Contact Royal Caribbean Customer Service

Contacting Royal Caribbean Customer Service Center

Royal Caribbean is a cruise line that offers day cruises, short weekend cruises and longer cruises for vacation, business and leisure of all kinds. Vacation opportunities are available from Alaska to the Panama Canal with ports of call on the east and west coasts of the US.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

According to the Royal Caribbean customer service page, customers can call 24/7 for problems, concerns and to book their next cruise vacation.

  • Customer Service: 1-866-562-7625
  • Customer Service (outside the US): 1-305-341-0204

If you are calling from outside the US, you need to call between the hours of 9 AM and 6 PM Monday to Friday (EST). Other phone numbers listed for your support include:

  • Website Questions: 1-800-398-9819
  • Brochures: 1-800-521-8611
  • Custom Flights: 1-800-636-2440
  • Travel Assistance (Day of Travel): 1-800-256-6649
  • Lost and Found: 1-800-256-6649
  • Crown and Anchor: 1-800-526-9723
  • Corporate Guest Relations: 1-800-256-6649

Hours for the corporate guest relations department at Monday to Friday from 8 AM to 8 PM and Saturday/Sunday from 9 AM to 7 PM. All hours are EST. International customer service is also available in various countries.

  • Italy: 848-000-97
  • United Kingdom: 01-932-8205286
  • Norway: 47-22-51-37-80
  • Germany: 069-920071-0
  • Spain: 34-902-345-135
  • France: 33-1-55-27-89-97
  • Asia Pacific: 65-6305-0033
  • China: 86-4008-850-288
  • Australia: 61-2-433-15400
  • Brasil: 55-11-4949-3100
  • Mexico: 55-9178-0401

Mailing Address

Royal Caribbean accepts customer contact by mail at the Crown and Anchor Society address in Miami, Florida.

Crown and Anchor Society
P.O. Box 026053
Miami, FL 33102-6053

Letters can also be addressed to the corporate office at:

Corporate Guest Relations
1050 Caribbean Way
Miami, FL 33132

It could taken up to 14 days to receive a response from this address, according to the Royal Caribbean customer service department.

Official Website

Customers visiting the official Royal Caribbean website have the ability to plan a cruise, locate promotional deals and gifts, learn about boarding procedures as well as contact the customer support team. Customers can also keep the conversation going when the visit the Facebook page or the Twitter page.

Customer Service Email

You can email the Crown and Anchor society for customer service at: If you have questions or concerns about your cruise and the cruise is already complete, contact Royal Caribbean customer service using the email form for Post Cruise Questions.

Other email address include:

Our Experience

You can skip all the listed options on the Royal Caribbean customer service line by pressing 0 as soon as the automated system picks up the call. We waited on hold for less than one minute before Peter answered our call. We asked Peter if we could leave port in the United States for a destination outside the US and travel without a passport as long as we never left the boat. He told us that all trips to destinations within passport laws would require a valid passport.

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46 Comments on “Contact Royal Caribbean Customer Service
  1. On Feb. 17, 2013 my wife and I went on our first Royal Carribbean cruise out of Bayonne, NJ on the Explorerer of the Seas fith over 40 family and friends–I have to say I was somewhat disappointed with the quality. The cabin was small probably because of the balcony; the food was very disappointing, during lobster night my lodster was so over cooked that I could mash it with a fork; the premium restaurant was also disappointing the T-bone was very thin and again over cooked; on top of this we were at the late seating so we could not go to the buffet if the food was not to our liking, seems that the food is served intime slots and by 9:30 that was it; the liquor seemed watered down or non existent.
    Needless to say we were all disappointed and would not cruise with Royal again, especially our family members who raved about this ship in the past.

  2. Regarding the above comment about their cruise: We have been cruising with Royal for over 9 years. Yes, the cabins are a little small, but you are not in them for a long time. They are always clean and inviting. If that person had a problem with their food, their waiter would have gladly replaced it with something else. We never had any problem with watered down liquor. Food was always available. We always look forward to our cruise on the Explorer.

  3. On our Baltic Sea cruise leaving Stockholm on July 20,m 2014, we had a excursion to Hermittage and Peterhof in which the free lance guide for Bus 16 gave us exceptional care. We had a travel friend, handicapped man, in our party who the guide gave us exceptional attention and care. The guide was extremely knowledgeable about St Peterburg and as well. I tried for five days to offer a letter of appreciation to Excursions, Inc in St Petersburg but was not successful.
    Please look into this issue and indicate to Exursions our appreciaton of thsi female guide.

  4. We were disappointed with our August. 2014 cruise on the Navigator. To begin, we were celebrating our anniversary and we feel like your ship is lacking in personnel and food quality and variety. The only great things were the embarkation and debarkation and the friendly and hard working personnel you have on the Navigator. Our first night we chose Chops Steak House. Disappointed that you don’t offer a ribeye steak. The filet mignonette we had was not very good and the service was disappointing. Quick in, quick out, please take you time, that is what you expect when you are paying extra. Why do you have to pay extra for lobster or aged steak? Carnival does not charge extra. Windjammer, you need variety in food and deserts and the food needs to be hot. Why not open the wave rider all day? Where was the champaign and welcoming personnel on arrival? No one. Where’s the chocolate at bedtime, where is my robe, since we are emerald. I think someone needs to answer these problems and figure out if you want to keep up with Carnival or just go down a notch. What happened to RCI. The shops were also dull and boring. I am sorry that I probably sound like such a whiner, but I remember sailing with RCI in the past and remember the 5 star food and service and that is what brought us back.

    • People like to whine……all my RC cruises have been great. Talk to waiter, if unhappy. He,ll gladly replace.
      These cruises are quite reasonable for the daily price, some $50 day.
      They all work their butts off to please you.

  5. it was my youngest daughters 16th birthday and she chose as her gift a cruise. this was not her first cruise as we are diamond members re crown and anchor. It was also a “biker cruise” and no one ……absolutely no one told us this. 1600 (as we were told after the fact )”bikers” totally dominated the cruise. the writing on the clothing, the tattoos , the language and lots more were unbelievable. Not something as a retired judge I has in mind or even remotely anticipated. Yes the “rally” was for a noble cause……but i would suggest it was not what most of the individuals had in mind during the cruise. It was loud and extremely uncomfortable, to say the least. I say again why were we not told this in advance? This is not something a reasonable person would want to expose their teenage child to. With regret we have already paid for and promised all of our children a thanksgiving cruise on RC. Had everyone one not been looking forward to it other options would have been considered. After so many great experiences you let us down on this one. I honestly doubt any RC executive would expose his/her child to this to this type of situation . You disappointed us.

    • I just returned from 9 Night Southern Caribbean Navigator of the Seas. I traveled with friends who on the 3rd day of cruise found out that a family member (child) had passed (accidental). Our next port to disembark would be Curacao. As my friend went to Customer Service, she asked to speak to them in private, was told this is private. Customer service gave grieving parent a paper telling her that they would check her out and then should would pack her bags, go to end of walkway and get a taxi to immigration, then to airport. At the end of this conversation the customer service agent said “Enjoy” I do not know if this is a language problem or lack of training, but this sent my friend into tears. What was to enjoy? My suggestion is your customer service personnel need to get some sensitivity training. Being taken off ship in foreign country that one has never been into has many questions. There should be someone assigned to person to get them off ship, to whereever they have to go and be told of the cost of local transportation and put into safe transportation. I felt like Royal Caribbean could not get her off the ship fast enough, no compassion.

  6. Sent my niece and nephew on Grandeur of the Seas June 12. Air conditioner was broken in their room. They were told there were no other rooms available and were given a fan. They had to indure 3 days of a hot room. My niece had 3 asthma attacks in that room. Finally, after 3 days they were given another room. Obviously they had another room so why didn’t they give it to them in the first place.bwhat would be the proper channels to lodge a formal complaint?

  7. We just returned from a 12 day cruise on the Vision of the Seas. and upon completing our comments we are unable to complete ..It does not permit us to continue on the almost last question who went on the cruise, it is only husband and wife. Please advise how we can complete this survey. Thanking you in advance, Maria Echeverria

  8. Our cruise two rooms 4. Persons was so disgusting this summer on legend of the seas that after my email someone from head quarters personally called me and said we would be receiving compensation four trip. I don’t know why she bothered to call if we received nothing. The reservation was under Esquenazi

  9. I cruise all the time with no web site problems from other cruise lines. I decided to take a cruise from our local port and I cannot believe how unfriendly your web site is to do anything…whether it be trying to make reservations on line ( couldn’t find where to even start… I gave up and had to have an employee do it for me), or completing the necessary paper work to board…your set up throws out in red, comments that don’t make sense and then you cannot continue, or connecting with the proper source to wage a complaint. It’s as if everyone is hiding and don’t want to deal with these problems your company has. I can only tell you that I will not be sailing with you again after our trip at the end of November. You really need to check out the user friendly web sites of your competitors. I do it myself all the time in minutes with no problems.

  10. Hi. My name is Jim Higby, and my wife and I took our kids and our grandsons on Oasis of the Seas, November 21-28/2015.
    We were so very pleased with everything, especially with our grandsons. We have 3 grandsons; our daughter Ann and her husband Jeff Judd have 2 sons, Wyatt (age 11) and Sawyer age 9), and our son Paul has one son Jake (age 11).
    They chose to spend their cruise doing things around the ship instead of the kids program, and they had a blast.
    I want you to read the enclosed paper that Wyatt wrote to tell what they did on Thanksgiving break. I think it is special to have a boy that age go into detail about how wonderful his Royal Caribbean cruise was, and I also think it would be wonderful for people to read in a Royal Caribbean news article…this really lets people know how wonderful a family cruise is. I am posting here since I could find no email address for sending supportive letters.

    The Best Thanksgiving Break Ever

    By: Wyatt

    My Mom, Dad, Brother, Nana, Papa, Uncle, Cousin and I went on huge vacation this Thanksgiving break. (My Nana and Papa live in Nevada and my Cousin and Uncle live in North Glen). We went on a cruise to the Caribbean. The ship was called THE OASIS OF THE SEAS By Royal Caribbean. It was the best week of my life.

    It all started at about 6:30 am. My family and I woke up and got dressed in our comfortable travel clothes and then ate breakfast. My mom decided to try a way to get to the airport. She got an app on her phone called Uber. The night before my mom figured out how to use the app. at about 7:30 she clicked a button and the app assigned a driver to drive us to the airport. When the car arrived we put our bags in the back and the driver (Bethlehem) pulled out of our driveway and headed to the airport.

    When we got to the airport, we got our luggage and signed in right outside the airport. The man working there weighed our bags and put them on a convatorbelet to the airplane we were going to go on. We walked inside and went through security. We then took the train to concourse B. At concourse B we got some food and sat down. We still had 3 hours before our flight departed. After a while our cousin and uncle met up with us at a restaurant near where we were sitting. Then we went to find are gate. When we found it we put all are bags down and went to go look at the shops near our gate. At about 10:40 we boarded and then took off. We had a 2 hour layover in Newark, New Jersey. I finally got to taste real New York pizza. It was so good. When we took off I got to see New York city. It was so beautiful. Our cruises port was in Fort Lauderdale, so our flight went there. When we got there, near the baggage claim stood my Nana and Papa. My family had not seen them since june. We got in a bus with our luggage and went to stay at a strange smelling hotel near the airport. The next day we woke up and went to the port where the boat was docked.

    We took a huge bus to a big blue building. We checked in at the front of the building and then went through security. Then we got on a bridge that led to the gigantic ship. When we got on, a huge burst of happiness and amazement lit inside me. We walked through the Royal Promenade. When we got to our room we unpacked and went to explore the ship. We ate at a place called Windjammer. It was a huge buffet. The best thing about it was that all the food was included so we did not have to pay for anything at that restaurant. After we ate we explored all the ship. At 5:30 we got ready for dinner. Our assigned dining room was on level 4 and it was gigantic. It’s food was included too and it had way better food then Windjammer. When we got there we went to our assigned table and met up with the rest of our family. Our waiter came and gave us some bread and took our orders. I got tiny hamburger sliders. After we ate our food we got dessert and walked around the ship again.

    The next day was a sailing day. Me and my brother rock climbed and hung out at the pool. On the sports deck there was this really cool activity called the flowrider. It was supposed to feel like you were surfing or boogie boarding. It shot water up a ramp like a wave. My brother, Cousin and I all went on it a couple time. It was so hard but so fun. We walked around the ship and then went to the dining room to eat. After dinner, my Nana, Papa and me went to this really cool bar in the middle of central park. Central park was like a huge garden with restaurants and bars. The bar that we went in moved up and down from one floor to the other. It went from deck 8 to deck 6, or deck 6 to deck 8. After that exciting experience we went to the boardwalk at the end of the ship. There was a water show going on called Oasis of Dreams. The show had so many great acrobats. They did so many cool tricks. When the show was over my Mom and my brother met up with us and walked me to our room.

    The next morning we went to the top deck and watched the ship pull into Labadee, Haiti. At ten we went down to the gangway and got off the ship. All of my family road a tiny boat to the beach. There was an obstacle course and a slide at the beach. We found chairs and settled in. We went to the register where we could buy tickets for the slide and the obstacle course. My Nana bargained with the owner, so we got tickets for cheaper. My brother and me went on the slide for 30 minutes. At 11 o’clock we went on the obstacle course. We wore life jackets because the obstacle course was floating on top of the water. There was this big float that was 13 feet high that looked like an iceberg. There were handle on three sides to help you climb up it. On one side there was no handles so you can slide down. It hurt so much when I hit the water. A few hours later we walked back to the ship and road the flowrider. After dinner I showed my parents the show my Nana and I saw. After that we went to our room and went to bed.

    The next day we ported in Jamaica. My papa organized an exertion for my parents my brother, my cousin, and my uncle to do. We got off the ship and walked to the buses. While we were driving our tour guide told us all about Jamaica. Our first excursion was called Dunn’s River Falls. When we got there our tour guide lead us to the entrance to the falls. She led us to our waterfall guide where we walked down some stairs to the bottom of the falls. All of our group held hands. We all climbed up the first part together but after awhile we stopped holding hands. In the middle there was a natural water slide that turned me and my brother upside down. When we got to the top we went to the parking lot and drove to our second excursion. Our second excursion was a bobsled roller coaster. We got on a ski lift and went up to the top of the roller coaster. When it was my turn, I hopped in a bobsled and went down the roller coaster. When the roller coaster stopped back at the top we went to the gift shop. After we got some refreshments we went back down the ski lift and got back in the bus. I slept the whole way back to port. When we got back on the ship we ate dinner and hung out. When it was late we went to bed and ended our day.

    The next day was are second sailing day. We hung out by the pool and road the flowrider. On our 6th day we ported in Cozumel, Mexico. When we got to the port we took another bus to a resort. At the resort we went parasailing and drank mexican coke-a-cola. When we got back on the ship we chilled and watched football. That night in the dining room we had a thanksgiving dinner. We went to my Nana and Papa’s room and watched football on a huge tv on the boardwalk. When me and my brother went back to the room we watched football and then went to sleep.

    The last day was the third sailing day. For the first part of the day we hung around the pool. At 2 we went down to the rock climbing wall and climbed for about 3 hours. We ate dinner and went to bed. The next day we got off the ship a road a plane all the back home.

    This Thanksgiving break was the best so far. I hope that I can go on a cruise again. It was the best vacation I have ever been on.

    The last vacation they took was to Disneyland, and Oasis outshined that.

    I would appreciate any note you can send me, and I will send it on to Wyatt. That would really make this worthwhile to him.
    And, I am sure if you did want to use it in any newsletters, etc., he would love it.

    We are great fans of Royal Caribbean. I had helped in a cruise agency quite a few years ago, arranging group cruises. I also took the training to become a CLIA Master Cruise Counselor. I am now retired from my professional job as a funeral director owner, and moved from Nebraska to Mesquite, Nevada. I still love to cruise, and have directed many people to Royal Caribbean.

    I look forward to hearing from you, and to finding out if you are interested in sharing Wyatt’s letter, or parts of it. He did write it entirely himself, and did a great job. Thank you for showing interest in an 11 year old and his excitement for the cruise.

    Jim Higby


  12. My Name is Rebecca Barrons we were suppose to be on a cruise with you right now . Because of medical reasons the day we were to fly out we could not bored the ship . It’s sad to say you guys did not care and took our money anyway . This was our dream vacation for our honeymoon and with 5 children a huge deal for us . After spending 5000 for a trip with ROYAL CARRIBBIAN you gave us our tax back 139.99 . Really my husband can’t walk , travel agent didn’t help us and now the cruise line we thought was the best don’t care . We will not book anything with this company in our lives everyone will know our story . And to not book with you hope you enjoy our hard earned money thanks for the momories !!!!!

    • I feel sorry for your lost money and great experience that you missed. However, that is exactly why you are given an option to buy insurance at a reasonable rate. We just hosted a cruise for 24. Unfortunately, 10 had to cancel due to illness and they had all purchased insurance and had a full refund. RC is one of the best cruise lines for the money… not blame them for your choice not to protect yourself. Most cruise lines would have given you the same response. They tell you up front what will happen if you select to not have insurance. There are travel agencies who will include insurance at no charge. Our cruise on Liberty of the Seas was awesome!

  13. Dear Sirs:
    We just arrived from a trip to Cozumel in the Brillance of the Seas, we werw celebrating my wife 80th birthday there was a group of 10, we congratulate
    because we had such a beautifull trip, every body were very corteous .
    Last year we took another trip to few places including Puerto Rico in the
    Freedom of the seas celebrating my 85th birthday and this was one of the best
    cruises we had.
    Now we are planing another trip in June to celebrate our 40th anniversary we really looking foward of 7 day Western Carabean in the Freedom of the Seas.
    We congratulate you again for have such tremendous Organization.
    We recomend you to all our friends.
    Thanks you again.
    Jose & Raquel Socas (orlando Fl)


  15. From February 20-26 I had a wonderful time on the Oasis of the Seas and was told that I would receive an e-mail to evaluate my trip and tell you what I thought of my cruise…I did not receive an e-mail from you for comments and would like to fill one out. Can you e-mail me one? thank you.
    Constance Swant
    Folio # 78392353

  16. There customer service and staff are rude……..They ruined my planned family vacation, canceled my reservation two weeks before I sail with my family……….and my prior vacation a closet door fell off and hit me in the head. do they care….no and the ship was docked at the time……It is my mission to tell everyone how rude they are……..they think they can control your money and not refund all of it……I don’t think so

  17. Sailed on April 30 on the Oasis with a balcony cabin. Had to complain FOUR times that our neighbors were smoking. Sometimes it was so bad we couldn’t use our balcony and several times we couldn’t even leave our balcony door open. If you won’t enforce your smoking policy why even have one. TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE that we spent the extra money for a balcony and couldn’t enjoy it to the fullest.

  18. Just returned off a supposed first cruse on harmony of the seas ,and I am very disappointed the ship is nowhere near finished .there was workmen and noise all over ship .Went to customer relations long Que’s and no action ,thou rally disappointed with the whole experience

  19. I have travelled on a cruise on the Independence of the Seas from Southampton from June 28th to June 4th with my husband. It was our first experience on a Royal Caribbean cruise liner and our first one week trip on any cruise liner.
    What I found most distressing, upsetting and unsettling is that my Canadian passport was taken off me at check-in in Southampton with no explanation except random checking but I could retrieve it at customer service.Once on the liner that same afternoon I tried to get my passport back from customer service but to no avail. I was told to go down to security which I did on the second day. I was misinformed so went to back to customer service on the second day. Again, I was refused my passport. After much discussion I finally got a copy of it. Why they couldn’t keep the copy and I have my passport back is beyond me. I have travelled quite a bit since I was twenty one and never has my passport been taken away and kept from me. No one could give me a reason why or when I would get it back. Finally, on the sixth day I went back to customer service and I refused to deal with the staff at the counter service only the man servicing and answering questions in the line. I finally got my passport back after twenty minutes or so with no explanation whats so ever or apologies. I brought no other ID with me since I was on a seven day cruise. Couldn’t change any money in the towns we visited because I had no passport. If anything happened to me off the boat I dare think think of the problems I would have encountered in another country with no passport. With a Canadian passport I do not belong to the EU.
    The whole experience was most stressful for a one week cruise on the Royal Caribbean and I really don’t think I would experience another cruise on the Royal Caribbean.
    Hopefully, I will receive some answers and not be passed over like I was on the boat.


    Mrs M. Smethurst

  20. I need an email address to address a complaint for our recent cruise- please advise which email contact to use

  21. I have been booked on a RC 5 day cruise to Havana, which as you know has been devestated by hurricane Irma. So here we are 3 days from the cruise date with no direction from RC, and shows it as a go although the American/ Cuban consulate does not recommend visiting since Cuba is in recovery from the storm with many parts without electricity or water! We (15
    Of us)booked the go to Havana, not anywhere else. We are ok with going on the trip TO Havana at a future date. So why can’t they accommodate us with the arrangement we originally booked.
    And why can’t they let us know there plans sooner rather than later.
    I’ve traveled with RC before, but I’d seriously not consider if we are not accommodated soon!
    I understand the devestation of the storm, I’m dealing with it on a personal level, but I feel RC could have made plans ahead since they knew it was coming and that Cuba was hit hard early on! Please do the right thing and accommodate us on a future trip.
    You will hear from me further.

  22. I recently had the pleasure og speaking to a customer service rep. The representative seemed uninformed, she was not sympathetic and she left me o. hold for over ten minutes. At one point she refused to escalate my call to supervisor or manager.

  23. I recently had the pleasure of speaking to a customer service rep. She seemed very uninformed, she was not sympathetic and she left holding on the line for over 10 minutes. She refused to escalate my call to a supervisor or manager.

  24. ON 11/28/2017 I had A 7 day cruise on the Oasis of the Sea and had a excellent good relaxing time. I did not want to come home. I enjoy the shows,good food with good dining experience with a smile everyday and excellent service 5 ***** service. I am trying to check on my next cruise

  25. I had a excellent vacation on the Oasis of the Sea on 11/28/2017 had a good relaxing vacation. Enjoy the shows,food with 5 ***** service.I did not want to come home. I cannot wait for my next visit

  26. Your website is horrible. I finally gave up and booked a cruise on

    Dick Runman
    Cruised on RCCL many times

  27. i dealt with one of your employees named Pablo, who was very helpful, very friendly and thoroughly knew his job. royal Caribbean always had employees “a step above” other cruise lines and Pablo is proof of this. Thank you for having employees as good as Pablo.

  28. I sent an email to two different RCCL email addresses, and never had a response. I’m going to travel on Adventure of the Seas soon.

  29. There are 2 concerns that I wish to bring to your attention.
    1 Parking at the port was listed at $8.00/day, when we arrived the parking fee was $136.00, I realise that this is the port authority, but it certainly does not help RCL customer service.
    2 We booked the Royal Family Suite FS-9644 and were subjected to very bad creaking in the whole ceiling of the suite, which made sleeping very difficult, and the sea was very calm
    We complained and the maintenance department sent 2 people, who stated that the only way to solve the problem was to dismantle the ceiling, which they did not have approval to do
    We made several other complaints, but no one bothered to come and fix the problem, so we continued to suffer sleepness nights

    Last year we had the identical suite on the ALLURE OF THE SEAS and had no such problem

    This is not the level of service that I expect from your cruise line

  30. Wasted over an hour of time because multiple agents were unhelpful. I was calling about a cruise and the agent didn’t mention that they were only there for flights hotels and cars. They eventually transferred me to the cruise line customer service where I was immediately hung up on. Mind you this is after a 15 minute wait time. I had to call back and get transferred to the cruise line help again after another long wait only to find out they could not help with what I needed. I had to get the help through Expedia, who was actually helpful. The only part about the Expedia customer service that was not helpful was when they had to contact Royal Caribbean and were forced through an extremely long wait. I am still waiting for Royal Caribbean to get back with my Expedia agent, and they have been on hold with Royal Caribbean for over 20 minutes now. This is all for a minor change in the online check in menu. I tried to do the online check in for a week straight on multiple different computers and the Royal Caribbean website crashed every time without fail for over a week straight. I will not be sailing Royal Caribbean again for the absolutely horrible customer service I have experienced.

  31. I feel like a victim of a deceptive business practice. I booked a cruise for a mini-family reunion in March for an Eastern Caribbean cruise scheduled for June. I was excited that RC was offering a 30% discount if the cruise was booked within a few days, which I did. As I was booking, no balcony staterooms were available, so I booked an interior room and decided to continue to monitor RC’s website periodically to see if any were freed up as we came closer to our June cruise date. Today, I noticed that multiple balcony suites were, indeed, available. I tried to change the room online, but was unable to (as an aside, RC has the worst online experience I’ve seen in years, which would be an entirely different post) so I contacted the RC call center. A nice gentleman (Arthur) confirmed that balcony suites were available and would cost an incremental $1164. I said that seemed steep and asked if that included the original 30% discount and he said “no, after speaking with “Key” members, they would not be able to do so because the promotion had expired”. One can only assume that RC holds certain rooms from availability during the discount periods as there were NONE available in March, when I booked the cruise. We’ll enjoy the cruise, no doubt, but this experience will definitely cause me to consider other options in the future.

  32. We are Pinnacle members and never have we received such good service as we did on Grandeur of the Seas-Kumar Kunchipudi, Diamond Concierge, took care of our room problems and followed up immediately. The Pinnacle concierge didn’t even ask us nor seemed concerned. Kumar is the type of person RCCL should be proud of. Our sailing was August 16-25, 2018.

  33. I have tried to contact your office concerning a cruise that I was on Oct 7,2018 Symphony of the Sea. I inform your office that I was disable and I would need assistant. I didn’t feel that anyone cared about the problems I was encountering. The food was not good. During this tour I ate hot dogs and turkey burgers, the service was poor. I feel like this was the worst service that I have experience on any cruise I have been on. I paid for a excursion where they dropped me off I will be contacting the disability

  34. Anthem, Oct 18 2018 #4999101 Our last cruise ended on a very sour note. We were left standing out in the rain and cold 1&1/2 hours waiting for a cab – when none could get into the port/terminal area. Royal needs to know its ports better. This is UNACCEPTABLE. My husband is now sick and I blame Royal for us being chilled to the bone and soaking wet. How can you justify making the many seniors, ( we were waiting with), stand for hours in the cold and driving rain? I doubt that we are the only ones that will be sick after this experience.

  35. I am so tired of your representatives picking up a phone and then hanging up because it closing time. Customers stay on hold for 45 minutes just for representatives to think it is alright to just hang up. It is not the first time so I know this is a trend now.

  36. Can you send me a booklet on what the royal Caribbean serenade of seas has to offer.
    Mail to Noll
    P.o. Box 492
    Edwardsburg. Mi. 49112

  37. ON our disembarkment from the Oasis of the Seas on the 18th November, on collection of our luggage, we found one item missing as we arrived at the airport, I contacted Royal Caribbean on the 19th November, The person who contacted us stated they would be in contact soon!!!!! she came back on the 27th November stating they have found my missing luggage and there would be a shipping fee to England 0f $195, and gave me a phone number to ring, another person contacted me on the 28th but I have had no correspondence form him!!!! again the lady e-mailed me on 6th Dec stating the number she gave me was their LON office !!!, as I live in England which I had informed her and asked her what LON was< she again replied that her name was Nadine and she was my Guest Experience team member, and she would be in touch soon,
    I have had no communication since the 6th, and no luggage, can you please help to resolve this issue and time is getting on and I am afraid the luggage with be lost forever

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