Contact Ruby Tuesday Customer Service

Contacting Ruby Tuesday Customer Service Center

Ruby Tuesday is a casual dining establishment founded in the early 1970’s. As the years passed, the company began to grow at a rapid pace. The company currently has more than 800 locations across the globe. Service millions of customers means a commitment to customer service.

to leave a comment about your customer service experience.

Contact Info:

Customers can contact the customer support team during regular business hours. We noticed if you attempt to contact the customer service team by phone or by mail, you will contact the corporate offices. When contacting Ruby Tuesday by email or through social media, you are more than likely contacting a customer service agent.

Phone Contact Numbers

  • Corporate Headquarters: 1-865-379-5700
  • Fax: 1-865-379-6817

Mailing Address

Ruby Tuesday, Inc.150 W. Church Avenue Maryville, TN 37801

Official Website

When you visit the official Ruby Tuesday website, you have the ability to search for a location near you, view the menu and review the beverage menu. If your local Ruby Tuesday participates, you can place an order online and pick up at the particular restaurant. You also have the ability to order gift cards. We like how the company provided information regarding community giving projects.

Social Media

Ruby Tuesday is not a very social company. We only found the pages for Twitter and Facebook. On a positive note, we did see where the customer service team interacted with customer who had concerns and questions. Seeing feedback was refreshing.

Customer Service Email

The customer service feedback form was easy to fill out and didn’t require personal information; simply your name and contact information. We sent a message asking if there was information regarding allergens in food and preparation areas. This is a concern for customers with life-threatening food allergies. The automated response states customer satisfaction is number one, so we will see how long the response takes.

Our Experience

Contacting the customer support team was a great experience. We called and didn’t have to worry about a lingering automated system. We simply bypassed the options by pressing 0. This allowed us to connect with the operator and subsequently the customer service department. We spent a few minutes explaining our concerns and the agent never once interrupted. They allowed us to voice our concerns and when we finished, addressed and resolved each issue. We thought this would confuse the agent, but in fact, the agent embraced the challenge. Calling Ruby Tuesday was a delight. Were you delighted when you contacted the customer service department? Comment below with your customer service experience.

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386 Comments on “Contact Ruby Tuesday Customer Service
  1. My fridend and I ate @ Ruby Tuesday today…yuk! we had not been to one in 2yrs, we should not have gone in today. We both had Ruby slidders with fries and salad bar. $9,80 each with one ice tea for $2.25 way tooo much $. Our food tasted like fish not appealing at all, overcooked,bad presentation We will not go back. The wait staff was nice.

  2. Me and my family went to 8680 Bartram Ave location in Philadelphia for dinner. When our waitress arrived she started us off with drinks and gave us time to go over the menu. 2 minutes later the waitress comes and asked for our order. I felt rushed even though we assured her that we were not ready. I ordered jalapeno pretzel burger, which I stated that I wanted it well done.When she returned with our food, I cut my burger in half and it was still red in the inside. So I signaled for the waitress and let her know. She told me I to wait so she can take another tables order. after she puts the other orders in she comes to take the burger back. Well by the time the manager brought my food back. I ensured her that I didn’t want it, because my family were almost done their meal and we were going to go. She told me that I had to take food or throw it out and she will not be taking it off my bill. This will be my last time dinning here. She ruined my family dinner and I don’t think I should have to pay for somebody else mistakes.

  3. Today when I came out of bob Evans in Athens Ohio I noticed that there were these pieces of paper on every windshield. I looked closer to realize it was a ruby Tuesday menu. These menus had been placed on each car in another establishments parking lot. “What poor taste,” I thought.
    I’m not sure if this is a corporate decision or a local one but I will say I will NOT eat at ruby Tuesday anymore. This was a very poor marketing decision.

  4. Very disappointed with the food at Ruby Tuesday in north LasVegas, Nv. On Saturday November 23,2013 we had the Mini sirloin with lobster tail & seafood trio! The sirloin was really tough, the spaghetti squash had “no” taste! The mash potatoes were were just “warm.” The onion rings looked like they were frozen and not scratch made from the resturant. The biscuits were “dry” very “dry”..the recipe needs to be tast better!!
    Disappointed that you had taken the navy bean soup of the menu, tried the chicken tortilla soup, it was too salty and spicy! Even with the discounted purchase on the second meal came to $41.00.
    It will be awhile before I think dine at Ruby Tuesday again.

  5. I was so upset with Ruby Tuesday after getting one of the worst take out orders ever. My steak was totally undercooked, and bad smelling, my sides were not hot at all, also my business associates ribs were overcooked and dried out. This establishment is very convient because I live directly behind the Chantry rd. location but I will never give my money to a place that does not take pride in the food it serves. I believed that I would get quality food at Ruby Tuesday but I did not, next time I hate to adnit it but I will be going to APPLEBEES

  6. Is it the norm for staff to work with menus money credit cards cash registers and then w no gloves handling customers food and drinks? This happened on more than one ocassion and when addressed the staff member then waited on us with an attitude. I really enjoyed my first few visits but the last two left a bad impression.

  7. Went to Ruby Tuesday today with a couple of friends. We ordered our drinks, I asked the server if I could have cherries to go in my drink. I watched as she dug them out with her hands and brought them to me. I then asked her if I could have different ones because, “you are touching your face, your clothes and I don’t like that”. Wel. She said, “no problem”, with an attitude. She put on gloves and gave me cheeries. When I ordered my second drink instead of using a toothpick or put on gloves, she opted to give me no garnishes at all. I guess being clean is is an convenience to her.

  8. I took my family to the Trumbull Rubys today for a Pre college lunch. The waitress was very nice. We ordered drinks, my girls had lemonade the was $3.00 and tasted so sour and awful they never finished them. For lunch I has one of the new flat breads. It is terrible. I think it is made with white velvetta. Also it was not filled to the edge of the crust so you had to cut off all the extra dried crust.
    The worst was my order of chicken strips for my older daughter. They were so over cooked and so over batter dipped you could not eat them.
    They did make a new order as we were leaving and we took them home and we ended up putting them in the trash, not worth the calories. Don’t go, horrible food.

  9. Your GM at ruby tuesday in rockwall. Is rude and has no hospitaliy at all. I worked there and he was very inconsiderate of his employees, and was very rude to them. And customers would even complain to me about him. I called him to get my address changed on my w2 form and he was completley rude and hung up on me.

  10. Very disappointed with the salad bar at your FarmVille va location . The salad bar was filthy and I asked the waitress for a substitution or extra charge for a cup of your Cajun gumbo and was refused With a purchase of fried shrimp entree . Not a very pleasant experience. The waitstaff not attentive when asked to bring out your signature pasta salad to restock the salad bar we were told that’s all they had . When asked for the manager, they were unavailable to assist

  11. I just visited the concord mills store and was very disappointed in the guest recovery aspect of the service. It’s my son’s birthday nine years old, he woke up early and says he wants to go to Ruby TUESDAY S SO all day he was excited to go. He loves the chicken Alfredo pasta. Well we didn’t know it changed. The manager says they were a test store,and he loves it…. the problem is that three of the people who got it sent it back. Took off the bill for other people in our party but charged the birthday boy. My wife’s good was cold, wings we’re under done. The server was fine. Just feel bad for my son

  12. your Ruby Tuesdays at Sanford N c WAS OUR DINNER STOP for today Menu was very tempting . I chose the Seaafood trio as it looked more than plenty enough for me. Was I ever disa ppointed!! servings were very skimpy . The lobster tail was overcooked and very dry.. I was not happy. At $249 a glass for sweet iced tea which looked like lightly colored water & not much taste at all. I did not complain to the very nice waitress. I did not want to hurt her feelings.but the ad in the menu was very misleading & should notr be allowed to mis represent the food. I will no doubt not go there ever again M<y meal cost me $24.05 & lost your chain a customer

  13. When will corporate listen to the customers?? Your restaurant is going under. The salad bar used to be really good. Now you have taken them out of some restaurants. The ones you have left is no good. They have nothing on them. You’ve taken pudding onions olives and a lot of other things off of it.we only go when we have a coupon. It isn’t worth going to. You need to put the salad bar back in the airport and serve employees lunch before. 10:30am.

  14. Me and my wife ate at ruby Tuesdays tonight for the first time in Athens al and I was surprised what restaurant on a Friday night is out if dr. Pepper, spite, coke? Then 47 minute wait on food 9 minutes to get drink filled and burnt fries wow I don’t think I will be returning we usually eat Logans but tried ruby Tuesdays tonight

  15. I live in Owensboro Ky & we miss our Ruby Tuesday. My friends & I grew up with Rubys for more than 30 years. Please bring Rubys back to Owensboro. The highway 54 corridor is exploding with commercial growth. The Tumbleweed on Frederica St. Closed it could go there. Please please please!!!

  16. I’m a regular at the Ruby Tuesday (RT) in Niceville, Florida. Recently I have personally observed their cooks make the most vile, obnoxious, and unwanted sexual comments directly at the female servers there. I observed one server try to ask the manager on duty to speak to their cooks but she just laughed it off and seemed to not be concerned about the things these guys were saying. Although the server was obviously uncomfortable about the things they were calling her she tried to remain professional but I could see that she was upset. I personally see the managers cross the line with the employees all the time. They allow some employees to speak back at them disrespectfully and once I saw a female bar tender make head stands for other men at the bar, she was demonstrating some yoga moves she learned and the managers didn’t even correct her obvious immature behavior despite the look of shock on the faces of other customers. I’m a manager for over 450 people in the Air Force and I know the significance of a zero policy on sexual harassment. If RT higher EXO’s don’t look into this soon I fear that things will explode and heads will roll!! The things I heard those cooks say and the way they were poorly handled is a serious unacceptable approach. Do something soon RT, call your managers and retrain them because what I witnessed is no place I would want any of my fellow Air Force members patronizing!! FIX IT!!! FIX IT NOW!!!!!

  17. I had gone to the Ruby Tues in Atlantic city. In the middle of our meal one of the employees started to mop near us with lemon bleach. I couldn’t believe they were doing this while we were eating. The fumes were overpowering and nauseating. I asked to see the manager. He apologized and walked away. Needless to say something is very wrong with this picture.

  18. I am sitting at the Ruby Tuesdays in Schenectady, NY. This is by far the worst dining experience of my life! I will social media the heck out of this. The staff obviously hates their minimum wage daily grind and they are acting annoyed that there are customers that actually want service.

  19. I’ve traveled to VA Ruby Tuesday many times and was able to make a change to the Shrimp Po’Boy flatbread because I do not eat pork! The Greenville, NC location stated they could not remove the andouille sausage. How can one state make the adjustment and another will not!

  20. Was amazed at what they call jumbo shrimp on their jumbo skewer dinner for $15.99. Nine pieces of shrimp each the size of a quarter. Not my item of jumbo shrimp. Very pricey for the quantity

  21. Saturday may 3 rd we visited ruby Tuesday for dinner in pompano beach fl we arrived at 6:15 pm we were seated right away the waitress first came too our table at 6:34 pm she asked if we wanted any drinks I asked her if it was still happy hour she said no it ends at 6:30 I told her we have been sitting here for at least 20 minuts she said she couldn’t give it too us so we orderd our food my wife had sirloin and lobster tail she enjoyed it . I had rib eye steak I asked for horse radish and aujus sauce I was told they don’t carry that so in so many words the steak wasn’t what I expected sincerely Raymond Delisle

  22. On the 12th of April, we dined at one of your stores in Lacanto, Fl. I ordered the buffalo chicken strip dinner. When my entree came to the table, there were four round pieces(abt. the size of a silver dollar) of chicken on my plate. The waitress never checked back on the order and hurridly dropped the check on our table and left. When we exited the place, the hostess was not at her station. On the 15th, I called and spoke to a mgr. I believe named Reggie, who aplogized and said that the chefs had been told not to serve those pieces (they were a mistake in shipping.) He promised to remit, via snail mail, his card to me for another entree of choice. He “would put it in the mail right away.” Two weeks passed, I called again, talked with another mgr. who promised to “leave a posted reminder for Reggie.” Well, it never came and now I am back in Maine -as I had explained I would be by May 7th. I am so very disappointed in your chain and will no longer patronize. My husband and I have been customers for years and this is the first time we have ever complained about anything.

  23. I just wanted to let you know that our experience today in the Battle Creek, MI. site was the WORSE service we have every had.
    1. waitress was slow and did not bring the drinks for at least 15 min after giving her the order.
    2.waitress asked if our childs meal could come out first. it not only came out with our meal but was overly cooked. meal was lukewarm at best.
    4.When asking for biscuits we were told”when they come out of the oven” we had been there 45 min.
    5. steak sauce requested cam to table after the meal was over.
    6.Requesting additional drinks. the waitress asked the hostess to get them. she passed by our table and couldn’t find where they went so took them up front. we decided to leave at that point and my son told the hostess we tried to flag her down but we now needed to leave.
    7.hostess literally asked if we wanted to “gulp them down fast” while we were standing in the front at the hostess area, when we told her we had to leave.
    8. The waitress never had the bill ready, and we had to wait for her.
    We have had some bad experiences but this was the WORSE. Shame on allowing your service to get so bad. the meal was a lunch meal and was over 58.00 for 3 adults and 1 child. which would have not been bad had we had better service and the food good. Sorry to report, this was not the case today.

  24. 6/8/14- my friend and I were disappointed the new menu had
    eliminated baked potato. what is steak without potato/sour cream
    or butter? the food we ordered was good. the server was pleasant.
    us 9, old bridge,nj.

  25. We went to y’all’s orangeburg location and we were there 3 hours when the business was not even busy I am very upset about the service we had it was NO good. Then finding a hair in my food. We are never coming that was the worst service I have ever had.

  26. Yesterday my friend and I decided to give the Ruby Tuesdays restaurant in Inverness, Florida one more chance. The food has been awful and we had not been back in a year at least.

    Well we will not be back at all after yesterday. I can say your hamburgers were always good, the rest not so. This time you all managed to add the hamburgers to the list.

    It was as dry and hard as a Hockey Puck. The fries looked and tasted like they either sat around or were put back into the deep fryer which made it worse. I’ve learned not to say anything because last time I paid for it by burning myself on the side dish the cook brought to the table. I understand why this restaurant won’t get any gold stars.

    Thank You

  27. Ruby Tuesday has always been one of our very favorite restaurants.
    When we are at home, we eat there once or twice a week. When travelling we always look for a Ruby Tuesday…..So, we know our
    Ruby Tuesdays!

    There is one, where Brian E. Hausman is the manager. We were there Sunday and for the VERY FIRST TIME EVER my fish was not cooked as I had requested (not spicy). Mr. Hausman came out, apologized and made sure I had the best of care and not only that, he went out of his way to see that we were pleased, which we were, even before they redid my fish. When we went to check out he had taken my fish dinner off the check. I certainly did not expect that, but I can tell you this, if more managers would come out of the “office or kitchen” and greet and meet their customers, we would not be seeing so many Ruby Tuesdays closing as we are finding as we travel.

    I have been in business most of my life and I just thought you might like a compliment for a change instead of a complaint.

    We still will eat at Ruby Tuesdays, but most especially at Brian’s restaurant.

    By the way Mr. Hausman is the manager at Ruby Tuesdays in Vienna West Virginia. I hope he will be recognized. I’m sure he does not expect me to write and tell you this.

  28. Took my son out to Ruby’s in Champlin for his 21st birthday July 17th, 2014. I have a deep concern of the food I received, I ordered grilled salmon, I had eaten about a third of the salmon when i noticed it was raw, like it hadn’t been cooked at all, yuk! The waitress took it back to the kitchen and the cook or manager came out to apologize (she was embarassed) and said she’d discount the bill, which she did. My concern is that I ate raw salmon, that can’t be good! I’m now a bit concerned for my health:

  29. my sister works at the concord mall in Wilmington Del and when she had a break that was 30 min we were just going to the bar and get quick drink and appetizers she had a short break so I knew she probably wouldn’t have time to finish her meal which is understandable we sat down no one greeted us nor did they ask us did we need help OK than the server helped someone who came after us and than I was pissed because I had to ask for help or we were going to sit there all day she finally made my sisters drink I still wasn’t ready and she never came back to help me and the sad part was the restaurant wasn’t very busy I finally had the hostess get a manager thinking that he would resolve the problem wow to my dismay he was even worst he was nasty and had the same personality as Lurk on the Adam’s family what a bad experience horrible customer service all the way around I can get better service in McDonald’s smh

  30. My husband and I had dinner at your restaurant in Traverse City Mi today. The waiter’s name was George…he’s the best waiter we’ve had in a very long time. Kudos to George for a job well done. It’s not often we come across someone who really knows how to treat a restaurant customer. Dinner was good, the service was excellent! We live in Sturgis MI and wish we had a Ruby Tuesday’s closer to home. Thanks again George!!!

  31. I have a good friend who just had a birthday last month. I enrolled this person in so connected and was told by the computer at the end of enrollment that the address was recognized. What the hell does that even mean? Anyway, their free burger coupon NEVER came! So last week I called customer service and was told the person HAD to have their own email address. I had tried to enroll them thru my email. So Friday I set up an email address for them at yahoo. But then when I tried to reenroll them in so connected, your system would not even accept the email address. you need to work on your system!

  32. My friends and i ate thr for first time….The vents were blowing cold air on us the whole time. I am now sick with a cold from it. For the price, the food wasn’t that good or hearty. We had to fill up on the salad bar to be satified, the plates at saladbar were nasty n dirty. Service was bad. We will definately will not go back!!

  33. Ruby Tuesday’s needs to train their managers better on how to detect intoxication. My husband and I visited a restaurant last evening and because I have a cast on my leg that was put on two days previously and have a hard time walking around therefore I stumble and my husband tries to help me walk the manager assumed that I was drunk and escorted my husband and I out of the restaurant. Neither my husband or I were anywhere near being drunk we had one drink were cut off and asked to leave the restaurant way to go to Ruby Tuesday’s on your training. I feel that I was profiled in discriminated against because I have a slight handicap of being in a cast right now. Up until this visit I love going to Ruby Tuesday’s but from now on I will choose another restaurant to go to.

  34. my husband and i were at ruby tuesday last night for dinner on lincoln highway in langhornei called before we went .my husband likes the beef tips with mashead the said yes we do so we went.what a dissapointment they said they didnt have them he wanted to leave i said no we were here so he got the asiago sirloin it was awful some king of sauce on he didnt ask for all he wanted was a steak potatoes veg that was15.99 could hardlet see the steak then we orded the4way sampler that was 12.99 for 6 piesces i had a vodka martini that was half full for 6.00 dollars our bill came to70.31 we are seniors we dont go out tha much but this dinner was terrible i dont usaliy complain .thank you for liseing bea harrington

  35. I told one of my friends that I was going to Ruby Tuesday for my free hamburger on Dec, 17. I will be 87 years old – Before IO knew it 28 of my friends decided to come along. FOUR of them also have December birthdays. I have been trying to find out if I can get coupons for them also for a free hamburger – Its too late to sign up for the newsletter et. Luckily I did this when our RUBY Tuesday opened and am a frequent visitor. I recently brought a 90 year old handicapped friend with me and called the main office to tell them of our exceptional service! Can you help me this time? Swanny Seirup

  36. Ate at lenoir,nc Ruby Tuesday and everything about this experience was lacking service, food, salad bar and the way the situation was handled by the manager. My girlfriend got food poisoning from uncooked chicken tenders, I mean if you mess chicken tenders up you just suck at life and should stop trying. I ordered a ribeye that was the toughest, chewiest, most bland piece of meat I’ve ever gotten from anywhere.I sent it back and this point was already fed up with the poor excuse of an establishment I didn’t want anything but the check.never will I set foot in another ruby tuesday as long as I live and advise anyone considering doing so,reconsider and run.

  37. We had the worst experience ever. Our waitress was so out of it, I had to ask someone else to find her. Took a LONG TIME to get our drinks had to ask twice for silverware. My steak was over cooked and was afraid to send it back because who knows how long it would take to get a new one. No sauce for my shrimp steak sauce came out in a little cup really no bottled steak sauce???? The bathroom was so discusting it smelled like a zoo!! I will not be back and would not recommended this place to anyone. My family was so disappointed!!



  40. I went to the Ruby Tuesdays in Fishkill, Westage Dr. It was around 5PM very few people were in the bar area. I asked if they had happy hour and was told in the bar area. There were only certain places to sit for happy hour and I did not want to sit at the happy hour table. I sat a boot about 3 feet from the bar. I had asked the seater if I could still get a happy hour price for a drink. When my waiter came to the table he said that his manager wanted to inform me that I could not have happy hour price as I was not at the exact table. I thought that was incrediblely rude. Managers were Allisoon and Shannon. I think it very bad customer service not to extend a happy hour drink price when I was still in the bar area.

  41. My sister and I decided to eat at your south Lakeland location today for lunch. It was after two in the afternoon and maybe about six tables were in the whole restaurant. We were seated immediately, but weren’t greeted after sitting for at least eight minutes I finally flagged down a server and she said she would get our server. We then had her approach the table and very unprofessionally she called me sugar and sweetie. She got our drinks and never asked us if we were ready to order, just set the drinks down and disappeared. After waiting about five more minutes we got up and went to the salad bar. When she saw us eating them she finally came over and asked us if we were ready to order and I wanted to say, yes, about fifteen minutes ago! People that were seated at least ten minutes after us had there meal delivered and finished eating before we got our food because they had an efficient server. We were sitting in plain view of the kitchen and another server came through the doors with our food and the manager on duty stopped him to have a conversation with our food in tow. They stood and laughed and carried on for a few minutes until he saw me staring at him then we got our food. The food was delicious, but couldn’t really enjoy it after everything prior so again couldn’t find our waitress because she never checked back to see if are steaks were cooked correctly. I finally went into the bar and asked the bartender for two to go boxes and If she could find our server so we could pay our bill. As I was leaving I saw the female manager sitting in the bar and approached her about my experience. She just said I’m sorry and I told her she was part of the problem for stopping the server en route to a table with food to converse. I have been in the restaurant business for forty years and this was by far the worst experience I ever had. The servers name was betty and I didn’t get a look at your managers name. We arrived between 2-2:30 on February 19th.

  42. Unfortunately, our daughter Erica 2/20 husband jeffrey 2/27 and myself Elise 3/1051 all Rothman and all members signed up Have Not received our birthday free burger emails. We would love to have them we are in Manalapan New Jersey
    Please respond to my email soon thanks

  43. I went to try Ruby Tuesday in Pocomoke, Maryland for the first time Feb 31, 2015. With my fiance, mother, mothers boyfriend, and my children. When my mother asked about the salad bar, the waitress rolled her eyes during her entire response. The food was disgusting except my broccoli and cheese soup. After we finished our food, she brought our checks (which were seperated as I asked while ordering). We handed her each of our checks. My mom paid with cash and we paid with a card. At first for whatever reason there was an issue with the card. The manager ended up charging my card (97.80) for mine and my moms bill. When I brought it to her attention she apologized and said “she didn’t know the checks were separate” she asked for my card which I thought she was going to refund my money instead charged me for my actual bill (66.90). Which left me with 2 transactions from there on my card which she said the 97.80 would be back on my card by the next day after they closed out the credit card receipt. I called there multiple times to ask about my refund which I was discouraged from calling corporate. (But was given the number) it took 5 days for my money to post to my account. Needless to say, worse experience EVER!

  44. Worst Service Ever: Avoid at all cost.

    Me and my wife, who is 8-month pregnant went to Ruby Tuesday in Westminster on 02/28/15 to have some dinner. There was 20 minutes wait after which we were seated around 8:00 pm. We ordered our food in the next few minutes. After ordering our food the wait started, and it never ended. We were there until 8:50 pm and still there was no food. The server stopped by several times and told us that our food was going to be late and it should be out in the next five minutes. Well, that never happened. She also told us that she had talked to her manager and the manager will come talk to us. We kept waiting and waiting. The server said since its a Saturday night, things are hectic. Funny because everyone else around us got their food in reasonable time. It was just us who did not get their food. Finally, my pregnant wife who was starving finally left and as I was getting ready to leave the manager showed up. He did not say anything and I just told him my wife needed to eat and since it was too late we’re leaving. Then I followed my wife and left the restaurant. I should have noticed the fact that only the two of us were non-whites in that restaurant and it was only our order that was delayed. The servers were providing food and drinks to everyone else without any delays and treating them nicely. We were the only ones who kept waiting for our order. I can not believe how horrible the service was. I have never waited for 50 minutes for a meal in a restaurant. Since we were both hungry and my wife could not wait any longer, we went to the Popeyes across the street and got some fast food. Interestingly their service my much better than Ruby Tuesdays’. While in the drive thru the server told us that it will a couple of minutes before our order will be ready we could wait in the parking lot and he will bring us our food. He brought our food in few minutes while it was around 15 degrees Fahrenheit outside. I think Ruby Tuesday should learn customer service from Popeyes. It was our first experience going to Ruby Tuesday and I am totally shocked as it was the worst experience of my life. First impressions are everything and after this incident I am never going to any Ruby Tuesday. Edit 3/8/15: I also contacted Ruby Tuesday through their website and twitter. As soon as I left a tweet on their website, they asked me to direct message them with my email address, which I did. However since then I have not heard back from them. I emailed them and tweeted them again but no results. I also noticed that when someone tweets on their page indicating bad service, they ask that person to direct message them with their email address. I think it is just a marketing ploy to show they care but in reality they just ease off the situation. Very bad tactics employed by Ruby Tuesday.

  45. On 3/05/2015 my husband and I ate at the Ruby Tuesday’s in Sandusky, Ohio. We hadn’t eaten there in a long time but always remembered great service, and great food. Needless to say, we were both disappointed. The service was great. Our waitress was great wonderful. The food took a while to come out. Other people were waiting for their meals as well, along with waiting on the cheese biscuits that are advertised. Our food came out well over done. My husbands burger was over done. My chicken fingers and onion rings were greasy and tasted greasy. Very dissatisfied!

  46. Six ladies met yesterday for lunch at Ruby Tuesday in Easton, MD. We were very disappointed that management refused to accept our $5.00 off coupon saying only one coupon to a table. We could have separated into 3 separate tables to prove a point but preferred to visit together as planned. You could have instead offered a free ice cream to each guest. That was a rip-off. Why advertise this coupon and deny it. The food was excellent but this incident left us with a bad taste.

  47. I had lunch at the Ruby Tuesday on Gratiot in Roseville Michigan today. While I had a terrific waitress and the food was good, I had to use the Ladies Restroom before leaving the restaurant. Upon entering the restroom I happened to notice that all of the toilets were so filthy, like they had not been clean in quite some time. I also had to use the handicap stall and without checking, I went ahead and used it without realizing there was no toilet paper in not just that one but in one of the other stalls. After waiting for someone to come in and ask someone to pass some to me when finished and went to use sink to wash my hands I noticed that one of the sinks was also so dirty .. after leaving the restroom and getting ready to leave I had to make mention this to the hostess who was there greeting guests. I hope in the future when dining there again .. this does not happen.

    Thank You … Kathy Doebler

  48. We have been frequent customers at the Ruby Tuesday at 2102 Emerick Blvd., Bethlehem,Pa.and have always enjoyed the food, service, exceptional salad bar,and coupon options. But several months ago we met the manager, Jason Gerlach, and now we have become like family! He always greets us, shares conversation when he is not too busy, and asks about our satisfaction. He let’s us try and evaluate new dishes, like the delicious ribs. He automatically orders my favorite appetizer, delicious thi phoon shrimp! We know several servers by name; and are always treated very well. There is such an evident atmosphere of teamwork among the staff! We think it is because of Jason, and we think you should be aware of his great work ethic. And it’s not just our opinion, because this place is ALWAYS very busy, on weekends, at least. Plus, there are at least five other competing restaurants within a mile! Kudos to Jason and his exceptional staff, not to forget Head Chef, Hector Rodriguez! Love his food!

  49. My daughter and I went for dinner at ruby Tuesday in republic mo I was very disappointed I always order the ribeyes mr it came out well I sent it back and the second one came out cold and raw u could c that the cook had just thrown it on the grill for color on both sides so I said never mind the manager acted like I was an inconvenience to her she wanted me to take it home so she wouldn’t have to comp it she said she was sorry but it was more like it was my fault and I should either eat it or take it home so she wouldn’t b bothered she did not offer me a choice of anything else or desert my daughter had already finishes her meal and we go to dinner together to eat together I had a very bad experience at this restaurant when dan was the ma

  50. I would like to complain about the Johnson City ny location. The hostess acted like it was huge inconvenience to put my name on the list. She sighed and then in a whiney voice said well you are going to have 15 minutes. This was at 414pm. Granted we walked through the restaurant and say tables op end all over the place the manager just and staff leaning up in the back chatting. we walked out and took our business to Texas Rd house if you want to see what you lost let me know and I will email you the receipt.

  51. Im commenting about very poor service from the Lebanon, PA location. We were seated right away and got asked what we would like to drink. I had ordered an alcoholic beverage and gave them my ID to show that I am 21. The person I was with was not of age and ordered a soda. The waitress came back and told me she is not serving me my drink because the person I was with at dinner was not of age. As far as I am concerend there is no law stating a person of age cant drink an alcoholic beverage because other people are at the table are not of age. We did not stay and order our dinner and will not be returning to this location. Further action on my part will be taken to find out what more I need to do. Being denied service of something I am legally entitled to is not okay.

  52. Ruby Tuesday in Decatur, Ill. Called Friday to set up a birthday lunch for our church group for 12 people. I told them i would call Monday with the correct total of 13 and I did. They had 3 small tables set up for 12 people. The food was cold and had no taste. The service was terrible she had 2 big parties and couldn’t handle it. We always come there for our special events , but this will be the last time. Just as a person not in the group that wants to eat I will not be back either.

  53. Don’t think I’ll ever go to ruby Tuesday again. Went to the one in the New Jersey American airlines terminal. My husband got his soup (his only dish) served immediately while I waited for my meal. Why not serve our meals at the same time? Then my meal was cooked and delivered: my salmon was good but the fries horrible. They tasted like bad oil – no potato taste. The worst was my “steamed veggies”. They were steamed in plastic. That fact should be mentioned on the menu. I would never prepare veggies with plastic that releases chemicals in the cooking process. Corporate needs to pay attention to details that make patrons not want to ever come back nor recommend to friends or family. I hope other ruby Tuesday has better food and more careful servers.

  54. Sir,
    My husband and ate at your Fenton Mo. location today. We went there for the ribs that have been advertised on Tv. When we arrived the hostess didn’t seat us, and the manager and the wait staff were a mess. Very un-kept and dirty looking. Then we were told they sold out of the ribs this morning, but they had a half rack left. They were awfull, and so was the restaurant. The trash was running over outside, and the personell needed some groming, and baths. They were busy watching TV, and not serving. We were very, very dissapointed, and will not go there again.

    Yours truly,

    Patty Schmidt

  55. My family and I got there at 4.oo didn’t get food until 4.50 it was cold wasn’t satisdied at all wish I went somewhere else never again!!!!!

  56. Ruby Tuesday in Pottsville, PA. After being seated for ten minutes and asking three people four times, still no server, we left. We did report our no service to the manager. I told her that the no service had happened before and no one knows who the server is or where they were, that this was unacceptable.

  57. It was my 1st time to eat here I ordered the Texan ribs w/chicken tenders & fries . When I received my food I told the server my chicken tenders looked overcooked . She said that’s how they are cooked . They looked like they weren’t fresh they were deep fried twice from another order & they were so little . I didn’t get any response to my complaint the meal was like $16 bshe hardly came to ask about refills but was always helping the bigger party that came in after us . She was on time to get ticket yo pay to receive her tip .

    My wife and I just came from the Niceville Florida Ruby Tuesday,what a joke. My wife ordered soup and salad,the soup was good she said,she never got crackers even after asking.she didn’t care the tomatoes that looked like they had been frozen.myself I ordered salad with a side order of lobster tail,the salad bar was nasty with different food and salad dressing spilled on food and the salad bar. Plus the lobster tails were as small as crawl fish tails. But the real joke were the server and management. The server didn’t check on us but 1 time when we were almost ready to go someone else brought our food and when we spoke to the manager she just looked at us and walked away. Do you really think we’ll be going back.not if I don’t hear back from them.maybe if was because we weren’t dressed as nice as others in there!!!!!!

  59. this is a potential employee I went there for an interview with two managers one who told me that they have hours and they’re looking for someone to hire another manager tells me that they don’t have hours there just conducting interviews right now to find possible candidates and this is the location that is in Jacksonville on Western Boulevard I took time off of work today to come here

  60. My friend and I dined at Ruby Tuesday’s today. We both ordered pretzel burgers. Unfortunately, we noticed there wasn’t a decent variety of fries to go with them. I would like to suggest that waffle or seasoned fries could be added to the menu. The burgers are awesome, but waffle fries would go great with it.


  61. Your menu is not tasty! Your servers are strangely unable to manage tables which means management is not on task! Reluctantly, I went today with my daughter and her family. I told myself that I would not go back after an awful service I recieved a time before this visit. A young white server who seem to have been on drugs was very rude to me and my guy. I had just gotten in town later than normal. My flight was delayed and we decided to go to Ruby Tuesday (8 p.m.). The server was bringing my dishes separately. The typhoon shrimp did not have the zest it had when first introduced to me in 2007. Needless to say the baked potato came much later. I ask for a to go box. As we sit a talked about my trip the server came over to table and took my food and put it in the to go box. No, she did not ask me if I would like assistance with boxing my food. I called to complain and the bartender said ask what did I need to talk to the manger about. I refuse to tell her and she said to me, “we are bought managers, she just started a few months before me.” I could clearly see the problem within that store. The only pleasant thing about today’s visit was I saw a formal student who was kind enough to step in and help the server who was totally overwhelm. There are some very good mature men and women looking to manage restaurants. Reading the comments on this page tell me many of your stores are in pretty bad condition. My advice to you is hire sincere adults to manage your stores.

  62. i absolutely love the food at Williamsport Pa’s Ruby Tuesdays but two little things always disappointe me when I go. #1 the iceberg lettuce on the salad bar is never fresh and sometimes swimming in a pool of water. (How about some nice fresh Romain lettuce) and the ladies room looks like it haven’t been earned in a month. Disgusting dirty ring around the water line in the toilet is a sure indication that it hasn’t been cleaned in a while. I plan on coming back because I absolutely love the ribs but I wish they would care a little more.

  63. My family and I went to your location in ft Walton bch florida. We were walking inside and this employee was talking on the phone yelling at his girl friend or wife about how bad she was with very disrespectful language. I asked him to please take it somewhere else and he told me to screw off! We went inside and I asked who this person was and they told me a manager. I think his last name was McQueen but this is the unacceptable for children to hear!
    This man should take time off or go see a counselor he is very angry!

    Thank you

  64. Waitress was terribly rude and it took 30 minutes to get our meal. I brought family from out of town to dine at this restaurant. Very disappointed customer.

  65. Thought i had sent info on the store in N>C at 3320 silas. The wait staff very helpful a and polite. But your store is located below chik fila and there was a storm on 7/3/15 as 7:25 water started to drip into your restaurant, as we were enjoying our meal it started to drip at our table.also ran down the wall and splashed into our drinks and some of the food was hit. we did get a new baked potato and fries. My one grand daughter we didnt see what she did with her baked ravioli we were busy running from the table. Just to let you know if they have not said anything which i hope they did need to find the leaking problem. Was kinda nasty thinking about it know.

  66. I went to ruby tues today july13, ’15, Smyrna, Tn, sat at the bar , 5:00 pm, asked for a margarita, the barmaid said , “A WHAT”? The woman did not know what a margarita was!!! I said forget about it and walked out the door.

  67. I had sent an email i believe on the 11th of July or 12th not sure.
    Just wanted to complement your staff on how fast they responded to my email, then received a call from one of your employees,even though connection was really bad sounded like someone driving with there window down and your on the cell. But, that’s okay everyone does it these days. I just want to thank you again you have great customer service.

  68. I ordered chicken tenders appetizer from Ruby Tuesday in Charleston SC, the West Ashley location. The chicken that I received were burnt anf inedible. I contacted the manager, who did apologize about the food and offered to redo the appetizer. He also offered a free dessert but I requested a loaded baked potato instead of the dessert. The second ordered looked burnt as well. I will not ve patronize that Ruby Tuesday establishment again. I would enclose a picture of what both orders looked it would load.

  69. My experience was not good. My meal came and it was wrong. I was on lunch so I needed to go and the waiter was too busy talking about what kind of mixed drink he liked with bar tender. The burger I got was really greasy and raw I. Do me areas and we’ll done in others. I wanted a warm pink center.

  70. After having what was suppose to b a family dinner at ur restaurant in fishkill ny I am currently home 2.5 hours later eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Between the food and the service I went home hungry horrible

  71. We were a party of 6 and were told we would have a 20 minute wait upon arrival. The restaurant was 30% occupied. We were then told we would have a30-45 minute wait as they were understaffed and the kitchen was pages behind on preparation and serving. We left the restaurant and chose to have dinner elsewhere. This is poor representation of your facility. We had to 90 year old seniors with us and we are very disappointed. I would like to hear from your service representative.

  72. My wife I ate there yesterday. Service was fair. We both had steak. Steak was raw, no salt or seasoning at all. The salad was the best part of the meal. Probably won’t eat ther again!

  73. Ate in at Ruby Tuesday in Jacksonville Florida on monument road and hospitality lane. Food was great but late and i left $10 on a $40 tab and our server went to her manager and said black people never tip good, the manager started laughing and said are you talking about this table right here those 3 thugs. They both started laughing and i pulled out my phone and confronted them and started recording. The server her name was Leilani and her manager was James. This was a humiliating experience and i will post the video everywhere to stop giving buisness to that location.

  74. This week my family and I went for dinner at Ruby Tuesday in Kapolei, Hawaii. Needless to say, that was a very disturbing, not to mention insulting, event. May daughter ordered the salad bar but the rest of the family ordered meals off the menu. When she returned with her salad, I asked if I could try the broccoli as it looked very different. Well, at that moment, the manager, Kimi, came to the table and very sarcastically and nastily said the salad was not for sharing. Her demeanor was, to say the least…..totally insulting and unwarranted. What an awful example of leadership……no class whatsoever!!!!!!! Corrective action should be taken to avoid her insulting any other patrons of your establishment.

    On the bright side, the waitress who served us was wonderful….kudos to Jorie.

  75. i visited store rt4905 last month on a sunday after church the oven was broke no bread ,soda fountain broke no drinks,i visit the same store today 9/12/15 sat down for salad bar and we got dinners to go only to find this time the store was out of to go silverware ,the waitress was excellant sever#851 michelle but im getting disappointed with store and not servers when im spending $50.49 on food

  76. I already posted elaborate message on what I thought was a Ruby Tuesday blog. I visited your Mentor, Oh location to enjoy food and some football. When I asked the bartender why there was no sound to the game, he told me he was advised by his General Manager that Ruby Tuesdays does not have a license that authorizes them to play any type of volume over their tv’s. Really??? I’ve been coming to this location for 4 years to enjoy Browns games because I dont have to worry about overcrowding customers like at the local sports bars. A license to play volume on your Tv’s!!! Why even have the tv’s with Sports on if you are going to keep good paying customers sitting in silence.

  77. My husband & I frequent the RT in Avondale Arizona.
    We were there Sunday 9-13-2015 around 6:30pm.
    The music they play is fun because it’s generally middle of the road Rock. Last night when we were dining the song “Roxanne” by The Police was playing and that upset me. That song is about a prostitute, and is very inappropriate for a family restaurant!
    Thank you.

  78. Tonight I went to dinner with my mom at the Ruby Tuesday in Clemmons, NC. First, it smelled bad and the sanitation grade was a 92.5. Thinking that I needed to order something that would be cooked at a high temp (to kill the germs) I ordered an appetizer as my meal with chicken fingers, fries, spring rolls, and cheese sticks. I took a few bites of fries and then bit into my chicken. I chewed on something very hard. When I spit it out it was about an inch long piece of a black metal wire of some sort. I told the waiter and he showed the mgr. Mgr said it looked maybe like some kind of staple, to me it looked like a thick fish hook that had been straightened. They were both very apologetic but at this point I had lost my appetite and asked that they just remove it from my bill. My mom too had lost her appetite and could not continue eating. When they brought my bill, they had still charged for my mom’s dinner ($21.00) . she maybe finished 1/4 of her food. The place really needs to be cleaned up. The smell is terrible and the employees look very unprofessional and dirty. This is one of my mom’s favorite places to eat and that is why we were there. I have not had good experiences any of the times that I have gone and this just topped the cake. What if I had swallowed this object?

  79. I had friends meet me there for drinks and apatirzers.the beer was good and cold. Just like the food. And the stich from the bathrooms. This is your restaurant in Hixon tenn. How do you sell food .with that smell coming from your bathrooms. After I left the bathroom I was sick. And my party too. You know after you have beer& wine you have to go to the bathroom. & then make your customers sick. Wtf you thinking. I SPENT 100.DOLLARS. and tied 20. And left sick from that smell. Wtf . Is your manager thinking. I work across the street. You don’t make this right. Your never gonna live this down. And quest what they said about it. Its a closed sec pit tank ??.like that makes it right… you do the math. Would you ever go back. I want a full refund that’s 120..bucks for another Ruby Tuesdays. Cus it would make me sick to rember that smell. Danny Brown. 423-313-1655. Ty .

  80. Hello my name is morty kashtan and we live in palm coast,Florida and my family and I usually go about once a month but on football season we or atleast my friends and I go atleast 8 times a month and never ever had a bad experience but 2 weeks ago my daughter got bat mitzvahed and she wanted to go there so I took family and friend and spent almost 400$ and was the worst experience I’ve ever had first some of the food was cold but I understand that happens but what happens after is just idk horrible,my daughter asked for another piece of cake and my daughter has an acne issue and from behind we here either a bus boy or waiter make a comment saying don’t you think that’s what is causing her acne!!! And if I didn’t have my family there I would probably be in jail.And after that we just had to leave,I beautiful day turned into a night of dealing with my daughter and her issues to me that’s the same as bullying and the worst part not one person came out to apologize and I never have wrote or even called in a complaint cause things happen food is under cooked or over cooked or things get forgotten but this is inexcusable whether its a one time customer or a regular its still very upsetting so my friend said why not express your feeling to them so they at worst know of your experience so that’s what I’m doing and even an apology to my daughter would be nice,her name is Hana Kashtan and we live at 2304 beach village circle palm coast,Florida 32137 an apology to her would be nice and maybe ease her issues and see everyone isn’t all bad and then maybe the wife will allow us to come back either way I just needed to vent this out to you and be aware of this .Sincerely Morty Kashtan a probably 15/20 year customer

  81. Wife had the worst service ever! Ordered burger and drink at bar during Happy Hour. Bartender didn’t return for 25 min. She said it’s because it’s Free Burger Day. Didn’t mention it while placing order. Never going back, there’s always a issue!

  82. At Ruby Tuesday in Kingston NY I was shocked to learn that my favorite appetizer, the tempura green beans, was discontinued. Because of my food sensitivities it was one of the few items I could have, and a favorite of many of my friends and family. Please consider bringing back this item.

  83. I don’t appreciate your company for having employees that steal my credit card information!!!! I will not be back and I will tell anyone that is listening,do not go there!!!!

  84. My boyfriend and I went to eat at Ruby Tuesday in Winder Georgia on Sept. 25 2015 our waitress was Ashley E I just wanted to inform that we felt like we were being rushed to leave . we still had food on our plates and she brought us our check and she came to our table 3 times asking if we were ready. We got frustrated and asked for our food to go and ate our food at home. I really didn’t appreciate that.

  85. I bought takeout at Ruby Tuesday on Bay Street on 9/25/15. It was a Salmon Ceaser Salad. It had salmon, romaine, croutons and a bit of parmasean cheese with dressing on the side. It was disappointing as in the past, it included diced tomatoes, onions and cucumbers. What happened? Not sure I will order this again.

  86. My sister and I ate lunch at your restaurant located in Mechanicsville VA. We ordered petite meals paying extra for grilled asparagus. The grill asparagus was like seaweed. You couldn’t even cut it with a knife. No way they should have ever put this on our plates. The broccoli was so salty I could barely eat it. When the bill came, the waitress charged me for the regular meal at almost twice the cost. When I brought this to her attention, she never apologized but told me I must have had an outdated menu which I just got from the hostess. It was a terrible experience. Mechanicsville has a lot of restaurants and if Ruby Tuesday wants to be profitable, they need to step up their game. There are two people who will never go there again.

  87. My experience in your Medina Ohio location zip code 44256 left my stomach in knots. There is a black grease trail from the kitchen onto the carpet where your feet stick. The backs of all the chairs are blackened with filth from people’s hands and looks like they’ve never been wiped off. I am amazed that a chain such as yourself allow the restaurant under your name to operate with that kind of Filth the carpet needs replaced and possibly the chairs I figured I would give you a contact before I Facebook my experience to see what you might say or do about this location.

  88. We dined at the Ruby Tuesday in Barboursville, WV on September 17th, around 8:30. I placed a complaint on your website not once, but twice, with no response from anyone. The place was empty. Everything was going well when we sat down, and just went downhill from there. The service took FORVEVER! On top of waiting and watching our food baking under the heat lamp in the window for a very long time, the food was finally brought by our Server who returned reading of cigarette smoke. My daughters wings were ice cold, but at least the ranch was piping hot. It was replaced by a nice cold bowl of spinach dip and stale chips. We had other issues with the food, but after waiting a very long time with children, we were done, it wasn’t worth the hassle any longer. No manager was ever seen… EVER! This blows my mind, and is beyond disappointin. I was a server for 17 years, and my husband is the regional manager of a chain of restaurants. We LOVE Ruby Tuesday. The Triple Prime Burger is solely responsible for me not being a vegetarian anymore (true story). It has been a favorite casual dining chain of ours for years. The one in Clarksburg, WV is always outstanding! I never complain, but I almost felt as if I were being punked. My 10 year old left hungry and upset. Please inform the Barboursville store of this issue, and I hope it is corrected. It is disappointing to say the least 🙁

  89. We went to the the Ruby Tuesday’s outside Fort Campbell in Kentucky. As soon as we walk in the door we are bombarded with this smell of a mix of body odor and manure. We order our food and it takes a while to get it. Well it took a while for me and our son to get ours. My husband had his a good 10 mins before us. I was brought the wrong order so I had to wait even longer to get my replacement. To top it off the waitress kept flashing my husband because everytime she bent over her shirt hung open at the top revealing her bra. The food is not worth it. We tried giving the place another shot. The entrance still has the horrible smell and the service is still lacking.

  90. My husband and I and a couple of friends visited the ruby Tuesdays on airport road in arden nc last night Oct 2nd. One of our friends Alfredo pasta was comped due to the chicken being under cooked. Once he said something about his food none of the rest of us said anything because we didn’t want to appear to be “those guests” my husband had diarrhea all night last night due to his chicken being undercooked also. I got the Cajun filet sirloin and it had one big gristle down the middle of it that was unable to be chewed and my baked potatoe was crunchy due to being undercooked also. We normally don’t complain but since this was 75% of our table that the food was terrible we felt it warranted letting someone know. The pumpkin cheesecake was delicious I do have to say. Hopefully my saying something will keep from this happening to another group celebrating a birthday. Thank you

  91. Re: resteraunt 2890, oaks mall, gainesville, fl

    To Whom It May Concern,

    I am writing today because I frequent this location. I do receive great service on many occasions from the staff at the bar, I eat at lunch so the bar is quick, easy and I enjoy the service and food.

    One time at lunch I ordered a chicken caesar salad and the chicken was raw. The server was amazing and I understand these things happen. He put it back in and I received a better quality meal. He was fantastic. I think the server made the experience positive. Wish I knew his name. He was the reason I wasn’t upset because I was going to run late now from break.

    On Monday this week, my husband wanted to eat out with me and met me at mall. We were going to go somewhere else but he really wanted to add the garden bar as a side so we went there. I ordered the shrimp dinner that’s got a Cajun rub and is served over pasta, he ordered shrimp and grits.

    Our meal arrived within 5 minutes, we were still earing our salad, almost had just sat down with them. I took a bite of my dinner and thought something was funny about the shrimp. I took another bite and told my husband I thought the shrimp was raw. He checked for me too before I called the server back and sure enough the kitchen confirmed it was raw. The server was great. He was new and I could tell he was nervous. I told him not to worry, I understand these things happen, but being the 2nd time was a little concerned about eating there again. The server said the manager would be out shortly to discuss this issue with us.

    Honestly, it would have been better if he hadn’t. He blamed a conveyer belt for the problem and then it took 15 inutes to receive the refired food. Personal accountability is big on my list of important things in service. I work in retail management and to have the manager tell me it was a conveyer belt, like no human ever served the dish or put it at the window was frankly annoying. Our experience and date was going down a negative path now and the manager didn’t help any. My husband was annoyed and I was frustrated because his food was getting cold while they took mine back. I urged him to eat and he did reluctantly.

    Honestly there should be some sort of quality control and verification that food is cooked properly. I don’t know if there is an expediter or a cook that served the final dish but that just made me frustrated. Would have been better to have left it with server, he was genuine, concerned and sincerely apologetic. My husband’s shrimp was cooked fine, grits not so good. He finished his meal before mine ever came back. Curious since we were served within minutes the first time when we 1st ordered.

    Overall, I am disappointed in this. I eat at this resteraunt 3 times a week typically and am frustrated with the lack of control on food being sent out undercooked that could potentially be harmful to people and also in the way the manager spoke to us.

    My husband doesn’t want to return. I didnt finish my meal, ate a couple bites and asked for a to go container. Never did eat it, lost the interest in that dish since the raw texture and taste of shrimp just ruined it. We didn’t get any kind of compensation, weren’t looking for that, but I think someone should know since this happened to me twice in the last month and a half.

    I understand things happen, its all in the way it’s handled and how the customers are treated that make the experience. Both times the servers were awesome and I really appreciate them for that.

    Rosie delToro

  92. I want to tell you about my Ruby Tuesday in Orangeburg, SC. I was there this past week with my company on an industrial inspection job. It ended yesterday and we wanted a good dinner. We chose Ruby Tuesday.

    It was fairly busy. Probably standard for a Friday night dinner. Our server took our drink orders in a reasonable amount of time and he was polite enough. But I’ll go ahead and mention, something was off. Not in the sense that there was something wrong with him; in the sense that he dreaded serving us…or anybody. Back to the story. I ordered a Bud Light; my three co-workers ordered beers as well. They took about 15 min to arrive it was not cold. At all. Eh, whatever. Our order is taken and we are offered another beer. Great.

    Fast forward 1.5 hrs later (almost 2 hrs into the experience). We have received our food which could barely be considered warm…we ate and finished our food…still no drinks. Our server did apologize once and say that the bar was backed up. No. Nothing short of Armageddon could have caused service this awful. We inform him that we no longer want the beers to which he looked very surprised. His surprise was due to the fact that he had asked his manager, who he said was Nikki, to come tend to us several minutes prior. She had not. He apologized again. Ten minutes later Nikki showed up. She leans on the wall behind her, looks at us, sighs, and says “What’s up guys?” Nothing else. I have to look at her and ask “Are you Nikki?” She says yes and asks what the problem is. She has no clue. Or has every clue. I look at her and say frankly “I want to know exactly how this happens. How?” Nikki shrugs and says “I have no idea.” At this moment a cloud of cigar smoke plumes by the window from a gentleman at the front door to which Nikki exclaims, “Oh my god is something on fire!” At this point you might think this is made up. Or an exaggeration in the least. No. I am trying to paint you a perfect word picture to accurately represent the nightmare that this Ruby Tuesday was.

    Nikki comps our meals which, frankly, was something our server knew would happen from moment one. His attitude of dread was explained. She asked if she could get us the drinks we never got and we agreed. Twenty min later we didn’t have them. We had to leave. Upon walking to our car we passed two younger female servers I had not even seen inside the restaurant all night. They were both lounged on a curb, smoking away. This is EXACTLY what we overheard, “This place ducking sucks. Haha they think I care? And they wonder why we do so much drugs.” This. Happened. We were five feet from them. I walked back in the restaurant, tipped our server who’s soul was being crushed by that place, and begged him to quit right then and there. He said he gets cussed out nightly and I can’t even fathom how much food this location gives away. He said this disaster was due to a “changeover.”

    In my 32 years alive this was my worst dining experience. I don’t think there is any way it will ever be topped unless some place punches me in the face. You have a management issue at this location. I could go randomly find some middle schoolers and a couple of homeless guys, none of which speak English, and provide a better experience. That bad. I know your first instinct will be to apologize and maybe offer me a gift certificate or something. Let me be clear: I do not want anything. Even an apology. I don’t even want you to take my word for it. I want you to first look at this locations ratings on Yelp and Google. They are god awful. This is not isolated; it is chronic. Secondly, I want you to send a rep in to dine on a Friday night. Go see for yourself. If anything I have sugar coated it. Then after you do those things, fire the entire staff and start from scratch. Because as it stands, you have a group of professionals walking around in the world telling this nightmare about Ruby Tuesday and we’ll tell it forever. I’ll spare you my business experience and simlly say you CANNOT fix your problem without amputating it in this case. Every person that eats at that location will prob not visit a Ruby Tuesday for a very long time. I know I won’t. I’m scared PTSD might set in.

  93. We just had the worst experience at the Westbury location. We were sat down brought over drinks. Which my four year old ordered a chocolate milk. He was given an expired bottle of milk qhich tasted like chemicals. We will never go to that restaurant again. The waitress took it away and we were not even spoken to by a manager. Worst customer service.

  94. Yesterday I ate at the Sandusky Mall, Sandusky, Ohio, Ruby Tuesday —
    you need to up-date your menu. I ordered “Jumbo Crab Cake” what I received was 2 miniature crab cakes for 9.99….. what a laugh.. You need to be accurate in your descriptions of your products. I don’t believe I will eat at Ruby Tuesdays again, nor will I give a good review of you menu items……

  95. From Clarksville Tn and i am visiting Clarksville Indiana and stop n the Ruby Tuesday at 1354 Veterans pwy where Kim Thatcher is the general manager. The rest of the story about our visit needs to be telephone conversation with a team member to handle my MB sjir complaint. Please call me ASAP Dorothy

  96. I visited a restaurant close to closing time for the kitchen ordered a turkey burger and once I got home around 9:45 pm I found the burger was burnt. I don’t live close enough to drive back and forth to have the issue fixed so I’m emailing you all now. I did eat 75% of the burger because I wasn’t spending more money else where and I had a very physical day. That being said I was hungry. I would like to have this issue fixed please email me back ASAP please and thank you!

  97. Recently we dined at the Princess Anne location of Ruby Tiesday in Virginia Beach, VA. I wanted to complement Maya, our server, for her exemplary service. She was attentive, polite, and truly enhanced our experience. People like Maya are a rare commodity these days, and we will return to this restaurant thanks to her. When we spoke with Dave, the manager that evening he even stated that we were the second complement she had received that night. That speaks for itself. Well done Maya, you are an asset to this establishment!

  98. my friend Richard and i have enjoyed Ruby Tuesdays for the past few years. well, here’s my
    story, we went on Sunday Oct. 11th around 4pm, we were instantly told there was no salmon and no baked potatoes. we said okay and continued to stay because we both love the salad bar. the waiter
    was very nice. we found out the manager and a few employees had been fired and they were working short-handed, one guy in the kitchen. we ordered our food, and went to the salad bar.
    it was almost depleted…i found the end of my likings and quickly scooped them up, my friend alas
    had to pick from very poor choices. (my salads were delicious, as usual). then we ordered the
    coastal trio, which i have quite a bit as i love this dish. To my surprise it was a big disappointment and since Richard had ordered it also, i was embarrassed as i told him how delicious it was. (usually is) The fish was okay, the shrimp were thrown on top of the fish, not on a stick, and a large lobster
    tail that was not opened, and no utensil to scoop with and no butter. By the time i got the waiter
    to bring the HOT BUTTER my lobster was ice cold and not really edible. I explained how usually
    you get 2 small lobster tails that are open, you just use your fork and the hot butter is always,
    always served alongside. He said they only had the large lobster and it equalled the size of the
    two small ones…very nice, but couldn’t get it out of the shell and it was ICE COLD… as people
    were leaving when told about the salmon and baked potato, we looked over at the salad bar
    and they had indeed replenished it. My friend and i both left unhappy over the whole deal.
    we also were told the regional manager was supposed to come at 3pm and never showed….
    so here we have a RUBY TUESDAY with no management and food substitution and anything
    goes, really puts a bad taste in my mouth…. (Schenectady, NY)

  99. Me and my family went to your south riding Virginia business we have been frequent customer for many years we went on Friday the service and food was great but we had a problem with our bill our server gladly went to get the manager I saw the blonde brown haired women standing at the bar with what I can only assume was her boyfriend or husband in hindsight she was standing at the bar with her boyfriend the entire 2 1/2 hours we were there eating took her 30 minutes to decide to come help us she stumbles over to the table I can’t presume to say she was drunk but she did smell of it I also didn’t appreciate the inappropriate way she was dressed she was rude abrasive and didn’t end up helping us..we will not be returning

  100. I had not been to Ruby Tuesday for a few year due to terrible food and poor service. Well, things haven’t changed the burger was so greasy the bottom of the bun feel apart with grease and the salad bar was pitiful I couldn’t even begin to eat the food. Some items were frozen. When I talked to the server he said they had problems with service and food. Seemed like the waiters were just hanging out at the bar. Well, I wasn’t impressed!

  101. I visited the Ruby Tuesday Augusta Maine on Sunday Oct 25th 2015 with a party of 7 I ordered a Hamburger med rare and two kids meals with the double hamburger all the hamburger was hard around the edges and like a hockey puck did not have time to return for another meal so I just ate off the salad bar but who ever was cooking surly did not pay attention to the burgers

  102. I had multiple visits to the Lakewood Ruby Tuesdays and found the mens room to be constantly in the need of a cleanup by the urinal. So bad, that I would have to clean the bottom of my shoes to wipe off the urine. I reported my disgust a few times to no avail. Quite a turnoff. Consequently, I have switched to TGI Fridays.

  103. We stopped at the location on hwy 278 near Hiram GA. The staff was friendly the location very clean. The food however was sub par. It wasn’t inedible but it wasn’t good enough to eat. My family will not return. I wanted you all to know before you lost more business.

  104. I’m at the Alexander City, Alabama Ruby Tuesday and am very disappointed. We waited 25 minutes for our waitress to even the hostess had to bring our drinks. Finally we went ahead to the salad bar before we even talked to our waitress. There wa only 4 other tables with people, it was 4:30 in the afternoon.

  105. I am here at the Ruby Tuesday on Little Creek Rd Store #4992 In Norfolk Virginia. I patronize thi restaurant often because I enjoy the food. Tonight, I experienced horrible customer service. I asked the bartender for the complimentary biscuits. She turned around and asked two workers for biscuits and they both replied that it wasn’t there job. Needless to say I never received any biscuits. After my meal, I asked for the manager. Lisa Jones apologized and offered me a dessert however; she never asked who the worker’s were who made the comment. It was important to me for those workers to be reprimanded for their actions. It made me feel like my concerns were not important. I never received the biscuits! I am a director at my job and when I get a complaint about a worker I always let the the person with complaint know that it will be addressed. In addition the presentation of the restaurant and workers is poor. The cook was singing and it wasn’t a professional atmosphere.

  106. We were at the ruby Tuesday in lakewood ny last evening around 9:00 pm. I ordered the new double decker chicken with mushrooms and bacon. It was so salty that I could hardly eat it. I talked to the server about it and she came back and said that the used garlic salt and pepper mix on it. I mentioned to her I would like to speak with a manager but no one came over and mind u it was not busy. My daughter joined us when she was done work and when she tried it she also said with her first bite that it was wAy too salty. I was thinking that a manager should have asked or even the server asked if I would like something else or even taken some off the bill. I don’t like to make a scene so I didn’t take it any further. I would appreciate some feedback. Thank you. Louise Johnson. My ph # is 716-969-4693

  107. Receive newsprint free appetizer, but your restaurant in Canfield Ohio, will not accept them because they have to be scanned with a cell phone.
    I do not have a cell phone, so how do I receive a So Connected Free Appetizer that our restaurant will accept.
    Food is great a canfield Riby Tuesday, which we visit at least once each week.
    This complicated method to receive something free, WILL NOT DETER me from supporting our Ruby Tuesdays. HAVE A NICE DAY.
    Rita Vicarel
    1458 Turnberry Drive
    Youngstown,Ohio 44512

  108. Our family has eaten at ruby Tuesday’s for over 30 years. Over the last 2 years we have gone less often and our local restaurant is never full. The food is good and it’s clean. The music is loud and hip hop or rap. That may be what the bar area would like but the dinning experience is enhanced with softer music. I would like to see Ruby Tuesday back to the booming business. Please look into this problem.

  109. The food is good. We have eaten at ruby Tuesday’s for over 20 years. We took family groups for birthday dinners as well as take out and regular visits to the restaurant in Huntsville , Decatur, and Florence. The last 2 years we have gone less but continued takeout. The music is hip hop and rap as well as very loud. That may be ok in the bar area for happy hour but is far from conducive to a plea sent dinning experience. I would like to be able to enjoy the restaurant again as well as seeing it full, like it once was.

  110. This complaint is regarding a Manager that was on shift at the Kapolei, Hawaii restaurant; which she did not handle the problem in a professional manner.

    We were waiting for about 40 minutes to pay for our meal. She never came to our table to let us know why it was taking so long or what the problem was. She passed our table numerous times, but didn’t stop to ever explain what the holdup was.

    Our waiter came to us numerous times telling us of the problems that the manager was encountering. We were paying the entire bill with gift cards and she was having a problem with putting our change (remaining monies/change) on another gift card due to a new system that was just installed.

    I would think that the manager on duty would be the one to do the apologizing and not the waiter. We had a very pleasant experience with the waiter, he handled the situation very well.

    So my complaint is regarding the manager that was on duty last night. From a nice dinner to a disappointment at the end. I don’t think I will be going to this establishment again.

    If this complaint should be sent to a different e-mail address, please let me know. I would like a response back to my complaint on how this will be handled; this should not be happening and I wouldn’t want anyone else go through this like we did.

  111. We are a party of four that used to go to Ruby Tuesday’s every Friday for dinner with or without coupons. When you changed your coupon policy to one coupon per table we stopped going. We always had two separate checks but since only one of the coupons could be used one couple could not use a coupon so we just stopped going. The policy should be one coupon per check not per table. I understand in the entire table is on one check but not if separate checks are issued. If you change your policy we may start going again. We liked the food and the service was always good.

  112. On 11/6/15 I placed an online order with the Ruby Tuesday in Clinton Maryland at approximately 6:35 pm and I requested the pickup time for 7:30 pm. Upon arrival at 7:33 pm I was told that ” we have a new menu and the order just came in” . At 7:50 pm the same excuses were repeated and also “blame corporate” was added. At 8:pm I requested to see the manager and was ignored.
    Finally I received my order at 8:03 only to find that it was incomplete.
    The management at this location “Leo” as I was told, is unprofessional and extremely lacking in customer service skills. He should be either demoted or replaced.

  113. I recently had a bad experience after 8 years of complete satisfaction at the
    Ft. Myers location. After reading 102 other complaints, I guess the only solution
    is not to patronize them anymore.

  114. Worst meal We have had in a long while. My huband ordered a double umbrella drink that had so much ice in it that there was little drink. His crab cake was a gooey mess with nothing resembling crab. The server asked how i wanted my brussel sprout prepared. I said grilled. When my food arrived, they were swimming in some kind of foul tasting syrup.
    They tasted noxious. I could go on and on, but i won’t. Final comment, the carpet smell like a third rate motel. You smell it
    when you walk in..

  115. Yesterday we made our yearly trip to Gurnee Mills, Ill , from Michigan to do our Christmas shopping . The one thing we look forward to is our lunch at Ruby Tuesday’s , we don’t have one near us. When we got seated we where asked for our drink orders, the appetizers, then our main course. By this time one of the ladies asked for a refill on her tea and was told that they where out of tea. When asked when it would be ready we where told that they had no tea bags to make more. We asked if someone could go out and buy some bags. Then we asked for loaded bake potatoes and told they would not be ready for a half hour. Now this is 3:00 o’clock p.m. . So we ordered other things and it took a good 1/2 hr. to get them. When we did get them 2 of the dishes where cold. We would have sent them back but our bus was leaving soon and we didn’t have time to wait for them to make this right. We where told that the manager was going to give us free dessert, well that didn’t happen. We where so upset when we left we decided that next year we will try some where else. Barbara Treash

  116. Went to the location off of Powers in Colorado Springs and had the worse experience ever. My chicken was under cooked and my husband’s burger was so undercooked he made him sick. This is unfortunate in that my husband doesn’t not want to return and I love Ruby Tuesday. Maybe teaching your cooks a little better would be a great thing.

  117. Host ( shelly West) and Manager(Derek Manes)
    On Wed.November4th. In evening host and mgr deriding and vexing of customers aloud …I’m tired of these damn people always complain as Shelly West , the host is telling him
    about us wanting different seating than host first recommended … these people are always want something different”

  118. 11/10/15: Tonight we went to the store locted in Florence SC, pamplico Highway. This was birthday celebration with my family. The service was very slow . The server was overwhelemed and did not manage to clear the dirty sald bar dishes the entire meal.When the food finally arrived all three meals had brusselsporuts . The first bite I took the brussel sprouts were rancid and clearly spoiled,the baked potato was hard and cold. We brought this to the servers attention who never appologized and was annoyed that we asked for a replacement . The replacement vegetables came well over halway through the meal minus one of the sides which came as we were paying the bill. When they brought the new potatoes we said really? The team leader said what? we said we are finished with our dinner, She gave us and look of so, we said we felt we were owed an appology and she said your not deserving of an appology thier was nothing wrong with the food! We were not asking for anything other than an appolgy and we were told we were not deserving of one. The food was horrible, service was slow, the staff was rude and dressed very sloppy. The salad bar was half empty and not much that was there was fresh . Needless to say this was truly a dissapointment and we wont be returning.

  119. Wanted to give a shout out to our waitress, Shannon, who served us this afternoon at the Arnold, MO, Ruby Tuesday. She went above and beyond to accommodate our requests, including a “to go” order. We thoroughly enjoyed our meal and her service. Thank you!!

  120. Hello, just wanted to make Ruby Tuesday’s aware that after I ate a ribs and chicken combo yesterday, around 4:30, at the Panola Road in Lithonia location, I became very ill. Just wanted to let you know, in case anyone else had the same experience. Thanks.

  121. I am unable to get Fish tocos and I ordered a cheeseburger it came with a white bun, I wanted a dark weat bun that you use to serve. you are not loosing my business but I won’t be coming much anymore.
    Ruby Tuesdays Thursday Nov 18 11:04am. Store # 2702
    10300 Southside Blvd Jacksonville FL 32256. The Check # 7605

  122. My friends and i were at the ruby Tuesday in dale city va on marblestone drive we got there sround 12 we were waiting on twi others we ordered are drinks so the one lady arrived about 10Minuteslaterthen we ordered thecgreen bean appetizer which we waited 20Minutes for then we ordered my friends ordered soup and salad and i got steak. We waited over 20Minutes for food when they brought the soup it was. Cold we waited on refills the manager Michelle took the green beans off the bill but i dont think lt was enough.

  123. I emailed a complaint and spoke with a manager by the name of Bruce who said he was sending me something to my email and I haven’t received anything could you please contact me and let me know what’s going on my phone numbers and you already have my email address thank you

  124. I went to use my birthday coupon on my phone and when I went to show the waitress it said it was removed WTF!? Never going there again!!!!!!!

  125. Ate at rt after getting off work with my gf. Felicia was our server. She greeted us promptly, brought us our drinks, wasn’t pushy or hovering over our table allowing us time to order, offered those delicious biscuits to us then only came by when she saw we neede d refills or more biscuits and to bring us our food. She was hospitable and she and is the best server I’ve had in a very very long time. Im not doing her justice with my comments but I will say one last thong. The food was ok (except the biscuits which were freaking awesome) but it will be the hope of possibly getting her as our server tha will bring us back in.

    Thanks so much
    Aj valentine and erinn blue
    Warsaw indiana

  126. Had lunch with my mom on her birthday at the Georgetown KY location on 11-24-15. Marcus was our server and he was excellent. He was very helpful and courteous. The restaurant was out of all chicken and mashed potatoes -What we were going to order. He made suggestions and brought her a nice dessert for her birthday. Very nice!

  127. My family decided to visit RT in Grand Forks, ND for our Thanksgiving dinner yesterday. We visited last year and had a positive experience. This time was not quite as good. The service and atmosphere was great. The food however had something to be desired. The turkey was dry, the stuffing was pasty mush, the rolls were very dry. The potatoes were good, the desserts were great. However, the stuffing and turkey were 2 of the main things I was looking forward to. For the price, I expect better. My son was especially disappointed since stuffing is his favorite thing.

  128. I tried for 30 minutes to order a gift card online. Everything was fine until I tried to complete the order. All it would say was processing for at least 10 minutes. Is there a problem with the site? Please contact me st 516 780 3150. Thank you

    LeeAnn Houser

  129. Very disappointed!
    1). Seated 5 of us at a four person table and didn’t even offer is an additional chair.
    2). Restrooms had feces in toils and no toilet paper for over half an hour.
    3. I was served a dirty glass of water. When the waitress took it back she returned with the same dirty glass! Poor poor service!

  130. I just left the Athens,TN location after having lunch. I’m still amazed at how difficult it is to purchase a good burger and fries. I didn’t say “Great”, just good. I ordered the burger well and the fries hot and fresh (I’ve had cold fries before so now I order them this way so the waitress doesn’t get mad at me when I ask for hot and fresh ones); the burger was charred crispy and the fries were cold. My waitress was also working the bar area which didn’t lend her much of an opportunity to refill my water glass while I was there even though there was only one person at the bar……an employee waiting to leave. She did have a new order of hot and fresh fries sent to me just as I finished my burger. I’ve tried to eat there on several occasions working in the Athens area but I’m finished after this latest experience. I’ve been a patron since “The Strip” as many others have been, but no longer. I couldn’t help but to look around and see this restaurant nearly empty during the lunch hour and wonder “is it just me?” I did notice while leaving that the parking lot of the Waffle House next door was full; it sure looked like they were serving hot, fresh food. Just saying……

  131. I will probably never go back to Ruby Tuesday’s. Went to the Aberdeen NC location tonight just to be told that they were closed but after we were turned away it seemed that a friend was welcomed in to the place. I have been in management for over 25 years and I have never been a part of this type of customer service in those years. This was the very worse restaurant service that I have encountered in this town and will let everyone I know so that they can avoid this kind of service.

  132. Sunday 12-6-2015 we ate at Ruby Tuesday in Tullahoma, it was a group of 10, 2 of us ordered Lobster and steak.The steak was way over cooked as well as the lobster. I was highly disappointed in my meal. $21 dollars for over cooked lobster is crazy they did redo the steak but I feel like I should have all my food at 1 time. I am in customer service and know things happen. This oh s the 2nd time my company has been to ruby Tues as a party but we will choose somewhere else from now on. My husband and I eat there and are always satisfied but I don’t think they know how to deal with bigger groups.

    • My wife and I eat at Ruby Tuesdays about twice a month………We either eat at the site in Wilson ,NC or the one in Rocky Mount ,NC………Both of us normally get the same thing…..SALMON……..On our last three visits they have been out of salmon….Please take this item off your menu if your are not going to serve it……..THANKS ,

  133. I belong to so connected, you send me the coupons , for the last 6 months all I get is two black boxes with you name , NO COUPONS
    I mentioned thei many times in emails ect to no avail

  134. We just dined at the Walterboro site and were highly dissatisfied.Musty was overly attentive to a point of annoyance.The bill was served and we were still eating. Plates were removed.Will not return ever.

  135. Just ate at the RT in Hamilton Marketplace, Hamilton NJ. The oil used to fry our appitizers was rancid. Didn’t realize until I ate without dipping sauce. Yuk!

  136. I called because the Christmas Gift Card promotion said that with every $50 in gift cards you would receive a $15 gift card. I bought $100 in gift cards and did not receive the “bonus cards.” When I finally was able to speak to an actual person after 10 calls to voicemail and after asking for management, the woman I spoke to was not customer friendly. When I explained that I had not received the bonus cards, she informed me in a rude manner that it was coupons, not a card. She then asked me for my email address, told me I should get an email within three hours and dismissed me by hanging up. Not very professional, definitely rude. No more gift cards for family will be bought from Ruby Tuesday’s. I worked as a public employee for 24 years. I would have been disciplined severly for that type of customer service.

  137. A couple of months ago my wife and I were disappointed at your restaurant in Ellijay, GA. Your home office was kind to give us a Gift Card which we used today. Our waitress, Chelsea, was very attentive and pleasant. We did not order steaks because of the experience we had previously. We were not impressed with the worker that resupplied the salad bar. He had a worn out ball cap and had a dirty white towel hanging from his rear pocket. He also wore a short sleeve shirt and had mega tattoos on his arms.

  138. I ordered 2 $50.00 gift cards online last week.I paid with a credit card & it seemed it order went thru just fine.I never received any information since that time.Never received the $15.00 bonus card.
    I ordered the cards for Christmas gifts>I need to know if the order is being processed.If I reorder they wont get here in time for Christmas.HELP!
    Joan Lutz

  139. Ruby Tuesday on gibsonton dr riverview fl.
    The shrimp was over cooked and tough, it was so brown it was almost black.
    Server served it any way, it was the new shrimp shack basket 12 shrimp and fries.
    Was never asked if we wanted ketsup.Never asked if we wanted refill on drinks.
    Also patio was considered non smoking. Won’t ever go back.

  140. This was my 1st experience at ruby Tuesday I want to commend my waiter, we are of different cultures but he treated me with respect an made my meal a pleasant one. With all the negativity going on with different cultures he made my dining very delightful, you should be proud of his skills as a waiter his I’d is
    1349 in clemmons,nc. You should send him a compliment on his service.

  141. Tried to eat at your restaurant in Branson Mo. Tuesday 12/29/15. At 6:00 pm. Was told it would be a 40 minute wait for a table. Informed the gentleman we could see about 10 to12 clear tables. Answer sorry we don’t have staff to fill tables. This is not MY problem. Since no ruby Tuesday is located in our area we were looking forward to trying it. Please forward this to the manager of this restruant.

  142. My husband and I went into the Ruby Tuesday’s in Scottsboro, AL on News Year’s Eve and sat in the bar area as that was where they were seating most people. The Alabama football game was on and the manager and several other staff were standing along the bar watching the game which was fine except that instead of helping with bar tender/waitress the manager was to busy clapping and cheering for Alabama. It was bad enough that he was wearing an Alabama shirt while on duty but he acted like he could not be bothered to help or anything other than to watch the ball game. If he could not be bothered to check on the customers then he should have stayed home and had someone else cover for him. They food was okay but it would have been better if it had been so cold. Most of the cook staff was in and out of the kitchen watching the game also and the poor waitress was doing the best that she could. When you spend $60 plus on a meal for two you expect better service and food quality than we received. I wish now we had went somewhere else.

  143. My husband and I attempted to dine at your restaurant located on Lottsford Road in Upper Marlboro MD, Dec. 31, 2015. We wanted to celebrate our 15th eeffing anniversary. There was no hostess to greet customers because she was serving food to customers. When she finally came to the front, she told us there was a 10 min. wait even though there were few customers. We waited 30 min. Still no seat. I asked for the manager, who basically told me I could do whatever I wished. Ten cistomers came in and left because no one assisted them. We all went to Outback Steakhouse. They know how to treat you. You might want to send someone in to see what their service is like. Your food is so good and I really hate not being able to go to your restaurant. By the way, the manager told me two people called in so everybody had to pitch in. This is no way to run a fine restaurant as yours
    Please take action so that we can once again enjoy your delicious food.

  144. Hello,
    I recently visited one of your restaurant.
    Please sdvice,
    Corb count in the petite sirloin steak alone?
    Please advice, if a marinate is used in preparing your steak?
    Thank you much,

  145. I visited Ruby Tuesday’s this evening in Fort Wayne, IN with my two sons. The Waitress we had was quite pleasant. She made sure our drinks were filled and we had garlic cheese biscuits sitting on our table. I had ordered a med-well steak which was not cooked properly and the waitress said that she would have it remade. I did not tell her to take it back to get it remade. Then came the long wait. But that wasn’t even what made the visit unpleasant. What made the visit unpleasant was when the manager came to our table to give me a to-go box after I had received the remade food. My children had eaten their food and I had cut the steak up so was easier to eat for lunch during work the next day. And pointed out to the manager (Alisha @ Fort Wayne, IN – Coliseum Blvd location) that the steak was still not med-well. She then said that this steak was cooked with a thermometer. She then asked me for my name and said “oh I know who you are” and walked away from our table. Our waitress came back to our table and I said that I was a bit stunned by the way that the manager just talked to me especially in front of my children and with other customers around. We had not yet gotten the check and I had a coupon. The manager came back with our check and asked if there was something I needed. I explained that I was unsure what she meant when she said “oh I know who you are.” Alisha then decided that it was ok to belittle me and tell me that every single time that I come into their restaurant I order the steak and every single time that I order the steak I have sent it back and they are in the process of getting me banned from the restaurant. There was yet another line that Alisha crossed not only because she actually stated everything when my kids were sitting right there. But was also loud enough that everyone around could also hear her be quite mean and rude to me. I have been to Ruby Tuesday’s many many many times. I can bring many people in with me that have come to Ruby Tuesday’s with me that will attest to the fact that I have NOT ALWAYS ordered a steak each time I have gone to Ruby Tuesday’s. I can also bring in many people that will also attest to the fact that they have ordered a steak each time they have gone to Ruby Tuesday’s and have had to send it back because it was wrong, but since they don’t go as often as I do they aren’t remembered as I am. It still boils down to the fact that Alisha should have never crossed the line that she did this evening!

  146. I went to the RT in Taylor,Mi about a year ago with my wife, son, daughter in law and her mother. My wife ask for a table for 5 and a high chair. The hostess told us she could not accomadate us because she didn’t have any room. There were small tables but no large ones empty. She did not give us any options or wait time or anything. My wife ask, ” so you are asking us to leave?” And she said yes we don’t have enough room. We have not been back to that one since. I think it is now closed.

  147. Good Afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen,

    Just left one of your Store’s , the one in Enterprise, Alabama. The service was horrible, let’s start with that. The lack of not having a hostess at the front during a shift is poor judgement on the Manager on duty. Yes I have work at many restaurants before I went into the Military, wish dashes and bus tables and even bar back, I know how customer service should be. The Manager was nice but the Bartender (female with black hair heavy set) “MADE” me feel like she did not want to wait on me. NO I was not rude or saying any thing to her to make her feel uncomfortable.

  148. I just had the worst experience at Ruby Tuesday tonight with my family and another family. I wish the manager would had told us their were short in the kitchen. The 5 kids were very hungry and we’re getting loud and very annoyed. It was great when after 40 mins they were yelling where is my food. After 45 mins of waiting for our food I received the wrong burger my friend received his uncooked. My wife’s food was bad and wasn’t sure her chicken was fully cooked. After an hour and half we final received the ice cream to sing happy birthday and only the waitress was free to sing. We requested the happy birthday sing for the 6 year old and nothing. You would have thought the manage would have said sorry for the incovience and the fact the food took 45 mins to get. The store #4194 on Jan 31 2016 at 6:12. We just left there at 7:50

  149. I ordered shrimp and grits and asked when I called for biscuits to be included in the order. When I got there 20 mins later they didn’t have biscuits. This makes 3 times with no biscuits 2 dine in and 1 Togo. Once I’ve arrived home the shrimp and grits taste as if someone poured a whole salt shaker in the grits. I ate the shrimp but my dog even turned his nose up at the grits. I’ve worked in the restaurant industry for 20 years now and that was one of the worst meals I’ve ever tried tried to eat

  150. Hi.
    My husband added I went to Ruby Tuesday yesterday. I love there Salad so I orderd a small stake with baked potato and the Salad bar.
    Once we finaly revived our meal I found a long Hair in my potato. ( I have short hair ) so I told the young lady that was serving us. The Manger came out with a new baked potato said sorry and walked away.
    I was discussed that we paid the bill and left.
    $46.71 we spend on a meal we both could not finish because the way she dumped my second potato on the table and just walked away.

    Very rude.
    This happened in
    LAUDERHILL, FL 33351

    If this is how you tread your Costumers I’m sorry to say you won’t be open much longer.
    I’m not a type of person that complaints.
    But this was so absolutely wrong. I’m still so very upset about it.
    The Server was absolutely fantastic. 1147 Maria B.
    But management needs improvement.

  151. Hi.
    My husband and I went to Ruby Tuesday yesterday. I love there Salad so I orderd a small stake with baked potato and the Salad bar.
    Once we finaly revived our meal I found a long Hair in my potato. ( I have short hair ) so I told the young lady that was serving us. The Manger came out with a new baked potato said sorry and walked away.
    I was discussed that we paid the bill and left.
    $46.71 we spend on a meal we both could not finish because the way she dumped my second potato on the table and just walked away.

    Very rude.
    This happened in
    LAUDERHILL, FL 33351

    If this is how you tread your Costumers I’m sorry to say you won’t be open much longer.
    I’m not a type of person that complaints.
    But this was so absolutely wrong. I’m still so very upset about it.
    The Server was absolutely fantastic. 1147 Maria B.
    But management needs improvement.

  152. I am very upset with the changes to the salad bar. I don’t like the a lot of the new items on it. I am also upset that you know charge $3.99 to add the bar to an entree. It used to be a side item on some entrees. I come and dine at least once a week with a large party. We will not be dining anymore.

  153. I am extremely dissatisfied with the new salad bar. I am also frustrated with the fact that you now charge $3.99 to add the bar as a side to an entree. I dine in at the Carrollton Ga restaurant at least once a week. I will not be dining there anymore. I loved the old salad bar.

  154. I am disgusted with the new salad bar. I liked the old one. I am also upset with the fact that you now charge for the bar to be a side item on an entree. I dine in at the Carrollton Ga location at least once a week with a large party. We will not be dining there anymore.

  155. I am currently watching the manager of Ruby Tuesdays in the galleria mall drinking alcoholic drinks with her employees. I’m not sure what your rules are but that doesn’t seem right.

  156. Yesterday evening, 2/7/16, at approximately 6:30 a friend and myself drove from Blount County, AL approximately 25 miles to dine at the Ruby Tuesdays in Cullman, AL. Both of us ordered the same items from the menu – a triple cheese burger and the garden salad bar. We ordered our cheese burgers medium well. The burgers were almost burned, they were dry and almost hard. I mentioned this to our server and she did offer to return them. Due to the time and the things you hear about happening when you return food we opted not to. We ate our salad which was very good. I just wanted to say how disappointed we were with the cheese burgers. We were looking forward to the juicy, delicious burgers we have gotten in the past. I wish I had saved my receipt, but paid cash and didn’t. To get a burger like this that you pay 11.99 for is more than distressful especially when you were craving a terrifc, juicy burger.

  157. My husband and I has lunch today at Ruby Tuesday in McComb Ms. We had a gift card and one half off entree coupon. We order the two entree. In the end we handed the waitress the gift card to pay it with and 1/2 coupon. She said if we pay with out gift card we could not use the 1/2 gift card. I told her this is a gift card and not a discount coupon. She said we had to chose. She refused to let us use our 1// coupon caused we paid with out gift card. So sad and a bit embrassed with so many people in there.

  158. The other evening I was in the Ruby Tuesdays Lakewood New York I had ordered a salad with my meal and didn’t finish my salad and wanted to go container so I could take a salad with me since I’ve already paid for the meal the waiter told me that I was not able to take one home because the manager would give him hell. The waiter told us that his manager had advised him that nobody is able to take a to go container unless it was a to go salad. I Explain to the waiter that I had paid for my salad when I paid for my meal and he told me was very sorry and he was unable to do it. What baffles me is if I’m paying for a meal with a salad I should be able to take a salad home with me this needs to be addressed and taken care of.

  159. I was at Ruby Tuesday Saturday Tuesday ,13,2016. And let me tell you it was packed and people just pouring in. I mean it was very busy. The servers were all working very hard, everyone seemed to be working hard. I got to sit in a little booth didn’t even have to wait that long for our table(not even ten mins). Our waitress was a very sweet young lady Carrie . She was great all the way around and she knew what she was doing. I haven’t had great service like that in a very very long time and I know I will be back. So I just wanted to let your company know that y’all have a awesome waitress and they are hard to come by. As busy as it was I still got great service as if I was the only table in the whole place

  160. Service is always great I want to let you know we go for the salad bar.i feel we waisted thirty five dollars for three of us to eat fresh but nasty disgusting items are yuck we will not go back it was salad dissapointment

  161. Went to your Biddiford maine store. Was very disappointed. I asked for medium rare burger got one well done. Asked for lettuce and tomato got none. The waitress was trying to rush me and i was very uncomfortable. Dont think i will take my family back to one of your resturants again.

  162. My husband & I drove over an hr. to the mall to where RT is located. I usually receive coupons thru my email, but not expecting to go I deleted them. Prior to going in, I searched for coupons & came upon s couple different ones . When it came time to pay our server noticed we had s coupon to use & wrote it down. He came back to dbl check it saying it wouldn’t accept it! I gave him another one, well the same thing !! Our bill was $51.88 – prior to gratuity , ands it’s very upsetting when you think/plan to use one of THEIR coupons ! We ended up not being able to use any! It shouldn’t be that we need to feel as though we have to jump through hoops to get the coupons.

  163. My wife and I recently visited your Kapolei Oahu location and left before even ordering. Your hostess sat us promptly explained the specials and was very polite. She sat us in I believe Veronica’s section which had two other tables of two. After the hostess left that was the end of customer service. We sat there for ten minutes and didn’t even get our drink order taken. Numerous staff including the manager walked by and didn’t even check to see how we were doing or if we had been helped. This has been the last straw at this particular location. Every time we have been there the service has been slow and lax. I am not paying for my service to be on so called “island time”.

  164. We went to Ruby Tuesdays in East Brunswick, NJ once a week. We tried to go last night and it was shut down, why did it close? Did the manager move to another location, we would really like to see him. I don’t know his name but he was married with children.
    Thank you.

  165. My family and I dined at the Monmouth Mall, Eatontown, NJ Ruby Tuesday’s this evening. Now, hours later, I am still bothered, and therefore, have decided to register a complaint. I ordered the combination ‘Crab Cakes/Garden Bar’ for dinner. The salad bar, which I am usually pleased by, was ‘less than fresh’ and, therefore, a bit disappointing. However, what really shocked and disturbed me was the crabcakes. I had asked the waiter if the crabcakes were good and how they were served (I.e., as a sandwich, or just on their own). He explained that I would receive two crabcakes with sauce on the side. Shortly thereafter, my shock came when the waiter placed a small plate in front of me with my crabcake ‘meal’. In the corner of the approximately 6″ x 6″ plate, sat my “two” crab cakes (really looking more like 1 and 1/2). The ‘whole’ crab cake could not have been more than 2 1/2 inches in diameter and 1/4 inch thick. These were not advertised as crabcake sliders…they were advertised as crabcakes. I expected to receive two full size crab cakes. What was served to me was even less than one would expect had they ordered a crab cake appetizer, yet this was advertised as a meal. If I was the waiter, I would have been embarrassed to even place that plate in front of a customer as a meal. Knowing that the salad bar can be purchased with a full meal for an additional (approximately) $3.00…the cost for these ‘crab cakes” was exorbitant for what I received. My family and I left your restaurant this evening extremely disappointed and determined that we would never dine at Ruby Tuesday’s again. I am registering this complaint to give you the opportunity to change our mind.

  166. #7179. 1106 Stepha W
    Check number 2261 2/26
    All good Excellent service with hostess and manager
    But: I ordered ice tea did not receive it at the table I ate the salad bar received my meal and told the waitress
    I order ice tea didn’t receive it don’t bring it I will drink water
    Her reply was it is on the bill I will bring it. Again I said I don’t need it drinking water remove it from the bill
    She said it was already rung up. I really didn’t want the beverage or be charged for it
    After my husband paid the bill and we left the beverage was still on the check
    I paid for an item I didn’t receive or wanted. Paid tax on it and also included a tip on additional amount
    It was only 2.69. But the idea that the server would not erase the item that she forgot to bring at the introduction.
    This location is very busy and does a excellent job with service. Only complaint is the server not removing the beverage from the total bill
    Thanks for your time in this matter

  167. I was in your restaurant on Virginia ave in Atlanta Georgia. I was here for business I went in to your restaurant and the service was very poor as well as my meal I ordered the chicken and crab cake dinner. I really don’t want blow it out of proportion but the crab cakes were like I went to a grocery store and put it in a microwave oven and served to me. Im not a complaining person but I think ruby Tuesday should rethink the crab cakes because what I given was not a crab cake. I can’t stress enough the food was very bad. As well as the service. I kept my receipt so if you want a copy I can email it to you. Overall I think everyone that eats in your restaurant should have a great dining experience but it didn’t apply to me.

  168. We just left your Newington restaurant. Waited 45 minutes for dinner. Restaurant wasn’t busy. Steak was overcooked & dried out & fatty. Onion rings were cold. That was my husbands meal. Mine was dried out broccoli and fish. Looked like half the fish was missing. We’ve been going to Ruby Tuesdays forever. Each time we go it’s gotten worse. Your salad bar has less and less every time. That’s why we loved your place, that’s why you were better than the other restaurants. Now your not. Now your just like any other place, except your going down hill quickly. I liked you so much before that everyone knew it that knew me! They got me gift cards to your place for my birthday or Christmas even. Well not no more. I feel it all been ruined.

  169. I just left Ruby Tuesday on Liberty Rd in Randallstown, Md about a hour ago I was very disappointed with the service. First the atmosphere was very dead, the salad bar food was dried up. My triple play was very good but there was no cocktail sauce for shrimp no bread to order for there was no bread in the place no extra sauce for ribs and to top it off we were brought a empty bottle of ketchup and when I asked for more ketchup i was brought another almost empty ketchup that i had to beat to get ketchup. The food i must say i loved but i desire not to return to this service again i hope all this is taken in consideration that the service upgraded for prices paid. For i am a fan of Fridays and i thought i would give Tuesday a chance but i will stick with Friday.

  170. We usually come to the charlestown wv. Restaurant often. A little while ago. My husband & I had our alone time dinner there. The service was horrible! Apparently the blonde bartender was also our waitress,it was very difficult to get her attention due to her not checking on us for refills as we were drinking alcohol drinks w/our dinner. It wasnt busy.There were only us & 1 other table & very few people @bar in which she had help with.Then I found a long hair actually inside my cooked salmon! !! So I m pretty sure it was in factory not from in the kitchen. I felt horrible complaining due to many people look for anything to get a free meal & I didn’t want to look like that type of person. The manager did apologize & offer another meal. I declined. I was fine w/the vegetables & the Irish coffee was so yummy! We never complained of it, it was taken care of jus fine but, after having the same girl wait on us @bar as we stopped on our way home the other night for a few drinks because the Irish coffee I had there was so good & the outback& glory days is not. Again I was shocked by both times of service w/same girl!!! The night I found the hair, she actually held it up like holding a mouse by its tail, for all to see,walking across to the bar & in front of a customers face to show the manager. Shocked she wasn’t discreet of it. & this time as we made a special stop for a yummy Irish coffee there were about 3 young girls @bar & us. About 8pm something? ? I asked for it to be made w/decaf, I found that I’m not use to coffee anymore & it keeps me up. She actually stood there like she was thinking .. then complained, “I actually jus started a fresh pot of regcoffee” w/an actually whiny huff ! like when a mom tells a child to clean their rm!!! & apparently waiting for me to say “that’s ok” I paused. .. & said” I guess I’ll take a kaloua& cream then” & that was all cream & ice, so got a white rusion. She handed us our chk! We weren’t even done!! Not to metion she was making all these faces to the girls in front of her when a customer called in for a pick up order!! Apparently she was ready to close up!!!! When she gave us our chk, i asked” if i could have a buttery nipple, then we would go.”. So even us looking forward to a nice pop in for a few good drinks sucked!!!! I jus couldn’t believe she didn’t say” sure, no problem, I’ll go make some decaf now” it’s freaking coffee & she’s not paying for it!!!! So when we checked out, the time was 9:04 pm. Thought for sure time closed on door said 10 pm !!!!
    Receipt says – 1131 Bethan L.

    March02’16 09:04 pm.
    Ps. I would love for someone to look @the video tape of her attitude of already making coffee & the behavior in front of customers w/a call in order!!!! Which tops off the dumbness of holding a Long hair attached to the fish for all to see!!! Wow, jus wow!!!!!
    Lissa hayes

  171. My husband and I decided to have “date night” at Ruby Tuesday in Fredericksburg Va. It’s taken me a while to consider Ruby Tuesday because the last time I went there the service was terrible and the “famous” salad bar was scarce to non.
    Well tonight didnt make up for that.
    Our dinner came out before our appetizer, the entire staff was wearing everyday clothes, no one had one their uniform which was very confusing when our waiter tried to take our order.. Staff was hanging around chatting to friends, there was two managers hanging out in the front just talking.
    I’m very disappointed in this restaurant. I do love the salad bar but with our appetizer, dinner infront of us we had to rush through our salad so the hot food wouldn’t get cold.

    Not a happy customer.

  172. Talk about being so upset my husband, son and myself love ruby Tuesday’s we went yesterday got a petite steak that was suppose to be medium and came out rare blood was dripping out of it and my husband got the peppercorn steak and it was suppose to be medium rare and it was well done. We sent both of them back nine came back with only half of my sides with them and a tough steak and his came back so rare he couldn’t even eat it.

  173. Not happy at all with your one savings coupon per table.
    Why are you restricting all other parties at the table from using your mail out saving coupons, if guest are paying individually for their meals.
    This is a most unsavory policy you have in place.
    Better we should all arrive together and then request separate tables, take up more table space and run the waitress all over the place, in order to use your coupons? Sounds like this boat needs a new ruder.
    Mr. Billy R. Mylin

  174. I usually dine @ various Ruby Tuesday ‘s and my out of town guests pay via credit cards and leave a genius tip. I am often sent a gift cards to Ruby Tuesday’s as one of my favorites.
    I ordered a $15.99 take out dinner on 01/05/16 @ Ruby Tuesday’s @#4260 in Aberdeen, NC AMBER L #1204 as I waited a while approach I said to her I was there to pick up an order, I had 2 gift cards a used one with a small balance & a new one not used. I gave her both cards she admitted the balance however small to her service and charged the order on my new card I whispered to her to add the total cards combine and then deduct order which she went back and return with 3 receipts with was not changed she wrote down a balance which I knew was not correct My occupation before I retired was balancing millions of dollars for finance Companies North & South I politely said I will check the receipts when I return to my residence. I did that today & just as I suspected she kept the balance of the old card balance for her Service. I would have gladly gave it to her if she ask , but my balance on my gift card was short. I am very disappointed with Amber L and I will ask my family & friends “Not” to send me any more gift cards for Ruby Tuesday’s change them to other Restaurants

  175. My fiancé Ricky & I went to the Ruby Tuesday in Goldsboro The hostess asked us if we wanted a booth or table she said if we wanted a booth she would have to take our names We saw a lot of empty tables in the dining room We told her we would take a table She said we would have to sit in the bar area We didn’t have a problem with it until our waiter took out drink orders then went to the bar & started taking care of customer there We knew what we wanted but we waited then we got up & started to leave the manager Rhonda came up to us & started asking what was wrong We told her & she said you are regular customers please stay & give us another chance We placed our order She said the biscuits are in the oven I will bring you back some hot ones We never saw even one biscuit The waiter apologized We told him we didn’t like that we were not told that our waiter was also the bartender We felt like the hostess was rude & lied to us We do not feel that we got good service even after the manager got involved because she said I’ll keep a check on you we never saw her again

  176. Saturday, March 12, 2016..My family of 9 wanted a nice dinner but the food was terrible..Mashed potatoes tasted like they were out of a box, grilled zucchini was over seasoned with pepper.The only good thing was the service from the waiter ..We spent over 200.00 and will not be back.

  177. I received one of your emails stating what’s the hoopla about. Don’t miss the first round on March 14, 2016. Underneath this sentence, it states Buy a burger get a burger free up to $10.00. I placed a to go order and told the employee Abbey that I had this email. When we picked up the order we were told that the bill was $21.00. I called and spoke to the manager who stated that this was a marketing error and he had been dealing with calls like mine several times today. He at no time offered to apologize for the marketing error or to compensate me for this error. Only that he has notified corporate. My order was also missing the lettuce, tomato and onions. Which we didn’t know was missing until we were sat down to eat dinner. It is very discouraging to think that a chain as large as Ruby Tuesday’s doesn’t value their customers more than what was demonstrated to me today. If the email was an error, it still should have been honored. I am very disappointed.

  178. The month before I left Terre Haute, I wasn’t recieving any coupons from you. The last one I received was for my birthday. It came in November and I left in January to move here to Clinton. Since both my husband and I are on a limited budget, we looked forward to them and dining in your restaurant. But without any coupons from you, we can’t. I mentioned this before and was told to check my cable connections since it must be in my computer but Bob Evan’s coupons are coming in just fine. ‘Guess we’ll just have to go to them, now. Thanks.

  179. Recently you sent me via email a free birthday burger and I accidentally deleted it . Could you please resend it. Thank you

  180. I have a complaint. I ordered a takeout from Ruby Tuesday in Florence SC on Pamplico hwy. I ordered the cheesed ravioli grilled chicken cheese cake and the ultimate sampler. The only edible thing was the spring roles off the ultimate sampler. The grilled chicken was undercooked the chicken tenders in the sampler were under cooked. The cheese ravioli was extremely dry. I eat ruby Tuesday take out a lot. I wasted my money when I ordered this. Anything you can do to make this good will be greatly appreciated. I’ve never ha a problem before but since this problem I have not ordered from there again

  181. My girlfriend and I chose to have a late lunch at Ruby Tuesday in the Virginia Beach location on Independence Blvd. this afternoon(3/25/16). Just to give a little personal background, my girlfriend has been fighting cancer for a year and is in between treatment and her good days are few and far between, so I took advantage of her feeling well enough to get out of bed and enjoy her day. When she ordered a drink, our waiter, Chris checked her ID and said with a surprised look, “you’ve lost a lot of hair since then.” We were mortified, but I did not feel it was appropriate to make a scene like I wanted to, as to not upset her even more. She is extremely self conscious of going out in public and takes much reassurance that she will not be stared at or ridiculed. This waiter’s comments ruined any self confidence we worked so hard all day to build for her to go out and have a nice day. I do not plan on returning to this establishment, but would possibly try a different location if the correct steps are taken to ensure the integrity of its customers such as ourselves.
    Thank you for your time.

  182. Have noticed for about the last two years your TUSCALOOSA AL restaurant is stingy with ketchup.This started with tiny containers of ketchup being brought to the table.Now we are served with near empty bottles of ketchup. I have been here enough to know this is not a mistake.I don’t know who’s brilliant idea in Management this is but it STINKS. If I have to pester waitresses for ketchup my family will patronise a different restaurant.Lots of folks love ketchup with their food.If it’s to expensive for this chain to use you may want to rethink the restaurant business.

  183. I am a RubyTuesday’s customer for over 5 years. I have been considering not to go to your restaurant anymore. The reason: smells dirty with dirty carpet floors ( I wonder if there is mold in it), sticky tables from improper cleaning methods;outdated ambience with ,again,carpet floors, dark ceilings, no sun light, dated wood paneling on walls; extremelly salty food: rice pilaf( wich today was looking more like bad version of chinese rice- all glued toguether, over cooked and extremely salty.
    Lately, entering the restaurant makes me feel like turn around and go back to my car. Today, after my order , I was comtemplating canceling the order and search for another restaurant. I did not do it, thanks to 1 – extremelly friendly waiter 2- it was pouring rain outside. I promisse to myself and made an agreement with my husband and kids to not go back to Ruby Tuesday ever again. It is not a pleasant experience. I noticed how restaurant attendence has fallen a lot. Seriously, it is not to hard to see some of the possible reasons: nobody likes to eat in a smelly dirty restaurant. It makes us think that our food is not clean. We can tell how much you care for cleaness just by walking through the front door.
    The restaurant I used to go is Greenbrier Parkway, Chesapeake VA , but I noticed that is not only a problem at this facility. Other Ruby Tuesdays in the area present the same problem.
    So here is my suggestion: clean your restaurant. Wipe your tables with good clean wipes and proper cleaning solutions. Get rid of carpets. They make your restaurant stink. We are in 2016, no one likes carpet anymore! No one likes to dine in dark, places.Get rid of wood paneling and dark ceilings( really? )and please , less salt on the food!

  184. I took my whole family to the Waterville Me rest tonight,VERY disappointed. 5 of us, 2 five yr olds which were supposed to g ey their meals free, we were charged. We did not get any biscuits as he said he was bringing. My steak was not cooked right, sent back. Customer service was awful, waiter had no personality at all. $115.00 later and I will never go back to a Ruby Tuesdays again!! And I am a waitress, so I don’t usually complain!! Very disappointed in the whole experience. So sorry but you need to improve.
    Sincerely, Susan Cramer

  185. We have been regular customers for many years. The draw was your excellent salad bar!!! We are so disappointed in your recent change. The choices and additional cost leave a lot to be desired.

    Will return because we like Ruby Tueday BUT will stick to a side salad.

  186. I visited our local Ruby Tuesday in Martinsburg WV at Least 4 times in the last two weeks. I had not visited there for several years because the service was not great. However, there is a cook
    Who works there on Saturdays who not only makes the food taste good but the presentation makes your mouth water. I asked for the Manager today, (Mike) as I stood by the bar waiting for him to come out, someone opened the door to the kitchen. The floors were clean and the manager (Mike) was at a prep table helping a worker hands on! Being a manager myself, that impressed me that he was there helping out and the place at the time was not terribly busy. I conveyed my pkeasure with the cook to the manager and expressed my overall satisfaction. I will go back again- on Saturdays!!! Please acknowledge and reward the cook and manager at this location!
    Thank you!

  187. for the most part most times I have been to ruby Tuesdays in Kingston NY I really had no complains but this time service was very very poor one the biscuits we had ask for and were given two there was two of us one was very salty and the other so hard I couldn’t even cut it with a knife the host took it and said I will bring u more well he left the restaurant 5 mins later and no biscuits second the waitress didn’t finish waiting on us before she took care of a new group of people that had just came I we had to had 25 mins for a box to go an our ck and there was a few other waitress there so they were not short handed the others just stood around doing nothing. The food was not bad tasteing but the portions were really small I am really unsure if I will go there again I don’t like feeling as if I was not there and giving me old very old biscuits u could knock some one out with and I am really serious it was that hard and the worst was they were not busy at all many be 5 small group of people the biggest group was of 5 people

  188. My family temporarily moved to Morton,IL for my husband’s job training last June 2016. The Morton,IL Ruby Tuesday is a great one… The bartenders, waitresses, waiters, and manager are customer friendly, and always suggest drink ideas or new items on the menu. Terra is a tremendous bartender, she always know I want, and serves it me on the way to the airport or train station. I’m not good with names, but there is also a young couple, one is a bartender/waitress, and he is also s waiter . They also go out their way to be friendly, funny, and always gives me be outstanding service. I would give you a 10 out of 10 rating, but two things:You don’t not carry our Beloved Goose Island Green Line, and I wished you had those IPads with games(like Chilis), so my five year could eat out with us more. I don’t mind spending another1.99 or 2.99 to keep him entertained for 45-60 minutes our family could enjoy more dinners out together. I have been too so many Ruby Tuesday’s in the Midwest….. It is my favorite . Thank you all for many great dining and drinking experiences these past 10 months…

  189. I ate dinner at your Windsor, CT location Thursday evening 4-7-16 @ approximately 7:00 pm. My son had a corn dog and green beans, I ordered chicken nuggets with a sauce. My son was happy with his dinner. My nuggets we cut in sections the were chewy, cold and didn’t appear to be 100% white meat. The waitress asked how our dinner was I explained and showed her the issue with my order, she asked if I wanted my dinner taken off the bill, I told her possibly my son would eat them. My son tried them and also thought they were disgusting. When the waitress returned I advised that my son also thought they didn’t taste good. I paid over $22.00 for a kid’s meal and a salad. I thought the item should have been removed without asking me. We won’t be returning to that restaurant.

  190. Was at the location Beck road and 5 mile in Michigan. Poor bartendar had 10 booths and 12 bar stools plus carry out by HERSELF. She was the only one. Did her best in a very bad situation. I’m surprised she didn’t walk out with the lack of support and the customers all upset with the slow service. She deserves a medal for being put in a situation like that!!

  191. Love Ruby Tuesday. Love it. Go there all the time. Went on 4-12-16 and was treated so badly by a bartender/waitress by the name of Amy at the Broadview Rd. Seven Hills, Oh Ruby Tuesday, that I don’t know if I want to come back. She took my order and I had to wait about one hour. It was very busy so I understood but 2 people who came after me got their orders first. I ordered to eat in and she brought out a to go order. I said I ordered to eat in and she comes back with a cold plate slaps it in front of me. No apology for the mistake, no utensils, no condiments, no napkins, no beverage refills. Never asks me if everything is okay or if I need anything. My hamburger was cold. I was very nice to her. She had an arrogant I’m doing you a favor for eating here attitude. I was going to let it go till the manager came around asking if everything was Okay. My day was ruined and I was so upset I decided to tell him everything. He did take care of my bill but it certainly did not help my ruined experience.

  192. I just wanted to say that I had a great dining experience the other night at the Mt.Laurel location in Nj. Our server Matt was made our experience great. He was very attentive, and on the point with everything. Look forwars to coming in to see him again!

  193. I came hoping for coconut shrimp or southwest lime chicken and you took both off your menu!!!!!
    Please bring them back!!

  194. Me and my wife went to the Americus GA Ruby Tuesday last night and heard one of your manager bad mouthing to the bar tender about another employee so bad we really couldn’t enjoy our meal… this restaurant we just didn’t like what we heard there

  195. Hello, I got some food to go from the restaurant in Sumter, SC on 5-10-2016. One of the cooks forgot to take the paper off of the cheese or burger and a family member choked on it!!! This should not happen in an establishment like Ruby Tuesday! A mistake like that should never happen! Someone could possibly lose their life like that!

  196. Hello I took my mother and my three daughters to you Attleboro location . We ordered the salad bar I have never been so disgusted in my life. The food from the bar was all over the floor it was getting on the bottoms of your shoes. The food was all over the place in between each food . Food was mixed in other food. Food was not being replaced . I ordered shrimp and pasta dish you had it was horrible it had a load of butter on the bottom of the bowl and no flavor what so ever. My mom ordered the rib dish it was very dry over cooked. . I have been to your Swansea location and alway have a nice experience clean food is always replaced as soon as it’s out in the salad bar and there is always someone cleaning . This was suppose to be a nice dinner with my mom and children our bill was $85.00. Not cheap to have had an experience like this. I will not be going back to this location . I wondered about how clean it was in the kitchen cause if they had no problem letting people see the filth in the front how clean could it be where we can’t see. Thank you

  197. Ate at Ruby Tuesday’s on Mother’s Day. Wasn’t crowded. Around3:30 or so. No salt pepper or sugar on table. Had to ask neighboring table to borrorw. Husband ordered the jumbo shrimp turned out to be little bigger than small. For what he got very over priced. I got the green beans. Hardly cooked. Was not offered the biscuits or refills on drink. Everyone around us had biscuits. Was not an enjoyable experience. Hadn’t been there for awhile. Thought we would try again. Not much different. The only good thing about meal was the salad.

  198. had lunch at Portsmouth Ruby Tuesdays. My wife got grilled shrimp that were so tough they were hard to get off the skewer

  199. I don’t think you guys are going to make it. You’re the only restaurant I have ever seen that has appetizers but if she did or are the same prices as an entrée. Right across the board your prices are ridiculous. Your teller bar is priced like an expensive entrée ridiculous. And don’t forget we are professional consumers we know the difference between a half slab or rack of a ribs and a quarter slab of ribs. Your $15 half slab of ribs is it for the slab except we’re paying full price is $15. I can tell you this that only happens once to our professional consumer. No wonder when I went in there were zero people in the restaurant beside me and one other guy spent as much time on the menu as I did find to find a way to eat quick meal without breaking the bank. You have to think about this people if a family of four goes to dinner and they’re going to , have drinks and I mean soda not martinis it will cost about $150 do you do stupid restaurant

  200. Please note that your customer service number 865-379-5700 has no options for the consumer customer, to verbally speak to a Ruby Tuesday representative, toward any subject or topic. In regards to your postal mail circulars (unsolicited mail), you have no legal way, or courtesy and respectful way for the general consumer to have an option of removing the residential address from your mailing list. I am requesting that as a valued customer, you provide us the consumer customer a method to option out of your mailing list. Thank you! Respectfully yours! David Gale

  201. Satisfied with the service and food today but seriously, the women’s restroom was nasty and I should never have gone in there before eating lunch! Also, the seats at the booths are very worn and should have been replaced years ago! Sometimes money has to be spent in order to stay in business and have repeat customers!

  202. My daughter and I had lunch at the Ruby Tuesdays in Battle Creek MI on Tuesday May 24th. Our server was a young man named Cody. We were so pleased with the excellent level of customer service we received! Cody was prompt, professional, and super courteous! We also want to acknowledge the kitchen staff. Everything we ordered looked and tasted amazing! Our appetizers came out almost instantly! And our entrees were perfectly timed as well. The salad bar was clean, fresh, and well stocked! We were very excited to see edemame and green peas, two of our favorite salad toppings!
    Please let this location know they are doing a great job! We can’t wait to come dine with them again!

  203. My family and I had dinner at ruby Tuesday’s in corinth, Mississippi Last night. The food was great the service was great but they have a water problem. The water was so bad we couldn’t even drink it. It’s got a over load of chlorine in it. I would like to go back but until they fix the water my family and will dine elsewhere. Thanks Travis.

  204. My wife and I joined so connected a while back….it said you get a free burger on your Birthday. Her birthday is May 30 and no coupon for a free burger has been sent.. We use Ruby Tuesdays 3-3 times per month….please send her a coupon

    Thank you John Gove

  205. Attempted to have dinner tonight 5/31/16…. after an hour 1/2 we finally had to ask for a manager (Cameron) our food came out wrong and not only the wrong food it was all cold… services is lacking by far at this location. An hour and a 1/2 wait and we still left with out having dinner… we live in this area and frequent this establishment but at this point based on our last several visits will seriously thinking of boycotting and telling friends family and cowokers to do the same…. The GM really needa to look at it managment staff…please call me ASAP.. For further details regarding my families visit tonight.

  206. I never complain about service anywhere I go but as a restaurant manager myself I couldn’t let this go. First, one of the children in our party got the wrong drink.. second, after about 15 minutes of us ordering the waiter comes back to ask my friend what she ordered bc he couldn’t read his writing.. we then asked for the correct drink which was brought in the next few minutes.. third, 3 of the 5 received their food, after they were almost through with their meal my friend went to get the manager bc 2 of us were so waiting on food after 15 minutes of the others having theirs and out of drinks at this point it takes another 5-10 minutes to receive the rest of the food. The manager brought out the food and didn’t apologize or anything. Then we didn’t see the server again until we were all done and out off drinks still. We all work in a restaurant and we left a 10% tip but normally we tip at least 30-50%for good service.. we didn’t want to leave what we did. I will never be back to this restaurant again for the poor service. I have given this place several chances and each time is either been terrible service or poor food quality. I feel like if you don’t know of the problems you cannot improve.

  207. We recently dined at the Russellville,AR location. I had two drinks while waiting for my to go order. I feel it necessary to ensure the girl, Meagan, be applauded for the way she took care of our order. Previously with our to go orders, we were shorted a full rack of ribs and the employee then was not very personal. Last night, waitress meagan, went above and beyond to ensure our entire order was correct and even made sure the order was wrapped properly. She kept apologizing for our last experience and said she would be sure there are no repeat issues. She is a role model and mgmt needs to acknowledge this. We told her how wonderful she is, but she needs to hear it from her”boss”. I know positive remarks are rarely said to employees, and I am hoping this will change that. Afterall, we all need to hear how good we are doing. Tell Meagan thank you and she’s the reason we will be back. By the way, I will be asking her I’d she ever got this feedback, since I feel it is very important.

  208. I was in your restaurant on 6/22/16. Was enjoying a steak with my grandsaughter, when I Started chocking. I cant belleve new CPR . THE WAITRENESS CAME OVER AFTER my grand daughter says shed chocking.she says she dont know how and would get domeone. She gets the manager. He does not do anything looking for some one abke to to the helmic method. Iam shocked don’t believe no one helped or new what do. Is this a practice of your restaurants? I had to press my self up against the table I finally dislodgeged the pieve of steak. I have called and left messages and no return email or called. This location was in Nashville (BRentwood) on Frankilin Road.

    • Hello,i just read what happened to you and that is definitely not all Ruby’s.I work at Ruby’s in Mass.what that waitress was supposed to do is get a manager and make sure the manager remake the food and deliver to you and take it off the check for your incovenience.Alot of customers however do not always remember that we do not cook the food so that is why it is very important to check back to the table within a minute and make sure it is how you wanted.A good server should have never treated you like that but I would put the blame on the manager for that one.The server can not take anything off of a Bill or we do not cook the food but our job is to stay on top of every situation and make you feel like we are treating you kind and doing everything to make the situation that happened to you but do not give up on all Ruby’

  209. So I’ve been coming to ruby tuesday for many years at lithia springs I’ve had the best service from a server name shakin I came in the other day to dine in with my family. I love her service because she is very nice and familiar with my daughter. I asked for her and I was told she no longer worked for the company this was very sad for me to hear this news because she was very efficient and a amazing server.

  210. We just visited the RT on Broad Street, Glen Allen, VA. My husband was fine with the ribs, not the sides or the service. However, I can’t say the same. I ordered the ribeye (medium well) and baked potato w/salad bar. First, the salad bar was pitiful.
    Not much to choose from. A big change from what it use to be. Next, the waitress returned to tell they were out of baked potatoes. What? It’s a restaurant. How do you run out of potatoes. Any manager should know when you begin to get low, start a new batch. So I had to switch to mashed potatoes (which were way to salty). When we got our order, my steak was well done. It just so happened the Manager, Brad Post stopped by our table, while bussing tables. He asked how was everything? I explained the situation. All he said was he was sorry, they had just put more potatoes in the oven, but no comment on my steak. My husband had to ask the waitress several times for refills of his drink. This was really bad service and quality if the food for the price. I can get prime rib for less at another restaurant (known for their steaks). I won’t make that mistake again. Prices way too high, foe what you get. The steak was so thin and fatty. Perhaps this is exclusive to this RT. I think corporate needs to check their franchises to assure consistency.

    Hope to get a reply.

    Thank you.

  211. On July 3, 2016 at approximately 5pm, I visited the Ruby Tuesday in Clinton Md. I ordered the “Four Way” sampler and the “New Orleans Seafood” entree. I explained to our server “Kierra” that I did not eat the fried cheese that came on the sampler and she advised that she can leave it out but it would be at the same price. That didn’t seem fair to me. I am aware that you have other small side items so I asked the manager, “Michelle” was it possible to get fried green beans instead. Michelle confirmed that they are not allowed to do any substitutions and that I need to order something different if I did not want the cheese. I immediately felt like my satisfaction was not important to Ruby Tuesday. I could have chosen to spend my money in any restaurant but I chose Ruby Tuesday. I think a small alternative in this case would have left a better impression on me as a customer. Your rules should not restrict the manager’s spot decisions but should allow the manager to make a decision in this case to satisfy the customer. This absolutely did not happen during this visit. I was not a satisfied customer.

  212. I was in the bathroom at the ruby Tuesday in pike delaware and was approached by one of the servers john was his name and asked to by drugs. I told the manager and was basicly called a lair. I wil never go near one again

  213. I am so amazed by the Ruby’s in the Holyoke Mall Ma.I had the best server I have had in a long time.I am not a easy customer I am very picky but my server Nicole was so great and always checked on me and made sure it was exactly how I wanted and we never had to wait for anything.It was so nice to go out to eat and have everything work out so great.I am now going in every week and asking for my favorite waitress Nicole when I am on my lunch break and she works everyday shift so I am always happy.thank you Ruby Tuesday’s!(favorite place).

  214. Unbelievably horrible service tonight at RT on Avondale Blvd and I10 in Avondale, AZ. The, what seemed to be manager, was extremely unprofessional. Our party came in and was seated. The hostess said our waiter would be with us. Our “waiter” we passed walking in the door continued to BS with a couple for quite awhile before coming over to take our drink order. When he finally graced us with his presence, he took our drink order by memory and said he’d return. He then proceeded to walk back over to group he was BSing with and clearly continued where he’d left off. Our group waited for our drink for a much longer time that we should have. When he finally brought drinks to table, he had order wrong… Guess the fact he didn’t bother to write anything down could’ve had something to do with it… Maybe?!?! We finally placed our order and he proceeded to chat up another person for awhile instead of checking drinks, which were nearly empty, he finally came back to table and said he’d return with refills. Another wait….. Dinner comes out and still no refill for one of our people at the table. Dinner shocked all of us because he had again taken order without writing anything down. We were all betting who’s dinner would be screwed up the worst. There were so many people standing around in the restraunt not doing anything. This place used to be a nice dinner out, but clearly, the service we received may be the service this place offers now. I won’t be surprised to see the doors close of this place. I have no interest in returning and will NOT recommend to ANYONE.

  215. Terrible meal and service in your Farmville, Virginia location. Visiting my mother who goes there often with friends. However, tonight was not good. Overcooked hamburger, small baked potato, and no bread offered. Other entree was chicken fresco which was cooked on a dirty grill that I could taste. Plus took a long time and restaurant about one third full at 7pm. Not one to complain on site, so paid cash and left. Thanks! jwm

  216. My husband and I love to eat at Ruby Tuesday’s in Enterprise, AL. The food is consistently good, great sevice and we are always treated well. On occasion we have spoken with the manager and he’s 1st class in customer service. I feel compelled to tell you about my pet peeve concerning your menu. Under the seafood category it lists New Orleans Seafood. New Orleans is my birthplace where I was raised. New Orleanians do not eat tilapia. Tilapia is a fresh water fish and there is no fresh water in New Orleans. I know you will not change your menu but I believe you need more research as you “name” future menu items. Thanks for your attention. Regards, Gayle Raines

  217. I visited the restaurant on Park Place in Milwaukee on 07/13/16 the service was horrible and the manager was just as bad we were seated15 minutes before we were even approached by anyone the hostess even seated us at a table that wasn’t cleaned . It was not busy as to where we should have been overlooked but we were . I feel that’s not customer service and the manager absolutely ignored the rudeness and his explanation was it was a very hectic day . The entree we ordered wasn’t available and we were told about 15 minutes later . I’ve been there before and the service was great, maybe someone should remind the staff about customer service.

  218. Hello, I am a devoted Ruby Tuesday customer. My boyfriend and I probably go to RT once a week or once every other week; it’s pretty frequent. We have always had a good experience, which keeps us coming back for more! We just recently moved to Maine where the menu is a little bit different and offers a “coastal trio” option. I’ve had it a few times and decided that tonight I would get it again (it was between that or chicken fresco). We were seated and had our drink order taken and placed our order soon afterwards; we never had silverware. A family was seated next to us and seemed to take priority over us- they were seated 10 minutes after us (a family of five) and got their meal about a minute after we got ours (just the two of us- the coastal trio and the sampler appetizer). The waiter checked on us ONCE while we ate and it was before I had even touched my meal, I spent some time getting the lobster tail done. My tilapia was awful. It was overcooked or undercooked, I don’t even know but it tasted like rubber. I’ve never been so disappointed. The waiter cleared the table next to us before clearing ours (we had been done awhile) and then offered us dessert, to which we declined (and I almost always get the ultimate chocolate cake). I was so upset by the food and the service, I almost didn’t even leave a tip and don’t know if I’ll be back (at least to that location). I would’ve complained to a manager but all I wanted to do at that point was leave and go home. I’m hoping this will reach someone who will care. Just because we are a couple of two doesn’t mean we should be treated any differently. The waiter lost out on a good tip and all he had to do was turn around while at the other table and ask if everything was alright. It was a very disappointing experience.

  219. Food/Beverages
    I’m a member of SoConnected and never received my birthday burger email….my birthday was July 14th… Diane Melvin

  220. Was served water. Took a sip and nearly gagged. Looked at glass. The bottom quarter inch was filled with black detritus of various shapes. Talked to an unsympathetic manager and left.

  221. My experience on Friday night 7/15/16.. food look like it been sitting for 5 six hours and then reheated.. its a shame rudy tuesday don’t care about how food is prepair. 40.00 dollar down the drain. People are so mean these day. Return food and might do something NASTY to it. Please HELP. A paying customer.

  222. I spoke with brooks at the ruby Tuesday in Shrewsbury pa a few weeks ago, he was going to send me a gift card. (Never got it) yesterday 7/21 I took my daughter and 2 yr old twin grandchildren. For lunch around 11:30 I explained to watress that kids don’t hold up and we only have a limited amount of time. Just like my first complaint waitress was so slow everything took forever, no sense of urgency. I don’t have my receipt, she never came back so I took to hostess and told her I needed 5$ back took her awhile ( I even went to restroom) and she still wasn’t back. Very disappointed.

  223. I’m traveling through Detroit airport and decided to eat lunch at Ruby Tuesday. First, the hostess made me wait nearly 20 min when there were plenty of available seating. Order half rack of rib, although the service was good, the food was AWFUL. Glass was dirty, Coke was flat. Ribs were very dry and smothered in sauce. Fries were completely smothered in bbq sauce as well. Terrible experience, I paid, left and ended up eating at McDonalds.

  224. I am a member of your Just Connected program and my birthday was back on July 8 and I never received an email this year with my FREE birthday burger coupon in it and it is now July 26 almost 3 weeks later.

  225. My family has been a frequent Ruby Tuesdays customer for many years. However our last few experiences have not been what they used to be. 1ST all 3 of our latest visits the locations have been out of baked potatoes. The last visit was to the langhorne, pa lication. WW felt as if they didn’t want our business. Also my daughter and I both ordered the petite sirloin medium well. Hers was fine but when I cut mine it was rare. Tge manager eventually came over to tell us they were cooking a new one and that it was indeed rare. I did receive a new one approximately 20 minutes later when everyone else was pretty much finished I didn’t even want it at this point I was extremely disappointed and what was worse was tge feeling that our business wasn’t even wanted.

  226. Came Ruby Tuesday in North Augusta .. I ordered the triple play and my husband ordered the New Orleans Seafood.. the shrimp was fried too hard. And his fish was still frozen.. The manager and the waitress apologized. We then waited another 35 mins for his turkey burger.. This was soooo unprofessional..The burger cooked longer than the fish…

  227. I went to the Ruby Tuesday in Starkville, MS. It was not busy at all and I got there about 5:15 and was seated at the bar. Had my order placed in a reasonable amount of time but then it went downhill from there. Almost 30 minutes later and the bartender has to go find out about my food, basically it was a special hamburger of the week and the cook didn’t know exactly how to make it so he just didn’t. Was not offered any kind of refund or anything. I also had to watch numerous people come in after me get their food and eat and leave all before I even was told about my order. Eventually the bartender helped make my sandwich and kept apologizing over and over but as I said the manager never checked on me and offered no apologies or anything.

  228. I was in Orlando airport yesterday flying back home to Viginia after visiting with Hurricane Mathew. I decided to pass some time waiting in Ruby Tuesdays. The waitress, I only know her first name is Lorraine, made the experience wonderful. She was “naturally and sincerely” friendly, helped me to select something that she took extra trouble to make sure was as I had R equested, and at the same time was very busy with many customers but giving each customer the same experience I was having. She also had an exceptional rapport with her colleagues, another waiter and the bartender. This is a special, rare waitress. I want to thank her for doing a great job and being a great person. Thank you, Lorraine! Long islands and Thai wraps were great!

  229. Hello, we dropped by Ruby Tuesdays 25 minutes ago.
    We went to the bar.
    1 peeson at bar who had a drink
    Not greeted
    Watched bartender clean glasses
    Put away wine glass
    After she cleaned top of bar
    Watched staff talking in kitchen
    Phone call came in
    Watched her take call/order
    Glad that person was being attended to
    Waited to end of call
    Watched her put order in
    Still not acknowledged
    Went to Tapas
    Greeted in one minute
    Drinks in three
    Food in 10
    Never returning to rubys
    Have eaten there 1 time a week since it opened

  230. On 12/23/2016 my girlfriend and I were out near lancaster and decided we wanted a nice dinner and she had never had Ruby Tuesday before so I said lets go to this Ruby Tuesday in Lancaster. We walk inside and were not greeted as we walked in the door then someone saw us so wanted to seat us but did not appear to know what she was totally doing. We then sit down and are told pur server will be right with us. Our server takes quite a bit to come over our way (was not busy at all) then our server looks surprised that she has another table. Asks for our drinks we order them and she brings them back. We then order our food and we both chose the salad bar as a side. We had our salad bar from the time of finishing the salad to the next contact with the waitress I was able to finish a 20 oz beer the waitress then takes my plate and does not acknowledge my beer was empty until I had asked for a refill. Our food them comes out my girlfriend ordered the steak and a side of the skewered shrimp and I ordered the smoked chicken. Her steak was ordered well done but it was so charred I would not even serve that to our family at home. Her shrimp had little to no flavor at all. My “chicken breast” was the size of a chicken finger I have never seen a breast that small. The cheese that was on top was all burnt to my plate. Overall this was a terrible experience. I WILL NOT BE RECOMMENDING RUBY TUESDAYS ever again.

  231. After not dining at Ruby Tuesday’s for awhile we decided to give it a try one more time. On 12/17/2016 we arrived about 8:00 we ask for a table by the window. We were told that the were busy and short staffed so table was dirty. After ordering we went to the salad bar. Half of the were empty and food all over bar. Went back and sat down to eat what we found. We told.our waitress about salad and ask for our silverware. She returned 5 min.later and told us all silverware was dirty and told us she would bring us some plastic to eat with. Asked for a manager and was told distriCT manager wasthere

  232. After not dining at Ruby Tuesday’s for awhile we decided to give it a try one more time. On 12/17/2016 we arrived about 8:00 we ask for a table by the window. We were told that the were busy and short staffed so table was dirty. After ordering we went to the salad bar. Half of the were empty and food all over bar. Went back and sat down to eat what we found. We told.our waitress about salad and ask for our silverware. She returned 5 min.later and told us all silverware was dirty and told us she would bring us some plastic to eat with. Asked for a manager and was told distriCT manager wasthere

  233. On 12/26/2016 at approximately 4pm my wife and I went to the Ruby Tuesday in Lexington, SC. We had the worst experience we have ever had not only at a Ruby Tuesday site but any restaurant.
    At approximately 4pm we were taken to a booth that had to be cleaned and a mess under the table had to be swept before we could be seated even though there were several other unoccupied tables/booths available. Our order was taken and delivered to our booth however, my wife’s meal had to be returned because her order was completely incorrect. We waited for over 20 minutes for the correct order to be re-delivered. In the mean time, I had ordered the salad bar and waited until my wife’s meal had ben delivered. As we waited for my wife’s re-cooked and corrected meal, we noticed at least two other tables receive their meals, the same meal that my wife had originally ordered. The only response we received from the staff was, “your meal should be ready in a few minutes”. But, during this time of explanation, the other tables were receiving the same meal. My wife in the mean time went to the ladies restroom and found the condition of the facilities extremely nasty. She had to use a paper towel as there was no toilet paper.
    As we sat waiting for the replacement meal, other tables continued to receive their exact same meal.
    As the staff, half assed continued to attempt to reassure us her meal should be ready any minute, we continued to patiently wait. We finally informed our waitress that we were leaving and wanted the bill for the drinks that we had ordered and received, iced tea and water and the partial salad bar that I ate. The waitress became extremely rude and said ” don’t worry about it, just leave, I’ll take care of it”. As we were leaving the restaurant, we heard the waitress yell out to the cooks, ” forget the meal, the people waiting are walking out”.
    During our time in the restaurant, we noticed no more than 5-6 other tables being served, there was no issue with a crowded restaurant.
    With this experience and completely unprofessional service that we were subjected to, I can safely say, we will never return to another Ruby Tuesday, especially the one in Lexington, SC.

  234. I have also found it extremely difficult to find a correct site to file my complaint. At this time, I have decided to call their corporate hdqrs. to file my complaint.

  235. This afternoon my sister, myself and our three children had the worst experience at Ruby Tuesday’s in Nashua NH. The restaurant was beyond short staffed, and most staff had no idea what they were doing. The pasta salad on the salad bar had hair In it. The people behind us ordered drinks, and asked for their bill because the server never came back for their order. Once it was time for us to leave, we asked to put so much on 2 credit cards. The server took out cards and I waited at least 10 minutes for him to come back after running our cards. The only reason he came back to my table to give me the credit cards is because another table told him that I was waiting. Very sad situation, and we will not be returning to Ruby Tuesday’s for quite sometime, if ever. Thank you.

  236. Hello I was at the Summerville south Carolina on main street place and got an under cook petite sirloin dinner. I told the manger on December 23 2016 . She said I would receive a gift certificate but didn’t get one and I contacted the head quarter of ruby’s Tuesday and still have not received any thing.

  237. I am not sure why your advertising that you have a amazing salad bar. My family and I have tried the Ruby Tuesday restaurant in Dublin, GA, Vidalia, ga, anniston/Oxford, Al locations & have given the one in Dublin, GA at least 5 separate tries. It is always horrible the salad bar is gross extremely gross. The hostess took 10 minutes to pry herself off her phone to seat us. Then our waitress was okay but her shirt was absolutely disgusting, we were not a priority nor did she car to make more than necessary trips to tables. Its took 24 minutes to get 2 strawberry lemonades by the way there was only 3 other tables occupied in the whole place and they all had there food already. It then took over 40 minutes to receive our food my friends food was right but cold & my steak was under cooked I ordered medium well I received medium rare & my zucchini was very over cooked it was so awful, by the time we were checked on I no longer had a desire to even eat,so we asked for our check which took nearly a half hour. We had gone searching for our waitress she had been smoking we could smell it on her. I am shocked that they had someone cleaning the dust off of poles, the salad bars and took no car not to get any on the food which we saw the dust fall onto the foods. We had to adk someone to get us some fresh food which did not happen. Its horrible service and food no matter the location. I don’t know how to explain just how bad it is. I felt someone outside this store needed to know cause it bad really bad. Sincerely Donyna Johnson

  238. This afternoon at 4 pm my daughter and I went to Ruby Tuesday in East Greenwich RI. My first sign to walk out was when I stood at the door for 5 minutes and no one came to seat us. The girl filling the salad station had to go get the hostess. After being seated our waitress came right over and took our order. When our food arrived I could tell it was beyond overdone. I had the “new chicken Mac and cheese” The chicken was so overdone and dark from being cooked too long or in old oil. Not sure which is the case. I told the waitress and she told the manager who took a whole $2 off of my meal. After that was said and done our waitress just disappeared into thin air. Waited and waited for my check or any sign of someone looking in my direction so I could flag them down to retrieve my waitress. Still nothing. I had to go to the hostess station and get a menu (no one to be found there either) and figure out my own bill so I could go home. I ended up tallying up my own check by their menu and adding tax. Left it on the table under my drink glass. Went outside and got in my car only to remember that I should have taken a picture of the money on the table just in case someone tried to say we skipped out on the check. Went back in and waitress was still MIA. Unbelievable. Terrible food and terrible service. Now I know why the place is always empty. Never going back. What a complete waste of money.

  239. Was at your neptune nj location. Awfull slow unattentive sevice on a night that was not crowded. Took 30 min forca,Cesar salad….no real excuse or concern ….no sense of urgency

  240. Your new commercial with some woman sing rap is offensive to me and my wife please stop running this add or risk offendind more of your customer losing patrons

  241. How low are you paying the kitchen staff to the point where they feel they need to sell drugs out of your establishment . I eat here on a weekly basis and on countless times I’ve seen and smelled your staff smoking marijuana outside and conducting drug deals at the very business they work in . What do you plan to do about this ? It’s very unprofessional not to mention illegal . I expect more from a big corporate restaurant such as Ruby Tuesday’s do you not have a policy on drugs? Florence SC hey.52

  242. I visited the meriden rubys.the woman putting the stuff out for the salad bar was coughing,and i thought to myself watch now i will get sick.sure enough 2 dayslater in aoril i have a cold!!!!people that work at a restaurant shouldnot be allowed to come to work sick!!

  243. We visited the Athens TN restaurant on April 4 and was so amazed at how great the service was. Our waitress Alexis H. was so polite and professional. She kept our glasses full. We had speedy service. The garden bar was always filled. The manager came to check on us. He is super friendly! Such a refreshing change from a year ago!

  244. On Friday April 28,2017 I ate at the Ruby Tuesday on Blankenbaker Parkway in Louisville,KY. I ordered a pork chop which was clearly taken from the refrigerator and reheated. The second bite was very cold. This could not have happened from setting on the serve counter for a few minutes. I received another pork chop. My concern is a restaurant serving a reheated refrigerated pork chop as though it was freshly grilled. That is dishonest and unacceptable.

  245. I did a review but came here as well. We ate at Easley sc ruby Tuesday. It was around 6pm on Mother’s Day. Stood at door about to leave when a girl with a big smile walks up said sorry for our wait. She was a doll long braids very clean and big smile may I add several people had walked by us not helping us letting us stand. She sat is near the bar and told us happy Mother’s Day and john would be with us and said sorry again for the wait! I go to make a salad and I see she has tables she’s waiting on. She is waiting on her tables and was also coming seat people at the front because we didn’t see any one but her doing it. Then as we eat she walks to the bar where a black gentleman is working and asks is he ok and how can she help! What really your doing three jobs. My family watched her do all three with a big smile she helped the guy make drinks and help everyone else also. She was awesome didn’t get her name wish I did but she was great. Never see anyone do so much to help others and be so kind while doing it. As we left she yells out thanks have a great night Hapy Mothers Day!!! Just above and beyond I’m sure what she’s getting paid.

  246. Your corporate decision to not have those wonderful Garlic Biscuits anymore has resulted in no more eating at Ruby Tuesday once a week as we have for years. Those biscuits were one of the main reasons we came to RT. I know of others that feel the same as I do. Good Luck!!

  247. Hello. I had the most wonderful experience at the Ruby Tuesday in Saraland Al. It was my husband’s birthday so I ordered a steak with mac and cheese with green beans. Not only was the food delicious it was hot and well made. The cook outdone himself. But the most important thing is Stacie. She greeted me by name, had a beautiful smile and an awesome attitude. We need more people like them out serving the public. I thank your company for making my husband’s birthday a great one.

  248. To whom it may concern,
    Ruby Tuesday’s used to be one of my favorite restaurants. I would always suggest your restaurant whenever we went out to eat, weather with friends or family. The last four times I have been to one of your establishments, I’ve been sorely disappointed. So have the people I have went with. They encouraged me to contact you to hopefully not keep this bad taste in my mouth… no pun intended. I’ve often had extremely rude servers, the food over cooked or waited a long time for our server. I have often brought it to the attention of managers after paying our check so they would be aware of the situation. Not one of them, especially the Greenville, South Carolina location, wanted or showed that they cared about what the customer suggestions or complaints were. I often felt rushed or patronized and nothing had been done. My thought was, if they don’t care why should I? I would love to visit your establishments again but do not want to spend the money for horrible service and mediocre food at best. I am writing you so you are aware of the situations. Over the last 20 years, I’ve spent a lot of money and refuse to do so again at your restaurants if nothing changes. This pains me to say because, as I said before, I have always loved your establishment. I hope I can count on you to remedy the situation is I have been in so I can start dining there once again.
    Thank you for your time, and I hope to see you again soon.
    Jamie Mohn

  249. On behalf of the 27 people sitting here at McGhee Tyson Airport not able to purchase food and/or beverages because they close at 8pm, we are disgusted for the next 1hr and 45 min awaiting our flight along with the other 15 ppl waiting for their delayed flight who got cut off. This doesnt include more and more people who are walking in and getting disappointed as well they cant eat nor drink. This airport has flights boarding until 10pm multiple days a week so why close at 8pm. If your manager refers to staff has been here since 9am and are still here at 8pm that is a management issue. Take into consideration why you are having to close stores now is because you don’t get the big picture. We all will be calling corporate office in the morning to express our concerns since you have chosen to not accept emails of our complaints which may assist your thought processes of a business model. Please get better at planning bc ppl have long days, travel away from their families, have flight delays, or need some comfort food or drink to help bypass flight fears, etc. Feel free to contact me but I will calm yet very insightful to all our feelings that I see and hear of others right now.

  250. #4958 Dayton, Ohio. Our waiter was awesome! 978 John B. It’s significant that I let that be known as the majority of the time we get lousy service everywhere we go. So much so that food quality is now secondary. We now look for good service and never seem to get it. Until now. Good goin John B!!! Keep it up!

  251. Took my two grandchildren to Ruby Tuesday in Cumberland MD last night at 4;40 and left at 5:15 and was denied the “kids eat free” offer. really

  252. Yesterday, I dined at RT on Garners Ferry Rd. in Columbia, SC. While walking into the restaurant, I observed an employee walking to a vehicle with a young lady in the driver’s seat and the employee appeared to be smoking.
    I had a seat at the bar and waiting quite some time before a man, who appeared to be a manager, approached me with a menu. I was not offered a beverage. After several minutes, a young lady approached me and offered to take my order, which I gave her. Moments later, the young man from the parking lot came into the bar and began addressing my server in a loud and aggressive tone. This “tirade” continued as he corralled several servers to listen to him, as he was apparently upset that someone else waited on me rather than himself. Although I tried to enjoy my meal, it was impossible, as he was unrelenting and continued to lash out at this poor server (Heather). I got up out of my seat and asked Heather if I may speak to a manager. Tim came over and said he was aware of the situation and apologized. During our brief conversation, the bartender came over and would not leave. I told the manager I was uncomfortable with this bartender “lurking” while I tried to explain that Heather was only trying to cover in his absence. From then on, the bartender did odd duties behind the bar right in front of me, eyeballing me, and what I construed as intimidation. I immediately asked for a to-go container and got up to leave. As I walked to my vehicle, the bartender came around the outside rear corner of the restaurant and approached me and said something that I could not decipher. I got into my vehicle, got off the property and made a phone call to the manager. Tim apologized once again after I told him I was approached in the parking lot. He seemed intimidated as well by the aggressive nature of this employee.
    I can’t say that I have ever been scared during or after a dining experience by what appears to be an unmanageable employee. I was truly frightened. I am in the process of moving out of state and I was only seeking a nice meal to relieve some of the anxiety due to the upcoming move. What I received instead was a horrific encounter with an unruly employee and management that appears challenged by their surroundings.
    Thank you for listening. I am still a huge fan and will continue to dine at my new location in NC, which I already have!
    Mary Lekan

  253. My boyfriend and I went to Ruby Tuesday yesterday on Sam Rittenburg Blvd. Charleston SC. Upon entering the establishment no one was there to greet us, there was an employee servicing the salad bar and I knew she and another employee saw us and never even greeted us. After about 3 minutes someone came and seated us, then after about another 3 minutes a waiter came to get our drink order, we already new what we wanted so we ordered and went to make our salads at the garden bar which was lacking to say the least. My BF was not happy because the dressings had not been tended to so lots of food was in the dressings and it was very nasty looking, he asked this guy and his reply was they will be right out to bring some more dressing so we sat back down, no silverware so I asked the same guy for Silverware and he wants to hand me one that was on the nasty table he was cleaning and I refused it and asked him to bring new ones. He did so but I felt the attititude big time. Well after all of this still no drinks I ordered water and BF tea, no dressing for BF so we waited another 2 or 3 minutes and were just amazed at how management could let employees be so lax and non chalant so at that time we decided we didn’t want to spend our money so we walked right on out and told attitude boy we were leaving and he acted like he could care less Worst service ever! . So we then went to our regular Ruby Tuesday in Summerville and it was great!

  254. Dear Ruby Tuesday’s I tried to contact you guys but it doesn’t seem to be very easy there’s no Facebook messaging allowed Bobby page of the local restaurant I’m writing you in regards to a very nasty bathroom the food was excellent but the bathroom visit pretty much ruined it for me there was feces marked on the wall or wiped on the wall and the toilet paper dispenser was empty and a roll of toilet paper was just thrown on the handrail in the stall the overall bathroom was Despicable and outdated and dirty I have pictures to prove it I just thought you should know I didn’t get to talk to a manager but I did want to report this thank you for listening

  255. At the ruby Tuesday in woodbridge va. I had 2 coupons. Asked if I could use them before I ordered he said he would take one of them when I paid
    2 meals were 21.00 gave him coupon for 5.00 off 15.00 food purchase
    He said manager said was used already I just got. Coupon 2 hr earlier
    So I gave other coupon 50% off 2nd meal manager came to table and said the meals were on special so could not use coupon. You guys should
    Be embarresed I was not going to argue in front of so many other people eating around us so I just said fine. Ripoff

  256. Veery unhappy with the problem I had at your restaurant spent 30 dollars on burnt chicken stale bread and a pathetic excuse for a salad bar

  257. You send a birthday coupon I can finally use (vegetarian) that says good through my birthday month, but when I tried to access on last day of month IT SAYS EXPIRED!!!! GREAT WAY TO CREATE GOOD WILL!

  258. We ordered our meal and we get home and my husbands steak wasn’t even cooked. We turned our grill on and cooked it as we were starving and needed to eat.

  259. Dear Ruby Tuesday, I visited a restaurant in Norfolk Va. The floor was very sticky and my shoes kept getting stuck to the floor other customer noticed the floored need to be mopped they were having the same experience. This was not safe, and not good customer experience. Secondly the ribs were dried out and the fried shrimp from Trio meal was over cook. My fried had bourbon salmon cost $17.99 it came with mashed potatoes and additional $ 1.99 for the salad bar. The portion size for the salmon was less than 3 oz. the potatoes were under heat lamp to long in the kitchen the dried out. The manger came and brought out a fresh rack of ribs that was not dried out. The said part it took 20 additional minutes for the ribs by then the rest of the food got cold. I am not satisfied with Ruby Tuesday. Know I see why all the Ruby Tuesday’s in Tidewater Virginia area are closing down. I am a unhappy customer that works full time in culinary hospitality industry that knows food, portion and sanitation.

  260. Went to the store in Minot today and it was a nightmare! Food horrible but the management worse worse! 3 burgers all undercooked…. sent back to get 3 more undercooked burgers. One manager came over to tell us that they were perfectly cooked medium well burgers, I then told her they were not and I was in restaraunt management for a decade, she then continued to tell me the were medium well for her store? Wow… medium well is a temperature not a variable standard!!!! Then another manager came over to tell us they took off ONE burger even though not one of us ate our first or second recooked burger. At that point I didn’t care just wanted to leave so I paid and left. I will never be back….and I truly mean that!

  261. Terrible experience at Ruby Tuesday’s in Ft Payne Al. Server was terrible. One refill at end of meal on tea. He never asked if we needed anything nor if we wanted dessert. Salad bar out of lettuce, spinach, cheese, pita bread, mushrooms, etc. Bar was dirty with food dropped. Burnt hamburgers. Talked to manager and he apologized. Worst experience ever at a Ruby Tuesday’s. Best part of this restaurant was seeing it in the rear view mirror. We usually eat at the one in Leeds, Al near our home. It is always good!!

  262. Very disappointed that you closed the location in Enfield CT— Why??? We used to go every Friday and now we barely go because your locations are so far from us! Can you provide details why you closed the location? Can you offer us coupons as incentives to visit the other locations to make it worth our while?

  263. I received an email from Ruby Tuesday over the weekend in reference to a new southern style hamburger hamburger available for the week at $6.99! I took my wife to your restaurant on SR 540 and proceeded to order the burger The waitress informed me that your email was counterfeit and they would not honor it! So my wife and I left without ordering anything. We intend never to return to another Ruby Tuesday! The waitress can go to her friend (fellow employees) and have another laugh about it but not with my business! Not when other businesses take care of their customers and do not deny what national headquarters sends to their customers! Never again! My friends and relatives will also be told about this!

  264. On Oct. 19th my husband and I visited the Ruby Tuesday in Cape Coral, FL #5538. Had taken some clients to restaurant for dinner and food was less than exceptional. We have been to this location before and had very good food. We had steak that was well done, asked for med rare, cold baked potatoes, salad bar not kept full and drinks not refilled without asking server. Server did not offer to replace any food but just said she was sorry. Not very good service. Will have to think about returning to this location.

  265. Steak was well done when asked for med rare, far from what I asked for and server did not seem to care just said she was sorry. Didn’t come back to refill drinks. Didn’t bring back condiments we asked for and was not very friendly. Acted like we were bother her. Not sure we’ll be back

    Cape Coral, FL #5538

  266. Monday night, Oct. 30,2017 my wife and I ate at RT, N Navy Blv. Pensacola, Fl. Both chose the salad bar for our meal. Both ended up very sick later that night! My wife got so sick I almost took her to the emergency room, she finally got some rest around 6am the next morning! No more Ruby Tuesday for in any time soon!

  267. I took my family to Ruby Tuesday on Saturday, 25 November 2017. The food was good and the service was excellent. However, at the end of the meal we asked for decaf coffee to finish our meal and was told they had NONE. The reason was they didn’t have a pot to brew it in. With Walmart close by that was a totally unacceptable reason.I asked to speak with the manager and he told me corporate only allows them to use a certain pot and coffee. What kind of restaurant can’t handle a cup of decaf coffee? So what everyone is reminded of is not the good food but the way they wanted to end their dinner.

  268. I just wanted to say that the Ruby Tuesday in Tifton was amazing! The manager Jenn and our server Will was absolutely on top of everything. They really made our day and Really know how to interact with customers. The food was amazing, restaurant was clean and salad bar couldn’t have been better. We will definitely be back as long as those two are there.

  269. Hello,
    Hello, I applied for a salad bar position on INDEED.COM. I had an interview on Tuesday January 2 2018 with the female manager. I also had an interview with the nice older man, met the on-duty staff, and had a complete tour of the entire restaurant including the entire kitchen and was shown how to set-up the salad bar. At the completion of the interview on Tuesday I was told that I was hired to work on the salad bar. The female manager told me that I was hired. I was told to come back today Thursday January 4th at 2 pm. to complete the hiring paperwork.
    We had a bad snowstorm 20 degrees on MONTAGE MOUNTAIN In MOOSIC Pa. The roads were terrible. I arrived on time. The restaurant had one or two customers. They were leaving as I arrived on time at 2 pm to fill out my completion hiring paperwork. So the restaurant was pretty much empty. I was greeted by the female bar made. She told me to wait for the manager. I sat there for 20 minutes waiting for the manager. Another girl went in with the female manager into the kitchen for a while. I saw that she had been given SALAD BAR prep book with her when she had gone. So I figured that the girl would also be working the salad bar.
    While I was waiting I kept watching the snow fall. The Female Manager let me sit there for exactly one hour. W
    When the Manager finally sat down with me She told me that I wouldn’t be hired because she decided that I WAS RUDE! What? I’ve been sitting here an hour in a 20 degree SNOWSTORM. The restaurant was empty. Why didn’t She Call ME and TEll ME not to come IN cuz i WAS Rude and she wasn’t going to HIRE ME?
    I felt so sad and neglected! She was laughing when she told me I wasn’t getting hired.
    She then sent me into the office to fill out a RUBY TUESDAY APPLICATION AND SAID THAT SHE WOULD KEEP IT ON FTLE

    • Deborah Parry’s phone number is printed on the INDEED application. I had my phone with me since 8 am today January 4th 2018!

  270. Spoke to NASTY supervisor Dakota at our nearby ruby Tuesday in Toms River, concerning two meals dinners my son purchased today for $40. She should be fired. My son so upset he trashed them after no relief from her. Reason being my 70th birthday. I know your business is failing. Maybe this is why. Failure to satisfy customer. Dinners were totally wrong and inedible. Uncooked, wrong order and disgusting. We have been going there for many years and I certainly will tell my friends on FB if not treated properly. We simply asked for $40. Credit to give this rest another chance. Please respond ASAP as it was my birthday dinner. Thanking u in advance.

  271. I’d Iike to know why RT has removed the complimentary biscuits you served with most dinner meals. This is not acceptable business and your employees and other customers I’ve talked find it so ridiculous too.

  272. My wife and I were happy to find coupons for your restaurants in our Sunday paper supplement Upon visiting your location at Old country Road ,Westbury New York ,we were very surprised to see a sigh on the front door stating they do not honor coupons .Why have coupons in the paper when the unit visited will not honor them .A very big turnoff. Will never eat at another Ruby Tuesday again if your owners are too damn cheap to honor corporates coupons.I intend to find out which other logos you own or represent & will never visit those restaurants again

  273. Hi we went to your restaurant in Syracuse NY no person at the front waited waited he was sitting. At the bar talking I got the chicken and my girlfriend. Got the salad bar and my so got the ribs we finally. Got sat down another 15 min wait I was ready to leave i was passed but it was my sons b-day. We got our food my girlfriend. Got the salad bar the waiter. Didn’t come buy till the end we wanted another drink so much for that. We ideally. Get good service but not last week. Just very dissatisfying. Thankstony

  274. February 11 at 4:30 PM My wife, my sister and I went to Ruby Tuesday in Ellenton Florida, we ordered alcoholic drinks that was diluted with ice no taste of alcohol, when I complained about my drink the waitress nicely took my drink, removed the ice and told me they added lemonade after I tasted the drink I told her that they need a different bar tender. The waitress knew about my displeasure about the drinks but never offered to take it away or replace it. We ordered the food, it tasted fine except the food portion had shrunk so much but they kept the big plates which looked empty. In the past we always couldn’t finish our food but this time we could have had another order to eat. A supervisor or manager always asked in the past if everything was fine, but not this time although he was standing watching. I was tempted to ask who he was but I thought not worth it if he doesn’t care, Applebee’s and Chilies are across the street with good food decent portions, better service, better drinks. I talked with friends and coworkers about that, some were surprised others agreed because they had the same disappointing experience.

  275. I will never eat at the ruby Tuesday in McComb, Ms no service it took 2 hr to get our food we never even had a waiter, we had to get the manger to get our order and we had to fin the manger to pay he had to get our bill together. It a sorry place.

  276. Ate at location on hwy 92 in Woodstock ga not only was food ” poor ” but took home the Oreo desert rather than stay we tried to eat as soon as we arrived and it was a large hard clump! It had been completely burned. Staff had to have known this when they put it in the takeout container. Last three visits have been bad experiences. Tough steak cold sides salad bar not refreshed
    What has happened?…

  277. I am so disappointed that Ruby Tuesday’s decided to take a side in the Hogg/ Ingram controversy, My husband and I have dined there weekly for several years. I will never again step foot in Ruby Tuesday’s again
    I will not do business with any company that gets involved with politics

  278. Please note for as long as you boycott The Laura Ingraham Show , all our family and friends are going to boycott your restaurants. Free speech is allowed in this country, sometime the truth hurts, and just because they are kids does not make them right!

  279. Hello, As long as Rudy Tuesday no longer supports Laura Ingraham then we will no long support Rudy Tuesday. And as long as Rudy Tuesday supports David Hogg.

  280. As of today, my company is discontinuing/stopping all visits to Ruby Tuesdays due to their decision to take a political stance and decision to pull away from the the Laura Ingraham show.
    Thank you,

  281. Worst place to eat and hates conservatives. Likes to play politics and supported by and George Soros. Boycott the restaurant

  282. My wife and I have enjoyed our meals in the past. Today we decided to have lunch instead of our usual dinner meal. Both our meals could have been better prepared. The fries were reheated and the cook and our sever had to also notice this. I left them on the plate with the dry hamburger bun. My wife’s meal was not any better. She left her meal and the server asked if she wanted a box. LOL. We should had got up from the table and left. The table and seat were both unclean.

  283. Withdrawing advertising from Laura Ingraham at FOX is inexcusable. That guy was a whiner and an example of what’s destroying our country and our world. Free speech is NOT ONLY a right, but an imperative.


  284. Withdrawing advertising from Laura Ingraham at FOX is inexcusable. That guy was a whiner and an example of what’s destroying our country and our world. Free speech is NOT ONLY a right, but an imperative.


  285. Waiters or Waitresses need to be trained better the one my husband and I had waited for 5 mins for some to take are drink order and once that was done the waiter we had after taking are order drink order didn’t write done the drink order right my husband order a margarita on the rocks no salt and it had salt on the glass when bought to the table. And placed are dinner order and got are dinner and the fries tasted old oil needed to be changed and the ribs tasted like it was leftovers. When the waiter picked up are plates never even asked if we like a dessert so we didn’t offer it ourselves guess he didn’t need to extra money. And it took 10 for him to bring are ticket to pay this waiter didn’t deserve a 20% tip and never asked for any refills on our drinks either and the hostess that sat us down was rid as well. This was located at NKC on Burlington

  286. My son’s ( three younger boys ages 13,11 and 9) just love your burgers.My lil turns 10 on Tuesday, I was going to take him to your restaurant for his birthday dinner, but have decided that we will NEVER patron you again. Pulling support from the Laura Ingraham show was not a wise move.

  287. My friend and I went to ruby Tuesdays on McAfee Blvd Holmes pa..service is bad .salad bar dried out..waited til my baked potato was cold to get my butter and sour cream..she waited 15 minutes for a glass of wine

  288. I visited Ruby Tuesday # 4129 ( Langhorne pa) I am African American my family and I came to visit family in Morrisville Pa so we decided to go out eat dinner party of 6 3 adults and 3 kids.. My waiter was Mark he was extremely rude , I advised him he had SNOOT dripping from his nose and he said ” I KNOW” then he wiped it with his shirt sleeve, that was EXTRMELY unpleasing this was when he was taking our order, he was extremely rude after I advised him of this, We had to sign him down for refills / napkins etc… However other tables among us that Caucasians were sitting at got full service, I advised him and when he gave check he took forver to come back for payment I had to STAND up to get his attention. He said he has other tables to wait on,, he said the same as I stood up trying to get his attention for refills .. as he got refills he would stop at other tables before coming back and get what they need first so we got our refills when he could fit us in. I go Ruby Tuesday at least 4 times per month and I live in SC and never got any service like this , I would have advised manager there , But I figure he wouldn’t do anything about it or report it. Never experience nothing like this before,

  289. Any corporation that caves in to a snot nosed kid from Florida does not deserve the business of over half of the US population! I guess you did not learn from Starbucks or Macys….we can live without your can not without our money…STUPID MOVE! #boycottrubytuesdays#companyhoggtied

  290. Since you are allowing a 17 yo to dictate who you should advertise with, perhaps the lil tide-pod eater can bring you new customers because my family will certainly NEVER eat at Ruby Tuesday’s again! Should’ve stayed out of politics!

  291. Went to Ruby Tuesdays, North Olmsted Ohio, yesterday, Monday April 16 2018 with my husband for dinner. Food was good, but service was the worst service ever, and we are regular customers. We are considering not going back. It was slow day and we were in the bar at a booth. There was no reason for rudeness and slow service. appalling!

  292. My husband and I visited our local Ruby Tuesday in Vienna, WV. First time We had been there and it will be the only time. When we were finally seated, which they were by no means busy, our waitress asked what we wanted. After we ordered we went to the salad bar. It was awful. The potato salad tasted like the potatoes were still dirty. Just had an odd taste. Then we received our meals. They were ok. Our waitress came back to our table finally and asked if we needed more to drink. She reached across my plate, the sleeve of her shirt actually touching my plate, to get my glass. I said you can just go ahead and take this. I am not going to eat it now. I also told her she should never reach over anyone’s plate. Her response “I’m clean”. Wow!!!!! She brought me a new plate and replaced my food. The whole time we were eating we watched not only our waitress but most of the other waitress and waiters talk about their sex lives. One man even went as far as telling them he had been in a relationship for 4 months now with his guy and he “loves butt loving “. I don’t matter one bit to me if your gay, straight, whatever but I shouldn’t have to listen to your sex life when I have lunch. Never again will I ever eat there or any other ruby Tuesday. EVER!!!! Very disappointed.

  293. GMorning,

    Will no longer be visiting any of your business locations…..
    due to Corporations following ” mob ” mentality….re removal of sponsorship..

  294. Visited a Ruby Tuesday for dinber with my mom she walked in behind a couple that was immediately seated she was about to be seated when the hostess told the young lady to wait as they did not have enough servers and she had to wait 10 to 15 minutes. After 10 minutes I went and asked what was the wait for, it was not busy no one looked as if they were leaving any time soon as the hostess mentioned that if some one leaves or she sees that we waited too long. After 20 minutes we were seated. Our server was prompt and courteous. But the fact that we had to wait.

  295. Had lunch there this week, when some big black guy and a big black women come in and start threatening a waitress there. After hearing what was going on,the black girl was brought there by the guy, whois or was a cook there.. Felt sorry for the girl, and the few workers who tried to calm things down, did a pitiful job of it.. Hope the girl sues the crap out of them. Cops were called, I finished and got out of there.. Pretty pitiful display of managers and policies, if they cant keep employees civilized.. Doubt I’ll ever go back, but will be armed if I do..

  296. My name is Roy Dean: I went to the ruby tuesday at airport, and the waitress name was michaiah danielle. Michaiah know the true meaning of comuster service. She helps to make the meal. So many times we tell the bad that someone do, but he a employee that make each person feel special, she should be a example to all your waitress and waiter. With people like her is what makes a meal.

    I ordered chicken tenders and the salad bar the food came out it was little chicken so I started to eat the chicken the chicken had a funny taste so I asked my husband to try it so he asked the waitress if it was fried in the same grease as fish because I am allergic to Seafood the waitress went and asked came back and said all the food is fried and one so the manager came and asked and asked if I was having any allergic reaction then she asked if I wanted a baked potato she guaranteed that is not fried I couldn’t even eat my salad so they took off the chicken which was 999 + the salad bar was 399 we look on the receipt and she charged us for a full salad bar remind you I did not even eat the salad I only drunk the water and drunk some coke I told the waitress that McDonald’s don’t even fry their fish in the same grease as their chicken so she she went asked the manager if she could take off the salad bar so they did they will never see me there again not until I’m ready to die

  298. I felt compelled to contact the company regarding “what happened”. My wife and I used to visit Ruby Tuesday about 3 times per month for dinner. We were always pleased in
    general. THEN it all changed!
    The food was less then adequate, lesser food quality. There was no consistency whatsoever, also in the quality of the food we gave it 3 more shots that summer 2 years ago.we have not been back since.

    All of this seemed to occur when it was said that the chain started to have financial problems across the board. It certainly was obvious as above.

    They seem to be trying, which gives me a great lead in; their tv commercials , of recent , are HORRIBLE and DO NOT MAKE YOU WANT TO EVEN TRY the food or motivate you to visit. they look like they are made in-house, with employees as characters.
    …. I just had to get this off my chest! because I do want them to succeed and the commercials are not going to help them to get out of their spirals.

    The commercials are actually embarrassing and annoying.

  299. Me and my wife were gonna have dinner at then Wilkesboro NC location . After taking nearly 15-20 minutes just to get a drink order in an over half empty location we complained to the hostess who kind of nodded and agreed that are service was not acceptable. We waited a few more minutes then left . Without ever receiving a drink or place an order . The wait staff was more occupied with their closing duties then they were the customers that were there for the dinning experience. We came for the ribs and steak deal we ended up going to Applebees for the same .

  300. Service was very poor could not get seated or our drinks within 20 minutes in an empty restaurant. Everyone was worried about closing their stations down at 8:00

  301. I think you have a real problem at your Ruby Tuesday restaurant location in Clarksville, Md. I went in for lunch and the host said I would have to wait ten minutes. I looked at the tables and 3/4 were empty. He said waiters/waitress could only take four tables at a time. That tells me either you business does not support more servers or you cannot keep or hire more servers. My favorite servers were not their, so I don’t know if they quite or were just not working. The last time I was there I was disappointed in the food that was served to me. The problem may be your manager. When Kervin was manager, the restaurant did not have the above problems.

  302. We choose to take out burgers for the first time and it will be the last, fries cold, greasy, limp paper wrap cold and burger had to toss

  303. I spoke with a representive concerning my unpleasant dining experience that has happened on more than 1 occasion. She emailed me a $20.00 gift certificate. I had lost it in my email and ask for another to be resent. I, didn’t see it. However I’m having problems with my laptop and my printer is not hooked up to my laptop. Could, you so kindly either email me the same certificate or place it in the mail.
    Sandy Costin

  304. My husband and I just left Ruby Tuesday’s in Lewisburg, WV. We ordered two salad bars and my husband said he wanted cheesecake, to. We got our salads and drinks. About two thirds of the way through my husband told the waiter he wanted his cheesecake. A little while later we gave the waiter the debit card and he rang up our bill and bought it back for my husband to sign. My husband looked at the bill and it was the wrong bill. All we had was two iced teas and two salad bars as we ran out of time waiting on the cheesecake. The bill he bought us for for over fifty dollars. My husband told the waiter and so he took it back and rung it up again. With all this taking place, we were late for our appointment and we had about an hour to eat and leave when we first went into Ruby Tuesday’s. We are disappointed and will probably not be back again.

  305. Why isn’t there a Ruby Tuesday in the Albuq. New Mexico area? Or better yet in Rio Rancho, New Mexico? My sister in Colorado Springs loves the Ruby Tuesday she has there. Even smaller places than Rio Ranch has them. I really don’t understand why we don’t.

  306. I was at a Ruby Tuesdays today! A place I use to enjoy when we had one in Exton, Pa. However, today I was extremely disappointed. My daughter, friends, and I went to lunch at the Ruby Tuesdays in the Philadelphia Premium Outlets in Pottstown today, and we all agreed we will be eating at the food court next time. The service was extremely slow. We waited 45 minutes to get our food and when it arrived it was cold. They also forgot to add the chicken to my daughter’s primevara pasta dish. Not to mention that the dish was very small and we had to pay $4 more for chicken! Very disappointed!!

  307. This is the second time this summer that we did lunch at your Westbury location. For what reason should it take 35 minutes to get a check? Arriving at 12:20 & finally leaving st past 2 is uncalled for. This restaurant was enjoyable at one time, but no longer. Maybe that’s why so many have closed. Sincerely, Louis & Lucille Katakofsky

  308. Good afternoon. My name is Elsie Yates. My granddaughter and I visited your location at 9680 Lottsford Ct. in Upper Marlboro, MD. It was supposed to be a treat for end of summer break. It turned into a horrible experience. First thing, our waitress ignored us and finally another waitress came over and took our order. Then, when our food finally arrived, the waitress (which never introduced herself and I still do not know her name) never visited our table, never cleaned off dirty salad plates nor asked if we needed refills. After completing our meal, I requested the check. I produced a coupon to which she could not process. I always use this same type of coupon, to which I had never had a problem. I requested to see the manager. She went to get him and after thirty minutes, she nor he never appeared. The people at the table across from us were having the same type of problem, and they also requested the manager. The waitress then told them that he was not there. A completely different story than what she had told me thirty minutes earlier. Again, this entire episode ruined me and my granddaughter’s day. I strongly suggest that Ruby Tuesday spend more time and money on training your wait staff or you will continue to lose business.

  309. On August 18 we visited the Ruby Tuesday’s in Nashua NH. We were greeted promptly and our waitress came right over. There were 3 of us. We all got the salad bar as a side and she told us to. Go right up. When we got there was no lettuce. We informed the hostess she said she would take care of it. 3 other people went up and asked where the lettuce was. It took almost 10 minutes to get the greens. We go here often and were very surprised by this. Also our meal took well over 1/2 hour to get there. I will probably not go back there for quite a while. I just thought you should know. I am really disappointed by this. You can contact me at or by phone aftter 3pm 9782566953. Thank you Deborah Leblanc

  310. My name is Chris Bollinger. My daughter swims for NLU swim club in Kansas City. We are a non-profit organization and we are hosting a swim meet September 22nd and 23rd at the YMCA in Platte City. Would you be able to donate 15 to-go salad bar meals for our volunteer judges and officials? We rely on donations like this to make the event possible for the children.

    Thank you for your consideration.


    Chris Bollinger

  311. My friend and I ate at Ruby Tuesday #2760 and our experience was not the best.

    First error: Before we placed our lunch order, we ordered 2 top shelf margarita’s (advertised for $5) with Patron. While reviewing the menu to decide what we want for lunch, the waitress came to our table and gave us our drinks. We did a toast, had a sip. Mine was okay, a bit on the sweet side, but it didn’t really taste like a top shelf maragrita with Patron. After taking another sip, I asked my friend who said the same thing. A few minutes later, our waitress put a shot of Patron on the table and said she forgot to put it in the drinks. Now we both knew why our drinks didn’t “taste right”. But wait, we had to pour the shot into two drinks? And one shot to divide into two drinks, gee thanks! We placed our food order and I told the waitress that I will have mine to go, just place it in a to-go box and bring the to-go box to the table.

    Second error: When we got the bill, we noticed we were charge $6 per drink, not $5.

    Third error: We were charged $3 for the shots of Parton. Notice on the receipt that she charged us twice but we ordered three drinks. When we said something, she said she forgot to put the Parton in the drink.

    Fourth error: Do you see my broccoli in the plastic microwave bag….gee thanks!

    Fifth error: Look at the pictures of the ribs. To say they are burnt and dry would be an understatement. I placed the ribs onto my dinner plate that I added my own veggies, as I wasn’t about to eat the broccoli given to me. Upon eating the ribs, I ended up throwing the entire meal away. The ribs were just that bad.

    Sixth error: The waitress did not know how to adjust the bill for the drinks and had to give the duty to the manager. We watched him call other employees over for assistance and we watch him take 15 minutes. Finally our waitress asked us if we the bill in cash, we can just deduct the $3 off the bill and leave. Otherwise we can wait until the bill got figured out….gee thanks!

  312. Worst service and the quality of the food was a BIG/HUGH Disappointment. I will not be back for awhile. The food was not a big order or a special order it was a plan colossal burger with fries and a salad. The salad was the worst I have eaten or seen in a long while. The burger was, where do I start the bun was wet, the taste was completely off compared to the last burgers we got. I AM sadned that the quality of the food and service have gone completely down hill. I know I did not spend that much but it was not worth what I paid.

  313. Husband and I went to Ruby Tuesday on Monday, August 27th 2018 for dinner. The Freehold Mall location. Freehold. NJ. We waited for 15 minutes and no one came to our table to wait on us. We had to leave. The restaurant was not busy at all. In fact, there was more staff than customers, all the wait staff just standing around having conversations with each other. This is very unprofessional and poor customer service. Management needs to go to that location and train on good customer service before it’s too late. Awful experience and a waste of our precious time.

  314. We had the best expierence with your employee our server Taylor ! She went above and beyond, made sure we were well taken care of and never did we need to ask for anything ! Very impressed with how good of a server she is, and how well she can manage and maintain more than four tables at a time ! She is great, I will be coming back to see her and recommending my friends and family. Very comfortable and clean environment. The best service I’ve had in years, wow!

  315. Last Sunday at 1:30 or so, my husband and I went to the restaurant on Penfield in powell/lewis center ohio. There were many tables available and yet the manager or woman who greeted us told us there was a 15 minute waiting period. Why, we asked, you have so many tables open. She said they only had 4 servers who showed up and she wanted to help them by not seating too many people. Can you seat is and we will wait the 15 minutes sitting down instead of stsnding, she said no, she didn’t want to stress the servers. We said we would just leave and she said “ok, have a good day.”. The couple who came in behind us heard this and walked out, too. This manager did not put the customer first and she does not understand how to make people want to eat at ruby tursday.

  316. my husband and I had dinner at your restaurant last week and we were not happy at all. The serve was excellent but the food was not. We had a steak platter and he had a rib,chicken,and shrimp platter. The food was not hot and the baked potatoes were all dried out and looked like they were left over from the day before.. The restaurant was full and we didn`t want to make a scene so we ate what we could and left. I hope you can do something about this as we eat there a lot when we are at the shore and here in York but will think twice next time. Thank you for your time.

  317. We had the best service every in a ruby Tuesdays in Fairview Heights Illinois. Our srver name is Sherrie, She so polite to my grandson, She was one of the best, We have had in many Ruby Tuesdays. She was so professional when taking are drink order and our meal order.
    We was in on 09/07/2018.I hope you will take the time to recognize your sever Sherrie, She is oneof the reason why we eat at Ruby Tuesdays.Thank you.

  318. Received a coupon for Ruby Tuesday for National Cheeseburger Day. We all piled in the car and went to the Ruby Tuesday in Myrtle Beach at the Tanger Outlets on 501 only to find it closed. The sign on the door said they were closed due to the curfew caused by Hurricane Florence. What’s the deal? Hurricane Florence is gone and all the other restaurants in the area are open. You’ve closed 2 other Ruby Tuesdays in our area. Is this a sign that our remaining location is not going to reopen?

  319. My daughter just recently ate at your restaurant in indiana ,pa. On 9/15/18 , she order takeout around 8:pm, a half hour_ 45 minutes later she got severe stomach cramps , she suffered it out till 330 am 6 hours later I took her to the near by hospital where she was diagnosed with food poisoning, now as of now on 9/19/18, she’s still very sick and week from the episode so please have your corporate office check on this particular restaurant, there’s been others complaing about there food. Thank you

  320. HI: I just wanted you to know my wife and I go to the ruby Tuesday’s in Longhorne Pa. almost every Sunday for dinner. One reason is we like the salad. After going there for over 5 years, I want you to know the salad bar was terrible. They were out of almost everything. No peppers, mushrooms, the lettuce was wilted with hardly anything in the bowls. I am glad we didn’t get the salad Bar with a meal for $3.00. I didn’t ask to see the manager, but we like to have our salad before the meal. So we had very little from the salad bar. Also the salad bar was very messy. I understand People can be very sloppy, but it should be looked after better. I didn’t see the manager all the time we were in there and I was looking for him.I think he should be out on the floor and asking the patrons if everything was alright. We are very disappointed.We have been getting the 2 for 24.99 and it usually very good.

  321. We have had terrible experiences with Ruby Tuesday on Godwin Blvd in Suffolk, Virginia. We stopped there for lunch one day and the waiter came over to us after we sat there a good 15 minutes and took our drink order, brought the drinks and never came back. He was flirting with a customer at the bar. I said something to the hostess and she said something to him and he turned around and looked at us and kept talking to a girl. Last week we went in there and they had had a surge outage about half hour before and they said it would be about an hour before we could get our food after sitting there 15 minutes. So lock your doors if you can’t wait on customers. I know one thing we checked that place off our list. We have been to the Ruby Tuesday in Roanoke Rapids and had no problems. Someone needs to get a handle on that place, I know a friend of ours went in there one day and had some soup, And asked for crackers. The reply was we don’t have any.They never seem to apologize for anything.

  322. Worst experience.Yesterday I went to a Ruby’s in Chelsea AL. Place was empty but yet it took almost 10 minutes for somebody to seat me. Took at least 12 minutes to get a server. Never brought me any water. The salad bar was kind of messy and I tried the salad bar entrée combination and it was the smallest piece of fish in the least Amount of rice that I possibly could’ve been given.. It took 15 minutes to get the bill then I had to have a different server run the bill for me because the waitress never came back. And the most notable thing, no one smiled in the place except for one waiter everybody just seem miserable. It was a horrible dining experience.

  323. I recently went and had dinner with my family and it was terrible! The service was not great, she did not check on us, my food was a rubbery steak and hard over cooked shrimp, and she forgot my broccoli. My sons food , was rubber shrimp and over cooked pasta noodles. My daughters was a bland and chewy steak and dried out broccoli. My grandson had corn dogs, which seemed to be ok, but he was starving. We went around 6:30 pm on a Thursday, your business wasn’t extremely busy and this service and product was really unexceptable, I am extremely disappointed, my family is as well.

  324. we went to ruby Tuesday in Corinth ms (store 4154) Check # 7964. we ordered at 1:35pm (2 salad bars and 2 sliders with fries) our food came out at 2:18pm. 45 minutes to burn a hamburger and place 2 round pieces of chicken on day old bread. fries were cold. there were 5 cars on the parking lot. we left without eating the cold food. we did pay and I asked for a manager. I was met by a young girl who was the “front end manager” to which was never in the front although there were 5 staff members up front having a great time. HORRIBLE. we were given a onffline coup discount of $3.19 for our troubles by the waitress. the “front end manager” offered to return our money which we declined as we did touch the cold food and we did have the salad bar. NEVER AGAIN will we eat at this chain.

  325. On 10-4 of 2018 at around 5 we went to your Ruby Tuesday’s in Moody to eat me and two friends of mine we were taken to a seat by Hostess that was very rude we were not greeted when we walked in the door we were not told of any specials any drink specials she did not smile she was not well dressed or well-groomed luckily our waitress was very nice

  326. Williamsport, PA location

    For the first time since this location opened U was disappointed with both my lunch and the service.

    My order was a Crispy Chicken Sandwich, no bread and the Garden Bar.

    The Garden Bar was half it’s usual size, the Iceberg Lettuce was 95% ribs in large pieces, very difficult to eat.

    My Crispy Chicken Sandwich was better dipt, nothing crispy about it, served on a plate with no lettuce, tomato or pickle

    I assume the server was having a bad day, she was not what your servers usually are.

    Thank you for your attention to this email.

  327. You need to remove the obnoxious commercial with the lady in red dress. After watching that, not sure I want to I want to eat there.

  328. Good Morning, I just want you to know that I will never eat in your restaurant again. Your staff decided not to serve an individual who was wearing a Trump shirt and that is totally unacceptable to me and my family. I have no idea what effect this will have on your business but I do know you wont see me again!!

    Thank You,

  329. I just read what happened to the family that stopped by the NC. Ruby Tuesday’s for dinner…. because the man was wearing a Trump shirt, the staff was very rude to them… this is unacceptable behaviour…is this the policy of all your restaurants?

  330. We had dinner several times at your Paramus,N.J. site and noticed a manager with long hair,which was Not pulled back or up, bringing food from the kitchen and serving customers. Not sanitary!!!!!!!!!

  331. Just wanted to make the someone aware of the last two visits to our Oldsmar Ruby Tuesday. Both times our food temperature was slightly warm at best. Last time I ordered a chicken avocado sandwich and today a burger and fries.
    Today’s burger and fries were Not at proper temp and burger was not medium as I ordered. Plus it took an extremely long time to get our food.
    And This time I did not mention it to server we had been there much too long already.
    This Is a neighborhood stop But if the food continues to be served like this I think we will find a new place to eat.
    Respectfully & hopeful things can be addressed

    Sent from my iPhone

  332. Order I placed for gift cards not accurate. I bought 2 $25 gift cards. I received the gift certificates but both had the same name of recipient. Needs to be changed. One yo Bruce and one to Marcia. also I did receive a bonus card for myself. T $15 for every $50 spent. Thank you

  333. I purchased 6 Ruby Tuesday $15 gift cards to give to clients and there is no longer a Ruby Tuesdays in the Slidell, La area. The nearest one is near Biloxi, Ms over 50 miles from Slidell. Please advise how do I get my money back for theses 6 cards. my phone number is 985-646-1006 or my email is listed below.

  334. I own a business and purchased 6 gift cards with a value of $15 each. There is no Ruby Tuesday’s in our area of Slidell, La. The nearest Ruby Tuesday is Biloxi, Ms approximately 50 miles away. I would like my money back for these gift cards. Please advise how do I get a refund. I have called and left a message, tried sending a FAX but the fax number listed is no longer in service.

  335. Visited ruby Tuesday in Corinth Ms The service was awful Four tables that came in after we did on our side were eating or finished and we still didnt have order I ask for manager and she said the mashed potatoes were not any good and they had to make more One hour of waiting in a restaurant is way too long The manager didnt want to hear my complaints and walked away The restaurant and Manger did a terrible job esp when you guys brought this manger in to correct the poor service of the past Wasnt any better

  336. I have lived in Taunton my whole life and am a frequent guest at this location. I have seen a lot of managers and employees come in and out of here and have had both good and bad experiences. That being said, I have never felt more impelled to write in about somebody before. You have a manager in your restaurant named Tiffany, I know this because I demanded to have her name from my waitress. Not because she ever stopped by my table to say hello or inquire about how my dinner was. I was sitting in the bar area facing the kitchen and I don’t think I saw this woman crack a smile, not once in the hour+ that I was there. I watched her gather up all the employees one by one and ridicule them on anything she could find. I couldn’t believe the stuff I was hearing. I watched most of the girls walk away with tears in their eyes looking completely stripped and defeated. When my waitress finally came over to me, I asked her what “Tiffany’s” problem with everyone was and she responded very candidly that she’s just very “particular” in how she likes everyone to work. Unbelievable. It made me completely sick, I have seen this miserable woman on more than one occasion and even over heard her at tables experiencing problems with their meals and I think I’ve met friendlier great white sharks. I have always brushed off a lot of what I’ve seen based on working in a restaurant myself (maybe it’s been a long day, maybe they were short staffed, maybe it is very busy, etc) but I don’t think anything can make up for treating people like garbage for no real good reason. I’d like to see something done about this. I am purposely leaving out the real date of my visit in fear that my waitress (or any of the girls that were working) will have repercussions.

  337. Hello,
    I wasn’t sure if my online complaint went through because there was no place to enter my ticket number, so I’m sending this email as well.

    Store# 3149
    Check# 3940
    Waiter# 1195 Jason H.
    Dec 28, 2018 5:58pm
    1 Water
    1 Mix N Match Ribs Full Slab
    w/ Onion Rings & Garden Bar

    The garden bar was empty of four or five items, and I would suggest some sort of sauce for onion rings, I like horseradish. Other than that the ribs were great and Jason H. did a good job considering how busy the bar was.

    My biggest complaint about this store is it’s appearance. I’ve been eating here frequently for the past four years I’ve lived in Crossville, and every time I’ve seen the same things, some of which I’ve previously noted to you:
    1. The columns in front of the main entrance have large sections that have either fallen or flaked off.
    2 The bathroom is missing tiles.
    3. The silicon on the molding above the booth tables directly behind the bar is worn, cracked and discolored and looks terrible so close to ones food.
    I would suggest a renovation of this store.

  338. January 5, 2019
    I ate with my sister in Medford, NY last night. Immediately after getting our salad (at a very empty-dished salad bar) the lampshade on the light over our table smashed down onto my hand and our food. A very young busboy came by and apologized, took our food away and promised to bring us new drinks. We had to ASK to be placed at a different table. Since we ASSUMED a manager would come by to apologize, we didn’t complain as we didn’t want to cause a scene!!! But NO ONE came to see if we were alright. What a horrible experience!

  339. Trying to apply for a job at Ruby Tuesday is hard online when every email they sent me is invalid Hope someone out there knows how to do it and will send me the link?

  340. I had a horrible experience with your bartender at your airport location at the Knoxville airport last night. She was rude, disrespectful and at one point told me “ if you don’t find a seat you will never receive service in this restaurant “ I was embarrassed and thought her general attitude and demeanor does not belong in the hospitality business.

  341. having a late lunch here at RT in Eden, NC. I’ve always ordered unsweetened ICE TEA. I took a sip of the most awful. It tasted the way mold and mildew smells!! Imagine my surprise when I sent it back explaining they need to make a new batch and needed to taste how disgusting it was. I was told “Corporate changed the manufacturer and they have no control and many, many have been refusing it.
    Did anyone in mgmt taste this?? Disgusting. I assume someone is getting a kickback.
    The food was fabulous. Wont ever order tea again.

  342. Our visit to Ruby Tuesday in Wrentham, Ma today was very disappointing. Everything we ate was extremely salty, from the broccoli to the tater tots, to the ribs, to the steak. I was given another order of the tots only to find them still very salty. We complained to the server and to the person who brought the tots and got a simple apology. Once we paid the $54 bill and left, we felt that we had eaten one of the worse meals ever and had wasted good money.

  343. I suffered an injury at ruby tuesdays and my numerous phone calls and emails have not been returned by. Kirstin Bennett and Belinda Taylor in the legal department. I need someone to address my out of pocket medical expenseses. This is very unprofessional and discourteous. Please have someone communicate with me to resolve this matter. REPORT KEY#835930667101
    Phone number. M -F. 9am-5:30 pm 609 633 0363
    From. 5:30 pm. 610-550-0687
    Thank you

  344. If possible, could you go back to your original restraunt idea? I truly loved the caramel cookie that you used to serve. No one else could compare. When you tried to ‘upscale’ that is when I stopped going as much. They put the cold brownie on one dide , ice cream on the other eith a dribble of caramel between them. You also took away your quiche with strawberries. Whoever the genious was who screwed with taking the colorful lamp shades away should be tarred and feathered. If you are hurting financially, just look back to the ‘improvements’. Didn’t your parents teach you not to fix something if it’s not broken?

  345. Hello
    I just visited your location in Columbia Sc. RT5026
    I placed a To Go order & went across the street when I returned about 10 min later I was waiting for the server to tell me my food was ready.
    I heard a man standing across from me in a white shirt w/dreads say,
    “Where this Bitch at”. Then he turns to the serve & ask is that her. To which he replied Yes..
    I don’t understand why this person feels that’s it’s okay to call Women out there name first of all. Then to do so about a customer Loudly & at work. A customer who he didn’t know was watching him the Whole time.
    I did nothing to this young man for him to act so disrespectful towards me, and very unprofessional. I will not return to Ruby Tuesdays establishment. That kind of behavior is just unacceptable.


  347. We went in waited a long time and been there a lot and forgot about my drink and my wife got a coffee and was Luke warm went heated it up and didn’t taste good got my steak not median well mediam rare and my step daughter had pasta been sitting she didn care for it it’s the worst experience that I’ve had

  348. On my visit for carry-out today I witnessed and was concerned that the cooks were not wearing their face mask properly. Hair nets were not used by cooks with shoulder length and longer hair. My concern was reported to managers. Upon entering the establishment I could overhear another customer stating the same concern to one of the managers. The on-site managers appeared not to have much concern about the complaints. We are in the year of COVID-19 can we please require safety measures.

    Compliant on:
    Ruby Tuesday #4559

  349. I visited the Ruby Tuesday location. 5214 in Spring Lake NC on today. My food was excellent but I observed six (6) staff members and a manager who either had their mask down under their chin or with out their noses covered.. The bartender Chelesa had her mask under her chin the whole time while serving me… We are in the middle of a pandemic and these staff mrmbers are not doing their part to help protect the customers or themselves.

  350. Our granddaughter gave us a ruby tuesday gift card…..our restaurant has closed, what becomes of the money on our card?????

  351. Store 3700 check number 3370’. First ones in the dining room , 4 adults at table and 5 minutes later they seat a couple with a young child and infant directly behind us . Nobody else was seated in the dining before we left . Ridiculous . I ordered a ribeye and received a sirloin , tired of the kids so didn’t say anything .

  352. Waited forever on
    Our food I am saying like 40 plus was us and 1 other couple in the whole building was paying with gift card nobody in the whole building could figure out how to use it we waited and waited while they wax trying to figure out ended up using credit card will never go back again it was awful was absolutely ridiculous

  353. Evans Ruby Tuesday’s has an employee that was working up until she caught covid! This restaurant hasn’t closed for cleaning nor are they telling their employees to be tested! Most employees weren’t told until today that a server had covid! I think this is against most CNC guidelines! I will be reaching out to my he health department and reporting this locally! I feel like they aren’t worried about us as customers nor do they care about their other staff and the fact that they could potentially spread this to the their family! Seems irresponsible and this is the prime reason the covid numbers keep climbing! I am also going to post this on social media to warn the public!

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