Contact Rent A Center Customer Service

Contacting Rent-A-Center Customer Service Center

Rent-A-Center is rent to own/lease to own business specializing in electronics, appliances and furniture. The company began operating in the late 1970’s and currently has more than 3,000 locations across the United States, Mexico, Puerto Rico and Canada. Rent-A-Center has since branched out to small format stores and kiosks.

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Contact Info:

Customers can connect with the customer service department and the corporate offices by traditional mail, email, phone and through social media.

Phone Contact Numbers

The customer service department relating to product information is open Monday through Friday 10am to 7pm; Saturday 9am to 6pm CST.

  • Product Pricing/Information: 1-800-665-5510

The general customer service department is open Monday through Friday 7am to 8:45pm; Saturday 8am to 7:45pm CST.

  • Customer Service: 1-800-422-8186

Mailing Address

Rent-A-CenterATTN: Customer Care 5501 Headquarters DrivePlano, TX 75024

Official Website

When customers visit the Rent-A-Center website, you have the opportunity to browse the products and view the weekly advertisement. When you make purchases in-store, you can create an online account to manage your account. The company recommends visiting the Rent-A-Center FAQs prior to calling a customer service agent.

Social Media

Whether you prefer YouTube, Facebook or Twitter, Rent-A-Center embraces social media. Although we can’t guarantee a fast response from the customer service department, we did notice an active conversation brewing on all of the respective sites.

Customer Service Email

Customer wanting to voice questions or concerns with the customer service department or the corporate offices will need to utilize the customer feedback form. We sent a message asking for the applicable fees associated with renting. Instead of receiving a message the corporate customer service department, we will receive a response from the nearest Rent-A-Center to our current location. The response stated an agent should respond within 2 business days.

Our Experience

We believe the customer service department was more interested in selling us merchandise verses resolving our concerns. After we navigated the automated system and reached the customer service department, the call went in an entirely different direction. The agent was friendly, but constantly attempted to turn the call into a sales opportunity. We asked a question, the answer was turned into an attempted sale. We have to note our concerns were not addressed or resolved. The agent didn’t appear concerned our questions were not resolved. We hope this was just a lone agent not representing the company. How did you customer service experience turn out? Take minute to comment below.

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9 Comments on “Contact Rent A Center Customer Service
  1. My wife and I were in a serious traffic accident last Labor Day here in Clinton,N.C. We had a television that we were planning on purchasing like the other products that we had. My wife and I spend over a month in 2 diffrent hospitals. When I got home over a month later, I was’nt even given to my next pay day to catch up missing payments. They came and got the only working television in the house. The accident was statewide news on WRAL news.I had nothing to watch anything with! I wanted to purchase other items from the Clinton store. But I will make sure that my wife and I are not going back to any of the Rent-A-Center stores ever!

  2. Dear Rent A Center , (2nd Request for Acct. Records/02-22-14)

    I contacted you a couple of weeks ago concerning my account and request for records. I am requesting a complete copy of my history with Rent A Center. Purchases , Payments , Prepayment , Suspence Balances & dates , Reward Credits , Referal Credits , Payoff dates and amounts , any/all other file content.

    I have a payment due today . I told the girl in the pittsburg Ks store no more $ until I get the records. She says NO!!! I need the records. Please see that I am provided with them . Thanks Tom Collection calls are reasonable…but …give us money or we will take the product and NO you cant have the records is unreasonable. In fact unacceptable.

  3. I have been a custmer for as long as I can remember and now I have moved back to toledo and iam renting a stereo and I have had it since june of 2014 and the only problem, I have is that they have tried all types of remotes for it and now iam getting really tried of waiting on a remote this business if I dont pay my monthly bill your calling me or wanting too come and get it so this what I want my remote so I can listen to my radio and do other things that are on this stereo somebody needs to handle this today not next week or next month I feel like iam just getting the run around it has been over 4 months since they said they was getting me a remote something is wrong .sincerely. mrs.Debora johnson

  4. Your store located at 27137 madison height MI 48071 really needs to learn how nor to be rude. They also need to keep records right. I have a bed and want it back now when payment isn’t due yet. Also refuse to answer questios

  5. Im going place a complant… The employees at the Shawnee mission pkwy store .. Are very rude They are also very bad on math .. Trying to over charge people … Im sending stuff back .. They cant get it pick up till thursday… That makes that my problem….. How ? They wanted us to pay for keeping the item for them Thursday.. I think not … Im sorry they can not perform there job till thursday ….
    We had 200.00 cash to place on our account because we was late a week … We offer to pay that she refuse it … Because we didn’t have 241.00
    Now sara the manger is cool but her employees need more training in Customer service…
    Thank you Mrs Dillon

  6. For over six months,I have been complaining to the City of Toledo about illegal furniture dumping in my alley. It took me this long to get it cleaned up.I have the pictures to prove this. Now it’s been 2 weeks since the cleanup and dumping again

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