Contact Ray Ban Customer Service

Contacting Ray Ban Customer Service Center

Ray Ban is a sunglasses company with a variety of shapes, shades and options. Some sunglasses are available for sale online and others are only available through offline dealers. You can find a local dealer using the integrated dealer tool found on the description page of the sunglasses you like.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

If you want to talk with Ray Ban customer service you can call between 6 AM and 6 PM Monday to Friday PT. The call center is closed on Saturday and Sunday. You can email or connect with customer service on social media sites on weekends.

  • Ray Ban Phone Number: 1-866-472-9226

If you need help with your warranty, contact the warranty department between 9 AM and 5:30 PM Monday to Friday ET.

  • Warranty: 1-800-343-5594

Another phone number listed within the pages of the Ray Ban customer service site was for corporate sales.

  • Corporate Sales: 1-888-708-8916

Mailing Address

Customers can write letters to the Ray Ban customer service department, but the letter will be addressed to the Luxottica Corporation.

Luxottica Sun Corporation7300 NW 19th StSte 305Miami, FL 33126


Luxottica USA44 Harbor Park DrPort Washington, NY 11050

Official Website

You can shop Ray Ban sunglasses and merchandise online at This official website operates as an online shop and customer service portal. If you have an account with Ray Ban and your inquiry is about an order you placed online, contact Ray Ban customer service from within your account.

Social Media

For the socially active crowd, Ray Ban customer service is available on all major social networks. You can log in to your account and search for the Ray Ban pages or choose from the social networks listed here.

Customer Service Email

Aside from the customer service phone number, Ray Ban’s email form was the easiest piece of contact information to find. It is clear that Ray Ban supports email communication from customers. You can use the contact form to ask questions about products, orders or upcoming designs.

Our Experience

When we called the Ray Ban customer service line we were given three options. Press 1 for a new order or 2 for existing orders. The final option was for warranty questions, which must be addressed to the warranty department at the number listed above. There are no options for customer service. We tried calling the corporate sales department, but no options were available at that phone number for customer service either.

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29 Comments on “Contact Ray Ban Customer Service
  1. Hi
    I have a problem. I am a user of Ray Ban Shades for the past 10+ years. However I purchased a pair of Ray Ban Shades in the British Virgin Islands and after 6 weeks the left lens fell out and chipped. I went to the store I purchased it and they said they do not give warrantee.

    Advise what I must do now after paying 200+ dollars for 6 weeks usage?

    Abdool Sattaur

  2. Hi
    I am a user of Ray Ban shades for the past 7 years.I have purcahsed a Ray Ban(rb4039 642/83 3p).The left side nose piece is breaking off and it looks as if its not repairable. This is the best shades i have ever wore. Pls advise how you could help me in sorting it out.

    Vimal Porun

  3. In 1973 my husband was blown up in an electrical explosion working in the nuclear plant close to our home. If it wasn’t for Ray Ban he would be blind. The copper from the electrical wires were imbedded in his Ray Ban glasses and never got to his eyes!!! You could feel the copper from the inside of his glasses. Real story! I have the article from our local paper.

  4. I really just want to say thank you very much Ray Ban for having such a awesome fitting glasses for my six year old daughter Angel. It’s her first pair and we could not have made a better choice.

  5. I really just want to say thank you very much Ray Ban for having such a awesome fitting glasses for my six year old daughter Angel.

  6. you have SPAMMED ME TO DEATH for 9 months after your sales assc, swore my email would not be used for this and i specified that i did not want SPAM.

  7. dear sir/mam im in manila philippine,i have 2 rayban sunglasses but the les is broken,how can i order the lenses,thank you

  8. What a horrible company. No respect for ones privacy. One of their minions stole my email address off Craigslist and I have been trying to stop the spamming ever since. I try to unsubscribe, that does not work. I read their emails to get contact information their is none. Don’t buy anything from them, Don’t go to their website and don’t let them get your email address or you will receive permanent spam.

  9. I have a destroyed pair of ray bans needing to be replaced. I and they were in an accident together. I need to know where to send them to have a replacement pair.

  10. You are for profit company. I’m apolitical and you should be also. I am a lifelong customer who will not buy your product again. Stay out of politics.

  11. I purchase one sunglass of ran-ban but some defected i found. please change my sunglass immediately
    I purchase from CSD

  12. I recently took my Ray Ban sunglasses to Cuba with me. Wearing sunblock on my ears everyday I noticed that the sunblock had taken the finish off the area where the glasses were touching my ears. While there I was also wearing my prescription Hakim generic brand glasses and the finish of this pair was in perfect condition. I was very unhappy to see that my glasses were ruined because of wearing sunblock. The quality of Ray Ban sunglasses should withstand sunblock!

  13. dear sir my name is ayaz ahmad i live in pakistan i m a bussiness man i want bussiness for your company some item purchase so i want visit your company plz send me invitational letter your company and your forigan afare office letter then i get visa and come to visit your company and start bussiness thnks

  14. Sir,

    Please advise me appropriate sunglasses for day time and separate for night time with model
    Where can I purchase your glasses in Saudi Arabia or India
    Can I purchase online ? if I send you US $ can you ship them to me ?
    Following are the weather conditions in desert
    – Surrounding temperature above 50 degrees Celsius ( 122 Fahrenheit )
    – Very bright sunlight
    – Sand storms – too much fine sand
    – Humidity 95 %
    I also need the following
    – UV proof 100 % ( all wavelengths 10 nm – 1500 nm )
    – Blue violet light protection ( blue ultra violet )
    – Double Antiglare coating from both sides of the lens
    – Anti-reflective
    – Anti-starch from both sides
    – Smudges free
    – Polarised

    Also please suggest me glasses to use on computer ( I use computer 5 hrs. a day ) gives lot of eye strain
    How to clean to glass by acetone or alcohol ?


    Anand Daftardar

  15. Very disapointed.Been using your product my whole life and was given a pair for the holidays.It had a bad fit for my face and had a little crack near my eyeview(when they were bought) cant return with no receipt and will be going in the garbage.Very disapointed!! Im not rich so this hurts.

  16. Hi I am Rayban sunglass user from 10years+.
    I bought last year sunglasses from Mega mall in Sharjah UAE, Code : RB 4173 622/71 3N. Now there are so many shining dots on the outer side of the glasses.

    Is there any way to remove this dots.


  17. I have a pair of glasses and the lenses appeared to be damaged and faded in a short period of time. I went back to the store where I purchased them and they said they can not do anything. I have been wearing Ray Bans my entire life and have not been treated like this. This is my second inquiry and I never received a reply. I look forward to your assistance. Thank You for your time.

  18. This is by far the worst customer service I have ever experienced. I was out on a hold for about 2 hours and still have no answer to my simple question, and no order placed for my replacement parts I needed. I am so disappointed in this company and I will be telling all of my family and friends about this experience. Never again will I purchase another pair of RayBans. Horrible customer service!

  19. Hi, I purchased a pair of your glasses about 7 mths ago, the retro john lennon mirror rock style, they are a constant hassle, as the screws continually loosen and the arms become floppy, and the frame also/ two lens/ both sides…. i have had to tighten them so many times that the screw heads are damaged now an look un sightly as the paint has come off … PLUS it continues… MOST U HAPPY after the amount of money spent, thought id pay the extra to get a good pic of glasses, yet this has certainly NOT been my experience…. VERY DISAPPOINTED. I see from the other comments made on your site, that you have many many unsatisfied & un responded to complaints by customers. I wonder if you will even respond to this request for assistance. If don’t hear back, I guess I too will spread the word about RAY BAN s lack of concern for its customers. V Disappointed.

  20. I have been trying to get an answer from your location which said I would receive an answer from you within 24/48 hours. It has been a week and nothing. A company as large as you should reply ASAP. Mix purchased my glasses about one month ago and they already are streaking and hav what looks like a chip out of them. I assure you they were not dropped but paying $200 for sunglasses should warrant a reply. I have had my Maui Jim glasses for 2 years with no problems. What gives?..

  21. Good morning my name is Sean I was trying to reach corporate but I can not seem to find an email for them. I was writing about the lack of quality of the last three pairs of Ray-bans I have purchased. My first pair that I had problems with the lens fell out and broke twice which was $85.00 each time finally retired them as the model was no longer available. The next pair the cover for the ear pieces crumbled away they were about a year old. The most recent pair the lenses fell out twice now once I had it fixed at Sunglass hut and this time it scratched the lens which is annoying to have to look through.I bought these in December of 2017. I do not buy the cheapest glasses I spend quite a bit and to keep having these problems with a top brand of glasses is troublesome. I have bought RAY-Ban exclusively all my life,I at this point do not see another option but to try a different brand.

  22. I need replacement nose pads for Rayban sunglasses model # RB4051. Are they available, price and can I replace myself?

  23. I have been emailing repeatedly and no reply. It says there will be a response within 24-48 hours and I have never received any response when I call the number there is no way to speak to anyone. I need someone to get back to me I am very disappointed with this experience and this is very poor customer service

  24. This is the most frustrated I have been in a long time regarding the lack of customer service. All of your recordings give contradictory information and there is no where to actually start the process, let alone talk to ANYONE. I buy top quality products and this is what I get…. NO customer service is available.

  25. I purchase one order online and till now I didn’t get any feedback from your side . Even i sent too many emails without any reply!! They deducted the money from my bank account
    Please need a reply ASAP

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