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Contacting Qualcomm Customer Service Center

Qualcomm is a wireless company that started out in 1985 with seven minds and one idea – to provide quality communications. The company first entered the market as a commercial product developer and manufacturer, but after the success of OmniTRACS, a commercial satellite system used in transportation, the company decided to develop a consumer product. That consumer product started out as TDMA and evolved to CDMA – the beginning of the global wireless technology used today. Qualcomm is currently working in the 3G and beyond market.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

Consumers should start with the Qualcomm customer service operator if they don’t know the name or department they need to contact. We’ve listed a large portion of the consumer divisions and subsidiaries for your convenience.

  • Qualcomm Phone Number: 1-858-587-1121
  • Qualcomm Atheros: 1-408-773-5200
  • Tagg: 1-855-738-8244

Mailing Address

Qualcomm CorporateAttn: Customer Service5775 Morehouse DrSan Diego, CA 92121

Official Website

The official website for Qualcomm is located at The site explains the company’s position in the current telecommunications market. The current technologies being explored by Qualcomm include 2net, AllJoyn, Femtocells, Gimbal and LTE Advanced. The company is also developing Vuforia – an experiment in augmented reality.

Social Media

Social media is a HUGE part of Qualcomm. You can contact the company on all major social networks. There are multiple pages on each network for the company.







Check out the Social Media Page for all other social network links.

Customer Service Email

Contacting Qualcomm customer service by email is, without a doubt, the preferred method of contact. The company offers tons of email addresses for all sorts of departments, divisions and subsidiaries.

Our Experience

When you call Qualcomm you can press 1 if you know who you’re calling, 2 for shareholder information or 3 if you want to hear a list of departments. You can press 0 to skip the list to immediately connect with a Qualcomm agent. The agent that answered our call was not willing to share any additional information, other than that published on the website, about Vuforia – augmented reality. We asked if the technology could be used with face recognition software in the law enforcement setting, but the agent simply said there were many uses for augmented reality.

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