps a refresher course is in order on how to treat a potential customer. In fact I have seen very few people in the store shopping maybe there is a good reason. Whatcha think?

  3. I have been a long time customer and will continue to be but, this past December I had a situation that made me feel very uncomfortable with your sales advertisement practices which I find deceiving in nature. I shopped at Sacks off 5th on Palm Beach Lakes Blvd in West palm Beach.
    On the windows the store had a 40% off of entire purchase red banner or sign. When it was time to pay they said that it did not apply to my purchase . My bill was 1400.00 and I have no problem with that but, if you are going to advertise 40%off of the entire purchase , do it. If I buy in Sacks is for a reason , quality, professionalism and honesty in advertisement campaigns. I hope that this was an isolated case but, none the less disruptive.
    I can expect that type of deceiving advertisement from lower end stores like Walmart or Target but not from Sacks.
    I hope that you get back to me as soon as possible to mitigate my recently discomfort over this kind of practices.
    Thank you in advance.
    Dr Joaquin Garcia

  4. If you don’t mind spending lots f time on hold and you don’t mind being lied to, great Customer Service experience.

  5. Saks fifth ave credit card, they gave me the wrost service possiable! Called them, they told me they were not able to help me, but said they were sorry for what they put me through! I now plan in future to apply for a credit card not related to them or have there brand name on it. Im done with Saks fifth ave!

    • Can ypu please let me know if you mail catalogs to Italy. Will gladly
      pay. Pls send address where I might send a check to.
      Thank you very much.

  6. I made a purchase in May 2015; returned it soon thereafter in June. It is now August 29, 2015 and I am still going back and forth w/customer service trying to get reimbursed for a merchandise that’s been returned for nearly two months. THIS IS TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE. Furthermore, the girl on the phone was rude. NEVER AGAIN!!!!!

  7. I purchased a gift on November 12. It still has not been delivered, so my daughter didn’t get a birthday present! I have called customer service 6 times, emailed 3 times and been accosted by one “customer service” supervisor for telling her that the fake shipping number she gave to pacify me wasn’t working! No one can tell me where product is, they can’t cancel product as it “has been processed” and we are almost a month from order date. Worst customer service ever. I’ve shredded my saks card and NOTHING can make me shop here ever again! Oh and stop sending me surveys EVERY day asking me how I like my purchase since it hasn’t come!

  8. I recently visited your new location in Ottawa on Campeau dr it was my 2rd time and every time I have gone in it has ben not a good customer service experience but this last visit put me over the edge enough to write to you about it, the store looked very disorganized, messy, and not merchandised very well, second not enough cashier 2 in fact where I waited 20 minutes in line with only 3 people in front of me, when I was put through my clothes were not folded but bunched in a ball and shoved in the bag then as I’m ready to leave the alarm goes off, I find an associate on the floor who is to busy to help me and sends me back in line for another 15 minutes to have the sensor detached, I work in retail and this is not great customer service considering it’s supposed to be a high end off price retailer…..

  9. I ordered a St. John gown which was very expensive. I am appalled that saks would send out an expensive dress that was soiled and wrinkled. This is not the first time this has happened. I might have to rethink shopping from saks online.

  10. Hi, this is Yanting Chen,I’m a Saks Premier card holder. I opened account in 2015, one of the lady from Saks told me that Saks card is good to use and I don’t need to pay for full amount and the interest is not high. I shouldn’t open a Saks card, it makes me feel anexity. I purchased something from Saks, I got high interest each month. I can’t pay for the full amount, my mom always takes my money from my bank and how can I pay for everything. I tried so hard to save money and you guys continue to charge 24% of my card, I feel really bad! Actually, I’m a diabetic and I’m only 21 years old. I got sick since August,2015. My world turned into dark when I knew it. This world is not equal, my mom didn’t care of me and I haven’t seen her since I was a little child. She only loves her son, not me. I really need your help ! My billing address is in Miami and I left home on March, I didn’t receive the payment notice so that I got so many past due. I can’t pay for the full amount in a short time. I know that if I don’t pay everything really quick, you guys will charge me interest each month, I feel so sad! Past due, late fee, interest! ! ! Why did I listen to sales and I should not apply for Saks card! My credit has been affected and I can’t apply for any credit card in a short time! I loved Saks before, it has everything that I need. However, my mind changed, I hate Saks and I hate my life. No one helped me with this, if I died, no more thinking and no more worries. Life is horrible since I was born.

  11. I was at the Honolulu store where we found some really great deals where the store was advertising Extra Cut savings

    We locate a display of shoes on sale on a display stating 25% off red sticker items we found three pair of shoes on this display we liked with red stickers we took them to the cashiers station where we were told the 25% off was only for clothing. We asked why would they advertise the shoes at 25% off then not be 25% off we felt deceived I took pictures of this

    we are active guests at your facilities and feel an explanation why this bait and switch tactics were used on us

  12. I’m a Saks first customer. Online shopping is majorly inconvenient now because Saks no longer includes a return label. The process of customer going on line to notify Saks of a return and printing a label is not worth the experience. ShopRunner is really bad. I quit Saks.

  13. My experience was not goood
    Customer service after working with him was disconnected.

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