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Contacting Polaroid Customer Service Center

Many years ago the Polaroid company created a cool camera with film that developed on the spot. It was called the instant camera and even though the company has aged a bit; reaching the 75-year mark, that camera is still the coolest thing on earth. Polaroid did not just stick with instant cameras though. Today the company has broadened the product line to include headphones, printers, digital video equipment and even computers. All products listed on the Polaroid website are for sale though prices may be less from other retailers.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

Finding a customer service phone number for Polaroid is not an easy task. There are plenty of phone numbers, but all are listed under three drop down menus on the Support page. You have to choose the product you’re calling about to find out the customer service phone number. We’ve listed some of the most popular here and we believe if you call one of these numbers with questions about another product you will be transferred.

  • Cameras: 1-800-765-2764
  • Printers: 1-800-454-6015
  • Mobile Phones: 1-877-768-8483
  • Consumer Electronics: 1-855-544-4841

Mailing Address

Customers sometimes grow tired of waiting on hold for the next available agent or skipping over to their email account to send a note about a product they love or hate. Letters may seem like a slow means of contacting Polaroid customer service, but they are the more traditional contact medium. There is no address for Polaroid customer service, but there is an address for the corporate office.

Polaroid Corporate Office1265 Main StBldg W3Waltham, MA 02451

Official Website

You can find the official website for Polaroid at, but the customer service page is not clearly listed on the front page. We did not find a link to the Contact Us page and the Support link leads to a FAQs section. We found the contact page located at, but there is no contact information listed on that page.

Customer Service Email

You’re not just going to find one email address to contact Polaroid customer service; you’re going to find many. We’ve listed a few here for the more common Polaroid products.

Our Experience

Aside from the typical automated system, customers will notice a shortened wait time. We waited for less than 90 seconds before speaking with a customer service agent. The call surrounded around locating film for an older Polaroid camera. The agent suggested searching online venues such as EBAY or online classified listings.

At times companies won’t suggest looking for products at other retailers, but we are glad the agent did. It shows us Polaroid is looking out for the best interest of the customer. We want to know the level of customer service you received. Take a second to leave a comment below.

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59 Comments on “Contact Polaroid Customer Service
  1. this has been the most frustrating experience!!!! I purchased a Polaroid tablet for my son for Christmas. When he put the SD card in, it fell inside the tablet and
    we have not been able to get it out for fear of voiding the warranty! When I called ya’ll in January,I was told ya’ll were sending me a package to send it back. That never happened!I tried calling repeatedly and just get a recording stating that due to the large volume of calls blah blah blah.I tried your tech support and they want to charge me $38-$48 to help me! This is ridiculous!!
    What happened to WARRANTY? I was always a Polaroid customer, but now I just want my money back beings ya’ll can’t or won’t help me. Ya’ll have made a wonderful Christmas not so wonderful and have disappointed my 13 year old son, who by the way has Asbergers. He was so excited to get this tablet and was crushed when this happened. THANK YOU POLAROID!!!
    Marla A. Broussard

    • Marla…….I had the exact problem as well. The SD slot is so sloppy that it allows the card to go in slightly skewed and then it will simply fall all the way through the slot into the inside of the tablet. I had one that did this, then decided to take it apart since the cheapest I could get something done to it was 75 bucks and ended up cracking the screen right across the middle in the process. I got the tablet at a great price that ended up around 60 bucks but still it was maddening to have it do this. Polaroid is just a shell of the great company it was generations ago. If they keep on like this……in another 5 years they will not even be in business.

  2. I have received this tablet model number pmid720. And when I try to download any app, it says this model is not supported. And when I came to your site I could not even find this model. I need to be able to download apps. Thank You.

    • I have the same problem. I need to download my firmware for a pmid 720 and I can,t find this model number anywhere on any site from Polaroid Support. It is so frustrating and contacting Polaroid is useless! If yoou have received an answer please let me know, PLEASE?

  3. Why can’t I connect to facebook while I am playing my game Candy Crush Saga. You need friends to send you lives. and facebook will not connect. Please send me an answer. I bought the tablet just to play candy crush. If I cannot connect to facebook I will have to return the tablet. PMID 720. Help.

  4. greetings,
    I purchase my little Polariod PMID 4311 from Big Lot’s. The very frist time I tried to power on it would not power on. So I took it back to Big Lot’s & the sale girl powered it on for me, but when I turn it of it did the same exact thing Again. so I called Polariod, spoke to a service person & HE tried to assist me how to FIX the prowlem. That did not work either. DO NOT PURCHASE ANY POLARIOD PRODUCTS, BECAUSE THEY ARE REJECT PRODUCTS@ A DISCOUNT

    • Yes the Polaroid Kids Tablets are trash. Want stay working. Couldn’t power it on got that fixed now it want charge. Piece of craps.

    • Yes the Polaroid Kids Tablets are trash. Want stay working. Couldn’t power it on got that fixed now it want charge. Piece of craps. # PTAB750 no good
      Product was okay when it worked after a year timing is perfect ,stop working.

  5. the name maybe 75yrs old but the company isn’t the same it’s a shell it’s owned by the tech company that gives support, and you have to fight tooth and nail to get anywhere with them.
    go over the FB feed in the comment section YIKES, tv’s on fire or smoking …tablets won’t take or hold charges, charges smoking and popping
    if you can take it back and report to BBB, if need in your case well mine the consumer safety (chargers)
    you raise enough hell you might get them to ship you out a tablet and free blue tooth come on line and see the tablet they are sending to replace it with isn’t as great anyways and they skipped half the order I bought 2 I asked for a tracking number only got one, hoping the 2nd number comes but who’s to say
    run away

    • I too got a Polaroid tablet (December 2014). It does not have normal functions. It doesn’t even have app stores that are normal. I have PMID921x. It’s missing a lot ! No support, etc. it was purchased by my grandmother at big lots- and she gave it to me as a Christmas present.

  6. I purchase my Polaroid 9″ Internet tablet with keyboard case for a good price at a Black Friday sale. I’m having a problem with the volume. When I’m on YouTube I cannot hear anything because of the volume. I have it up to it’s highest point and still can vaguely hear anything. I tried to Google to find help for this tablet by putting the model number in could not find it. I even went to the Polaroid store site, typed in model# PMID921X and it didn’t show anything. I was shocked. This makes me feel as though a some other company is run a bad show under the good name of Polaroid. I real wanted a good tablet and thought I had find one with the Polaroid company. I’m really disappointed. I will try customer service again, but will probably returned the product and get my money back.

  7. im waiting for my for a shipping label to send my 3rd tablet back, was supposed to get it a week ago, the polaroid tablets have all been terrible, now i cant even get them on the phone, but they are in india, so it may take a u.s. embassy official to help.

  8. Maybe you’re good at Camera’s, but you should stop there. Your tablets are nothing but expensive paperweights. I didn’t expect much, but my brand new S10, purchased for my son as a Christmas present, is such junk that it can’t even connect to Wi-Fi. I have wasted hours on end trying to fix it and trying to get a hold of a live service rep. I have spent hours on hold on your various customer support phone numbers and have yet to get a live person, your on-line product support (THIRD PARTY, by the way), is NEVER available (even during normal business hours). I’ve even sent e-mails which have NOT received a response. This is bad business and you should be ashamed of your product name and customer service. I WILL NEVER buy polaroid again and I will tell everyone I know to avoid you. ABSOLUTELY AWEFUL!!!!

  9. i bought a 9″ polaroid diamond tablet last december 2013. in the philippines. where can i get a 220 charger and dc adapter for my polaroid 9″ tablet?

  10. I need an address (a real 0ne) that I can send my pc tablet back to for a fix. Just a regular old street or company address will do and I will bear the cost of the shipping.

  11. I’m bout to throw my tablet I bought one. For my grandson to play games on but I can’t down load anything .I’ve tried and I’ve had my daughter in law try and she even tried call customer service and its says updating .its been up dating for 2 months guess ill just get rid of it and go get one that will work

  12. My Polaroid,tablett model S8 needs to get or change pas cod or pass word. Can you send me instruction on how to change it. tthank you

  13. I am very, very disappointed in the Polaroid tablet!! When I hear the name “Polaroid” I always thought about the great luck we had with their cameras. Now the name, “Polaroid” means BAD Tablet. I had bought a 7″ tablet July 2013 with in 6 months the tablet froze up and stopped working. I had to mail it to New York for a swap. Instead of receiving a replacement within 10-14 days as promised, it turned into was almost 2 months, a few phone calls and emails. When I did receive the refurbished replacement, they didn’t send a charger. I had to contact them once again for it. When using the mini USB charger the mini USB port fell out. Now the tablet isn’t charging and I have a tablet that is sitting unused and broke. I now feel Polaroid owes me more than a new tablet.

  14. Thank you, Polaroid, because now I know what a company should not do! I bought my wife a Polaroid tablet for Christmas in 2013. She was elated. In January 2014, it quit working. It was still under warranty, so we had to pay 13 dollars of our own money to ship it back to Polaroid’s customer service and maintenance company, Southern Telecom, in Boston. Didn’t get it back for two months! Used the company’s online chat service to check the status of the repair/replacement, and they kept telling me to check back. Kept checking back, with no luck, and after two months they sent us a replacement tablet. It was an upgraded model, that now did not work with the AC adapter and the leatherette MiniUSB keyboard case that came with the original tablet. GRRR!!! So they said they would send us a new accessory kit, which turned out only to be a MiniUSB AC adapter that fortunately would charge the tablet. (Incidentally, there were no USB drivers for the device to be had so my wife could charge the tablet on her computer!) So I did the chat thing with Southern Telecom—again!— which I am guessing by the same answers I was getting each time, that they have that thing all automated. I asked them could they please send us a leatherette keyboard case that would work with the tablet they sent us. They said they would. In about two weeks, one arrived in the mail…and it didn’t work with the tablet. I did everything I was supposed to in the menu settings on the Android tablet and it just would not recognize the USB keyboard as an input device. It would always default to the virtual keyboard built into the Android Jelly Bean OS and I could not switch it to the keyboard. Just wouldn’t recognize it. So we decided we would wait and try to figure something else out. THEN THE FREAKIN’ TABLET QUIT WORKING AGAIN!!! I turned it on and got an error message that said “Unfortunately, Launcher has stopped” followed by another error message: “Unfortunately, System UI has stopped.” There is a way to go to the system root file and do a factory reset of the tablet, but you have to have a physical volume control on the side of the tablet to do it. Which this tablet unfortunately does not. So it is an expensive brick at this point. We just want our money back, because everything Southern Telecom has done has resulted in a non-working tablet.

  15. i just purchased my poloroid pearl 6 online last week,i cant find a protective case for it in a local store and i want to buy an extra battery i look also in the internet but i cant find any site. i want to know where can i buy this thing?

  16. Will never purchase another Polaroid product again. Purchased a 7″ Kids Tablet for our daughter who has Downs Syndrome. It was replaced 5x’s, once by Walmart and 4x’s by Southern Telecom. In all she was able to use the tablet less than 3 months as it was in transit or sitting at Southern Telecom for up to 6 weeks or more at a time and now the warranty has expired. Every replacement was defective that we received from Southern Telecom. Way to run a business, well if you want no repeat customers that is.

    • I have one to and I’m having problems out of that tablet my warrenty is out and telecom made sure they kept it long endough for the warrenty to be out if anything else was to go wrong and this time I would be out of pocket. They received the tablet in 3 day returned it in four weeks now I’m having the same problem and the warranty is out. So I’m out of pocket now but u didn’t fix it at first. So it’s my problem Now.

  17. i have been trying to contact polarid all day but keeps coming up
    not available and no website to leave a message so will never ever buy a polarid item again ,don’t see the point

  18. I have polaroid 8 executive clavier tablet MID0880 need to reprogram but how?because it does nt have a volume botton

  19. I have tried numerous attempts to contact Polaroid (since February 2014) I might add, to get some assistant with replacing my NOT working Polaroid 8 tablet purchase as a gift for my grandson and have not been able to get someone, anyone to respond with helping me. I just lucked up and found this page and decided to add my complaint also. A refund would be okay, but my grandson really want a tablet. He was so excited and now he is very crushed because another Christmas has come and gone. Please, Please someone contact me to try and get this resolved.

  20. I’m having problems with the keyboard. I seem to can’t find a answer to it. But sometimes it will work and sometimes it won’t. If this has happened to anybody else and fixed it more feed back is more than welcome.

  21. I have a Polaroid PMID901 9″ tablet, Got new as a gift, had it for a few months now, Put it away for the night and when I got up the next morning the screen was all cracked and only half the screen works now, I also have a friend that has the same model and the same thing happen.

  22. I have a Polaroid captiva, and a spectra camera. Do you know where I can get films in New York City for these camera?
    Or is there a trade in for these camera if I can not get films for them?

    Thank You

  23. I am so disappointed in our 55 in.hd tv. It was a gift and when it stopped working, after 3 weeks, I followed the rules and sent it to Ontario Ca. to have it repaired. Cost me $183. to ship it UPS. After a few weeks, it was returned to us. Guess what, it had four large parallel lines on the screen the moment I turned it on. I set it up again. The lines stayed. Has Polaroid a product that works the first time. I will not be shipping it to CA again. I will not buy another Polaroid product.
    I may have to sue for the $517.00 it cost my family to buy this junk. I will sue for the shipping charges too. Sooo disappointed!

  24. My Polaroid android tablet has melted onto the plastic case while being charged.
    Had trouble with it since I bought it from Amazon UK.

    Nobody answers my emails either in UK or USA.

    This tablet is a serious fire hazard.
    Perhaps I might get an answer or a new tablet
    Thank You
    Sue Green

  25. This comment is referenced to a mp3 player. You have out sourced your tech
    support to India the party that I spoke too was stupid ,hard of hearing or did not understand. I was asked did I charge the unit 8-10 hours. User Manual states
    3-5 hours DONOT CHARGE MORE THAN8 HOURS.I tried to say that the battery was charged and I was able to set the date and time but the unit was not able to
    produce music from the sd card .Two more times she asked did I charge the
    battery. I then asked may I speak to your supervisor put me on hold returned
    after 5 min said he was not available but would return my call within less

  26. I have a polariod 7 in table fo r about 3 years and th ed power. button went bad, very diffcult to turn on and off , sometimes i cant. turn it on or off at all. Any and all information regard repairs are. WELCOME

  27. OK, this is an unusual need, but in an emergency attempt to find solutions to help me to decide to integrate a newly adopted kitten that turns out to be 100% deaf, I was so excited to find the PCA9887 wireless finder!!! My intent is to test the device by hanging this lightweight tiny receiver on my kitten’s collar so that I can find her by hearing it beep, activated by my iphone. HOWEVER, when attempting to download the “free” software, It wants to charge me! I called the customer service number on the instructions and the rep was difficult to understand, couldn’t understand me, and with struggle, I learned that this product I purchased 10/15 needed software “not yet tested on the iphone6”! WHAT????? So now they want me to find a friend using an android to iphone 4, 4s or 5!!!!! to test the product! Like I’m going to ask someone to release their phone to me so I can test a porduct on the market not uptodate to the market???? I just don’t know what to do! I love this kitten and wish to keep her, and this device looks like a way to keep her future safe..

  28. I would simply like to let you know how disappointed I am with a specific model of your L.E.D. light bulbs. “PLOA21-1090.1600.20.2D”. I bought a quantity of 8 of these bulbs at a local “Menards” retail store, with the intention of installing them in my garage. I wanted a bright light bulb, which is more efficient than a standard filament bulb but would not need to “warm up” in the cold. I installed these on September 12, 2015. (This is just a couple months ago folks). Already 4 out of the original 8 have quit working. Now to be fair I need to tell you how I use the bulbs… Some days I turn the lights on in the garage just to find something, and then turn them right back off in a couple minutes or so. Some days when I’m working out there, the lights might be on for 12 hours straight, and some days I don’t turn them on at all. So it is what I would call average usage. So to say that these bulbs are JUNK AND A WASTE OF MONEY, is a tragic under statement. The bulbs are NOT WORTH THE PACKAGE that they were put! In three months, to have 4 out of 8 bulbs fail is not a fluke. This is extremely poor quality, plain and simple. I went the L.E.D. route because I believe in new technology, and it would have been great, if they actually worked. For the price I paid for these 8 L.E.D. I could have bought 10 cases of regular light bulbs. Albeit they cost more to run, but I know I would have light for years to come. POLAROID, THIS PRODUCT IS ONE OF THE WORST PURCHASES, THAT I HAVE EVER MADE!

  29. good day! i have concern regarding my polaroid Pro405 phone. when I switch on my phone, it’s not responding. I went in different phone repair shop but they do’t have its program, only its service center can fix it. please let me know where can i find your service center here in the Philippines. tnk u.

  30. First of all your customer service just plain SUCKS. I’ve been trying for Two days to find out how or where to get a Battery for a Polaroid Digital Camera, and I keep getting the (Run A Round) with having to call different phone Numbers, and getting NO WHERE, I finally got some Foreigner who doesn’t speak or understand the English Language and he didn’t help me either, if this is the best you can do I don’t want any more Polaroid products.

  31. I need film for my Polaroid spectra SE camera where can I get some great camera no film I’m not the only one out there this looking for this bring it back you have competitors that have it

  32. I am at the end of my rope with the Polaroid 10.1 tablet. I returned the first one de to the very same problem, therefore, I must be doing something wrong. The camera takes extremely distorted pictures, and very blurry. I have taken hundreds of pictures and I will be only 10 have turned out decent. This is very, very upsetting. What can I do, I keep it as still as possible, what is wrong???????

  33. I am at the end of my rope with the Polaroid 10.1 tablet. I returned the first one de to the very same problem, therefore, I must be doing something wrong. The camera takes extremely distorted pictures, and very blurry. I have taken hundreds of pictures and I will be only 10 have turned out decent. This is very, very upsetting. What can I do, I keep it as still as possible, what is wrong???????

  34. At this point I have to assume that Polaroid has absolutely zero concern to retain customers. I still have not heard from anyone after my initial phone call and 2 follow up emails beginning on 7-14-17. I will NOT be purchasing any products from Polaroid in the future. After 6 months your product is now unusable and was a waste of my money. I will be sure to let others know of the poor customer service and lack of attention that Polaroid customer service has provided.
    Failed Product – Polaroid picture frame

  35. Contact me about refund on the Polaroid Snap that we purchased we at Wal-Mart . They will not let us return it and it doesn’t work at all !!!!!! Totally disappointed in your policy and frustrated that NO ONE at Polaroid responds to my request . y You used to be a respected Business.

  36. I bought a Polaroid 300 instant camera, it worked for about 2 months then stopped working. I changed the batteries and followed all instructions to get it going again and it didn’t work. The 3 red lights on the top right of the camera keep flashing.

    Polaroid has been horrible to get in touch with, the worst customer service of any company I have ever dealt with over the last 40 years.

    I will NEVER buy Polaroid products again and will tell everyone that I know to beware. It will work fine for a few months then will turn into a piece of junk. VERY DISSAPOINTING! Polaroid used to be a good reputable company.

  37. Wow…I purchased a Polaroid tablet on 01.03.17. In August of 2017 it started to separate at the seams and literally came apart. Strangely, it still works. I am in the process now of returning to ‘return’s. Having problems. I will keep trying.

  38. I have been trying to get a replacement on my Polaroid tablet for 6 months every call asks for something different from me. The tablet started overheating before it was six months old.The last suggestion from them was to send my receipt by computer to them. Quess what it takes a 16 hour program to do this !!!!!!!!

  39. Dear sir/madam
    I Biju had buyers Poloroid TV from online.some technical problem had come after 2 day of 3 month body from customer service and executive solved my problem still.
    I dis way to deal with customers.than wht d use to buy TV from ur satisfaction.

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