Contact Rolex Customer Service

Contacting Rolex Customer Service Center

Rolex is a German watch company with a name that’s become synonymous with luxury, power and money. There is very little information in terms of customer service listed on the Rolex website. We’re not sure why Rolex lists no contact information, but we believe there could be a dedicated customer service site or phone system for customers who purchase Rolex watches and jewelry.

to leave a comment about your customer service experience.

Contact Info:

All contact information for Rolex customer service is based in Germany. The company does not operate a regional office in the United States, as far as we can tell. If you want to contact a local store that may be able to provide Rolex customer service, check out the US Authorized Dealers page.

Phone Contact Numbers

Both the phone and fax number listed to contact Rolex customer service direct the customer to Germany. Call your telephone, landline or cell, before making this call. International calling rates are higher than domestic calls and tend not to be covered under unlimited calling plans. There are no Rolex customer service offices in the United States.

  • Customer Service: +49 221 16 500
  • Corporate Headquarters: +41 22 302 22 00
  • Fax: +49 221 1650 580

Mailing Address

The mailing address for Rolex directs your letter to Germany. This is the only address listed on the website and the only one we could find for the company. Before sending your letter to Rolex customer service, contact the US postal service, if mailing from the US. It may cost more to send the letter outside the US.

ROLEX Deutschland GmbHDompropst Ketzer Str 1-950667 KolnPostfach 10 30 41

Official Website

Check out the official Rolex website at This version of the site is in US English, but there are sites in various languages. Visit to choose a different language. You can learn about all the latest pieces in the Rolex collection.

Customer Service Email

The home website for Rolex is located at That is also where the email address directs customer service emails. There is a chance the customer service agent may not speak perfect English or English at all, but that chance is slim at best.

Our Experience

Unless customers live in Germany, they will not have the ability to contact the customer service department. Instead, they can contact an authorized dealer in there local area. We wanted to communicate with the customer service department, so we are relying on email communication. We sent a message asking if our warranty would be voided if a non-authorized dealer repaired a Rolex.

If you have contacted the customer service department at Rolex, we would love to hear your story. Share it below.

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95 Comments on “Contact Rolex Customer Service
  1. Hi Rolex,
    Actually I prefer very much Rolex watch. A simple question is that “Is it possible to get a free leather belt Rolex wristwatch?”. I know the answer of this question is either “yes” or “No”. But I never fixed up the answer.

  2. You charged me $675 for a new clasp for my submariner but did not return my old clasp,you stole my property,this violates ohio’s cspa,I want my old clasp back,or rebate on my new,a violation of the Ohio cspa is triple damages plus attorney fees please respond regarding your intentions

    • I have the exact same problem. Did you get any resolution? If so, how?
      It’s so frustrating when a $15.00 fashion watch keeps more accurate time. I’ve taken it to several authorized Rolex repair sites & sent it back several times. No improvement.

  3. I purchased my Rolex several years ago and at first was very happy. I subsequently purchased the diamond face as a replacement. Needless to say the watch is beautiful but is very inaccurate, in fact useless as a timepiece. When I first noticed it was running fast, I sent it to New York the authorized repair center. I waited several months for it to be returned. Shortly thereafter it began running fast again so I sent it back to New York and again, waited months for its’ return. It is still running very fast (gained 40 minutes in the last 5 months). I paid a lot of money for the watch and diamond face. Is there any resolution to this problem? Thank you.

  4. I would like to work for rolex one day I really think making watches would be cool.
    But right now I’m not old enough to go to any college
    I am only 12 years old but I think it would be a good job to work for.

  5. I have an older Rolex from the 80s that has worked fine for many years. Recently it just stopped working .
    Do these precision watches have lifetime warranties??? Is there an email I can send a picture of it and ask this same question? Thanks. Bruce

  6. I purchased a Rolex submariner watch in St. Maarten last February and it cost me more than $12,000. It has only been 10 months and the watch is not keeping time correctly. I brought the watch to an authorized dealer, Long’s Jewelers in Boston, and they informed me that the watch is in need of repair and that I will need to send it away for repair. This is absolutely unacceptable. I believe that Rolex is overrated and I would not recommend Rolex to anybody.

    • Just a thought. About this smash and grab on Rolex watches. Can a location chip be put inside of the Rolex Watches? With all of today’s technology that should be no problem. This way you can apprehend the thieves. Please respond to this email. Thanks!

  7. I got a rolex watch yesterday and I want to change it by a more expensive one ,the dealer refuses on the baseis that he has already wrote warranty ,and he ignores customer satisfaction and that I tried to change it on the same day of purchase and that I shall pay the difference. I need support from the main office of Rolex .Thanks

  8. To whom it may concern,

    I am very interested in becoming a Rolex dealer. My family have owned and operated a small Watch Service Center in New York City for over 50 years. I have joined the family business but would like to expand into retail. It would be an honor to be able to sell Rolex Timepieces at our location. Please inform me as to how I may be able to begin the process and whom I should contact.

    Thank you greatly,

    Leonid Pikman

  9. I had my Rolex/ladies day/date serviced. They said that there was a crack on the glass and that the winder is broken. They replaced these. Total amount spent PHP20,000 or approximately USD$500 for parts and overhaul/cleaning.
    Why doesn’t Rolex Philippines return the changed parts. They claim that since 2011, they do not return the parts.
    Please advise.

  10. Hi, their is someone posting photos of a fake Rolex and trying to tell people it’s real!
    How do I get into contact with Rolex to notify them about this?

  11. Just recently I lost my beloved brother from cancer. While going through his things I discovered his Rolex. After further inspection I had noticed that the watch had indeed been through the well know Hurricane Katrina in August 2005. The hurricane completely wiped out Biloxi Mississippi, USA along with my brothers home. My Dad had said that my brother did not find his watch for months later. The watch was found with a metal detector behind his home in salty silt. He cleaned it up as best he could and put it away in a drawer thinking it was junk now. I found the watch, gave it a few shakes and the Rolex worked!!!! At this time the blue bezel will not turn, stuck from the saltwater and the housing is very pitted. The crystal is still intact!

    It amazes me the watch still works to this day! Rolex watches are truly amazing time pieces. With that said, I would be honored to have Rolex restore this watch in my brother’s memory. My brother went through 5 years fighting cancer before succumbing to its grips. He fought a wonderful battle and this watch too has seen a fight over the years. I would love to see this watch continue to LIVE!

    If you would like to see a picture of this amazing timepiece and would be interested in restoration, please do drop me a line.

    Colette Schumacher

  12. I had services my Rolex watch from Cooke & Kelvey, New Delhiand paid service charges Rs28000/-in Jan 2011, and within 6 months watch stared giving problems and start getting slow. It slows down 1 hour in 24 Hours. When I visited Delhi in Jan 13 I took watch to show Cooke & Kelvey. They said they will charge me Rs 35000/-
    It is outrages to charge so must when service was done in 2011, It is said such a brand can provide such pathetic service and charge such a huge amount. you are requested to take remedial measure and get the watch repaired.

  13. I have got a problem with my brand new Daytona watch so I would like to send an email to Rolex customer service in Switzerland, so which email address I can send it? please advise!

  14. Rolex is Timeless. If Serena Williams wins the Australian tournament, you should give her a contract. You gave it to Azaranka and where is she now? Is it because she’s Black? She is one of the best tennis players in the world and Rolex won’t sign her. Can we say racist Germans? Tsk tsk. Timeless (a 33 year old seeking 19th title). YOUR LOSS.

    • Serena Williams is an ambassador for Audemars Piguet, a manufacturer held in higher regard than Rolex within the watch industry. Maybe it’s not a question of why wouldn’t Rolex endorse her, but why would she choose Rolex over Audemars?

  15. I was watching CNN and seen a commercial of yours Telling History, I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time when I seen Tiger Woods ! Yes That tells history When he cheated on his wife with a prostitute. Lol,Lol Lol

  16. I have owned a Rolex Tiffany GMT Master (Pepsi bezel) since 1968! It has traveled with me through out Ireland, Great Britian, Easter and Western Europe and South America. My savior.
    A year ago I lost the bezel and crystal ring! Horrors.
    Just took the watch to the Rolex repair store in Beverly Hills. What a wonderful experience. Mathilda and Chris were fabulous and I had my precious watch back in just a few weeks looking brand new. And at a very good price.
    Thank you Rolex for being so owner friendly. th.

  17. I purchased a brand new rolex from Mayor’s International Mall and got poor customer service so I took it to Mayor’s Dadeland Mall for cleaning and was told the watch was defective coz hands didn’t line up. Now it’s been 4 weeks that I’ve been without a watch and I paid over $7,000 for a defective watch.

  18. I had my submariner repaired by Rolex in 2011, $1100. this year it started losing time, then it quit running altogether. Sent it to Rolex? $1357 plus tax is what the bill is. what has worn out in 4 years.

  19. I like watches and love Rolex. best creation of man, and Rolex the best of watches.I’m interested to collect watches, I really enjoy that.I have collected 40 watches specially old swiss made watches. Such as Omega, Fortis, Zodiac ,Zenith, Oris, Oranus, Enicar. Harlem, Titus, Titoni ,And … ButI never had Rolex. So I will exchange all my watches with Rolex.

  20. l like watches and love Rolex.
    Watches the best creation of man and Rolex the best of watches.
    Hi. I’m interested to collect watches,I really enjoy that.I have collected 40 watches specially old Swiss made watches such as Omega ,Fortis,Zodiac,Zenith, Oris ,Titus ,Oranus ,Titoni ,Harlem ,Joyas, Enicar , and… But I never had Rolex so I will exchange my watches with Rolex.

  21. Hi, my name is Hannah Bourdon I am from Granby Connecticut. I am a huge fan of your company and I was wondering if you guys could send me stickers of your logo. It would be awesome but if not no worries. Looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you for your time and i’ll be sure to keep purchasing and telling others about how great the products and your service is.

  22. My name is Harvey Mcgee at 708 west durant.wilburton.okla74578 I am using my brother’s Internet info. Dear sir helllo how are you? Great I hope! Dear sir or mam I have a great idea for watches. If you are interested I would like $30 million tax free u.s. dollars and send me a email to and send a check to Harvey Mcgee at the above mailing address.

  23. I’m looking at the October, 2015 edition of Golf Digest and think it is strange the ad with Jordan Spieth does not even include Jordan wearing a watch.

  24. I have a number of Rolex and other prestige watches. My experience over 40 years is don’t have them serviced! Wear regularly and just enjoy them but only take for service if broken. Then take to Rolex themselves in your country. Another couple of gripes, they don’t allow you to have a watch for life by upgrading the bezel. Ridiculous. And if you have things replaced they don’t return the original..even if solid platinum.

  25. I have bought so many Rolex watches because I had confidence in them. Two years ago I bought a date just 2 for my wife in Singapore. Unbelievably its crown has . now failed despite my wife seldom wears it.
    Its crown is worse than that of a fake Rolex.

  26. I am not impressed with my Rolex Datejust. Winding it up and changing the date is far more complicated than necessary. Further, the clip to hold the watch on my wrist is silly and came open one evening and the watch nearly fell off. Seriously over rated – I will buy Omega next time.

  27. I used to want a Rolex. From current advertisements that I’ve seen Rolex seems to be copying Timex, and I’ve already got one of those!

  28. Sir. Not at all satisfied with Custmer service at Hongkong air port the way they treated me and my wife. They were making fun of us in there language more in detail when I get back ur mail l have all name of person and card also. Which I can send u

  29. Dear customer support: It was brought to my attention that my bracelet on my oyster rolex will be in need of a new bracelet and it was serviced 4 years ago. I am soo disappointed to learn that they expand and that this was not brought to my attention at the time of purchase. I was educated that I would have to maintain it at a hefty price tag, but no mention of the gold expanding and replacement being needed. I am broken hearted. I would never have purchased a watch at this cost if I had been educated that it would need to be replace. Please help me understand why this was not taught at time of purchase? I thought these were your forever watch. Kindly, Nicole Scott

  30. Why do you advertise on Their site is quite a piece of garbage with bad English all over the place. You can’t find a better site?

  31. Just wanted to say on my way to take my and my wifes rolexes in for service as they are both loosing time , these are the worst watches I have ever owned . I spent my whole life or a good portion of it trying to get to the point of being able to purchase my first one and like most everything else in life you wait its entirety to own I am greatly disappointed..going to have to look at another brand I guess. I know you wont fix them without charge , and I know they will break’s what a Rolex does..Rest assured I will be sharing that info..John Casey

  32. Trying to get information from you about 2 watches my wife inherited from her father seems a problem. 4 days ago we sent an e-mail and photos, but as of now have had no response at all. Can you tell us what’s happening, thank you.Brian Day

  33. Just an observation–in the most recent issue of Golf magazine there is an advertisement for Rolex watches. The picture is of Jordan Spieth swinging a golf club. Seemed odd to us that he didn’t have a watch on! Really–it’s an ad for a watch–even if he doesn’t wear one when he golfs, have him put one on for the picture!

  34. Dear Friends,

    Thank you so much for making your line of watches. Am looking to buy my second one (sold the other and miss my daily automatic), and am looking at diamond embellishments, but am concerned about the sourcing of these beautiful stones. Are they conflict free? If you more recently became conflict free, can you please let me know the year you decided to make this choice? Thank you very much!


    Beth Verdekal

  35. I just had to stop, share and commend your employee Luz Marina Jesus at your New York, Madison Avenue location. My husband and I were in New York on vacation for our 20 year wedding anniversary and while we were walking around town, enjoying the scenery, we decided to do some window shopping. Obviously one of our stops was the Rolex store. My husband’s favorite watch maker! This is where we came upon your hidden treasures and I’m not only talking about your watches. Luz greeted us immediately with a kind, genuine smile. Her demeanor was friendly and welcoming. We instantly felt at home. We felt valued and respected because this is the way Luz makes you feel.

    • I was unable to finish my previous comment.
      Luz is so wonderful at what she does that without even planning on making a purchase for a new watch, my husband and I returned the very next day and purchased a new watch for him for our anniversary! Luz is an amazing person and a valuable asset to your company (to say the least)!!! Thank you Luz for making our anniversary so special and so memorable!

  36. Complain Hong Kong

    To Rolex Company, I, Xiang Zhi Feng, bought a Rolex model 116135 from your Rolex shop acrossHong Kong Times Square in Hong Kong Causeway Bay on 23 April 2016. When I return home to Urumqi I found out that my watch not moving stop and go. I call your Rolex shop in Hong Kong Causeway and talk about problem. Salesman tell me to wind the watch and no problem. I tried wind but still move a little and then stop. I go again to Hong Kong Rolex shop on 10 May 2016 to talk and ask refund. Your salesman Mr. Hung said I used half month and broke it. I tell him I use only 8 days and have problem. To prove I did not break, I ask him to go with me to repair center to see what problem. He said cannot go, your company no go repair center. I ask see manager and he said manager vacation. He was very rude not like before I buy the watch. Not even give me water until I demand. Finally I look at invoice and go to the Emperor Watch shop to complain and they sent staff with me to Rolex center to check watch. After inspection they show quality problem not my problem. Finally Mr. Hung change watch for me on demand. I much appreciate Rolex service center have inspection and show I am innocent and good work attitude. Problem solve quickly once we go to Rolex service center. But I am very angry with mr. Hung. I wasted many hours because he not face problem and not go to Rolex service center with me. Problem can solve easy but he refuse and waste my time. Today I go to Oriental Watch Company to buy one more Rolex for my wife and talk about bad bad treatment. They told me I need complain to Rolex about Emperor watch shop to allow such bad experience and create bad name for Rolex. I think Rolex allow bad salesman is very bad for name and business!!

    Xiang Zhi Feng

  37. I have Date just ladies Rolex it works great but after 20 yrs the clasp doesn’t stay closed. I am from NJ the shore area and can’t find a local dealer can regular jeweler fix my problem?

  38. I purchased my Ladies Princess Rolex 17 years ago and have enjoyed it. I recently had a protrusion on the band. When I took it into the authorized Rolex dealer they told me that the pins in the band had deteriorated to the point that I have to replace the band for $10,000. I feel this is outrageous considering that this watch is marketed as a lifetime purchase. Live time, but only if you are willing to replace the defective craftsmanship of the Rolex band one or two times in your life time.

    I cannot recommend a Rolex to anyone after this disappointment. Because I am unable to come up with $10,000 for a new band I will put my Rolex in my safe indefinitely and never wear it again. I have nothing good to say about the quality of a Rolex watch.


  39. Any chance The New Datejust 41 will be coming out with Arabic numerals on Black dial in the future? An example will be Reference #116334 with Black dial instead of Rhodium & 3235 Calibre instead of 3136. Feel free to contact me anytime if you need any more clarification before responding back to my email.

    Ayoob Meah

  40. I cannot describe in words how disatisfied I am with my Rolex watch. From day one the watch has been loosing time. It has been sent into Rolex four times over the past twenty five years. I have spent over $4,000 in repair including a new movement. Just got it back from Rolex and today I find it has lost 2 hours of time within 3 weeks.
    Rolex has style but the watch is junk. Can’t believe they can stay in business selling this type of product.

  41. To whom it may concern

    We are regular readers of the International New York times and, as such, have appreciated your advertisements of Tennis Champion Roger Federer. He is unmatched in his style and character as an athlete gentleman. We are delighted that you had him again on page 3 of last week’s issue on June 21, and hope that you will continue to do so.
    We salute your choice, and your excellence in both product and sportsmanship.

    In Sincerity,
    Mona & Fadlo Khauli ,
    Beirut, Lebanon

  42. I have been trying to buy the new Cosmograph Daytona (116500LN) but not successful. I have reached out to some Rolex authorized dealers in Hong Kong who either refused to put me on the long waiting list or scalped the price to almost 50% more. The current market price has been raised to HK$135k which is not acceptable. I think this is not the appropriate practice of being an authorized Rolex dealer. Appreciate if you advise the proper channel to get one piece at the normal price.
    Thank you.

  43. I have two of your watches, one is a stainless steel GMT Master on an oyster bracelet. When I bought it new circa 1990, I asked the dealer to supply a “flip lock” clasp, which he fitted, and I retained the original clasp. I had the watch serviced by Rolex on 14 Sep 04 without comment.
    I sent it recently for service by you via Salloways jewellers of Lichfield and your service engineer (in Kent?) is refusing to refurbish and polish the bracelet since it doesn’t have the original clasp!
    I find this unbelievable, I have explained that I had a flip lock clasp fitted to give better security and that I still have the original clasp, unused.All components of the watch are genuine Rolex components supplied by authorised Rolex agents.
    Your service engineer is not enhancing the Rolex brand with his unreasonable attitude.
    Comments please.
    D A Sandland

  44. Please send me in the mail a rolex watch catalog. Thanks. James sanchez, 8089 teakwood circle, buena park, ca 90620 2244 usa

  45. Hello,

    I have a question to ask about a Rolex watch I bought in 1999 from Ben Bridges. Since i bought this watch it has never never given me a correct time. I have taken to Ben Bridges and serviced it and still never gives me a correct time. I will set the correct time and next day it will be forward in time. After a week it will be 3 to 4 minutes ahead.
    This is a reply I got from the person working at Ben Bridges at Brea Mall in Southern California when I asked, why my watch never gives me a correct time. You know what was his reply. Rolex watches are not for time if you want to see the correct time use your cell phone, Rolex watches are worn as a jewellery.
    Let me know what you think.
    Aziz Merchant

  46. I’ve brought a Rolex watch with serial no UA728543/Model no: 178274 in June this year at Hong Kong Chow Tai Fook Jewerly Co., Ltd. Who is the authorized dealer of your company. This watch make my wrist very dirty every time after I worn it. It makes me so embarrassed as all the people thought that my watch is a counterfeit proudct. It caused me mentally distess and insomnia. This is my seventh piece of the Rolex I owned and it was never happened before like this. I spent a lot of money for your product it is because I trusted your product very much. I hereby request your company to compenate me in order to pay for the damage of my personal reputation. I’ve emailed several times to their customer service as well as their CEO, but all my email was rejected. I’ll post my bad experience on wechat, qq as well as all the major forum in case no reply from Rolex again.

  47. Is their a way to insert a tracking chip inside the case. It seems this would be an enhancement since the insurance has increased dynamically in New York.

    The agent indicated Rolex and other precious time pieces option would be self assuring when wearing to immediately be able to track if stolen or misplaced.

    Thank you,

  48. Gentlemen,
    I received my Yellow Gold Oyster18kt watch for my retirement I January, 1990.

    On July 15, 2014 I sent the watch to John Laughter Jewelry, 146 Main St., Waynesville, NC 28786 to send it to an authorized Rolex repair facility. Other than the required cleaning, the watch automatic wind function did not work properly. When the watch was returned from the repair facility the wind function still did not work properly. On Sep.24, 2014 I returned the watch for service.. The watch was returned on April 13, 2015. The wind function seemed to function properly. This service was charged at $1060.00 plus $25.00 Shipping & Handling.

    On or about December 7, 2016, The auto wind function ceased to function properly. The watch stopped every other day. I sent the watch to WatchRepair.Net, LLC for repair. The watch was serviced and returned to me. The auto wind function still did not work properly. When I contacted WatchRepair.Net I was told that the function could not be repaired and that I would need to use an external winding mechanism to keep the watch running. This service cost $989.00 + $100.00 shipping cost.

    After spending over $2000 to fix the problem I would think it would get fixed. Is there anything you can do to remedy the situation without it costing me another $1000.00.
    Thank you.

  49. I bought in 1985 in Hong Kong a lady’s Rolex with lapislázuli sphere that has turned black since last year. Is it under some kind of warranty?
    Thank you
    Sylvia Valdes

  50. To rolex company,
    i have idea to spend my income to sports cricket, trophy of rolex, when my titan & rolex, bread show room will susses. so give me one opp in my city.


  51. How do you keep only one of a kind at a time?  Ifthereis more demand for your low end watches you have to keep inventory.   Or,  your demand is so low that you can keep customers waiting for two weeks.  I have a degree in Industrial Engineering and I don’t understand how you’re doing it.   Do you have a process engineer or someone I can email?

  52. When is Rolex going to wake up and make a bigger face watch you guys have had the same watch sizes for decades you need to make a bigger watch bigger then 50mm not all of us have little girl wrists there’s a huge market you are leaving out by staying with your old ways !!!!!

  53. When is Rolex going to wake up and make a bigger face watch you guys have had the same watch sizes for decades you need to make a bigger watch bigger then 50mm not all of us have little girl wrists there’s a huge market you are leaving out by staying with your old ways !!!!! Please make a new watch ASAP


  55. Just been enquiring for my next Rolex collection at a local authorised dealer in Doha. Unfortunately for me to get the timepiece that I wanted, I was forced to purchase another timepiece. First occasion the new stainless steel Daytona, I was asked to purchase the same model but in Gold. Second occasion, I was enquiring the Submariner (Green Dial), I have been asked to purchase the Tudor equivalent and have asked why do I need to purchase something that I don’t want or need. The response from the Sales Person quoted that “it’s a marketing from Rolex”, which I totally disagreed. The third occasions, I was enquiring the new Sea Dweller (50th) however they would not put me on the waiting list as am not local. So far I have sent an email to Rolex Customer Services and no reply as of yet. Hoping that such a reputable Watch Maker will be big enough to response to such a bad business practices occurring at their Authorised Dealer.

  56. I purchased my Rolex 32 years ago, after my husband traded me in for a newer and better model. I have kept up with the maintenance on it. However I’m told my watch is worth one thousand dollars. And to service it has gotten to be a burden to my finances. Women are making more money today than in my day. Marketing to them with this pitch might get my watch serviced. “My husband left me for a newer model, ladies if you’re looking for dependability and long lasting satisfaction – BUY A ROLEX”. Thank you for helping me get my watch serviced

  57. I have owned 3 Rolex watches a bold and stainless and 2 stainless and have had the same problem with all three, the stem fo0r changing date and time has broken off and the one I am currently wearing,(a stainless) the hour hand has rubbed off part of the face between 9 and 12. I love the watches but I am very frustrated having had this problem with no help from Rolex

  58. Had my Rolex overhauled and cleaned in one of their Rolex centers, they polished the case nicely but it became really sharp on the edges. They should have just done it lightly. Though its clean and nice but I feel after polishing the case became 1mm smaller. I don’t think they are hiring professional in the Rolex centers. 20 years of trust G O N E !

  59. purchased expensive rolex in italy whilst on holiday. very pleased with watch but the only snag is instruction booklet only writen in italian. contacted rolex to see if i could get booklet in english, i supplied model serial number etc, the result nothing. so much for customer service for one of the most expensive watches around

  60. Why have company Swiss Crown USA copy your logo ,you are not made law to them,made your Rolex watch friends so sad to buy Swiss Crown watch

  61. Rolex anniversary Sea Dweller 43 MM has a retail price of $13,000. CANADIAN—-
    OTTAWA ON AUTHORIZED DEALER — Howard’s Jewellers trying to sell above retail. Will not sell it for MSRP.

    From Howard: I only have one $13,850. plus taxes = $15,650……Advise if you wish to proceed with a credit card deposit so I can put it on hold for you…Howard

  62. I purchased my Datejust in 1984 in steel my first high end timepiece. I had a friend who was a long term watchmaker who serviced the watch over the years unfortunately he passed away . I decided to sent my watch to the NYC service center. As a watch collector I told the center that I wanted to keep the original dial and hands but agreed to replace the crown for water resistance. I want to THANK YOU for the WONDERFUL service completed on my watch it looks and runs like new ! Can you please thank / commend the watchmaker who serviced my watch he/she did a fantastic job and deserves the recognition ! Love my Rolex !!

  63. My Rolex is 35 years old and stopped. Okay I get that. Jeweler sent it off for service. $1154.00 later it is still not working. I wound it, as suggested by Rolex. Still not working on my wrist. Will I have to pay AGAIN to get it to function properly? My husband bought it for me on our honeymoon so a sentimental piece.

  64. Due to your sponsorship of Lindsey Vonn our household will no longer purchase any of your products due to her recent TV interview disrespecting our President.

  65. Having been a Rolex wearer for 30 years I have to write in complete disappointment and dismay at the customer service we recently experienced in two of your ROLEX dealers in Siagon Vietnam recently. We were not acknowledged upon entry and when we were browsing not one of your sales people approached us – we were cash ready to purchase a present for my wife but left very quickly as we felt extremely uncomfortable in both locations – I have never experienced service like this before and have purchased your product all over the world – would think twice again before purchasing Rolex – very very disappointed

  66. I had my watch serviced less than two years ago for inaccurate time keeping paid 650.00 and low and behold 2 years later the watch is picking up over a minute a day. My 200 dollar Seiko keeps better time. I am disgusted by the fact that rolex can take a watch keep it a month and send it back in the same or worse condition than when they took possession of it. My rolex rides in a watch winder 24 hours a day now because it is to inaccurate for me to use in my work or recreational life it keeps better time when stopped. at least its right twice a day then.

  67. have owned my rolex now for almost 6 years. It was made in the 1970’s and has a blue indigo face that is no longer made. The original owner passed away (died) and had no heirs to pass it on to so his widow sold it and I was the lucky gentleman who procured it. Sadly it did not come with the letter with the serial number and authenticity which I’ve been told I can never get replaced. But I do plan to have it serviced so it can be restored to its original beauty like new.

    It is my favorite time piece and I wear it for all formal and special occasions. I also plan to make it a family heirloom to pass on to my children. As it is such a special piece and so important to me I dare not wear it regularly with fear that I will damage it. I am in the US military and deal with many hazardous things which come with my profession.

    With that in mind I wear a Samsung 3 smart watch which has the ability to change/purchase new faces to accommodate any situation. I have noticed that there are no Rolex faces on the system but several cheap knockoff versions. As I can’t wear my real Rolex would it be possible for the Rolex company to commission elecronic Rolex faces for smart watches so that people like me and those who cannot afford real Rolex can enjoy them.

    With today’s computer technology I know a computer generated Rolex can be created to function like a real one. It would provide a large source of revenue for your company and they would be really popular everywhere. Thank you for taking the time to read my message.

  68. I find it impossible to believe that an international company like Rolex does not have a 24/7 customer service number in USA or for that matter worldwide.
    Are you relying upon your name to be able to compete in this international marketplace- well understand you are jeopardizing your past glory.

  69. I purchased a Rolex Oyster on 5th July 2017. The salesman took two links out as the watch was quite loose. I have now found the strap is a bit tight, and wanted to have a link re fitted but I could not find the spare links in the box, The watch was purchased in Liverpool, I took it to my home town (Torquay in Devon) they agreed the links were not in the box, I was told I would have to purchase two more links. I do not accept this, is it possible you could supply two links for me please

  70. Hi,
    You are a sponsor of the golf european tour and yet your advert on their website shows the incorrect time!!!

  71. I have a fake Rolex, didn’t know it was fake until I took it to a Rolex dealer.
    I wanted to know if you wanted to buy it or if I could sell it to a person wanting to buy it. It doesn’t work at all.
    Thank you for your time,
    Pat smith
    Pittsburg, TX

  72. hi myself dr rishin shah and have a quary about rolex watches as i saw the advertisement on TIME VILLA that rolex is giving 75 % discout ,,, is a real one or fake ,,, at least u can check it out too …

  73. I have come across website selling fake Rolex openly (as one of the sponsors to a website).
    Dropped a wechat to Rolex but no reply. How can we help to stop these activities?

    The concern is more to help unaware buyers down the stream whom could have paid full price for a fake.

  74. To whom t may concern:
    It’s truly very sad that German Engineering and Production at one time exceeded all expectations. Thence were of the very best in quality, efficiency, perseverance, and depend abilities leastwise. Yes then were people always assured, if it carried their name brand there was no doubt about the exceptional quality, attention to detail, and durability! What happened to those peoples who had that much consideration,, care, account-abilities, exceptional pride, and respect about anything they ever developed and produced?
    Furthermore everything which is designed and afterwards manufactured definitely excludes all us left handers as well! Yea I’m still yet presently interested in a simple day-date which is mechanically wound up. Yet I’d consider a self winder such as the 40mm series Calbre 3255 as well except it needs to be designed for us left handers too! Thence What? Is there still yet not enough of us? Yes as well wherein is this equally applied, designed, and manufactured thence too?

  75. I am rolex customer i need to buy rolex gmt master2 pepsi but i am not find this watches in 9 countries i live in middle east what i do ?? Many people waiting list

  76. Dear Sirs
    I’ve left my watch at your head service
    in Brussels ( avenue Louise 361); and I was very negatively surprised when settling my repair ( 1600 €) and I couldn’t pay with Amex … how come ? A brand like Rolex is saving credit card commissions..? It’s really a bit sad …

  77. Dear Sirs
    I’ve left my watch at your head service
    in Brussels ( avenue Louise 361); and I was very negatively surprised when settling my repair ( 1600 €) and I couldn’t pay with Amex … how come ? A brand like Rolex is saving credit card commissions..? It’s really a bit sad …

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