Contact ReachOut Wireless Customer Service

Contact ReachOut Wireless Customer Service

Contacting ReachOut Wireless Customer Service Center

ReachOut Wireless is a Nexus Communications company. The sole business of ReachOut Wireless is connecting eligible customers with cell phone service provided by the United States government for people at or below 135% of the federal poverty line. You must apply for service annually, to ensure you remain eligible for the program. Though basic cell phone service is provided free of charge, customers have the option of paying fees to upgrade some or all of the basic services.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

We found several phone numbers for ReachOut Wireless customer service.

  • Customer Service: 1-877-870-9222
  • Technical Support: 1-888-820-6587
  • Activation: 1-877-870-9444
  • Fax: 1-877-870-9333
  • California Resident Customer Service: 1-877-777-1914

Mailing Address

You can communicate with ReachOut Wireless customer service by mail with general questions, comments, complaints and other general communication. This is not the address to send payments for upgrades to ReachOut Wireless service.

Nexus Communications Attn: ReachOut Wireless Customer Service P.O. Box 247168 Columbus, OH 43224

Official Website

Visit to find the official website for ReachOut Wireless.

Social Media

We were surprised to find a Facebook page for ReachOut Wireless. The page is updated regularly though not daily. If you need to contact ReachOut Wireless customer service on the page, send a message directly to the company after logging in to Facebook with your account information.

Other social media accounts include:

Customer Service Email

To send an email to ReachOut Wireless customer service, visit the contact page and click on the Email Us button. You can also choose Chat Now to speak with a live representative via chat from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday to Sunday.

Our Experience

When we called ReachOut Wireless we were asked to press 1 for English and then a long list of menu options was played. Press 1 to apply for service or 2 if you are already a customer. After pressing 2 we were played a brief message about longer shipping times due to high demand. Then the system asked for the ReachOut mobile phone number for our account. If you do not enter a phone number your call will be placed on hold for a ReachOut Wireless customer service representative. Adam answered our call quickly and asked for our cell phone number immediately. We told him we wanted to ask a few questions about ReachOut Wireless service and he told us we needed to call back to speak with someone in the application department.

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  1. been on phone for 45min. wit customer service. The dispatcher says my phone call will not be dropped to minutes phone disconnect

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