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Contacting SafeCo Customer Service Center

SafeCo Insurance is a Liberty Mutual company. The company offers home, auto, renters and marine insurance, among many others. There is no specific reference to where SafeCo provides insurance, but there are regional offices across the United States and customer care teams in Washington, Colorado and Indianapolis.

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Contact Info:

When contacting SafeCo customer service, some information is location-specific, like mailing addresses, but other information is the same across the company, like the customer service phone number. Check your contact information twice to ensure you’re not wasting your time with the wrong contact info.

Phone Contact Numbers

SafeCo customer service is provided by one phone number that directs to three call centers. We believe at least one call center is open 24 hours a day to handle customer service calls.

  • Customer Service: 1-800-332-3226

If you previously worked for SafeCo and you need to contact the Human Resources department call:

  • HR:1-877-564-4772

Mailing Address

SafeCo offers more than enough mailing addresses, including a payment address. We’ve listed a few of the main addresses to help you find the customer service you desire.

Safeco CorporationSafeco Plaza1001 4th AveSeattle, WA 98154


SafeCo Spokane Customer Service24001 E Mission AvSte 100Liberty Lake, WA 99019


SafeCo Denver Customer Service14123 Denver West PkwyGolden, CO 80401


SafeCo Indianapolis Customer Service310 East 96th StIndianapolis, IN 46240

Official Website

The official website at is for potential, new and existing customers. The customer service page of the site offers a long list of FAQs so customers can answer common questions before contacting a customer service agent. There are questions pertaining to Insurance Policies, Claims, Online Account Management and Bill Payments.

Customer Service Email

We didn’t find an email address or form for SafeCo customer service, but we did find several links to the customer online account login and contact your agent page. We believe the contact form or email address for customer service is located inside customer accounts or on the agent page. When we attempted to find an agency nearby we were given a list of 25 nearby offices; most with email contacts listed.

Our Experience

The SafeCo customer service page claims there is a specific selection of prompts that moves your call to an independent agent who’ll answer your calls. The line is answered by an automated system. You cannot press 0 to skip to an agent. Press 1 for personal insurance or 2 for business insurance. Another list of options will start; press 1 claims, 2 for payments/billing, 3 for policy changes or 4 for roadside assistance. If you press 2 for the billing department, you will be taken to an automated billing system that requires a policy number to continue.

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16 Comments on “Contact SafeCo Customer Service
  1. I am a new customer as of March 21st 2013. My policy number is X5678497. Since that time, I have been informed on (4) different occurences I have been informed my payment could raised. I wasn’t aware that when I received the advertisement in the mail to take advantage of this insurance I would stand a chance of spending additional money at the drop of a hat. If my payment is going to increase by the time my payment is due this month(April) I may have to cancel my insurance with you. I was looking for a lower rate when I was looking for your company. I am on a single-fixed income, I am on disability, I only get one check a month, I found out today my medications and my doctor appoinments will no longer be at a discount.

  2. received e mail saying i need to contact customer to sign my new policy. i cannot get registered, it keeps saying it is an invalid name and password. how in the world do you register as a new policy holder to eSign when you cant get on the site

  3. annual auto insurance policy for 5 years in Florida and suddenly we were hit with a 25% rate increase by Safeco. Agent was slow in getting new quotes [2 weeks] and we changed agents and companies. We had been paying bill to Safeco by credit card for several years, but Safeco would not let us change the number or change the payment method UNLESS we paid the future balance due in advance. Sure looks like they want to collect some extra money in advance and a terrible way of doing business with no claims customer. Tried calling their 800 number and can never SPEAK to anyone except the local agent who is powerless to prevent auto payment by Safeco. Had to rely on “snail mail”, since they don’t even list an email address or an in-person phone number anywhere. Waiting for their “response” …….

  4. I never seen a company that send you a tow truck that tear your bumper off your after you told them your tires has blown out and you need a tow truck that can get it up. Then they won’t take the blame for it take and expect for me to pay for the damage that their tow truck did then sent me to a repair company of there choice who was rude and disrespectful and threw the Honda on the ground to complete the tear off of what the tow truck didn’t do then want me to pay the 500 dollar deductible.I feel with all the problems safco took me through they need to pay the deductible plus give me pain and suffering for what there tow and repair men took me thru.

  5. I would never recommended this insurance to friends or family. The people in customer service are rude and disrespectful especially Kathy. I will be changing my car insurance to a company who cares about their clients and has the time to speak to their clients reapectfully and fix the problem. Especially when the issue is on their end

  6. I think your adjuster john derrick uses what shoud be illegal tactics to settle auto claims.i hit a deer on 1.26 adjuster was John Derrick. he never looked at my truck but .called the next wk asked if I hade title,i said yes.he said it looks like were going to total out your truck.but we first have to take it to IOWA to get salvage bids.I 2wks later I was told they wanted to about 5k loss in value when I has been 5wks I since I saw my truck. they almost force you to take any offer. No body would release their vehicle if they weren’t assured they were going to be paid for it. but john derrick has the guts to say he didn’t say that. Very poor

  7. The agent or the broker or any one at Safeco will not cancel my 5 insurance policies. They don’t return phone calls, or e mails. This company is a rip off. Don’t buy from them. Worse customer service on earth. I am giving a written complaint to the department of commerce in the morning.

  8. I have cancelled all my Safeco policies in October 23, 2015. My agent Michael Stanton of Stanton Financial Group LLC in Peoria, AZ did not cancel my Umbrella Policy UY7065632. I called this agent numerous times – leaving voice messages and he did not have the courtesy to return any of my phone calls. I was finally able to reach someone at Safeco on March 8, 2016 by calling the claims phone number so I could be transferred to a real person rather than the automated phone number. I requested that a complaint be filed regarding this agent and also asked that he be told to contact me.

  9. May 10-19 2016 – Difficulties with getting correct part for accident repair at Abra from vendor recommended by Abra agent. The delay resulting from replacing this with correct part meant 3 additional days repair was suspended. Abra agent incorrectly informed Enterprise that repair finished 5/16/2016, so rental cut off 3 days earlier than repair completed 05/19/2016. First Safeco CSR Wed pm 5/18 (LA call center maybe, woman, African-American) rude and unhelpful. Safeco claims adjuster in ATL region denied he could call repair shop to verify and then rectify problem. Third Safeco person in charge rentals not particularly polite, and did not call Abra to verify events and correct rental situation. Fourth Safeco CSR contact, “Kylie” was pleasant and politely sympathetic, explained carefully, and promised to put me in contact with Rental Mgmt. today. Overall only 1 of 4 Safeco phone CSR were sympathetic and helpful in correcting an apparent service error.

  10. I called and emailed my agent telling ERIC at B&B insurance I wanted to cancel my HOME policy and I am still getting account balance information trying to make me responsible to pay for some policy I clearly told him I wanted to cancel. There is NO account balance because I said I did NOT want it.
    Linda Resnick previous account ending in #4856
    it was also very difficult to get somewhere to be able to reach Safeco other than a phone number or “contact your agent” which I had done and it was not cancelled as requested.



  12. John Derrick is the worst adjustor you have. He will not return phone calls. He never picks up.

    Its been 6 weeks since an insurer hit me. The policy report states that the driver admitted fault. I cant get my car fix.

    Customer Service sucks.

  13. Agent named Laurie in billing. Contacted the 800 number, she was exceptional with her help. Very kind and willing to help me by notifying all who needed to know of my cancellation, effective 5-31-17.The reason I got billing was the only 800 number I could find. Thanks again for the service I received.

  14. If you have a claim against Safeco, good luck!! Their agents do not call back nor do they investigate the claim. They suck and I would never use them as a insurance company. Feel bad for the stock holders.

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