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Contacting Red Lobster Customer Service Center

Red Lobster is one the world’s largest casual dining restaurants specializing in seafood. The company has approximately 700 locations in the United States, Canada, UAE and Japan. The lure of the company is its ability to market to a large portion of its customer base through promotions such as the endless snow crabs and the endless shrimp.

Aside from the promotions, Red Lobster cares about the community and the customers in those communities. The company, as well as parent company Darden, takes pride in giving back through social responsibility initiatives and exceptional customer service.

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Contact Info:

Customers in need of communicating with the customer service department can do so through social media, by phone, email and traditional mail.

Phone Contact Numbers

  • Public relations: 1-407-245-4615
  • Customer service: 1-800-562-7837
  • Corporate headquarters: 1-407-245-4000

Mailing Address

Red Lobster 1000 Darden Center DriveOrlando, Florida, 32837

Corporate HeadquartersP.O. Box 695011Orlando, FL 32869-5011

Official Website

Visit, the official red Lobster website, to view the items on the menu, receive recipes and cooking tips, learn about how the company make the dining experience pleasurable and safe, as well as place order online and order gift cards.

Customers wanting to find our more information relating to the company should visit the Customer Commitment page. This provides an insightful look into how Red Lobster offers the heist quality products in the industry.

Customer Service Email

When customers want to send correspondence to the customer service team, they will need to use the customer feedback form located here You will have the opportunity to ask a question, voice a compliment or voice a complaint. We sent a message asking for the hours of the customer service department. The automated response stated a representative would respond within 3 business days.

Customers can also contact the customer service department through social media:

The media can contact the public relations department here:

Our Experience

Customers wanting to voice concerns to a live agent will be pleased to know, there is little wait time. We called and within 15 seconds, we were speaking with an agent. We asked the representative if the company had information relating to food allergies, other than shell fish, on the website. Although they did not, the agent explained they could present this information to the correct department.

The call turned out better than expected. We feel as if we were heard. Did you end the call on a better note? Share your thoughts with us below.

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295 Comments on “Contact Red Lobster Customer Service
  1. My visit to Red Lobster tonite really sucked. I was astonished by the new changes but the service and wait time on how long the food came out was ridicules. I never had to run a server the way I did tonite. This server was doing a party and waiting 3-4 other tables. I tried to tell her stuff to bring out before she leave the table but still forgot to get my extra salad dressing for my salad. I had to remind her again about the extra salad dressing bc she forgot waited on my extra dressing for my salad about 10 mins after i got my salad. I loved Red Lobster but after tonite I was very disappointed the service it is getting like Long Horn. I dont blame the server I think she had too much on her and no help. When you got a table and a party of 8-12 people and 3-4 other tables to get order for of course you forget to bring stuff out. I normally do Red Lobster for my Birthday In February but after tonite and the service I am in doubt I hate to be pissed off on my Birthday about the service. The Red Lobster I went to was 2403 N Slappey Albany Georgia. I LOVED THEM BUT THIS NEW CHANGE REALLY SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. To whom it may concern,

    On last Friday, I visited the Red Lobsters in Annapolis. Md. where I was told that they were carding the patrons who ordered alcoholic drinks. I told the waitress that I was well over the legal age but she insisted it’s the restaurant’s policy. My question is it and since when?

  3. I sent a complaint to the website on my receipt about the bad services that I received on 1/5/13 at the takeout area. I called in my order at 5:17 and was told that it would be 15 min. I got there at 5:30 and had to wait in line for other people to order their takeout meals. I waited another 30 min to get my order to have the employee to tell me it would be a few more min. That the biscuits were not in the bag. She left my food on the counter and until I said something to her about my food was getting cold. Did she place back in the hot box as she called it. I left there at 6:30 to come home to soggy fried shrimp and a burnt potatoe. I spent $46.59 on my order. My family always gifts us a Red lobster gift card for Christmas because we love you food. But after the way my food was received this time. And NO ONE IN YOU OFFICE THAT CARES THAT THIS IS MY SECOND EMAIL ABOUT THE TREBLE FOOD THAT I RECEVED. NOW I KNOW THAT YOU DON’T CARE ABOUT YOUR CUSTOMERS. I HAVE NEVER FELT THAT I HAVE WASTED MY MONEY WHEN I GET YOUR FOOD. BUT NOW I DO. THANKS FOR NOT CARING ABOUT THIS CUSTOMER BY NOT EVEN ANSWERING YOU COMPLAINT.

  4. i wanted to start off sying i visist your location on 2/13/2013 and the service was bad i waited to llong for my food it wasn’t busy i came in at 5:00pm didn’t recieve my food until 6:00 i spent 128 dollar worth of food and didn’t recieve my to go order that i paid for some carb legs got charged for them i got home it wasn’t in the bag tried calling the manager they had me on hold didn’t get a chance to talk with him or her about my promble i just want my money for my food i got to go and did recieve it

  5. We visited your Melbourne Florida location at approx. 6:30 PM On Wednesday February 13th To Celebrate my fathers birthday. We Waited the lot they told us was the wait time and when we finally were seated we were shoved in a corner both with barely enough room for our party which was a group of 5 Adults and 2 children. We were giving the cheddar bay biscuits and while my daughter was eating a biscuit i noticed a piece of long black hair cooked into her biscuit . So i brought it to the waitress attention and the what i can only assume was a manager that came over and started by saying that all his cook are wearing hair nets and that these things can sometimes happen and proceeded to go on about how big your company is and that you all follow very special rules and that all procedures are being followed. and offered a dessert. Once our meals arrived our experience didn’t get any better i ordered a sampler appetizer with the calamari so did my mother with the chicken tenders . the chicken was dry and the calamari tasted wet and like it was sitting in old oil then when they brought the replacement over it was over cooked the coconut shrimp was awful. the only thing that was remotely good good about or meal that night was the desert on top of all that my mother went to use the restroom and there one of the toilet seat was really loose and needed to be fixed it was brought to there attention and an hour and a half later it was still broken it was a handicap bathroom and she almost fell off people can get hurt that way. So in conclusion i really wish i had used the gift card that i purchased as a gift for olive garden or another location because when you are buying dinner for for 7 people and you spend roughly 110.00 you expect better food for you money. i would like to receive a call or email to know that this situation is being dealt with in a proper manner

  6. I visited your restaurant in new york city 42nd street on 02/20/13 to have dinner with my husband
    it was my birthday I was hoping to have a nice evening when I leave red lobster I was very upset I order the ultimate feast my husband order chicken w/ red wine sauce our food was cold the lobster was over cooked my crab legs was frozen i told the server he change it and bring me a serving that was cold too the food was very nasty this is my worst experience at a restaurant we speed $61.53 It was a wast or our money I ask the server to call the manager Edward Bermudez who was not very helpful he told us he will give us a complementary meal he went to the back and never came back I hope some on from your office will respond to my email.

  7. I always liked Red Lobster but we don’t get to go much because of the economy. We wanted to treat ourselves so we went with another couple and were looking forward to a good night out. Although the food tasted fine…the portions for the money were terrible! We spent over $250 that night with tip and came out hungry and disappointed. $25 for a lobster tail the size of my index finger, 7-8 small shrimp on stick and 4 scallops is insane. Sorry to say we will not be back and I miss the old Red Lobster….what’s up guys??? I understand cost have gone up but so have the prices. If other places can give you more for less why can’t a big chain like you?

  8. Ate at Lufkin, TX today. Server brought fried scallops instead of baked. When I asked her she told me only came fried. Asked for menu, manager, I assume, came out did not introduce himself. Explained problem, he said scallops did come baked and offered us more but we had eaten by this time. At least server should have apologized for lie, or manager should have comped meal. Not a satisfied customer. Normally your servers are very professional – disappointed! Servers name Chanam!

  9. My husband, myself, my daughter, her husband and her 3 children were in Red Lobster last nite(4/29 about 6:30pm.
    Had the worst service ever. I ordered a salad no cucumbers and no tomatoes. When I got my salad it had cucumbers and tomatoes. Ordered a baked potato no sour cream and cheese. When I go my baked potato it had sour cream and cheese. They took it back to get another one. They didn’t bring it until I practically finished my meal. My grandson’s ages 3 and 1 ordered a Sprite (it tasted like carbonated water. Didn’t realize until we were leaving. Never refilled our drinks until we had been done for a while. Then to top it off, we were getting ready to pay, it took our waitress a pretty long time to bring our change. It was a pretty bad experience!!

  10. I will patronize your establishment when you put king crab legs on your menu again. I think it is ridiculous that a seafood restraunt doesn’t have Alaskan king crab on their menu.

  11. Last night, April 26,2013 my husband and i decided for the first time ever to go to a Red Lobster. This was in Longmont Co. Last night will be the last time i ever go to a Red Lobster!!!!!! The fooed was horrible, both my husband and I still have very uppset stomachs. The service was not that good either. I know you are not fine dinning but one should be able to expect a little more than c–p. Ana Tryon.

  12. I LOVE EATING SEAFOOD SO I HAVE EATTING , A red lobster forever until may 10,13 my son took me to the on mayfair the service was so bad, than the food looked good until i found a hair on the plate, mind you i was eatting there every week sometime twice a week, not any more.

  13. So I see a TV commercial, that makes me crave Red Lobster. Decide to go. Always love that place, Big fan of stuffed Mushrooms, I’m with a guest, we tell the waitress that we know exactly what we want, put in our drink order, appetizer and meal order. She says I’ll bring out everything in a timely manner so you don’t have everything served at once. We sit and wait, our appetizer comes out before our drinks, Then she serves us our drinks along with our salads. Half way threw the salad our meals are served. My guest ordered stuffed flounder, well guess what? that never happened he was served a baked potato with four thinly sliced pieces of flounder. (No stuffing involved at all) I ordered the Ultimate Feast, not bad but scampi was colder then normal and lobster, well I’ll just say if you had the time to chew it for a while you had no other place to go. Waitress came back asked for a box, not sure why, but my dog seemed to have enjoyed it better then we did. He was just outdoors more today then normal. I’ll take some time off before next visit. Hopefully time will heal this wound, IDK

  14. My wife was taking me to a newly opened Sea Food Shanty here in Reading Pa for my birthday. I told her I would rather visit the Red Lobster instead. We sat in a nice spot and our server came and took our order quickly. I thought the service was great, the food was as good as ever. Everyone was cheerful and helpful. We will be returning to Red Lobster in the future. Cudos to all the workers here.

  15. I think the food is great but u have very bad customer service employees. I tried calling in a order for pick up I never got through & it was over 30 minutes. I went to McDonald’a instead. Maybe the boss need to contact undercover boss and get to the bottom line of this. You’re going to run your customers away. Red lobster use to be a great place to go now its the last place I would go too. I rather eat McDonald’s

  16. Thanks for the great food had your $14.95 meal hope you bring it back at Christmas time. We would like to see a Red Lobster in Bremerton, Wa in Kitsap county on Wheaton Way hope to see one come soon. That will play old county music like Pasty Cline ect. At this Restaurant the one in Silverdale Wa need to change the type of music it plays.

  17. My daughter and I visited the Red Lobster restaurant on SR 46 in Sanford and was very impressed by the waitress, Kara, that served us. She was very pleasant and professional and it was much appreciated that she helped to make our visit quite nice. Oh! and the food was great too! We will be back very soon!

  18. You $25 gift card offer does not work. I entered my info, want to offers and could not skip the ever save offer, no matter what I did. Please correct it. I visit Red Lobster often and would like to get a $25 gift card, especially since our bill is rarely less than $75. Thank you in advance for your reply.

    • I recently was at Red Lobster in Florence , S.C. with my 2 little boys and we had the endless shrimp. While we were sitting at our table for over 20 minutes waiting on our drinks I became frustrated with such a long delay that I got the attention of another waitress who informed me that I was not in her work station and that she would try to find my waitress . After about 5 minutes she returned to tell me that my waitress was on break and should be back shortly . Well , my waitress did return about 10 minutes later by this time me and my 2 boys have been sitting for we’ll over 30 minutes before we got our drinks . When we ordered our food : 3 Endless Shrimp meals that was another 20 minute wait … we never received biscuits , the waitress was very slow in refilling our drinks and I had to get her attention each time we wanted more shrimp . Extremely disappointed with the service and the attitude of the waitress and the management in regards to my frustration . I spent good money on very poor service . I do realize that sometimes people have bad days , but I also know that when you have a position where you have to serve the public you need to be more professional than I was treated …. Please work on customer service . Very upset and disappointed … Usually love this place … Don’t know what’s happening but you need to fix this

  19. I go to red lobster all the time but I’m very mad me and my family went and I was not happy it take her a long time to refill are drink and never checked on us she was mad not smile in avert unhappy girl I work for Denny’s and this is not how u treat ppl thank u…

  20. I look forward to my visits at Red Lobster. I was not so impressed with my last visit. When I went to the lady’s room, there was NO toilet paper. I had to ask the customer in the next stall. I went to let the Greeter know, but could not find him after waiting for several minutes. My daughter also sent to the lady’s room, another stall, as I told her there was no paper. Guess what??!! No paper there also.

    As far as the meal, the rice side had NO taste at all. The server took all the side plates away so there was no where to put the claws and shells from the crab and lobster. There were 5 guests and we all had to put our shells on the same plates as the food we were eating. It was a special occasion that turned out not so special.

    • Actually the rice was not a side dish, but part of my and my daughter’s meals. The server was very nice and efficient.

  21. 4 stuffed mushrooms instead of 6 with the excuse of the mushrooms are larger.. Bs . but Redlobster VictorVille…. never again!!

  22. location:5201 s pulaski.Chicago.. After ordering and enjoying biscuits all the power went out. We were told it would be a few minutes. That turned into 30 minutes. Then said we they were trying to fix it. Another 20 minutes later we were all asked to leave. Told we could go to 95th. we were having a celebration. We get to 9500 Southwest Hwy and was told we still had to wait 45 minutes even though we just came from 52nd.I wanted to leave but it was a celebration for my 5 year old who loves crab legs. Finally! seated 35 mins later. Our food comes and my 1st potato isn’t cooked. the 2nd one had black stuff on the inside. The 3rd one was ok. This was the worst experience ever!! And i feel that it was handled terribly.I have been in customer service for over 15 years and this was a disgrace. The servers were nice but the service and quality was not.Andrew was the server at 95 th st. Very nice guy. The first one at 52nd was as well, but i dont remember his name.

  23. I have had two bad experiences with your Jonesboro, Arkansas Red Lobster. The first happened when my husband and I decided to eat our anniversary dinner there. The host was very sarcastic with my husband when he asked a question. We were told when we complained that that was just the way he was.

    Last night Saturday, September 14, we decided to give it one more try since my son and his friend wanted us to eat with them there. We had a concert to attend at 8:30PM so we arrived before 6:00 to be sure we could eat and get to the concert. We were told we would have a 30 minute wait. The place was pretty crowded so we did not expect them to stick to the 30 minutes.
    There were several smaller groups that they had seated before us, which we understood. We had six folks in our group. Then a larger group came in. A lady told her group she would go in and see if she could get a table. She came back out and told them to come on she had a table. At this point we had been outside for over an hour. I then went in and asked how much longer we would have to wait. They told me that we were next on the list and they were waiting on several large groups to leave. I saw several other groups leave after this. We decided that maybe if we went inside they would seat us quicker. Ten minutes later we were seated. When we finally got our food, the orders were incorrect. On of our members ordered mashed potatoes and got broccoli. They forgot my salad. My husband ordered the Admiral’s favorite. I kid you not, the cod was two small strips of “very” crispy fish. They were maybe a centimeter thick, two centimeters wide, and about six centimeters long. My food was fine, but to pay that much money for what he got was a joke. It looked nothing like the picture. Be assured, I will not eat there again. I do not mind paying a little more for quality food, but never again for this kind of service. By the way, we did not get to see our concert because of all the delays. We had to forfeit the money for the concert because we were there until 8:22PM

  24. My family and I went to red lobster Saturday September 29 2013. Everything was good until we were leaving and on the way out my 68 year old father in law walking with a cane slipped on the wet floor caused by the chefs removing the lobsters from the tank. My father in law is waiting on a hip operation and needless to say he was in more pain after then he started with. The water on the floor was not just a drop or two it was more of a puddle being splashed and walked through on the floor. My father in laws cane could not get a grip as we did not see the wet floor(there was no wet floor sign) he luckily did not fall but came very close and the jerky movement hurt his hip. The man working at the desk seen what happened and said “oh.” My brother in law asked them to clean the water up so no one else got hurt. We proceeded to leave to make sure my father in law was okay. My brother in law went back in 10 minutes later and the water was still NOT cleaned up and there was NO wet floor sign. He proceeded to talk to the manager and ask them to clean up the water. He went back 10 minutes later and there was finally a sign on the floor. Needless to say we will not be going back. The employees seemed to be careless and lazy. If you are going to red lobster please be careful of the water in front of the tank as the employees will not care if you fall and or get hurt.

  25. Today, October 16, 2013, my husband and I went to the Red Lobster in Fort Myers, FL, on Cleveland avenue. We walked in and the hostess told us we would have a short wait. We thought that to be a little funny since it was 3:15 in the afternoon and there were just a few cars in the parking lot. After waiting at least ten minutes and watching another couple leave because they waited too long for their food, I again asked the hostess if she had a table for us. She preceeded to tell me that they were very short handed because it was a slow day and they sent people home. I would think in the restaurant business you need to be prepared at all times. I asked to speak to the manager, but was told she was busy clearing tables. Now, until today I enjoyed eating at the Red Lobster, but today left a very bad impression on me. By the way, we chose to leave and not wait any longer for a table. We don’t know if we will return!

  26. I was very disturbed during my visit at Red Lobster on South Van Dorn street Alexandria, VA. I witnessed many employees being very unprofessional. Some using very disrespectful language, and very vulgar, and rude. One of the servers named Mike was very out of line, overstepping boundaries, and being uncivilized to another employee by being very disrespectful ( in my point of view he was harassing the employee and flaunting his sexual orientation). I DO NOT want to be eating where people are going to be acting this way! Please keep your personal sexual orientation out of the work place! And especially don’t harass your fellow employees. I WILL NOT be coming to Red Lobster anymore because of this! The managers obviously have NO IDEA how their employees are behaving towards other employees and especially in front of customers!

  27. We ate at transit rd buffalo ny. what happen to red lobster. The server was great food was bland no taste and for 25dollars a meal.The serving size were so small. What happened to red lobster we will never go back.This chain will be closing next

  28. I frequent Red Lobster often and have been doing so for years. I am a creature of habit and I typically will order the same dish. My last visit to the Hampton, Virginia establishment was without question — substandard. I ordered a takeout which I called in we’ll in advance. Upon arriving at the bar to pick up my order, there was an exceptionally long wait. While waiting, I watched a pregnant waitress carry on a social conversation with the bartender while holding a tray with a customers order. After about 10 minutes, another server summoned her to a table apparently at the customers request. She made the comment that she didn’t want to go back on the floor because she didn’t want to be spotted by her patrons who had been waiting a long time on their drinks. After another 10 minutes I was greeted by a woman, who appeared to be a manager. She said that she would be right out with my order. After finally getting my food, and arriving home, the food was not prepared in the manner to which I am accustomed. There were white specks on the tomatoes and the pasta dish was not prepared well. The following day I returned to the restaurant, food and receipt in hand a spoke with a female manager. She had no professional decorum, and wanted to argue with me in the presence of one of her subordinates. She then informed me that send me a gift card for the amount of my purchase in the mail. She asked for my contact information which she scribbled in pencil on a scrap sheet of paper. She did not even make a conscience effort to take my information down appropriately. Needles, to say I never received a gift card. The manager was so unprofessional that I had no expectation of her following through. This experience did however, make me more aware of my purchasing decisions. I have dined out enough to know that this experience is not typical of the service one would receive at Red Lobster restaurant. As for the Hampton, VA location…, Let’s just say, I would take my business elsewhere.

  29. I visited the Red Lobster on Rooseabvelt Boulevard in Philadelphi, Pa and I just wanted to say the meal I had which was the Grilled Chicken Sandwich with Fries was just Amazing. But what I enjoyed the most was my dessert of the Strawberry Smoothie. It was a perfect thickness. Not too thick where I couldn’t drink it and not too thin to where I would call it juice. It tasted amazing and was the best strawberry smootbie I have tasted to date. My Brother order a tilapia fish taco and he was amazed by the taste and wanted to know what sauce was on it. Overall it was presented nice and the waiter Micheal was very nice.

  30. Last night my fiancé and I went out on a date night to red lobster in Orem, Utah. Our server was happy and cheerful each time she came around. We got low on our lemonades and came by and asked if we wanted a refill. We said sure. Not knowing that our drinks were not free refillable and she finally tells us that they charged us each time for them at the end of it! It was inconsiderate! It would of been nice to know that a simple drink like an lemonade should of not been charged. I work as a server in a different restaurant, and I always let my guest know of the type of charges. I’m very disappointed about it. I will not attend at red lobster at that location for a long time.

  31. my friends and i was in red lobster jan 18 I ordered shrimp alfredo, and ask for more sauce because there is never enough. when I got my bill I was charged 2.29 for it. I feel like when I pay 15.99 for a mesl it should come with enough sauces so it wont be dry. it was at lunch and it was my friends birthday but for right now I don’t desire to go back. we was at the red lobster at cordova mall on 9th ave in Pensacola fl

  32. Took my family to dinner at 6:15 pm at the south plainfield NJ location .was told the wait would be in excess of 1hour.noticed there were numerous empty tables.was told there was a shortage of severs.not the first time this has happened.someone needs training in scheduling

  33. My family and I had a very bad experience on Jan 9, 2014 while visiting Red Lobster on Hamilton Rd. We were unable to enjoy our food due to a very bad smell coming from the restrooms. We asked the server what the smell was and this is when she said that it was coming from the restroom and she apologized but this was not her fault. I could not continue to eat my food while smelling this horrible odder. This was one of the worst family night out ever we love Red Lobster but I just do think that any one should have to deal with this kind of crap and still have to pay for the food that was half eating because we just couldn’t handle the smell any more. I will never visit this Red Lobster again. My husband and our four kids were very unhappy with our visit there because we were look forward to a great time while enjoying our favorite kind of food and instead we ended up leaving while holding our breath. this was just not right.

  34. My family and I had a very bad experience on Jan 9, 2014 at 5pm while visiting Red Lobster on Hamilton Rd. We were unable to enjoy our food due to a very bad smell coming from the restrooms. We asked the server what the smell was and this is when she said that it was coming from the restroom and she apologized but this was not her fault. I could not continue to eat my food while smelling this horrible odder. This was one of the worst family night out ever we love Red Lobster but I just do think that any one should have to deal with this kind of crap and still have to pay for the food that was half eating because we just couldn’t handle the smell any more. I will never visit this Red Lobster again. My husband and our four kids were very unhappy with our visit there because we were look forward to a great time while enjoying our favorite kind of food and instead we ended up leaving while holding our breath. this was just not right.

  35. I celebrated my new job at your restaurant because I love your food. I am so disappointed because the item i selected was not good at all. Usually I order shrimp, but I wanted to try your chops. I wish I would have not selected this item. I didn’t enjoy them at all . I left the resturant very unhappy. We paid our bill and left, I had to go home and find something to eat. I have never in all my years received any meal like this one. I didn’t get the enjoyment I usually get from you. The waitress didn’t try to solve anything. Thanks

  36. I visited your red lobster in gurnee Illinois yesterday and it was very slow, hoping to enjoy a nice dinner. It was the worst experience ever! The bartender was new to every thing, he did not only know how to make the drinks he did not even know the menu! No help from the manager or the staff! Our drinks were horrible, I asked for water twice no water! No silverware had to ask! I told him we needed to order right away because he was to busy doing the device bar and how sorry sorry he was, I kept getting a sorry but no service! The worst part is we were the only two at the bar, what would he do if he was busy! The salads never came out I had to ask the manager who explained he is responsible for running his own food! Well what do you do when he can’t make drinks doesn’t know the menu and can’t multi task? Let the customer suffer! He even had me open the menu to see if he ordered the right food! The manager took off 25$ big deal, that whole meal should have been bought! The food was cold, the salads were small with tons of dressing, the mushroom caps were cold and the size of olives and the whole entree was not what I ordered! I did get an extra shot of patron in my drink because he was sorry! This whole dining experience was handled all wrong! This is coming from me I have been in the business for 27 years! I used my gift card from my sister to have my day ruined! Merry Christmas to me! You and that manager should be ashamed, I should have paid out after the cold mushrooms but she talked me into staying to suffer even more for a measly 25$ off the bill! I’m pissed and feel like I should be taken care of!


  38. Went to red lobster in metarie Louisiana.. First of all I ordered an ultimate feast with two shrimp scampi instead of the Fried, got home to see that the fried was in the bad and was in the scampi so the crust of the shrimp became soggy .. My potatoe was hard and snow crab was dried out. Not to mention my lobster tail was forgotten.. They are to far too go back to so I called.. The manager never came to the phone, I was left on hold… Today 3/4/14 I called to order and the DISTRICT manager Brandy was very rude she even hung up on me.. I used to love this place!!!

  39. I wish you all had a red lobster here in N.H. i would love to go there i really like the food and crave it aswell me and my family would love to eat there please build a restruant here


  41. Since the customer service form will not let me voice on my ipad guess it’s going here? Had the walts shrimp which I’ve probably ordered a hundred times and stuffed flounder they changed the recipe , had I known that I wouldn’t have spent 70 dollars on food I didn’t like. The manager came to my after I said something to the waitress, she explained that they changed the recipe so all the red lobster food would be the same. I said oh so all the red lobsters will have bad food now? That makes sense. The manager said sorry ‘ but I think she should have ate the bill. I’m not happy. I never complain about my meal it’s been good till now By the way this is the second time this has happened so I did give it another chance Hope you guys straighten it out george potsos google me I ate red lobster watson rd StLouis mo.

  42. I was getting take out for 3. I go here every week and this Manager is very rude this week I was given shrimp nachos with a discard date of 3/20/14 So I send them back. The manager tells the server why didn’t you change the tops to reflect the current date. Wow is all I have to say. I am a loyal customer but this make me sick to know I may be purchasing bad food.

  43. The manage was extremely rude and they all except are waiter were extremely rude refusing to serve a birthday dinner

  44. hi I would like to inform u of my visit at red lobster on baltimore pike at 3pm I ordered a meal for myself my mom nad my son and two of my dishes had hair inthem my soup and my salad when it was brought out and also my childs chicken fingers had hair in it as well black clolrec hair and when I informed yhe manager she overlooked us as if it was our hair this is one of my favorite spots to dine at and I chose to never come again thank you for taking the time out to here my experience and I wish in the future they are more careful

  45. Hello,

    I recently visited your Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania location. It was the worst dinner I have had at one of your establishments in a LONG time. The waitress was one of the most unpersonable people I know. My bisque was extremely cold. The service altogether from a 1-10 would be a 2 on basic customer service. I truly hope you can fix these circumstances thus I enjoy your establishment.

  46. My wife and I were at Red Lobster in Boyton Beach FL where we go often and really enjoy the food. I decided to have a cocktail before dinner and ordered my usual Absolut vodka and tonic, Was I astonished at the end of our meal when the check came and saw that I was charged $8.89 per drink. I have been to finer restaurants than Red Lobster and never was I charged that amount for 2 oz. of vodka. Ridiculus! You can be sure I will never again drink at your restaurant, altho we do like the food. I will go to a sports bar down the street for my cocktails but I will NEVER order another drink at a Red Lobster.

  47. last night my husband and I decided we would go to Red Lobster to de. When we got there it was a minimal Wait we were seated, the waitress came over she was really nice she asked us if we wanted for dinner we placed our order and that’s when the trouble of the night began. we set there for about 25 minutes before she came over with the drinks and 15 minutes later we asked her don’t we get salad with it because she didn’t ask. 10 minutes later then the salad came still no food. we saw people sat and enjoying their food and leave. still no food if we didn’t get the first bit of food that we received and the drinks we would have left but we waited patiently for the waitress to come over without food,she did say that you know it would take a minute for the food to get there still with the order more drinks okay the food came by that time we decided that we weren’t really hungry.finally the hunt realized it was really good it was the lobster artichoke spinach dip very tasty,10 minutes past so we decided before we leave we would asked her for doggie bag, received the doggie bag and the receipt and left with food in this was not great service we were at the Lanham Maryland on in Annapolis Road 0265, and the check number was 29248 this was the worst service I’ve ever experienced and I really doubt it if we would be at that red Lobster again now we don’t know what the food taste like because it’s in the refrigerator.

  48. Just wanted to give Dave at theTraverse city Mi. Store a giant pat on the back. He gave us exceptional service at dinner when we were visiting the area. He not only did his job, but did it well and was extremely friendly and informative. Hats off to this waiter and it was very enjoyable to have him serve us. Thanks Dave!!!!!

  49. Went to Red Lobster during Lobster Fest on 4/13/14, total of 4cars in lot 15 min after opening, after being greeted the hostes walked us past all the open seats next to the aquariums and decor and seated us next to the bathrooms, I asked to be seated at another table when the waitress asked if it was the smell from the bathroom, I replied no I don’t come here to spend $100+ on lobster to eat it next to the toilet especially when the place just opened up and there’s all that seating! next I ordered 2 entrees of lobster including my wife’s when the food was brought to the table my it looked great, however my first bite of shrimp on top of one of my lobster tails the shrimp were cold and lobster lukewarm, my pasta and shrimp/lobster on the second entree was cold, the lobster on the second entree w/ the pasta cooked on top of the shell, like eating a ball of rubber bands, this was our last time going, the time before food cold and waiter had white residue around his nose and he kept sniffing which we pointed out to manager, which only make the rumors somewhat true, our Red Lobster is called Coke Lobster from the rumors of illegal substances used there throughout the Kanawha Valley, Charleston, WV…

  50. Worst experience at Red Lobster in Monroe La. It was my cousin birthday and mind you she could have chosen any other restaurant but decided to come here .to make a long story short her husband called to make a reservation but they didn’t inform even after we got there they u could not do a reservation over the phone for a party of 15 which turned to be after we went another place and were seated. within 30 min so after sitting there for 40min and 25 or more people later they informed that it was still going to be an hour before we are to be seated and by this time we are upset frustrated and of course hungry . My thing is and what really pissed me off that they had an attitude like they were doing us favor it was a couple who came in after us and because crowded they left which is what we should have done at first but no trying to be patient because it’s my cousin birthday . And what is so sad is that Red Lobster is not one of my favorite places but I went to celebrate with my cousin but it turned out to be a tragedy . But until my cousin is sent an apology and compensated for the ruining of her day I will continue to post these comments and send the emails and phone calls because good service is what brings u back not the food.

  51. Im at Red lobster in Jacksonville, fl 32225 mountment rd in its lunch break very slow service b for we could get seated the host was rude n when we did get seated it took them 45mins for them to seat n talk with us i think they could did better its not packed or busy the staff here aint very nice either. ..

  52. Took my wife and family to red lobster in ledgewood nj. Have not been to red lobster in a couple of years. I took my wife there for mother day and was extremely disappointed. The food took a hour and 20 minutes to come out. My wife’s appetizer never came out. She asked for a glass of wine. After about 20 minutes we cancelled it because we never got it. We asked for bread never got it. My wife got a 40 dollar lobster. It took 15 minutes longer then everyone’s food and the lobster was raw. I asked for extra salad dressing it took twenty minutes. I feel the waitress did not care and the kitchen was slow and not up to standards. Even my crap legs were cold. The manage was polite but even her I had to wait 10 minutes to speak to. She did comp us the raw lobster but it was to little to late. Worst experience at a restaurant in years. I actually left the restaurant hungry.

  53. My family and I went to Red Lobster in Joliet,Il on Mother’s Day to celebrate and have dinner. While there was nothing wrong with our dinner, we noticed two tables being “cleared” after patrons had completed their dinner.
    They wiped off the tables and any crumbs, broken crayons, paper and whatever else was wiped off the table and unto the floor. The floors were not cleaned or swepted and new patrons were immediately seated at the dirty, crumb filed floors.
    We asked a manger do they clean the floors and his response was yes but it was obvious they do not.
    I will make sure I check the floors first if I decided to vist a Red Lobster again.

  54. We all clearly asked for our salad dressing on the side…she brings it out with dressing all over and ask if it’s ok?
    Things we requested were not there.
    No crackers for crabs.
    Tired of waiting for refill and just drink from my water bottle in purse.
    Kept asking to pass her unnecessary plates while trying to eat.
    Needed a Togo cup but still nowhere to be found so slurped down smoothie fast so not to be late.
    Kept wipes and lemon aside to clean up, took all my stuff…waited for straw..
    It was a irritating unpleasant day..thank you Cici.
    Red lobster/Vineland nj.
    I do not plan on going back and do not wish any coupons..

  55. we went to red lobster two different times and ordered the walts shrimp. the first time my husband and I thought it was just a little over cooked. this week I went with someone else and it was the same way again. I don’t know if they changed the shrimp batter they use or what but it is not good. we did mention it to our waitress. you need to look into the walts shrimp it is just not good like it was. will not order this again.

  56. we went to red lobster two different times and ordered the walts shrimp. the first time my husband and I thought it was just a little over cooked. this week I went with someone else and it was the same way again. I don’t know if they changed the shrimp batter they use or what but it is not good. we did mention it to our waitress. you need to look into the walts shrimp it is just not good like it was. will not order this again.

  57. I celebrated my 62nd birthday at the LEGEND’S area Red Lobster, in Kansas City, Ks., June 8th, 2014. Our food was good as always :-)….But also, the service was wonderful. They sang “Happy Birthday” to me and gave me a card…Brandy was our waitress…they sang GREAT! Thanks so much. You made my birthday more special!

  58. Took my wife to your Livonia location. Short and sweet the service was adequate but your food is beyond subpar. The prices are high and the portions are small. The food is tasteless over cooked. I ordered something different for a change from the special that’s being advertised. Your promotional picture is a joke. You show this bowl full of food lobster-potatoes-tomatoes-corn, but when it came to the table it looked like someone stole 3/4 of the bowl/pot…whatever you would like to call it. It’s presentation was fast food at its best. Oh and to top it off I had a Caesar salad that came with dressing that comes pre packaged. It’s so thick and nasty I still can’t get the thought and taste out of my mouth. It was basically Mayonnaise at least that’s all I can taste I’m sick to my stomach. What? You can’t afford to actually make dressing for a salad. You could have bought dressing from Walmart and it would have been an improvement! I have no problem paying good money for an adequate meal but your company has become a joke. Don’t kid yourself I wasn’t the only person complaining. Maybe all your Greed is coming to a head and your company eventually will pay the price. It will be unfortunate for the employees that have to work there but maybe if a few heads roll at the corporate level a positive will ensue. It’s time people stopped accepting CRAP for there money!!!! We will no longer spend our money at any of your affiliated franchises.

  59. Stay away from the Red Lobster on Almaden Expressway, San Jose!
    Not only is service absurdly slow (we were told there was only one cook during lunch hour), but when I did get my appetizer of stuffed mushrooms, besides the smelly oil they were sitting in, I pulled out a 10″ piece of plastic – no doubt, it came off the original bag. They were microwave hot, and the manager could only say over and over how sorry she was. Her name is AnnMarie Pucinelli, and I bet we’re not the first to complain of service and food in that restaurant. Stay Away!

  60. Went to the Red Lobster in Vineland NJ. I ordered a Bacon cheese Burger. When I got the Burger it was burnt and dry the bread was hard as a rock. The bacon must have been deep fried because it disinigrated on the burger. the lettuce and tomatoes where dried up and old, it looked like it was sitting out for hours. I told the waiter to take it away it was horrible. Never going there again.

  61. we are very disappointed that you no longer have the roasted veggies on your menu. Anyone can make broccoli or green beans [yuk]that’s what everyone has, you were the only one that had something different

  62. we are very disappointed that you no longer have the roasted veggies on your menu. Anyone can make broccoli or green beans [yuk]that’s what everyone has.

  63. they changed the tarter sauce a few weeks ago…it is the worst thing i have ever tasted!! im done with red lobster unless they bring it back quick!!!

  64. Several months ago, we had 3 visits to your restaurant which were not good. You sent us a complimentary gift card which we used in Hanover, Pa Red Lobster. The meal was outstanding and the waitress, hostess and other staff were great. What a difference in that restaurant compared to our VA area. We enjoyed our visit so much. It is good to know there are great
    Red Lobster restaurants. Wish we could find one in our area to revisit. Thanks again for sending us a card to try another Red Lobster.. doubt if we will ever revisit our VA ones…

  65. I sent a complaint to the website on my receipt about the bad services that I received on 6/14/14 for my birthday dinner atthe Red Lobster in Laurel, Md, and have not heard back from them yet. My family and I went to the Red Lobster restuarant and got seated after 15-20 minute wait(not bad), but had to wait a long time to get our food (and desert). I ordered the new lobster trio special with Lobster sauce and it was terrible – the worst food I’ve ever had at any seafood restuarant. The lobester was overcooked, and the lobster sauce on top of the mash potatoes, vegetables and lobster was so salty that it was difficult to eat it. This experience ruined my birthday dinner. Thus, I complained to the yg waiter but all he did was shrug his shoulders. And, NO ONE IN YOUR (RED LOBSTER’s) OFFICE EVEN CAlled or email me back after complained. They just do not care about their CUSTOMERS being upset about the poor food quality being served to them. I say this because this is my second complaint to you (once by phone and one via email). Thus, if you want a goood dinner do not go to Red Lobster for the food quality has definitely dimished than in past years; and management doesn’t care.

  66. Upon arriving it took the waiter approximately 10 min to return saying they didn’t have the appetizer we ordered. The salad was turning brown and found some mold on lettuce. The ultimate feast was delivered and smelled of strong fish. I brought the lobster and crab legs home and after examining under better lighting we found the lobster was only partially cooked. A total waste of money as far as I am concerned.

  67. I ordered shrimp in garlic sauce for lunch . The shrimps were not cleaned properly. They had the black fecal (I think) line, still in the shrimp. I ruined my meal. The manager came over and I did not pay for my lunch but I am very disappointed in Red Lobster that they would let that meL be served. Where is the quality control ?
    Thank you.



  70. Got the pic 2 for17.49. 8 sm fried shrimp & small scampi.oh yeah give me a magnifying glass so I could see the potato. Over off
    If the shrimp get any smaller you going to have to get a magnifying glass for that too..

  71. The customer service was not great! I ordered food to go. I wasn’t told the total. I called back to add a salad that was $7. The food was in small portions for it to be dinner and it was disgusting. The only good thing was the biscuits. I called back to speak to a manager and the guy hung the phone.

  72. recently visited the new red lobster in lafayette, indiana and was disappointed, the service was excellent but the food was not the same, ordered crab cakes and had to send them back. they smelled and tasted spoiled, salad was old and the famous bisquits were not the same quality. our waitress replaced my crab cakes with shrimp scampi and it was so so, not a good experience and disappointed after eating at red lobster for many years.

  73. recently ate at red lobster in lafayette indiana recently and was very disappointed, crab cakes were spoiled and had to be sent back, salad was not fresh and the cheddar biscuits were terrible, our waitress was super but just think you should know food is not the same quality

  74. Here goes again – on Aug. 4, 2014, a Monday night, we went to the RL on Congress Ave. in Boynton Beach, Florida to celebrate my daughter’s birthday No one was in the restaurant, except for one table in the bar area and one person at the bar. Two tables in the main area and it was 8:30. Lights outside were not on, not even the RL sign, Looked dismal and closed We had a nice waitress, but, the rolls were hard, food cold, baked potato cold, no two for one happy hour drinks, calamari left a lot to be desired and my dish, three shrimp choices was crummy looking and tasting, Two of us got sick that night and threw the leftovers out the next morning, so the oil must have been rancid or something, The chicken alfredo dish was way too salty also. WE spent $ 144. and will not be going back. For what we spent we could have eaten on trendy Atlantic Ave in Delray Beach and had two for one drinks. It was not a fun evening………..

  75. We visited the red lobster location in blues springs MO on 08/22/14. The Waitress was great but the food other than the salad was terrible. The lobster tail was rubbery overcooked, the calamari were the smallest I have ever seen, one could see that the mashed potatoes were for quite some time under the heat lamp since they had created a outer skin, the shrimp was also overcooked, and I had a crab leg that was foul to say the least.We didn’t say much when we left but me having lived at seashore for many years and knowing what seafood suppose to taste like and how it should be cooked can not excuse the lousy food.For the price they charge, I expected properly cooked seafood. We tipped the waitress because she deserves it but we won’t return because of the lousy food.

  76. I have been trying off & on for months to use the Red Lobster home page to reset a password so I can have a valid account in the Fresh Catch Club. The password it sends me is ‘null’ and when I try to log in with it, it’s not recognized. When I try to open a new account it says one already exists with my email address. When I try to write in using the comment form, even when I fill out a location, waiter name, ticket number, & this password problem in the comment section, etc., it does not transmit – it says to fill out all the information & sends me back to the form to start all over. If Red Lobster does not want comments, don’t put in a useless form on a non-functioning site that wastes people’s time.

  77. My sister & I went to the Jensen beach resturant . We went to celebrate a special occasion. The service was great. Our server was very attentive & pleasant. My complaint was the food. We both ordered the ultimate feast. The snow crab was small & most of the legs didn’t have any crab in them. The king crab in the center had to much garlic sauce & big chunks of garlic we couldn’t eat it . The shrimp on the skewer & the rice was very good. But we spent the extra money to have some crab. We have always gone to Red lobster to treat ourselves. So every time I see your commercial it reminds me of our disappointing meal. Which is why I wrote this my first complaint about any resturant.

  78. Subject: Ship Without a Captain

    I am visiting from Montreal and was really looking forward to visiting Red Lobster since there are none in Quebec any more.
    We arrived at 19:15 and were told there was a 20 minute wait. Looking around there were at least 20 empty tables. When I asked why we couldn’t be seated, I was told that there wasn’t enough serving staff. When I approached the manager, I was given the same answer. I suggested that it might be a better idea to seat the customers, give them some water or drinks and some menus and explain that it will take a few minutes for a waiter to come see us. His answer was “That’s the way we do it here”. After waiting 20 minutes we were seated at a table by the bar and the bartender came over to wait on us. When I mentioned that the restaurant must be very busy he replied: “No, it really dead right now, that’s why I’m waiting on you right now??” After we gave him our order he went back to the bar which got busy. Three different waiters proceeded to deliver our food, which on two occasions tried to deliver it to other tables.
    Getting service from the bartender was impossible and we kept on asking other waiters\busboys for help.
    The final straw came after the meal. After trying to get the bartenders attention for 25 minutes to pay the bill (including waiving a white napkin in the air) he called out to us while looking the other way “I’ll be right with you”. He then disappeared from the bar altogether for another 10 minutes.
    Finally I went up to the receptionist and told her that if we did not get our bills in the next 5 minutes, we would be leaving the restaurant without paying. The bill came and despite saying at the beginning of the meal that we needed split bills, it was on one so it had to be sent back. At 21:00 we paid and walked out thinking “That was not a good experience”
    Most of the staff starting with the manager are walking around without any motivation, not one smile from anyone the whole evening.

  79. We ended up sitting in the bar at a table. Worst service I’ve ever had there. My food never came on time and my waiter just was too busy to take card of us. I am a regular but will not be returning to that restaurant in Fairview heights Illinois. Worst management . Not enough people working to take proper card of people on a sat. Our waiter Adam, was not able to take proper car of us. I paid the bill and didn’t even get the food I paid for. I did let the ladies at the front desk know. I use to love going there. I don’t know what’s going on. If was terrible.

  80. It was the worst dining experience of my life the manager service food and manager was awful if the was a way to let the people know I would do it The manager should not even have a position like he does I will never set gm foot in that place again and will go out of my way to tell people about the horrible experience we had waiting over a hour flu out second order of shrimp at endless shrimp which never came so we left and the manager at the madison tn location was the most aragonite person We ever met with service like that you should shiut the doors. The biggest waste of money I ever made do not go there go to captain ds or else ware

  81. The service in the c Ville area was terrible they said that my boyfriend was loud and said people were complaining. And it was the management that was the ONLY one to complain the waiter was also rude. Didn’t fill our glasses up or anything we will not go back again and we will also tell out friends not to go there! !!!!!!

  82. My experience at Red Lobster on cobb parkway in Marietta GA was un acceptable. They have roaches bad.When we were seated waiting on the waiter my family heard a woman shocked when a waiter went to seat her,she pointed at a roach.The woman spoke to the manager and she quickly apologized. She also took care of the bill.Both families moved to the other side of the restaraunt. We were eating when my daughter yelled “Its something on me a bug”.I quickly jumped up stepped on the roach spoke with the manager. This restarant need to be clean and spread.

  83. My wife and I had lunch yesterday at Red Lobster in Goodyear, Arizona. I had the stuffed flounder and a baked potato and salad. I asked my waiter for more sour cream and butter for my potato as it was dry. He said he would bring it to me. He did not. I waited until my potato was cold and he never brought the sour cream and butter. As a result, I could not eat the potato. I paid over $26.00 for a lunch that I could not fully eat. I have never had a problem before and frankly I am very disappointed with the service at Red Lobster.

  84. I am going to leave out a lot of the details in this post but the bottom line is I WILL NEVER STEP FOOT IN THE MOUNT JULIET RED LOBSTER AGAIN! Long story short there was a man in there eating with his wife and he choked and then got sick from choking (end up going to the hospital). His poor wife was upset and telling us while he was in the bathroom that he just got back from Afghanistan last night and they were out tonight on a date! Well I went and told the manager (who knew he choked and gotten sick) that he just got back and asked if they would comp their meal! He wouldn’t do it! THE MAN THAT HAD BEEN FIGHTING FOR OUR COUNTRY CHOSE TO COME TO THAT RESTAURANT TO EAT AND THEY WONT GIVE HIM A FREE MEAL! I lost it – offered to pay for them but they had already paid. Needless to say I kinda lost my cool but I find it repulsive that he wouldn’t comp their meal much less just the soldiers. WOW

  85. On Tuesday nov 18 I took my brother to red lobster on170 st in Edmonton for his birthday not only was the bartender rude and uninterested inour service we ordered to meals to go acombo platter and an an order of crab legs when home there were no crab legs we conacted the store and to this point nothing has been dispite talking o the on duty manager and leaving a contact number NEVER GOING TO ANY RED LOBSTER AGAIN

  86. For several years we have bought large amounts of gift cards at Christmas.. We will no longer be doing this. We are seniors and have had lunch at RL regularly for years. We do not dine there at dinner. You are punishing us by not allowing the extra $5 gift card to be used at lunch. You are slowly making changes that may possibly stop our dining at RL. Changing the Sunday lunch menu is also not to our dining. We sometimes have groups of 10 or more for lunch on Sunday. That has ceased. I have read that your business is greatly reduced. You might want to read and heed this message. We are such frequent visitors that several servers at our local RL know us by name and remember what we order in great detail.

  87. Red Lobster in Waldorf has the worst customer service. I ordered Take Out from the restaurant and it took them almost 45 minutes from when I arrived to pick up the order. There were people ahead of me and it appeared every order was wrong including mine. Placed an order at 2pm and left the restaurant at 3:45. It was complete chaos.

  88. My family and enjoy there food but been there last week and was worst service ever.i got my food when the family finished eating never will they get my money again plus twice a month not happening ever very disappointed

  89. Hello,
    I have been a customer of Red lobster since the early 90’s in the States & Canada but my experience with The new opening Red Lobster in Kuwait is the worst, it’s their rude operators and delivery drivers which are not polite nor mannered at all

  90. My family recently visited the Red Lobster on Feb. 11th in Sevierville. We had been to this location on several occasions and had always been very pleased with the service and quality of the food. But not this time/ My mother ordered the Admirals Feast meal which was almost 19.00 dollars and the shrimp and fish were not done they were both doughy and cold. My granddaughter ordered the crab legs and they were so small that after cracking them the meat inside was no bigger than strings of spaghetti. Our waitress was refilling our drinks and my mother stated the poor quality of our food and the waitress never acknowledged her. It seems to me that on this night Red Lobster was not up to par. Between the very poor food and the non concern of your wait staff I hope that this is a change that you are going for.
    It is always nice when the family goes out to eat, but after spending over 70.00 dollars on a meal that tasted more like food from a drive thru than a nice restaurant that Red Lobster wants to be

  91. 2604 Brandon Blvd Red Lobster is the Worst filthy restaurant I have ever eaten in. Every dish from the glasses to the silverware was filthy with food debris. The Manager Armando was the absolute rudest idiot I have ever encountered. I am retired from the US Army and have managed 2 of the largest Ford dealerships and the largest Chevy dealer in the south and this idiot, instead of apologizing, blamed the waitress and inferred I was fishing for a discount on a $150 dollar check!!! I spend more than that on a single malt. I will never return to any Red Lobster nor will I allow any of my friends to eat at this disgusting establishment. I am reporting this place to the Health Dept. By the way this was my daughter’s Birthday dinner!!!!!

  92. I have been a customer of Red Lobster since I was a child in the early 70’s and have always had good service. Yesterday, however, was a very unpleasant experience. I am in a wheelchair and after church services, we visited your restaurant located at Columbus, GA 31909. When we arrived, I attempted to use your restroom. The aisle going to the restroom was blocked by a table with an elderly gentleman sitting at the end of the table. There was barely room for a person to walk through to get to the restrooms… and no way for me to get there with my wheelchair. The entire table would have had to be moved. We left the restaurant without incident and without eating. This could have easily been avoided. I was embarrassed and felt customers and employees staring at me in my wheelchair. Please provide guidance to your management in the future to not block aisles and bathrooms so that those of us who are handicapped are treated the same as everyone else. Thank you, Darlene Howard

  93. Oh where do I start. My experience this evening was so bad I’m not sure I can even explain it.

    We got to your Waco, Texas location at around 6:00 pm our time. We were told we would be seated in five to ten minutes. It was about ten minutes from there things went bad. We ordered at 6:15 pm. The restaurant was cold and it was 715 when our food arrived. Yep that’s right one hour exactly after ordering. This wait time is completely unacceptable.

    We talked to the server and she became defensive about the time it took to get food. In a short while a lady I assume was the manager on duty came to our table making excuses for the service or lack thereof. It was clear that you were once again not prepared to serve your customers.

    I sent another complaint on January 1, 2015 based on a poor experience on December 31, 2014.

    It is clear you haven’t learned how to plan and manage your restaurant in Waco, Texas.

    Well this was your last chance I’lll never set foot in your Waco location ever again. It just ain’t happening again.

    Ticked in waco

  94. very poor greeter. I counted * booth available. Wait time 30 minutes. greeter said not enough server. This is lent for 30 days no meat. i
    I had 4 employee with me for a business meeting very embarrassed. poor service poor greeting very disappointed

  95. Muncie Indiana Redlobster – 2/28/15 – 5:30pm-8:00pm
    We had a birthday celebration, 9 top. They told us it would be a 20min wait. We waited an hour. We had to remind the staff we were still waiting. They then gave us 2 servers for each side of the table. One of our sides waited 20min for drinks while the other was served. Then they even flubbed the orders. This was absolutely the worst experience at red lobster we have ever had. We were never approached by management and treated very poorly.

  96. i visited your Baymeadows location in Jacksonville Florida To have dinner with my wife and the food was good and the service was even good; however they advertise one price on the menu and then when the bill comes it’s a different price. The manager said well after 3 o’clock our prices turn over and go up, I know it’s confusing but the prices are with it is and the registers confirms that. In other words they charge what they they want with no warning it’s false advertisement.

  97. We recently went to the Red Lobster in Mentor Ohio. We were a party of 3. They placed us in a booth made for 2. We asked to be placed at a larger table seeing as though there was plenty of room in the almost empty restaurant. The waitress acted as if we were carriers of the plague or something. She was more courteous and friendly to the Caucasian customers. I will not be returning to Red Lobster again. We work everyday, pay our taxes and then to be treated as we were, inexcusable.

  98. I just wanted to say I recently had contacted you and my issue was resolved I did get the gift card although I wasnot expecting it but i do appreciate it. My wife and I just recently went back and the food was great. Great job and once again thank you for taking care of us. #wewillbeback#

  99. I was at the Red Lobster in Poughkeepsie NY and had a very unsettling experience. I took my mom there for her birthday and it was not a good one. We got there at 12:30 and was told by the not so pleasant hostess that they were short staffed and would have to wait – well the wait turned into almost 30 minutes till finally we were going to leave and we got seated. Mind you the whole time we were there waiting the hostess complained – never once did she come to us and say sorry for the delay – just complained about short staffing and other employees. The hostess is the first one you see as you go there and she really turned me off from wanting to be there at all – in fact she made a comment to someone else there ” do you know someone who would burn this place down”
    very disappointing – always enjoyed going to red lobster but after this we will no longer be going

  100. I been to Red Lobster a couple times my 1st time was great but my 3rd one was kind of ban because besides the waiting time i got an allergic reaction to the food, that didn’t happened on my 1st or 2nd visit, it happened on my 3rd visit. i was very disappointed.

  101. I had ordered take out from the strongsville, Ohio location, they said it would be 20 mins. When I got to the restaurant to pick up my order, I ended up waiting an additional 25 mins… I was not offered a free beverage or anything for the inconvenience. This was 3:30 in the afternoon and they were not at all busy. Once home I was very disappointed in the appetizer of mushrooms. Very small mushrooms and there were seven…not at all worth almost $8. I would really think again before visiting another Red Lobster.

  102. My family and myself went to RedLobster on March 30th 2015. Food has been great in years past. Concord NC at Concord Mills Mall. The grilled shrimp had no taste and looked freezer burned. Coconut shrimp was way to sweet the green beans were raw. I guess the good things were the garlic cheese biscuits and our waitress. I did tell the waitress how I felt but she blew it off.
    LeeAnn Honbarrier

  103. Rude and inappropriate behavior.

    On Monday the the 30th of March my husband and I were visiting Canada from the USA and we stopped in at the Red Lobster on 10111 171 street Edmonton AB for dinner. Unfirutuntly I had one of the worst experience ever in a long time.I arrived at the restaurant it was not very busy so it was empty we were seated and for over 20 minutes no one came to look after us. Then I saw a sever came out and said to other table with two persons sitting there , have you been help and they say no she took their order and apologized and by the time she could get to the machine another server met she and said something about steeling the table from him in a very rude way. Then at the machine where they put in the orders I heard the server who had taken the order from the waiting table say to him in a very polite way here you can have it,I was trying to help the guess that have been sitting there for a while. His reply was I don’t want it you can take it since you stole my other table and he walked away. We are still waiting for service the server saw us looking asked us if we had been help and we say no and she apologized for the other servers rude and uncalled for behaviour and told us she will be right with us. Not long after I saw a manager came to the said machine and was trying to find out what’s going on because apperently she got news of what was going on and the way this server behaved was unacceptable. He was all mad telling the manager that he is not taking any more tables and the one he was working on the manager should transfer it and he is going home. I don’t know what took place after that they left the dinning room and about a few minutes later he came out apperently he was our server his name was Adrian. His deminer through out the service was very unsettling and I thought he should have been sent home he not polite at all. I hope something has been done about is behaviour.

  104. Decided to go visit red lobster after a long time in Oshawa ontario Canada earlier this week. I usually love their all you cab eat biscuits but it seems they are starting to be a bit stingy with it! The waiter brought only 2 in a basket and didn’t come back or ask if we wanted more when we asked he brought 2 again !!!!! The captins catch meal was just sad… I cpunted them 4 shrimps and bit of rice and 4 shrimp in sauce and a pieace of fish.. This meal was not worth the money we paid for. The waiter just seemed more interested in takijt care of The other big table beside us than he was serving me and my husband ! I feel that we did not get our money worth.. Portions were way too small and food was not great! Very disappilointed !!

  105. My wife and I ate at the red lobster in horse heads ny. on chambers rd. the bun was the best part of the whole meal, I had baked lobster tail if I had a ounce and a half of lobster meat I was lucky, the center of the meat in the tail was gone. I had a thin strip of meat on both sides, the shrimp was dry not firm and moist. My wifes meal the pasta was not soft but very chewy, the meal with the tip cost us 73,oo dollars we would have been better off eating a mcdonalds, by the way we are from new England.

  106. My wife and i visited Red Lobster in Hampton,Virginia….the experience was a terrible one! We both ordered the Admiral’s feast, the flounder was dry, and the shriml was cold when we complained they only offered complimentary dessert! That was unacceptable and we paid for a dinner that was less than subpar.

  107. I went to eat at red lobster in cary, North Carolina and the food was Great but our waiter had a huge beard and its not Pleasant going to go eat at some place where they are not forced to at least trim their facial hair.

  108. Last night we had the worst meal at the Red Lobster on East 3rd Street in Bloomington,Indiana. We were up till 3:00am sick. We will Not return and chance that happening again!

  109. Me encanto ir a Red lobster. Andrea la mesera que nos dio el servicio es súper amable y atenta. Gracias Andrea.

  110. When my husband and I get away from the kids to have a nice sophisticated adult dinner we enjoy coming to Red Lobster. Here lately the service has been horrible. I am sitting at our table now surround by 4 empty tea cups, our empty appitizer dish, and our finished plates. I had to go to the bar to get our teas refilled and have been waiting over 20 minutes for a check. If I am going to spend $75 dollars on a dinner for 2, I would like to be treated as an actual guest.

    PS: Still waiting on my check.

  111. Horrible customer service, the waitress was OK but it took over an hour to get our food and the people at the front mixed us up with another family.

  112. I came to Pennsylvania on vacation and had a great meal with my grandmother and great aunt. We were Darryl’s very first quest and this was one of the best services I have had in a while. Not only was the meal amazing but it came to us very fast. The store is in Langhorne Pennsylvania. Once again the server’s name is Darryl and was amazing. When I would go to some other places I would leave hungry but this time when I went to red lobster it made me full for a long time.

  113. Yes my name is cleo henderson I visit Red Lobster on August 24th 2015 now I never had a problem with Red Lobster I love it to death but that night the food was terrible the seafood pasta was terrible and the biscuits was hard like they’ve been sitting out all night it just wasn’t right . And that was a take out order I called the manager the next day and I told her what happen at all I want it was a placement I will come and pick it up he agreed to take care of the matter by putting it back on my card well the money never got back on my card and never getting results and that managers no longer work for Red Lobster so what can I possibly do

  114. Hi my name is Cleo Henderson I went to Red Lobster on August 24 2015 and it was a take out order and I paid $56 for this I had to created my own combo I had to shrimp pasta shrimp scampi and fried shrimp and that was the worst meal I ever had pasta with sticky it was dry scampi with dry it was just awful my husband got the fishermen will he wanted to get pasta in place of seasoned rice but you got the rice instead I call right now for the next day morning and I’ll talk to the manager all I wanted was a replacement order he gets an attitude I’m just gonna get your money back I’m not I don’t want my money back I just want to come and get order I have my receipt number so I end up telling him to put it back on my card now the money has not came on my card yet I’ll call the restaurant and I went to and they said the manager no longer work there so what am I supposed to do

  115. I used to love your Scarborough Toronto Red Lobster. What are you doing to improve the professionalism of your servers? I was there recently. Tell servers that they should assume the same level of professionalism with ALL guests. Tell them not to assume that they can be condescending and decrease service quality simply because they think the guests look like them. It is also dangerous to your business if you try to pair servers with tables on the basis that they look like the guests – that is often when the condescension begins. Cheers, Lloyd.

  116. So impressed with the prompt attention from manager Greg in south charleston wv after hearing not our best experience with our food as usual when eating at red lobster. Very impressive customer service

  117. I have to post bad review from and establishment when I receive poor customer service 2x times at this Red Lobster restaurant located at 195 E Hospitality Ln, San Bernardino, CA 92408 I visited there facility on 9/5/15, worst waiter service ever, I had to continuously ask my server for my drinks and food was served late, she kept on forgetting items we had order this was ridiculous.

    I brought it to the attn. of the on duty manager Carlos, but he was so very overwhelmed with being short staffed and attending to other complaints at the time he really never addressed the problem by offering me a discount or paying the tab on the horrible services my family had endured. I paid my $120.00 bill and left this establishment so very disappointed. I called the SB facility 4 days later to get the corporate phone number and spoke with another manager on 9/11/15 named Macklin who stated he would take care of my family on 9/12/15 if we came back to the facility. So I took my family back to the same Red Lobster facility with the worst service ever and waited 35 min in the lobby to be seated we had a wonderful waitress this time the food was very slow coming from the kitchen then when it came to the bill amount the Manger Macklin was only willing to give me a slight discount on my bill for the horrible experience we had encounter the week before our bill came out to $ 127.00 so I was willing to pay the $7.00 different from the week before but I had to pay $74,00 difference. I will never be Back to a Red Lobster again especially the one located in San Bernardino CA avoid being let down by the poor customer service, wait time and lack of management concerns to take care of it customer complaints. This is ridiculous; they should just close their doors at this location. I recommend Crabby Joes where you’re greeted with a smile and excellent customer service. I hope corporate looks at these reviews, if not they do not care.
    I will be posting this on all my blogs and friend and family webs/E-mails.

  118. Worst experience cold food. Out of ice no silverware. Waitress like they were ready to go 55.00 waisted bad experience montgomery al location food made me sick greasy we took it home total waist so not pleased

  119. We love red lobster but last visit was not good food was bad ! Can you fix this were there at least 4 times a month! John kachik 433 montana dr franklin pa 16323 if this is not taken care of dont think we will be back thank you

  120. Re:Red Lobster, Maple & No. Bailey, Amherst, NY. My husband & I went there for lunch on Mon. 9/21/15 at 1:30 pm supposedly after the lunchtime rush to find the place less than 1/4 full but with 8 people waiting to be seated. They told us there was a “15 min” wait. After waiting another 5 minutes the hostess finally appeared & told us there would be an additional 20-25 min wait because there weren’t enough servers! Of course we walked out—-along with how many other potential customers??? With all the fine restaurants in close proximity to the Red Lobster I’m amazed that your staff is not concerned enough to have sufficient help. By the way, we went across the street to the Olive Garden & were seated & served immediately.

  121. Sunday, September 20th I took my friend and our kids to Red Lobster in Des moines. We got there about 350pm, waited about 25 minutes to be seated. Two people ordered “Endless Shrimp”. NEITHER person received the two dishes of shrimp they ordered for their second round of shrimp. We were there FOR TWO HOURS . The service was horrible AND I paid 16.99 for an INCOMPLETE meal. I will no longer be visiting Red Lobster.

  122. Hi. I’m a club member. Something is wrong with the Contact Us section of your website. It insists on you leaving a location of your last Red Lobster experience BUT when you try to enter it, it won’t take any info. The cursor bar just keeps blinking at you. I have tried 4 times without success, going over the whole routine again from the start and have not been recognized. I had to come here in the hope of getting somewhere with y’all. Please respond. I love RL and every one I have gone to have treated me with distinction and VIP attention. I just want to say (reiterating my club membership status) I have not gotten a coupon for $$$ off in purchasing lunch/dinner entrees and I’d like to take ad- vantage of the all-you-can-eat shrimp promotion. It’s enough for me to go off my dinner, for goodness sakes. Do I need to re-enlist? Do you need more info on me? Have I fallen out of favor? What must I do? Please respond. I was not happy with the repeated failed attempts in getting in touch with you. I’d be most grateful for what you could do for me. I offer my humblest thanks and look forward to dining with you again very soon. Thank you. Most sincerely, David

  123. My Husband and I went to Red Lobster’s to dine around 4:00 p.m on Sept. 24, 2015. My Husband loves yours clam chowder and craves it on a constant basis, so again we dined at Red Lobster.

    Within the last 2 months of dining at your restaurant around the same time area, your restaurant does not have adequate waiters or waitresses. It takes about 10 minutes during each visit just to get a drink order. The waiting staff always forgets part of your order or just doesn’t bring part of it.

    Your store number is in Southaven, MS, store #6322. Our waitress was Ariel J. During this visit yesterday, we timed our service and Ariel didn’t get to us until 7 minutes after we were seated. Took 5 minutes for my Husband to get his ice tea. 10 minutes later my Husband had to go to the bartender to request my beer order that had previously been ordered. Finally I got my beer and here came our dinner order. Long time for a drink order.

    To me Red Lobster and your restaurant has gone down hill considerably. Probably in 10 years your restaurant will not be around and you in the corporate office will be wondering what the heck happened. Your CEO should be on Undercover Boss and experience this particular restaurant around 4:00 p.m. I think heads would roll.


    Andrea L. Booth

  124. On 9/25/2015 at your Greenwood SC restaurant I ordered Alaskan Sockeye Salmon (Daily Special) & received what I believe was Atlantic Salmon. When I questioned Zantavius, our waiter, he said it was Sockeye. At his next visit I pointed out the very light hue of the fish & was told again it was Sockeye. Perhaps I was remiss for not contacting management, especially after the bill came and it said Atlantic Salmon, which proved my point. When questioning this, our waiter said, yes “they” changed it”, not sure why? If it was Sockeye, then it was Sockeye, right?
    Our experience at this restaurant would, of course, reflect on the rest of your restaurants, and I would hope that a question regarding the food would lead to
    a manager coming over to discuss a customer concern. (Transaction # 1707298707. Check # 25989). Thank you, Jan Warren

  125. I visited Altamonte location and was very upset with their services. No one even came to our table to greet us, not until I spoke to a manager. Which she didn’t seem to care either. Our appetizers came out with our food, plus it was the wrong food of course. This was just a terrible experience. I don’t even know if I will be returning. The part that hurts bad is this was actually my favorite restaurant.

  126. Dear Red Lobster,
    Yesterday my pregnant daughter was craving shrimp so we visited store #0259 in North Charleston. It was not a pleasant experience. If there would have been another Red Lobster in the area we would have left as soon as we entered the door. I realize this is one of your older restaurants, but it was filthy and smelled bad. The source of the smell was probably the carpeting. It smelled like wet dog and dried vomit. The food was mediocre at best. I feel we should be compensated for this horrible experience. The Manger was not available to discuss this with. I know my daughter will still want shrimp in the future so we will be visiting another restaurant near her or the Red Lobster close to me in Florence SC.
    I feel your top management needs to visit this restaurant so you know first hand how horrible it is. I don’t think that in this state of the economy Red Lobster can afford to lose any more customers to your competitors that care about quality and customer overall experience.
    I look forward to hearing from you soon. Sandra Britt

  127. Hello, I wanted to tell you about my last visit. My wife was looking forward to ordering the tilapia with roasted vegetables in the bag, much to my disappointment the waitress told her it was taken off the menu!! Also I have Celiacs and am gluten free, your menu which I would not even call a menu, as it was a bunch of typed pages stapled together is very difficult to decipher, it should just have an asterick symbol with what I can eat, very confusing and very disappointed!!!!

  128. I recently visited Red Lobster in Daytona 10/3/2015 a Saturday afternoon.. A party of 4 and a child. We had the coldest reception and the only thing we were offered was the bar seating. I am sorry but we wanted a dining room. We do not drink and had a child with us. They said the dining room was busy because of a party of 25. I never mind waiting for a table . I don’t care how long it takes. No smiles or welcome to Red Lobster just attitudes. We left and went to Cheddars were we welcomed .and enjoyed our food. I guess they did not need a hundred dollar check from my family.

  129. We had a big group order from our hospital when I ordered the Bar Harbor Lobster Bake. There was no lobster in my meal, so I called to let them know. I sat on hold for approximately 10 minutes before I hung up and called again. I finally was able to speak to the manager. She took my information down and promised to send me a gift card in the mail because I was unable to leave work. I’ve yet to receive the gift card and it’s been well over three weeks. I will not be going back there.

  130. Spoke to mamanger on west 38th street REd Lobster in Indianapolis In about horrible experience I had at their restaurant. Party of five. she said she was sending me gift cards because of the experience. Sent her my address. Never receive gift cards-emailed her last week and did not get a response

  131. Called twice to order to go and was put on hold over 10 mintes. Ridiculous. Red lobster@ west oaks in Houston


  132. My mother, son, grandaughter and myself ate at your restaurant last night. We were very dissapointed in the service we received. Long wait between salad and dinner. asked for but did not get biscuits until our food was served. Normally I love your restaurant and am very satisfied but last night was not a very good Experience.

  133. I had a meal at red lobster and the crab legs were dark and skinny. They were dried out. I have a picture to send. This is my 2nd attempt. No one responded to me before. I have not been back to red lobster since this.

  134. I called the Pineville NC location 3 times to place a to go order and was hung up on 3 times. By the 4th time I called I was at the restaurant. This is very poor customer service & an inconvenience to your customer. I have a schedule & this caused me to have to sit & wait

  135. On the 31 st of October I took my nephew and daughter to red lobster for there, what a disappointment,ute 35 fall or lobster was over done and tuff and all the manager said was Oh, OH what kind of answer was that, I was getting sick they took me by ambulance to hospital another story my nephew paid the bill I had cards to pay, you got your money, not happy with what we received my nephew had steak and shrimp, I asked him where the steak was, so very small, this is late getting to you as I am just getting well, this restaurant is in Torrance, I eat at red lobster in Fort Collins ,Colorado all the time, also rolls were not served with meal,but about 15 min. After we got the meal, I would like some reasons and compensation thank you

  136. my family went to dinner nov.7 2015 ,.party of 8 .6 auuts and 2 twins17 months old.the lady said the waite was 15, 20 min. it turned out to be 42min.well liam took our order,the mang. handed out the menu.didnt see them for15 min. drinks ,apps came .no straws or napkins.order food .gave someone a salad,that wasn’t surpose to get it.then goes by 20min. before the meal. thank god for the rolls.he order chicken with noodles ,no brockley.gets it anyway.chicken like rubber.i ordered coconut shrimp,.gave me tarter sauce. in the mean time ,look for him ,was where to be brockaly was raw, my bake poto was no cook all the wat .I know they were busy ,but take on what you can randle.

  137. My visit was on 11/08/2015. 16:46 transaction departure time. My experience at Red Lobster was horrible and disdisrespectful. The server was rude and curt. The manager was despicable there was hair in the food. The food was cold and dryed out. Do not go to this location Restaurant store # 6251. I have always been a satisfied customer but this is utterly ridiculous and my food not only had hair in it my crab legs tasted like perfume. The world have two many different types of ethnic groups to experience disrespect and degrading since I did spend $79.61 at this place.

  138. We eat at Red Lobster very frequently. We always have had great experience at the restaurant, great food and great service except for yesterday. When we arrived we were sat at our table and when we finally was greeted by our waiter, she was very rude never mentioning specials. She zoomed by asked were we ready without asking if we wanted or need drinks. When she was asked for information she said page 3 and walked away! As we waited and waited we then had to asked another waiter for a basket of bread and water. when she returned to our table, she let us know that she was waiting tables and working in the kitchen and that she “did not have time to wait and answer so many questions” that we had about the menu (only two questions was asked) 1. about the specials and 2. could certain items on the kids menu be substituted for something else. After an hour in a half we finally got some food on the table but not our sides, those were not brought to us until we were done with our meals(which were only broccoli and french fries). The crab legs were over cooked, the lobster and pasta was cold, and the Caesar salad …well it was only lettuce not a smidge of cheese on it! Our waitress never ever came back to our table. So after speaking to a manager about what was going on (by this time we have been there for almost 3 hours!) We had another waitress but she was just as rude, We had to speak to so any people just to finally get an I’m sorry. Needless to say we will never ever eat that red lobster again and we are very disappointed with the service that was given to us yesterday

  139. I had the worst experience ever!!! It took them a lifetime to bring my food out to me. Then the portion they brought out wouldn’t please a baby. And to top it off, it was horrible…

  140. I recently took my family to your Red Lobster store on division street in Spokane. I hadn’t been to a red lobster in a while, but remember the service and food of being much better quality. I was very disappointed because the atmosphere and service reminded me more of fast food dining than the more regal quality I had remembered.

  141. Visited Red Lobster in Tampa, Fl located on Bruce B Downs @ 4:00 pm on a Saturday. Came in with a party of 10, the restaurant was just about empty and our party had to wait 45 minutes to be seated. With 16 years in the restaurant business and have nevered seen any thing like that before. It seems that the manager did not have the servers available. Very disappointed in one of my favorite restaurants. Don’t know if I’ll go back

  142. I am unable to send an e-mail to their “Contact Us” form….even tho I have filled out every space with an *…. it keeps saying it’s unable to send. The last place I was in a Red Lobster was in Brampton Ontario in summer of 2013 – so I do not remember the server’s name or have the check number! We now live in Vernon BC & are extremely disappointed that there are NO Red Lobsters anywhere out here. I wanted to know if/when they were going to build some!! I think Calgary is the closest one.

  143. My husband & I went to red lobster in Fort Worth Texas on Hulen St. last night to celebrate my fathers birthday. We arrived at 5:00 pm (everyone else was scheduled to arrive @ 6:30 pm) I spoke to the hostess & told her when the rest of our family was to arrive, (only 7 people) she told me they would start to set up the tables @ 6:15 pm. At 6:30 I went to the hostess to be seated @ was told we would have to wait because they were busy! Then they seated us in the bar in a booth that was much too small. I then asked to speak to the mgr. He then seated us at a table & I noticed that they weren’t busy. After all of that they couldn’t get our orders straight! Finally we ate, but the experience was bad & as I said it was my FATHERS BIRTHDAY. Celebration? Good thing we are such a loving family @ we didn’t let this ruin the night. NOT A GOOD EXPERIENCE

  144. To whom it may concern, I was very disappointed with our waitress was pushy about how she wanted us to order. Or when she asked if we were celebrating something we said no. She follows well u could celebrate I’m your waitress not very professional. Then they messed up on my order manager came over to say sorry but didn’t do anything. So my son had to wait for his food while we ate not cool at all. We ask for extra dressing she took forever to bring it back that we asked some one else & when they brought it, it had a courton in the dressing.

  145. My visit today was so disappointing and the first time that I left hungry. The amount of sheimp given was so stingy! A teaspoon and a half of rice on my plate, five little shrimps on the scampi and five little shrimps on the skewer spaced apart! Usually my Scampi bowl is full amd so is the skewer! I don’t think that I will be coming back to Red Lobster if it is going to start cutting back portions drastically! I had to get a burger right after leaving your establishment and usually, I have left full. Why, when restaurants have a good clientele cut back portions drastically? Those ten shrimp you take away from the customer, will cause me to not come back! I won’t!

  146. I spent $800.00 for gift cards for my grandchildrens Christmas gift…….I didn’t receive even a cup of coffee… daughter spent $70.00 at “Outback” resturant and got a $10.00 gift card for herself…… you think I will ever buy at Red Lobster again??? Poor business I would say.

  147. Hello,

    I’d like to inform customer service about the bad service our large group received yesterday at Red Lobster on The Queensway. Although our waitress was very nice and cheery the service was atrocious. We had to wait 10+ minutes each time we ordered a drink. The waitress advised the bartender was too busy to make drinks until we commented about being very thirsty and she decided to make the drinks herself and then explain to us that she got in trouble for doing this for us. A few of our orders were incorrect. My salmon for instance was well done when I asked for it not to be cooked all the way through. The salmon was very dry due to over cooking it. The waitress apologized and advised she would have another made but I would have to wait for it and give my salmon back to her. I did not want my food to get cold while waiting for another salmon so I ate the dry one. Another guest asked to replace the crab legs with shrimp and have fries as his side. Instead he received crab legs and rice. When this was brought to the waitresses attention it took 15 minutes to receive his fries at which point everyone was already done their meals. Another guest was halfway through his meal before he received his drink which he had ordered 15 minutes prior, and had to drink someone else’s water at the table to get through the first half of his meal. The waitress apologized for the incorrect orders by advising us “I’m surprised they didn’t make more mistakes with your orders! I just got yelled at not to accept changes to the meals because the kitchen can’t handle it!”. Do you think these were appropriate words? We received no complimentary food/dessert/drinks, not even a sincere apology or visit from a manager. At least if we had received one of the above we would have felt a little better. I highly doubt we will be returning to any Red Lobster after this atrocious service. Please let us know if you’d like to resolve this issue.

    Thank you,


  148. My son’s name is cody. He is 12. Cody has cyctic fibrosis. He is also a wish kid. He is holding a all you can eat spaghetti dinner fundraiser to help give back. He wants to raise money to help other kids with life threating medical conditions to get there wishes granted. We are writing to ask if you would be able to donate a gift cert or basket to raffle off. At his dinner jan 24

  149. Never had a experience like this in my lifetime. Sunday went to dinner with husband to fairview heights Illinois red lobster cause son gave me30.00 card for my birthday. Ordered food which was good, server asked husband if he wanted to add lobster to tail for 7.00and he said sure. When receiving our check I looked and was charged 11.99 for it so he went to correct that. He brought check back and glad looked at it cause balance was original Check was 64.00 so minus my gift card should be 34.00 he tells me your card only 9.99 I said no way just took out of folder and said 30.00. He went back to talk to manager and we waited and then said it was right cause card was 13.00. So I said let me talk to manager. He came out and I told him my card was for 3000, and he said well I guess I have to believe you cause guess he got cards mixed with someone and it was only 12.00 now all these different prices??? So he said he would just give me the 30.00 off and wanted to know if I wanted a desert for my problem. It wasn’t my problem someone isn’t truthful here and it wasn’t me. He finally came back and said well you owe nothing dinner on me. It was thirty five minutes after finishing eating he said this. Never have I been told well got to believe you felt belittled and like I was a liar trying to get away with something plus embarrassed at people watching and shaking their heads. My son worked for olive garden 15 years before getting his own bar and grill never had a problem there. .I want to know where my 30.00 dollar card went to cause they never came up with it.

  150. Was resently at Red Lobster, as we regularly have dinner there. The two soups on the menu are both cream based, someone who is lactose intollerent cannot enjoy a warm bowl of soup, there should be a none cream base soup. Ordered the caesar salad and medium steak with asparagus, only to be told by the manager they were out of asparagus. The salad and biscuits arrived, caesar dressing and biscuits were very salty, which i did not enjoy. The steak arrived and it was over cooked, salty from to
    much spice rub and tuff. I did not enjoy the my dinner, the manager came over and apologize for the food and remove it from the bill. Will still return to RL, but they need to have better communication in the kitchen.

  151. visited the jacksonville nc location and received horrible service so I left the girl a $3 tip, she awarded herself an extra $2 on my card giving herself a $5 tip when I caught it and called to inquire the manager told me she was new, NO she is a thief!!!!! Will be contacting corporate the server also lost my card in the process of running it and my friend found it on the floor if I don’t hear from corporate will be going to a news station and lawyer

  152. The service was great… the food was pretty good, I can’t understand how a plate can be so hot and the veggie be cold. But that isn’t my complaint, why doesn’t any of your hostesses take into consideration that date night means no children. They shouldn’t seat single couples in the same area as families, we left our children with sitters so we could enjoy adult time and had to listen to melt downs from tables surrounding us.

  153. Red Lobster
    261 W 125th St, New York, NY 10027

    I’ll never eat there again.
    Sunday, 1/17/2016, around 6:30 pm., I ordered the Lobster listed in the menu for $33.00, a bowel of Clam Chowder for about $6.49 and a glass of wine for $8.00. Rehiem my waiter was very efficient and nice. When he brought my check it was $82.94. I asked him why was the lobster more than $33.00. He said they served me the 2 lb. Lobster that cost. $52.00, the wine was $8.00, the Clam Chowder was 6.49. with tax and his suggested tip of $11.77 my bill totalled $82.94. I read nothing in Red Lobster’s menu stating that the cost of the lobster was determined by weight. Isn’t that false advertising? What a rip off.

    (212) 280-1930

    Closing soon: 11AM–10PM

  154. Tonight (01-17-16) my wife and I went to Red Lobster with another couple in Olympia, WA. Normally we would visit the Red Lobster in Tacoma, WA but we decided on the Olympia location. We were seated and a young lady looked at us as we were seated. She proceeded to wait on ALL the tables around us except our table. We were patient and assumed it was an over sight. Two more groups of 4 were seated and the young lady continued to ignore us. No water, no biscuits, not even a hello please be patient. We watched as the young lady went to all the other tables being helpful to them but completely ignoring us. After speaking with the Manager she was no better and we left after 35-45 mins of being disrespected. My wife and I will stick to the Tacoma location. Olympia clearly may not be as customer friendly as Tacoma

    My money and I will spend it as I decide!!!!!!!



  156. Worst experience of my life. We arrive at 430 they said 20 mins we sat for an 1 hour to be seated. We asked for a high chair they stuck us in a booth and said they cant do a high chair. Then we sat another 20 minutes waiting to be served. Then another 10 for drinks. Then when she finally bought the salads and biskets. She gave us a dirty plate. Worse service.

  157. I was in red lobster on auth rd. on Friday !/29/2016. Went to bar area . I would like for some to call me in reference to my treatment on this visit. The service was bad.could not get a manager.

  158. I took my daughter there for her birthday 1-28-16 along with my other family members. The service was bad, the food too salty and not only did we tip the young man that served us, they added another tip charge to my bill. My bill that I signed was for 170.48 that I charged to my credit card, when I checked my bank account they added another 34.10 I did not authorize that. They charged my account without my permission. I would like my 34.10 back. The restaurant is the one in Beachwood, the server,s number is 7497 86625 7365, looking forward to hearing from you

  159. I’ve tried posting on your “contact us” but the form won’t allow you to put in the venue visited. If this is deliberate, shame on you. My problem was a recent visit to you Clermont, FL venue. Shrimp cocktail was the absolute worst, nothing like we had just two weeks earlier. Steak and lobster dish had pepper on the steak which the waitress was told to delete. It never arrived back in time to eat. Waitress told us we would only be charged for our drinks but the bill reflected food charges also. So -called “manager” who visited our table to apologize didn’t match the name on the front of the venue. I dunno, we eat out almost five nights a week and have had good experiences with Red Lobster since Darden got out of the picture but today’s experience has changed that attitude. Bill was over $100 despite being told we were only going to be charged for our drinks, no food charges due all the errors. Bad…………

  160. I went to the red lobster in Reading, Pa, and I have tell you how wonderful our service was. Our server was Austin and the Manager was Christina, I think they both deserve to be recognized in some way for the amazing service. We only asked to speak to the manager about our experience and had nothing but good things to tell her. We had such good time and the food was great. usually once we find a restaurant that we like we go there about three times a week, so I think we found our new hang out spot. thanks again for a wonderful experience.

  161. I use to work for the company, not anymore after the rude cliental and bad tippers I’ve had enough of the service industry to last a life time.I can’t tell you how many terrible evenings I’ve encountered within that company.

    Every weekend Red Lobster has many many large parties that love to indulge in the cheesy bread and awesome seafood, because lord knows it’s heavenly, but when you work 12 hour days and for 8 of those hours you’re waiting on mean people who treat you like a slave it’s dreadful. They no longer include gratuity so all those large parties of 20 come in and spend 400$ worth food and leave you 2$… if that. DO NOT WORK FOR RED LOBSTER they do not pay their employees nor care for them.

    Worst job ever, I got stiffed on 8 tops, 12 tops, and even 30 tops all the time they come in at 10:45 and leave at 1 am then leave you a 3$ tip.Its a joke.

  162. Hello, I am very disappointed in my experience tonight with red lobster. I tried to place an order for pickup and was transferred twice to someone else to take the order I was told they are busy. I waited online for approx 15 minutes and no one picked up the phone so I called back again and again was told it’s busy and she will have to transfer me and hopefully someone will pickup and take my order. Again I waited 10 minutes on hold and finally hung up. I decided to order dinner from another restaurant instead of red lobster. This was very fustrating and I think leaving someone on hold for so long not only once but twice is bad customer service. As a business owner myself I believe customer service is the number one priority and although I do understand business can get busy at times but never turn away a customer.

  163. Good morning Red Lobster,

    My family and extended family (total of 14 guests) attended your restaurant on Friday, February 5, 2016 to celebrate my wife’s birthday. I called before coming to your location to inquire about a reservation. I was told on the phone that you do not take reservations and based on the size of the party, we should come in by 5:30pm. We arrived at 5:15pm and were told that it would be a two and a half hour wait. When I asked why so long, I was told that your restaurant is not configured for that size of a party and that I would have to wait. While waiting for 45mins, we watched table sizes of 6 get seated who came in after us.

    After waiting until 6pm (45 mins had elapsed), I asked the hostess if the wait would be the same and she told me that there was no way it would be available sooner. This means that we would have to wait two and a half hours to be seated and at least 30 mins for our food. Projected to time would be 3 hours before we receive our food.

    We chose to leave at 6pm and shared the disappointment with the hostess that we would not be able to eat at your restaurant, especially since my wife was looking forward to your ultimate feast. The hostess asked me if I wanted to speak with the manager who was listening in behind her, who at that point chose to look away from me and quietly walked off.

    I left feeling disappointed in the experience and how it was handled. I hope you can review your method of operation to prevent telling customers that they need to wait 3 hours for a table, or explore options of a reservations with a deposit. This would make for a better customer experience.

    Looking forward to hearing your feedback.

    Best regards,

    Ronald Sarran

  164. On Saturday my daughter and myself were out for daughter daddy dance, I wanted to make the night special for her so I decided to take her to red lobster. We waited 20 min. To be seated which is reasonable, but waiting for an extra 40 min. Just to be offered a drink or to take our order was outrageous. Meanwhile the people behind us were being told that their food was almost done but we weren’t even welcomed or anything.this was at the mesquite location.

  165. On Saturday my daughter and myself were out for daughter daddy dance, I wanted to make the night special for her so I decided to take her to red lobster. We waited 20 min. To be seated which is reasonable, but waiting for an extra 40 min. Just to be offered a drink or to take our order was outrageous. Meanwhile the people behind us were being told that their food was almost done but we weren’t even welcomed or anything.this was at the mesquite location. My daughter loves the crab legs we had to settle for wataburger. I hope red lobster takes action on this matter.

  166. I had the worst service at Red lobster yesterday and I have been going there for years. Order drinks, appetizers and a meal. Got my salad first no water then 15 minutes later got my drink then the appetizers and then 5 minutes later my meal came out missing my side dish of shrimp Alfredo. Didn’t realize it then because I was just ready to leave. First time I had to actually ask for water from a waiter. Usually go in after 7 pm but my friend wanted to go earlier about 3 pm, the service is so much better at night. Spent $125 including tip and didn’t get a receipt although I paid with a gift card. Called the restaurant this morning to ask whether or not I was charged for the side dish of Alfredo but she won’t be in until tomorrow. The restaurant location is in Matteson, IL.

    Thank you for time.

    Janice Manning

  167. My husband and I decided to go out to dinner tonight, Valentines Day. I called Red Lobster in Kingston, NY and was put on the call ahead list for 5:45 pm. We arrived at approximately 5:40 and checked in and we were told it would be about a 15 minute wait. The restaurant was VERY busy and the lobby was full of people waiting. We were ok with waiting as well. We waited only 5 more minutes and then were called to be escorted to our table. AMAZING! We were seated in a booth (which I am not comfortable in) and debated even asking to be seated at a table due to the overwhelming amount of people there. When our server came over, I did mention that I was quite uncomfortable in the booth. She immediately said, let me see what we can do. Within a minute a manager came to us and said, let’s find you the best spot and she did so. We were waited on right away by our server Nancy (I believe). She was very friendly and the service was excellent. The staff was very attentive-even other servers checked on us! We ordered an appetizer and our dinner, and drinks and were literally served and finished with our dinner within an hour (we were not rushed, and did not feel rushed). The food was perfect, and the margarita I had was outstanding. I have to say that I have had other not so excellent experiences at Red Lobster in the past, and tonight was a pleasant and wonderful surprise. The restaurant was packed to the walls, properly staffed, and fast and excellent service despite the crowd. I just want the servers, bartender and managers recognized for what turned out to be an enjoyable and relaxing evening in your restaurant. I am sure you get your fair share of complaints and I have been one of them. But I like to give kudos whenever I feel that I receive exceptional service and tonight, that was absolutely the case. Thank you.

    Kathy and Harry Worden

  168. Been going to red lobster all my life.. Recently discovered all the changes they have made.. The shrimp Alfredo recipie has changed & is now watery & flavorless.. I’m 31.. Been going since my high school years just for that pasta.. This new recipe is terrible.. Never going to red lobster again.. Why change a recipe after so many years? A good one at that.. I don’t understand..

  169. We are regular customers for 40 years. The price of whole lobster is too high considering gas prices are way down. Feb 18 gave Langhorne location another try. Wanted to use 4 dollar coupon to defer cost of lobster. A new manager Jeanette Riley was very rude and would not accept coupon from Feb. 1. We will go to other restaurants for our lobster if you cannot help with coupons. You are missing more than $ dollars of our business since we were eating at this location 1 to 2 times a week buying lobster. Ms. Riley is not a trained manager and needs to be taught how to satisfy steady customers.

  170. I placed an order for a trio yesterday February 19, 2016 garlic shrimp fried butterfly shrimp and shrimp scampi with broccoli in addition to rice pilaf I receive my Broccoli was extremely soggy. My rice pilaf was hard and my shrimp Alfredo noodles were overcooked. I spent $20 on my food and gave close to a three dollar tip I am completely displeased this is not what I expect from red lobster and I was disappointed with my lunch. I think I should really be compensated for that if so I will put could please contact me regards to this matter I would greatly appreciate it

  171. I always visit red lobsters and this time around my experience at the red lobster in Yonkers Xavier road NY was terrible. My brother ordered crabs. The entree cost about 30 dollars. After receiving the food the waiter says there is only 3 crab Craker in the whole entire store. He will get one soon. My brother waited and waited. No one came with the Craker. Since we had ordered the food brother started to break the crab with his teeth and cut his mouth trying to just finish his dinner. I pulled the waiter aside and said why they didn’t tell us there is no crab Craker before ordering the dish. He just apologies. Didn’t offer to change the dish or comp the dish. Then I ordered a chocolate wave cake to go and 2 ordered a of coconut shrimp to go. I look in the bag I see the ice cream is missing and the waiters goes back and brings me melted ice cream missed with chocolate on the side. Almost as if he bought lefts overs from another plate. Just simply disgusting. Then I come home and see the sauce is missing for my shrimps. I was very u happy paying nearly 200 dollars and not enjoying anything. I will not be returning to red lobsters.

  172. Very disappointed. We have been going to red lobster for years, it’s my daughters favorite place. She chose red lobster for her 16th birthday party. We had 12 in our party and we’re quoted an hour wait time. We didn’t get sat for over 2 hours then we were told they were out of a handful of stuff. Wasn’t a good experience.

  173. We ate at the red lobster in Springfield Illinois its was one of the worst meals i have ever had. My husband doesn’t like salad so he ordered the clam chowder which cost a little more it was like eating soup from a can I think soup from a can would have been better it had no taste and was very runny. We had one of the lobster fest items the wood grille lobster and shrimp. Everything was over cooked even the side dish of broccoli. Also the food had no taste it was very blank. I don’t mind paying $60.00 for a meal, but I do mind paying $60.00 for a bad meal. We will not be back. We can go to other places in Springfield for seafood that is one hundred times better.

  174. It’s such a shame that you have such a great restaurant and you choose to short staff it. Tonight we’re here and all the customers are complaining about how long it’s taking to get the bartender to wait on them. It’s not your people they’re very good – you just don’t have enough to handle your business. If this were a one-time experience it would be one thing but many times we have to wait when the restaurant is Half empty because there is no one to handle the business. Why can’t you figure it out – you’re losing a huge amount of business because you to try to save a little. You’re saving $1.00 and losing $100.00!!!

  175. Me and my family went to Red lobsters on Sunday at your Lynchburg location in Virginia . It was my son 21 birthday we have been to there a lot over the last 15 plus years never been bad. But until Sunday it was terrible you could tell that the food has been sitting the breeding was falling off the fish the fries were cold and old the tea was watered down I could go on but , normally there is a manger or two walking around but didn’t see one I know it can be better but for now I’m disappointed. They say you get what pay for but we paid sixty some dollars for that pleas address this issue.

  176. Charlottesville Va restaurant

    I am upset about the expiration card on my take $10.00 off or free appetizer card I had. It expired at the end of January. I bought gift cards for others at Christmas time thinking the extra $10.00 was a good deal. Normally, I get them at Sam’s but they don’t expire. No one ever told me that there was an expiration date nor were they advertised that way.
    Marino was my waiter!!

  177. I take it back the Lobster was over cooked and rubbery. The waiter never asked how the food was. The hostesses out front don’t say hello or goodbye or thank you for coming. I checked my card ahead of time to see that is still had $50.00 on it only to have the waiter say, “Your card doesn’t work so I have another?” I explained call the number it has $50.00 on it. They did and guess what it had $50.00 on it. Go figure! The last straw was I was I the back and a bottle of pink cleaning fluid spilled across the isle from me and it splattered on my feet. The guys who spilled it cleaned it up but never asked.

    The manager finally comes and I have NO words. I will never come back nor by cards for others.

    Also just because you are alone doesn’t mean you want to sit in the bar or back by the cash register. A very busy place.

  178. I take it back the Lobster was over cooked and rubbery. The waiter never asked how the food was. The hostesses out front don’t say hello or goodbye or thank you for coming. I checked my card ahead of time to see that is still had $50.00 on it only to have the waiter say, “Your card doesn’t work so I have another?” I explained call the number it has $50.00 on it, it was your gift card. They did and guess what it had $50.00 on it. Go figure! The last straw was I was I the back and a bottle of pink cleaning fluid spilled across the isle from me and it splattered on my feet. The guys who spilled it cleaned it up but never asked.

    The manager finally comes and I have NO words. I will never come back nor by cards for others.

    Also just because you are alone doesn’t mean you want to sit in the bar or back by the cash register. A very busy place.

    • What did t get posted was my first comment. I purchased gift cards at Red Lobster to give out for the holidays and with each one purchased I got a card worth $10.00. I have seven of them. What I didn’t realize and was told that they expire at the end of January. When the waiters sold them and told me about the promotion an expiration was never mentioned. The sign up front didn’t say you need to use them in January. I went to use one finally I only to find out there was an expitation. The manager could care less. If I had known this I would have just purchased them at Sam’s Club. To me taking $10.00 off or giving me an appetizer would have just been good customer relations. I would have come back. Inwill never be back and my relatives in the South will just get Outback gift cards in the future

  179. I had the worst experience at Red Lobster on Saturday, 3/12/16 at 5pm at 9500 Southwest Highway, Oak Lawn, IL 60453-2897. I took my husband here for his 53rd birthday dinner celebration. When we get there they tell us it’s an hour wait. The restaurant isn’t that crowded, there are empty tables and booths there but people have to wait an hour? I asked for the manager and talked to Mr. De Myle D. Hawkins. He stated that this isn’t enough wait staff for the empty tables and booths & they can’t stretch the current staff to extra tables because that would interfere with quality of wait service. So we waited till we were called to be seated. Our waitress name was Myesha (young lady) She took our drink order as we browsed the menu. I got a glass of wine and my husband ordered a bottled beer. She came back with no beer (out of stock) So he just drinks water (he’s birthday). Then we order our salads, Myesha got my husbands salad order WRONG he asked for dressing on the side, it was dumped all over the salad. She offered to make another one, once we pointed out to her that it was wrong. but we said no. Then we received our meal and my husband meal was ALL WRONG! he ordered the surf & turf with the NY strip steak, lobster, mashed potatoes & asparagus on the side. They brought out a sirloin steak with asparagus under the meat with some sort of sauce and some crusted lobster in the shell laying on top the mashed potatoes! CLEARLY THIS IS NOT WHAT HE ORDERED. We asked to speak to the Mgr. Mr. Hawkins & he ONLY offered to redo the surf & turf plate to which WE DO NOT EVER SEND FOOD BACK TO THE KITCHEN! meanwhile, the food is getting cold as we argue with the manager. and neither one of us touched our food and just walked out since the Mgr. didn’t see our issues with THEIR MISTAKES! It was totally a wasted experience 2 hours of our lives lost and it was after 7pm and we hadn’t had ANYTHING TO EAT!!! SHAME ON YOU RED LOBSTER FOR YOUR TERRIBLE SERVICE NON-EXISTENT RESOLUTION TO THE SITUATION. EPIC FAIL. I feel we should be compensated for this terrible experience at the hands of your establishment.


  180. had a bad experience from the start, the lobster arrived cold, with your dueling lobster tails, my wife did not enjoy at all, i had the steak house lobster surf and turf a piece of shell was in the first bite. that was my last time eating at that location.

  181. Ifrequent your Annapolis location. Often great service and food but mostly concerned about server smoke smell lingers when approaching table and then had to your attention white around nostril. This has more present on more than one visit on same Waitreas aj
    . Concerned customer.

  182. 3-11-2016 My husband and I took my brother in law to the Red Lobster #0444 in Naples, Florida for their shared birthday. Our check # was 36337, Table 3 on 3/11/2016, Transaction #044160311211096. Our server was Joshua S and he gave us very good service. Unfortunately even though there were only 5 tables being served in the entire restaurant it took forever for us to receive our order. Our server came and apologized after we waited for a half hour. We have never mind waiting for our food when a restaurant was crowded especially if the food was good, which it was. But, this was ridiculous!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It seemed that no one knew what happened to our food order. Now we waited an additional half hour. It seemed like the cooks took a break when they received our order and forgot about us when they came back. Our appetizer was delivered after our dinner was served?????????? We waited to be compensated, but all we received was an apology from the manager when we told them we were about ready to leave. The only reason we stayed was because we were very hungry and wanted seafood. Then the waiter brought my brother in law a free glass of wine. Big Deal!!!!!!!!!!!!. I really believe to save face we should have been given a discount on our meal or a completely free dinner. Also, we traveled 30 minutes to your restaurant. When I tried to call your corporate office I was asked to leave a voice mail, to which no one ever responded. I presume you will also ignore this email. Well, you may not need our business but I am sure someone else will be glad to received it because Red Lobster will not. I see that we are not the only ones who were disappointed with you. My husband and his brother had not celebrated their birthday together in over 40 years and we picked your restaurant to have a meaningful celebration. Wrong!!!!!!!!!!! Next time your competitor will get our business. PLEASE REPLY TO THIS EMAIL!

  183. I and my friends eat at the Red Lobster on So. Memorial in Tulsa OK at least once a month if not more. It is very inconvenient to have to drive to Tulsa to eat there as we are all aging and keep wondering why you don’t put a restaurant in Broken Arrow, OK as the population is 102,000 and growing and has no seafood places. I’m sure the people here would support it as it seems the whole city eat out.

  184. I don’t normally do this, but my experience today led my curiosity to check out similar experiences and the outcome. Mine wasn’t remotely what should’ve happen..

    Lunch with my mother and son we got the shrimp salad and soup and my son the popcorn shrimp. Upon receiving mine, I found a short hair on top of my dressing cup. Then towards the end another one on my salad bowl when I was finishing. All I received was an apology. I really wanted to speak up and demand some sort of compensation but I didn’t want to cause a scene in front of my son. But I do feel like some other outcome should’ve of happened. But overall, kitchen supervision in this location needs to be reevaluated.

  185. Hello,
    I just wanted to let someone know that I ordered your four course meal tonight and I was very unsatisfied with my dinner. I could not bring it back due to my job is too far to come back there..
    My biscuits was cold first of all, and also my Alfredo was stuck together and was not hot at all. My Chowder soup was also cold and stuffy…My brownie was hard as a rock….Can someone please help me with this? I have never experienced anything like this from Red Lobster. This is my favorite restaurant and I always eat here…I would like a refund or a free meal…It do not make me a difference how you all want to handle this, but I know you all can do better that this..
    Thank you

  186. My husband and I arrived at 400 on April l0, sunday to the Jacksonville nc restaurant on western blvd, we were sat immediately, the waitress waited on the table beside us, approx. l0 min later, she came by and said she would be right there, l5 min later, finally took all of our order, including food, l5 min later the salad arrived, had to ask for bread, my husbands care ceaser with no dressing oil and vinegar, as he requested was full of dressig, when we asked for another salad the next one arrived the lettuce was very brown, clearly rotten, I called for the manager, Yvonne, she apologized, the salad was fixed, about 30 min later our food arrived, suppose to be stuffed flounder but instead was fried, WRONG again, the managaer Yvonne delivered it, apologized brought the flounder, in the meantime I found hair in my baked potatoe!!!!! Horrible experience when its usually the best ever in town which we frequent often, the manager did take care of our bill, she never gave us one, surely hope that no one ever has the experience that we had, and like I said, we enjoy and alwys have a good meal there, And I had to ask for the manager for her name because she had no name tag on, BAD BAD BAD all the way around

  187. I was disappointed with my meal at the kennesaw/town center location in Georgia. Red lobster has always had quality food at a little above-average prices (with our pockets). But bagged salad (not hand cut) and not fresh out of the oven baked potato? Potato was either warmed over or kept in a warmer. I will not go back anytime soon. My husband works hard for his money. Hope things improve. I’ve looked forward to going to red lobster in the past.

  188. We were a party of 8 we phoned first they said coming by about 530 shouldnt be too long a wait we waited 45 minutes! Service was very nice and friendly they did not inform us there will be 15 percent gratuity added! The service was super slow in kitchen they burnt the lobster maritime you can see black marks waiting for new one took forever the food came only 2 at a time we didn’t even eat same time took soo long for the other foods after the 2 entrees…my crab Alfredo was freezing cold was i5 frozen? But the pasta was served hot so I ate it instead of waiting longer. Our check was # 29064 at your queen street brampton location! I let the server know the bill was too faint couldnt read it …she didn’t print or offer new copy that location Is wayyyyy to busy and cannot handle it and customers suffer the waitress did add on the 15 percent rip but did not tell us beforehand we do not wanna go to red lobster again! Thanks from family judges

  189. The location in Victoria,Texas has a cleaning issue. It always smells of urine in the dinning area…has for two years. Each time I’ve went to see if things had improved I turned away.U have shared thus with 100’s of friends who say the same thing. I’m surprised the doors are still open and the health department hadn’t red flagged the place.

  190. I frequent Red Lobster often. I usually get a lobster pizza for lunch. On Friday I went to a Red Lobster I had never been to before and ordered my pizza without looking at the menu because I knew what it was. I was reading and book and eating when it occurred to me the pizza didn’t taste right. On closer inspection I realized the lobster was not right Was informed it was langostino lobster not Maine lobster. That is the last time I will go to Red Lobster for lunch. I was very disappointed in your restaurant and their changing a regular item. If it’s not making a profit either take it off the menu or raise the price. Don’t change the item and keep it on the menu. I was very disappointed in Red Lobster corporate. Probably won’t go there for quite some time

  191. On several occasions i have reached to Red Lobster on Reynolds Road, Maumee, Ohio, to place a take out order, my concern is that on these occasions, i have called to place an order and they tell me that the wait on the order will be 50-60 minutes for the order. Why does this take so long? If i was to eat in i am sure it would not take an hour to get my food. I enjoy my eat in experience but sometime i just want to take my good home. It should not take an hour for yhe food.

  192. 3 rd issue with take out at Pembroke Pines location in florida
    Today I call at 7:52pm to order and arrive at 8:45
    Still no food at9:20 pm
    My last time at the restaurant for sure

  193. Visited the Woodbridge NJ Red Lobster yesterday for a late lunch with my husband. Server was very pleasant and professional, wish I could say that about the food! The clam chowder was like a bowl of warm milk, fried shrimp was mushy, fried clams tough and the tiny scallops were mostly all batter. The fish in my fish and chips looked like it was in the fry oil overnight .
    The whole place could also use a bit of TLC. Too many other places around to settle for mediocre .

  194. Tried to order food take out from Harrisburg, Pa 17109,
    It was terrible no one would answer the phone, finally after 10 minutes someone answer I asked for the manager she ended up taking my order. My husband wanted to add to the order so he called back right outside the restaurant no one answered he went in and sat at the bar and still no one answered he could see the phone and hear it ringing he never placed his order. He got my order and the food was not cook completely and some of it was burnt. That was a second time for me! I will never eat there again.

  195. I visited today 5/9/16. I had a takeout order.I ordered the seafood trio. I never had the lobster Alfredo and wanted to ask was it supposed to be crunchy mine was. I thought it was supposed to be creamy. My garlic shrimp had cheese in the bottom of this side of the container and to top it all off my crotons on my salad were stale. I can say the teriyaki chicken was ok. I wasn’t impressed with the quality of my food. I thought for the money I paid I’d get a quality meal .

  196. I am writing because I went to red lobster yesterday for lunch to celebrate mother’s day and we ended up spending like $170 including tip and I was not really satisfied the only reason I left a generous tip is because I am a server and I know the struggle but from the moment we got sat our drinks took for ever to come out and once our food came out the server dropped the steak and so we had to get another one I ordered for my meal the create 3 And I enjoyed one out of the three my steak that I ordered was over cook so they offered to get me another steak but that took a while to come out too then when it was time to pay I thought that it was gonna be a quick process…. Nope I waited like 20 mins for boxes that I never got I finally went to the bar and got what I needed as a server I know how a restaurant experience is supposed to go and a that was not a good experience at all I just thought that you guys should know because If I’m going to be spending a lot of money somewhere I want to enjoy my experience and I did not and the whole time we were there a manager did not come to see how we were doing and it not like they were busy …..

  197. My wife and I went to red lobster and the service was horrible. Our main waitress was nice but our service was slow. Couples we were seated 15 minutes before got their food before ours. Then my food was served 5 minutes before hers. I couldn’t eat so my food was cold. I just sent it back. I was very disappointed.

  198. My family ate at the Altamonte Springs location today for birthday celebration. Our service was ok but when I received the Lobster Boil it was over pasta not red potatoes as pictured on the menu. I was very disappointed and should have spoken up for a 27.00 entree . Total bill 70.00, clearly not worth it. I’ve gone to Red Lobster since your opening and have had much better meals. Sheri

  199. I called the Red Lobster on West Markham in Little Rock Arkansas on 5/23/to place a pick up order. I was about 15 minutes from the restaurant and wanted to call ahead. The 1st called I was place on hold for 5 minutes no one came to the phone to say hey someone will be with you in a few moments, nothing. So I call back again and express to them and that I’d been on hold for 5 mins only to be on hold for TWELVE more minutes. By the time I walked into the restaurant while still on hold. I asked the gentlemen who was at the podium if he was the manager and he said yes. I explained to him I had been on hold and even showed him I was on hold. Only for him to say “I’m sorry about that” I then placed my order and still had to wait. Not one time did the manager come and follow up with me about this incident. I find it to be very poor customer service for one to be left on hold for a total of almost 20 minutes and then when I get to the restaurant and speak with a manager all I get is an apology, no explanation and to see me sitting at the bar waiting and not even follow up with me to make sure everything is okay. Very dissatisfied.

  200. The manager contacted me very quickly to my response on the service. Her name is Nina. Thanks for the quick response.

  201. Hi,
    there, ,i am a Canadian residence I have a question ,you guys have red lobster all over USA ,an some parts of Canada ,but whats the reason you guys dont have any restaurants in Vancouver BC Canada . ,believe it you guys will rock here ,pls open a restaurant in Vancouver BC Canada ,hope to hear from you guys soon.


  202. Just came back from red lobster on flamingo and Las Vegas Nevada the worst food I’ve ever had I mean I had the shrimp Linguine no taste pasta over cooked the salad was Wilderidge my silverware was dirty the service was terrible I tried to get shrimp crab rolls crabcakes and she didn’t know what I was talking about I called the manager and show them how bad the food was and how dirty the silverware was he Compte my food but that wasn’t the point now was hungry and had to go find another place to eat it was horrible silverware dirty salad look like was made last week silverware dirty the waitress was horrible I go least four times a month it was horrible the salad was made last week it was horrible the waitress was horrible

  203. Dear Paul and Kevin,

    I want to give you my sincere thanks for taking your time to speak and have an interview with me. I feel like I could be a real asset to your business. And I have learned that both of you have progres sedan through this business so wonderfully. I have faith that I will too.

    Again, thank you so much and I look forward to speaking with you both again with this new opportunity.

  204. Have several complaint on the store in CAYCE SC. Their servers are not pre busting tables. Leaving crumbs on the tables. Had to wait at least 1and 45 mins before I got a table and then it wasn’t clean. Some of the helpers,was trying to clean them. They were going from table to table trying to clean full tables with glasses n plates still on them. Need to check your management and staff there. Was very displeased. I been there several times and the last few were awful.

  205. A friend and I went to Red Lobster last night after we had attended a class. We arrived somewhere between 8:15-8:25 and due to the inability to get a table right away we opted to sit at the bar. Big mistake!!! There were two young ladies behind the bar and while one of them was doing the best she could do, the other gal was clueless and just taking up space.
    We ordered an appetizer and our entrees, which came with salads. The clueless gal took our order first and when the other gal attempted to put it in the computer it was so messed up that she had to ask us all over again. We waited for our drinks for at least 20 minutes and all I was having was a lemonade! When our food finally arrived it came all at once, salads, appetizer and entrée!!! The same thing happened to the couple at the bar next to us, however even worse they were brought the wrong order as well. I like Red Lobster’s lobster tacos and always have but the service is terrible at the Mayfair Rd. location in Milwaukee. Not sure if it is worth returning anytime soon.

  206. Was not please with your company on father’s day. Server wasn’t cleaning table had to wait at least an hour to be seated. Food particular on table and floors. Knott Abbott. Drive Cayce South Carolina

  207. I would like to comment on my dining experience at the Sherway location. We had an amazing server named Stephanie. She was the best server I’ve had at a red lobster location. We were there for Father’s Day and she made my dad so happy especially because he is battling a condition I was so happy to see him smiling. Now when we asked to change our shrimp skwers and rice to shrimp linguine the manager Wendy said we had to pay $5 then she went down to $4 then $1.99! It made me so upset because I didn’t think that was a big deal. Anyways when we were done Wendy came to tell us she wasn’t charging…. Really? At that point I didn’t even want to hear her, Stephanie the server was so pleasant even made me calm down and focus on what we were there for: my dad. Thought I would voice my experience bc I left annoyed w management.

  208. Good MOrning,

    I ate at your Kitchener location last night and 2 hours after leaving I had become ill. Originally I went online and sent a suggestion stating that the food and service was great but the dinning area could use a good dusting. After starting to vomit and experience severe stomach pains til the wee hours of this morning (stomach pains are still happening and I had to miss my 6 year old sons year end school trip) I decided to call the Kitchener location. I spoke with Ryan the manager and I have to tell how extremely disappointed I am after speaking with him. He seemed to care at all, I did get an “I’m sorry” but there was no compassion in his voice. I am single mother of 2 young children, this was my first trip in my entire 33 years of life to a Red Lobster for my boyfriends 45th birthday, the bill for most would be reasonable for in my position $100 for a 2 person meal is a lot, money I had to save to celebrate his birthday and to not even be able to keep it down, sucks and what makes it even worse is the manager doesn’t seem to care at all. I assumed he would ask for my name and number to let me know what he finds out after looking into it (my boyfriend and I ate all the same food except for a filet of fish I had) perhaps tell me “oh the fish was expired, or prepared incorrectly or I can’t help you” THere was none of this and when I told him about the dust in dinning area I am sure it went in one ear and out the other. I am writing you this because I although I will not be returning I would hate to have others have anything even similar to this experience happen to them.

  209. Yesterday (Wednesday) my husband and I had lunch at Red Lobster in Stockton, CA. When we walked in, I said to my husband, “It smells in here”. However, he didn’t notice it. After we had lunch and were on our way to Lake Tahoe, we each became a bit ill and had to stop at a couple of rest rooms along the way. I had diahrea and had it all last evening and a little this morning. We are both sure it is from our lunch. We are a regular at Red Lobster in Almaden, San Jose. The staff at RL Stockton were lovely, but I am concerned about the freshness of the seafood. Maybe someone should check it out. Bonte Hageman

  210. My husband and I don’t ever eat out, but when I can talk him into it I always choose Red Lobster because I love seafood. We live in Meridian Mississippi and the restaurant here has gone way down hill. . The last three times we have been there the food was awful. We had to send the fish back because it was either burnt or raw. The service was great but we were to get oh we lhave new cooks or comeback at lunch when it,starts busy. ALSO THE PLACE IS FILTHY AND SMELLS LIKE DIRTY wrags. THERE IS DUST EVERYWHERE. PLEASE HELP OUR LOCAL RESTAURANT. I REALLY WANT TO BACK BUT MY HUSBAND IS STANDOFF. HE SAID HE WOULD TRY ONE MORE TIME. PLEASE help to make it better.

  211. I dined in with a friend July 8th at approximately 22:45. We had a great experience. I ordered food for take out for my grandmother who loves Red Lobster. Upon her eating the loster/noodle combination that came with the lobster, shrimp and rice, this unknown plastic was mixed in and she ate some then told me that some seafood was rubbery. I then saw this black coloured material in the mix. Ive eaten this entree 3x and I’ve never seen anothing black in it so I removed it to then realize my grandmother has eaten some type of rubber/plastic that was cooked with the food. I am hoping her body has removed the eaten bit. I’m really upset about this and surprised. I have pictures if needed and I have wrapped up the unknown material in paper towel which is placed in my freezer.

  212. Good evening,
    July 8, 2016 between 4:30- 7:00 pm we were at the 10111-171 St, Edmonton, AB red lobster restaurant for my mother’s 80th birthday celebration. My brother had called ahead a half hour and we didn’t have to wait long upon arrival. Our waiter, Ish was amazing! He was funny, considerate and very customer service oriented. He needs to be commended. He made the evening enjoyable for us. Regards,

  213. Stopped by R/L, Beavercreek, Ohio, for lunch, Saturday.
    Ordered fish sandwich and baked potato plus a cup of lobster bisque. Paid a dollar extra for the bisque. The fish was burned to a crisp and the bisque was lousy.
    About par for this restaurant. Very disappointed…

  214. My 14yrs old grandson took me his grandmother out to dinner with his first pay check. Problem we went to dinner on Sunday 8/7 the restaurant was extremely cold and my meal was very nasty, my grandson ordered a steak that was decent I had a Lobster that was terrible. Due to my age the server assisted in breaking up the lobster but it was such a bad specimen the meat disintegrated. I didn’t make any fuss regarding the meal because I didn’t want to ruin the experience for my grandson. I like you to know of the bad product I was served and the bad experience in general. We love Red Lobster but if this is how meals are going to be we will have no choice but to stop going there.

  215. Dear Sir or Madam
    About 3 weeks ago we received a gift certificate from Red Lobster and about 1 week later used it in Edmonton Alberta Canada at the 170 st location and had no problem. Today we went to use the balance of $72.10 and was told that the account had been closed. How embarrassing to hand the waiter a gift certificate only to have them say the account has been closed with no explanation. I feel that having used it once with no problem I should have expected no problem the second time but NO I got embarrassed in front of the waiter. If Red Lobster gift certificates are not valid for more than once I don’t think that I will accept your gift certificates anymore.
    George Colgan

  216. We had dinner tonight at Red Lobster in Sioux Falls SD. It wasn’t a nice dinner. First, the lady snapped that the “all you can eat shrimp was on the second page”. When I asked to see the menu. It wasn’t our waitress, it was the Hostess. She was very rude. Second, I had the endless shrimp. OMG, the shrimp were so small, I thought they were baby shrimp. It was truly a waste of money. My husband scallops with his meal. They were the size of peas. Scallops at Red Lobster used to be much much bigger. What has happened? Seems like the experience at this restaurant is gone. We had looked forward to eating at Red Lobster for a week and it was so disappointing.

  217. The most challenging second in my pregnancy had been the actual necessary fact which i wasn’t on top of things. My spouse and i couldn control the actual pain My spouse and i sensed from your miraculous changes which were happening inside of myself. My spouse and i couldn control the actual anxiety My spouse and i sensed each time we had to test for Straight down Syndrome or any other problems. My spouse and i couldn control the actual overpowering concern My spouse and i sensed even as we journeyed to the clinic being induced, wanting most importantly that someone can subscription in for myself and acquire 1 for your team, experiencing the actual inevitable discomfort I had been about to face. My spouse and i couldn control sickness constantly during my 07 hr labor with your next little one, most violently after every single push for two main hours until finally this individual had been last but not least given birth to.

  218. Today 12/18/16 I visited one of your locations( Schaumburg,IL) and I ordered one of the newest items on the menu, lobster mac& cheese with shrimp etc…the shrimp I had was not cooked all the way through and the broccoli was cold. My lemonade was watered down. Upon me aaking the waitress about the issue she was very hesitant because I had already ate 1 shrimp and taste some of the broccoli, so I said I’ll contact corp. This was not a good experience for myself or my dinner date. I have visited Red Lobster on numerous occasions and have never been so disappointed.

  219. Here on 3/11/17 still waiting 1 hr after our salad was finished. Told it was going to take a while because they are too busy. Manager said this was normal and we need to be patient. The waitress was rude and said make room so she will have room to put our food down when it’s ready. The managers name was Scott here in meridan MS. I plan on making a formal complaint. I live in Texas and have NEVER been treated like this

  220. I had the worst service, my family and i came for our son birthday and we were a party of 9 and they sat us at a table for 6, we asked for another table and they simply said no when there where plenty of empty tables. I was very unhappy how they treated us with attitude.

  221. Red Lobster, Marion, IL. Michael was out server tonight. He was amazing! I requested if the chef could make linguini with garlic butter sauce for my picky 5yo daughter. He said it would not be a problem at all and they would happy to do that. While she was creating a “masterpiece” in the table, she delightfully screamed at him, “look, look!” He kneeled down and happily replied to her request. My daughter has autism and usually gets a different response from people. Thank you for acknowledging her. Thank you for interacting with her. Thank you for being an awesome person.

  222. I recently had lunch in your Downers Grove Il. store, my experience was very short of pleasant. the bartender and wait staff hung at the bar and used profanity and talked about their night of drinking, something I didn’t need to hear. My soup came out and a minute later here comes my salad, a minute latter my entrée show up. I had them take it back until I was ready for it. It came back dried up from sitting in the window. I was very less than pleased.

  223. I’m contacting you because I’ve contacted the Meridian location, but they did not resolve the issue. I brought my parents to dinner on May 24th & paid for our meal with my visa debit card. My dad always leaves the tip when I pay, so cash was left on the table for the server. When I checked my bank transactions the next day, I saw that the Red lobster transaction had an additional $2 taken out. I called the Meridian & spoke to a manager & he just told me he would take care of & credit my card for the overage. He wasn’t able to tell me why/ how it happened & didn’t offer anything for the mistake. It’s been almost a month & nothing has been taken care of. Like I told him, I know it’s only a few dollars…..but I work in customer service, so to me it’s the principle of the matter.

  224. My family went to Red Lobster in Toms River, NJ on Monday evening. We have gone there a few times with no issues. Our latest visit was not!!! The food was horrible. We each had the New England clam chowder as an appetizer. Beside being cold, there was literally three spoonfuls in each cup, with hardly anything in it!!!! When we received our dinners, terrible as well!!! I had the puck 2 shrimp. The Walters fried shrimp was so greasy and shin cold, I didn’t eat it. The scampi was watery and the shrimp so tough. I left it!! The baked potatoe. Was all shriveled up, like it was sitting for hours! My husband crab legs were so over steamed that he couldn’t even crack them to get the meat out…they just bent!!!! My grandkids had mozzarella sticks and again so greasy, they didn’t eat them. I could go on and on about everyone else’s food, but honestly, what I said was enough!!!!! The glasses with our drinks felt dirty. You could feel the grit on the outside of the glass!!! Our whole experience there was GROSS!!!! Our bill was well over $150!!!! I expected more from Red Lobster than this!!!! I wanted to complain right there but my grandkids were embarrassed!!! The more I think of this, the more upset I get, so here I am!!!! I would appreciate some sort of compensation for this gross experience!!! Thank you!

  225. The red lobster on Hamilton rd is a very disgusting place, 1st there was minty gum in our bread like already chewed up and someone spit it out then in the muscles there was noodles and shrimp mixed in like someone put food into a dirty bowl when we informed the workers they did not replace the bread only the muscles and we were charged extra because of their mistake

  226. We ordered dinner for pick up yesterday (August 3, 2017) we ordered an appetizer, two entrees, and 2 kids meals. When I went to pick up the order they gave me my receipt and ask I pay. I did and left a tip, when the waiter came out with my order he said here you go ma’am it’s all in the bag. I said ok and went to my car. Once in my car I checked the order and realized we didn’t have the biscuits or one of the kids meals. I went back in with my receipt and the waiter said well you can wait for biscuits if you want, it’ll be 10-15 min (I thought it to be extremely rude that he wouldn’t have told me this up front and then when I asked to receive such a rude response!) I said that’s ok about the biscuits but I didn’t receive the kids grilled chicken meal with broccoli, he said “um, yes you did I put it in the bag myself” I said “I looked in both bags and it’s not in there” he went on to state that he would need to see the bags. I asked him to please go back and check with window in the kitchen so I didn’t have to run back out to my car, come back in and wait for him to see me again. He stated he didn’t have time to run back and check!! So, I went back out to my car, grabbed both bags, and brought them in. Once I walked back in he said “oh it was still in the kitchen, must’ve forgot it, here” and then walked away. We’ve eaten at your establishment countless times and have NEVER been treated so rudely! Roswell, NM

  227. After a couple of years of not going to Red Lobster, we decided to give it a shot. Well, here we go again trying to celebrate my birthday. To the point, not many choices like a couple of years ago, most everything was A La Carte. The prices were way higher, and the waitress didn’t bring me any butter to dip my lobster in. This was before 5:00pm on a Thursday, before any rush. The waitress was nice, but she was not that great. the only thing that was decent was the ice cream for my birthday. Now I know why there are so many commercials going on. My sisters stopped going too. I feel the end is near for Red Lobster, because quality has gone away. my lobster was suppose to be grilled, but there was a burned taste, that stayed in my mouth. I wish we would have went to the Golden Corral next store, at least we would get our moneys worth.
    Never again!

  228. service and food bad, appetizer was not brought out till after meal was served and I ask it to be removed from bill, they then brought it out and said I would not be billed for it, I did not eat it, I had fish and chips, fish was so oily I had to dry it with a napkin, my wife had clam strips and scallops, the scallops were over cooked and rubbery, our drinks were not refilled, when the bill came I was billed for the appetizer, it seams like its time for redefining the meaning of customer service and quality product to your employees.

  229. On or around August 4th I was dinning at Red Lobster In Colonial Heights, VA. Upon my arrival approximately 5:30 pm. I went to the restroom…no paper towels. So I reported it to one of the workers. I left around still no paper towels in the ladies room. When I received my dinner, my potatoes and vegetables were cold. I reported it to my waiter (Chris). Simple request for more that was hot. He had his manager to come out to assist me. He the manager asked what was the problem, so I told him. Christ brought more hot food. When I called to ask to put in a complaint, I was told by Dayle who was on duty that Tiffany the compliant manager would call me and or send me a Red Lobster Gift card. She has not call nor has she sent a gift card. My complaint is do not say it if you are not going to do it. Above all keep the rest room stocked and clean at all times.

  230. My daughter & I were at your location on Greevill Ave. in Dallas on 08/19/17 & one the biscuits had a stran of hair baked into it. The vegestable on the house salad were old & mushy & the vinergarette tasted spoiled & while some one did bring new items the dressing still tasted the same. We were suppose to be speaking to a manager but was later told he was not available.

  231. On Sunday 8/20/17 my husband take me out for dinner at Red Lobser in Poughkeepsie ny that turn out to be my worsed nightmare. It’s been 4 days and I am still have mental anguish can’t sleep or eat. A incident take place where someone stole money that was sitting on their register, the manger came to our table and question or I should say accused me and husband who is a retired NYPD and I am still working as NY State CO.She didn’t question or accused any of the 3 white couple sitting in the area we were, they had a better view of the register. I have heard of racism but when it happen to u it’s very hurtful, embarrassing, disrespectful and degrading, it’s the worst experience for anyone to be racially profiled and treated as a criminal because of the color of your skin. Plus the food sucks I didn’t eat it and I will never go back to red lobster. Racism in red lobster of all place all the staff need to be retrained.

  232. I took my grandaughter to the Paducah ky location. Sorry to say they were not real busy but we waited twenty min just for bread.the service was lousy lousy lousy. Wont go back there. It was her birthday an I drive five hrs to be with her.

  233. Lone Tree, Colorado Red Lobster

    Greeted by 5 people at door, sat down nobody waited on us. After 20 minutes got up and left. Waiters and others walked by without asking if we have been helped.

  234. We had a party of four at rl in traverse city, mi., to celebrate our birthday’s. The waitress kind of pushed southern crab on us, we never had that before, she said they were so much bigger than the king.We all ordered that and when it was served it was so sharp we could not crack them open, we were all so disappointed for the price, I gave up tired of getting poked.I think we should all be comped for four dinners of king crab,

  235. I went to Red Lobster on 9/24/17 for the endless shrimp I was very disappointed eating there was a special occasion the waitress was my problem the restaurant wasn’t that busy the time we went at 14:21 I got my order and the second order took so long I didn’t wan to eat it because how long it took to get it if you going to do endless look like she would put your request in so it wouldn’t take so long like a good waitress would do she was slow no smiles just cold I spent $55.91 and gave her a $9.00 dollars tip I don’t like to complain about my food because no telling what someone will do after you complain My anniversary { 49TH) wanted to eat there but didn’t want that again love endless shrimp but that put a bad taste in my mouth the portions were small look like it wood be larger with first order but I think I over paid for food after on serving , I love that restaurant and will stay away for a while there was no phone number on receipt to call back so I’m using this complaint this is the first time I didn’t enjoy my food and I’m not a big eater but was hungry waiting for the food and lost my appetite

  236. I went to the all you can eat shrimps it was so slow waiting on 5 or 6 shrimps to come out take so long to come each time the waiter should just put in your time they serve instead waiting to see if youwant any more

  237. Shrimps take so long to come out the first place was big the next one was five or six than you how to wait 30 min each time i couldnt just enjoy myself

  238. My husband & I visit Red Lobster every week (Wayne office) and am completely satisfied with the staff & service. What bothers me is the website that you have for coupons – I cannot download any. What was more frustrating was that my birthday is approaching (12/6) and I have requested several times that a coupon be sent to me for free appetizer or dessert. I signed up several times for your birthday coupon website to no avail. Could you help?

  239. 12/14/17

    My wife and I love eating at our local Red Lobster and even when we go to Myrtle Beach S.C. Where you can get sea food galore we eat at the Red Lobster.
    Our local Red Lobster has a great staff and wonderful customer service. Our favorite server is a very nice lady named Kia we always request her even though they are all very good she goes above and beyond.
    Today my wife and I had our supper at our local Red Lobster in New Philadelphia, Ohio and was very disappointed. I am a person of habit and for many years have enjoyed your Hand Battered fish/ chips dinner. The fish was delicious. It was a nice sized filet with nice chunks of white fish and that is the reason I came to the Red Lobster. This time I was disappointed that they changed the nice Filet to four pieces of fish that I would compare to the frozen fish from the local grocery store not much taste and more breading than fish .
    Even though My wife and I loved our Red Lobster and the outstanding service we both agree that we will not make as many trips to our Red Lobster as you have chosen to serve a cheaper poor quality of the fish that we always enjoyed.
    Best Regard’s
    Mike McMurray.

  240. Visited the Red Lobster in Greenville, TX, Monday, December 18, 2017, over the Noon hour. Ordered stuffed lobster. It was served fully intact, except for the crab stuffing in its thorax. After several minutes, l finally got the waitress’ attention, and asked for a scissors and a ‘cruncher’. She brought them but with someone with gloves on, who, at the table, proceeded to tear the the tail from the lobster, spraying me and the table with milky white juice! She did not apologize but said, “I’m giving you a lobster shower “. So I finally eat some of the tail and it was not fully cooked. I slid the lobster plate to the edge of the table thinking the waitress would notice. After 10 minutes, I got her attention and asked her to send the manager. He did come right out, but was unkempt and wore a sour expression and asked the problem. I told him all that had transpired and he said they always served the lobster that way. I replied that this was the first time you have here and that I have eaten a thousand lobsters and never had one served like this before. Then I told him it was not fully cooked and instead of offering to take it back to the kitchen, he said, “We baked it 30 minutes. We’ll refund your $”. It was interesting, however, they did charge me full ala carte price for the salad, baked potato and broccoli. Been to that Red Lobster many times, but that was my last!!!

  241. My family and I went to the Danville Illinois Red Lobster today to have lunch. We are regular customers there and today were planning on using a GIft Card we had received for Christmas and also use my rewards points for a free appetizer.
    We were seated and our waitress took our drink order and we asked about how to redeem the appetizer on my app. She explained how and took our drink order and appetizer order as well.
    We waited for quite some time before she returned with our drinks and some biscuits. Another server brought our appetizer and after some time the waitress finally returned and asked how we were doing. My husband said fine we were waiting for her to take our dinner order. She looked surprised and said she thought we were waiting on our dinner. She had totally forgotten that she had not taken our order. Anyway, she took our orders and said she would make sure it was “rushed”. She finally brought our salads and mumbled something about if I had asked for no croutons which I never did.
    We waited quite awhile longer and another young man brought us drink refills. One of the managers stopped by and asked how we were doing. Told her we were just still waiting on our food. She approached our waitress who came over and said they were waiting on my husband and daughters steaks to come off the grill.
    Shortly another server brought us our meals. The food was good enough but sorry to say the service was not. I understand the concept of teamwork, but it seems everyone but our designated waitress was trying to serve us.
    Sorry to say I did not leave a very large tip. I felt our waitress didn’t deserve it but perhaps her coworkers did. When she returned with the bill she had not taken the appetizer price off the total although she had taken the code from my phone app. Had to wait for her to redo the bill.
    We will go back again but I will hope we are not given the same server. I believe I will ask for someone else. I don’t know if this young lady was not properly trained or just not focused on what she was doing but she definitely did not make our dining experience a pleasant one.

  242. Had dinner tonight at the henrietta ny location wait was very long for the resturant being empty had the lobster lovers dream lobster not cooked shrimp not cooked sent it back took another 20 minutes to get food felt I should have got some compensation for my inconvenience but did not, I’m one unhappy customer.

  243. So disappointed on our visit to Red Lobster today. We discovered Red Lobster in 1973 when we moved to Indianapolis and now in Atlanta. Your baked potatoes were the best ever. NOT TODAY !!! No salt, no crunchy skins, no fluffy white inside. Just dry, bland, unappetizing old tough potato. Why would you change something that you had the market on. So disappointed. Also why did you do away with crunchy fried fish. It was the perfect lunch fish. We still enjoyed our meal. My husband had shrimp and I had baked flounder (we share) but missed our great potatoes. You still have market on tartar sauce. Would love to see these 2 items back again. Thank you,

  244. We stopped at red lobster on telegraph rd in waterford township, mi. on monday 2/12/2018 for lunch.
    each of us order a side salad.
    my friend ordered a lobster roll and i ordered the calamari appertizer.
    The salads and rolls came out very quickly.
    after eatting the salads the waitress brought out her lobster roll. and my calamari.
    my friend took a bite if the lobster roll and said it was fishy so she let me taste it, I also thought the lobster tasted very fishy and lobster should never taste fishy.
    I continued eatting my carlimari. thinking the calarmi roll were too chewy.
    my friend tryied it and putit on her plate saying it was too chewy.
    the waiteress took the lobsterr roll off the bill.
    When the waiteress came to get the bill i told her about the calarmi being tough and chewy.
    i took a fork and showed the waiteress that you could hardly cut it with a fork which this should not happen .
    She asked if i wanted to talk to a manager which i denied but should of.’said yes.
    If this is the quaility of food that Red Lobster serves it has went down the rabbit hole
    We have tried Red Lobster several time in the last years.
    The food has really gone down hill in quality.
    The waitress was good but the food was horrible,
    We won’t be back.

    • have not recieved any comments from red lobster.
      what does it mean comment is waiting for moderation
      feb 12th 2018
      waterford location telegraph rd.

  245. I had dinner at the Red Lobster restaurant on Route 46 in Wayne, New Jersey on Sunday, February 25, 2018. My wait server was Yaya. She was was definitely one of the most sweetest, lovely and efficient wait staff I have ever had the pleasure of waiting on me. Red Lobster is very fortunate to have Yaya on their staff. I would definitely go back to that restaurant and would hope that my table would be in her serving area.

  246. Visited the Naples store on Tamiami trail Friday, March 29. Arrived and was told it would be only a 10 minute wait–even though there were many empty tables. 10 more minutes passed and a group of 30 came in and went into a back room, almost immediately. Yet, there were still empty tables in the main dining area. I asked the lady at the desk if we could be seated before the crowd started ordering, realizing this could really delay our order. She said no problem. 15 more minutes passed and the woman still would not seat us. Honestly, the women, except for one, all had angry looks on their face. This happened the week before to us. I’m finished with Red Lobster after a couple of decades of patronage Your restaurant has lost its appeal and that’s not good in a city like Naples Florida which has so many other options. We went for a Chinese takeout and eat at the beach. Good bye

    • I was with a group of 10 for lunch today and 4 of the guests were in wheelchairs. The hostess Mary was EXCEPTIONAl. SERVICE WAS EXCELLENT. Everyone had a great time. I could not find the survey on line. The ID number on my receipt was 8767 85487 4628. I want to let you know what a fun time we had. We have been many times before and will return because everyone is very kind to our group. (We went to the Red Lobster in Spartanburg SC.)

  247. had my sons birthday dinner-4 of us-at gurnee mills location,we always have our small parties or dinners there,they changed the menu-took off fish and chips I liked,great manager said they have a cod and u can have it battered or litely breaded ,ordered litely and give it 1 star,fries were cooked in old oil and were terrible and cole slaw was flat tasting not like usual good taste they use to have ,anyway not wanting to complain at location-sons b day.the ladies were talking about going to a great rib restaurant instead of red lobster next time we go out,i never said a word about my disappointment in my dinner.bummed about fish and chips I use to like,dinner for 4 over 120$ and tip was left not counted on to food order,nice folks working at r.l too bad we wont be back again.sorry,bye

  248. Shame on you all! Our son decided to treat my husband to a Red Lobster lunch today. My husband has cancer and doesn’t get to get out very often at all. There were 5 of us. Our two 11 yr. old children, my older son, my husband and myself. The salads were horrific to say the least! We told the waitress that the croutons were old and very stale, she said that today was her first day and she left the table.

    We received our food….well, everyone but me. I didn’t even get my order. My husband’s order came and it was steak and crab legs, that was a joke. It looked like toddler food on a huge plate and it tasted terrible. He ate it, only because he didn’t want our son to feel bad because he had taken him there. Our bill was 171.00! We don’t mind paying for good food, but, that was a disaster! The manager came over and asked us if they brought my husband more crab legs, which, I had asked for a pound, and they brought him a half pound!!!

    As we were trying to talk to the manager he smiled and walked away whilst my husband was trying to talk to him.

    We have taken our family to Red Lobster a LOT over the years! Our son has Autism and he craves lobster, so, we take him and let him pick out the biggest lobster in the tank. We are all disappointed and my daughter started throwing up a couple hours after we left!

    I do pray that my husband get to live to see another Father’s Day and that it goes so much better than this one!!! I would love to send you a picture of his lunch, however, there isn’t a way to do it on here!!!!

  249. Our server was ok but I had the 4 course meal the Shrimp Alfredo was like eating paste it was barely warm the shrimp was over sauteed I always get it so I ask for some more sauce still horrible my sister order the same because she sent her first dish back because it was cold an tasted terrible.Sorry to complain but that was unacceptable I told the server it was horrid she didn’t say anything so we paid our bill left so if you changed your recipe it needs changed back we don’t go out often an to pay 16.99 an it not to be good to me that is a lot for something I didn’t eat

  250. I visited your restaurant on Saturday at 17:3707 on 06/23/2018 Store #0885. The waitress Maritza was awful. She was not focus she made mistakes on our orders. My food was horrible I order a sirloin steal medium well I received medium rare, my scallops was under cook raw. It was a very bad experience we were a party of 5 with three separate checks and she duplicate the same checks, She was not focus at all. I left the restaurant hungry and very disappoint. I have two friends down from Atlanta Georgia and were not pleased. The ID #on my ticket is 202836212075 and the check number is #63935 and table 64. $40.00 down the drain. Please make thing right

  251. Our waitress went above and beyond . I left my purse by accident and she actually ran out to the parking lot and found me to return it. It was the Horseheads, N.Y.. location.

  252. I visited your 4639 Outer Loop location 8/2/18. From 11:40 I was not greeted by a server or waits staff. I did not get ice water, silverware, menu or any common courtesy you would expect when dining. I was literally ignored. I was highly disappointed in the lack of service and to top it all off the manager was flippant in her reply “I’m sorry” was how she rectified the situation. There was no hospitality displayed. This was a long way to travel for poor service.

  253. We went to the restaurant in North Richland Hills Texas. My special birthday dinner. I haven’t been in years and I am sad to say it will be years to never before I return. Besides the biscuits, my dinner just awful. I ordered a “Crabfest” trio thing with two kinds of crab legs and some pasta thing. One type of crab was flavorless (after tearing my hands up) and the other was over cooked. The pasta was a gluey flavorless blob on my plate. We ordered appetizers, the artichoke dip was good but the chips they served with it were stale. There was also calimari that I had to hunt for in the basket because it was sparsely added to the fried bell peppers that were in it. My husband had a steak that was grainy. All in all it was very disappointing and seriously very over priced for quality and portions. I will say the staff was very nice and took good care of us.

  254. Let me begin with, my husband and I do not dine out very much as I am doing chemotherapy and my taste buds have become very selective and I do not feel like going through a long drawn out dinner. That being said, I had been waiting for the “Endless Shrimp” as an excuse to dine out on shrimp, which I was so looking forward to and my husband had been looking forward to treating me to since not much enticed my appetite. When we first arrived at the restaurant we were thrilled to see only a smattering of vehicles in the parking lot, since we felt this meant no wait; but upon entering we were told a 10 to 15 minute wait. I told my husband it was probably due to lack of staff since only one section and the bar had diners. We went to the bar and ordered tea. After about a 15 to 20 minute wait we were seated and then NOTHING. After we had been seated about 15 minutes another couple came in and were immediately seated at a table by us. The waiter came, took their drink order and brought their drinks. We had still not been acknowledged or waited on. It as and is ridiculous. I was literally humiliated that we were not even considered worth waiting on. By this time I was ill and in need of food to settle my stomach so we just got up and left. I did tell the young lady that initially greeted us that since they did not feel like waiting on us we were leaving. Whereas she advised me to “Have a nice night”. Could a stupider comment been made?

  255. Went to the Red Lobster in Fort Wayne last night. Our waitress was awful. She took a long time to take our order and never came back to see how the food was after she brought it. The scampi was dry and so was the shrimp linguini. It looked like our food was cooked up a few hours before we got there. Then the waitress argued with our guests about the balance on his gift card. When we asked to speak to the manager, he told the waiter he was busy and would try to come over to our table. He never did. Really!!!! Just because you are the only Red Lobster in town does not mean you can treat your customers like that.

  256. I placed a Take Out order to go at he Killeen, TX Location. Order was Ultimate Feast with Broccoli and Caesar Salad, Coconut Shrimp and Crab Legs (1lb) with Broccoli and Mashed Potaotoes. Please see my complaint listed below:

    1. Was told it would take 20 minutes but it was double that time.
    2. Specifically said no cocktail sauce and replace with tarter sauce. What’s in my order? Cocktail sauce and no tarter sauce.
    3. Caesar Salad not in my order.
    4. Called and was on hold for over 10 minutes then placed back on hold for additional minutes.
    5. Manager Jose asked if I could come back to pick up. Advised him that i could’nt because I’m out of town and leaving soon. I asked what could be done to correct this. He said the only thing he could offer me was apologies and to come back and pick up my salad. I the. Told him I was emailing the company because there had to be something f he could do besides his apology and for me to deter my travel arrangements to come back and pick up a salad!

  257. I called red lobster placed a order. I was told it would be ready in 30 minute. Went a hour later food still wasn’t ready. I was told everything was there. When I got home the side for my create three was missing. I was supposed to receive 10 biscuit only received 7. Lobster was fully cooked. I live 20 minutes away I was told by manager I could come back and get side. Which I would waste in gas. I told manager I want my tip back also. Poor customer service. This was in Killeen Texas. On November 16, 2018

  258. Today I picked up a take-out order from the Parma Red Lobster located on Day Drive in Parma, Ohio. It is one of my favorite restaurants and I am a frequent diner there. However, the experience today was disappointing prompting me to consider if I will frequent this restaurant again. It took about fifteen minutes for the person to take the order and I had to repeat it about four times. I was told that I could not order the cole slaw in place of the salad, When I asked to speak to a manager, the wait continued until I was finally told that I could make this substitution. As the conversation was concluding, I was not asked my name, However, I told the employee that I was on the way to pick up the order. When I arrived about 10 minutes later, I was asked my name, and said that I did not believe that it was on the order so I repeated again what I had ordered. I, again, waited while the employee went to the kitchen to inquire about the order. After several minutes, a side window opened and I was a told the amount of my bill. I used a gift card and a 10% off coupon on a take-out order, but was told there was no money remaining on the card. When I disputed the employee’s assessment of the situation, a manager intervened, and, yes, I did have available money left on the gift card. When I got home, I discovered that there was no tartar sauce enclosed with the order and I had requested that specifically. Needless to say, this was a terrible experience at an establishment that I frequent on a regular basis and often bring along family and friends. I am disappointed.

  259. On Saturday December 8th, 2018. My company celebrated our Xmas dinner @ Red Lobster @ Doral, FL.. We were 15 people. I have to give thanks to all the staff at front desk, our 2 waiters were so serviceable and the manager went to say hello and goodbye to all of us.


  260. Last Thursday we held our sugar mill holiday party at your Daytona beach shores restaurant. The waiter and server did an excellent job and went above and beyond serving a large group. Everyone had a wonderful time and I wanted to thank them on behalf of the Sugar Mill Gardens.

  261. Lettie Irons Connell

    Today at 7:41 AM

    ToMcelderry, Jacque
    CCDL – Restaurant (0623)

    Message body

    Good Morning,

    I want to start off by thanking you for presenting us with the Gift Card

    for $100.00 #6149350203896258, because of a problem with our meals

    in December.

    Yesterday was our final visit to the Prescott Red Lobster, this being the

    third time that I have had to complain. I don’t like using my time this way

    and worst yet, we have been going to Red Lobster for over 30+ years, which I have

    mentioned before.

    We brought a Friend with us yesterday 1/4/2019 Ck #. 67499 Table 9, Deborah M.

    I wanted to make sure that it wasn’t just us complaining. I hoped for a very favorable

    experience. I did not order the lobster as my last two experiences were not good and

    I knew the Fried Fish was excellent. All three of us had the Admirals Feast $20.49.

    We had this because we were

    told that the Tilapia was not in, so went for this, feeling that it is fried and great.

    Anyway, we had the Seafood Stuff Mushrooms, (I will mention here that the server

    must have had a cold as her nose was running when she was taking our order.), That may

    have started the unhappiness right then. (She is a good server, and always has been)

    Our food arrived, looked good, Server told us that my guest and I only had one piece

    of fried fish as it all wasn’t ready and frozen, but gave my husband two pieces as he

    was a big guy and would bring ours out when it was finished cooking. Not a problem,

    I bit into the shrimp and they were not cook, I tried two or three, same thing, the scallops

    were soft and mushy, under cooked. I asked my Friend and husband without saying anything

    about mine and my Friends was the same, the only thing done on either of our plates was the

    potato. My husband said his was ok, but the scallops were a bit soft.

    The server brought out the other two pieces of fried fish which looked terrible, the breading

    was falling off, she said she was sorry the way it looked. I took a piece and it fell apart and

    was the tail end of the fish, with very little meat and was not cooked.

    We decided to take the food home and put it in the oven to cook for dinner. Asked the server

    for 3 boxes. Then my husband told me that I had to let them know. I was reluctant and just

    told him we just won’t come back. That’s it. He insisted and asked for the manager, gave her the server,

    the printed gift card and told her about the raw food. She came back and said the manager, (he)

    took off $10.00. I told her that was not the point, we had two meals for sure that were uncooked and

    could make someone sick. She came back and said he took off one of the meals, $20.49.

    She and whoever the manager was did not get it.

    Maybe I am the only person that will let you know that there is a big problem, maybe the oil

    needed changing, or the cook needs training to know how long food takes to cook.

    I don’t want anything, I just want you to know that you have at least 3 people that will not

    come back to the Prescott Red Lobster. I only hope if and when we go to Flagstaff, their

    restaurant is still up to Red Lobster standards.


    Lettie J. Irons Connell,

    Accredited Claims Agent/Veteran Service Officer


  262. My family frequented Red Lobster for many years, until now! I just read that Red Lobster has decided to drop advertising on Tucker Carlson’s news program. The article stated that the company reserves the right to make changes to their purchases when the dialogue is no longer in line with their criteria;as Red Lobster customers have the right not to dine there again. I have quit using many products that have tried to censor certain people with their agenda driven intimidation. Why can’t Red Lobster just keep politics out of their businesses? Do you not realize what Mr. Carlson reported is true? Liberals aren’t the only people who eat at Red Lobster. Well , they weren’t. This, I am sure will change as word spreads of this recent action by your company. I will do what I can to discourage your clientele from ever returning to your business. Neither I nor any of my family and friends will be returning.

  263. I like Tucker Carlson more than I like your food. My family will not be eating at your place of business because of your bias. You are in the food business, not the partisan politics business. You should be advertising to all people regardless of their personal or political views.

  264. hello ,,, I never thought I would ever be writing red lobster to complain, I was never so disappointed,,, My husband and I took 3 more people out to dinner ,, first took rolls quite a while to get to the table ,, one of our party is on a strict diet due to health reasons, she was getting soup and salad and shrimp cocktail, she always gets the shrimp ,,, so everyone had there food ,,salads ,, and waitress comes out and says, oh we ran out of shrimp, we have to get some so it will be another 15 minutes for the shrimp ,, ok waited and waited,, another 30 minutes they bring out a double order of shrimp ,, she took one bite and had to spit it out ,, they put some kind of seasoning on it which has never been on it for years now ,, and it was spicy and burned her mouth, she cannot have seasonings in her stomach right now, good thing she spit it out. so the manager said to call ahead of time for shrimp cocktail and it can be ready ,,, ????? NEVER heard of such a thing ,, shrimp cocktail is what it is ! manager said it is a new spice they cook it in now ,, so now it is not shrimp cocktail anymore, they need to change the menu so people aren t deceived,, a lot of people cannot eat spices ,, was really did appointed,, I love redlobster, but that one person said they just lost us as a customer. the waitress was very nice ,, my food was good, but was so sad my company did not get to enjoy there dinner. would appreciate some feedback ,, thanks .

  265. I could really express the negative feelings I have for the awful experience we had there last night after planning a family members funeral. We stopped at Red Lobster in Southaven, MS and so disappointing for my out of town family members. It wasn’t the server, she had her whole section overloaded to say the least. It was the fat, greasy non clientele manager who made the server come to us and explain the circumstances.. like why does Darden even employee these people? I spent $80 after a dreadful day of planning a very unexpected death in my family, thinking we could just go there and relax… I will continue to tell my colleagues In my industry (funeral business) not to go to this particular Darden restaurant nor the Olive Garden on Poplar in Memphis which has piss poor service!!

  266. On January 9, 2020 me, a friend, and my cousin whom I was buying dinner for, all ate in your Schaumberg restaurant, my friend and I had a lager beer and my cousin had lemonade. My friend order a entrée and my cousin and I order off the appetizers. After dinner we sat and talked, so I checked out on the monitor that was on the table and it ask if you would like to receive your receipt by e-mail and said yes and I also was expecting to get a printed copy too like my cousin did. But I didn’t , so I’d expected to review it in my inbox in my Yahoo accnt still no receipt, so I called only to be put on hold for 8 minutes with no response. The food was good but too pricy so that’s why I said never again. GM01230C

  267. I’m very upset I ordered food at 3:31 on red lobster online. It’s now 8:46 still no food. I would like a full refund please. I would no longer want to the food. This is ridiculous and a horrible system.

  268. Order #759935664 Take out – 440 Walton Way Augusta GA – 8/10/20

    Bar Harbor Lobster Bake – prior times order eat in was really good, however yesterday ordered as a pickup. When it was opened at home 3 out of 5 muscles were closed so unable to eat. It seems that they will send anything to people on a pickup order thinking that they will not complain

  269. Hi there!

    This is Melaida and I am a qualified photographer and illustrator.

    I was confused, frankly speaking, when I recognised my images at your website. If you use a copyrighted image without an owner’s approval, you should know that you could be sued by the owner.

    It’s illegitimate to use stolen images and it’s so low!

    Check out this document with the links to my images you used at and my earlier publications to get the evidence of my copyrights.

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