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Contacting Ricoh Customer Service Center

Ricoh is a multi-national company that claims to sell eco-friendly electronics, including printers, digital copiers and projectors. There is an official website for the main company, but the US division offers a separate website as well. In terms of Ricoh customer service, there is not much to go on. The support page aims to provide support not contact.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

After fumbling through the information listed on the Ricoh customer service page, we realized the customer service contact numbers were listed under the Make a Selection heading. Customers have to choose the topic of the call to find the appropriate phone number.

  • Sales: 1-800-637-4264
  • Projector Support: 1-800-742-6438
  • Camera Imaging Support: 1-714-566-3537

There are no other customer service phone numbers listed, but we believe the sales number may be useful as the customer service representative may be able to transfer the call to customer service.

Mailing Address

No mailing address is listed on the Ricoh customer service page, but we found the corporate address easily enough in the privacy policy.

Ricoh Americas Corporation70 Valley Stream PkwyMalvern, PA 19355

Official Website

The official website for Ricoh is located at There is a support page on that site, but you’ll likely be directed to the Ricoh USA page when you choose USA support of any kind. Customer service options and information is scarce, but product support in terms of drivers, downloads and email/FAQs support is quite heavy. Many companies choose to reduce operating budgets by skipping in person customer service for online customer service. This may be the case for Ricoh.

Customer Service Email

The best way to contact Ricoh customer service by email is to use the Customer First form There are dedicated email forms for many of the customer service departments, however.

We chose to use the general customer service contact form to ask our question. We hope to receive a detailed response in a short amount of time, but we’ll tell you what happens (and include the actual response) either way.

Our Experience

Although the overall call was acceptable, the length of time customers wait is not ideal. When we were waiting for a customer service agent, the automated system  continued to offer customers the ability to leave a message. This option is easy, but takes away from the human interaction.

After waiting for close to 4 minutes, a customer service agent answered the call. We asked the agent for additional ways to communicate with the customer service department aside from calling and email. The agent explained customers could communicate with the customer service department on the Twitter page or the Facebook page. This was a long call for such a short answer. Does your customer service story differ? Comment below.

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5 Comments on “Contact Ricoh Customer Service
  1. Just to tell you that I truly appreciate the patience and efficiency of Sam Allen extended to me this morning -assisting me with my toner & refill staples order. Since it is the first time for me to register on-line, she explained clearly what I needed to do, how to get my order done, what she was doing to assist me, and then finally getting my orders through. Sam Allen has been so helpful and needless to say personifies a ‘truly Customer Service voice & person”. Thanks, Lee Dulog, Legal Dept. New Community Corporation

  2. Our wide format copier at the Town of Harrison Engineering Dept. ends on 11/14/2014. Can you please tell us when you need a letter because we do not want to auto renew. We might want to buy out. Please give us information on how would should do this and by when. Contract #036-0029149-000

    Ann Mcdonough

  3. Is’nt technology marvelous – just a few years ago if you wanted to report a fault with your photo-copier you had to dial a number and speak with the person who answered, who would get an engineer down within a day or so.This could sometimes take up to 5 minutes ! But now you spend, like I have all morning, trying to get past an extremely irritating recorded message telling you to press this that or the other number only to find that the number you want is engaged !! Alternatively, you can try on line to report your fault – oh joy of joy’s what an even worse experience that is – it appears that I dont exist, so of course, I cannot report my fault. So here I am at 12.35pm and no closer to reporting my faulty photocopier. If anyone ever bothers to read this, you can contact me on the above e-mail address. I shall now give up completely and use my fax machine to copy stuff.

  4. I found another number for Ricoh, if it’s any help to anyone.
    It was VERY difficult to get in touch with anyone, and actually had to go through GE’s billing department to get a number for them. My initial question was never answered, but at least I now have a phone number for them. Hope this helps.

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