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Contacting Pokemon Customer Service Center

The worldwide phenomenon Pokemon began in the late 1990’s as a trading card game as well as video game from Video game manufacturer Nintendo. The origins of the game are rooted in insect collecting. The rules of the game are simple; collect as many Pokemon as possible. Throughout the history of Pokemon, you can interact with other players in different ways, but interacting with the company remains the same. You can reach the customer service department and the corporate offices by traditional mail, email and through social media.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

We found no Pokemon phone number listed on the official website. There is a fax number you can use to submit your question or comment to the customer service team, but not many customers have fax machines at home. Social media and email are the best ways to get in touch with Pokemon customer service.

  • Fax: 1-425-274-1041

Mailing Address

The Pokemon Company International333 108th Ave NESte 1900Bellevue, WA 98004

Official Website

Visiting the official Pokemon website was a treat. You can learn about the trading card game, play interactive games in the Fun Zone and watch Pokemon TV. Considering Pokemon is rated by the ESRB E for everyone, the website is practically safe for everyone. There are no chat rooms or areas where children could potentially interact with adults.

Social Media

In the event you want to keep the conversation going 24/7, visit one of the social media platforms for Pokemon. Each offers a unique integration system. We noticed each platform has representative from Pokemon communicating with customers.

Customer Service Email

Since we didn’t have a technical concern, we decided to send an email using the support email. Our concern surrounded around the operational hours of the customer service department. Typically the hours of operation are listed when there is a phone number. With no phone number, we don’t know when the customer service department is open to receive questions and concerns.

Our Experience

We really wanted to speak with the customer support team at Pokemon. With such a global reach, we wanted to ask questions relating to product returns and technical support. Unfortunately, not all global companies want to hear directly from the customer. Considering we do not have a fax machine, we will need to rely on the feedback we receive from our email inquiries. Our experience may be different than your experience. By chance, were you able to speak with a customer service agent? We would love to hear the outcome of your customer service experience. Take a minute to share your thoughts and experiences with us below. Thank you.

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    • How can someone with such bad grammar grow up from season 1 to 5, I watch Indigo League on NetFlix but that doesn’t mean I grew up with it, it means I watch it.

  1. hey since u dumb people don’t want to Liston i am planning to make my own Pokemon series and it will be better then yours since i will know how to Liston to the fans i will put misty back on the show and there aint nothing u can do about it u just pissed me off for putting misty to the side u can go f Ur self for doing that its not a threat its a promise so like i said im making it when ash has growed up and marred misty and they have kids and when ash is finally the Pokemon master if u do not resond i will have no promblem of doing that because i have better ideas then u do my friends

  2. Hello! I am a big fan of Pokemon! Now, what I was wondering is, can you please put Porygon and it’s evolutions back on the anime. I have been waiting for some time to see them. However, was dissapointed that they never made it past Electric Soldier Porygon. (With an exception of a few cameos.) I know what happened was terrible, but everybody wants him back, we love Porygon. I know you probably think that he would bring an uproar, and he would…a uproar of happiness! Everyone would love to see those virtual Pokemon in their very own episode. Maybe Ash could just battle one. Or at least look it up in the Kalos Pokedex. Please, consider bringing him back, and give him an appearance in the Kalos region. I and many pokemon fans would love it! I noticed in the game a scientist mentioned his name! That thrilled me! I would be exillerated to see him in the anime. You should see the pages and pages and pages of people bgging for Porygon and it’s evolution line to appear on the anime again. He would possibly even raise your views, having people eager to see more! Now, I don’t mean show him all the time. However, if you will a few episodes staring him, or at least mentioning him. I would greatly appreciate it.

    -Please right me back in the email address I posted. Thank you for reading!

  3. I cannot register a pokemon black/white game on Pokemon global link.Is there something I missed? Can I anymore?

    If anyone knows please help
    That website has changed so badly since Pokemon x and y came out -.-

    • they shut the internet connection to anything prior to 3ds games so everything thats ds cartridge will not have access to the net. that goes for everything else nintendo had wifi on.

  4. Hello! My name is Tanner and I’m 12 years old. I really like the games you make but then you beat them and you have nothing to do, so i was thinking that you should make a game going through all the regions and once you beat one region you leave your pokemon in that region and go to the next one. Also, you should have it so that you actually travel with people at your side all the time and you should have it so you can have your pokemon out of there poke balls. Next i think you should keep that people are tall and can change there outfits like in pokemon X and Y. i also think you should keep the wonder trading. thank you for listening.

  5. dear game freak i hear some people are getting arceus from their other pokemon games i tried to transport mine but it did not work i was really upset i do not know other people got arceus in their pokemon x and y game but can please put arceus as an event i would really like that also when i go to gts on pokemon x people are asking for melloetta, genesect and keldeo because their is some pokemon that can not be found. I would love it if you also made pokemon events reconsider more easier to get

  6. when i trie to search for legendary pokemon some of them can not be found on gts also arceus, deoxys, victini, melloetta, keldeo, genesect can not be found also i would really like if you would put black kyurem and white kyurem in pokemon x and y because it is very powerful

  7. i am really big fan of pokemon i was wondering if you could put arceus in pokemon x and y i would would appreciate it if you would do that

  8. You can’t make your own pokemon, that’s copyright, plus there could be kids on here unfamiliar with your foul language, you need to understand that just because your childhood was ruined don’t ruin theirs, I do agree with you though, I don’t like the new show swell, but the little kids do, we had our time growing up with the pokemon anime, let them have theirs, then older pokemon fans can move on to manga, play the games, and watch older versions of the anime, that’s what I do.

  9. i wish my global link we be secessuful for me my own myself i do right now is receive a new item and legend pokemon please semoene help and i do everythings to answer to question

  10. I would like to simply say I noticed that all the top players on rating battles in the X and Y games are from Japan, this is not saying that Japan players are better but the fact that they have access to something called a Gadget where they can make all their pokemon how they want, Americans use to have this thing known as a ActionReplay but you guys apparently had a problem with it, yet Japan has the same thing pretty much and now are the only ones will access to pretty much building a pokemon rather than breeding it, Ive came to this conclusion due to all the top rating players being from Japan and the only players I run into that have Transfer moves and abilities are all from Japan (Stealth Rock, Knock Off on anything and everything). My suggestion is if your going to block off a bunch of this stuff from America then block it off for Japan to, or if your going to not block off from Japan Splint up the regions, otherwise you look very bias. I have going into a battle everytime i get to a higher rating and be all like ooo i wish i had access to that 6IV Heatran or stealth rocks on that there garchomp they must be very lucky players to have came across them….oh wait nope they just have access to a device that lets you build your pokemon the way you want and ive had mine taken from be….nice….not

  11. I NEED HELP!!!!!!!!!



    • I’m having real trouble with pokemon tag online game I can’t access my account do to user name and password and it won’t send it to my email it said it was wrong email pleas email me or help

  12. I’m having real trouble with pokemon tag online game I can’t access my account do to user name and password and it won’t send it to my email it said it was wrong email pleas email me or help

  13. im in to pokemon and I have so cards vthat I think are valuble how would I get in contact with pokemon

  14. just wondering if there is any way to add chromebook to ur download options cause i own a chrome os laptop and i cant play pokemon tcg because my laptop runs on chrome not windows r mac please message back i really want to get back in the game

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