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Contacting Revlon Customer Service Center

Revlon is a beauty company in every sense of the term. The company develops and sells products for lips, eyes, face, nails and hair. To keep you feeling beautiful you can buy fragrances, beauty tools and more. The product line is constantly changing, but the front page is always scrolling Revlon’s newest products.

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Contact Info:

We’ve integrated some corporate information into the Revlon customer service information provided on the website. Sometimes customers call customer service and don’t find the resolution they’re looking for. In these cases, corporate is the next best contact.

Phone Contact Numbers

Talking to a customer service representative from Revlon means you have to call between 7 AM and 6 PM Monday to Friday ET.

  • Revlon Phone Number: 1-800-473-8566
  • Corporate: 1-212-527-4000
  • Fax: 1-919-603-2953

Mailing Address

One piece of contact information you won’t easily find on the Revlon customer service website is the mailing address for consumer contact. We found the US office listed on the Revlon Global link.

Revlon IncAttn: Customer Service237 Park AveNew York, NY 10017

Official Website

The Revlon website can be found at The site opens with a series of pictures marketing the latest Revlon products. You can also access information on Revlon products by hovering over the Explore Revlon button on the lower left corner of the site. We found the website slightly difficult to navigate due to the large display and Flash technology used to keep the site moving at all times.

Social Media

Revlon is a beauty company and beauty is one of the most popular topics across all social media sites. You can find Revlon on:

Customer Service Email

The Contact Us page for Revlon customer service is small with only a contact form and phone number. The contact form is simple to fill out and send.

Our Experience

We attempted to find the fastest way to move through the Revlon customer service call when we called, but we failed – the first time. The call is answered by a slow speaking message about the Revlon company and customer service monitoring. It took about 40 seconds for the call to start listing options. We chose to call back to test out pressing 0 to skip the message and it worked. Our second call was answered by Sharon just 20 seconds into the call. You do NOT have to wait for the automated system to start listing options to press 0. When the call is answered, immediately press 0 to transfer your call to an agent.

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115 Comments on “Contact Revlon Customer Service
  1. I bought your Revlon crystal nile file..used it and followed directions on how to clean it…it has a lifetime guarantee on does not work anymore after one use…..thank you for listening to me about your product..

  2. I am very unhappy that you have discontinued the powder blush color Tawny Peach, which I have used for over 45 years. I can find no replacement in your Revlon line which works for my complexion. I have had to switch to Cover Girl to find something close. Is there any way I can still purchase Tawny Peach powder blush?

  3. Please bring back your cuticle cream — there’s nothing on the market like it and I’ve tried so many only to be disappointed!


  4. I cannot find Revlon Colorsilk #72 strawberry blonde in any Houston store. Please tell me that you are still making it. My hair needs done and I am getting desparate
    Thank You.

  5. Thank you for the helpful response I just received about the blush brush, over the phone with customer service.

  6. I used Revlon scented nail polish, #300 “Cotton Candy” on my fingernails a few weeks ago. I rarely use polish, but thought this nice light pink would be agreeable.

    I removed the polish to find my nails bright yellow – as if I had worn deep red. I have tried lemon juice, all types of cleaners and even bleach, and they will not fade. I have used nail buffers on the surface with no improvement.

    What a disaster! I can either continue to cover them up, or let them be yellow until they completely grow out.

    Any suggestions?

  7. I am 56 and have been using revlon colorstay liquid foundation for many years. Over those years I have occasionally given other brands of makeup a try if they were on special but they never came close to the staying power of colorstay. But since you have changed your packaging to a pump bottle which is much better than the screw top, I have noticed that the formula has also changed and not for the better. I am so disappointed in this formula change as now I notice that by lunch time but makeup is starting to melt off my face. I cannot understand why you would mess with something that was already perfect. I have decided now I may as well use another brand that is less expensive as I’m not prepared to spend my money on your product that doesn’t do what it says anymore . Please explain to me why you have changed it as I can’t make sense of it . Denise

    • I also agree with the above paragraph. I have been using Revlon’s age defying liquid makeup for many many years, and you have changed all the colors. Also, it is more oily and stains if it gets on anything. Why do manufacturers have to change a good product.This happens to a lot of products. The old formula made my skin look like it was air brushed, and also a young look for me. Please bring the old formula back. Linda

  8. I bought Mitchum Power Gel anti perspirant and deodorant from clicks last week and I am experiencing the worst thing ever. After putting it on it gets sticky, then after a while my armpits are all white and dirty. This is not what I paid for, I am very disappointed @ this product. What is written on it is totally opposite to what I am experiencing. I need a response to this or a number that I can use to speak to your customer complaints department. Because this product has a problem either its faulty or its just misleading with a high price though that one had to pay. I was looking for an expiry date in vain. Instead I saw this number 13122 underneath. I am very irate with this,

  9. I adore Jean Nate and have used since I became an adult and absolutely love the clean, fresh scent; unfortunately, Revlon has closed it’s outlets where I used to secure the cologne, now only the powder and after bath splash are available to buy.

    Is there some other avenue to purchase Jean Nate cologne spray through; I would greatly appreciate any assistance you can provide. Thanks so much.

  10. In August I purchased two Revlon 1/2″ mineral conditioning crystals curling iron.The # 761318200536…Bar code. After using one of the irons for a month, found the coating was pealing off. This in turn grabbed at my hair and not a smooth release. I hadn’t opened the package on the second one so took it back to the store for a refund. The reason I purchased two at a time is because I was thrilled to find the the 1/2″ size.I think the company should be using the stainless steel instead of this material.I would appreciate a response.

  11. I used to love the Almay mascara for Hazel Eyes. The formula has changed and now does not work the same. The mascara often flakes off. I have bought a couple bottles just to see, and they are all the same.

    Do you have any other mascara products that are similar to the old Almay mascara? Any suggestions?

  12. Please stop testing your products on animals as you have taken the initiative long back in 1989 but now to enter in to China market you are funding the testing on animals.Please stop doing this as more people can buy your products.
    Because you are indirectly funding testing on animals I have decided not to use your products anymore.

  13. I just bought a new bottle of Jean Nate. I have some history with this product – I’m 65 and have used it since high school days – and have loved it. Until now! This new bottle has a similarity to the old scent, but it’s not the same. I hadn’t tossed my old, nearly empty bottle when I tried the new splash, so I had something to compare it to. There is a very obvious difference that is not good. What it reminds me of is goat cheese or the smell of goat milk. Maybe an hour has passed since I splashed the new Jean Nate and I can still smell the lingering goat scent. My family operates a successful candy manufacturing business and we often get advice to automate – which would require changing our recipe or formulation. We have resisted this because we know our customers are our most important asset. My question is why would you change a proven product to a lesser product and how can you still call it original?

  14. first off, thanks for great products
    second off. I want to purchsse some great products of yours and am a HARD time finding-
    My products are Aquamarine Body Lotion
    and Jean Nate cologne
    Some of the places checked for lotion, the bottles are over $20 a bottle- is this Right??????????
    PLEASE send me a list of where these products can be purchased at reasonable rates. THANK YOU

    • I bought a Lash Potion too was very dry, not usable. But Revlon have said they`ll send me vouchers to buy anything from Revlon.

  15. have been using your age defying make up for years. just bought new one in new bottle. what has happened??? it is now orange instead of that beautiful beige. I am very disappointed and now I must try to find another brand in the right shade. please help….

  16. I have been buying your product Revlon New Complexon for years. Recently I bought it, just to find out the design was changed. Upon useing it, I found it not easy to do so. You have put the mirror on bottom of the makeup on the otherside! It should be that they are opposite from one another. Though I do not want to, and I love this product, I may have to look elsewhere for a new product. Unhappy Customer!

  17. Sorry to say I won’t be using Revlon Frost & Glow for my do-it-yourself frosting anymore. When in college and my hair was 14 inches longer, one box of Frost & Glow was able to cover my entire head. Now, with chin length hair, I need to purchase multiple boxes to obtain the same coverage. Scrimping on your product lost you a loyal customer. PS I am the family “froster”, and won’t buy Revlon Frost & Glow when frosting my cousins hair either. It doesn’t get the job done anymore.

  18. I am so disappointed that I can’t find your Root Erase by Colorsilk in the Dark Auburn. I see it on your website, but not available in ANY store. Is this item discontinued? Is there any replacement? This is an awesome product and would be very sad if it were not available anymore. So easy to use and matches my haircolor perfectly.

  19. I used ultima 11 wonder wear makeup for over 30 years it was a fabulous foundation I tried to buy it from other countries when you stoped making it I have never found anything that takes its place I have been reading comments today from other countries with people saying the same as me I have spent a fortune on other foundations but they never can compair to wonder wear can you please listen to all of us and please please please bring it back we would be such happy customers again can you please let me know if there is any chance of this

  20. I have been using your emery boards for 55 years, and this year find that they are of a very poor quality, hardly and emery on them and not lasting at all. I had an old package and compared, and there is no comparison, . If you are trying to save money, it won;t work if no one buys presently inferior, and nearly useless product

  21. ‘re:,Revlon prime pink 004. Colourstay liquid lipstick

    I have heard this has been discontinued, but….are there any in any of the warehouses? This is a superb lipstick and suits my colouring, and stays on for hours.

    Please bring this back, or tell me of any of your other products in this colour.

    Thanking you in anticipation.


  22. Re: Prime pink colourstay ultimate liquid lipstick

    I have heard that this has been discontinued.Is it possible that this product may be in one of your warehouses?
    Or do you have a similar product in this colour, as I cannot find a lipstick in this colour anywhere else and it us a superb product, and stays on for hours.

    Thank you.
    L Lockley.

  23. Two weeks ago at the CVS I purchased your Revlon Colorstay 24 hr creme eyeliner, buy 1 get 1 half price. I did not realize I was buying a creme eyeliner. It is very difficult to apply, it does not go on even, and you have to take extra time to apply it. I can’t return it because I don’t have the receipt. I like a liquid that is quick to apply and dry. Yes,this stays on very well but too time consuming to apply. I WOULD NOT recommend this product for purchase. Thank you.

  24. Hi I had bought a $45 dollar vanity mirror and I went to go turn it on today and nothing happened! Please help!

  25. I purchased your colorstay smoky shadow stick at my local cvs. I used it for about one month regularly and was very happy with the product. Then all of a sudden I started getting these tiny little scratches on my eyes exactly at the points were the shadow was applied. I even pulled out sharp little metal tiny strips from my eye lid. What is in this product that is causing such abrasive conditions?????It is awful!!!! Of course I stopped using it and feel like sending the product in to confirm what is in it and why my eye lids have been “scratched”. I am soooo very disappointed and can not believe that this did not happen to anyone else. I do not have any allergies and have never had a problem with makeup. I would appreciate a response and some advice how to restore the rough dry scratched eye skin

  26. I bought the 43G medium golden brown hair color and the institutions used a different color(03G). When I used it to test the color it turned my hair a blonde shade.. I have dark brown hair.. I will have to buy another color just to get back to my original color to start over.. Very disappointed that I am spending more money to fix a problem that was not my fault..

  27. I purchased 2 revlon lipstick as I was going on a crouise. I was very disapointed as both covers would no stay on.I have beeen using this lipstick for years and never had a promlem. #467 plum baby. The store where I bought it could not help me. Thank you your time. I will still buy this lipstick as it my favorite.

  28. Dear Sirs or to Whom it may concern, my Grandma bought me a 15 ounce bottle of Aquamarine Extra Body Shampoo for me to take with me on my Hawaiian Honeymoon in 1989, since then Grandma has passed on and Iam wondering where I can purchase this fantastic and wonderful shampoo. Iam willing to buy a case from you and your Company, or else you can tell me where I can buy this” only shampoo” for me in stores. I only want this shmpoo, thank you!!!

  29. I have been using your Revlon new complexion powder for some time now but will be dicontinuing to do so.This has been the third powder that I have purchased and after the first use the powder has broken in tiny blocks.This is unacceptable,my bag as been messed due to the powder being loose,many of my friends and colleagues have have experienced the same problems and move to another product,Revlon is a good brand and I would hate to move to another brand.

  30. I purchased two hair dyes from WalMart. I only had the dye on for about a minute and it burning I rinsed my hair and now my scalp is burnt and my hair is a little Fried. Never again will I buy colorsilk again!!!

  31. I purchased Colorstay Creme Gel Eyeliner. It is not a creme or gel it is totally dry and too hard to apply.

  32. First of all, do you really read the comments that your customers send? I saw no replies to the reviews / comments. I have been using Revlon’s Age Defying makeup for many years. I have always bought 04 Nude Beige. It is no longer available and you have changed the bottle to a pump type. Not a good choice. The “straw” that the makeup has to go through is too tiny. And the pump doesn’t always work. Plus, if I pry off the top so that I can get to the makeup, then I have nothing to cover it to keep it from drying out. Not sure who thought the pump would be a great idea, but please go back to the screw on top!! And bring back 04 Nude Beige. I will find another cosmetics company for my makeup. Hopefully, I will see that Revlon has gone back to the screw on top for Age Defying makeup. There’s a saying…….”If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Revlon should have adhered to that principle with this makeup and the bottle style.

    I’m a big fan of your now discontinued hair color product; HIGH DIMENSION HAIR COLOR. This is the greatest product a frequent haircoloring woman could ever hope for. It’s very gentle, covers completely & very fast in just 10 minutes. Best Product EVER!!!…I loved it & used many of the shades it came in. I saved a couple boxes & recently colored my hair with it. It reminded me that this is still the best. Is there anywhere I can buy it or reorder it from you folks??..If you bring it back to the stores, I promise you won’t be disappointed. THANK YOU!!!

  34. To whom it may concern,
    I just wanted to say I am currently wearing the 620 Roulette Rush by Revlon and I love it! It’s a ruby color like my birthstone as my birthday is July 25th and it is so long lasting! The color is vibrant and really makes my fingers pop! It especially looks good with a matching lipstick. I would like to be a brand ambassador for Revlon and show off more colors. Do you have a position available?

    Fashionably yours truly,

  35. I brought Revlon colourburst matte balm in striking. The colour is nice but it is a horrendous product. It comes off after an hour and it dries my lips. For the price it cost, £7.99, it is not worth it. I would be grateful if you could refund my money.


  36. Your “one-eyed” symbolic commercials are astounding.
    Wow.They are noticed by many millions of awake Americans.
    But, every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess that Jesus Is Lord.
    So go on deceiving and being deceived with your “Wonderful” commercials of your coming “new dawn”.
    God is patient and the Devils time is short.


  38. Dear customer service,. Sunday’s paper dated 7/27/14 said there
    was a coupon for your gel polish……However, there was not any.
    Would it be possible for you to send me the $3.00 coupon so that
    I could try your gel polish. I use only Revlon makeup….
    Thank you in advance…….Betty Galinko

  39. please let me know if you stil make and where I can find Revlon lipstick #714, color is poppyseed red, in green tube. How can I order some if not available in stores. Thanks.

  40. I recently purchased a second bottle of some of your scented nail polish. It was the same color/ scent, but this bottle has consistently yellowed my nails when I wear it. Not sure if the formula or something has changed, but I am seriously disappointed in this product and frustrated that I cannot seem to fix my nails to be their natural color again. I will not be purchasing another product like this from your company.

  41. I have purchased a hair dryer with brush attachments (has pink handle). After the first week, the ‘notch’ that holds the attachment to the handle does NOT work. It slips off due to the poor design. Can I return to you for a new one?

  42. Purchased an ionic 1875w hair dryer less than a year ago and the high style button does not work. Feel as though this shouldn’t have happened maybe a malfunction on this style hair dryer have not had problems with revlon products previously.

  43. I have used aquamarine deodorant for more than 30 years and I do not find it anymore. I have not found anything like it. Can I find it somewhere? If not, Can you suggest something similar? I am desesperate.
    Best regards.

  44. Bold lacquer mascara is the worst mascara I have EVER used. Terribly clumpy, thick and gross. It doesn’t add volume or length – it just adds a thick mass of clumpy black ooze to your eyelashes. AWFUL product.

  45. Cindy was nice and helpful and professional. I didn’t realize until later that the Model number was on the paperwork, but if I didn’t have the paperwork, which most most people don’t save, they wouldn’t know the model. It is a small circle pink on pink and you can see the Danger and Electrocution Possible, but the engraving for the model number is minute to say the least. Cindy said if it was put on any other way it would come off and that’s not what I meant. I meant it could be put on in black or gray to match some part of the dryer or maybe in a different place. I had to get two magnifying glasses to read it partially. Not everybody would do what I did. That’s a bit much!! I do love Revlon and have always bought your products.

  46. Cindy was nice and helpful and professional. I didn’t realize until later that the Model number was on the paperwork, but if I didn’t have the paperwork, which most most people don’t save, they wouldn’t know the model. It is a small circle pink on pink and you can see the Danger and Electrocution Possible, but the engraving for the model number is minute to say the least. Cindy said if it was put on any other way it would come off and that’s not what I meant. I meant it could be put on in black or gray to match some part of the dryer or maybe in a different place. I had to get two magnifying glasses to read it partially. Not everybody would do what I did. That’s a bit much!! I do love Revlon and have always bought your products.


  47. I have been using Revlon Age Defying make up and I really like it but please tell me why they would make a bottle that the whole top will come off (if you are not very careful) when you go to take the plastic top off. Yesterday it came off and slipped out of my hand and I spilled about a half bottle on my bathroom floor. I will hesitate to buy this again until the bottle changes.

  48. I really like Revlon’s Photoready– but I dislike the packaging. It’ s a waste when you can’t get all of the lotion out of the bottle. Can’t something be done? RLH

  49. I have been using the Revlon colorstay overtime lipcolor for several years. This latest one I bought is driving me craxy. The color end leaks. Everytime I use it I have to wipe the lipstick off of that side. Such a mess. This is the first time this has happened. The color is Non-stop cherry that I purchased at either Walgreens or Walmart.

  50. I have used Revlon ColorStay eyeliner (Cocoa)for years and it is the only color and only crayon that works on my thin blondish eyebrows. I am not a blond at all but I have blond eyebrows and the Colorstay Cocoa comes closer to my natural hair color than anything else I have found. PLEASE,PLEASE, do not discontinue this product! Every other color and pencil, product for brows looks phony and funny on my brows. Many thanks for taking my comments!

  51. I have used Revelon curling irons forever. I finally after ten years had to throw one away, it just quit working.
    I purchased a package of two curling irons, one is 1 in, the other 2 in. Neither one of them work. I threw away the hard plastic casing, and of course the receipt. Plugging them in, they don’t even get warm, let alone hot. What can you do for me to get me to buy your product again?
    Thank you for your time. Your response will be greatly appreciated.
    Regina Doup

  52. I wish to inform you there is only 01 and 02 Transculent Powder in my area, Bangsar Baru, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Is there number 03 Transculent Powder as well if we want a colour darker than our skin ?

    Kindly give out Transculent Powder No. 3 to the local pharmacies.
    I want to have a darker look. (No. 4 as well).

    Thank you.

  53. On Jan. 17, 2015 I purchased a new product of yours to color my hair. It is Colorsilk Lumininista #165 Light Carmel Brown. As usual I start at the top and did the roots…BEFORE I even got the top done it was getting warm, I did not think too much then and continued sides and back. I could not finish as my scalp was on fire. I immediately started rinsing. I have used your hair products plus your cosmetics for years, this is new and thought I would give it a try, no complaints. Never again! Am concerned now if my hair will start falling out. Also, the white printing is very difficult to read…working for a printing company 22 years it was called inverted type and not recommended. For the reason hard to read. Maybe you should think that one out also. Sometimes there is a motive for company’s to use that type?

  54. Revlon Luxurious Colorsilk buttercream is the best kit I have ever used. The products smelled so good compared to others. I’m so elated I used the coupon for this product. Color is not brassy or outrageous difference in my original hair color.

  55. Hello,my is name is Nida from Turkey,I want to buy Revlon Colorstay Aqua Mineral Makeup Powder; color:light
    İf you have I’ll love it and I want to buy ten.I would be glad if you send me e-mail.I hope you will help me!Thank you in advance.

  56. I have been using eterna27 for a long time however, I purchased a small jar from walgreens at broad and chestnut in philadelphia pa.
    It smelled funny, it usually has a pleasant perfume smell. i returned it to the store because not only did it smell funny it was very dry. The manager allowed me to try and even open another jar and it smelled the same. He returned my money. Thinking that maybe the cream was spoiled I went to another Walgreens at broad and snyder in philadelphia pa. I purchased a large jare of eterna27 and the clerk said the cream had just arrived. I believed her because it was still wrapped in plastic seal. However, when I took it home it still had that strange smell almost like paint thinner. I did use it a few times and the last time I used it, it made my skin dry and old looking. Is there something wrong with your cream?

  57. Revlon products are excellent, especially the lipstick. It’s very smooth and easy to come off. Keep up the good work

  58. I like your product but the last three compact cases have broken
    in the back and will not open as designed. It breaks right near where the hinge set-up is. All Three last ones have done the same thing. It is the round white case for New Complexion one -step compact make-up. Please fix this!

  59. I m from amritsar (punjab) i m a shopkeeper i want to coplaint that i hav a expired pices of revlon cosmetic but ur representic is not change the product they alwayes commeted yo me that we will replace it but next they cant change it . So pleace its requset from me please do somthing and please chage the product .

  60. I have been a loyal customer of your products for years. Recently I have learned that you test your products on animals and for this reason I will no longer support any of your products. I will also encourage all friends, family, and acquaintances to stop any purchases from your company until the company goes 100% cruelty free. Until then, I am very disappointed in the actions this company has decided to take. Thank you for your time.

  61. I bought your revolon led slanted tweezer and it is awful! It cannot pull an eyebrow hair if my life depended on it. This by far is the worse product ever and it was $11.99. The LED light is useless! There should be some type of compensation for a faulty product!

  62. I am searching for Revlon face compact – rose matte colour for the last 6 months. but could not get this colour till date. pls. make sure its easy availability in central delhi.

  63. To whom it may concern,

    I am a loyal Revlon customer, as I do I appreciate the colour ranges that you offer for black people; you are the only high street brand that makes my foundation colour.

    What I do not appreciate going into my local Superdrug and buying my photo shoot finish foundation and getting sparkly diamonds on my face. It is already hard enough for me to find high street foundation with my skin colour. If you decide to add glitter to your product is entirely up to you. However that fact that this was not specified on the product is NOT good.

    I contour my face every morning as much as I appreciate diamonds are a girl’s best friend I would rather my face not being smothered with lots of little sparkly gems; which ends up making my face looking more shiny that it needs to be. I am very upset with this change most of all I am upset that your design or marketing teams was unable to specify in big bold writing that there was glitter in my foundation. The bottle is the same, the make is the same and a name is the same, then should be the same foundation.
    Regards Vanessa

  64. Recently purchased Revlon ParfumerieParfumerie nail varnish, lovely colour but doesn’t stay on longer than couple of hours

  65. i have been buying your soft nude 070 just love it !! why why why did you discontinue it!!!!!!! nudes are in fashion ! whos bright idea was that!!! could you please let me know where i can buy it from??? you have ruined my makeup routine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:(

  66. I got the REVLON ColorStay
    Under Eye Concealer
    and it leaves a flaky little flakes after less than 2 hours of wearing it.
    I tried to returned to the store (CVS Glendale CA) and they told me they couldnt refund the money but I can email to you about the matter and you can resolve this problem.
    can you tell me how you can help me? Thanks

  67. I have been using Revlon’s color stay everlasting lip stain in True Chocolate for many years but I can no longer find this color anywhere. Was it discontinued and if so WHY????

  68. The color of Revlon Photoready color correcting primer 002 is an ideal match for my coloring. I have bought several bottles, after realizing it is not the easiest shade to find. Prtoblem: tell me why the last half inch of contents NEVER dispenses. It’s 1/4 of the bottle! The first time this happened I thought it was a fluke. But no, it’s the rule. I feel cheated. If you are aware of this problem but choose to ignore it, I feel angry. With difficulty, I manage to remove the top to get at the ample quantity of product still left. That”s substantially below Revlon’s usual packaging. If you would just include a pair of pliers with each bottle, I’s sure the public willl be as delighted as I am each time I have to muscle the top off.

  69. Where can I purchase #702 Crème Base Apricot lipstick? It is the only color I use and can’t find it anymore. Can it be ordered and shipped?

  70. I have been shopping at a number of stores in Johannesburg, South Africa) for your single eye shadow – Eggplant/Augergine. Please advise where this can be purchased or if it has been discontinued which would be a huge pity!!!!

  71. I bought this hair color – revlon 6g golden… And it has highly disappointed me….my money got wasted …nd even the trust that i had on revlon has broken now…
    I wish i cud get my money back…
    Such a waste product…

  72. I bought this hair color – revlon 6g golden… And it has highly disappointed me….my money got wasted …nd even the trust that i had on revlon has broken now…

    I wish i cud get my money back…
    Such a waste product…

  73. Respected sir
    i had brought a eye kajol of Revlon company. what to say when i applied my eyes started swelling and the pain lasted for two days. i thought i twas my problem and i gave it to my friend to be tested same problem for her. her eyes was watering. please do something. at least i can replace it with something. Because the amount is more than 600. Please do the needful. I am from Kerala state.

  74. I usually take my lumps when buying cosmetics, but this time I’m letting the company know how unhappy I am. I just saw Olivia Wilde’s Love mascara commercial again and it motivated me. Bought the black all-in-one mascara and it is probably the worst ever. First, the spacing in the brush allows mascara to layer so that you have a clump waiting to happen. After the mascara dries, the flaking is awful. Not expecting an answer or anything else. Just wanted to let you know of my personal experience and disappointment. I can’t be the only one. I’ve been using the age-defying base and blush for years. Have to mention, since I’m writing, I was disappointed when you changed up the blush shades, as well. Then you discontinued my favorite Colorstay lip gloss. Anyway, didn’t expect to have this much to say – but since I was at it…

  75. I have used colorsilk hair color for yrs. since you have changed the formula w/3D tech. it no longer covers my gray. Do you still sell the old formula hair color? If not,why not? Why do you change or discontinue products that are good just the way they are…..Do you even read these customer service concerns?

  76. I have tried to find a website to complain about one of the Revlon products – the Mitchum Clinical 48 hr protection anti-Perspiant Deodorant so I will start here. I bought one of these deodorant and I have no problem with the deodorant per say because I love it but only half way thru using this one the dial to bring it up stopped working so I have half of a bottle of it that I can’t use and at the cost of this product that should not happen. I think the one I got must have been defective as I have been buying this product since it came out and have never had a problem but hopefully this won’t happen again. As far as numbers and letters on this bottle I see a DM 140381 – 16:51 but that is all I see.

  77. I have tried to find a website to complain about one of the Revlon products – the Mitchum Clinical 48 hr protection anti-Perspiant Deodorant so I will start here. I bought one of these deodorant and I have no problem with the deodorant per say because I love it but only half way thru using this one the dial to bring it up stopped working so I have half of a bottle of it that I can’t use and at the cost of this product that should not happen. I think the one I got must have been defective as I have been buying this product since it came out and have never had a problem but hopefully this won’t happen again. As far as numbers and letters on this bottle I see a DM 140381 – 16:51 but that is all I see.

  78. I love your ColorStay ultimate liquid lipstick but when you pull out the stick too much of this lipstick comes out and it’s all over it’s a mess I’ve been using it for years it stays on I love it but you really need to put a little stopper on the lipstick top so not as much comes out and it’s not messy I even switched for a while and went to L’Oreal and they have a stopper top and I really like it but I don’t like their colors so please please consider putting a little stopper top on the Revlon ColorStay ultimate liquid lipstick and this last forever the stuff doesn’t even come off when I try to wash it off love your products please take my suggestion because I want to continue using this.

  79. Please let me know what the new address of the Implement Division/Service Dept. is.
    I need to purchase a new spring for my finger nail clippers.
    Thank You!!!

  80. I just call customer service and this company is a disaster I bought 2 permanent color and I get a big bumps in my head more than a rash and they say I should go to the doctor and never used again what kind of company is this I used this product before and this is the first time this happens I don’t understand what kind of satisfaction they give for the customers I’m so mad of what they told me instead of solve the problem they make it worst

  81. I loved my revlon eyeshadow. It was beautiful. I am ok with it melting when I left it in the car. I am upset that it leaked from the package and ruined other products and made a terrific mess

  82. I have used Revlon colors yay overtime lip color in ultimate wine since it has come out. I have never had a problem with it until now bought a new one less than 3 weeks ago, it has been dry and flaky from the time I bought it, comes off onto my teeth, never ever had that problem before..really not happy with product this time around.

  83. i bought a Revlon Turbo/Lightweight/1864W and stopped working. Have tried the reset button and deride rent outlets and nothing. Please let me know what to do to get a replacement.
    Thank you,

    Maria Leiva

  84. I bought 2 boxes of red color hair dye. Brownish aulburn, i used both boxes. Because of my thick hair and my hair turned extreme dark brown. I will have to fix this somehow completely unhappy.

  85. I recently bought the color silk to try it out. My friend that put it on for me ended up with brown hands because the glove had a hole in it. Once it was done..the color was suppose to be brown, it’s nearly black.

  86. I would like to voice my frustration with the Revlon Colorstay Eyeliner Crayon Contour. I buy this product b/c I like the way it goes on and stays on but over the past year or so, I have purchased many of these but at least 3 of these, the eyeliner itself just fell out in it’s entirety and went down my drain before I could grab it. I just bought 2 last weekend and had only used one for not even a week and it happened to me this morning. It’s literally throwing money down the drain. You need to figure out a way for this not to happen b/c at this point, I’m not inclined to buy this product anymore.

  87. I have purchased 2 Revlon 1200W ION Select Titanium Hair Dryers and both are defective. The barrel falls off while blow drying and dangerous because it is very hot and continues to run even when it falls apart. Once the dryer gets hot the unit will not stay together. Please help me with this problem. I would like to have them replaced or repaired.

  88. hi i bot Revlon colorsilk heir color.i want to known after use heir color just rins with worm water or have to use shampo to?
    im just confuse about shampo need to use or not?

  89. I just used the Revlon Colorsilk #70 to go a shade darker than the platinum I have had for 8 months. It turned my hair dark brown. I am so upset. I paid 100.00 at the salon and thought I would go to a medium blonde. I’m really upset, someone needs to pay for another appointment at the salon. I have before and after pictures.

  90. I bought a box of color and went to apply it to my hair and it Didn’the cover the hair….p,ease give me a free box of hair coloring…it was the dark brown color with the lady with curly hair…THANK you…

  91. I have been purchasing Mitchum Roll-on 48-hour deodorant for men for over 10 years and in the last 4 to 5 years I have been experiencing problems applying this product. In the past year I have purchased three bottles of your product where the actual deodorant doesn’t work and by that I mean nothing comes off the roller. I’ve also had two bottles where the actual application ball is missing. I know other people who have had the exact same problems so obviously you are having a problem with Quality Control.
    Please contact me at the above e-mail address as soon as you receive this email to let me know how you plan on correcting this problem. If I don’t hear from you within the alloted time I will be contacting others further up the chain to resolve this problem. I like this deodorant but will not buy your product ever again if you don’t contact me and correct this problem.

  92. I have used Colorsilk hair color for years ( dark blonde #61) and now it is not covering the gray. what is wrong?. I leave it on an extra 5 minutes like instructions advise. I am going to have to change brands as it is a waste of time and money.

  93. I have used one Revlon lipstick color for years and always get compliments on the color. It is super lustrous High Beam Tan. It is a soft pearlized red and I think it was not given a good descriptive name. It has been discontinued but I have been able to find some on Amazon which gets more expensive every time I order. I would appeal to Revlon to make this color again and consider a better, new name. I have even considered offering Revlon $1,000 to do so. I would order a case because I would use it for the rest of my life. Anita

    • where can I find :

      pearl 425
      Softsilver Red #425

      I have two groups of friends who I have gotten using this item and now we can’t find it. I’m talking about 17 of us.

  94. Hi Revlon, I always buy your revlon colorstay. I am very disappointed with the applicators. I only used it 3 times and end eye end fell off into the sink.
    Would like some replacements please.

  95. I just recently within the past two months purchased a Revlon 1875W/Tourmaline Ionic/Cermic hairdryer at our local Walmart. I tried to take it back and they stated they no longer carry that model. The problem with this dryer is that the concentrator attachment that snaps on the end of the dryer nozzle doesn’t stay on hardly at all. I am constantly having to shut the hair dryer off, find the attachment on the floor since it is clear and then repeat this all over again several times. What a pain and how cheaply constructed, not to mention it wasn’t cheap as far as hair dryer goes. What steps do I take now?

  96. I have enjoyed using Revlons Highbeam Tan for years. This is a discontinued color. Is there a substitute for this color in the glossy type. I keep trying but never find the right shade.

  97. Years ago you had a lipstick shade called solfsilver PINK. which was even more intense and richer than the softsilver RED which is very muted.. I had used both for years, but I can’t get the pink anymore. Is there a shade that resembles the pink, with the same frosted base. I absolutely loved the shade, but please, don’t mention the softsilver ROSE. That’s not it.

  98. Dear Revlon, Please bring back lipstick color CHA CHA ChERRY!!! I miss and love it! I receive more compliments on this when I wear it then any other lipstick ever’

  99. I have been buying your Revlon Colorstay black/Brown eyeliner for over 30 years. This year I have noticed that after 2 weeks, the eyeliner breaks off a little each day and then I need to buy another one. I would think that it should last more than 2 weeks. Is there a new procedure that is being used and therefore not lasting as long. Also, sometimes it is hard to find the color that I want. Thank you for any advice you can give me.

  100. I have been purchasing mitchum deodorant since 1987 and have always been a satisfied customer. Recently I purchased a roll on bottle for my husband-48 hr, unscented. This bottle is frozen, won’t budge, with approximately 2/3 left. We have tried washing off the roller with warm water to no avail! The UPC # is3/0997-1185-91. What is the problem? Thank you for you help-melissa foster

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