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Contacting Redken Customer Service Center

Redken is a hair care company with locations in the North America, Europe and Oceania. There is a dedicated US website for Redken products. You are required to choose a country before you can enter the main website. Some Redken products span the line, no matter the location, but others are regional – offered in select locations. Redken offers a line of hair care products available in stores and salons, but there are also Redken salons offering beauty and hair treatments.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

From 9 AM to 7 PM Monday to Friday ET, you can contact Redken customer service by phone.

  • Redken Phone Number: 1-800-423-5369

Mailing Address

We found the mailing address for Redken customer service listed in the FAQs section. Redken FAQs can only be accessed by asking the Virtual Assistant questions. Address your letter to:

Redken Consumer Care CenterPO Box 832Clark, NJ 07066

Official Website

If you’re interested in Redken hair care products or salons you can visit the official website at Choose the country where you’re located for the main site to appear. The customer service page, listed as Contact Us, is manned by a virtual assistant that requires you ask a question(s) to find contact, product and salon information. You can find the virtual assistant at

Social Media

We did NOT find the social media pages openly listed on the Redken website. This surprised us because the company is rather popular on social media and social sites are a great way for customers to connect with consumer relations staff.

Customer Service Email

If you have a simple issue that requires no live communication with a Redken customer service agent, you can send an email instead of placing a call. The email form is available on the Redken website. You are required to fill in your name, address and phone number, which we felt was a little over the top.

Our Experience

The Redken customer service center line is answered by an automated system that immediately starts listing options for routing your call. You can press 1 if you are a stylist needing distributor information or 2 if you are a stylist needing product information. Neither of the options was for consumer support. Before we could choose 1 or 2 our call was placed on hold for an agent. Our call was on hold for about one minute before an agent answered the call. The agent did not offer a name and when we asked about ingredients in a Redken hair care product she told us to check the website for ingredients.

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52 Comments on “Contact Redken Customer Service
  1. your Redken extreme line of hair products smells of cheap perfume.
    Many people have allergies, or they don’t want to wear a hair conditioner that over powers their perfume. Redken is a good product, but you are making a bad choice on the scent of the product. I hope you will consider my comments and change the scent to something pleasant melon or no scent at all.

  2. I purchased some items from Salon Centric’s and have been using them and needed to clarify their use from Redken directly. I did purchase the correct products and was informed of another product to help my problem. I appreciate the customer service educated knowledge of the products. This is what I call a professional educated service. Thank you for being here for me. PS. I am from the old school of product knowledge and I no longer work in a salon. But my heart will always belong to Redken. I only wish one thing, I would love for you to bring back your lip conditioner, it was the best………

  3. Had my hair color done at local beauty salon with Redken product for long lasting gray coverage – medium blonde. It turned out the ugliest orangey-brown I have ever seen. Now, no one knows how to remove the color.

    I am appalled that this can happen with supposedly trained instructors.

  4. For years I used Spray Starch and received many, many compliments on my hair. Now, it is discontinued. NONE of your other products work. Shannon (Shannon Alexyandr of Evansville, IN) tries to help but to no avail. I do have a Pantene product that is helpful but prefer convenience of purchasing from Shannon. I am angry and considering quitting ALL Redken products. Please bring back Spray Starch. I don’t care what you choose to call it! Email & I’ll tell you more.

  5. my daughter’s wedding day and the redken color magnetics products have ruined it. I have a rash all over my neck and face, and my daughter and son in laws hair is limp and the bride’s hair is straight as a stick and it is naturally curly. What a disaster! And when I called redken, no phone calls excepted, they are in training… I won’t buy any of those products ever again and will tell everyone I know.

  6. Several hair stylist in Clarksville TN told me the people at State Beauty Supply were rude, and unprofessional. Until today I had never exp. that. I went in to purchase shampoo/conditioner for curly hair, they said it had been discontinued, and real control replaced it. I came home and looked on line, and found the proper new curl product. I went back, they refused to exchange it, give my money back, said I could have store credit, but she no longer wanted me to come into the store. I have used Redken for over 15 years. Trained at Mr. John’n, Ft. Smith Ar.

  7. I use pure force 16 as a setting lotion. I understand it is not available any longer. What would you suggest to replace it?

    I used Silver Charge shampoo hoping my gray hairs were more docile and bright. However, after two weeks, my gray hair turned BLUE.
    Very bad product,

  9. I purchased the Redken Thickening Lotion 06 and like it very much. However, when about 2/3 of the bottle is used up I cannot squeeze the remaining product out (about 1 cup) because the bottle is so hard to squeeze. I end cutting the bottle with a utility knife so that I can pour the balance of the gel into another container. Many times I have cut myself because the plastic is so hard. This is very dangerous and I can’t believe other people don’t have trouble getting the gel out of the bottom of the bottle.

    • I sell Redken products at my barber-stylist salon, and people keep returning hairspray because the nozzle clogs, leaving me stuck with it, because by then, I no longer have the receipt. I see that lots of people have this same problem. Redken needs to fix this problem!

  10. Why can’t I ever find the product Anti snap in any of the Walmart stores?Can I order it by mail.None of the salons order it. However it Sells. do you even distribute the item anymore? It has been 3 years of checking. Pleare e mail thank you Sincerely Janine

    • If you are buying Anti-snap from Walmart chances are it’s not even Anti-snap, it’s diversion. Redken reps have monthly budgets to go to places like Walmart, cvs, heb, places like that and buy up diverted products. They track the numbers and put that diverter out of buisness permanently, banning them from ever purchasing Redken products again. If there is a salon in that particular Walmart then they are only supposed to supply those products through the the salon only, not on the shelves with public retail. You really need to be looking into a professional whole-sale companies. Your products are guaranteed.

  11. I have used Redken products for years. But, lately I have had to return the hairspray 18 to the retailer because of a clogged nozzle. I have tried hot water to unclog but to no avail, so I have to return the product. Very discouraged and I am thinking about switching brands.

  12. I’m very un happy with redkin not making my hair spray ..amion pon plus now they have stopped maing climtress conditioner..this is very up setting.
    people are putting these porducts on the internet for big bucks, this is so not fair.

    redkin should re-think and make these prodducts for customers..

  13. Your Redkin hairspray Quick Dry 18 has a totally faulty spray mechanism. Every other can I purchase loses its spray after about 3 uses. You really need to do something about this.

  14. Hi recently I bought redeem blonde idol custom tone from another state when I got home my product was faulty and does not pump shampoo. I dismantled the product and still unable to produce any shampoo it’s very frustrating I paid $39.95 Aust dollars for a product that does not work. I want a refund or replacement preferably a replacement. I don’t have time to go shopping I have 3 kids I just want a product that works thanks Anna

  15. I bought All Soft Shampoo and Conditioner at JCPennys. I got terrible results: makes my hair heavy and sticky. I spent 32$ for each product on JCPennys and I feel like I was stolen. I can’t return it because I used it twice already, but I’m really disappointed with this product. Can you let me know which Redken product should I buy for dry hair? I think you need to change the formula on this product because I have been reading tons of bad reviews with the same issue I experienced

    • All soft is for this course hair, you have to find the product that is formulated to work with your hair type. (Hints the travel/try me bottles and sample packets) Also environment and water minerals can have a lot to do with the way your shampoo and conditioner settle in the hair.

  16. i had a terrible experience at the Redken school in Kenosha WI. The receptionist made the appt incorrectly for high/low lights + hair cut. The nightmare continued to the point that I was informed that they did not have time to cut and dry my hair. The teacher working with this student was arrogant and I was embarrassed for the student. Long story short my hair was over processed while they argued. The teacher was rude to me. Based on her hair and her lack of attention to her own appearance she should not be teaching. My daughters hair was also not what she asked for but she liked it regardless. The manager at the school that day came and spoke to me and was very nice and offered the service at no charge. That was great customer service but I will never go back nor recommend the school ever again. My hair looks awful and I will have pay a considerable amount to have it corrected. Not sure if you care or are even reading this. If you have any questions, please contact me by email. Lynn

  17. I recently bought quick dry 18 hairspray that I’ve use for at least 15 years!!! I realized after I bought the scent is new! I hate it!!!!! PLEASE change it back!!! I rely on this spray and loved the old scent. The new scent smells like an old lady hairspray! Ugh, so upset!!!!

  18. Went to a salon. They used Redkin to color my blonde hair. It turned out red. So upset. They want to refund my money, but what do I do about the hair. My hair is thin. He also used a glaze. Don’t know the product but they said it is permanent or will take long time to wash out. I could cry. I didn’t ask to be red. Tell me if you have a solution.

  19. I would like to know why you keep discontinuing products? First the Real Control line and NOW the Color Extend Total Recharge — WHY. These products have made my hair so healthy and I have found nothing else that works and my hair is suffering.

  20. Ate you going to bring back the Redken Real Control shampoo and conditioner? I have tried sample bottles of Extreme and all soft but and others but the Real Control works great on my hair! I would be so grateful if you would bring it back. Thank you.

  21. I have used your products, Body Full Shampoo and Quick Dry 18 Hair Spray for many years and have been very satisfied with their performance. My most recent purchase of the 18 hair spray contains the new fragrance. I find there is much too much fragrance in it. It is too strong and sweet and interferes with any other fragrance I wish to use. For your loyal customers please consider changing back to the original fragrance, matching the fragrance to the Body Full Shampoo, or giving us a fragrance free option. I have had a problem with the spray nozzel on occasion as well. Your products work very well for my hair type, so I would like to continue using them, but the new fragrance is overpowering. Please consider the suggestions above. Thank you.

  22. Purchased guts ten form penny’s. Clogged. Had to return for another. Clogged. Hate your products. Very disappointed. Paid good money for a good product in a junk bottle. I have the bottle if u want it

  23. Your virtual assistant feature on the contact page sucks. Are you afraid of being contacted by people? You have discontinued and or changed very popular products and replaced them with sub standard products with higher prices. For instance: Hot Sets 22, Spray Starch 15. No one is satisfied with the new Hot sets and the Iron whatever 11. There are hundreds of quality products to try instead of Redken and you will lose business. Suggest you bring back the winners and discontinue the current sub par products.

  24. I have been a Redken customer for more years than I can remember, using the Redken 18 hairspray. All of a sudden someone decided to add to it a rather lingering fragrance, somewhat pleasant but in my mind not appropriate, I have a favorite fragrance of my own, but to add that to the hairspray is not an option.

    Who thought this might be a good idea? And, am I the first to complain? I have since found another product to use but might consider coming back to Redken if it is the old, fragrance free product.

  25. I’ve been looking for a product line a very long time. Dismiss Frizz is the first product line I have ever used that started to work right away. My hair was like a brillo pad and now it looks professional. Thank you for this line of products*******

  26. Can’t tell you how disappointed I am that you have changed the hairspray “Quick Dry!” Its fine that scented it, but it has completely lost its holding power!!! There is nothing left to it. I will be leaving Redken in search of a new one unless you can bring back the old. There is an old saying…”If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”

  27. I had been using 09 Workforce for years and could no longer purchase it. Also had been using Quick Dry. Opened a new can and it is absolute “poison.” My allergic response was so great, it was actually closing my throat off. I have been a customer of Redken products for over 25 years, but, as of this last episode with whatever fragrances that your company is putting on the market, I am now changing to another brand who is working with people who have sensitivities. If Redken was smart, they would start producing a product that people who have allergies could still buy and use your hair sprays. I found with whatever you changed in the Quick Dry others are returning their cans to the supplier because they cannot tolerate these strong scents.

  28. Bought sulfate free shampoo and conditioner at a salon for color protection and my hair has been falling out in clumps .. I have very fine hair so i lost a lot and look terrible . went back to my old shampoo and my hair is not falling out . im very disappointed due to high price of these shampoos

  29. I bought the redken shampoo and conditioner for curly hair and I will never buy again! A salon even recommended this to me. It doesn’t even suds up so u don’t feel clean at all like you’ve even washed your hair. I am unfortunately forced to cont using it as it was soo EXPENSIVE so I have to use 3x the amt and mix it with another better shampoo. Very dissapointing! This redken site is not user friendly at all either and it’s difficult to find an email to write them personally besides that virtual assistant.

  30. I purchased 4 of the new Redken Curvaceous products and went to return the one that did not work for me, it was at Northwest Beauty. When I purchased them they really had a hard time giving advise as to which to use but told me that If I purchased them and returned them within 2 weeks w/receipt I would be reinbursed. I asked for travel sizes, they had none so I went ahead and purchased. After 1 week I went to return the one product that did not work for me. I was told I could only get a gift receipt or exchange the product…not what I was told before…I even had my receipt and was within the 2 weeks return period. I do like the line but I will certainly not purchase from Northwest Beauty with that kind of “help” and return policy.

  31. Now for the good, the Redken Curvaceous line is a great one. I adore the smell…it’s intoxicating. The products work great for my baby-fine naturally curly hair. As Redken backs up their products with a guarantee for $ back if you are not satisfied retailers need to have better return policies that back this up. Gift Card or exchange if you have a valid receipt within one week of purchase is not good. Redken should speak to some of these retailers as they could make people angry with Redken products when it is not the fault of Redken.

  32. The Redken website makes impossible to reach customer service. I have been directed to locations to ask a question. Once filled out, the site says “thank you.” There is nowhere to enter a phone or email so that the consumer can be contacted by the company with a response.

  33. I’ve been using Redken quick dry for as long as I can remember and time and time again the spray nozzle messes up. This is not cheap hair spray. I can’t tell you how much has been wasted due to a faulty sprayer. I stopped using it a couple years ago and could never find anything that worked quite as well. This is the last straw. Fix your product or lose a customer.

  34. After a few uses of Redken color extend conditioner, it is impossible to get rest out as the bottle goes “flat”! I’m about to change to a different brand as this is so frustrating!

  35. I’m in beauty business for a long time. Like your product. One correction you might to consider….
    The Blond idol custom tone .
    Love the product,absolutely hate the package. All that dialing and pumping ,and weekly adjustment might look like a good idea,but in the real life it’s NOT WORKING!
    Slippery shower hands and all that pumping is NOT WORKING !
    Whoever came up with this idea?
    Please,change it to a normal bottle,so people can use it.
    Thank you .

  36. I have been using Redken Blonde Glam since it was introduced to the market. Blonde Idol is simply not the same — doesn’t clean hair as well and doesn’t provide the warm tone that Blonde Glam did. Please let me know where I can purchase your original Blonde Glam.

  37. I use Stay High 18 and find it almost impossible to dispense. This has happened with every can I’ve had. I push and push on the valve, and it just won’t move. This is particularly annoying when my hands are wet from washing my hair. I usually have to use a towel to both hold the can and push down on the valve. Sometimes I can try for 30 seconds or more and then finally a little will come out. Very annoying! The product is great. The product design is terrible.

  38. Well, their “email” contact platform doesn’t work. It would be great if someone could explain the following………………….. Water Wax 03 first came in a gray container. Redken now sells Water Wax 03 in a black container as well. It’s apparent a new product comes in this black container. The product in gray liquefies in the heat, while the new doesn’t melt even on the window sill. After three applications of this new product using VERY little, the new product is too clumpy & causes shedding. Is the gray product being discontinued, and can you confirm gray is the old product only? I need to stay away from the new product, and I like the old product a lot. Thank you.

  39. I have used Redken Body Full faithfully for years and am extremely disappointed by the Mile High replacement. I originally purchased 6 liter bottles through Beauty Brands when they ran one of their specials and had to return all when I experienced a serious facial break out. I hope some day I’ll see the Body Full line reintroduced but in the meantime have been trying other brands of volumizing products.

  40. I love your product. In fact, I recently bought 5 of them at ulta and I plan on purchasing more when I run out. I have an issue though. I was suppose to get a 5oz. Bottle of One United and when I asked about it, the girl at the counter didn’t even know what I was talking about and asked me to come back another time. When I came back, they didn’t have any and tried to give me a free sample of some other random product that I didn’t want. I contacted ulta and they refused to make it right. So now I’m asking you to make it right. Please let me know what you can do. Thank you

  41. i have been using body full for years i would like to know why they stopped making it so DISSAPOINTED please bring it back

  42. PLEASE HELP. On Tuesday last (4 days ago) my hairdresser did the usual highlights, then used a Base Breaker, which really hurt my scalp. When I mentioned how painful it was and that in her previous Salon it did not hurt at all. She had just started in this new Salon and explained that, in the original Salon, she always used a REDKIN Base Breaker called Blond Idol; however, she told me the scalp pain would go away, which it did after about 10 minutes.
    However, I was very upset to see that my highlighted hair did not look highlighted at all and my hair was just BROWN all over. I arrived at the Salon with highlighted blond hair, which only needed the roots to be redone, and left with all over brown hair (no highlights showing at all). My hairdresser said that she will try to get hold of your Redkin Base Breaker Blond Idol and will use this on my hair next Tuesday, which will be exactly one week since the original work was done. I cannot believe that this will solve the problem, but really would like to hear from you BEFORE I agree to allow her to work on my hair again. I am concerned about damaging my hair and, frankly, don’t know what to do. I hope you can advise me.

  43. Please see letter above. My hairdresser moved to another Salon, which doesn’t use Redkin products and I am left with brown hair – no highlights at all and really would like to know what (if anything) can be done at this stage.
    Bridget M. Marshall

  44. I am not sure what else I am supposed to do to get this query to you, please advise. Bridget M. Marshall

  45. Disappointed redken replaced color gels with laquers. It’s awful ruined my signature hair color. Don’t recommend using this product!!!!!! They ruined a good thing that’s for sure!!!!

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