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Contacting Publix Customer Service Center

Publix is an employee-owned supermarket founded in 1930. The company began during a time of economic uncertainty, yet continued to grow due to the focus placed on customer service. To this day, Publix is committed to communities and its diverse customer base. With more than 1,000 stores in the United States, the company has to put a system in place to keep its customers engaged. When customers have questions and concerns relating to customer service, Publix provides several methods to connect with the customer service team, whether it is by phone, email, traditional mail or through social media.

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Contact Info:

The customer service department is available Monday through Friday 8am to 7pm EST; Saturday 9am to 4pm.

Phone Contact Numbers

  • Customer service: 1-800-242-1227

Mailing Address

Publix Super Markets Corporate OfficeATTN: Consumer RelationsP.O. Box 407Lakeland, FL 33802-0407

Official Website

Visit the official Publix website take advantage of services not available from other grocery retailers. Aside from the typical features such as the rewards program and information relating to healthy eating, the company provides customers with the ability to make purchases online with in-store pick-up.

Aside from the one-of-a-kind services, Publix features a customer support page where customers can locate information relating to the corporate headquarters, stores and all applicable products and services.

Customer Service Email

Customers wanting to contact the customer service department will need to utilize the customer feedback form located here: You have the ability to address your specific customer experience or send a general concern. We sent a message addressing how customers can contact the customer support team after hours. The anticipated response time is between 24 and 48 hours.

Although there is no indication of the response time, customer can contact the customer service department on the Facebook page.

Our Experience

We noticed Publix is committed to the customer. This was evident when we attempted to contact the customer support team. Within 45 seconds, we were speaking to a live agent. This was a plus in our book. We asked the agent for information relating to canceling a rewards card. We anticipated a lengthy response or to be placed on hold, the representative explained the process and offered to address our concern.

The customer service team is a winner in our book. We don’t want our experience to be the only one, so share your story with us in the comment section.

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16 Comments on “Contact Publix Customer Service
  1. What’s going on with Polaner? You are giving more shelf space to “Schmucker’s” –―and I don’t care for the TV commercials sporting the kinds delivering bottles of their jams to their neighbors for Christmas because I’M SURE THOSE NEIGHBORS DUMP THEIR JAMS IN THE GARBAGE. I suggest you do a tasting test with your buyers and give them Smucker’s Sugar Free and Polaner’s Sugar Free with Fiber and let them decide which one tastes like the real thing. Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, I have a sugar allergy and cannot consume THAT POISON, so I am forced to find everything sugar free, and Publix is not helping me with because if I have to buy Smucker’s, I prefer not to consume any such product. Yesterday, I couldn’t find my favorite Polaner – Blackberry – and bought a jar of Smucker’s. Ugh! What the heck is that plastic flavor? I cannot eat it and will, therefore, throw it away, which means that I have lost the money I paid for it. Publix – where shopping is not always a pleasure – doesn’t help diabetics, obese people and those like me, with a sugar allergy, in the quest of eating as well as they can. And I think I’m going to send a copy of this email to the First Lady, who is trying so hard to slim this nation of obese idiots against odds like this one! By the way, Most of the time I shop at Public on Biscayne Commons, but if I need anything I stop wherever there is a Public… and no, I am not related to the Polaners, but I am a sugar free foodie!
    And how about stocking a decent number of Tab cases? I can never take advantage of the Coca Cola promotions because I can only find 2 cases in the store?
    Mimi Korman

  2. Thanks, I had a crazy idea today probably a long shot but what the hell a hundred bad ideas might lead to a good idea so here goes nothing. Maybe Publix should see if two different stores can be under the same roof & still be consider two different company’s if so Publix maybe should buy up 10% of Targets stock & have a store together with Target & Publix together so some employees can work full time earning to different pay checks at the same time so both these company’s don’t have to pay the extra cost of healthcare & this would let Publix & Target compete against Walmart better could it be a win win situation or could something like this be to difficult & costly only you would know Publix Thanks have a nice day.

  3. I skimmed quickly threw the first reply so here’s my view food manufactures are using more corn syrup in food products because corn syrup is cheaper than sugar what seems to be bad is I saw on TV was an doctor showing how corn syrup clogs peoples artery’s worse than sugar so maybe your protest should be more about corn syrup than it should be about sugar.

  4. While checking out at the cashier in a Publix in Miami Shores a few days ago. FL, I was told by the bagger who arrived just after the cashier and I loaded the groceries that she was instructed by management to accompany me to my car even if I declined in order to return my ONE cart to the store. Today I asked a manager there if that order was true and he said it was. So, while baggers are walking out to a car with a customer who has no use for them, the cashier basically is left without help. This seems absurd!! What do you think?

  5. I am Brazilian and I was on vacation in Orlando my mother asked me for her buy vitamin centrum and bought at Publix on June 10, 2014 and to my surprise when I arrived at
    But unfortunately this vitamina 10 de junho de 2013 almost a year averdue and i was embarrassed worts placed The health of my mother i would not risk the validity checked when i bought never imagine that a supermarket was selling losers nanes remedies have photos and invoice to prove end

  6. The best pricing of any supermarket and the absolute BEST employees in the known universe! Store 139 is the exceptional one!

  7. I would like to commend Lorenzo Ceruantes the general manager in store #293 in Miami Country Walk. Lorenzo found my I phone this euening and returned it to me when i came back in a panic this euening. He is a uery professional and honest gentleman. I come into the store seueral times a week and always get Great customer seruice. His professionalism and management style shows in his employees and leuel of customer seruice expected. I was a Buyer and Regional for Macy’s for 38 years and really appreciate Great customer seruice. Please commend Lorenzo and congratulate him!!!!Sincerely Paula McClain

  8. Would love to use the “green” Publix bags, but when filled by baggers they are extremely heavy due to the size of the bag. Even when asked to not fill them too full.
    If you could make a bag thAt is smaller, more like a paper grocery bag ( width of one box of cereal) it would be easier for women to use the bags. WE WOULD LOVE IT!!!

  9. bought two barber stuffed brei chicken as uasaul and there was only one in the bag and it was torn never happened before 5.49 each can you send a gift card for this? 349 shady oak cir. st augustine fl 32092 julington creek fl 450 sr 13 north ste 109 jax fl 32259 thank they are always very helpful and pleasent i just can not get a ride back to the store no transportation disabled

  10. I want Publix to know the 18th St. Miami store is the worst in Miami. The escalators are always broken or the elevators are. The produce goes bad after a day if not used. There are outdated products in the freezer. It is not restocked properly it is a mess. The wait at the deli counter is ridiculous. I am so disappointed in this store we have to drive to Miami Shores to get what we need. So sorry to have to send this but you need to know. Thank you

  11. Publix is no longer a shopping pleasure!!!!
    After years of praising Publix as simple a class operations
    Publix exemplified the statement “ you get what you pay for” quality
    Service and a premium price

    No longer today marketing concepts if sales buy one etc has created consumer credibility issues

    My recent experience is typical
    We live in fl yet navel oranges are fri calif
    The price in the last several weeks has increased each week going from .59 to today’s 1.29 per pound
    Did I miss a storm flood or gas crisis to cause the rise yet the signs still say 1.20 discount

    Your signage is impossible to catch up with from system

    Steamers dinners 5 for 10 had so many tiny type disclaimers that there were 3 customers in Line totally confused

    I was charged 7.29 do a head of broccoli and it wasn’t even cooked ( joke) wanted regular but the but product was organic

    Prices are highest comp in the market
    Very much different and no longer a pleasure

    Then they build a bed gotta new store in Aventura my wife waited a year then goes and funds out the only way in and out is an elevator

    Well she doesn’t use an elevator in our apt building who thought up that one even surfsude has escalator

    It will take an incentive to return and I’m not alone

    A dugruntked firmer loyal custier

  12. The store is to warm. Could you please turn the air on a cooler temperature. To make it more comfortable.

  13. My Publix has A+ departments,employees,and management except for the hot food deli dept. At 6 pm it was almost empty. This is my 4th bad experience in a row. It was obvious to my husband and I that our request tonight was not wanted. This time I replied I didn’t understand why with it being a front page ad for the department. It was a 20 piece wing special . The employee finally offered to prepare it and we would need to wait. The other 3 times we left. Send someone unannounced you will see this.

  14. While shopping at the Colonial Heights Publix an employee saw me looking at canned meats. He asked if he could help me find something. I told him I keep hoping they will restock the King Oscar Sardines in spring water and explained our Shih Tzu has skin allergies and those help us keep him off prescription meds for the allergy. He told me he thought he could order them, I thanked him and honestly expected that to be the end of it. Much to my surprise when I went into the store last week the sardines I need were on the shelf. What a wonderful surprise. My only regret is I failed to get the gentleman’s name. Thank you for great customer service. My Shih Tzu’s itching is already improving!

  15. I never fill out satisfaction surveys, but I just did because I had an issue and was disappointed it didn’t ask if there was a concern. Therefore I’m letting you know mine. I bought 14oz Armour frozen meatballs which I carefully looked to make sure of the size and flavor according to the BOGO sign that was in the middle of the one I got. It rang up reg price $4.99 so when I took it to C/S desk girl looked it up in sale ad and said you got wrong size it was 21oz. Well that’s not what sign said and I wasn’t shopping from ad. She finally decided to refund the difference, when I asked if their sign was no long in effect “item free if rings up incorrect”. A guy comes out of the back to sell lotto ticket to customer and says “No, not in this case because I’m pretty sure what you got isn’t the one on sale”. I would’ve never known nor would’ve purchased them had I not seen the sign. I took the difference and left.

    ALSO why am I having a problem in getting my phone number entered on previous site. It keeps telling me it’s required and I’ve put it in a dozen times.

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