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Contacting Pyle Customer Service Center

Pyle is a music company more than an audio company, though it may fit into both categories. Customers can find auto stereos, home speakers, iPod docks and musical instruments all on the same site. Pyle products are available for sale from retailers like, Sears and Overton’s. The company was started in the 1960s, but business didn’t pick up until consumers realized the company was the perfect source of replacement speakers in the 2000s.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

There appears to be just one Pyle location. Toll free, local and fax numbers are listed for Pyle customer service.

  • Customer Support: 1-888-318-7953
  • Customer Support Toll: 1-718-535-1800
  • Fax: 1-718-236-2400

Mailing Address

Pyle is located in Brooklyn, New York. There does not appear to be a head office or corporate contact listed, so we think this is the only office. You can write to Pyle customer service at:

Pyle Audio Inc1600 63rd StBrooklyn, NY 11204

Billing, financial, credit card, bank account and any other issue dealing with personal information needs to be addressed by phone. Email and standard mail are not secure ways to contact Pyle customer service.

Official Website

Visit to learn more about products offered by this small New York company. We felt the front page of the website was a little overpowering in terms of technical information. All of the products are listed with multiple product numbers, which mean nothing to the general consumer. Pyle is not a company tailored to the person trying to buy a new stereo for their car. The majority of Pyle customers are looking for specific replacement parts, thus the part numbers.

We were able to locate a couple other places customers can get in touch with Pyle.

Customer Service Email

If you’d rather send an email than a letter, Pyle customer service is more than willing to oblige. You can contact the support department at:

Our Experience

The Pyle customer service line is answered by Sound Around USA. This is the parent company of Pyle. You have to press 2 for the customer service department then press 1 for technical support, 2 for warranties, 3 for parts, 4 for billing or 5 for orders. We chose 1 for technical support and another long list of options started. The fastest way through the system is to press 2 when the call is answered and 4 when the next message starts, but that will connect you with billing. If you have a technical issue you’re going to have to wait through the automated options lists.

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53 Comments on “Contact Pyle Customer Service
  1. I purchased one of your MP3 Players that is used in water sports. I put together a playlist on Itunes and
    downloaded the music to my E drive. I need you to tell me how I download my music to my MP3 Player. Please sent
    instructions in an e-mail.

  2. I recently bought a License Plate Mount Rear View Backup Color Camera PYLE PLCM 18sc.

    My cuestion is: if I can let it turn on during all trip long when I am driving?; or it only works well for the short moments during I manubre backwards.

    I would like let it on all trip long.

  3. I have a new plcdcs330mp mobile audio system I found on the net. I had it installed but it doesn’t work. I would like to have it repaired. Where can I send it?

  4. Their customer service is so NOT helpful. I bought a product in February and returned it because it stopped working after 1 day. I still have NO product, even after I paid for it in February. I have emailed they and called them and have not had any luck in resolving this issue. Any suggestions on how I mights A) get a refund or B) get my product

  5. I bought a marine stereo system, reciever doesnt work cant get thru to them they wont return my calls ,they arew a joke

    • They have mastered the art of bad customer service. The person answering the calls at their warranty department is rude and lied about shipping out my replacement stereo numerous times. They don’t even respond to dozens of inquiries to their customer service email. I would never buy from them again.

  6. I called support to get warranty on my mics and the man I talked to was very rude and short with me and was told he would email me the stuff to send the mics back and so far have not received anything the customer service realy sucks

    • Purchased the PWD701 vehicle security system. Had a question about installation (the manual sucks). Called Pyle tech support, punched in 2 and then 1 and waited about 15 minutes for someone to pick up. The individual was pleasant and told me I had to call Black Widow Alarms at 800-421-3533. Called number and a live person picked up on first ring (unbelievable). I spoke to Raul who was very knowledgeable, explained what I had to do, and was very helpful. This experience is just the opposite of what I usually experience in dealing with tech support.

  7. I bought a Pyle 2400 watt subwoofer, and it was connected to 1500 watt Boss amp and the subwoofer has blown all ready; junk not quality.

  8. What wattage and type speakers should I use with the PYLE Home PT270AIU 300 watt Stereo Receiver AM/FM Tuner USB/SD, iPod Docking Station and Subwoofer Control

  9. It seems that the the customerservice office is always closed. I want to purchase an upgrade for my GPS software and for a week ihave tried tocall around1:0 tp 3:0pm Estern time daily and it always say the office is closed. Is ther a time that the office is open so that I can contact.?????. I also need help to fix the screen information on my PLDN74BTI from chines to english. Please help…… Thank you

  10. 6 messages sent asking solve the PROBLEM to install DVD GPS PLDN74BTI. It was purchased in Amazon LLC January 13 and delivered in Panama on January 20. Never resovieron the problem, because the radius they came without GPS.
    Antenna, or maps, or else is required. WHAT IS THAT WAS NECESSARY EQUIPMENT bring gps.

  11. I’ve been trying to speak with someone concerning a replacement that we received and paid for but, we didn’t receive an invoice. I am trying to do my closing reports and I need the invoice. The replacement was a microphone order that was placed on January 23,2014. Angel was the contact person ( don’t know his last name) Item was paid by a Mastercard. Can you help ?

  12. Over the last 6 months I have purchased 26 Pyle Horn Speakers, 22 were the PHSP4 50 W. Of these 22 speakers 4 were dead on arrival. In regards to the Pyle 1 year warranty it seams a little counter productive to ship the speaker back to the manufacture, along with a $20 dollar check to replace a $20 dollar speaker. In taking these speaker apart to see if I could fix them I noticed every thing from gobs of hot glue, disconnected wires, and a speaker not even screwed into the housing. So much for quality control. My only recourse is to buy another brand.

  13. I had purchased a PYLE PLDN74BTi flip up car stereo. not even a full year went by and it is already broken due to manufacturer problems. the screen freaks out and turns blue and makes really weird noises and stays on while my car is off which has unknowingly killed my battery multiple times. i would not advise anyone to by anything from this PYLE OF JUNK COMPANY! i will never purchase anything from this company ever again nor will my family or friends. Thanks

  14. i have a pyramid psu and i have been trying for a week to get some technical help but i keep getting the run around and the schematic drawing listed on the website is not the correct one there customer support is deplorable

  15. the pyle company needs to be put out of business for good and a stop to any sales in the usa. contact your state attorney general and ask to a part of a class action lawsuit to be filed against this company. the time now is to act and put this miserable company out of business and quit ripping off consumers of the usa class action lawsuit all the way

  16. sent a power supply for repair the amp meter was the only problem got it back and it now works but the unit over heats so badly it just about goes on fire this company has mastered the art of horrible service you cannot get in touch with them and all you get is the run around i will never deal with this company again and anyone else should not either this has been the worst service i have seen in a long time by any company THANKS FOR NOTHING

  17. The Pyle customer service line is answered by Sound Around USA. This is the parent company of Pyle. You have to press 2 for the customer service department then press 1 for technical support. I was connected right away, but customer service knowledge was lacking for the Anemometer device I was calling about.

    Turns out – there is NO Technical Support available via Phone. Email Only!

  18. I ordered the Pyle Audio item #PHLHA42 Audio Sound Amplifier from and it came today (9/14/2015), but there were absolutely no instructions with it at all.
    Is it ready to use?, How long do you charge it?, how do you clean it?—-etc.
    The packaging was almost impossible to open!!!

  19. Absolute without a doubt worst customer service I have ever seen in a company. Have been trying to reach them for a full 7 days through phone and email about a defective item and no response. For the past 3 days their voicemail has said they are out of the office for a holiday.

  20. I have tried to contact Pyle though their website, with no luck (although I have a trouble ticket number), and by calling Sound Around (I had to wait half a week for them to open, then stay on the line half an hour just to leave a voicemail), and finally I sent an email to sales, service, and parts. My Guitar Bug transmitter/receiver PDWMG46 arrived with a broken transmitter jack, and all I need is a simple replacement part for this $120+ product. I even offered to pay for it, although it should be covered by warranty. So far, no response. I may have to send it back to Bad customer service is a good way to kill a company.

  21. I am a home inspector and purchased two Pyle PCMM05 for my business. I was using them for a few months and then one customer told me I missed a gas leak. I went to the home an they were right. I used the meter to test that section of pipe and it did not detect the leak. Then I brought my meter to the kitchen and turned on the gas stove and placed the meter over the gas stove. No leak was detected. I had my employee bring the other meter that I purchased and we did the same thing and no leak was detected. The products are unsafe and a danger to people who use them. There is a year warrantee on these devised and I wrote Amazon but since they are over three months old they will not return them. I want to ship these detectors to you and have you test them. I will never trust these devises again. I want a fill refund. I paid 90.83 each and want to return both. Please contact me to arrange a return. David West & A Better Home Inspection

  22. I have called the customer support line and get no answer. According to the reviews on this page a lot of people are having the same problem. I have a model# PLMR19W radio. The SD card reader and theUSB interface does not work. I was wondering what I could do to resolve this issue. I look forward to your reply.

  23. I have a pyle pipcam8 and no one can install that camera on my pc or phone why its so hard to get service after you bought a cam that I would not recomande no one to buy one when I bought it on line theys say easy installation 2 minutes to install but cant install on windows 10 just cant work tell mw why thanks

  24. I tried to call but when I entered the extension number I got hung up. Very rude !!

    I purchased one of your PBTR20 Bluetooth Music Transmitter from MCM electronics.. We want it to communicate with Joyce’s hearing aid. Should it be able to do that?. Her Iphone communicates with her hearing aid so shouldn’t your device? We are not able to get them to work together. Have any suggestions //

  25. Hi bought car audio from amazon.
    It was works great.
    Unfortunately no more screen. What can I do. I believe I bought 7 month ago. I hope warranty cover.
    Here in CANADA.

  26. I purchased a PLCM4350WIR Wireless Backup Camera System, of which the camera is advertised as being 170 degree view. When looking at the monitor of the view, it does not appear to be 170 degrees, but looks like about 110 degree view (130 degree maximum). I need it to display a view of our side walk, when backing up, probably at least 15 feet, in both directions!

  27. I sent an amplifier in that had caught on fire to be fixed or replaced and have not heard from you in a couple months. What seems to be holding it up?

  28. all people out there,if you are trying to get help,from phone forget it.I got a pyle turn table,they keep hanging up on me,guess they don’t know how to help you in any way,i just bought a PYLE turn table,dont work,they wont talk to me,keep hanging up.DONT buy from them

  29. you keep hanging up on me,got problems with pyle turn table,model:pvnt7u,i will shoot your name down,to frends,facebook,all that I can

  30. Installed this great Pyle PLDNANDVR695 today and very impressed. GPS instantly locates and locks in great sounding audio. Owners manual leaves a lot to be desired. I am planning on purchasing another for my truck. Very pleased.

  31. im trying to hook up a plye model pt588ab home theater amp,it does not explain plainly were you hook up cable box,is there any video or better instructions or any help I can get please help! thanks rick

  32. Aug 9 ,2017 I order from walter drake abackup camera system #PLCM4350WIR 4/8/2017 install it and it work five minute. The transmitter stop working, tested everything was ok except the transmitter. trying to replace transmitter without success for four months.

    • I will purchase a pyle surf sound play universal waterproof portable speaker model no. PWPS63BK. I want to know has it sd card slot. Can i play songs and videos from sd card. Is it colour display. Please inform me as early as possible.


  34. p3001 amazing product. power supply quit just a few months into ownership. I sent unit back 29.00 shipping and they called and said it was repaired the return shipping was 20.00. 12/21/17 unit returned to me form service center. hooked it up turned it on man I’m back in business. No way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! when it hit two beats it cut off and will not power up…Don’t buy this product unless you can afford the shipping to and from there service center

  35. I buy my radio fro WalMart on 1/13/18 and last week the screen went out and the radio and I will like to know what I can do to fix it or get a replacement

  36. I purchased a Pyle robot vacuum. When the battery failed a year later, I ordered a replacement. They sent the wrong battery. I advised them of the error and they sent a replacement, which never arrived. When I advised them, referred me to the USPS website. Not being the shipper, I could not file a lost mail report. I let them know that they had to file the report. They jerked me around for a couple of weeks, then directed me to file a claim with the USPS. At this point, I demanded a refund. The reply stated that they cannot refund because “the package was delivered and there was no problem with the order!”

  37. I cannot make the receiver work and I think I have followed all the recommended steps. The green light is on the receiver and the dock. Why is there no sound? I have the sound cable in the base and in the TV. Whats wrong?

  38. Received box marked damaged by shipper August 22. Inside a Pyle HD Hi-Res Smart Projector was slightly damaged with a crack and punctured grill. I wanted to keep the unit because it worked. However, I could never pass your registration security box that asked “Are you a robot”. I would be kicked off every time. I kept trying other Pyle links with no success until I found this spot.

    Finally, I have a slightly damaged product that II would like to keep and register. I would like to speak to a Pyle Representative that can do this.

    Linwood Thomas 9/14/2018
    609 660 1352

  39. Delta Frazier
    Aug 14, 2018, 5:46 PM
    to parts

    Hello my name is Delta Frazier
    Phone 828-288-2000
    241 Turner rd
    Rutherfordton NC 28139

    I have been dealing with my issue of two pyle mp3 player not sync/talked with tech services and still i can not get them replaced or a return slip this is the man i have been dealing with and nothing has been done sence may 2018

    Chris Green
    Parts Department
    Sound Around USA

  40. I ordered a product from rabbit a pyle7400bt and the back up sensors are just staying yellow they are not acting right

  41. The PWMA1080IBT that I purchased from WalMart online works very well. However, it’s damaged (dented) on the Trailer Handle (left rail) which prohibits the full extension of the Trailer Handle.
    Please advise as to the course of action I should take.

  42. Wow……your website is not working. Takes forever, and i mean like 5 minutes. Created an account. But cannot sign back in. Not a happy camper right now.


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