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Contacting Queen City Customer Service Center

Queen City is an audio and electronics company. The company is relatively small with only four locations. You can find contact information for each of the stores, but there is no main customer service call center or department. The contact form is available, but your email may be directed to a store – there is no way of knowing who is receiving the email.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

General hours for Queen City customer service is 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday to Saturday and 12 p.m. to 6 p.m. Sunday. You can call each of the stores by phone, but you cannot reach the main company if you have an issue with a specific store. Missing this information is a huge mistake for Queen City.

  • Charlotte (Queen City): 1-704-391-6000
  • Charlotte (Independence Blvd): 1-704-536-2112
  • Salisbury: 1-704-637-3966
  • Morganton: 1-828-437-2494

Mailing Address

You cannot contact the main corporate office for Queen City by mail, but you can contact one of the stores.

Charlotte: Queen City Attn: Customer Service 2430 Queen City Dr. Charlotte, NC 28208

Charlotte: Queen City Attn: Customer Service 7320 Independence Blvd. Charlotte, NC 28227

Salisbury: Queen City Attn: Customer Service 2166 Statesville Blvd. Salisbury, NC 28144

Morganton: Queen City Attn: Customer Service 307 Sanford Dr. Morganton, NC 28655

Official Website

The official website for Queen City is available at

Social Media

Electronics companies need social media to connect with customers and offer an alternative customer service option. You can find the Queen City customer service department on social media. Log in to your account to write to the customer service department.

Customer Service Email

The only piece of contact information that could be delivered to a main company is the contact form for Queen City customer service. The contact form could be delivered to a store, but there is a good chance it is delivered to a customer service department not connected with a specific store.

Our Experience

There is nothing to speak of in terms of contacting Queen City customer service by phone. You are calling a store, so the call is answered by someone working in that store. We asked an electronics question about HD televisions and the call was transferred to another employee. The employee was able to answer the question, but we expected that from an employee of the company. If you have an issue with a store, try the contact form to potentially reach the main customer service department.

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