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Contacting Prada Customer Service Center

For 100 years, Prada has been one of the more luxurious brands of clothing. The company specializes in accessories, luggage, shoes and ready-to wear items for men and women. The company had humble beginnings, but grew over the course of time due to patience, innovation and creativity. The brand is now available throughout the globe. When you have questions or concerns relating to the product, you should contact the customer service team or the corporate headquarters. The available methods of contact include phone, email, traditional mail and through social media.

to leave a comment about your customer service experience.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

There is no indication of hours of operation. We can assume the customer service team is available when the retail locations are open, but we cannot guarantee.

  • Prada Corporate Headquarters: +39-02-550281
  • Prada fax: +39-02-55028859
  • Customer Service: 877-485-6144
  • Customer Service UK: 800-096-9299
  • Customer Service Japan: 0053-144-0115
  • Customer Service Hong Kong: 800-967950

Mailing Address

Prada Corporate Headquarters Via Antonio Fogazzaro, 28 20135 Milano, Italy

Official Website

When customers visit the official Prada website!/, you are greeted with a visual feast. Customer can shop by product and gender. You also have the ability to read about the designers behind the iconic brand as well as locate the nearest retail location by using the Prada Store Locator. To get a better understanding of Prada, we suggest visiting the Prada Group website. This is where customers can look though additional brands under the Prada family and find corporate contact information.

Social Media

Although Prada is not a very social company, you can connect with the customer service department on Facebook and YouTube. There is little interaction between the customer support team and the customer, but you have the ability to send messages in hopes of a response. We attempted to send a message on the Facebook page and received a response within 2 hours.

Customer Service Email

The only email address we found was for the corporate offices We sent a message asking for the hours of operation of the customer care department. We anticipate receiving a response within two business days.

Our Experience

Contacting the customer service department was rather difficult. Instead of speaking with a customer service agent, we had the pleasure of connecting with an operator from the corporate office. The agent continued to place our call on hold, so when we did speak, we asked for information on the return policy. The agent explained the policy, but told us to communicate with a retail location prior to returning an item due to policy changes. Calling Prada was a definite experience. Do you have a better customer service story? Share your thoughts with us below.

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197 Comments on “Contact Prada Customer Service
  1. Dear Sir,
    I have purchased two bottles of Prada perfume & unfortunately the atomiser on bottles bottles have ceased up leaving me out of pocket plus not being able to use one of my favourite perfume.
    I would appreciate your comments & feed back as to how I am to resolve the problem otherwise it leave me no alternative but to cease buying further products & leave me out of pocket.

    Kind regards

    Jean Keats (Mrs)

    • Dear Jean, I have had exactly the same problem. Do you get an answer to your customer services query?

      • I have the same problem with a large bottle of Prada perfume which I can’t use as the atomiser has seized up too. Please advise how to replace as this is an expensive item and is now useless!!

        • Omg!! I am so comforted yet frustrated by the fact that it was super easy to find people with EXACTLY the same defective perfume bottle. Mine is Amber and it was quite pricey and I would just like to use the half that’s left! I’m going to try and get some results… Anyone find success?

          • I I have same problem with a bottle of Prada Amber. It’s almost full but can’t get anything out of it. Has anyone had any luck? I can’t find a contact email address to complain. Can anyone help? Having read through some more comments here and on other forums and it sounds as if there is a fault with their Prada Amber perfume bottles. Many people have had the same fault but even more women won’t complain.

  2. Dear Prada,
    I bought a Black silk jacket at your NYC 5th avenue store a couple years ago.
    It has three ribbon closures on the front that draw if one wants to alter the shape
    I love this jacket!!! My problem is my dry cleaners shrunk it and it no longer looks
    good. The fabric puckered too.
    Can you please tell me if this can be fixed.
    Thank you kindly.
    Marta Sewall

  3. Hi All,

    I went to Prada stores in İstanbul to change my Prada pump shoes which are my friends gift. But because of the employers rude and insolent behaviours,
    i want refund instead of gift voucher. Prada is unable to provide customer satisfaction. That’s disappointed me a lot. Invoice will be submitted. I would appreciate if you take immediate action. Otherwise I will share that complaint in all social networking sites.

    Thanks and Regards,

    • I wish to make a complaint about Prada handbag & the local store in Singapore cannot give me a satisfying answer? Who shall I write this unsatisfactoriness to? Is there an International contact I can email to? Thanks

  4. I purchased a beautiful orange coloured Prada handbag at the Heathrow airport , London in may 2012.I use it very for very rare occassion . i used the Prada bag , when i visited Singapore in December .During the usage , i noticed that the bag had got few black stains on the wrinkled areas . I cleaned with a soft wet cloth. To my surprise i noticed that the orange colour was coming on to the cloth . I stopped cleaning . I need advise as to know how to get rid of these black stains and also avoid the running off of orange colour . Also i noticed that a small loop which is given at the start of the handle ,also gave away . it just came off as a seperate piece . we buy a brand like Prada and this is the result . It is very depressing . I have been using louis vuitton , dior . I have no complaints against them . But buying Prada is a dissappointment. Please do let me know if there is any remedy .

  5. Hi all I bought a Beautiful pair of Prada Lofts but the stitching has come out and I would like to know if you can fix it for me the shoes cost a lot of money Shoes menders I should send them back to the shop Where are you bought them I love the shoes but I’m a bit disappointed That I spend a lot of money on them and the stitching has come out If I wanted to buy cheap shoes I Would of Bought cheap shoes but I thought Pada was exclusive Can you get back to me ASAP thanks very much

  6. Is your fragrance product gluten free? I am specifically interested in the Infusion D’Iris perfume and body lotion. Please advise as soon as possible..

  7. to customerservice

    Dear Sir/ Madmam:

    I purchased a pair of Prada shoes couple of months ago (details below), which is simply falling apart. I have worn the shoes not more than 15 days during this period but the rubber sole has come off from the leather body.

    I am really disappointed with the purchase.


    M Rouf

    • This is now the third email I have sent as I haven’t received a response here’s hoping.I have a 80ml bottle of Eau de parfum Amber with a faulty spray that won’t press down.I took it into Debenhams to ask if there was anything they could do and they advised me to contact you.It is half full but as the spray won’t press , I can’t access the perfume.Please can you help.

      • I have the same exact problem with the same exact bottle. This must be a manufacturing flaw- I think Prada should make good on this.

  8. Hello,

    I bought a sweater from the store Prada in Milan. When I come back to my home Turkey/Istanbul I realized that it has a defect on it. I proposed to exchange it with new one that it not defected to Prada store in Turkey, but they rejected to change it. I payed so much money for this product and the thing that I have is not worth that much money because it is defected which is a manufacturing defect. This situation is not fair and what you Prada has done is unjust. Before bringing this issue to law courts a (which might be the European Court of Justice) and claiming compensation (which will probably cost so much money to you) I am proposing from you to change my defected product, Prada sweater with a new one.

    Kind Regards,

    Elif Akdemir.

  9. On 26 December 2012, I purchased a Prada Nylon sling bag from Galleries LaFayette Men’s store in Paris. Since then, I used the sling bag once at the end of May 2013 for an overseas trip to London. Upon my arrival in London, I discovered that the sling bag material appeared scuffed. I took it to the Prada Boutique in Old Bond Street, London and seek the advice of the sales personnel. I was informed that this is due to a quality issue and to return the bag at the nearest Prada boutique nearest to me. Upon arriving back to Kuala Lumpur, I immediately took the sling bag to the Prada Outlet at Pavillion Mall, Kuala Lumpur. I submitted my complaint along with my bag on 8 June and received the reply on 14 July. I was informed that the scuff appearance of the sling bag was not a quality issue. Rather, it was caused by the rubbing of a velcro on the surface of the sling bag. As such nothing can be done.
    I have been a loyal customer of Prada for the past 10 years. I am appalled by the laissez faire attitude of the Prada outlet in Kuala Lumpur. It will be expected if I have bought the sling bag from an unknown store.
    I am writing to seek for a full refund or a replacement for the sling bag.

  10. I sent a complaint email to both Prada Corporateaffair and customer service USA about a week ago. so far NO RESPONSES from either of them

  11. I got a pair of slip on shoes and the front toe has worn out I have only
    Had them for a short time and I want to get them fixed
    Dose any one know how I can do this

    I live in Halifax Canada

  12. May 2013 I bought prada slipper from Milan Seravella outlet Prada shop. Unfortunatelly one of my slippers strip break off so what can I so in this situation pls advise .

  13. I think I can answer everyone’s quality issues about Prada products falling apart. The answer is to not buy them. Consider shopping in LVM companies only. Prada outsources 80% of production to third party companies in China, Vietnam and Hungry. This means larger profits with lower production costs and still charging the same high prices to consumers. This is a criminal act on all levels cheating the consumer with high price tag merchandise while producing products with cheap unskilled 3rd world cheap labor. Prada is all about greed by maximizing profits while cutting quality.

    The LVM companies have a higher standard producing products. ” in house ” in France ensuring top qualify.

  14. Wow !!! Definitely won’t be going back to prada , I don’t care even if I see anything I like , I won’t be buying , trust me , customer service I 100 % zero ………
    I bought a boot for 1450 euro wore it once and it kept dropping really embarrassing , went to prada in Prague to ask for help , the reception was so bad I thought oh , maybe it’s because it’s Eastern Europe , when I got back to london , quess what ? The same back attitude, very poor customer service , I thought to myself , maybe because am black , they think oh we can treat her , what ever . I have 2 prada bags and one high knee boot , end of story , won’t be going back

  15. I need a customer service phone number that works in new jersey, usa i need replace my lences on a pair of glasses that i bought the frame is intact but lences have a problem ! Thanks

  16. Wile on holiday in Kent took a 2 hour trip to Bicester Village and had great customer service in Prada from the manager Mandy.

    Mandy went out of her way to help me and my elderly mother and made our experience in her shop great. Would recommend a visit.

    If anyone from Prada ever reads these comments Manager of the Month to Mandy would be great. (Aug 2013)

  17. Hi I bought a black prada bag at Holt Renfrew in Edmonton, Alberta Canada for 1800.00 last year. The gold buckles on the purse, including the prada name have all started to turn silver. I was even asked if the bag was fake. I feel very upset that you don’t even use real brass. Coach uses brass and it doesn’t change colour. What can I do? I would love to mail this back to you and see if you would carry this very disappointing bag around on your arm. How can this be resolved. I only have an Amex receipt which was used when purchased along with other items at Holts. I will never buy anything again from Prada knowing that you use cheap element metals and then dip your buckles and zippers in a fake coating to make it look real. Shameful really!!

  18. Dear Sir or Madame,
    I wish to complain about the purchase of Saffinano lux cammeo tu handbags which I bought on August 13th in Frankfurt Prada store. After I came back to China, I found there are so many flaws on one of the handbags. Definitely it is a sample bag. I feel so depressed to see this situation.
    I called Framkfurt store immediately, they told me I could exchange the bag in any Prada store in China. So I sent the bag to Shanghai Prada store. As soon as they took a look at the bag, they considered it is a sample bag. At first, they told me they could only mend it. But I really can’t accept a reparation on my new bag, since it’s not my fault. After a negotiation, they have received the bag and promised to give me a reply in seven weekdays.
    Both the Frankfurt store and me waited for Shanghai store’s reply, but five days later they called me and said that they couldn’t exchange the bag. After that, Frankfurt store told me that I should have patience to wait because they need time to negociate with Shanghai store. But I waited and waited, no positive reply has been received.
    On August 30th, Ms N Li, a sales assistant in Frankfurt store told me I could exchange the bag by sending it back to Frankfurt store with the delivery expenses paid by them. I agree to do that but I need a email to inform me the contact person, the address and the fedex account with which I can deliver the bag. But what I get now is a reply saying that I should wait for another week for a transfer decision of their assistant manager, Martina Martijevic, who is on holiday from work. I think it’s unreasonable and rediculous to keep me waiting over and over again.
    I have been using Louis Vuitton , Dior for years and I have no complaints against them . But buying Prada is a dissappointment. I would appreciate if you take immediate action. Otherwise it leaves me no alternative but to cease buying further products and I will share that complaint in all social networking sites.
    Attached are the pictures of the bag and emails from Frankfurt store for your information.
    All the best.
    Yours faithfully,
    (Ms) Xiaolan Wang

  19. We are happy to send a commendation for excellent service at the Prada store in Milan, to Metteo Di Crescenzo. He tracked the one remaining colour and style handbag in Italy and had it in the Milan store in 24 hours for us. He showed great product knowledge and made the entire experience memorable. We look forward to many years of use from the two bags we ended up buying! (David and Gillian SInge / Australia).

    (Please note – it is hard to find an email contact for your company)

  20. I am seriously very disappointed with Prada in term of the product and the customer service.

    I have dropped an email since mid Oct13 regards on the leather peel off on the prada bag after less than using it for 3 months (the bag cost over S$3000)but it seems like worst off than those purchase from the market street. Furthmore the customer service are not responding to the customer after the purchase.

    Is this the service that Prada should provide to the customer.
    Didn’t they should understand that after sales service is very important for new and reccuring customers.

  21. I purchased a pair of Prada sunglasses which were expensive but now the inner film on the glasses is peeling off and the outer is bubbling so they are now completly unwearable?? Prada is supposed to be a good make and not cheap? i feel these have not been worth the money as the eye protection is useless due to it peeling off and bubbling??

  22. Yesterday at the 5th Ave store I walked to a counter and started to have a look at some of the (very messy) displays… I looked at a bag for about 10-15 min and was looking at sales assistants the whole time trying to get someones attention; no one came over to assist me. Eventually I walked to a sales assistant who was standing at another counter and he said he could not help. Another lady saw me at this stage and said she was with a customer but would get someone to help me. She had to interrupt two other sales assistants talking and reluctantly one of them did assist me. He was not friendly at all and did not even try to make sure I had an enjoyable experience in store. He did not attempt to make any conversation with me let alone build any rapport.

    I didn’t buy the handbag yesterday on principal.

    No matter who the customer, every person who walks through the door should be treated with common courtesy and some basic manners.

    I had a much better experience in Harry Winston and it was obvious I was not going to purchase!

  23. Dearest,

    My friend and I was looking for a bag in your store in Westfield, shepherds bush london yesterday afternoon. I was so interested to this black bag and looking at it. Checking the inside and texture of the bag. Suddenly a woman standing a few steps away from us literally grab the handbag away from us. I don’t know what was her problem with that.

    I told her why she did that and she apologies and returning it to us. We were so dissapointed and unhappy of what she did that we left the store. I am Asian and I like branded stuff. I don’t think I look rubbish on thr day as I was holding a new celine bag.

    But this attitude is not acceptable especially to a known brand.
    I hope this won’t happen to anybody else.

  24. I’m from Brazil.
    I’m seriously very disappointed with Prada in term of the product and the customer service.
    In February 2013, I bought in Italy a par of Sunglasses for my husband. The Model is MIU MIU – SMU50L 5AV F03M1 001.
    In 6 months the frame broke the weld.
    I got in touch via phone with the store in Brazil and the United States to fix the glasses, and to my surprise none of your representatives received the part to fix. They said they can not give guarantee of a product purchased in Italy. I am very disappointed with the quality of services and would like a solution to this problem, as a mark of prestige both SO CAN NOT TREAT YOUR CUSTOMERS.
    I await a solution and contact!!!!!!!

    Cristina Savi

  25. I purchased a couple bottles of the Prada Candy, while transporting them in my travel bag all the perfume has evaporated! Has this happen to anyone else? If so what can be done. So disappointed with Prada…

    • I too had a bottle of Prada perfume completely evaporate. . And it was kept stationary in its original box. Very disappointed.

  26. Visited Bicester Village Outlet for the first time on 28 December. I was spending nearly £1000 on a bag and purse and had to stand in line for some 45mins to pay. An absolute disgrace!

  27. Hello Prada,
    I purchased a black Prada wallet while on holiday in Australia as in NZ We don’t really have new Prada products only a DFO, I am always so excited when i go over to Australia and i am able too purchase more of your products. The wallet i purchased has rarely been used its for special occasions only and photos i have taken i can send you will prove this. This wallet is glued on the fabric inside and it has all come undone i am very disappointed in this product as this has not even been used 10 times. My handbags i have purchased from Prada i have never had an issue with. I would appreciate if you could contact me back regarding a replacement please.

  28. Experiencing the same problem with appalling customer service after purchasing a purse from Prada Bicester Village.Colour worn off the corners of a £205 purse after 6 months of normal use – returned the item to be told it had to be returned to Italy.7 weeks later after numerous phone calls (no contact from the store,had to do ALL the chasing) was told the item was ok and there was nothing they could do!!Have since sent e mails and letters to Prada customer service…no response.This is in breach of the Sale of Goods act,but there is no attempt to provide any customer service,neither exchange nor refund.Very disappointing indeed

  29. I’ve recently bought prada luna rossa cologne for men. The smell last a few hours then goes away. I tested it on a shirt and came back and couldn’t smell one single drop. Smelled like my laundry. Very week cologne.

  30. My shoes have been at your repair lab for over 5 months now. Every few weeks I get the same answer that they are being fixed from your new york Miu Miu store and still no shoes have been returned. Frankly the ABSOLUTE worst customer service I have ever experienced in my life. I don’t even care about the shoes being fixed now, they are out of season and even though I have just requested to have them back (scratched and in the same condition I sent them off in) I still haven’t received the shoes back. So disappointing!!

  31. Hello, I’m trying to find discontinued product bn1904, leather material. If you guys still have that model, where can I find it in America? Can you guys tell me how can I buy the product if it is not possible to find that product in America? Thank you.

  32. At dinner tonight with friends I showed them my wallet, they all said get in touch with Prada. The wallet was expensive and did not hold up. I took it back to Sacks F.A. where they had it for many many weeks, said Prada would do nothing about it. I am truly upset, I think it was about $600 dollars, part of a gift for me from a client . I am now ready to toss it in the garbage,I will call the complaints dept., see what they will do, one more chance, regards . m. Klein

  33. At dinner tonight with friends I showed them my wallet, they all said get in touch with Prada. The wallet was expensive and did not hold up. I took it back to Sacks F.A. where they had it for many many weeks, said Prada would do nothing about it. I am truly upset, I think it was about $600 dollars, part of a gift for me from a client . I am now ready to toss it in the garbage,I will call the complaints dept., see what they will do, one more chance, regards . m. Klein

  34. i ave a problem my prada candy led spray no worken enamoar may fianse bay for me i ben shop wear he bay i dont ave a recit as a problem for you send me a new led spray Thank may adres as 5 broomyknowe drive deans livingston eh548by i cant use may parfium i love

  35. Purchased sunglasses last year. Love them. Unfortunately they somehow have come out of alignment. I took them to an optical shop and they said they can not work on them as they are one unit and if they bend them they may break the glass. Please let me know if there is some place that supports Prada eye ware so I can get them fixed. I’m in the NJ/NYC area.

  36. I bought Prada BT0715 colour Nero from Milan on 5 March 2014.When I come back to Thailand I found that it was no strap inside the package.Would you please recommend me how can I do for this?
    Sincerelys Yours,
    Ms Siraporn Punchavinin

  37. Hello Prada

    I bought a prada bag in USA last year, the model Tessuto+Nappa. Nero color. I only carry it few time to my horror as my friend saw my bag she told me my prada bag the logo became Prad as the A drop without I notice it. Just want to know where can I bring to fixed it. I am living in Singapore and I did went to the local prada store they refuse to help because I did not buy from them. Please help me. I can send you the photo.
    Please let me have your email I will attach with the photo I took.
    Thank you

  38. hello prada
    I am living in Iran I would like to get your company REPRESENTATION In Iran
    please Guidance me how to d this thank you

  39. from kuwait i bought prada slipper about 1300$ From kuwait prada and they are hurting me so much i cant wear them at all am so disapponted with this purchase I spent so much money on them i had much better experience in other brand shoes .. I want a refund my money back asap.

  40. Hello Prada
    my husband bought Prada shoes shirt leather
    boots with serial number P 8918 43 quite expensive.
    I wonder this shoes authentic or not?
    Please email me about authentic product no above. Because we lost authentic card.
    Many thanks

    Kind Regards,

  41. hi i resently prushes a prada hadndbag from a second hand store and iwas woundering how can i get it athenticade thank please write back

  42. I have purchased 3 bottles of Prada perfume & unfortunately the atomiser on bottles bottles have ceased up leaving me out of pocket plus not being able to use one of my favourite perfume.
    I would appreciate your comments & feed back as to how I am to resolve the problem
    What can I do and who do I contact

  43. Went into prada at valley fair in Santa Clara today. Around 430 . I came in wanting to purchase shoes. Didn’t get greeted and was walked by the same 3 guys more then twice. They were on their phone but they didn’t have time to greet me or get me a size. Let me remind you that you work for prada you don’t buy prada. Your job seems simple, there isn’t a crowd in the store. Do your job.

  44. Dear prada:I am from Malaysia.I want to know how many CARDS attached inside the product, On June 14th, 2014, I was in Malaysia KLCC prada stores to buy a product,This is my first time to buy your brand
    but I only get one certificate card and receipt,(My card also has traces of modified), I want to know, whether it is a normal condition.I worry you sell fake goods to me.
    Please let me know the result, thank you. BiBi

  45. I went in the Prada store in ala moana in Hawaii. Even though I didn’t purchase anything but the customer service I receive from them is poor. I feel discriminate for being not rich. The sales attitude change after I ask some questions. When I wanted an answer from him, he just stood there for a moment then utter out the answer WITHOUT making eye contact with me. He just staring in the distance. After I put back down the wallet he say thank you immediately didn’t expect me to look around anymore. This really annoys me when sales only target rich people, if you are not rich you not suppose be in there. Prada really disappoint me, I am sorry I am poor.

  46. Dear Prada,
    I’m querying stock of a pair of ladies sunglasses the reference number on the sunglasser arm is SPR 31N 58016 2AU-6E1 135 2P, they are tortoise shell in colour. Are these old or new stock, I’m ha I g trouble locating them?
    Lisa Christie
    Ps I’m in Fiji only for 48 hrs and have seen them here so would appreciate if you could let me know within 48 hrs, thanks





    Thank you,
    Susan Rappaport

  48. I bought a mini bag, I love it so much.. But the problem is about the shoulder strap. I adjusted it to the minimum length already but still too long for me, as I am not that tall. Just wondering do u sell shorter shoulder strap or can I ask prada store to do something about it? Thanks

  49. I bought a miu miu purse ( wallet for our friends in USA) for my daughters birthdsy After using it and placing it in her hand bag ( purse for USA)The colour infused itself into the purse We took it back to the store wherupon it was sent to quality control in Italy They claimed that it was not a manufacturing problem The concessions manager wroite to my daughter claiming she should hsve chosen a purse that was more durable ??and so would only offer an exchange and not a refund My daughter could not find snything she liked and was again refused a refund …I am now in process of complaining to Prada direct hence finding this site as they do not make it easy ..For goodness sake we receive better service and customer care from British Homestores This experience is quite amazing !! We will never buy Prada again .

  50. I buy the latest mens prada from duty free and usually love the scent sadly this time very disappointed with the luna rossa I feel the scent is very week and wears of very quickly even though I spray generously

  51. Hello I purchased a pair of men’s spectacle frames in January 2004, Unfortunately the item has broken off where it attaches to the lens and is now rendered unusable. My retailer informs me that I have to send them back to Prada for repair/replacement. Please advise ASAP.

    Kind regards

    Mr R.Hoather

  52. Last year 2013 i had purchase a black rubber slipper at orlando florida. I started to use the slipper for only 8 months but is easily broken.. I as so disappointed and sad… Where can i email your company so that i can send your the picture of my broken slipper…

  53. Last year 2013 i had purchase a black rubber slipper at orlando florida. I started to use the slipper for only 8 months but is easily broken.. I as so disappointed and sad… Where can i email your company so that i can send your the picture of my broken slipper…

  54. i purchased a prada saffiano bag 3 months ago and the leather on the handles and the corners of the bag has started peeling off. There is no prada outlet in the country i live in. Please tell me who can i contact to get this fixed.


  55. Our nearest branch is Bicester UK

    6TH October

    Dear Sir / Madam

    Souldern Village Choir is a community choir who supports the local community with various events such as concerts, baptisms and weddings and also fund raising.

    Recently we had an exchange program with a German Orchestra which raised funds for the community.

    This year the choir is intending to have a Community Christmas party for the local residents and children, with Santa and all the seasonally festivities.

    I was wondering if at all possible you could donate some thing for us either to raffle or auction it does not matter how small, as every donation will be greatly received.

    All proceeds will be going to Annunciation to the Blessed Virgin Mary, not only do the choir rehearse here but also the hub of the community for families.
    Thank you in anticipation and taking the time to read this letter


    Dianne Hoodless

  56. Dear friends,

    The sole of one of my boots broke in half in a very strange way. This is definitely a manufacturing defect because I haven’t even used the shoes so much. I bought them a couple of years ago at Neiman Marcus Ft Worth Texas. I’ve had several shoes from Prada and never before had a quality situation like this one.

    Please tell me what should I do.

    Thank you

  57. I just phoned the sydney store has I would like purchase a black BN2558. I spoke with Michelle who advised there are none left in the country. I asked when they were expected in and her response was “I don’t know” I also enquired if I could order one, and the response was “we don’t place orders”. Overall I found the service poor for such an exclusive product, and will now go back to Louis Vuitton for another bag.

  58. I bought prada perfume from house of Frazer in Argyle street Glasgow and had only used it for a few weeks.The atomiser had blocked and I was unable to use it further.I took it back to HOF and the girls in there took a needle to the atomiser and poked a hole in it !!!!!I was then told that was it sorted. I will never buy prada again and was totally shocked with the response from the prada team in house of Frazer on argyle street Glasgow .I had to travel to and from Glasgow (27miles each way) and am extremely disappointed with the level of service and costumer service PLEASE DONT BUY PRADA.

  59. Is there anyone from PRADA that actually reads customer emails? If so please let your customers know!!!! Soooooo bad customer service:(:(

  60. Dear Responsible,

    It has been the 4th time I purchased Prada Candy fragrance. And all the bottles are wasted away within my bag. It pours down in my bag even it is cap is closed all the time… I was not being able to use any of the 4 bottles of perfume and just paid money for nothing at all.
    I don’t know whether you do have similar complaints on this bottle, but I just wanted to warn for further complaints.
    I kindly ask for your feedback & solutions for this issue.


  61. Dear Sir/Madam,

    It has been 6 months had passed and I have found out that “Prada Group” hired a staff to Morocco who is a cheater/fraudulent person. He rented one of my flat in Middle East (Dubai) issued cheques with out fund. Run away for all the debts and electric bills and house maid salary.

    I’m afraid that this person might do the same to them but not only to them but to staff and customers as well. Please be vigilant to this person…

  62. Dear Prada: I m one of your customers and I purchased the perfume Candy. After two months of having it with my other fine perfumes, to my surprise it evaporated. It was on a proper place where it I keep all my perfumes. I got a second bottle and the same thing happened to it. It must be type of dispenser that does not keeps the perfume well. I enjoy the Prada candy however I m very reluctant to buy a third bottle of your product. Re designe your bottle presentation for a proper retention of your product. Honestly I m very disapointed. Thank you for the attention to your expensive merchandise.

  63. I was horrified to see the emaciated, waif-like child in your advertisement (for malnutrition?)in the February, 2015 ELLE magazine. What message are you trying to send?

  64. I purchased a purse which had a faulty claspe. Despite being within 28 days it was sent off for repair. II was charged full recorded delivery to have it returned a month later. So it’s not breaking the bank but that’s not great customer care is it?

  65. Considering u are using a Pron Star to advertise ur product I will no longer purchase ur product. And I am encouraging others to do so as well. I am disappointed that who thought of these ads would think that the Prada women is represented by such a person as a Kardashian. This is no longer a product I will want to wear, carry with respect for a women. Shame on u. You have lowered ur standards

  66. Prafa had the worst quality of products and the most disgusting customer service.I am a shopaholic and i buy LV,Chanel,Dior,Hermes…i mever faced such a bad experience with any of them like I had with Prada.
    Never again!never buy bags or wallets from them.

  67. Dear Prada,
    I wish to complain about the purchase of Saffinano handbags which I bought on Jan 18th 2015 in Fratelli Prada store. After I came back to Malaysia, I found there are button on one of the handbags got problem.
    I went to PAVILLION Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on 22/2/2015 immediately, they told me I could exchange the bag Kuala Lumpur PAVILLION, but because the size it is different and small a bit , so I wish Prada can ONE TO ONE exchange, i dun want send to repaired. anything, pls let me know how to claim the handbags, if possible, pls send the bag to Pavillon Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. My ART : BN1801, MATERIALE : SAFFIANO LUX, COLORE : NERO.

    Thank you.

    Calvin Cheong

  68. I would like to feedback on your saffiano riga mens wallet which i bought last month in singapore ion. Why your staff are not given the least knowledge of telling us that perfume are not allowed to get contact with the wallet due to the alcohol content. It causes a stain and my perfume is non alcohol. Its my first experience buying something from prada and my last. Your staff projects such high class experience, yet know nothing about their products!

  69. I bought a saffino lux bag in MYHABIT at the price $1534,it is broken,but the prada store refused to fix it for me and said it is not a real one, the custom service of MYHABIT tell me to contact with you to get the global group identity CARDS. Then I can fix it in China.

  70. I own two pairs of Prada sun glasses, these were given to me as mothers day and Birthday gifts from my daughters. The film from both of them have started to peel off. How can I get this corrected.

  71. on may 5,2015 bought four prada purses amounting to almost $4000.00 at the cabazon outlet in california. the sales agent placed the four purses into one big shopping bag, which nobody in their right mind can carry them especially with four ladies. i ask the salesman to put the purses into four different bags, and he said he could not cause of store policy, for a high end store not willing to give out bags is rediculous and uncalled for, so i ask for the manager who was beside the sales guy and she said put two purses in one medium size bag, imagine could not believe how cheap prada is, never in my shopping years have i encountered such a cheap move. hope your company will change this policy. very dissapointed.

  72. hello, itsnot a complain but i need some help. During my last travel my sunglass have damaged in the hand luggage compartment. I bought it In march 25 2015 and less than one month i lost my investment in a such beautifull sun glass. I have no idea how to fix or where can I send it. Any suggestion?

  73. I purchased a pair of Prada sunglasses a few months ago at the SAKS Mens store in Boston. The left lens cracked and I would like to send them to you for repair. Provide me with the mailing address and information so I can ship for quick response.


  74. Dear Prada,

    Today, I bought a leather tote(BN2274A, Barcode 635545) from Twist at world trade center in Hongkong. When I check the tote at home, I find there is a crack on one of its buttons. I think this is a manufacturing defect of this product and I’d like to change this bag for a new one. But the invoice issued by Twist writes “Goods sold cannot be exchanged…”. I did not use this bag for even one day and the packages of this tote are all as the same as it was at Twist. I will go to Twist and try to exchange this bag and I wanna know, if Twist refuse to change it, will Prada recall this product and change a new one for me ?

    Thanks and best regards.

  75. Today, I bought a leather tote(BN2274A, Barcode 635545) from Twist at world trade center in Hongkong. When I check the tote at home, I find there is a crack on one of its buttons. I think this is a manufacturing defect of this product and I’d like to change this bag for a new one. But the invoice issued by Twist writes “Goods sold cannot be exchanged…”. I did not use this bag for even one day and the packages of this tote are all as the same as it was at Twist. I will go to Twist and try to exchange this bag and I wanna know, if Twist refuse to change it, will Prada recall this product and change a new one for me ?

    Thanks and best regards.

  76. Hi, I would like to purchase PRADA NAPPA GAUFRE LONG FLAP WALLET black color , but I can find online, able to let me know if Paris will have stock?please email me thanks!

  77. I have the Amber perfume and the spray pump broke. More than half still left. I don’t want to throw out because I still like. Anyone know how to fix??

    • Is there any chance that you could reply to my several emails.I notice someone else had the same complaint about the Amber perfume spray pump in July!Do you reply cos this is the fourth email!

  78. Dear
    i am joynal and i have own hand beaded factory.we are made all type-
    hand embroidery work like necklaces ,dress,belts and insects over which-
    we are made those work.if you do the collaboration with us then we are give make half price than others.
    Eventually i says we did not buy anything rather we sell the hand beaded goods.
    kindly regard

  79. I received a Prada Handbag as a gift from my Birthday in May 2015, only two months ago.
    It is a soft grey kind of colour. The Authenticity Card states – Argilla.
    Already there are patches of colour that are faded & turning white. These are on the front the bag, one beside the Prada badge which of course is really noticeable.
    Myself & Partner both work in Baku. The bag was bought for a Department Store here to which I do not hold much hope of getting any service (limited English). Can anyone advise direct point of Contact for Prada Italy or UK (I am from the UK).

  80. ABSOLUTELY SHOCKING AND DISCRIMINATE AGAINST YOU IF YOU ARE DISABLED. I went to the Bicester store and wanted to make a purchase. I was in a queue that was huge. I asked an assistant if they could supply a chair as it was a problem standing and they said no. I asked if they could supply a drink of water, to take some pain relief with also NO. When I asked for the manager they said she would be up – but NO sent someone else. This shop is a disgrace, they treat people with total disrespect. Many customers are Tax Free. Why not have a tax free till??. When I asked this they replied they do not discriminate. SO DISCRIMINATE AGAINST DISABLED BUT NOT TAX FREE CUSTOMERS!!!!. Why not have a special Customer Services section where Tax Free purchases can be completed prior to purchase at the till. I waited for 45 minutes plus. I intend to take this matter a whole lot further. PRADA BE AWARE – A COURT ACTION MIGHT BE COMING YOUR WAY. I was ill for three days afterwards. Hang your heads in shame!!!!!

  81. Bought a pair of sunglasses and now the ear piece broke. I was told byt the store in Calif. no replacement after a year. I spent over $200.00 for the glasses and that is it. Will tell all about this experience.


  82. I bought a bag when i have trip to Milano on 20 Feb 2015, i carry not more than 10 times, the bag string broken,then i take it to HK store to repair and complaint bad quality in May 2015.
    Today, i found my bag peel off on the edge. My god ! I can’t believe what i saw Prada produce such of bad product selling to the consumers with high price, China copy may be better that mine. I am seriously complaint and ask for compensation. i can submit photos. pls return.

  83. I wear Candy perfume I bought a bottle it was a knock off it look exactly the same until I opened the box it was a different color and scent usually you can tell knock can you tell by the box thanks

  84. I bought a pair from Florida & it started peeling off with daily sun exposure, not happy that I chose prada

  85. i have recently sent back to prada a bottle of amber perfume. Within two days of posting. Because of a faulty spray. I have today received a new bootle of Amber perfume. A very efficient service. With a nice letter. How nice to to find a polite and very efficient company. Thankyou very much prada.

    Yours with very kind regards Mrs Jacqui Gardner

  86. Hi, may I know confirm the logo of prada in wallet, mark with “PRADA MILANO” Is that real or mark with “PRADA MADE IN ITALY”? Please advice. Appreciate if can get any answer for it.

  87. My son bought a Prada perfume as a gift for me and I was shocked to find an empty bottle inside the packed box!!

    The product was bought from a reputable shop – World Duty Free at London Heathrow.

    Can you share the contact number of your customer service.

    I want a new product or a refund for my product!

    Very disappointed!

  88. Hi,
    My sister brought me a new pair of formal shoes.

    I wear today, this is my first time to wear, the shoes is too narrow to me.

    The shoes is costed hkd$4xxx, but now it makes me uncomfortable to wear.
    Only use once, could you give me an suggestion.


  89. I purchased a men’s wallet 4 days ago from the Bal Harbour, FL store and received not so accommodating customer service due to a manufacturer defect. A day after purchasing my new wallet I got stuck in an unexpected down pour of rain and my shorts got wet with my wallet inside of my pocket. Immediately the backside of the wallet crumpled and what appeared that the glue holding the leather and lining together did not hold. The following day I went to the store and was unprofessionally greeted by an associate followed by the manager who wrap up my translation 2 days prior. The manager looked at the wallet and said that this is normal wear and tear and that she could not do anything for me. My immediate response was, this will probably be my last Prada purchase.

  90. I bought a bag in Milano, it’s M size, but when I returned home in Macau, I found the bag was Small size. I thought maybe the sales made a mistake. The ART. No. is BL0838, SAFFIANO LUX, the price is EUR1500. Could you please let me know if the price is for small size or medium size? Thanks!

  91. I have a pair of Prada sunglasses, no receipt but name clearly on it. The lenses are disintegrating, bubbling and it is hard to see when I wear them. What is your policy for replacement. I live in Canada. Sara Traub

  92. I received a bottle of PRADA a few years ago as a gift. I used it maybe twice and the atomizer device stopped working!! I never complained, but now I want to return the bottle to you for a replacement.

    There is no way I can take the top off to repair it without breaking it! Why would you put such an expensive product inside an inferior atomizer? I am very disappointed and just NOW got around to letting you know. I think PRADA should make it right. Shall I mail it back to the manufacturer for a replacement or do you have a better plan?

  93. Hi..
    I bought a Tessuto Gaufre’ from Prada La Fayatte Paris on 18 Sept 2015.
    I adjusted the strap as it was too long for me. The remaining balance from the strap was protruding and so I decided to move the small ring holder to hold the balance from the strap.
    However, it was not easy to be moved and when it did move some part of the leather came off. It should not be stuck when it’s supposed to hold any strap balance. Can I get a change for the strap from the Singapore Prada boutique? I have not used this bag at all.
    Please advice.

  94. I have photos showing me before and after I tripped and slid face first on the sidewalk for about 5 ft , according to an “eyewitness” . Broke my nose in 2 places . Because of the quality of my very funky Prada sunglasses , I was very protected …….the picture shows just how much those shades saved the whole left side of my face ! My Doctor was shocked how lucky I was due to my sunglasses !
    Thank you Prada !

  95. I’ve noticed lots of people have posted that they have the same problem with the perfume atomiser freezing when half full.What is your response.6th email

  96. I have bought a few Prada items in Europe over the last few years and was delighted to have the Prada store open in Johannesburg South Africa. Having been there shortly after its opening and bought an item, I returned some 3 months later only to see the VERY SAME ITEMS with a NEW INCREASED PRICE TAG. These were landed goods!

    Unacceptable Prada- it left a bad taste and makes for very poor customer confidence. How can you sell items at one price and then increase the very same ones by up to 30%? The particular jersey I had seen and had wanted to buy had gone from R6500 to over R8000. A pair of trousers went from R13 00 to R 16 600. and so on for the other clothes……I did not buy the jersey.

  97. I have already been attempting using a major document too. My spouse and i e-mailed the item along with replicated it out to locate the item didn’t job. Now I can’t may help major My spouse and i added. Maybe you have got any kind of good fortune with ssh take some time?
    le pliage

  98. to get apply, have been allowed to evade having involve that much now (low bandwidth lids, Strong Bundle Examination, bandwidth throttling as well as service providers are generally increasingly obtaining costly as well as agotable systems which combine serious package assessment technological innovation. For you to balance products charges, these same service providers are generally determined to work with all their agotable products in order to Is in reality an excellent as well as very helpful bit of info. I am pleased that you just discussed this specific practical data around. Please be you up-to-date similar to this. Very good discussing.

  99. I have several pairs of prada shoes but this one pair of all black shoes have begin to come
    apart from the sole. Who should
    I talk to about this?

  100. I bought a Prada Bag from your store in Florence for 1,400 Euros. When I arrived at my hotel the Prada label had no letter P. I’m concerned with the quality of the bag you sell your customers.

  101. Please i need help , someone stole my money , and she working in prada brand in uk , she is name edlira , she tell she sell clothes with she’s personal discount, and i send money to her , and now she didn’t want to send the clothes that I perched!!!

  102. There is an associate at your store in South Coast Plaza, CA that does not meet the requirements of your standards. This man is a thieve. He stole from a store that he previously worked for in Fashion Island. No criminal charges were files, he was just let go. Eric Weller. I strongly advise you to watch over him he took money out of the register when he worked for a Eye glasses company. Also he is the kind of person that judges your customers for the way they look and does remind your customers that the products that they are looking into is expensive and asks them if they are aware of it. I recently found him working there and I was surprised by cynical attitud.

  103. My comment concerns two bottles(50 ml each) of Prada Eau De Parfum Tendre I have received as gifts. When the bottles are used down they will not spray the remaining scent. There is entirely too much left in the bottle to throw out. Can you replace the bottles with two that spray? Thank you.. C S Levi

  104. I’ve been trying to get the case for my Prada glasses but every store I’ve been into seems to say that it cannot be replaced but the back of the card Says guaranteed granted guaranteed covering all manufacturing defects My case is black square with a glass black lamp case inside When An authentic car Card I need help I wanted my case replaced but no one seemed to have done it or will do it can you help me please

  105. I just bought 2 pair of your canvass espadrilles and they are narrow in the toes and very tight. Any way of stretching these out in the toe part? Thanks

  106. Prada is selling purses at a half price at groupon. Can they do that? I was told by Prada employees that Prada purses don’t go on sale. I think I was being scammed.

  107. Hello, having read the columns bellow I see that it is not only me, a devoted Prada customer, who is having troubles with my atomizer sprays!
    Four large bottles of perfume half used, because the spray mechanism is defective!
    Please let me know what to do about this waste!
    Thanks for your attention,
    Emma Bullard

  108. hi.i repered my prada bag at toronto loation.they said takes 4weeks to fix.alrdady more than 4weeks passed.i called to shop.she said 8weeks to fix.i asked them when my bag will come back.she didnt check.and just said dont know wait when call back.very loud and was not nice.if take fix for 8weeks ,i wouldnt repar.staff was not nice,not proffecional.i realy wanna get back
    my bag asap .thank you

  109. Hi

    I have bought a money clip in 07-08-2013 which product number is 2m1077
    from the Prada in Donghwa duty free shop (shop code : s926) in seoul Korea.

    6 months later since i bought the Prada product, one of the money clip’s initial logo separated and disappear from the money clip so i requested to fix it up to the shop(s926)and i heard that i have to pay $50 only cash to repair.

    Now i do not understand couple of things situation why i have to pay for that.
    I know and understand that you have after care product policy but in this case, i strongly doubt to pay for that because it was in warranty periods and one of the shop staff told me i must pay by only cash for repair fee.
    Is it your policy to get only cash for repair service?

    Please let me understand the situation as soon as possible by e-mail or through the shop staff.

    I have trusted all the Prada products so i have bought for a long time but now i am not sure and doubt what i am going to buy Prada product again.

  110. Dear sir or who may concern

    I have bought a money clip in 07-08-2013 which product number is 2m1077
    from the Prada in Donghwa duty free shop (shop code : s926) in seoul Korea.

    6 months later since i bought the Prada product, one of the money clip’s initial logo separated and disappear from the money clip so i requested to fix it up to the shop(s926)and i heard that i have to pay $50 only cash to repair.

    Now i do not understand couple of things situation why i have to pay for that.
    I know and understand that you have after care product policy but in this case, i strongly doubt to pay for that because it was in warranty periods and one of the shop staff told me i must pay by only cash for repair fee.
    Is it your policy to get only cash for repair service?

    Please let me understand the situation as soon as possible by e-mail or through the shop staff.

    I have trusted all the Prada products so i have bought for a long time but now i am not sure and doubt what i am going to buy Prada product again.

    Jason Ahn

  111. I ordered a bracelet 10 days ago and when the order was placed I received no confirmation from Prada. PayPal has the payment pending. Not sure if this is going to suddenly be processed or not. I need to hear from Prada.

  112. Prada Parfumes Client service never call back or and emails after they received my bottle of Prada Amber 2.75ozwith pump that stopped working mailed with tracking so know they received so now they never and emails back can some one tell me how you get in touch with this company

  113. I bought the prada bag from Paris, but the belt too long, may i know got any charges for punch the hole in Malaysia Prada outlet?

  114. I went to Prada Store at Holt Renfrew today because I brought Prada wallet from online and brought it in just to check the authenticate . The sales person (gentleman) did not offer any help, no customer service skills whatsoever …even when I show the Authentication card, he wasn’t willing to help or looking for any kind of information for me…I am in a customer service oriented type business myself and have trained numerous sales person …if he worked me he would be let go …

    Very disappointed



  115. Can’t believe Big Company Like Prada Don’t care about there Clients they tell you mail in product then never respond to you so they Have My bottle of Prada amber 2.75 oz I mailed in now can’t get any one from comp too Respond Can any one help

  116. Dear Sir/Madam
    I am sorry to bring this issue to your attention.

    I purchased a bag (SHOPPING I VIT. DAINO ARGILLA TU) on 21th Dec 2015 at Prada store Sandton City Johannesburg South Africa.
    1. When I was purchasing the bag on 21th Dec, shop assistant Jenny wasn’t explaining to me properly for Tax refund procedure even she knows I am not a local South Africa consumer.
    2. There is no Chinese speaking assistant in store for large amount of Asian consumer. Language is kind of barrier causing bad communication on service.
    3. On 22nd Dec I was back to store, I was told by Chavnelle that if I can bring the person whose name should be appeared on invoice, then invoice will be amended.
    4. I brought friend who will do tax return to store on 23rd Dec, and was advised by Roy with extreme attitude that invoice won’t be amended anyway cause it is against law.
    5. Roy was giving me such bad attitude and explain everything in a very annoyed voice and later the same way from Chavnelle. I don’t feel they were trying to help me but trying to get rid of me.
    6. I was trying to express myself that I wasn’t told clearly at the very beginning otherwise I would hang on payment until my friend come to pay.
    7. Store manager Shaheda appeared later without helpful solution.

    I give up doing tax refund as I don’t want to make thing bigger and I was not doing right at beginning anyway.
    But the whole shopping experience was really bother me and I was totally disappointed by the service given from PRADA store. PRADA is such a famous brand globally and I never expect this kind of service.
    I will share this experience with others, hope when others doing purchasing, they can make sure all in order and follow right procedure.

  117. Dear Prada,

    I come from singapore and my trip to vienna was pleasant. I decided to reward myself for xmas with a little something from prada on the 22nd December 2015.Bought a card holder, took a glimpse of the item as i trusted that prada is a brand of good workmanship and quality, paid and left prada happy. When i went back home, only did i find out and realised that the prada logo of the card holder is slanted and it is not straight. I was upset as i do not have the time to exchange the item and christmas is in 2 days time. Called the store and they are closed on xmas and on the weekend. Had to make several calls to both vienna and singapore store to ensure i will be able to change my item only to find out if i were to change in singapore i have to top up the difference and if i were to bring the item back to vienna’s store they would have to send the item to italy for a check and this takes 6 weeks before i could have my item back. This then defeats the purpose of getting the item in vienna as i would have to change in singapore.

    I am very disappointed with prada’s workmanship and quality. I have always thought of prada as a prestige brand. This has changed my impression of prada. This is my first item from your good brand and i had to experience such.

    Elliana Taye

  118. Dear Sir/Madam, I live in Toronto. Recently I bought two expensive bags from the Bloor street locations. I was very much interested in buying another bag from Prada. the bag item number is PRADA BL0826 PROMENADE BAG EXTRA LARGE and this bag is 50% off it is now $1450. I was desperately looking for this bag in any colour. I called Bloor street location and the manager Eric informed me that he has a bag in Brown and put me on hold to check the price and informed me that it was on sale and that he is holding for someone. I told him that I had been requesting the sales girl name is Emilio for so many days and I even went to the store she informed me that as soon as the bag arrives she will inform me and i will go and pick it up and only I will get the bag and no one else as she said there is only one showing. The manager Eric today informed me he had the bag and he cannot sell it to me I told him the whole situation he said he will call the sales girl and find out after five minutes he called me back and informed me that he does not have the bag. I was shocked and surprised and told him why he is changing his statement. Any ways i am shocked and its very frustrating that Prada store manager can change his statement just because they ate holding the bag for someone else. Its shocking for me and I have lost my faith in Prada service. The sales girl knows how desperately I wanted that bag I even went to york dale mall to look for that bag and they informed me that yes thee is a brown bag showing in the system but only Bloor street location can request that bag after two days I called the manager said he has the bag and than changed his statement he does not have the bag. As I am a valued customer and I should be compensated somehow. I had a very bad experience.Looking forward to your response.

  119. I purchased a paircof Black Prada shoes they got wet and the souls started to shell apart. I absolutely love the shoe but apparently the shoe is discontinued. How can i salvage the shoe. Norstroms in Virginia wontctake them and i have been informed to contact Prada headquarters. This is way to extreme.

  120. visited the Hong Kong (Peninsula Hotel) branch…..hopeless service…..decided to buy Berluti instead. Looks like Prada don’t need the business….

  121. i bought a nylon make up bag two years ago. The stitching somehow got undone and now there is a big hole in the bag. The insides are still intact but this shouldnt have happened considering its Prada? please help

  122. We visit your website, and see your handbag is very good, we can produce the handbage for you.We are Guangzhou Xuanhong Leather Products Co., Ltd, and we are the direct factory of “Coach, Michael Kors and Tory Burch” etc. world famous brands in Guangzhou for 15 years, we produce the high quality leather handbag , wallets and belts for Chinese and oversea high end markets.

  123. I live in the U.S. but I was recently in the UK and I purchased a Prada handbag from Harrods for my Daughter. the color was called bluette. I am trying to purchase the wallet to match it for her birthday but all of the wallets I find online have gold emblems and gold zippers and her handbag has silver emblem and silver zipper. Can you please help me find one? Thank You..

  124. To whom you may concern:

    I am writing to complain your PRADA store in Strasbourg Galeries Lafayette, one of your sales is a Asisan, I don’t know her name but she is the only one person who is Asian worked in there, attached the invoice for your ease reference.

    We bought a purse at that store yesterday, this is our first time to buy things in France, so that we need to do the tax return, we asked about the tax return handling, then she gave us a form, we asked if there is related the tax return, she said that is only the customer information only, so that we just paid, when she passed us the invoice, we asked if we can hold that invoice and get the tax return anywhere, she said yes. Five of us both there heard clearly she said “Yes”.

    As a result, we did not do anything after we bought the purse, and went back to Paris directly. We went shopping at the Galeries Lafayette today and bought another products in different counter, which the sales told us to go to the basement and get the tax return when we were paying. When we reached the tax return counter, we showed up all the invoices, of course including yesterday what we bought in your store, then they told, we should do the tax return in the same shop and at the same day we bought the product, they cannot do any tax return to us in Paris Galeries Lafayette. This is the first time we received the information about the tax return needed to do at the same shop and same day, we are sure your sales did not mention anything about that. So we called back your store and ask, she strongly insisted she did said that and denied anything about what she told us yesterday, she keep saying through the phone this is not her fault and she mentioned to us needed to go to the 4th floor for the tax return, she was yelling and shouting to us, and insisted this is misunderstanding, it was really impolite, you trained your sales to be rule to their customer?

    Because of her attitude,we are so scared, we asked if anything she can do to recover the misunderstanding, then she tried to ask if Galeries Lafayette can help, they said the only can send on Monday, however, we need to leave tomorrow, we asked again if the PRADA store in Paris can help too, she said cannot make it, actually that means nothing can do with that. We really angry about that and don’t understand why five of us, no one can hear what she mentioned. Yes she tried to help after we called, but her attitude make us sick and what she said finally just make all those things worse, she said ” I know what I am doing, I’ve been working here for 4 years and I know I did tell you and my colleague can hear I told you too, but none of you can hear, it is strange, maybe it is the language problem.” I said “But really we did not hear about what you mentioned, and you did not explain to us anything about the tax return.” She said ” Because you did not ask.” This is the main point that I need to write this letter to you, those words she said did not hang together, first she said she had said that and her colleague heard that too, but then after few conversations, she said she did not explain because we did not ask. That’s mean in that case totally is her responsibility, she forgot to tell us and make us cannot get the tax return.

    Also, we believe PRADA group is a famous and worldwide company and built a very good reputation all over the world, however, the sales attitude like that is totally ruined all the image from that you built those years, we are very disappointed, now we cannot get what we deserved because of what your sales acted. The most angry part is during we called, she still yelling to us and when she heard about “complaint” this word, she said “Do it, do it, just do it!” That’s totally made us mad, we cannot imagine the well-known famous brand can train and hire a sales acting like this to their customer.

    We truly hope we can get the reply from your side and we are already ready to send this bad shopping experience to the medias, it is because this time it is not only money loss for we deserved and the confidence to buy thing from your group in oversea anymore.

    Cammy and families

  125. Re: Quality Management
    Dear Sir or Madam:
    I bought a Prada clutch at Sacks 5th Ave two years ago, thinking it was a quality
    product. To my surprise , the lining came apart, despite its little use.
    In november of 2015 I took it to the Prada store to have it repaired . I was
    astonished to find out that your product only carried a 1 year guarantee and
    that the repair would cost me U$ 120,00. I authorized this repair but I want to
    register my indignation.I was not aware that your products were disposable.
    I am a regular Prada customer, but now I feel uncertain to acquire any new
    items. I believe your company does not have the commitment equal to the
    name brand you carry.
    Cordially yours, Ina Cardoso

  126. I am writing to inform you I am very displeased with the Luxottica warranty center that handles the warranties for Prada sunglasses. Because of this experience I will never purchase a pair of Prada sunglasses again.

  127. Before X’mas I bought 1wallet from marina bay sands Prada store,after I paid they gave me 1damage wallet,then I found ,so I request to change new one for me ,but they say no more new one ,but other shop have ,asked to 2-3days later come and collect ,then few days later I went to there to collect my wallet,they gave me different one ,I found ,and told them ! That not my request one !and cheaper than my reques wallet(feeling try to cheat me) (How they check and work ? Service so bad,never check carefully) they check again and told me Singapore no more that wallet ,and they will check other country have or not and let me know soon …my waiting time start ….
    With 10days prada staff never call me and give me any answer,so I called to prada and asked again ,they answer still waiting for reply ….(can’t believe 10days past still can’t get reply ,what prada staff doing ?) 1weeks later they called to me and told me 2weeks later my wallet will come !! But ….2weeks later I called to them they said to me ,my wallet still not yet come ,and still can’t give me clearly answer …(why still not come and surely will come or not…) so I really got mad ….how many times I called to them ….but still can’t go be any answer …I really disappointed to them !
    I need a answer from Singapore Marina Bay sands store as soon as possible!!!!!!!

  128. Dear Sir/ Madam,
    I’m writing to complain my experience in shopping at Florida Orlando Vineland premium Outland.

    I live in Tampa Florida, since Prada store closed down in International Plaza in tampa, every month I drove to Orlando the closer Prada store which cost me an hour driving to, but which is fine for me, the problem is, every time I spent at least USD 1000, I know is not a lot, but the attitude of the store staffs make me sick and make me feel like I’m such a cheap customer. Not one time, it’s all the time, I told them, I’m from tampa, if there have a store in tampa do I have to drive an hour to Orlando and take those attitude?

    I feel so bad. I’ve been customer of Miu Miu and Prada for so many years and is this what a loyal customer deserve?

    Thank you for your time.

    Have a great new year

    Barbie Pang

  129. I have been trying to get a replacement key fob for my bag since before Christmas. I’ve been around the world giving authenticit information, photos and measurements of my bag. I even produced my receipt and I get transferred to some one else. Now they are asking me to ship the bag to the repair firm SO THEY CAN REPLACE A KEY FOB….REALLY.I finally asked to escalate my request some time ago and haven’t heard from them since. Thanks Prada. Beware future customers.

  130. Regarding faulty sunglasses, I just can’t get any numbers to get in touch with customers services, very poor service for the top dollar we pay for the cheap quality products.please provide all the contact numbers I can ring

  131. I bought a glasses vpr16m brq-101. One leg is broken and I want to know if I can get it fixed or buy a new leg? Thank you!

  132. I purchased sunglasses last spring and was told that the lenses will get replaced for free of charge. How do I go about getting the lenses replaced they are all scratched

  133. Please note that I purchased a pair of Prada glasses from New Delhi, India
    I paid ten times the value of normal unbranded glasses to get the best quality as I wear these on a daily basis
    I did not expect the glasses to get discoloured with a mild coloured water that was splashed on me
    I tried removing the colour but have failed to take the colour off
    You do not expect high quality plastic and material to catch a stain so easily
    Hope to get an answer and a replacement as I cannot afford to throw these away

  134. I bought a beautiful prada wallet 2 months ago. Last week, I went to Hawaii and carried my wallet after using my sunscreen. Horrible things happened! The leather where I touched turned wrinkle and broke!!! I asked for repair but they denied said that was my wrong!!! I carried my friend’s Coach wallet, too. It’s totally intact!! How can the prada’s quality likes that!!

  135. We are a family of travelers & we gift each other a lot. My son gave me a pair Prada sunglasses end of March 2016. He boughr it in Hkg Duty Free. They were defective. Products are supposed to be changed 14 days after. But his connecting to Paris didn’t allow him time to exchange. So he wrote a letter to the Prada address in his receipt, sent copy of receipt w/ info that his brothee would pass by Hkg Duty Free today. Glasses intact, with Prada paper bag & ribbon still in perfect condition (plus of course the sunglasses looking perfevt, its imperfection seen only when worn– keeps on falling off) Impossible to change the glasses. It was past the 14 days. We have gifted our kids with Hermes ties/scarves. Can be changed anywhere. Worldwide. No questions asked. That’s what you call CLASS. Prada. Boo! Cheap. And I’ll say it loud & clear whenever I can. Sorry.

  136. Is there a customer service for Prada??? I have had no luck reaching anyone. The USA number is a fax number. No responses to my emails? For the prices paid for products they have the worst support ever!!

  137. I was trying to make a purchase online and it would not go through. Can you give me a call at 763-232-2035.
    Thank you

  138. Chere maison prada
    Je m’appelle refaat kazoun et je suis un client sincere a votre maison moi et ma famille depuis des année.
    Pour cela je m’adresse sincerement a votre service clientele parce ce que votre image de marque m’interresse enormement.
    Mon probleme c’est que j’ai acheté il y a a peu pret un mois des chaussures prada de l’une de vos magasins et apres l’avoir mis pour la premiere fois je me suis choqué par les chaussettes et meme les pieds noir d’une facon bizarre et qui n’appartient pas ni a votre qualité ni a votre image de marque.
    Je suis desolé de vous dire que je preferait acheter les memes chaussure en contre facon de la chine au lieu de mettre mon argent sur des chaussires qui ne valent rien du tout.
    Actuellement je suis resident a dubai et j’ai deposé les chaussures ds votre boutique prada a dubai mall attendant une reponse de votre part pour pouvoir les changer.

    Refaat kazoun

  139. Dear All,


    I would like to ask about the availability for below products:

    Barcode: PS-51NS-1BC9P1- Silver white \ Blue mirror sunglasses

    I was searching for that product for long time and I hope to hear good news from your side.

    Note: if the product is available kindly advise me the way how to buy it since I’m a middle east customer

    Maria Alfaris

  140. I purchased the Prada Saffiano Tote bag which looks to me to be Of very poor manufacturing quality. The nylon wiring inside the leather piping has pierced through on all four bottom corners of the bag.

    Having spent £1,600 I am very disappointed that a bag of this cost and being Prada should be of such bad quality. I wIll be putting these pictures on Facebook as a warning to anybody purchasing a product from Prada, that the quality may not be up to scratch.

    I returned said item to Harrods and I was actually disgusted with the service at Harrods also, they just cut off the nylon wiring and sent the bag back to me.

    I expected a much higher level of service and quality from Prada.

    Paul Sanderson

  141. I found out from Peta that you are not a Vegan Company. The lies and deception you have told us consumers is just undeniable! In fact I was not only informed but shown video’s of the horrific neglect, abuse and torture these beautiful ostridges go through just so some consumers get handbags they think are nice, fashionable, vegan and crulety free. I want you all to stop this at once or else I am not buying, recommending or engaging in anything to do with your products and I will unveil this deception through social media! The pain, suffering and the way these animals die is un human, unjustifiable and torturous. It has to stop now. I am sharing this information with everyone I know, just so your aware, this will very well not only hurt your name but also your reputation, sales and trust in your products by consumers. I urge prada to End Animal Cruety!

  142. I have a problem with my perfume the top will not sprey and its half full any one got the customer services number please

  143. I brought a bag for repairing which purchased 9 years before. I knew that it might not be able to fix. Since the bag was my first prada bag, i wish it could be fixed.
    I would like to express my gratitude to staff named Leon of TST, Hong Kong store. She was super professional, provided me excellent service, even that I only brought a really old bag for repairing without buying anything.
    Thank you very much for her help.

  144. I am vacationing in Aruba. Bought $3000.00 of merchandise. The same day I went back to make a return and they refuse to give me a credit to my credit card. I do not want Store Credit The merchandise isn’t use and have all the tickets…. Please help, this would cause a headship to my marriage.

  145. I brought a bag from taichung, Taiwan(2014.10.2). The guarantee is two years. I only used one-half years and found there are so many black spots on zipper,but strap metal rings wasn’t. So i took bag for repairing(2015.3.27). My repaired quest was changing the zipper.
    the clerk told me that the bag would be sent to Hong knog.
    At 2015.4.22, i received the phone that the zipper couldn’t change.
    At the same time, strap metal rings also has showed the black spots. I asked the clerk what the black spots were? Clerk said they were metal oxide. I can’t believed!
    5/3 I contacted the Customer Service Hotline, Miss Tang said i could exchange, but the next day she said that bag with a long time will be bad and she didn’t said i could change.
    5/3 manager Mr.Wang told me he has applied the zipper to Taiwan.
    5/4 Miss Ding said because the technology of qualified worker in Hong Kong was not good, he dared to fix. So the Miss Ding said they found the best guy in Taiwan, he can fixed my zipper. And the cost to fix the bag in Taiwan is expensive than Hong kong. I refused because i am not sure if he is prada qualified worker.
    5/9 I told Miss Ding “Don’t to anything to my bag, i will keep the evidence”. But the manager Mr. Wang told my he has cleaned the black spots on zipper. Is he qualified worker of prada? I asked him “do you know what the material of metal?” He said the copper. The copper in Taiwan is easy to be oxide. Then i asked him “what is the material plating on copper?” he said I didn’t know. He didn’t know the material and he could rubbed the black spots? So ridiculous!

  146. Good day,

    My sister help me bought this prada wallet (1MH132) at Paris airport (ADF Terminal AC) March 2016. When the wallet handed to me was in good condition. I’m so disappointed that the wallet start to breaking apart at the right edge (sewing area) of the inner pocket on fourth month of using. I was wondering what had happen to Prada quality control. This was my first time buying your brand’s product and never experience such quality issue for a big brand like your company. I like to know hows your product warranty of repair & service could help to resolve this issue? Please advice.

    By the way I’m leaving in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

    Wish to hear from you soon.

    Thanks you.

  147. I bought a Prada bag from Prada showroom at Thailand Bangkok international airport , King Power on 23rd April 16 but it was defected without using and exchanged with new one with different color on 9th July 16 However after changing, I found the defect again in two is undeliverable the well known Prada material will be in such condition. I have addressed the same to Prada showroom where I bought.
    ART – 1BA274
    Material – Saffiano lux
    Color – Orchidea

  148. 2300 $ is not a small amount that I paid. After using 2 days , the material in few places of the bag peel off automatically. It is very hard to believe.

  149. Hello
    I’m Khalid from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.
    I have bought a shoes from Prada Milano polevard store and I have lose one letter from prada logo just the (A) I have give him the shoes befor one month and more untel know they did told me any think about the shoes and they did’t sent in to Italy and a have went to the store 3 times they told me we will contact with you and they did’t do that it’s so so bad service and I have told them I’m going to travel please do that in fastest time and did’t do any think

    Thank you

    • Dear Prada,


      I am writing this email as I think I should. Being an old customer of PRADA, I expect nothing short of the PRADA Quality and its important I give my feedback. I hope your customer service will be equally good as your sales.
      I bought these glasses from LAS VEGAS a few years ago and suddenly recently I find there is some sort of film that is coming off from the edges. Please kindly see the attached photos and you will see the glasses have some sort of film coming off. Inside part of glasses is worse off than the outside part though the outside part is also showing similar signs along the edges.
      I am unable to wear these sunglasses due to this film coming off as it effects the quality of the glass and it looks really not nice. This is totally unexpected of a PRADA sunglass. I have several other PRADA sunglasses and they are all in perfect order after several years usage also.

      So kindly note this defect and I don’t know why the film should come off. Please let me know if you can offer a replacement sunglass as I absolutely love this pair of sunglass.
      I live in Dubai and PLEASE LET ME KNOW asap on what should be done. I expect you guys to replace this sunglass free of charge.
      Let me know.
      Thank you

  150. Hi My name is Pinky Baldos and I bought a PRADA bag from the a store in the US. The ff. are the details in the Guarantee Card: ART. BN 2106; MATERIALE TESSUTO+SAFFIAN; COLORE ROSSO .. I did not use it immediately after buying until a few months. I used it only on 2 occasions. Last January when I used it again, I noticed that one screw cap of the metal logo on the flap of the bag was missing until I realized there is a Guarantee Card and tried to contact you now.

    I hope you can help me with this. I have been patronizing your products and I also receive some from friends because they know I like Prada very much. I hope you can help me with the screw cap because it doesn’t look good with one missing; it has a hole on it.
    Thank you in anticipation of your prompt reply to this email considering that I paid quite a lot for it hoping it will be worth my every cent.

  151. Hello, I bought a miu miu sling bag in Stuttgart outlet last sat. Went shopping with it today. Tried on a blouse and apparently the adhesive sticker stuck on the bag. Removed it out gently. To my surprise the material of the bag came off stuck on the adhesive. Couldn’t believe my eyes. Ps assist

  152. I have tried for a number of days to get in touch with Prada.
    Still no reply’s to emails etc. This is not good as I need help with a fault.
    Please could you have some email me please.

  153. Dear sir,
    May I know any stock of Plex Ribbon (white color)?
    I dun know why we can’t purchase this product in Hong Kong? Is’t limited addition? We all have no choice to place an order from your side.
    All sales from Hong Kong juz told me that they hv no stock!!
    Is Prada group from euro can’t send the product to Hong Kong?
    Btw, I just wanna know any stock of this item in Australia – Adecide OR London – Clapham South?
    Or you can tell me there’s out of stock anymore?

  154. I purchased a pair of Prada sunglasses from a specialist sunglasses shop in Malcesine, Italy a few years ago. I thought that I was buying glasses for life as they were far more expensive than any others I had bought. However, the coating on the glasses has cracked and become mottled, leaving them looking very strange indeed and unwearable. I can send a photo if required, but wondered what the procedure might be to formally register a complaint about the quality of the product. Very disappointing indeed, I’m afraid and really not what I would expect from such a reputable company.

  155. I have a Prada leather black bag since around 2 or 3 years , cannot remember i use it very rare, last month i was going to wear it but when i got it out if its dust bag, i found that the letter P of the sign Prada has fallen from the sign, it was very wired for me as i even didn’t find it in my wardrobe, i live in Egypt and i bought it from Dubai Emirates mall, i need you to inform me what can i do to let you solve this problem?

  156. Spray leeks and popped out one side on £80 big bottles of prada aftershave within 7days of buying it store refused to replace it

  157. Two years ago, my family and I went to your Cabazon Prada Outlet store and bought 5 pairs of your Prada flipflops costing $200 a pair n the other one almost $300 with blue case. And I am sorry to inform you that upon wearing the flip flops, three members of my family immediately had the straps of their footwear snap upon first wearing. It took me this long to inform you because it was only this month that I did wear one of the two pairs I bought. And to my consternation, the same thing happened to me here in the Philippines. I was out of the house on a social visit and the strap of what I was wearing gave way! Needless to say, it was quite an embarrassing and inconvenient experience for me. I am attaching a photo of the pair I wore. Because it has been two years, the receipt for that purchase is no longer available but I would like to inquire what redress can be availed of by my family considering that Prada is supposed to be a quality brand name with the customers being guaranteed a good product to their satisfaction?
    I hope you can give this disappointed customer the courtesy of a reply and redress to this complaint.
    Thank you very much and hoping to hear from you soon.

  158. Terrible service fro repairing my bag ,it is 13 years old I hardly used it the leather straps simply broke and the leather is just peeling of .I asked to send the bag to repair with paying ,but the answer is that they do not have the material ,what a joke ,the only part changed on the new bags ,I checked in the store ,are these leather straps so they know they were problematic on the older bags .Just buy a new one for 1200$

  159. Terrible service fro trying to repair my bag with payment but they say at customer e service they do not have the leather what a joke
    I checked on the new bags,these leather straps are the only thing changed in the new bags
    Back pack

  160. Good day,

    I am a current client of Prada. I have always been pleased with the clothing I have purchased.

    Last year I purchased your classic prada sandal in Montreal at Holt Renfrew.

    When I started to use them the following summer they made a squeaking sound between the leather strap and base. I was urged to wear them by several individuals and assured the squeaking sound would fade as they were worn in. Unfortunately that was not the case.

    What is your customer satisfaction policy on defect items? Does Prada replace them directly?

    I no longer have my receipt from Holt Renfrew. I sent several emails with no response.

    Warmest thanks,

  161. Today, I go to sogo Prada shop in Hong Kong. I want to buy a wallet to my brother and wish to take a photo send to him. However, your staff has rejected to take a photo. Poor customer service and her attitude was not good.

  162. Recently i just bought a Prada wallet and using about 1 month plus but i found defect of workmanship on my wallet. And i send back to Prada for repair and the guy told me it will take at least 6 weeks to repair.
    I understand I am entitled to expect things I buy to be of acceptable quality. The Prada wallet I bought does not reach this standard considering the problems I have had.
    What is the point i paid for low quality product with high price.
    I trust this matter can be resolved quickly and look forward to your early reply.
    It will bring very inconvenient and trouble to me.

  163. Prada is one of the few global luxury fashion brands where everyone knows that a Prada fashion product is desirable but sadly we learn that Prada has not publicly declared to be fur-free . I have signed so many petitions requesting Prada and other fashion companies to leave real fur off their products!
    Fur should be worn by its original owner – why do humans want to wear fur?? We are not ‘cave-men & women’ anymore – we buy clothes in a shop!! Please boycott the purchase of Prada fur trimmed products – do you really want to wear a piece of fox around your head? on your body? on your shoes? Better still boycott purchasing any Prada product until they declare themselves Fur free. Our fur-babies are born with fur – we are not – there are good fake fur companies happy to provide Prada with fake – as good as fur – products. Animals should not be killed for their coats! Rant over!

  164. Prada is one of the few global luxury fashion brands that has not publicly declared to be fur-free . I have signed! Fur should be worn by its original owner – why do humans want to wear fur?? We are not ‘cave-men & women’ anymore – we buy clothes in a shop!! Boycott purchasing Prada products with fur! Animals are born with fur because it is their coat – we do not need their fur – we are far more educated now that the cave-man who had to kill animals to use their fur to keep warm. We are not cave-men or women – we can go into a shop and buy clothes and coats to keep warm – this is 2018!!!! Rant over!!

  165. I bought a black men s Prada shoe from London with the ref no
    2DD165 T60 F000 10 black
    This was last November and since then the show is completely loose from all sides regarding it’s leather getting redundant from the sides and disfigured from the front.
    Although I got the same one but cafe color one year ago from Germany and was not facing same problem. I need to know how can I send it and to where to get it either fixed or exchanged.

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