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Contacting Qwest Customer Service Center

Qwest Communications has recently merged with Centurylink. Qwest offers home phone, Internet, DirecTV and Verizon Wireless. You can choose to purchase services individually, or you can bundles services for a discount. Some services require a contract and others are available without a contract. If you purchase one of the bundles offered on the Qwest website, you may be required to b=pay a higher price for your services once the trial period has expired.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

Qwest Communications customer service is available from Centurylink. This means customers have to enter the state where they live before finding the appropriate contact information. What we found interesting was the fact that contact information was listed on the Centurylink website, but finding the same information on the Qwest customer service site was more difficult.

Mailing Address

The main headquarters for Centurylink, the company taking over Qwest customer service, is located in Louisiana.

Centurylink (Qwest Communications)
Attn: Customer Service Dept.
100 Centurylink Dr.
Monroe, LA 71203

If you need to get in touch with the billing department or send a payment, you can address the payment to:

Centurylink (Qwest Communications)
Attn: Billing
P.O. Box 6001
Marion, LA 71260

Official Website

If you wish to log in to your account, purchase services from Qwest Communications or learn more about your customer service options, you can visit the official website at The website look may change after the merger between Qest and Centurylink.

Customer Service Email

Despite the fact that Qwest Communications is being taken over by Centurylink, there is an email form available from the Qwest customer service department. The contact form asks customers for the phone number on the account and the 3 digit customer code. You’ll also need to include the last four digits of your social security number to contact customer service by email. If you click the button NO to answer the question about whether you are a customer or not – the personal information sections will disappear. This is how we contacted customer service to test how fast they respond to emails.

Our Experience

Qwest Communications is now Centurylink. The automated system can be bypassed by pressing 0 three times. We were placed on hold for less than one minute before Tyler answered the call. The agent spoke clearly and quickly answered our call about the fastest Internet connection speed the company offered.

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2 Comments on “Contact Qwest Customer Service
  1. At the end of February we were to have our internet turned by on. We had it disconnected as we went with something different as we travel a lot and we needed to use the internet in the car. Our travel time has been cut so we decided to come back to Qwest for our home internet. According to the customer service rep we talked to it was not going to be a problem. Well it never got fixed until just a few days ago. That is really not the problem as thing happen and we had two accounts and then the wrong account got shut off. The things at make we want to switch back is the fact that we had call Tech support and they tried to help and was unable to get it working so they told us we needed to call and set up an appointment to have someone come look at the phone lines. My husband did call and a young lady answered the phone and she just would not listen to what we wanted she just kept talking over my husband and we both could hear other women in the background laughing. It was not until my husband said he wanted to talk to her supervisor that she stopped talking and laughing and told him to hang on. When she got back on the phone she asked when we wanted the appointment and he said I want to speak with your supervisor. Now I am unsure if the supervisor wanted to speak to him are what but a supervisor did finally get on the phone and we got the appointment and our internet is working. If I ever have to go thru customer service like this again I will switch back even thought it will cost us more money because I was never treated like that from the other company.

  2. Your partnership with Level 3 Comm, should be aware that unethical criminal hacking has been going on, widespread with-in Fox Ent Cable News. I am going public. Bill O’Reilly anchor of The O’Reilly Factor likes to pay your employee, best hackers to stalk women online, he thinks is pretty & intresting. AKA “activate a girls IT camera eye’s”, without her knowing. Sick, but factual. Everyone has been enabling him to commit gross privacy invasion laws, for his sexual thrills. Other victims have posted the exact same abuse as myself. I’m a devout Christian women of faith. When will your companies clean up their criminal acts? Don’t bother email or calling me. Level 3 has taken administrative control of my families equipment, cells & landlines. The email below is just one of many alias “sock puppet” emails posing as me to forward a chain of emails to be lost in cyber space. We pretty ladies are put on Level 3 Private servers, when we learn the extent of your employee hacking. Ddos: Yes! Now, I am denied service when email, texting or calling authorities for help. Level 3 has the rights to that Designated Denial Of Service. Dispicable & Frightening what your company allows. Farfetched & fictional I would think, untill this ongoing IT Horror happened to me. A stay at home Mom with little computer knowledge. Your investors should be aware of the criminal acts in your company allowed. Kelly Troope was my 1st IT employee of yours, that conned me with fake fraud & FBI documents to take control of my families equipment. Truly sickening!

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