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Contacting Safe Auto Customer Service Center

Safe Auto is an insurance company that offers only automobile insurance. There is a drop down menu that appears to list all 50 states, but we’re not sure the company currently insures in all 50 states. For instance, when we checked for a quote in North Carolina, we were told Safe Auto does not cover drivers in NC. The list of state requirements at the top of the page is likely also the list of states where coverage is available.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

  • General Customer Service: 1-800-723-3288
  • Safe Auto Corporate: 1-614-231-0200
  • Fax Policy Forms: 1-614-456-2940
  • Fax Policy Forms (Pennsylvania): 1-614-456-2935
  • Fax Accounting: 1-614-670-7548
  • Fax Claims: 1-614-670-7563
  • Fax Human Resources: 1-614-944-7927

Mailing Address

Safe Auto lists mailing addresses for nearly every department in the company. Many companies are choosing the more is better approach to customer service as the Internet and social media becomes more popular and widespread. Customers want transparency, which means giving them tons of contact information. Companies that hide things like customer service addresses or email addresses must not really want the customer to be pleased. Safe Auto doesn’t have that problem.

Safe Auto Corporate Office 4 Easton Oval Columbus, OH 43219


Safe Auto Attn: Customer Service PO Box 182109 Columbus, OH 43218


Safe Auto Claims 4 Easton Oval Columbus, OH 43219

Official Website

Simply visit to find the official website for Safe Auto. If Safe Auto is available in your state the state will be listed in the drop down menu on the front page. At the top of the page you can also find state insurance qualifications for 16 states.

If you’d prefer to talk to Safe Auto customer service via Twitter or Facebook, the company has pages on both social sites.

Customer Service Email

Customer service is a huge deal for insurance companies because customers have choices and those choices depend upon many factors, including GREAT customer service. We found five contact email addresses listed on the Safe Auto customer service page.

Our Experience

When customers contact Safe Auto, be prepared with the information necessary to proceed with your call. We called the customer care hotline and while listening to the options, we didn’t answer fast enough and the call ended. We called again and the same thing happened. On the third attempt, we were able to connect with the customer service department.

The question asked of the representative was relating to payment assistance programs. The agent expressed interest in helping customers, but provided little details regarding payment assistance programs. The agent only discussed adjusting the due date. The overall experience was not the best, so we want you to shout out your thoughts. Was your experience better or worse? Let us know.

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19 Comments on “Contact Safe Auto Customer Service
  1. how long does it take for safe auto after the claim adjuster leaves and then and the vehicle is totaled and then the person does the paper worker that the claim adjuster gave to them how long does it take for safe auto to mail the claim check out to the customer from
    want to know

  2. Safe Auto is more interested in not paying for your claim than they are doing what you paid them to do. One of their clients hit my daughters car while it was parked in a parking lot. The accident is on tape, and was witnessed by 6 executives of the company my daughter works for. It has been close to 45 days now, and the safe auto claims adjuster is playing games with not answering the phone, calling the wrong number, refusing to answer e-mails, etc. Safe auto is a bogus company who is more interested in holding up the people who need insurance and can’t get it anywhere else, then not paying for any claims these people have produced.

  3. Hope you don’t need immediate service – you won’t get it here. Could never get the adjuster to answer the phone or return messages. Called the customer service number and was on hold for an hour. The worst!!

  4. Safe auto is terrible. I will never ever tell anyone to choose them . Unorganized and they careless about their customers. Plz I warn everyone. Dont choose safe auto

  5. safe Auto is horrible when it comes to paying claims they will take on average 60 days to 90 days . And they will take forever to call you or they will dodge your calls.

  6. Safe auto is a fraud and a fake. I got hit by there insured on 4/02/14 while making a right hand turn in my apt. complex, my r turn signal was on also, there insured hit me from behind. The bumper is falling off on the back of the car. All safe auto told me is there customer was not at fault and also customer claims the car that hit me was not insured with safe auto. My police report has the correct license plate and vin # of the Toyota avalon.I even took pictures of the toyota avalon’s license place and vin number and sent it to safe auto they or still refusing to pay the claim for vehicle I was driving in.The person that struck me is a regestered child molester and also handicap. My claims represenative is Chris Tanner who never returns my calls is very rude sometimes hangs up on me during conversation.I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND SAFE AUTO TO MY WORST ENEMEY.

  7. A family member has Safe Auto Insurance and has full coverage. She let another family member drive the car and the person totals it. Safe Auto won’t give her a rental or replace the car at all………………from my experince that’s not how it works if the person you gave permission to has license………………what’s up

  8. January 2015 payment wee3k, I call to make payment and am told monthly rate has jumped over 130 dollars. No mailing, no notice. Difference carried over to february. I make my payment each month on the 12th, when my money comes in. Now date has been pushed up to the 7th, or my insurance will lapse. I ask why i wasnt notified, and they respond that bill sent on january 14th had that info. Read this bill 5 times now, no notice of changed cutoff date. Getting ready to shop for new company. You don’t treat longtime customers this way.

  9. I am shocked how i have been treated. I was informed by a adjuster that they needed my ssn to settle out my claim so i gave it to her we verbally agreed on a amount to give me and then the lady hung up with me and used my ssn to contact third parties which she had no permission to do at all. The settlement was releasing them of all responsiblity for my claim. I was lied to on why this adjuster name Patrica bookman needed my sensitive information. That is illegal to take someones sensitive information and lie about a settlment to get. I have been in pain,missing work due to the accident and only wanted to settle with twi bills, pain and suffering,wages, and chiroptacter visits. This lady lied and never had intent to settle with me as i ran around in pain to get what she needed the whole time she was using what i gave her to committe identity fraud to a hospital because they wont give you any information without ssn. I stated to this lady i have insurance in the united.She lied to me about everything and i am more mad that my ssn is in her hands for the worong reasons. The lie of need ssn to settle i am hoping safe auto does what is right and corrects what she lied about… Because that is a whole another type of law suit. I have never been treated so bad in my life or treated as a problem after being in a accident that was not my fault.

  10. I am shocked at a lie of a settlement to get my ssn and so is the person that was listening to the conversation as well Mr Lucas. I would not mind contacting the news of course and starting a petetion in regards to this because someone has to stand up to these type of issues that are happening to imjured parties . If a insurance company doesnt truly want to insure those injured then dont run a insurance company. I also had a different adjuster at first and when it was time to settle the lady that was kenneth stoodt supervisor stated all was clear to settle but she was not comftorable with the amount but all was clear to do ( runaround).. so then i was sent to a patricia bookman which she was the one that verbally settled and then we agreed then took my ssn used it for other reasons and then change up a verbal agreement which once agreed verbal or written its done. She lied to get my ssn… I am shocked and very nervous that my ssn was used in the wrong matter. Once contacting customer service notes were read to me of her contact to hospital with my ssn.

  11. I am shocked at the lie that a adjuster did to get my sensitive information which was my ssn. She lied and said she was settling with me at a amount but needed my ssn to do so after hangimg up with me patricia contacted a third party without permission and gave my ssn to recieve information because without this she could not get any personal information ( Hippa Law) pretending i either requested her to get or pretending she was me to get. I am very nervous more so that my ssn in floating in this matter with a individual that lied to get it.. I ran around to get what i thought was document notorized to settle but she never was settling. I am requesting the lie of the settlement be the truth and to settle out.. Also i had a different adjuster previously and his supervisor said that all was clear to settle byt she was uncomftorable doing whcih is odd if all looks clear to settle she should have settled out so then i was put with a another adjuster that is where my ssn was taken for the wrong reason and used in a illegal way… I am in pain and at a aww at how i was lied to and treated unfairly…. To lie and tell someone they only need your ssn to settle out today and send you a check and then hang up and got ssn to contact third parties not to settle…. Safe auto should be ashame of theirselves in this matter this was illegal and identity theft.

  12. I saw the commercial where you stressed reasons for getting safe auto. You have a Caucasian male driving around wishing for the good old days when he didn’t suffer the reality of having other ethnic groups in his life. “Spicy Yoga” says that he is surrounded by unwanted Asians and Spanish people. The narrator says “safe auto” right after there is a shot of African American men on a corner, suggesting that the poor Caucasian man has to worry about “those thugs” but he’s safe with safe auto. You should stop running that racist ad.

  13. I saw the commercial where you stressed reasons for getting safe auto. You have a Caucasian male driving around wishing for “the good old days” when he didn’t have to suffer the reality of having other ethnic groups in his life. “Spicy Yoga” says that he is surrounded by unwanted Asians and Spanish people who have invaded his neighborhood. The narrator says “safe auto” right after there is a shot of African American men on a corner, suggesting that the poor Caucasian man has to worry about “those thugs” but he’s safe with safe auto. You should stop running that ad which reinforces horrible feelings some Caucasians have against other ethic groups.

  14. I got into an accident 18 months ago to only find out that they never paid my claim. The medical facility never told me the claims were denied never returned my call when I called. Now I have 1k on top of the original claim amount due. The Medical facility never told me of the issue and never billed my regular insurance and now are claiming it’s too late. Safe Auto told me that they do not cover accidents in certain states. Just because you are not license to sell does not mean you are not obligated to pay the claim in another state then what I lived in. WORST INSURANCE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. I have purchased insurance through your company but I can not log into the account I set up is there something im doing wrong

  16. i called today,talk to a guy about switching my insurance i have now to safe auto,and the guy i talked to,was nothing but very rude and condescending,to everything i said,really rather pay a higher price then deal with this disrespectful company…….

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