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Contacting Remington Customer Service Center

Remington is one of, if not the oldest company in the United States. The company continues to manufacture the same rifle as it did on day one. The company sells rifles, shotguns, apparel and accessories. The Remington brand can be seen in more than 60 countries throughout the world.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

  • Remington Corporate Headquarters: 1-800-243-9700
  • Corporate Fax: 1-336-548-7801
  • Customer Service New York: 1-315-895-3200
  • Customer Service Kentucky: 1-270-856-4200
  • Customer Service Arkansas: 1-501-676-3161
  • Media Relations: 1-800-537-2278
  • Customer Service Canada: 1-866-662-4869
  • Federal Agency, Law Enforcement and Military: 1-336-548-8899

Mailing Address

Remington870 Remington DriveMadison, North Carolina 27025


Ilion Firearms Plant & Custom Shop14 Hoefler AvenueIlion, NY 13357


Ammunition & Components Plant2592 Arkansas Hwy 15 NLonoke, AR 72086


Technical Center315 W. Ring RoadElizabethtown, KY 42701


Mayfield Firearms Plant22 Rifle TrailPO Box 99Hickory, KY 42051

Official Website

When you visit the official Remington website, you can view the products, engage in conversation with the community, locate resources and news, as well as make online purchases. One thing to consider, customer cannot purchase handguns, rifles or shotguns on the website; you will need to visit an authorized retailer.

Social Media

Customers can connect with a customer service agent or interact with a lively community on the Remington social media pages. Several of the platforms had discussions going on, leading us to believe responses were displayed in real-time and not automated.

Customer Service Email

When customers want to connect with the customer service department or the corporate offices, there is only one available email address. We sent a message asking about the return policy when items purchased are made online. We are still waiting on a response from customer care agent.

Our Experience

We think Remington was attempting to give us the run around when we contacted the customer service department. We called the call went directly to the operator. We assumed the call would then connect to the customer service department. This is where the call went south. We were transferred to more than 5 different departments prior to reaching the customer support department. This process took more than 10 minutes. After reaching the live agent, our concerns were not addressed. The agent had to connect us with a supervisor in order to answer our concern. The call was a disaster. Please tell us you had a more positive experience calling Remington. Leave us a comment below.

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18 Comments on “Contact Remington Customer Service
  1. I had the opportunity to shoot a Remington pump 22 model 121 and I will admit that I was very impressed. Take down was with dime with the take down screw, with the gun coming into 3 parts, barrel – pump, bolt and receiver. Clear was quick and easy. Much better than the 572. Would Remington reconsider bring back the model 121, if you do you can count on me to purchase one. An old 121 will beat the 572 everyday of the week. For next years line consider what is old is now new – bring back the model 121. Thanks Remington.

  2. after being put on holde for nearly a half hour I decided Remington wasn’t interested in helping me with my problems with their 1100 shotgun that wont cycle light loads I,ve changed o ring and rings and had the gas ports cleaned my last Remington

  3. Today was my first experience with Remington’s customer service. After the phone call I will NEVER purchase another Remington product. There customer service department is the worst!!!

  4. Ordered prts or my two marlin 39a rifles. Thank you for great customer service, timely delivery and over all experience. I own 9 marlin classic rifles and 6 remington long guns. Needless to say I am a big fan of the company and its products. This is the first time that I have used post purchase customer support and it reinforced my loyalty. Please keep up the good work……

  5. I sent in for a rebate on shotgun shells and I was told I did not send in the upc codes I did send them in along with all the receipts and other paperwork and was told I would not receive the rebate because of the upc codes which I sent in and when I called the rep from Remington was as rude as they come I own 11 Remington guns and have used rem ammo all my life but I will NEVER BUY ANOTHER REMINGTON FIREARM and I urge everyone to do the same I am to good of a customer to treat this way NO MORE

  6. I’m generally a very patient person, as I deal with the public extensively. I had to call Remington’s customer service department multiple times for a jamming issue on a Marlin 336s, the only product of theirs that I’ve ever bought. The hold times are terrible; I was disconnected once, and after I finally received a service request authorization (the rep seemed hesitant to give me one), the “schedule UPS pickup” link didn’t function. I called, again, and waited, again, and the agent scheduled the pickup for the next day, without telling me. I informed him that I probably would not be home because of my job and asked if I could change the pick up time. He said that he wasn’t with UPS and there was nothing he could do. At this point I’m going to remain polite in my dealings with them and ride out this jamming issue (but I’m betting they don’t resolve it after I send it in. I’ll be surprised if I don’t have to go through this process at least one more time). But one thing is sure . . . no more Remington’s or Marlins for me. This is the only time I can recall being so dissatisfied with a company that I write them off completely after the first contact. As a rule, I always give a company a second chance, because sometimes things just happen. But given that I’ve had to contact them several times, and every time the customer service has been a worst case scenario, it has to be more than incompetence, it’s structural. If and when they are bought out (as I expect they will be since they must be hemmoraging customers), I will try them again. But until then, I’m done.

  7. Remington 870 Marine Magnum 12 G 18in Nickle plated Shotgun. I bought it from buds, 180 day layaway, it came great, buds is great, the shotgun itself sucks, it will cycle a few times, but then gets jammed up, it wont eject the spent shell, and it wont load a new shell, break in issues? when it locks up, after about 3 or 4 really HARD attempts to pump the shotgun, it unjams itself, THIS is suppose to be a HOME DEFENSE FIREARM? This gun will GET YOU KILLED. I cannot recommend this to anyone for any reason. My mossberg 500 is MUCH better, never jams and I bought that from BUDS also, used. it was a cops gun for less than half the price of this new hunk of junk. This Remington is very disappointing, it will get fixed, probably by a local gun smith, but, it will be the last Remington I will ever ever ever buy. not my last gun from buds, but my last Remington. maybe in the 50’s when people cared about quality, workmanship, and reputation, they were a leader but, I can say honestly that is not the case with this hunk of junk, if you think you need this nickel coating to keep it from rusting, wrong, get a mossberg 500 or 590, and it will be fine, and if you think you need an extra coat, let me suggest cerakote for it. this is not worth 631 dollars, I have learned my lesson.
    oh, I am the President of the Freedom Ranch Pistol Academy, I am a vet, I think I know a thing or two about firearms.
    Bob E. Long,

  8. After reading a few reviews about the Remington 770, I am now certain that is not the rifle for me. I wish that Remington would scratch the 770 and start up the 788’s. That was a real good rifle for the money.

  9. The Hickman County Sheriff Department purchased a number of Remington 870 Tactical shotguns with the ghost ring sights and we have had problems with the front sight coming off. There have been 4 of them lost while on Duty. I have tried to contact Customer Service numerous times only to be placed on hold for long periods of time and not speaking with anyone. I would appreciate some one contacting our Department to discuss how we can get the front sights replaced.
    Phone # (931)729-6143 EXT.106
    Hickman County Sheriff Department
    108 College AV.
    Centerville, Tn. 37033

  10. The 770. I have one cambered in .300 win mag. The magazine fell apart but was fine after I bent the tabs to tighten it up. Also the scope it came with did not afford enough eye relief for a .300. win mag. It’s a very light gun and recoils in a way that makes it feel like it wants to jump out of my hands. Ive had no problem with cycling but had to try many different rounds of ammo to get it to shoot tight groups. It turns out the 770 loves 200 grain Hornady and a deresonator on the barrel.

  11. The Christmas rebate on my R380 is not slow it’s stopped the website says check back in two weeks i have three times with no response . My friend @ Dallas channel 5 is just waiting for me tell her to air my concerns .

    • why are choke tubes for a 12 ga. VERSA MAX so hard to find ? I cannot find any store who carries them and most people look at me like I am crazy.

  12. I have been shooting remington thunderbolt ammo in my ruger pistol, all of a sudden this gun is slinging bullets everywhere except the target.I called Ruger and the first question they ask me are you shooting thunderbolt ammo, said my pistol was leaded up,i have cleaned this gun quite regulary,this ammo has ruined the accuracy in my pistol and i am very displeased.

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