Contact Pinterest Customer Service

Contacting Pinterest Customer Service Center

Pinterest is a relatively new site on the Internet. It is a part of the social media family like Facebook or Twitter, but for pictures. The pictures are unique because they hold the link to the page from which they were shared. This makes Pinterest an important marketing tool for many businesses and everyday people with an eye for sharing great photos.

With photo sharing comes the influx of people pulling photos from the Internet without permission. Copyright laws protect pictures and photographers. If you need to contact Pinterest customer service in regards to a copyright infringement or if you’re just wondering about your account, you can use one of the contact methods below.

to leave a comment about your customer service experience.

Contact Info:

The main form of communication between Pinterest customer services and users is the support page. This page is where questions are asked and answered. Pinterest is a free website so customer service phone numbers are not a huge part of customer service because the agents cost money.

Phone Contact Numbers

The privacy policy lists the address and phone number for Pinterest corporate office.

  • Corporate Office: 1-650-561-5407

Mailing Address

While a formal customer service mailing address is not something Pinterest offers website users, they do openly list the mailing address for corporate office on the privacy policy.

Pinterest, Inc. 572 7th St. San Francisco, CA 94107

Official Website

The hugely popular social hub known as Pinterest is located at Site users can visit the photo hub online, on iPhone and on Android. The iPhone and Android apps aren’t without issues, but the company is steadily working to create a stable version that customers can use to share photos. Pinterest, unlike Instagram and other photo-sharing websites, is a money-maker for some users and thus the importance of a fully-functional site and mobile application.

Customer Service Email

The customer service email communication between Pinterest and users is the only means of directly contacting an agent. You have to Submit a Request on the support page and then wait for your request to be answered. Your email address is attached to the request so you will likely receive an email when there is an update to your submission. You can also log in to your account and view all the support tickets you’ve sent from one place.

Our Experience

The phone number listed in the privacy statement for Pinterest is linked to an answering machine. The machine asks for the name, email address and brief message about why you want Pinterest to contact you. We assume hundreds of calls or more come in every day so this is a simple means of filtering through the calls. Pinterest will not likely return calls from customers unless there is an issue the company needs to resolve. Problems with personal accounts should be addressed on the support page.

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1,048 Comments on “Contact Pinterest Customer Service
  1. this is inappropriate and should not be allowed.
    This pinner started following me. Sexual Health & Fun

    How can I get rid of them and block them?

    • Someone hacked into my pinterest account and is commenting on pins I have commented on only this freak is using vulgar cuss words and is using MY NAME and my PIC! She has threatened me, bullied me, even contacted my employer saying I am unfit for my job because of comments I made on pinterest, which those comments were the ones SHE made, not me! I have not been able to speak to a person, I have emailed repeatedly, i blocked that freaky woman, I have deactivate4d my pinterest account and yet I have not been able to speak to a person from pinterest to determine what my next course of action should be, other than seeking legal representation! I need a person from Pinterest to contact me and tell me how this stalker can be stopped!

      • I really enjoy Pinterest, but I’ve got a question. I have had pins deleted because of content and I understand. I have even had an entire board deleted and I understand. Now my issue is I keep bumping into boards with content much much worst than anything I’ve pinned to my boards. Why are these boards allowed to continue to exist and mine are deleted? I know that Pinterest is a free service but if it’s gonna be selective in who can and cannot pin certain content I don’t want to be a part of Pinterest and you can delete my account. I even emailed you that I had deleted one of my boards, I didn’t wait for you to do it. I would love an answer but I probably won’t get it.

      • Same problem here! But my stalker deleted her account now she opened a new one and sure enough she copied every board and every pin. I just don’t get why me? It scares me my aunt begged me to just delete my whole account and I think I’m leaving Pinterest for good. She pins violent pins with my name on it! Pinterest is no help:(

      • Pinterest does NOT help its users. Same happened to me ?They do NOT care about their users, seems hackers can do ANYTHING on Pinterest

    • I have a TROUBLE PROBLEM I must URGENTLY to connect with Pinterest I send email but I recived only auto generate mails , someone has change my link – source of my pins ( I SEE MY PINS AND WHEN I KLICK ON IT IT IS NOT MY SITE SOURCE BUT SOME ANOTHER SITE ) and I do not know how.So my site is blocked from pinterest Can someone help me to connect with someone from pinterest
      Thank you in advance

      • Hey mate,

        I’m facing the same problem as you mentioned in the comment. I just want you to let me know whether Pinterest have resolved your problem? Have you recieved any positive feedback from their side? I’m in badly need of any helpful suggesstion from your side as you’ve experienced the same problem. Hopefully, I’ll get to know something from your side.

        Warm Regards,
        NeiL MaC

    • It is very sad.. If you are using a laptop, right click on the pinner that is following you and push block this pinner or block. they will be blocked and you can no longer see them or their posts. some of these people are corrupting innocent minds… It makes me sick. Best of luck.

  2. Never thought being 50 yr old male id ever be interested in pinterest but working around several women and all pinterest just thought what would really put pinterest over the top and generate revenue would be pinterest channel on cable and satellite carriers featuring arts and crafts actually being made step by step

  3. My Pinterest Site has been down for 2 WEEKS!!!! I cannot even contact customer service!!!! My computer is fine!!!!!!!!!!! I have not been able to pin, repin, or delete boards!!! What is going on with Pinterest? HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Why can’t we contact a live person at Pinterest? It is a good app but if it doesn’t work what is the reason to even have it? My computer (wi-fi) is fine but I can’t get any pictures in the categories or may about 1/2 dozen and no more. It is ABSOLUTELY ridiculous and time wasted.

      • I agree, need to speak with a customer service rep with a phone number instead of diddling around for hours and still getting nowhere with a problem. Help the economy, get some live reps-this is a disgrace for a company as large as yours.

        • I have been wanted to purchase two items for months. I am unable todo it. Please Help!! I really want these items

    • My grandson is 16, he loves his Pinterest but for some unknown reason he hasn’t been able to get it ti come up for at least two weeks…please can you do something to help him get it back…his name is Paxton Johnson

    • Define “porn”. I’ve just had my account, with 9 boards, suspended because one was a tribute site to popular 1970’s upwards topless models. None were explicit. There are other places on Pinterest showing topless models, even full frontal nudity. These aren’t banned – why have I lost my boards, and why SHOULDN’T tasteful nudes be allowed?

  4. I set up a site, went in, saw nothing of interest to me since I like antiques & vintaqge items. When I put in my information, I chose neithr Facebook nor Twitter since I didn’t want it connected to either. While looking for something of interest(which I never really found but chose places that I thought would have what I was looking for), I inadvertenly hit the close button. When I tried to log back in, I had to either use Facebook or Twitter. I chose Facebook which gave me instruction to log in to Pinterest. When I tried to do tht, I was informed tht my username was not available. Since I had decided that this website was of no interest to me, I decided to cancel it out. I promptly called customer service and the guy assured it would be done but that I had to call 1-650-543-4822. For 2 hours, I have calling that number, which has a recording that tells me to hold on, then you promply get a busy signal & no one ever comes on the line. I am highly pissed. This site is a rip-off & all my friends, customers & any one who will listen will be told about my experience. Oh, by the way, I was told the charge would be $162. & some odd ¢s. For what? I never used your service.
    Janette Welch

    • Wow! Thanks for the heads up on the long distance phone number. I was just going to try to contact them. If you need someone to get the word out I have friends that work for abc. If I were you I’d call one of the news channels, they may in fact find your story isn’t the only one out there & they do help everyday ordinary people like you and I.

  5. Please keep a closer watch on your site
    Some very disturbing pics on there Two men having sex
    i thought pinterest was a safe site?

    • Hello, Sandra…how’s looking at two men having sex DANGEROUS to you? Are they going to JUMP OUT of the page and…what? Rape you, maybe? Have you considered that tow men having sex might just be gay? As a lesbian I’ve found plenty of heterosexual sex on pinterest…I’m not interested but I don’t find it dangerous…I can guess your political views, though…republican, right? GOP, maybe?

      • Very well said, Cristina. Not everyone is into recipes, kittens and puppy boards. There is not a thing wrong with the human body, or 2 grown adults showing intimacy whether they are gay, lesbian, or transgender as I am.

  6. I LOVE Pinterest…but last week I did an update and now I can’t pin anything! I ever updated to ro” but still have the same issue. I can not change boards…it is struck which means I am dead in the water!! Please fix this problem!!! I love Ponterest and I’m going through withdrawals. Sonya Burchett

  7. Please help me log into my account. Every which wayiI turn i hit a brick wall. It tells me to reset my password put there is no reset the password section when trying to login. Please help. It’s quite frustrating 🙁

    • I, too, have had issues with Pinterest. I cannot comment…have seen several WWII pics wanted to comment..said I must confirm email…which I have done repeatedly! It still does not let me comment, although I am recognized when I login…so frustrating…I just want to comment on!

  8. Wow-no customer contact by phone? Have had no luck from e-mails sent asking for help. My site tells me I ‘am not authorized to pin on it. Check privacy settings.’ Have done that and nothing seems amiss. What’s the matter pinterest-are you afraid of a little customer service? I like pinterest, however, I won’t die if I can’t use it-and I’ll stop telling my customers to utilize it as well.

      • same here. It is a disgrace and so unfair to your customers who obviously have these problems with this. That’s right you corporate boys at Pinterest, just put those feet up on your desks and laugh at all the money you make, and laugh at all the funny little people at the bottom whose problems are obviously not yours. Your only problem is whether to have a drink with your $100 lunch.

        • I couldn’t agree more. I have a Pinterest account. I love it, and enjoy being on it. I It is now telling me that I have to either reset my password or change it to a new one. There is no getting in, others can see it and send me notes about it. They can see it and I can not! I have sent note after note to Pinterest and no one has neither gotten back to me nor even attempted to fix my problem. What are you people doing all day? I mean really? The least you could do was put out an 800 number, even a help number for folks since you have no time for people since you don’t care enough to handle trouble when it comes. But I put a lot of time in this, and the least you can do is fix the messes that Pinterest seems to find more often than not, so I’ve read.

  9. cannot use my red repin button. i have tried emailing for help. can you please help me? when i try to repin..the pic comes up with the red button on bottom…but the red button does not work…please tell me what i can do!!
    thank u

  10. Yesterday morning I pulled up the page on the Pinterest site where a user can request disablement of [someone has added a pin to your Board” emails. Despite my having done that, I am still receiving as many as three pages of this crap in my Inbox, and I have neither the time nor the desire to delete this many of these emails!! I’m really annoyed about Pinterest ignoringh my request to block these!!

  11. Pinterest sucks! My account is in read only mode, according to the error i receive, i have to reset my password via email, which i have requested an email reset many many times to no avail. The worst is that I can not get any help from pinterest!! There is no phone number or email to contact them with. I called a number i found via google, but it is only an answering machine – doubting i will get a reply from them. Why is there no support!?!?!

  12. Pinterest is crap thanks to puritanical little snowflakes fearing for their lives because they see nudity. Get over it. If your life is so jarred by seeing two people making love or by seeing a naked body, you need to seriously reevaluate yourself.

    • I agree. They have sanitized it so much now it is not fun to use. The everything board doesn’t have any cool stuff like the home feed used to have.

      • I am not “jarred” by seeing nudity but I don’t go looking for it either. I don’t think that is what Pinterest is all about. It is helpful information and pictures for your life, hobbies, and activities. If you want nude artistry or nude photos then go to an art site. If you want porn then go to a porn site.

  13. I have been pleading with pinterest for weeks, with no help! First, someone opened an account in my name, and when you entered char bafalis into search, it only went to THAT account. I asked pinterest about it and they said they were not aware of it!!! Several of my friends saw it. Then, on my shared board, I started getting several uninvited pinners..and when I would remove them, they would appear again…this, after I have changed my password numerous times. NOW, I am getting several notices from pinterest that I am pinning disgusting nudes…some of which SAY they were pinned 7 months ago! I absolutely did not pin them, and IF they WERE pinned 7 months ago, I would think someone would have noticed before now! These have been pinned by someone recently. And they are making crude comments in MY name…I have asked pinterest to help, with only one reply..from Aaron, that shared boards can have other people invite…but these said I (ME) invited these people!!! I love pinterest and have over 20,000 followers and I hate to think they would think I would pin such trash!!! Aaron?????

  14. My account went into read only mode. I link on the link that said reset password and I should have gottan an email for Pinterest and this was four days ago and I havent got a email yet. I went to help center and did everything that itsaid to and my account is still in read mode and I have no clue how to get it out of read olny mode and the site is not helpful at all! If anyone has been though this please help!

  15. Please don’t make pinterest bigger pictures .i love it the old way with lots of pictures on one page. It takes longer to go through all of themwhen it is big pictures. So please don’t change that!!

    • Pinterest has enlarged the photos to the point of ridiculous! It’s not only ANNOYING it’s a killjoy! Pinterest PLEASE STOP “fixing” thing’s that aren’t broken! PLEASE!!!

  16. I am in read only and have been for months I cant fix with your steps. Pls fix my acct..I am at the point where I want to deactivate…pls fix

  17. Switching from Old Look to New Look just disappeared from my account drop-down menu. Pinterest says you can toggle from Old to New Look at any time.
    What’s going on? Its not like you can get a live person to provide an e-mail answer and forget about getting someone on the phone. Support stinks.

  18. Hello!
    I am absolutely thrilled with all the new changes!!!!!
    My favorite is the search app.!!! So often I have wished for it. It is such a helpful timesaver! Please thank every person who has worked to make this possible!!
    God Bless You all!!!

  19. HELLO,

    I just went to this link and clicked a photo for “smoky eye makeup” and it was full of girls fully naked and graphic positions.

    I will never use Pinterest again.
    Thank God a child did not come across this!!!!
    I AM HORRIFIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. I am trying to handle a pinterest user harrassing me. Several times now this individual has reported some pins of mine to Pinterest for copyright infringement, when the pins truly belonged to an individual that I know and my pinning was no infringement at all. This person deliberately picked a pin and lied to Pinterest about it being theirs. I have repeatedly tried to contact Pinterest through the email process, and i have the direct email to the copyright department, but, so far, all I have are threats that they will disable my account if anymore are reported. and ALL of them have been false. I just have no idea what is left to do. I have emailed at least 10 times on top of filing a counter claim, and counter infringement impersonation. Nothing! Isn’t it amazing that someone can impersonate another person and lie about work being their own and get away with it? …on top of that, harrass others and it is ALL ALLOLWED! 🙁

  22. Just starting with the new look. It will take some getting used to. Finding it more cumbersome than ever to move around. Seems we have to “click” more often to get around. Did you mean to do that? I’m especially disappointed in the way you’ve hidden the “add pin” button in a drop down menu. My uploads took about twice as long these first 3-4 pins and longer to show up on the board? Changing the cover photo also doesn’t seem as smooth. So at this point I can’t say I’m happy with the way it is functioning. Hopefully things will improve as I get more used to the new layout.

  23. Wow….I just read a bunch of comments on this page. It seems Pinterest needs to get its Customer Service act together. Good luck all…

    • Reading comments on here they are not to flattering Pinterest. Costumer service is horrible. Even calling corporate no answer from them after calling few times and emailing etc.. I want off this site and your site will not let me deactivate it. Someone
      hacked me there is a screen behind mine even after I was finally able to change my password. I have written 7 on your side and will write again now it is the principle of it.
      Pinterest please get your act together with customer service and read these comments. This is really bad business and maybe it is time for all of us to take this to the Better Business Bureau. I am in business with three businesses and will always answer clients and help them. I don’t think you care or even read these comments not very flattering Pinterest. I do not want to be a part of this so please help me deactivate your site won’t let me and I will make sure everyone I know does not use your site.
      If I do not hear from anyone at corporate by next week I will write the Better Business Bureau and call 7 on your side again.

  24. My pinterest account with password shows up on google search (not sure about the other search engines). Please remove this information – it is no one’s business.

  25. Porn pop ups on Pinterest!!!! I’ve never had a problem but I upgraded Pinterest today and starting pinning. I was shocked when a very explicit “mobile porn ad” popped up! How can I prevent this from happening again?

  26. Dear developers,
    please remove Scroll down button, ( new feautre )
    because photos are not visible well.
    I am sure that many of us do not like it.
    Best regards 🙂

  27. Please cancel the “new look” and give me the original pinterest back…can you please switch me back. I don’t want the new look . thank-you

  28. I have been locked out of my account for over three weeks and customer service has not been any help. I have gotten little response and the same information every time ” we are working on it” I personally would like to know what “it” is. Pinterest needs a customer service department that can be reached because what they have now is a joke.

  29. Since the new changes my pinterst has been super slow. Half the pictures wont load. Also when scrolling down it stops. Before the pins used to just keep continuing. Noe even when I click on everything it will show 30 pins and thats about it. I have to keep clicking reload. But its super slow and takes forever to load!! Please fix!!!

  30. I love Pinterest, but i did the new update, and now only about 30 pins are showing. I am having the same problems as the above people and it really aggrevates me, i wanted to make a recipe that i pinned a while ago and now only a few show up, it is frustrating. I think you guys should go back to how it was….

  31. I think Pinterest needs to worry more about getting those of us that have issues on our Pinterest pages, good customer service help…rather than they need to worry about getting a new look for Pinterest! It’s become ridiculous that there is no one that can help you if you have a problem, you get automated responses…one size fits all is their way of thinking. This is not acceptable, nor is it a good reflection on the website as a whole!

  32. I have had a person find a picture of me, cut it out and post negative things on it, pin it and post all over pinterest. I have flagged these and blocked the pinner. I have continually written to Pinterest to ask them to take this down. PLEASE< PLEASE < PLEASE take this pin down – IT IS WRONG! I am so extremely frustrated with Pinterest for not taking this pin down. I am sure it is illegal!

  33. you have JUST erased all my boards……i’m furious! and I won’t sign up again!!HELP!!

  34. Escort service on Pinterest- Dubia Companions? I have seen worse on Pinterest. Got an awesome product but is there no one watching or filtering this?

  35. I also am not able to get into my account and I have tried everything. This happened to me once before and I am afraid I need more help than what I can muster in the regular routes. Can you help me? I have tried resetting my password nothing will work. Help! SOS! I don’t want to start all over as I have such a nice grouping of boards. Thanks

  36. I can’t pin anything and I can’t send in a request to the help center. Every time I push submit nothing happens. I checked and double checked to make sure my request was complete. I love pinterest so sad I can’t get it working.

  37. I love Pinterest! However there is some real issues with getting help when all else, as in support or help sights don’t support or help! If something happens and you can’t get logged into your account or get number error messages 404. it is very frustrating and makes me angry. I want to talk to a real human. I have such nice boards and am actually learning very interesting things but I haven’t been on for at least four days now and no amount of emails or contacts have helped.

  38. I have not been able to log into my account for several days. Support Help is useless. I receive emails from Pinterest with information and ideas but when I try to login my email address is “inactive” which makes no sense. After reading some of the comments of other customers, I totally agree this is poor service. My last message via my email address which is “inactive” was my case number, 1070770.

  39. Today less than 24 hours after my father’s death you send me an email asking me about what my father wants for fathers day. I understand that your company did not have any way of knowing about my pain that you caused nor do you care. Why would you send out such a question that could be painfull too many? I thought that your site was one that woud be interesting and fun for ALL people. I doubt that I get a response, but who knows maybe your corporate office may rethink such emailings.

  40. I do not want to download the AP. I am asked if I want to open pin in Safari or Pinterest. Is this new? Never been asked before. No matter what I answer it goes to the AP store. Cannot open the pin or go to their site.
    Please put it back to the way it was!
    Kathleen Darland

  41. Been trying to log in. Won’t recognize password even after I reset it. Trying to unsubscribe! Can’t even get in the site.

  42. My account has been in read only mode for almost a month. All effort to restore it has been no success. I contacted Pinterest Team via email, received a reply claiming that they are looking into it. Hope they resolve this issue soon…

  43. I do not want to belong to Pinterest. I never did join. I can only guess because I looked at the site, I keep getting weekly news emails. I have tried to ‘unsubscribe’ and sent a ‘help email’ to stop sending emails but they keep coming 🙁
    Delete my email address from this site NOW!

  44. Seem like all of a sudden, when i log into the main page, all im seeing is ”how to make money” or pictures of ppl with weight loss… The home page is very different now and really NOT as welcoming as its been. Have your directions changed. ?? Please go back to the way it was…..

  45. Hello Customer services,

    I somehow cannot log onto my pinterest site. Pls help as soon as possible…having withdrawal….. : (( have changed password and still nothing…… pls help!!!

    • I need to get back on my Pinterest site if someone could help asap pls would be much appreciated thx : ))

  46. My board “frozen and drinks” says (no fetching pins) now for 24 hours. I pinned several new recipes into it today and got notices others have reprinted them. But my board is blank. HELP

  47. I can on get on the site it is blank my picture is up on the sight when I bring it up but I can get into different things .. I can even open my boards What is going on? I can see everthing on my phone but not my computer…..

  48. I do not like the new lay out. The pictures are too big and I cannot see as many “pins” at one time like I use to. Also I enjoyed seeing on the side who reprinted my pins or who was following me. I wish the lay out would go back to the way it was.

  49. I am very upset about some of the language coming up now. It is very obsene. How did this happen. I love Pinterest. I was trying to find how to report them but nothing popups.

  50. Thank you very much for kindly deleting my account. I had content on their that was clean. I spent several hours creating my profile for other sci fans, but now for some “reason” you deleted my profile. Thank you very much for contacting me before you deleted my account in regards to the content that you “may” have disproved of.


  51. Today I received notice of my account suspension which left me a little surprised. All of my posting were tasteful in nature. None of them had what you would call graphic nudity and were quite artful. Photos that you would find in an art gallery. I had 104 boards and over 6500 posts. I had a following of over 500 plus members which obviously enjoyed the boards I posted. Yet I am shocked at the graphic porn that you still have permitted to be posted. Photos of oral sex, sodomy and full blown sex yet those photos are still posted. You obviously prefer to fight the small battles instead of taking on the smut mongers the continue to pollute the site. Way to go Pinterest are doing such a good job…NOT !!!! Good riddance.

  52. This is the hardest company to get a hold of to remove my email from. I never asked to be on their mailing list. Does anyone else have the same issue?

  53. I am very disappointed. Your new “format” eliminated being able or report inappropriate pins. You are allowing gutter language pins. I had hoped you would edit contents. Not all of us are into things like the F word as every other word.

    I looked at your “help” that said to hold your finger to the bottom of the pin, click on flag that appears, etc. none of that works.

  54. My Pinterest account has been deleted twice. First time for content. Second time – who knows why – possible copyright issues as the majority of the repins were of unknown source.

    I had read an opinion on line that Pinterest was considering allowing some nudity. Second account was relatively clean. My current account has been rather limited in that regard. My initial enthusiasm has been seriously blunted.

    I am currently collecting content on my hard drive for my own use without the ability to share. It is not as much fun however, I will not be left with that empty feeling of loss I experienced upon loosing my deleted pins. The emotion is almost the same as I felt when my home was trashed by persons unknown and I feel about the same about whoever did the deed!

    Thank you Pinterest!!!

    I did not need that and can no longer justify investing the time and effort as well as trusting Pinterest to look out for my interests.

    I really enjoyed the collecting, sharing and the feelings of pride and accomplishment that went along with successfully assembling and organizing my boards. It is with a great deal of disappointment that the initial promise that I felt Pinterest offered can not be fulfilled. Regretfully yours T J A

    • It’s now a mess! I had an entire page of adult humor last night with no warning. I thought this was a faily friendly site. No longer. Made me sick to see what has happened recently. This comes from lack of true monitoring.

  55. I still cannot pin. I wrote a couple of weeks ago and your reply did nothing to help me because I don’t even know what is going on. I have to click on the picture because the pin it button does not work and at the top it says I need to update or install a new browser and that has been done and I still can’t pin!!! It sends me to a list that says choose a board and if I click on the board nothing happens and if I write the name of the board nothing happens. I am missing out on the thing I enjoy so much because I can’t get an answer. I had someone here today for several hours trying to figure it out for me and they couldn’t either. Please Help!!!

  56. How do I stop all the adds for ‘weight loss secret’s and cures’ that are being loaded into my account when I open my followers page. It is making me crazy!!! Enough to want to stop using Pinterest. HELP

  57. I just upgraded to the newest version and I ‘re a lot don’t like it at all…you have to pick a board every time…can’t change the board if u hit the wrong board it just auto pins and u can’t tell for as sure what board u pinned to….I want to go back to the previous version….this one is taking the fun out of pinning… please give us an option to use previous version…..please. please please

  58. i didnt post any pictures with nudity. i always abide your laws. then what happen to my account. pls give it back to my to me.

  59. Like so many others, I can not see my pins, boards, etc. Googled the problem, I guess I’m considered a slammer because I tend to pin several times during a session on your site. Tried the help center there but that is also not working. is this a problem that’s going to be fixed or ignored?

  60. all my pins were erased yesterday for no reason -I am so upset. Is there a way
    fix this? so many great pins gone!

  61. I cannot get into my Pinterest at all. I’m getting a message that says my account has been suspended for inappropriate use. What? I have never knowingly posted anything inappropriate. I need my boards! I access them all the time! Love Pinterest. HELP!

  62. I started pinning and describing my posts using @danarebecca so that I could link the users to her main site and when people repin this it changes her name to @dana Curtis Rebecca. Why is this happening and how do I stop that from continuing to Happen

  63. I want to know if there is a way to see who is looking at my boards that is NOT one of my “followers”. Is there a way to track the people that visit my page?

  64. thank you so very much for doing so!! I’ve been trying for several times to
    attempt to fix whatever was causing these pins but didn’t know how to. ins
    tead I kept deleting them each time I’d get a chance to do so. thank you so
    very much in catching this and fixing the error!!! very much appreciated;)

  65. I clicked on humor with my granddaughter last night to show her a funny cat pic. The page had adult huor all over it. Why is this not a separate page choice. The other pins on the page were not in english. I guess Pinterest Inc. has stopped looking at the site and has stopped fixing issues. There should be pages to choose for languages now. I will have to find a new site since I don’t like seeing cartoons in sex acts.

  66. There is a woman who has been continually harassing others on Pinterest for a number of weeks repeatedly. Even when you block her she comes back with another profile and will continue to harass the same people. She then reports those of us she doesn’t like as harassing her. I have posted pins that contain screen shots that show her statements and lack of control for others to see so as to avoid her. If this continues I will absolutely pursue her in a court of law. Who do I contact to send a subpoena to at Pinterest?

  67. To whomever it May Concern:

    I am really sad that you have changed the format of ‘Pinterest Weekly!’.
    I used to look forward to receiving it, however now found that it is totally boring as what is the difference from looking at ‘your suggestions’ which you think I may like, or me looking through various boards, myself!!

    Also quite relevant is the fact that when I did receive my ‘most pinned’ it,was always the last couple of pins I had actually pinned and not MY MOST PINNED!! I found this very disappointing as even though I realise it is not a competition, I personally used to ‘get a kick’ from seeing my pins and receiving acknowledgement!! I guess it boils down to my ego and I realise you can’t please everyone and also the huge amount of work you would all have to do to achieve this!!

    Another thing, whilst I am on the subject, I like to put three coloured hearts (like a signature) on the end of my comments,re the pins. I had chosen a different colour for each of my boards but now find that they are often not there!! This is happening more and more!!! For example my whole Board, LE JARDIN DE PLEASURE had NO HEARTS AT ALL!! I then went through and edited the page, re-entering the purple hearts which I had chosen for this particular page!!

    They disappeared once again from most of my pins!! Is there a reason for this??

    I LOVE PINTEREST SO MUCH!! My son (last surviving out of three, has Terminal Brain Cancer (Tumour!!) and I find I can ‘disappear into another place’, whilst I am on Pinterest!! You have given me a wonderful way of escaping, be it for just a short time!! – SO THANK YOU ALL AT PINTEREST!!

  68. Hello
    I was wondering if you give tours of your San Francisco offices, I live in San Francisco and my sister is visiting from New Orleans next week on 10/16/13 She would be blown away, she is a big fan, and so am I.

  69. Dear Pinterest, I just had to let you know….I have a repin after pinning a pin, writing a message to my grandchildren about the pin it has gone crazy. It has been pinned in 8 weeks almost 1100 times, sometimes up to 69 times a day. It’s somewhat educational,makes people think about their future, who says Pinterest can’t be a medium for the mind? Pinterest you all are a great tool for so many tings, just wanted to say thanks, Joni Abate

  70. Not at all a fan of the new format. While the icons on the pictures show up, none of them work. I can’t enlarge anything. I can’t edit or delete anything, and I can’t go directly to the website to obtain information or retrieve a recipe, for instance. It takes me to a search page. Then I have to guess which site has the information I want. I have trouble scrolling to pin a picture on the right board. Nothing is working for me. I loved Pinterest! Now I’m not sure I can even get it to work, much less pin anything. Unhappy!

  71. Some how my Pinterest reactivated itself… I have no idea how this happened. Can someone please tell me what may have caused this and how to prevent it from happening again?

  72. this pinterest site sucks……you sent me mail saying i had to deleat som stuff so i tried to deleat and could not get in to my site to deleat because you shut me down how the hell can any body deleat any thing when you shut them down before they can do this….you people suck here tried to contact through the help side but i could not get through to you tried several times. were is the real people that is suppose to help at problems…mainly that you cause in the first place…..

  73. I have been trying to get on my Pinterest Page and I get the message “It appears the link has been broken.” I don’t know what that means. How can I get on my own Pinterest Page? Is there a problem with Pinterest being down for some reason? Hope you can help me. Thank You.

  74. Since you put the latest ‘Map the things you love’ thing up all my pins disappeared and none of my buttons work. Can’t pin anything and can’t get on to my boards. Can’t log out or change my password. This is only happening on pinterest….PLEASE FIX IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  75. WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE/HELP Service possible. My account was somehow deactivated and I have logged several tickets with this issue. Each time, I receive an email saying I will hear from customer support within 3 days. Over a week later, NOTHING. I need to access my boards. I am so disappointed in this service, it is unacceptable.

  76. I can no longer put url’s on from a website-it always says error-our engineers are looking at this.It has been about 3 weeks.I barely go on because that was the best part,to me.

  77. I can no longer make comments on private pins I send… I am using an iPad…. What gives??
    When something works and everyone likes why,why do you keep changing it….
    Where is the tech support? Lol… Today is Fri. the 13th…. I’m most likely batting zero……???
    Still you guys should try to help people more……

  78. Why have you changed the format?
    Why change something that is working well?
    Just got familiar with the set up, and then you change it, so frustrating!
    Not so user friendly any more!

    Please go back to previous format!

  79. I loved the old format much better!! I liked when I pinned it would show other pins that were similar in nature , such as recipes!! Please stop changing !! Thanks

  80. I can’t reach my account and I need it very much. my computer is o.k and I can reach all the information I need beside Pinterest which I use a lot and learn from others and get cool ideas. Please HELP!!! Ilana

  81. I have read all the comments so far(88), and I do not see the problem I am having. Whenever I clicked to “follow” one particular board, I would get the person and all their boards. If they have 300 boards, I would have to scroll through all of them to find the one board that I wanted to “follow”. Over time I was following over 1,600 people. I decided that I was only going to follow people that had less than 5000 pins. When I tried to “unfollow” people with more than 5000 they are not deleted from my followers page. How do I pare down my followers page to make it more manueverable? I was able to delete people before, when I was done looking at their one board. Is the new format keeping me from deleting these unwanted boards? I do hope someone from Pinterest eventually reads all of these comments and actually offers some much needed answers.I know there are probably a few bugs in the system that need to be worked out of the new format. I love the feature that lets me know if I have already pinned something. Pinterest is an enjoyable pastime and I hope it is able to get everything fixed correctly!

  82. I received a package from a woman in Turkey. It contained two cloths–like table scarves. I looked this person up on Google and she is on Pinterest and Facebook. First, I DID NOT ORDER THESE GOODS, BUT SHE HAS MY ADDRESS and shipped them to me. I have contacted my bank and intend to contact the FBI as this is probably going on all over the world. If there are any unauthorized charges on my account, I will not be held responsible, but heads up everyone–people can get your information and try to charge you for goods you didn’t order. Watch your bank statements closely.

    • Marla,
      I would be very curious to know if you ever received anything other than an automated response from Pinterest regarding this problem. I’m so sorry you’re having this problem. I do hope you get some sort of resolution. Thank you. Nancy B.

    • Marla,
      I would be very curious to know if you ever received anything other than an automated response from Pinterest regarding this problem. I’m so sorry you’re having this problem. I do hope you get some sort of resolution. Thank you. Nancy B.

  83. The new way they have now starting in 2014 is not as good as the old way. I liked the way pics showed up on the last set of changes, that is fine. The everything board is not as good as the home feed. Please bring the home feed back. As to porn, I am amazed constantly by what some people call porn or get upset by. I have had sculpture by Victorian artists taken off here…art I see in the teen section of the library here all the time. I suggest that people who want children to use sites online find or make a site that is child oriented. For children. Then you can feel free to Bowdlerize it at will without making the rest of us think you haven’t spent any time in the world outside your monastery. Italian nuns have fewer problems with nude art than some of you on here.

  84. Okay, so it’s not just me. I’ve been trying to long into this site since I signed up & never got in. When I click forgot password I get the “an email had been sent to your email address” msg. Done it several times, still nothing, yet I’m getting automated updates to the same email address daily. I emailed customer service, I got no reply, I’m done already & I never got to log in…smh

  85. not happy…not happy at all. I am no longer interested in receiving anything from Pinterest, but I can’t get them to stop.

    All I want is for them to remove my name from their data base….is that too much to ask.

    No Happy….

  86. I want unwanted followers OFF my PAGES! I have ONLY agreed to follow or to ONE/TWO and there is HUNDREDS I have clicked UNfollow and some are Disgusing!

  87. every time I try to log in or sign up I get a message that does not allow it. How do I get access? also I wanted to order something that is hand-made so I wondered how to contact the person who makes it as I want to make sure it has enough wooden pegs for a coat rack…I saw a couple on line…one had many pieces of wood sticking out for a coat rack and the other one had only a few.

  88. I love Pinterest! Just a thought, it would be amazing if you could just look at somebody’s boards or profile and select multiple pins to pin to your board with like a check mark box or something. Same with deleting the pins you don’t want anymore. I have been trying to put my pins into better categories by deleting some of the same ones. I am getting sick of always having to go through the same steps to delete just on pin. when you could just update pinterest again by putting a checkmark on each pin and check the box if you want to pin the pins or delete them. Like your email for example, if you want to delete some of your emails and you just check mark them and then you have an option to put them in junk, favorite them, or delete them. I think that would be a much better way to handle Pinterest.


  89. Someone is pinning something ( a diet ad) from my Pinterest account to my FB page- others are repinning it- I have NOT pinned it- did NOT post it to FB and can not get rid of it!! I have changed my FB password- have deleted it on Pinterest- and it keeps showing back up on FB!!! HELP!! It makes me very nervous!!!

    • I just tried to go on Pinterest myself and finding that someone has hacked my account. There’s a pin that’s not mine and it is really frightening that someone has a photo of me and my 5 month old and using my account! I am unable to change/reset my password. I can’t change anything. No access to my account whatsoever. I’ve contacted the phone number letting them know that their support system doesn’t support! What else can be done?

    • Did you get any help on this??? The same exact thing is happening to me and it’s making me extremely nervous. I have tried to deactivate to no avail and have tried contacting them many times. I need some real help

  90. I have a bot on my pintrest I use my phone for this how.I can’t get to the help center it won’t let ne please help!!!!

  91. Hello
    I registered to your site by cons I made a mistake, I made the inscription is in English and it would be easier for me to have it in French, could you make the change.
    Thank you for your understanding

  92. HI – we would like to use one of the photos on Pinterest for an advert campaign. Please advise on the steps to have permission? Thank you kindly!

  93. Please fix your website. I am sure you can see that so many people including me, are trying to pin something and it is not happening. Look, we love your site, I look forward to spending time on it every night but, it is not working properly, please fix. you have a large audience and we are trying to contact you and you are not responding. Ok, why not? Why not? Please fix. Make us happy again. I have so many things I want to pin and I am in limbo. I NEED TO PIN!!!!!

  94. I agree with most of the comments above..I love the “artsy” and social aspect of Pinterest, however, there many bugs that need to be worked out..As of today, 2/13/14, I’m not able to make comments on personal pins and I am not able to pin new pins to my friends..HELP!..I think you guys need to hire additional(brighter) employees.I have seen your excuse, “We have a very small staff, bare with us”!..You have millions of fans worldwide. Treat us with respect or you’ll be standing in the unemployment line!…Julie

  95. Someone used my email address to sign up for an account now this site spams me on a daily basis and I can not get them to remove me from their list. SPAM is not legal and if the FTC will not fine you and you continue to spam me, I will file suit.

  96. I have sent multiple emails and I have yet to hear from anyone. I was told 3 business days in the auto email that I get and it has been assigned to someone per the email but they are not doing their job and actually helping or responding to me. I really like my account but I am not going to keep it if I can’t pin anything. To be frank with you, I am quite frustrated that nobody has the care to respond to my request for help. It goes to show that you don’t care about your supporters. If someone has enough common decency to respond to this maybe I can provide you with my request number that nobody gives two craps about.

    Thanks for the help.

  97. When I into pinterst I found beautiful verse. Meant to copy by ut by mistake lost it. It has a headstone with RIP the a verse underneath. How can I get it again

  98. I logged off accidently and it appears if I want to be on Pinterest, I will have to start all over again. No support “person” to speak with. Only unhelpful emails. Frustrating. I had quite a few boards and thousands of pins. I don’t think it is too much to expect some help but it is not happening. smh

  99. I think it’d be awesome to take Pinterest to the next level. If you had a TV show many people would tune in, real people using real pins they’ve found. Fantastic or flop, people would love to watch everyday people using the pins. You could also do like a once a month “pick a pinner” and make some of their “pin wishes” come true. Another aspect I love about Pinterest is that it involves more than one country and culture. That would be a big audience draw too because I would love to listen to some French or English or German lady talk about and try one of her pins. I pin things from pinners in other countries and love learning about their fashion, food, and home design. I think a lot of people would watch and you already have such a large, loyal following/fan base. Please think about it. 😉

  100. I don’t understand why I have to constantly sign in and when I do it tell me that’s it’s wrong…..very mind blowing

  101. I just sent an email requesting help because I think I was hacked and now reading all these comments I don’t think I’ll get a response! 🙁

  102. Hai,

    I am from Intelligence office, Eluru. we have purchased printer hp laser jet Pro 1606dn, Serial no. VNF3C07269. Now i am facing problem in our printer so take this as a complaint and take necessary action.

    S.Jyothi Babo,

  103. Why is everyone informing pinterest about their grievances on this site? This is not a pinterest help site, it’s a 3rd party site that listed their phone number. There is NO pinterest customer service phone number, only their business number. They don’t read the comments here, you have to go through their own help menu.

  104. So, I had to set up a Pinterest account for a school project and I am so sorry I did. You send the most annoying emails, at least 5 times a day. I unsubscribed. I went to your site and changed my email preferences to “getting none.” The amount of emails didn’t even slow down. So, instead, I had to delete the account. Best decision I’ve made all week. I can honestly say, I will never go to your site again

  105. I am looking to find the post about kitchen stools …wood, metal for my kitchen counter. Someone responded with the number and company…I cannot find it. Please help.

  106. I know that you people are up to the tenth floor of a five-floor building with requests for various pin manipulation methods.
    I know that your initial glee over the immediate acceptance and wholly positive reactions to your Pinterest site has been clouded by exhaustion and an over-caffeinated life-style.
    You have created something that is beyond cool. For very many people it is extremely cathartic. In all probability you do not realize this because you do not have any time to spend on your own site. (not as a user, anyway)
    As a rule, I do not contact people by any method. I do neither complain nor commend. Ever. (ever before, anyway)
    Hang in there. You are the first people in a VERY long time to be doing something truly positive for the world.
    I am…impressed.


  107. Please assist me. I am being blocked from pinning my pins from Pinterest onto my facebook account. I am also being minimised from sending e-mails after I have pinned to about 4, thereafter I am stopped by spam robots. I am dealing with a lot of people and organizations, and this hampering my work. I am not spamming. The work I do and the subjects I pick are educational mostly which have already received a lot of acclaim.

  108. I need someone to contact me regarding threats and stalking on pintrest this lady is pinning quotes and e-cards and then puts threatening remarks under these pins . She needs for her account to be deleted . How can this be stopped??????

  109. I am having a hard time loging into my profile. I have gotten rid of my cookies etc, and it still comes up “Oh ooo” join pinterest and make an account..R E A L L Y??? I already have one!
    Why is it so easy for pinterest too always have problems? I think you need better tech support myself, and organization! Stop changing something that is working!

  110. Pinterest is the worst thing that has ever been created. If someone emails you it could get you forever on Pinterest and makes it impossible to delete.

  111. Are porn pictures allowed on pinterest? That seems like a highly inappropriate place for porn

  112. I have “joined”interest several months ago, you fill my email address everyday and until recently, I accessed the site thru a bookmark. For several days now I have been asked to” join interest now” each time I try go to your page. I’m already a”me member”, I am Not a business,What is the problem. I tired of this annoying question,I even re-entered my information and you told me the email was invalid! No it is not. What is up with you people?

  113. I think Pinterest is the greatest website in the world. You could say that it’s changed my life, at first I was keeping to myself about so many things- I didn’t want people to think I was weird- the only people I talked to about things I liked were my family members. That is until my mum showed me Pinterest when she was on it. Now I feel like I’m not the weird one 🙂 THANK YOU!!!! XD

  114. I think Pinterest is the greatest website in the world. You could say that it changed my life, at first I was always keeping to myself about so many things- I didn’t want people to think I was weird- the only people I talked to about things I liked were my family members. That is until my mum showed me what she was doing when she was on it. Now I feel like I’m not the weird one 😀 THANK YOU!!!!! xD

  115. It is impossible to get a human and not everything is covered in their help section. I received an official looking email telling me to change my password as they have been hacked. I need to know if this is ligit. Can’t find anything on Pinterests website and no one to call. My frustration level is to the point where I’m about to never use them again.

  116. I ended up with two accounts tried to deactivate one and it did both. Then no help to reactivate. No real help. Just a email in another language.
    Pinterest has no public relation people to help with problems. It’s not worth the trouble.
    My time is valuable and better spent on other things. Done with pintrest!

  117. I am like many others I speak to are thinking of leaving Pinterest , you removed all the provocative pictures of women but you seem to think it’s ok to have pictures of gay men in rubber or leather etc …. Which is fine if it was on a separate board but not on the board ” men’s fashion” because men in bondage leather and rubber is not actually men’s fashion ! And I don’t want my young children to have to look at it ! And I am in the fashion business , jb

  118. I have been trying for 3 months to stop!,!!! Receiving emails I am going to get it stopped I want no more emails sent to this email and if I get the same results I will contact someone to get it removed For the last time no more emails sent to me from Pinterest I am not a fan stop! Stop! The emails

  119. Not sure what to do! A pinner on Pinterest is using my photograph as her own? Not sure if I should be flattered or scared! Have left comments on her pins but she ignores me, when I try to contact Pinterest through their help centre they ask for screenshots, now I am not really very computer savvy and unless I attach this the message wont send, I have tried inserting a link but it wont send. HELP!!

  120. Ever since the Heartbleed happened, you sent me a message telling me to change my password, which I did, now I can not access any of my boards, every time I try to log in or sign up I get a message that does not allow it. How do I get access now? I can’t even unsubscribe now which is ridiculous.

  121. I had over 10,000 pins in various categories now there is NOTHING there…what’s up?No customer c\service to speak to? I loved my pins and spent hundreds of hours of my life choosing them. Shame shame on you!

  122. Every time I log into Pinterest I am getting explicit porn pop ups. This is not happening on any other web page. If this continues I will have to stop using Pinterest.

  123. First, my computer is working fine. Second, Pinterest has the worst customer service. I use to tell people about Pinterest all the time, now, I don’t bother. My boards are all messed up, the button to move them around to arrange them is gone and when I try to type a comment it doesn’t work. Pinterest is so busy trying to add all “new stuff”, well, maybe they should try to improve their customer service and fix the continual problems that keep coming up. They need to hire more customer service and have an “online help” available to their faithful following. When a company doesn’t have an address and phone number available I get suspicious, are they hiding? Why in the world must I hunt through the internet to find an address? I am getting tired of getting generic response to my emails.

  124. It is May 2 2014 and i have to tell u I hate the new notification picture that is put in my email
    when someone pins a pin of mine. I do not want to see a 4 paned window of pins and then be transported to their board. Don’t like it at all. First off I’m not sure which pin they pinned !!!!
    Pick 1 of the 4. second I don’t want to go to their board to see where they pinned it. Please go
    back to the old system or I will just change the status to get no notifications. the only reason I
    get them is I like to see the most popular pins. By the look of ur Customer Service and this page
    I am certain that my opinion doesn’t matter but just had to E-mail u anyway

  125. I love the sub headings that have been added to each of my boards. I had to tell u how much I
    disliked the window pane notice of a pinner and taking me to their board. I just want to see what
    people r pinning from my boards. If I want to go to their boards all I have to do is click on their
    picture ! Don’t force me to go to their board and mixed my pin with theirs in the window pane
    4 picture image. I will not look at it anymore too irritating that why I shut down all my notifications.
    Thanx for ur interest Keep up the good work and enjoyment.


  126. This is a complete scam. You guys are not a real company. I am so completely concerned that Pinterest is allowed to still be active. I opened an account maybe last year and had barely used it. Someone hacked my account and weeks later is when Pinterest decided to notify me via email by telling me to change my password. I have since done so. It has happened all over again to where random pictures and sites are being pinned without my consent. I have contacted Pinterest a total of 6 times today only to have them tell me to reset my password or contact Tech Support. I have already done so and now I cannot deactivate my account. I have requested that they do so as well and what does Pinterest tell me, to try to change my password. I need a live intelligent person to be available on the phone to assist with this issue instead of some idiot college kid who doesn’t care about their job.

  127. Worked on a blog for 3 hours liked preview, now cannot find it, also cannot submit my website where pinterest requires it, so far it looks like we are dealing with a bunch of amateurs, not worth the time of even trying to get our names off, extremely unreliable, not user friendly, I believe I will warn people on my Sunday morning Good Morning Maryland and Good morning Washington TV shows

  128. I just want to thank Pinterest for making my day…..
    I am 78 and don’t get out much but with your site I can visit places, find out how to do things and see lovely animals.

    I wanted to tell your team how much the site means to me with a BIG THANK YOU

  129. U put my account in safe mode and says u suspended it till may 31. Stop sending me some automative response about changing password. It won’t let me. Take my account off suspension and safe mode now. It’s not my fault about activity. Why did u bother my account and not other people. Wtf. Leave it alone. Lisa

  130. I forgot my password and only option is to have them send new temp password to my old email which was hacked and no longer in use. How is there no option to have them communicate through a new address. Hacking is a common problem so I’m sure it’s not an odd problem. No way to contact anyone for a resolution. Thousands of pins I cannot access. How do you create such a site and yet have piss poor customer support. Get your priorities right and your heads out of your asses. This has been a frustrating problem and FYI this is how you loose customers.

  131. How can I begin to tell you how much pinterest means to me 🙂 I am disabled and can’t get out very much so I am on your wonderful site all day long!! I have learned so much from your site. Thank you VERY MUCH 🙂 sincerely, Laurie Haggart

  132. I am sickened by the political hate ads on this site…I use this site to better myself as a person… not to post hateful politics….also the pic of the dog with its face bitten off was WAY TO DISTURBING for pinterest…

  133. Suddenly I cannot pin without it taking 1 minute or more. I have contacted Customer Service and they say it is my computer’s fault. I cleared all history, and cookies, and such. I have no problem whatsoever with any other program or site. It is only Pinterest. They no longer will answer me. Please help.I’ve been on Pinterest a long time and have thousands of pins I can no longer use.

  134. While browsing on google I noticed that my old profile picture is on there. I never gave permission to use that photograph for you all to post to Google. I have updated my profile picture in hopes you all will take that picture of my son and I off Google. I too will be contacting Google about this issue. I am very dissapointed that my profile picture was shared with Google.

  135. Hello,

    I am learning more about Pinterest everyday .. Enjoying all the wonderful ideas and creations of others. However I just received a comment today , May 29, 2014 on posting more then 4 of someones posts.. I did not know there was a limit.. This is what the comment said
    “”TEDDY’S GIRL • 2 hours ago

    Please be respectful. I have stated on all boards NOT to take more than FOUR pins total per day including all boards. Raiding and copying is not what pinterest is REALLY about.. You are old enough to have some common sense.”

    If I was wrong.. ok.. however I read the pinterest rules.. I didnto see a limit on the posts..

    Can anyone please enlighten me?


  136. I have a suggestion for you on the app and website can you show every time somebody looks at your boards and pins thanks

  137. I have been a member of Pinterest for at least a year now. I truly enjoy the great posts from crafts to food. Although I’m a history buff and enjoy the history posts one thing that disturbs me is the lack of sensor ship the people are allowed to post. People could post the most disturbing pictures people being murdered ,postmortem pictures , foul language and many, many other very disturbing and at time inappropriate posts.I thought Pinterest is for all ages to see apparently not and I would not allow my children to go on by themselves. I am by no means a prude but I feel there is a limit especially when a web site such as yours is for all people to view I am seriously considering leaving and perhaps starting a petition for any people that feel the same way. I hope you will take this concern into consideration. I wish to hear back from you.


    Angela Giordano

  138. Why have a website if you can’t get help resolving problems? I’ve sent you an email with no response and no answer on phone

  139. I am writing this because my problem with emILS FROM PINTEREST has not been resolved by your helpcenter. I am not receivinving the e mais=ls concerninf my followers, repineres erc. No mail whtsoever. Please, fix this so I can continue my ativities with pinterest

  140. Pinterest mobile app is broken. Indexing in category array is incorrect. Links go to incorrect categories. Photos and order are correct however. I am using Samsung s4.

  141. I believe that Pinterest should monitor files & people who post pornographic photos on their sites as to me it is degrading when someone follows you & has inappropriate images showing bluntly for all to see, unwillingly! I strongly think Pinterest should not allow people to volunteerly follow someone without the person being followed to be able to accept them or decline them following! Worse…there is no way of removing them from our Follower tab. I think that if people want to display Pornographic Images or want to view them (PLEASE MAKE IT SO ITS BLOCKED & THAT YOU HAVE TO BE AN ADULT TO VIEW IF THAT PERSON WANTS TO SEE THAT SORT OF IMAGE)!!!! Not all of us want to see that, & please take in account that young children may be viewing Pinterest!

  142. …In addition to my last post~ I look at all these posts & it sounds like ongoing issues. I realize the internet is a place for all sorts of things, although I firmly believe that Pinterest needs to be responsible for maintaining proper images or actions for unwanted images from people supporting their site.

  143. I tapped on Everything, which put all my pins on your homepage. The only place I want my pins is on my boards. Your HELP section is totally useless. I’ve also tried to get in touch with your customer service, that was just as useless. Your web site is terrible! You shouldn’t have to go through 100 pa. ges looking for something that isn’t there. And when yo tap on customer service you should be able to get to them not the same useless crap you’ve been seeing. I know I’m not the only one who feels this way about people who do web sites. I was really hoping you were different. Apparently not. You have my email address. If I don’t here from you only to tell me how to fix this problem, then I’ll uninstall your app. I’m not going to look through 100 comments for a response. I hope it doesn’t have that far, because I like your app a lot.

  144. (krosis) and (indigo fem ) . and (liz frink) have been talking about sodomy and such things to my under-aged brother. Is there any thing you can do about it? Like kick them off Pinterest or something? They have been insulting him and degrading him and our belief in God, and badmouthing my brother for his beliefs. I could report this to the police. I will report them to the police if you can’t do anything about this. Please let me know.
    Thank you. God bless.

  145. I’m not very happy with pinterest at all..having problems log in now i cant log in.emailed the “help” center no help there they cant even email my back.they need an easier system to log in change password ect…so now i have to start all over IF im even going to so not wanting to.

  146. Why can’t I rearrange the boards alphabetically at the touch of a button and never have trouble finding what I’m looking for again. It’s a Perfectionist Nightmare!!! Please Please Please let it be a permanent fix. I’ve spent countless hours rearranging them only to have them changed up the next morning. It’s so frustrating!!!

  147. I have had nothing but automated responses from Pinterest. I have been using Pinterest for years and really enjoying it. Then one day I couldn’t log on. They had suspended me. One of their automated responses just pretty much accuses you of putting up smutty content. I have never put up such content, never been rude, never anything, and they just completely kicked me off – no explanation, no recourse. I don’t know if someone got hold of my login and did such things or if they are in error, but I think I may never know, I’m not sure they have any human beings there.

    I’m going to try this phone number and see if it does any good. I really used Pinterest a lot because I’m in bed most days with a terribly painful nerve condition. Pinning really did help me keep my mind off of it. I’m just so disappointed that I can’t even defend myself or have anyone look into it. It’s horribly embarrassing. I mean I haven’t told my family or anything…it’s just too weird.

  148. Don’t bother calling the 651 number to contact Pinterest. It’s disconnected with no alternative #. Also, good luck trying to get them to drop you. I’ve tried 5 times – it’s a hassle navigating to what you think is a message box – type all you like – they’ll just ignore you & you’ll keep getting their emails. What a bunch of loosers

  149. Well I absolutely love Pinterest, I think it is the greatest app and I suggest it to people all of the time. I am on it daily and have watched it really decline. Frome spending hours a day on it to me now spending minutes, if that sometimes. The updates are nice to an extent, but after a certain amount of them it gets hard to use and enjoy. The “related pins” that pop up on my home page are very annoying. One out of a thousand of them are actually relevant. We follow people on Pinterest for a reason, we only want to see what THEY posted, not the rest of te world. The weekly emails and notifications of new boards we should try are nice to get because they give us an option to follow the other boards rather than forcing is to follow ones that we don’t like. Also, with the extra boards there is so much stuff on my home page that I don’t want to have to look through that I turn it off and don’t get to look at the people that I actually follow. I’m not trying to dis the app or creators, but these changes that were made are going to make you loose customers/audiences/users. Please take this into consideration. Thank you.

  150. I absolutely HATE the updated Pinterest search option! It’s horrible and very user-unfriendly to try and look something up. It separates each word you type into the search field..many times you cannot actually get your idea across of what you are looking for.Please change it back to where we can type in an idea normally!!?

  151. I logged in to find some games for my Sunday school class and was greeted by a picture of a half nude women. I am disgusted that this is part of Pinterest. Anyone, including kids could accidently pop this up- it came up when I typed in God’s creation games. Does everything have to be about making money? How about some decency?

  152. I recently received a message from you to check my email for a message & then click it. The problem is there is no message on my email from you. Could you try & send it again?

  153. I love Pinterest but have not been able to log in for days. I have tried everything and have done what comes up manually. I cannot get customer service to talk to or return my calls. This makes me sad as I just started pinning and pinned so many recipes as I love to cook. Someone please help. It’s therapy and keeps me from eating…….lol.

  154. I’m not really sure how I even got signed up with these guys.
    All I know is I keep getting their emails, links, etc about things I have no interest in whatsoever. I have tried several times to get through to someone & cancel. Ha! Unsubscribe? Ha Ha!
    Should be called “DIS-Interest” – that’s what they have for their members. I’d give them a negative 5-star rating – if only I could

  155. OK, I’m not really sure how I even got signed up with these guys.
    All I know is I keep getting their emails, links, etc about things I have no interest in whatsoever. I have tried several times to get through to someone & cancel. Ha! Unsubscribe? Ha Ha!
    Should be called “DIS-Interest” – that’s what they have for their members. I’d give them a negative 5-star rating – if only I could

  156. To whom this may concern,

    Pinterest is by far my favorite online site, but recently a girl under the name Kimmie Irwin has been repeatedly bullying a girl named Grace. She is using foul language and violating Pinterest rules she is promoting self harm and harassing this poor innocent girl. I have been reporting daily and so has many other fellow Pinterest users but nothing has happened! We are very unhappy, and some people think you do not care. This poor girl is being bullied daily and you are doing nothing about it it’s very frustrating. We want this page removed NOW I believe if you don’t do it soon you are going to lose many Pinterest users. We are expecting something to be done! No one deserves to have there pictures stolen and have comments such as the ones Kimmie is posting posted. She even has pictures posted of Grace and her younger brother, and Grace and what looks like her mother calling them both “skanks” this is terrible! Please delete the account!!!
    Sincerely Ashlyn

  157. Hello PINTERST providers I would just like you to know there is an Instagram acount “kaciaaalyn” posting/stealing your pictures as if they were her. She does this quite frequently and also steals tumblr pictures and random ones on Google and I will also be contacting them because that is unjust and not right to you guys. You’re welcome.

  158. Hello PINTERST providers I would just like you to know there is an Instagram acount “kaciaaalyn” posting/stealing your pictures as if they were her. She does this quite frequently and also steals tumblr pictures and random ones on Google and I will also be contacting them because that is unjust and not right to you guys. You’re welcome.

  159. Hi, you removed my boards due to a apparent not permitted pin. This pin may have been a bit on the not permitted side but definately not porn. There are pins that show penatration and others that realy pornographic but still on boards. Please explain.

  160. An uploaded photo by Della Newton for an Edna Wallace hat is our photo from eBay and we have copyright. Photo in question is

    Please remove immediately.

  161. I tried my level best to get in touch with someone, anyone that could help me post a very important piece of information. Called a SCAM!!! I kept copying, copying, and put it in my note book. I worked my ####### off to get this for everyone. I am new, and had no idea what I was doing but tried very hard. If any of you receive a letter in the mail that’s Titled NATIONAL REPONSE CENTER, DO NOT GO TO THEIR SITE. it SAYS scam ALL ACROSS IT.iT ALSO SAYS THINGS LIKE CRIMPED WALL, IT’S JUST SCARY. so, IT’S STILL IN MY Notebook COPIED, AND PASTED EVERYTHING I COULD. When I could not get no help by chat, I called the CORP. OFFICE, and left a very intense voice mail, and explained it all. I hope this has helped someone. Ginger

  162. Hello
    I have a young junior daughter under the age 13.
    Who enjoys looking into pintrest is there a pintrest
    For our young viewers of course with safety precaution.

    Thank you,

  163. I ordered an item from a pin and immediately had fraud activity on my account. Don’t trust buying anything.

  164. I cannot access any boards at all! I’m using my Blackberry – tried everything already!!! What’s the use if I cannot see any boards – not even my own??

  165. Hi I have seen several free crochet or knitting patterns how do I get to download them. Look forward to hearing from you.

    Regards Beryl

  166. I go to the log in page fill everything out and nothing happens. I cant log in period. Why is that. I have not done nothing to get flagged

  167. I am really disapointed. Two of me personal boards were erased, one of them were privated.
    I don’t undersand why pinterest team maked that decition with out let me know…that pictures were a big recopilation since long time ago and was completly legal according pinterest terms. I hope you understand me position, evaluate me particular case and bring back me boards.

    Watting for a reply

  168. Most of the time lately, when I choose the “Pin It” button,the board picker doesn’t open in a new window.
    Also, I no longer have the send option button.
    I have used my Kindle Fire for the many boards and pin I have created and that is what I am currently using.

  169. hello,

    i bought shoes from through your website; i have never received the order, they took money , they did not reply to any of my e-mails!!!!! they don’t answer the phone either.
    does Pinterest agree with that kind of fraud!!!!

  170. I have several boards on Pinterest which contain music/songs from YouTube. Yesterday, I watched a video which explains how that is supposed to be done, not just by “sharing” which I have done previously. I won’t share anything else until I hear from you.
    Do I have to delete the music that I have already shared from my boards? Is there a simpler way to post songs than the way that is shown in the video? (I don’t think I could ever figure that out!!)Am I allowed to share from other pinners’ boards — and how? Thsnk you. Sharyn Jaycoxe 8/16/2014 9:45 AM

  171. Hi, I am a avid user of Pinterest, and love it but I think it would be a lot easier to use if the boards were filed in alphabetical order, like they are when you add a pin. Kind regards from jo

  172. I hate the new update. I do not want my news feed full of pins you think I will like. I want my feed full of MY friends pins and people I follow. Now my feed is full of duplicate crap I’ve already seen a million a times.

  173. I sent in a report about a malicious pinner who is harassing and bullying people on Pinterest, went through details of the problem and all I got was an automated response within seconds. Last year I contacted you with a problem and actually received a response back from a very helpful and kind young man who solved my problem.
    This woman is causing severe mental distress to people. She is not mentally stable and is causing a great amount of harm.
    However, since Pinterest has grown in leaps and bounds, the individuals who made it what it is today have been forgotten and don’t matter. All you care about are your business accounts.
    Thanks a lot. Thinking very seriously of leaving all the distress and drama and going back to Facebook or another site similar to Pinterest where they care about their users.

  174. How can I delete my mothers pintrest account. She used my email to make her account and I have all her detail. she also told me I can delete the account, so I asked pintrest several times to remove the account and they did not! How can I make an account with my Email

  175. my pinterest is NOT doing cover pins fails to load. what good is this format?its on dial up but we cant afford to pay this computer for NO SERVICE even on my site. what in the world is wrong with……do i need to put a new password

  176. I am very frustrated with your site. One of your customers has displayed a copyrighted photograph that I took in 1970. On your site there is no clear link to send a DMCA – Take Down Letter. I have had this same photograph removed from your site before but do not recall having this much difficulty in finding the correct address to send the notice. Please reply with the information required. I have spent months having this photograph removed from many sites and have had to deal with three sellers on e-bay selling this photograph as well as a company selling a poster of this image. I do not want it to start being copied again. I sent an e-mail to the address previously used and received a request denied letter. It seems to me that the person listing the photograph should be responsible for the legality of the image, not make the photographer go through this much effort to have it removed.

  177. Pinterest is my favorite social media site. However it’s no longer fun. There are a gang like group of woman who think they own the pins. They set up rules and put pin limits and if you break them they send nasty messages to innocent people sometimes teens that are just getting started. The worst is they feel if you take more the 7 they need to take revenge so they start stalking you, intimidating, harassing you. My sister took 3 pins from a pinner and this was over a year ago, till this day she is still being stalked this horrible person copies boards and pins with the captions my sister leaves on there. There is a whole gang of woman Called Spectre they send you threatening messages with misspelled words. They feel they own every pin and this is their work. The leader may be mentally sick she writes long messages about her luxury home and how famous she is, and everyone is jealous of her. They are making Pinning not fun anymore and Pinterest has to do something about the harassment. I would love to go to the Media with this.

  178. I have been trying for several days now for Pinterest to send me a link to change my password. I have forgotten my password and my pinterest email. No, I did not write them down I wish I had now. I realize that was very stupid of me thinking I could reamember them. I had to delete all cookies which of course were getting me into my pinterest account without logging in, but now I can’t. Would someone PLEASE help me!! ALL I NEED IS A LINK SENT TO MY EMAIL ADDRESS so that I can change my password. Thank you

  179. My Pin It button on the safari toolbar has suddenly stopped working. I have tried rebooting, uninstalling and reinstalling, with no effect.

    Cannot get any customer service on this.

    When I sent in an email, they sent back a bot letter saying they he’d too small a staff to reply.
    For a site as large as this one is, thats an unacceptable answer.

    I have had much better customer service from smaller applications on my phone!
    Get with it Pinterest.
    I have been a heavy user, and am looking to increase participation, but this is hampering efforts.

    I have had questions about starting up a business page and cannot get them resolved either. Now this functionality issue.

    Step up your game. I don’t want to see this excellent site become a spam hub.

  180. Recently you have changed Pinterest to show me what people are pinning to their boards on a news feed. Every time they pin something I am notified as to their activity . This is ANNOYING……I DON”T CARE! If they want to send me a pin that is fine but this is almost like Face Book I’m following what everyone is doing…..Not a fan at all.

  181. My account has been suspended due to graphic pins or spam. What? If you look at my pins there isn’t nothing like this that I have pinned. I pin recipes, clothing, workout tips, and cute animals. How is this graphic? I have emailed you to reactivate my account but have yet to receive a response. You need to get a customer service department hired to handle these issues. Seems to me there are a lot of issues that need to be resolved. I like Pinterest so please look into this for me.

  182. I am the owner of premium aged domain and would dearly like to talk to you about an amazing Pinup concept that I feel would compliment Pinterest Pins of untold value.

    If you are interested then please let me know at my email shown above


    Wayne Bond

  183. I can’t open my notifications to find who pinned one of my pins and which one. This is a way I find new boards. Instead I get news of what other people are pinning. I am not interested in that. So frustrating!

  184. I am not pleased with the new promotions on pinterest. When browsing the site, the pop-up screen to get an account via facebook or pinterest is distracting and obnoxious. As a popular website, one would think people would be able to decide, for themselves, if they want to be a member or not. Having that ad blocking what’s visible detracts from that choice. Furthermore, when attempting to make an account, the background screen continues to scroll down. That’s simply annoying and can cause motion-sickness! Please change these nuances. There was once a pinterest that was user friendly and allowed people to choose if they wanted to join or not.

  185. I can not access my boards. What do I do? I click on the button to go to the my account and nothing happens. Also in Firefox and IE the page of pins is not completely loading. Any ideas? Thanks

  186. For your information I have sent the following Editorial submission to the New York Times:

    for your information I sen the following email to Pinterest Corporate.

    “You folks need to understand that 80 percent of your users are women. No doubt your allowance of blatant homosexual pictures with close to full frontal nudity and total rear nudity, as well as men in compromising positions, is offensive to many users, myself included. Should your company continue to permit this, I will make a major effort to publicize this to seek to boycott Pinterest. Homosexuals have many other web sites that they can use to spread these offensive images. I would appreciate a Pinterest Corporate reply.”

    • I didn’t know about this but I’m thinking about closing my account anyway….I’m sick of the ads I starting to see…I want to pin a picture and I have a whole page full of ads to pick from….

  187. I have an account that I cannot access. I have sent several emails indicating that I have an issue accessing Champagne Locks. When I requested to reset my password on Champagne Locks, your IT sent me an email to change a password on an old account I had. I also have my new account following my old account for some reason but cannot access my new account. I needed information for a job and due to this issue, I had major issues completing the job. I really need someone to look into this because I cannot access any of my private boards and this has become an unnecessary headache and it has severely impacted my ability to complete a recent job. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

  188. Please fix your website that was updated. I’m unable to click on pictures and use the site efficiently without reloading the page. I am not having any other problems on other sites or social media.

  189. Free site but we can not see the whole page(s)!
    ~ Pages change every time you go in to them!
    ~ I love to copy the whole long page to go back and “PIN” the pictures later when i have time…
    I’m ADDICTED to Pinterest literally!
    ~ But the added restrictions are starting to turn me off!
    There’s more to see…
    Sign up to see the rest of what’s here!
    Sign up with Email
    Already have an account? Log in now
    I created an account and could not get back to the same page!
    ~ NOT COOL!
    You log in and can ever ONLY SEE the pages you have marked to follow!
    ~ NOT COOL!
    ~ I love seeing the front pages from all posting through out the world!
    ~ You are the 3rd largest site in the world!!!!
    ~ We want to see the world’s pictures…
    Correct this problem please, it was fine before the bottom banner crap was added to some pages…
    This link and my comment will be posted online…
    I trust you will address the issues i mentioned…
    Thank you kindly…

  190. I am not able to log out of pinterest. I have tried two different computers now. When I click to get the log out nothing happens. Please advise.

    Erlene Olson

  191. Pinterest is horrible at assisting when there are problems. My account is suspended and I DID NOTHING WRONG!! Other people said it took 3 WEEKS to get Pinterest to let them back on. The help center is a joke. You have to read through a lot of layers in hopes you will find an answer to the problem.

    • I am so frustrated with Pinterest. I am fairly new with using a computer, but I enjoyed using & learning more about Pinterest. I had some really nice boards I worked hard on. My security company,Norton, took over my computer to install a Norton tool bar & updated the adobe flash & whatever else they did for up dates. I told them to make sure to save my favorites, which include Pinterest. They said everything would stay the same. After they were done, I clicked on Pinterest & I couldn’t log in. It said the password was take, so I tried another 3 different times. Pinterest also said my e-mail was taken. I called Pinterest & they took over my computer & said it looked like it had been hacked, so I would have to pay $199.99 to be able to log back in. I said ” I thought Pinterest was free”. They said “It is but since it looks like you have been hacked, you have to pay this fee so we can do a security check to make sure you have not been hacked” I told them Norton had took over my computer & everything was fine. She said “well, I’m sorry but that what we have to abide by.” I’ve been gone to the beach & I would like to get back on Pinterest, but y’all won’t allow me too. Then I get an e-mail about new changes for Pinterest customers!!! Well- hello? Can U tell me what the heck is going on???

    • I LOOOOVED Pinterest. Until this past weekend, when I went to sign on to my account and it said it was suspended. I have email them 15 times since Saturday asking why it has been suspended, since I only pin: recipes, crafts, hair care/styles, fashion, and exercises. Customer service for this company is just horrible

  192. ok so someone used my comp to set up a pinterest acct. Now I am not able to get into my account no matter what I try. It will not allow me to log them out or go to log in it automatically no matter what go to their account. It will not allow her herself ( which is my daughter ) to even deactivate her account. This is ver fustrating. Can you help me I have followed all of the info provided and nothing is working NOTHING!!!

  193. Hello,

    I am having troubles with my account. Today I was pinning as usual and I was about to start following a board when it started asking me for my user name and password, after several attempts, I was told I was suspended. I tried to log in after that and I was told my email was taken.
    I do not understand what happened.
    I was able to log in about half and hour ago with my email however my Information and boards were not there. And then I was told again I was suspended. Is there anyway to retrieved my old information. I love Pinterest and I have put a lot of time working on that account.

    Would you please be able to help me?

    Thank you

    Best regards


  194. My pinterest account got suspended for no reason and I am sure and know that I didn’t post anything nasty or dirty on there.

  195. When there r free crochet patterns, there r sometimes like 78 comments to go along with it taking up to much memory on my phone, can this be way limited please?

  196. When there r free crochet patterns, there r sometimes like 78 comments to go along with it taking up to much memory on my phone, can this be way limited please?

  197. I have 6 pins in my account I cannot access…those two pins at the bottom that tell who pinned one of yours! Thye have been there for a month. i thought the new update I did today would fix it but it did not!!!

  198. I am very excited about the Elite Furs to Wear board that I have created. My problem is that I have questions that you have not been able to answer thru the internet. I need to speak to a person.

  199. When I look up my full name in a search engine, many of my pins show up in Image Results. It also brings up “(my full name) on Pinterest” and when I click on it, it brings up my entire Pinterest account, including my hidden boards, even when I log out of Pinterest.

    I have changed my Pinterest User Name to just my first name, turned on the Search Privacy (yes, I clicked on Save) that is supposed to keep search engines from showing my Pinterest profile in search results. I never did link my Pinterest to any of the social media sites, and I regret using my full name. Stupid.

    I don’t want to deactivate my Pinterest as I really enjoy it, and I’m not sure that doing so would take my account out of the search engines. What do I do? What can Pinterest do?

  200. i have going to the help center for 2 weeks because my I pad says safari cannot open page because the address is invalid.they keep having me change my password and it still does it.

  201. I use Pinterest on my iPad through the browser safari. Recently every time I click on a pin it closes my browser and opens the App Store. I have tried the Pinterest app and I just don’t like it so I deleted it. Sometimes I can keep closing the App Store and eventually it lets me back on the regular Pinterest page but within a few minutes it’s opening the App Store again. I saw online others are frustrated. There seems no way to contact anyone either. I’m very frustrated. I’d appreciate any help. Thank you.

  202. Recently set up a personal and business account to try out before launching our web based business. Idea was to set up a couple boards and post pics… to generate an idea of what it would look like when other posts. Set it up, posted 3 or 4 pics with food… FOOD… and I get a ‘your account was suspended” the very next day. What is up with these people. Anyone have any idea

  203. I am trying to find a stained glass piece
    Ocean Shells SUNCATCHER Stained Glass Seashell Nautical Sea Shell | eBay

  204. I have tried for a month to get Pinterest to send me a “change password” link and have yet to receive one. I was using Chrome browser and had to delete it. That was keeping the password and my Pinterest email too. I cannot get anyone to contact me regarding this issue. I continue to get emails about new followers and other issues regarding Pinterest. I have many boards and I guess I am going to have to just give up. This is very disheartening. I have enjoying Pinterest too! 🙁

  205. Hello everyone,
    It is disturbing to me to see that so many people are having problems with Pinterest. I am a college senior and I was using Pinterest for my personal professional development. All of a sudden, today I was locked out of my account because I was told that I had explicit pins. This made no sense to me because I was only pinning things such as: business cards, suits, ties, dress shoes, leadership advice, industry advice, management advice. I wanted to use the site to promote Pinterest and to show corporate recruiters that I am sociable and that I use social media professionally. By the looks of all the comments it seems thatmy situation will never be resolved. 🙁 It is kind of heart breaking because it is a good site but now I have no other sites to show my interest that I approve of. Any suggestions please…

  206. This is so sad. We have all been taken for a very cruel ride. Pinterest was once a great giving vehicle for many to share and care for each other…but now because of their greediness and disinterest in their subjects they will soon go the way of the typewriter and their subject will devour each other. Sorry pinterest, I loved you well. The bell tolls for you. WAKE UP!

  207. My account has a different persons user name on it and I have lost all my pins.i can not get it back. I need help. Hope I have not been hacked. I have not been getting emails from Pinterest either.


  209. Hello,
    I love pinterest, ifind so much inspiration …but since the update I am not able to send pins to my friends. What’s wrong ? I tap the arrow and nothing happens…..Help!!!
    Thank you.

  210. Hi.since yesterday I can’t browse on pinterest. I go in and then it doesn’t even open the photos. What’s going on? ?.

  211. I have been using my Facebook account to sign in to my Pinterest acc but now is says I’m my account is !suspended!!!! Why is this?

  212. I was on your site clicked a interest I think garages or small spaces anyway I now have some porn that I think has a teen girl, women with dogs and yes to what your thinking. I can go on other sites but as soon as I press the icon for Pin interest the porn is there. I’ve tried my anti virus and I am working off a tablet. I am sure it in happening to other people. You have my permission to view my account. I’m really am kind of scared because this really is some sick porn and must be illegal. I am not able to speak to anyone from Pin interest to report!

  213. I had to get a new email address due to problems with the old one and now I can not get on pinterest anymore. can you tell me what to do?

  214. I’ve read all these comments, including mine! If things don’t get any better with these Pinterest issues, it will just fade away. I really enjoyed & looked forward to getting on Pinterest everyday. Sadly to say, not anymore! Too many problems & not as much fun anymore. So aggravating when something goes wrong & you can’t get help. Also all the changes get confusing! Anyway I feel like their boat is sinking & I won’t be dog paddling much longer~ if you know what I mean~

  215. My comment was on Sept.27th. I had to figure out myself how to “join again.” Took a a long time to out-smart them. I’ll probably get kicked out again for making this comment, but, oh well- life goes on. I can live without Pinterest! Ain’t nuttin but a thang…..

  216. I am trying to send pins and they keep going to a person I do not know. How do I fix this. I sent a pin and it just picked a name at the top of my list who I don’t follow……?? What can I do.

  217. Lost me today. I loved Pinterest but now all of the sudden you aren’t supporting Explorer 9 only Chrome and Firefox. Sounds like a money thing to me. Not changing to Chrome or Firefox. I know I am only one person but the comments I am ready I won’t be the only one you have lost. Goodbye

  218. This is beyond disappointing. ..I cannot open your emails-the boards you suggest–without being sent to Google Apps which I already have@. And the “help” on Pinterest doesn’t —wow!?? Great website until today

  219. Pintrest has enabled someone to go in and write and send nasty post back and forth between my daughters. Weather its one of them or someone else. Apparently fake accounts have been set up to do this. This world does not need another avenue for people to hurt and harass others. This has put a rift between my family that will never be able to be repaired and others will do the same thing when they figure out how.

  220. ive recently had my account suspended for content violations, which is ok i understand that, what i am very upset about is that i had found these pins on boards with much more vivid images which supposedly violate pinterests terms and conditions.
    so i would like to know why i have had my account suspended and why these people have not i would appreciate a reply as i cannot contact pinterest directly on an email and get an answer

  221. Hi for the first time i ordered an item through Pintrest 1 month ago. It still hasnt been deliverd? Can you chase the merchant or refund my money now?
    You really need a real customer service if your going to compete with the likes of Amazon. Already put off.

  222. OK – I’ve enjoyed Pinterest for about a year and a half now….BUT when I first started looking around I DID NOT have to worry about the likes of “Scarlett Johansson”….and other scantly clothed women popping up on the “home” page…..for crying out loud….this soooo URKS ME…. I like to look at the site with my “son” but obviously there won’t be any more of that…..!!! Thanks for ruining something we enjoyed !! – A disappointed mom !!


  224. Seriously I am horrified Pinterest needs to fix this immediately .. I don’t know what’s happening but I clicked on a link for DIY head board and some graphic illegal content showed up involving animals and children this is disgusting and Pinterest needs to fix this immediately !!!! Never in my life have a been so disgusted !! No one should have to see these things !! Help!!!! Do something!!!! Please!!!!!!!!! The. Authorities need to get involved immediately .. I am considering involving the police !!!

  225. I find your sight very difficult to use. First there is a continuous request that I confirm my email, but no where to type it in. Second,nothing every appears after selecting just one category.

  226. I am not receiving my repins from my friends. Can’t seem to get any support with this problem. please help with this problem. Thank You.

  227. Hi, Why do I need to log on every time? In fact, why do I need to log on at all when I am just looking for ideas? Why do I constantly get asked for my log on information? I avoid this site like crazy now because of these issues. I can just look at Google Images.

  228. When I go to pinterest I get the message that I should use Chrome or foxfire.If I don’t only half the screen shows.
    If you have Chrome and use Norton somehow they conflict and your incoming and outgoing emails are jumbled, missing lies, and paragraphs left out.
    So goodby to pinterest fun!

  229. Dear Pinterest,
    Every time we attempted to get on your website for plantation shutters so we could look for some styles, some dumb pop up window wanted us to sign up or join facebook which we don’t do. All we wanted to do is see what syles you offer. But who ever set up your web site didn’t create a escape from these annoying windows. We have 16 windows and would have liked to see what your company had to offer. But after numerous attempts to look at your products, we finally got discussed enough – to say hell with it. I wonder how many other customers you have lost because of this annoying web site.

  230. I am not receiving any emails from pinterest. I have checked and pinterest is not blocked. I have reported this problem for about 3-4 weeks. I have tried everything and I can’t figure out what happened.

  231. I want to start off by saying that I am hooked on Pinterest. My daughter got me interested and there’s been no stopping me. However, I have an issue with regard to the recipes. I find the process to obtain the recipe to go with the beautiful pictures of dishes cumbersome. Cooking is my favorite hobby and I’m not satisfied with a pretty picture. When I pin a “recipe” my aim is to try it out. I end up having to go to other sites to obtain the recipe. It’s not always a successful endeavor. I end up just going online and trying to find it that way. Please respond with any tips you may have or suggestions that I may be missing. Thank you very much for your time and consideration and above all, thank you for such a great concept.
    Rachel Dolan

  232. We need to talk to someone about getting our Pinterest site up. It says it’s live, but when we search for it, it can not be found. It’s called chillwater apparel.

  233. Pinterest censoring political pins for the last two months. Have written to them eight times with no resolutions and usually no reply. Home feed seems to be stuck on diy/craft pins and looping the same old pins over and over again. No help from customer service at all other than to deny there is a problem. Can’t just talk to a person on the phone. PINTEREST YOU SUCK!!!!!!!

  234. Many moons ago I asked you to delete my pinterest a/c which my Grandchild set up, without permission.
    This was done. However when I Googled my name; to my horror it has also my email address.
    I can not seem to get hold of pinterest, so please will someone help me remove it.
    David (aged 76) and techno illiterate!!!!!!

  235. You keep telling me to confirm my E-mail & say that you’ll send an E-Mail for comformation you never do so, I used to get beautifull wedding cake pics from your site & now not very much to choose from, is it because you havent sent a e-mail to comfirm I am who I say I am?????????

  236. I am VERY FRUSTRATED with the fact that every time I go to change my profile picture or “about me” settings, it ALWAYS says “INVALID LOCATION”. I have been as patient as I possibly could be and decided to wait for the next update in hopes that it would fix it and even with the most recent update it STILL isn’t letting me change any personal settings. IM VERY FRUSTRATED. I’m considering deleting my account all together. Something needs to be done about this ASAP.

  237. Hi, I have created a bussiness account but its not visible by anyone. What is there reason behind it? And how can I make my account visible for other pinners who are not even following me? This is very urgent and I need reply ASAP Please.

  238. tried opening an account for my business and nothing but the run around. I want to use your site but now really pissed off I wasted my time typing everything in and BAMMMMM. I couldn’t use my personal name as a username because my freakyfurniturestore is to big, Really frustrated.So as of now I don’t think I will EVER use yer site. VERY FRUSTRATING…….,,..

  239. I am putting you on notice as you have never had my consent to contact me failure to adhere to my wishes will I assure you result in me taking legal action against you. I am a retired disabled pensioner and I have also had 4 x heart surgeries I am not interested in you or your company this I am informed is no less than harrassment.

  240. Pinterest, I love your site as it is filled with a wealth of information and ideas. I have two suggestions that i think would make all of your pinner’s happy.

    I would like my pins to be in alphabetical order but dragging each one into place takes way too much time. Please make it possible to hit one button that will automatically put them into alphabetical order (or at least make it easier by checking the order you want them by assigning a number to them).

    I also agree with Alyssa Wilson who said on January 25, 2014 that she would like a better way to delete her pins. She suggested being able to check multiple pins (like email) and then click one button to delete them all at once instead of having to delete each one. Please make it easier to organize pins on Pinterest to make it easier for your fans.

    I’m sure you will make a lot of your pinner’s VERY happy by improving the organizing capabilities of your site. Thank you for your help on these matters.

  241. Is there any way to have pins reported or removed off this ex has a board kayla ‘ s moments under the name garry loomis Jr I want them removed because he continues to exploit our 2 yr old child all over the Internet and it needs to stop

  242. Also is there a way to block garry loomis Jr from contacting and electronically stalking me I have a 10 yr criminal protective order against him

  243. Please bring back the ability to save the
    Photos from the pins to our phone. With this
    Recent update you took away that ability.
    I look at those pics fir motivation for
    When I don’t have internet or Wi-Fi access.
    Very disappointed!

  244. I started a pinterest account last night. I DO NOT LIKE IT. When I log in, my page goes dark and I am bullied into taking surveys and looking at other pinners’ sites. I can’t even click on my name to deactivate. I HATE THIS. I hate being bullied into obeying commands from pinterest. GET ME OFF THIS MESS. Even when I go to the “help center”, I can’t get help because you have to just click on one of a few options. I find directions to deactivate my account and it tells me to click on my name and then click on settings. I can’t even get to settings. I WANT TO DEACTIVATE! OMG. Get me off this horrible thing. I DO NOT WANT OTHER PEOPLE LOOKING AT MY PINS. I WANT TO DEACTIVATE.

  245. I’ve emailed and emailed them and they dont read the emails! All they do is tell me to change the password! I have a business account and I have lost about 85% of my boards!!!!!!!! They are acting like I don’t know what I’m talking about.

  246. Please please PLEASE tell me how this happened! Several months months ago I pinned several things to my boards. I went in yesterday after not having gone in for several months, and my pins where gone!! The boards are there, but the content and all of my pins inside our gone ! I re-pinned several new things yesterday, but there is nothing in there on my boards from several months ago. There are a few boards that had one or two things that I pinned several months ago, but the majority of the content is lost!

    What in the world happened and had one get it back?

  247. i have taken myself off of a group board as a contributor but it is still showing up on my pinterest page! please fix this!!!!

  248. I finally opened a pinterest acct however I’m having difficulty verifying my business website. It keep saying domain not found. Please help. Thanks in advance.

  249. I think its ridiculous how I have to log in to reset or change my password, when I have forgotten my password. There is no easy way to do this. If anyone knows how, please reply?

  250. Why are you reporting this Pin?

    – Spam

    – Nudity or pornography

    – Graphic violence

    – Actively promotes self-harm

    – Attacks a group or individual

    – Hateful speech or symbols

    – I just don’t like it

    These are now the possible ‘tick boxes’ you can use when wanting to report a pin on Pinterest. It is no longer possible to leave a message, which I think is completely wrong! 🙁

  251. I don’t do Facebook or Twitter! I need to know how to get on your site! You’ve changed everything and I have no idea how to get on or look at things I hit like on. Why did you make it so hard? What did you change things around like this? Not everyone likes Facebook or Twitter! Please send an email of HELP!!!!

  252. I’ve been trying to view your site with some extreme frustration to the point where I need to tell you it’s extremely frustrating. I got NO information from it as it insists on channelling me to sign up or get the app. What do I need the app for if I don’t know what I’m getting!

    I guess you’re in the States from what I’ve seen, so you’re of no use to me…. Unless you have a team in UK.? I can’t tell though can I?

    Good luck with your business. I think you’re going to need it!

  253. You have the worse customer service of anyone. I tried to log in and I kept getting a message saying to check my email so I could reset my password now after an hour still no email. You people need to get with and give better service!!!

  254. Ive been enjoying Pintrest for some time now. Today I got on my computer to Pin some recipes and it had changed. Hardly anything on the pages. topics at top had few things in them. Im very disappointed! Please put it back like it was. i enjoyed so much to look through those long page of pins and view what I wanted. So fun
    I do believe you have made a BIG mistake changing this.
    I wont be back unless back like it was
    Thanks for the past enjoyment
    Connie Wilson Richmond KY

  255. Do you ever monitor posts. ..I just saw one that showed pictures of cows in front of a fire stating Old MacDonald had a farm…Had. A part from the fact that we have just gone through a major bushfire, as many do throughout the world from time to time….this is not what I expected from pinterest. I am horrified…

  256. Ive been enjoying using, pinning and sharing on Pinterest for over a year now, ive gotten alot of followers, then Pinterest Shuts down all my hard work pinning and building up my boards and deletes my whole account. If one of my pins were not acceptable, then find you can remove it, i dont have a problem with that, ive tryed to pin things that arent nudes or to overboard with sexual contents, ive been on other peoples boards who have all nude photos top & bottom, I wouldnt pin those at all for the reason of the rules. Well you guys shut down one of my boards once before and now you shut all my boards down, that was the last straw. i deleted all my pinterest from all my devices and wont endorse how great pinterest was when i was on it to my social media friends. and further more, i had some emails from pinterest telling me some pics were against the rules and it was a female in a nice dress only not even nudes or any sexual content at all, i dont get it…oh well you just lost a fan of Pinterest!!

  257. I Joined pinterest for the recipes,home decor, photos and clothing ideas but your lack of interest on keeping it a family friendly, safe site leads me to cancellation! And reporting! I will let everyone I know that this is no longer a venue for my interest!
    Very disappointing!

  258. I really don’t like the overload of ‘Picked for You’ pins on my page. I don’t mind some suggestions but seriously…..I LIKE TO PICK what I want to see. Sometimes the pins from the people I follow introduce me to something new and interesting that I haven’t seen before.

  259. I have had my Pinterest account set privacy and No to recommendations from the beginning and yet this evening plastered on my board was advertisement from Victoria Secret and women in barley dressed attire and one woman blowing on something. I find this so offensive. No where in any of my boards does it exploit such crap. At least Pinterest should hold up their end when it comes to allowing people to block or say no to recommendations. It means nothing. I emailed a “Margaret” that wrote on this subject she indicated that Pinterest can not take all recommendations off. Excuse me? Then why did Pinterest give us the option to say No?. How many people does it take me to contact in order to be left alone?
    This is totally stupid! It has happened more in the last few days than all of last year, since I have started complaining! Sounds like a retaliation!

  260. I hate the feature “Picked for You”!!!!!! It is so utterly annoying to me that if I can not figure out how to disable it, I will just give pinterest up altogether. Why do you people have to mess around with a good thing? Have you nothing better to do than conjure up ways to mess with people’s home feed boards? It should be something that people who do NOT like this irritating feature can easily disable

  261. Hate the “picked for you” feature. It doesn’t reflect my interests and I am fully capable of finding what I want to see all by myself. I am aware that many people feel the same as I do. At best, remove it, at least make it a controllable option.

  262. I received a pg of suggested sites from pinterest which I recently accessed….one of the pages regarding birds displayed pornography
    ….you will find if you open my pinterest boards that I do not post any secret pages…the only thing I could find that might have generated such a post is the name of the person whose page I searched had “porn” included in the spelling of her name…I would imagine that large numbers of pinterest clients would find this very objectionable. ..I certainly did…Thank you in advance for addressing this issue..

  263. I do not use either facebook or twitter,I prefer to communicate with people on a more personal level. If my ability to use you’re site is predicated on being on either/or one of those sites,even as much as I like your site, it would just as well to remove me from your site.

    Thank you,

    Art D.

  264. I don’t know what these people are typing in their searches or who they are following. I have never seen any semi nude, nude or even questionable content on Pinterest.

  265. I love Pinterest, I really do. However, these “picked just for you” pins need to stop! They take the fun out of using Pinterest. I can’t explain how irritating it is to open my page and see a bunch of random pins that were not pinned by myself or people I choose to follow. I understand that advertising needs to happen, but there’s got to be a different way to achieve it. i don’t want some random computer system scanning my pins and telling me what it thinks I would like. It’s annoying!!

  266. I absolutely loathe the junk that has popped up beneath pins from the site about them. It is ugly and totally unnecessary. If people want to know more about a pin, they can go to the site by clicking on it. A lot of them already have their logo on the pin. Combined with their website info, that sure be sufficient without more bold typed info about them. It can be eliminated, it’s just time consuming to do.

  267. would love to purchase cheetah chair with matching ottoman.Can you please contact with info mation in regards to the price and how to purchase phone number please thank you

  268. I can understand the limited customer support. It is probably some guy working at his kitchen table that owns and runs the site. Welcome to the world of the internet.

  269. I tried to log in to my account and it said
    “We have reset your password to keep your pins safe”why did you mess with my password and my account?Because i didn’t do that.THAT IS MESSED UP!!!!!!!If someone tried to hack my account is there a way for you to tell me who did this?if
    thank you
    Samantha Boitnott

  270. I hate, hate, hate the “suggested for you” pins added to my browsing page. They ruin the experience for me and the supposed fix for them (click on the X to make the pin invisible) only works part of the time. The other ugly pins stay there no matter what I do.

    And their so-called help pages are a bad joke. There is no way to just send them an email. Instead, they give arbitrary categories that don’t address this particular problem.

    Today I wasted my Pinterest browsing time trying to get the ugly exercise pins removed. I don’t visit exercise boards EVER, so someone just arbitrarily decided to litter my page with their pins. And I cannot complain even in email.

    Does anyone have a working email address for these jerks? I’m really furious…I wait all week to look at pins I’ve chosen to receive and now Pinterest has ruined it for me.

    • I agree! I’m disgusted with the pins showing up as well! Who is arbitrarily picking this pornographic garbage and why is it being allowed!!!

      Anyone else have an opinion on their suggested pins and random pins?!

  271. As an interior designer, I have discovered(mostly from other designers) a great use for pinterest as a tool to create amazing visual boards for clients. It’s fantastic! It gets rid of paper waste and the added time needed to create boards out of foam core. There is only one small issue that I wish, WISH you guys would address.

    If it could be possible to physically manipulate your pins around your board in order place one photo next to another of your choice. This would be fantastic for use in any business presentation. Right now, if I wanted my fabrics for the sofa I chose to be next to each other, I would have to be careful to pin each pin in a specific order. If I didn’t like something and had to unpin, I would need to unpin everything else in order to keep my board cohesive. How annoying! I could easily create a digital board using InDesign or even photoshop but, you really can’t beat the fun and ease of using Pinterest as an easily created presentation board for clients. Please consider working on an interface where I as a designer can choose to manipulate the photos within my board in order to form a cohesive presentation.

    I believe that if you guys did this, it would spread like wildfire among young tech savvy visual designers as an even more powerful tool for business use.

    Thank you!

  272. How can I get a hold of a live person? I accidently put in the wrong age on the site and it blocked be because the age put in is under 13.

  273. The newest update to the app is AWFUL! I no longer see just my feed, but get a lot of garbage of what “people on Pinterest” love. I HATE this layout so much that I’m contemplating deleting my account. Please revert the format back to the previous version (prior to March 2015).

  274. I would love it if someone could create a way to make a “board” within a “board”. Maybe “sub-boards”? This would help organize the categories more.
    Thank you so much!!!

  275. Hope someone can help me in this matter, I changed my email in my profile, my original email does not exist any longer due to changing cable companies. Now I cannot login to my pins, they sent my change of email verification to my old email that does not exist, so I could not verify my new one!!! I have been trying to get this resolved for 3 days now!!!

  276. When I want to pin something I’m too often getting a bunch of ad pictures…When I want to pull that pin up I don’t know which one it is…All I see is an ad…This is not right to give us a whole page of “which do you want to pin?” and have be all ads…It has happened to me numerous times…I just go out a save it on my hard drive…If I want to order something I don’t need an ad…I just research it….

  277. When I try to pin something that I have already pinned, it would be helpful if the notification that says it has already been pinned would also state where it has been pinned. That way, if I want to pin it in two locations I would know where it has previously been pinned.

  278. I have been contacting Pinterest via support forms for 3 days, and they have not offered any help at all accessing my account. The absolute worst customer service I have experienced online. #epicfail if you ask me. I am a paying business customer so you would think they would offer some help. Rediculous!

  279. Can you please tell me why you allow dirty pictures on pinterest.
    Suck as cakes in the shape of penis’ I thought this was a place for the family to enjoy.

  280. I am very disappointed with the way the whole “Pinning Process” has changed. What happened to going to your neatly displayed boards and clicking the board to add the Pin? You practically have to have your boards memorized to find it to then add your pin. Today I checked it out and the background of the entire page is black. In the middle of the page are the small red Pin blocks from which you chose where to put your pin – the title of your board is in such faint white and incredibly small type that it’s hard to read. It’s gotten so frusterating that I don’t want to even bother anymore.

    Please Please Please go back to the original way of displaying the choices from which to add your pins to.

    It used to be fun – now it’s simply organizing gone mad!

  281. I never thought that I would write this about Pinterest, but I have no other choice. I’m shocked and amazed by the lack of Help Desk and customer service. Starting about almost a week ago, my account has been hacked. Someone is posting pins using my profile and profile pic that are not by or from me. I have sent Help desk the appropriate e-mails three times about this problem for over 3-4 days with no response from them. I’ve changed my profile and account name and password, and the pins are still appearing like they are from me. I’ve called and left a voice message at the corporate office just now, threatening them with a possible lawsuit. I think that any user who has had this problem should get together and file a class action lawsuit. This is ridiculous. I find that I have no other choice but to close my account. Sorry for you Pinterest.

  282. Hello,
    I recently received a message I may have pinned content you do not allow. This I understand, my question to you would be, why allow content on your site you do not agree with. You allow the content to be there, then say don’t pin it it’s kind of ridiculous.

    I would like to know if you removed one of my boards? it is no longer there. If so I should have been made aware you were going to do this as I am sure not every pin on the board would have been against you policies. If you do not want certain things pinned do not allow them on your site period it’s only common sense which seems to be lost on most of society today.

  283. Ihave inactivate my account please take away my picture from google search engine and other search engines!
    please do that as soon as possible because my account has been hacked!
    best regards!

  284. Pinterest is a bunch of sorry ass holes. So far they have deleted three of my boards. I don’t get any legitimate explanation as to why. They keep flshing a banner that says “You may have pinned content we don’t allow”. Seriously?!!! The only things I have EVER pinned, are RE PINS from other boards on Pinterest! And it gets better. They delete my boards for content that they “don’t allow”, but the boards the content comes from are still there. Could someone please explain that to me. It feels a lot like CENCORSHIP to me

  285. I have been trying to log in to my pinterest account but could not do so for the last two days! Apparently a problem on pinterest side! There’s absolutely no way of contacting the customer service help line either. The frustrating thing is that other people still get to repin some of my pins!

    What do I do next?

  286. Hi Pinterest,

    I know that you can not remove “picked for you ” posts ( I have asked before ) but I really hope that you can minimize the amount of posts as more than 50 % of the posts are of this sort. I feel spammed and bombarded – and that is really a shame as I used to like Pinterest so much before you started on this bad idea ( after my opinion ). Pls minimize it to maybe just 10 %.

    Best regards


  287. You have a hateful, violent man on Pinterest that I made a comment on a picture of his after another lady had already done so. And he has been harassing me ever since. I have “blocked” him but apparently YOUR definition of blocked and Facebook’s are totally different because he can still contact me, I just can’t tell him To leave me alone. I had NO IDEA PINTEREST WORKED THIS WAY, I MADE A COMMENT ON A RACIST PICTURE AND NOW ITS A FREE FOR ALL ON THIS SCARY DUDE AGAINST ME!
    The phone number you have here is bogus (MAILBOX FULL)
    So tomorrow I will contact the BBB of Arkansas and my local law enforcementment! WHO WOULD BELIEVE SOMEONE IS BEING THREATENED ON PINTEREST FOR GOODNESS SAKES!!! I don’t even know how this guys horrible picture came onto my page, I certaintly didn’t sewrch it out! FIX IT!!!!!!!!

  288. Hi there, I’m trying to create an account.
    Once I’ve typed in details it pops up saying problem at are end??
    I’ve tryed several times.
    thanks francesca

  289. I use to get emails when people pinned now that stopped now my counter stopped that tells how many has been pinned and liked my stuff I checked my setting and that all say yes
    please check this out

  290. The promoted pins are so profuse now I’m starting to hate Pinterest. What’s the deal with Fabletics!!!!! MAKE THEM GO AWAY!!!!!! Pinterest, please give pinners a chance to block these advertisers once we have seen them many many many many many many times! You ask why we are “hiding” them? Why do you care? They just keep coming back!!! Do you need money? Give pinners a chance to pay a very small fee to block all this advertising. This is not what Pinterest started out to be … it was supposed to be what WE THE PINNERS wanted. Now it’s whatever paying customers want to show us. NOT FUN. RUINED INTEREST.

    • I totally concur, Kim. Pinterest used to be fun, now I’d rater look through clothing catalogues. What happened?

  291. I cannot get my recipes saved im losing 1 arrow I liked the chart I had to save recipes this has been going on for 3 weeks I cannot save recipes please fix ,thanks sue

  292. I cannot put my recipes in the right locations I put recipes in my shoes then move to right location other wise the board spins I can’t do the right thing

  293. Pinterest is one the worst web sites I have ever tried to use. It is impossible to log on and “help” is useless. I hope Google puts Pinterest out of business with its new board.

  294. In the last month, I was sent an email to create a business account linked to my personal Pinterest account. Will you please resend that email so that I can establish the account.

    Thank you,


  295. I can’t access my account. I keep getting this message :
    Safe mode alert!
    Due to strange activity, we put your account in safe mode to protect your Pins. You just need to reset your password.

    I have requested help with a new password several times.
    I was told an email would be sent so I could change my password. I haven’t received any emails Please help.

  296. Dear Sirs,
    PLEASE PUT ALL THE SHELTER ANIMALS ON ONE AREA. IT IS VERY SAD TO SEE.MOST OF THE ARE ALREADY EXPIRED. Or done awaywith.some friends refuse to go back to because of this.You could call it
    Helping animals. Thanks .a concerned person.

  297. All of my boards just got deleted and I don’t know what to do. This is the first day ever I got all into Pinterest and now I’m pissed and might not ever use it again.

  298. I wanted to make a couple suggestions to improve Pinterest. I am an avid Pinner. I’ve had my account for about 4 years now and pin almost every day. One suggestion I have for Pinterest is for users to have the ability to move around pins within a board. Boards can be moved around but not pins. I would be able to better the visual orientation of my boards with this feature. Without this feature I have to repin pins from my board and delete the earlier pin. Even then, my board does not look just the way I want. Pinners should also have more options to change the visual orientation of their board. I think it would be really cool if I could see more of my pins on one page, as in making the pins smaller. Pinners should be able to be more creative with their pages. They could change the color of the background of their profile. Another suggestion I have is to start having unique audio pins with a play button on them. Music is one of my passions that I cannot really express and share on Pinterest. I love this site and I hope it continues to improve and attract more users.

  299. Thank you so much for changing the format back to what it was when I first joined Pinterest. It was so inconvenient the way it was before you changed it back. I love being able to see all my pins now, plus I love having the feature back that when I pin something, it let’s me know if I’ve already pinned it. Once again, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!!

    I can’t log in. Nowhere to find how to do it.
    I opened an account Artists in our Midst for an artist group I belong to. In no way did I want it linked to my own private site. But that is what you did.
    Now I can’t log into my own Pinterest account.
    Impossibe to contact you!
    in responsible for this mess???

  301. Love Pinterest ! Just a problem I have right now. My account was suspended for 2 weeks fr copyright infringement. I never knew what that was !Terms of agreement DOES NOT explain that very well at all ! I think it is the numbers,symbols attached to a pin ??? I am just guessing, because nobody @ Pinterest has explained this to me, but just suspended my account anyway. This is so unkind….really.

  302. I think it would be a great addition to your business if you included a way to place our physical address on the maps that we include with our boards. I know some people will not want others to know where they live but I think it should be an option and if you partner with Bing or Google or Mapquest, they can show you how to incorporate this feature into establishing new BOARDS IN PINTEREST.

  303. I love getting lost in my Pinterest… I really HATE the “picked for you” pins. I love to find things myself, it feels like getting a recommendation by my mother or an annoying friend. YUCK.
    Also, as a professional artist I have collected pins depicting the human body in art and for reference, which have been deleted by pinterest. Interesting because I have come across some really disturbing images depicting nudity in a very different way and they seem to have no problem keeping their pins. Pretty annoying to have to put them in a “secret” board just to protect them from deletion.

  304. I’m really not happy with Pinterest sharing my picture on public website. My account clearly said to hide my information, however I researched my name and my picture has been made public by your company. I have deleted my account and please remove my picture. I need this resolve immediately to avoid legal actions.

    Myriam Andre

  305. pinisterest. based on today is prob the worst webste anywhere – no exception- , esp with zero support even to find a simple pininterest phone number to call. tried cororporate 9number yah right 0 number – no amnswer phone. good bye

  306. I am fed up with the board Angie Brandzen homewrecker. I have no idea who is trashing my name but want this removed. I don’t know this pinner, all I know it that her name is Meranda Pinkham. She is going to great lengths to destroy my reputation and I have had enough.

  307. My PINTEREST Icon has been missing for 3 weeks or more. I’ve done everything possible to get help from them. The phone number says the message box is full so try again later. does this sound like a company interested in servings their customers. Yet they continue to send me weekly pins,etc.

  308. I find it sorely frustrating to see you offer a product, but make it impossible to order without creating an account and giving more info that a customer wants to give. Poor customer service!

  309. Hi
    first thank you for your e-mails .

    please can you help I need a book or Video on hair braiding and twisting as my granddaughter has long hair she is 5 years old and loves the styles on the children’s pictures I would appreciate if you know of a web sit that i can buy either book or video
    kind regards

  310. Help! I am getting several messages a day telling me the same man has started following my boards. Could you please stop it? Then this morning when I click on a picture to pin, all of the pictures start moving around and won’t let me pin. It’s going haywire! I don’t want to stop doing pinterest, but I’m worried it’s something to affect my computer and I- pad. Please fix this because I love pinterest!

  311. I absolutely love this app and view it on my IPad 2 however, a few days ago I noticed that when I select a item to look at it before pinning it on one of my many boards it opens another item not the one I clicked on, That’s very frustrating !! I totally shut down my IPad and restarted but it still happens. Just so you know it’s now happening on my main computer. Sure hope you can fix this ASAP !! Thanks. Gloria Wentworth Peles

  312. Please can you tell me about the photographer who had taken picture of Burmese Muslim child sucks his dead mother brace .
    I really need to know About this baby who cares after this . how I can help this poor child please help me.

  313. I am getting BOMBARDED with email notifications telling me that some random person has pinned my pin. The screen names are all just a bunch of random letters, all look alike. I had to uninstall the Pinterest app because it was becoming so annoying.

  314. Every time I visit a pinterest page, it immediately moves me to another page with items that I am not interested in. Because of this, I HATE Pinterest. Please remove me from your list.

  315. Regarding recent update. This change is horrible, When clicking on interest, I have to scroll through several others pics just to get to what I first clicked on. So frustrated. When clicking on a post it will move to side or will not come up. Why make this so hard to use?

  316. So this web site COULD be awesome……….BUT a man names Tod Peterson is stalking my sister through this web site!! I have reported him and so has my sister. His page is so horrible that she was GRANTED a protection order through Rochester police department! I have wrote to them over and over about blocking hi and making sure this CYBER CRIME stops, but have no luck. Can I get any help in this matter??????????????

  317. Why do you allow pictures of animal cruelty on Pintrest? ?? Today was horrible a picture of using a dog for shark bait. None of it needs to be posted. I am so livid that if it continues I will discontinue being on Pintrest.

  318. My red verified check mark next to my domain has disappeared. It was there yesterday and now today it is not. When I go into edit profile it says site verified. Where did the check mark go??? Is anyone else having this problem??

  319. When I want to pin, it takes me to some previous pin and I have to flip through several pins to get to my chosen pin. Very frustrating. Please fix ASAP.

  320. Pin has apparently forgot they live in the land of litigation and a wake up call is forth coming! You have provided a phone number with a overloaded mail box so there is no hope of speaking to anyone there. On the other hand their slime ball clients like Debra Bronnele Summers fell that they can rip my copyrighted photographs and articles and past it to your pathetic little page with impunity! The bitch does not have two nickels to rub together but I will be more than happy to sue you! until you are reduced to the same status.

    Scott McWilliam

  321. I’m wondering when I’ll be able to edit (move) boards on my profile from my Samsung Galaxy 4 Note or Samsung Galaxy s4 Active phone. I keep my board in alphabetical order & when creating a new board, I have to wait until I’m on my laptop to do it. This in inconvenient as I’m seldom on my laptop. Please tell me when this will be fixed!

    Thank you,

  322. I would like you to put my pins back. I had forty four thousand pins on numerous boards .
    I was pinning and a board was put on my phone asking for a password. I could not get it off my phone and I filled it out. It kept asking me my email and telling me that my email was taken

  323. I worked on my Boards a long time. I had forty four thousand pins. My boards were erased when you sent me a password board I could not get rid of. thanks

  324. Impossible to pin! Updated yesterday and the problem remains same as previous writers have stated. Please correct this issue.

  325. Every time I go to pin something, something else takes it’s place. In other words if I tap on a pair of shoes to pin, I could actually bring up a cooking recipe, what is up with that? If I can’t pin anything, what’s the sense in using pinterest?!!!

  326. What ever “UPDATE” made it harder Ito get to the pin you want is not helping! When I click on a picture I want to see that picture! Not have to scroll over 3,4,or more pins to get to it! Please change it!

  327. I love Pinterest but I have a problem. I cant go on to it as I can’t remember passwords for it and also my email. I’ve just made a new email account but is there any way I can get on to it with new email account?. I really don’t want to make a one as I had so much pinned. Please help!

    Thank you!

  328. Hello Pinterest Customer Service,
    I originally set up my account as Personal account. I changed to business account by mistake yesterday. Is there any way to change it back to Personal account? Thanks.

  329. Hate whatever has happened very recently. When I go to pin something it lashes to something else then instead. No explanation or what to do was explained. Every once in awhile I keep hitting buttons til what I wanted originally pops up and I can pin it. Very discouraging.thinking about just leaving it all together but there are a lot of goods things on here. Just can very seldom access them and when I do it purely random. Not like I know what I was doing to get the right pin.

  330. I dont want to sign up … i never use this site, but a page was linked on another site. All i wanted to do was view 1 page … but it wont let me … has that stupid ‘login or sign up’ thing covering the page … fascist pigs.

  331. The sollar shave club ads are consi\uning the boards in addition to bustle—please let me know if you cant stop them so i can advise other pinners in addition t myself to find a new website to surf.

  332. I have a couple questions regarding the BUY button for Pinterest.
    1- Do i need to register with either shopify, indie merchants or demandware in order to upload our inventory and then be able to add the buy button?
    2- If not, how do i add it on my account?
    3- How does it actually works? I can create a board of ” Buyable pins” and people that wants to buy would go directly there? or all of my pins will become buyable?

  333. Generally I enjoy Pinterest and will continue checking it out. Today was a bad Pinterest day. It was filled with ghoulish pictures, etc. I certainly never expressed interest in anything like it. I have noticed that you seem to use one source for all sorts of questionable stuff I could never willingly look at or read. I love the idea of you asking us to update our interests but I would love it even more if you respected what we believe we chose.

  334. Dear pinterest
    Thanks for a great site,baking is my passion you inspire me to open my own bakery. What I need to ask I get a lot off my idees from your site can I used it on my website all the cakes I baked is actually the same as on the photos on your site so when I post it people are not happy about it everybody get theire idees from your site why can I not do the same,what is the site then after all.
    Please advise me
    Regards Elize

  335. Love,love,love pinterest ! It would be awesome if you had an advice section . I have some stuff i need suggestions on.Like, what would you do with ( old chair, charger plate, etc…) or where would i find?, ) T Y pinterest!

  336. Fix this app!!!!! The update before last has rendered this site useless….screen freezes, can’t scroll. What the hell happened? I will delete this i app if it isn’t fixed ASAP. I have read all the reviews….listen to us…before you lose is all!

  337. I have asked repeatedly for the pins that have my name attached be taken down. Brandi Collins and Sissy Dellamano, who I assume are grown woman and mothers are a disgrace to pinterest. Any person who trashes someones name without knowing any facts, and wishing bad on someones child should be ashamed of themselves .Pinterest should be as well, this is so foolish.

  338. Without doubt the most ANNOYING app I have ever purchased. Pop Ups prohibit one from doing ANYTHING….Please drop me from your customer list as soon as possible. Jesus!

  339. I love Pinterest but there have been so many pins that refer you to Facebook if you want to pin them. I don’t Facebook and there are several pins I like but am not able to pin. Is there some way to fix this?

  340. I have a big problem 🙁 When I am on pinterest, It tells me how many boards I have but when I want to look at them or see if anyone has liked any of my stuff, nothing will come up except the 3 squares meaning that you have nothing. What happened?! I really love pinterest.I love looking at photography.If you could, can you please help me asap? 🙁

  341. I was liking a couple of boards earlier today, but a couple hours ago when I get back on, I can’t do anything. It’s like I’m blocked from all of my stuff…. my boards, my likes, my pinners, boards I follow, anything. How can I see my stuff again?

  342. 08-02-15
    Something is wrong. When I log on to my pinterest site, all the pins disappear. I have updated virus and malware protection. Is there something wrong with the site?

  343. The workers at the 800 number that I called we’re so rude. I asked about advertising being sent to my email. They evaded my question then hung up on me twice. The second time they said they were Amazon and I had the wrong number.

  344. I’m neither on facebook or twitter and do not plan to be — your “skip” key seems to be out of order — I can certainly take my business elsewhere…

  345. It sound to me, that Pinterest needs to revamp there pins…..I have contacted Pinterest about Art theft….which I was made to take off a doll pattern due to copyright law….since than I have found people posting my art work that was stolen off my web page. I have contacted Pinterest and filled out all the info plus URL of the people posting my art work…Pinterest has done absolutley nothing about the art work that is still being posted DO I NEED TO CONTACT MY LAWYER. If so I can do so….Pinterest clearly does not respect other peoples art work.

  346. I am trying to create a board on Pinterest everyone I choose says can’t because it may cause spam???I just want “holistic Remedies” I have tried a ton of different words to no avail..What is going on????

  347. After I sent the letter about the porn that was on your site my search bar was deleted so I can’t look up stuff anymore. I would like it back please. I don’t care about the porn! I love Pinterest!!!

  348. first of all, there is no way to talk to a real person. And none of the phone numbers work. I have been trying to get an extremely offensive pin deleted and bocked from use. under her board, “gift ideas”, she has an advertisement for Disfunctional Party Lights made from prescription nedicine bottles,,,says they are humorous and appropriate for parties and weddings? My daughter, as well as thousands of parents loved ones have died from drug overdoses, and this pin is humorous and funny??? BLoCK this pin! Another issue…I wrote on line for an nswer to my problem….and you wanted to charge me $47 if someone texted me an answer??? This is BS.

  349. I can’t believe I saw picture of a nude lady??? With her legs spread. Also, what is beautiful about a pregnant woman with her belly hanging out. I am not a prude but I am turned off regarding Pinterest.

  350. My phone was lost so I got a new one and now I can’t get my same account back. My sister is following my page still but I don’t know how to access it please help me I worked really hard to get it where it is I just need help getting back on it.

  351. Well, I have to say your customer services is nothing short of a deplorable joke! Not only that, but you guys have intentionally blocked me from logging in because you guys think you’re so smart. You guys think I’m a business. Nope! I used to be. I went to Disneyworld to learn about tropical plants, then I got hired by an organization in UT. I’m attending college to get a higher degree, and then I may do my business again, but presently I have no business. It was nice to show my family, friends, and other pincers my past work, current work that “I’m working for,” plus my other interests. You guys are such ignoramus’s, as well as obnoxious. You took a nice thing I enjoyed and turned it into a hassle. I used to be on FB too until my identity was compromised by a crazy stocker! Since then, I’ve never been on that impossibly, competent social network again, and I had tons of photos, and friends. To answer your question No! This entire service site has been an inconvenience. I’ll just start my own blog instead. You guys are pathetic!!! How long have you been around, and you can’t even get your site to function properly? How pitiful.

  352. I had to delete my account when I just signed up do to a very hateful user named Jojo Tedder started to harass me and call by another name then say I was stalking her when she was leaving me nasty email messages after I asked her nicely to leave me alone .Then she posted on her page that I’m a stalker and crazy when I’m not at all that kind of person. I was just a new user to your site and looked at some of the same things she did and liked them like everyone else does and by accident I must of pushed the button to follow her when I had no clue I did so when she asked me why I right away delete it and said I was sorry .then she acted like it was okay but then she started her threaten way …I feel people like her should not be able to be on sites like this .I think she should be deleted off. I will not get back on unless I know for sure crazy people like her are not on .

  353. First of all I love pinterest. Second I have a big problem. Last week after having over 8500 pins I got asked by a pop up if I wanted to usea as my main email. I then lost my whole 8500 pins account. After a few days after emails to you with no response that I could answer from I started a new pinterest account. Now I cannot follow anyone of my Facebook friends cause they say that that account is already being used. This mess is very frustrating. Please help!! I would love it if you could combine both emails.Thank you

  354. Hi, I am discouraged that some of my favorite pins are disappearing. If I would have known, I would have made paper copies of the instructions when I pinned them. I now have a printer but cannot print them because they are GONE!! I feel that I have wasted so much time pinning. It was my favorite board!!! Please tell your customers to print them if they want to be sure and keep them, and put it where they will notice, not in tiny print in the terms and conditions. I started out pinning on my computer, but ended up on my app. Could they be on the computer or is it all the same?? Apps and computers….the same pins?? Please help me if you can or just remind people about it. I really should have known because websites can remove at will what they put up for pinning. My board was “Hobbies that Inspire” and it had many pins but now even though I have deleted some, it does not have many that I wanted to keep. Please tell us so we do not waste our time!! thank you!! Katherine Meals

  355. Although this problem was fixed once, it seems to back. When I select a pin that I would like to repin, I am taken to a completely different pin. This is very frustrating. What are the plans for taking care of this problem?


  356. im trying to get a hold of Pinterest to place an order with no success. What’s the problem? Is this company to big enough to have me place an order? If so I will delete them from my app and any communication with them!

  357. Hi,
    I created an account so I can post my jewelry at pinterest. I think I made the mistake of creating a board for a favorite recepie. Now I receive several recepies, but I really wants to advertise my website.
    How can I solve this?
    I am very new at pinterest for business,
    Please give me some ideas,


    Ruth Gartung

  358. SCREW THIS!!!!!!! RUn around from update and can’t get in touch or use acct for weeks….such BS DONE…this probably won’t go through either….crappy sight


  360. I have just removed my name from the Pinterest weekly notifications…NOT IMPRESSED with the pin up girl and find it deeply offensive that in this day and age you are still exploiting/sexualizing women in this way.

  361. Hello,

    My name is Alicia I work at RedHed Tools, we had an account set up by an employee who no longer works for us and I would like to have all the passwords, etc.. I would also like to know if you have contact sources (like sales people) who work with individuals. Thanks Alicia

  362. Dear Sir/Madam,
    I would like to thank you for the enjoyment I experienced using Pinterest. However, I feel I should draw your attention to a disturbing experience that led to me cancelling my use of Pinterest. One of the boards I joined displayed Pins that I found deeply offensive and blasphemous. On leaving comments on three different pins, someone deleted them with some abusive remarks, blocking me from making further comments. I feel this to be intolerant of other peoples right to express their own views in a constructive way and thought I should make you aware of this. Many thanks.
    David R.Ray

  363. Pinterest is awfully hard to sign into. U want me to give my email password to sign in? Or will not sign in. This is a choice to look at pinterest. Why so difficult? Make it simple….i cant sign in and cant give password says already in use. No its not……help

  364. I have reason to believe that there is a 10 year old using Pinterest which is a violation of your Terms of Service. They have recently followed me and I have been trying to report the pinner. However, the only option I have is to block them. The only way to contact you (without calling) is to select pre-chosen options in the Help Center which will automatically send an email. Since my problem is not suggested, I am unable to contact/report the issue. Highly suggest you make the reporting option on Pinterest more user friendly such as giving us the option to report problems rather than just blocking everyone. Also suggest you make it easier to email your customer service team rather than going through an automated system. =/

  365. I started looking for a customer service phone number and am totally amazed an organization like your’s does not have a customer service phone line to help people like me on the site…..and now you are going to start accepting payments?
    I am not a big store like Macy’s and I do not have a staff , but I am not running an website like this either with interfacing with millions of people and I would like clarification of what is what. You can send the written word and “give instructions on operations as “how to get out of bed” but if a person does not know what a bed is. (like me), who does not know what your bed is or at this point how to operate in it. WHERE ARE WE SUPPOSE TO GO for help?.. Write an email (at this point mine would be longer than “War and Peace” and wait for the “canned response(s) in written form I did not understand the first time I tried to get through the maize. I could never get answer to using the website and now you are in the process of handling peoples funds….BIZARRE.
    i want to be able to speak with a live knowlege person with Pinterest who can give me answers and direction for the site. Thank you

  366. All of a sudden I am not getting any notifications to my email address of activity daily. I checked my settings and it indicates everything is set correctly. However I used to get 50-75 daily…now nothing.

  367. My account was wrongfully suspended after liking a picture of something which was against the rules which was already posted by someone! I’m essentially being blamed for something I didn’t do wrong!!

  368. I found some 10 fake account on Pinterest I than told Pinterset about the fake accounts I did hear from Pinterest! I started to get hit by 30 to 40 some accounts that I later found to be fake so I started a list of fakes by making a board of fake accounts I found and I told people because Pinterest never contant me! I got good finding the fake accounts I had list of some 100 fake accounts! I also started a board on Pinterest lies and I found a lot of lies Pinterest dose not want know like why their never answer me or many other members of Pinterest! I did learn Pinterest made fake accounts with porn on them as bate to catch menbers! So I will add that Pinterest is weak and their know this but don’t care what you or I think!

  369. I have loved Pintrest until yesterday. There was a picture of a dog with its muzzle bound with wire, eyes open, being burned with a blowtorch. I AM APPAULED!!!!! Do not ever,ever allow a picture like that again or I will report your site to ASPCA.

  370. I do not have a pinterest account. I keep getting unsolicited email from pinterest. When I click unsubscribe it just goes to the google homepage.
    Please remove my email address from your records NOW!
    Thank you.

  371. I have been trying to get on Pinterest. I have forgotten my password. I get no replies to my message saying I need to set a new password.

  372. I really want to talk to a person. Please. I can not explain what is happening on my phone to write it for support in that form. PLEASE. Think “Grandma” and give me a call.
    201 838 7157

  373. i am totally disappointed that you cannot keep nudity off pintrest is there nothing sacred anymore its been so fun to be on pintrest now for so long and not have to worry about watching someone having sex there are places for that elewhere iam sure why force it on the people who dont want it. i dont know how much longer i will be on pintrest its sad to leave something i really enjoy doing the two people that have ruined me on pintrest are CAROLINA COLOTIA and SAMMY ELSAADAAWy if thats their real name as a great company you really need to hear us your customers

  374. I keep getting emails from Pinterest concerning something that I repinned and Pinterest had to remove it because of copyright laws. Why do people put things on Pinterest if they don’t want others to share it or save it to their favorites. Tell these people to not post things they don’t want shared or saved OR better yet create a way where something pops up about not sharing certain pins. I’m getting tired of getting these emails about having something removed. I am very close to deleting the app because of this.

  375. Limelight coach sitey me. Pin 298 keeps popping up notification that someone pinned this . Foreign names but when I go to site they haven’t repinned please remove.

  376. Hi –
    I just joined Pinterest and am excited to see all the exciting things it has to offer. I just wanted to make one note, as I am an anal editor at heart 🙂 – in the box that pops up when you sign up for an account, and you choose 5 topics, one of the topics is “Quizes” and I believe this should actually be spelled “Quizzes”. Again, anal editor at heart. But let me know if you need any editing or other help…I would love to help and looking for work with a fun and great organization.

  377. I made a mistake and block someone that I didn’t mean to by mistake. What can I do to reset it or get it restored. Also my delete back button doesn’t work. Thks

  378. I teach creative thinking and am looking for sites that specifically address SIMPLE INVENTIONS THAT SOLVE SERIOUS WORLD PROBLEMS. Each time I enter this search term or over a dozen permutations on the term, ranging from 2 words to 6 words.

    No matter how I try the results that show up include mostly solutions to inane FIRST world problems, children’s science siites and many sites irrelevant to the supbject I’m looking for.

    How can I refine my search. Can you suggest other search words or other ways I can get this informing on Pinterest.

    Thank You,
    Miriam Furst

  379. For some reason I lost my regular Pinterest files that I created how do I get that back my phone 417-496-3616 for any questions

  380. My account was abruptly suspended. I have no idea why. The content of my pins were mosaics, lettering and flowers, nothing inappropriate! I cannot figure out how to find out what happened. I really enjoyed looking at the thousands of photos…the experience generated by photos Pinterest provides. I did not infinge on copyrights. I only saw what was presented by the Pinterest site. I would like my account restored, please. Was I hacked? What happened?

    thank you, manila clough

  381. OK. Now I understand. Pinterest is participation in Theater of the Absurd. A A A newcomer delights in the images and ideas, sets up various boards to sort and save these ideas, thinks, “This is terrific!”. Then, something akin to the Wizard of Oz suspends her account. There is a Help Site which offers her a chance to plead her case; but, when she taps the Post Comment button, a little typed message appears whispering she has already posted these remarks. Pinterest – Dorothy conflates with Alice, down a rabbit hole where everything is rationalized but nothing makes sense. Now, to the Post Comment button to find myself repeating myself: Pin It!

  382. Pinterest is all about quick and easy. However deleting the comments or adding a new comment to re-pin items is neither of those things. To repent and item it’s muscle memory it happens over and over quickly. When I have to delete or change a comment it breaks up that rhythm. The time it takes to re-pin versus the time it takes to change or delete a comment for that pin is vastly different. I always end up leaving the original comment even if I don’t agree with it because it’s a pain to click The comment box, highlight The text and delete it. It would be great if there was just a button to click to delete the comment. Once deleted the cursor would automatically appear in the comment box to type something new. Quick and easy.

  383. Can someone please get back to me letting me know when IOS problems will be resolved? I am unable to pin photos.

    Thank you,

  384. good morning.. I would like to change the pinner who is featured in the top left corner above the new invite friends feature… Will you please assist me in it change I’m not a fan of these pins AND THE BLINKING is very distracting

  385. I recently updated my Pinterest after IOS 9.02. Upon doing so, I can no longer access my iPad photos from my Pinterest board. When I look in my privacy settings on my IPad Air 2, all other apps have a green button showing they have requested acces to my photos. However Pinterest does not show up with the other apps. when I deleted and re-downloaded the Pinterest app it doesn’t ask for access to my photos like it does when I added it to my IPhone. I have been struggling and even contacted Apple Care who has never heard of such a problem and insured me it was not the device. I also added it to my husband’s iPad and I still cannot access my photos by clicking the + in my Pinterest app, nothing happens. It has been working perfectly until now. Can someone PLEASE HELP!! It has been a few weeks now and I am really frustrated. I cannot add my new creations to my Pinterest board. Is there a phone number I can call so this can be resolved??

  386. I have pinned a LOT of things on my phone on my account but when my bridesmaids went online and me also they were not there. The transition from the mobile app to the website has not happened. I am PISSED!!!!!!!!!!! Fuk this site and I will go to another and will inform my friends those who are my friends on here and those who aren’t. This is a fraud site. Contacting BBC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Their rating is terrible and will be even more so after this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  387. I have clicked repeated times that I do not want pins “recommended” on my account. I only want to see pins of people I am following. If this is not taken into consideration, I shall close my account.

  388. I can’t get Pinterest to stop sending me their emails. Their “unsubscribe” button doesn’t work. All the other buttons connect you to whatever they are supposed to, but this button doesn’t respond at all (I suspect on purpose). When I go to the website to “readjust my preferences,” as I’m told to do by customer service, I get a million pictures and “pins,” but cannot access the area to unsubscribe. They make it very, very hard to unsubscribe (I suspect, again, on purpose). I mark the emails as “spam,” and I still get pop-up emails from them. The practice of making this so hard is unethical, in my opinion.

  389. I cannot access my pinterest account in any way with the on line options. I tried calling the 1/650-561-5407 number and the mail box was full! What kind of help is this. I quess Pinterest could care less! Joanne

  390. 10-22-15
    Has Pinterest become a dating site. I’ve have 3 men in the past couple of weeks express interest in getting to know me better by messaging me and asking for my email address. I have told them that I am married and not interested – this last guy I had to block. What is the deal. Can you tell me what is going on??for my

  391. I cannot reset my password………I do receive the password reset email…..but after I click the “Reset Password” , the page comes back with the word “error” and a sad/unconscious face…..I have been searching around for a contact number or a direct email to ask for assistance, but I always end up at a dead end area….where do we go for help?

  392. I don’t know why I have to keep making another file after file, I have several which it shouldn’t be like that. please help me I only need one that’s it not half a dozen or so. I have been getting kicked off my other ones that I have & getting tired of it too I don’t want to cancel out cuz I enjoy pinterest it gives me ideas of how to do things that I never thought I would want to do, very interesting to look thru too:

  393. I have spend several years posting to my boards. Thought my work, and photos were very secure. Logged into my account a month ago, and everything was just fine. But tried to log into my account last week, and they seemed to have no idea who I even was, and ccouldn’t even log in!!! I was finally able to log-in tonight, only to find ALl, and I mean A-L-L my work missing!!! And no help to be found!!! What a lousy sight!!!

  394. I’m noticing a lot more nudity and vulgar pictures on Pinterest. This is not an appropriate forum for this. There are many other website for these pictures to be displayed. I am sad that something I enjoy looking at with and without my family is becoming so trashy.

  395. Dear pintrest,please fitter your members who are making fake profiles!!! Of people who are in the media! I will be contacting the UK police force as this name is currently on going court case! Take all profiles from Donovan Demetrius down now!!!

  396. I will admit right off the bat that I am an older person and only use my I pad for enjoyment and hobby like research.
    I enjoy your app very much but find it frustrating at times…I express my interest by tapping on a picture,but all I get is advertising! It is so annoying I sometimes just slam it shut and put it down.i understand that advertising is an evil necessity, but why must I search through all the ads to find the end of my article?

  397. Thank you so much for getting the reminder notice back for IPad! You have saved my sanity. I was about “nuts” trying to remember if I had already pinned something. Thanks again! Great job!

  398. I have tried several times to get help and can’t get my log in fixed! It says there has been suspicious stuff going on when I try to log in. I changed phones and have had he’ll ever since! Please help me! 830-534-7426

  399. I have never know such a pig ignorant site .what gives you the right to block a site I am looking at unless I look at it on your rubbishy Pinterest.

  400. Hello,



  401. Kindly, my email was hacked i have seen pins in my account(FAKE) Chumo judith.

    Kindly deactivate the account ,please

  402. Pinterest team.

    somebody has hacked and created fake accounts please deactivate soonest. i hope you will address it urgently. please. All accounts under that email are fake and this is not right it will embarrass me and your esteem team. hoping you will address it soon.Just deactivate i will create a more credible and correct account.

    looking forward to your response.

    • You can deactivate your account yourself. I just did it. Go to “Settings” and at the bottom should say DEACTIVATE.

  403. My Pinterest account was hacked
    Random boards and pins that are NOT
    Mine… ***** please help me delete ******
    Like NOW !

    urgently please and have more controls for us to use your highly noble programme

  404. y Pinterest account was hacked
    Random boards and pins that are NOT
    Mine… ***** please help me delete ******
    Like NOW !

    urgently please and have more controls for us to use your highly noble programme


  405. Dear Pinterest, (sarcasm)
    I WOULD tell you what I think, as it says above this comment box, but evidently from the comments about (457 of them) you don’t care what anyone thinks!! Literally, you are pathetic. I was having a great time using Pinterest until I got a new iPhone and now I can’t login because I lost my password and your useless “Help” page for reset password DOES NOT WORK!!! I keep trying to reset and before I can type the first letter, the form goes away. That happens on my phone and on the computer site. AND, trying to fill out a HELP(Ha!!) form was also useless as it would only half work. It says on that page that there is a problem and you’re working on it…. yeah right! WTH is YOUR problem???

    I love my boards and have worked hard at building them over the past several months. I have collected images of things that are important to ME, but evidently your ilk could care less about your users and their boards, images, issues much less mine.
    It will be easier for me to save each of my most important and fav images and dump Pinterest than to put up with your idiocy.
    Kill your App, too! Find another job.


  406. Would like to share some of my labor of love projects from my daughter’s
    Bi-coastal Baby shower. Kindly e-mail so that I may forward

  407. Please do not send anything related to your Darkness, Astrology, New Age, or contrary to my Jesus Lives! Board. As a believer in Jesus Christ, I do not want to see anything like the above on my Recommendations.
    This is my third request.
    Thank you

  408. I have no longer been receiving any emails as of Ausust. I did not change any settings. Also, I was following a lot of boards and now I only have a few. Wondering how these things get changed? Thanks.

  409. Hello, I’m unable to upload any image….first I tried a regular word file and then a pdf…both did not work….Any suggestions?

  410. I would like to know if there is any value to the book My Heart Soars by Cheif Dan George and is signed by his granddaughter? Rosemary Thomas

    Thank you
    Stuart Trager

  411. Please consider removing Michael Hoaggards content. It is highly inaccurate and offensive. Some of his content is banned from Twitter and YouTube because of this. It is especially harmful for mentally ill persons. Thank you!

  412. Well I can see from two years ago nothing will be resolved by me posting. Oh and my E-mail will not be published? Then how did these two rude men get mine? Now what? I just put up with this? I was in customer service for years. If we treated our customers the way it seems you all have I would be fired

  413. I guess I am still a bit “OLD school” because I perfer to actually SPEAK to someone in Customer Service. I rarely find answers to my questions on site FAQs. So, leaving a vm on what seemed to me to be a “private” number is just not professional in MY opinion. IT IS W R O N G!!!

  414. I see you are promoting RoseGal I ordered several outfits after seeing your add. Well seems they take your money but I have never received anything Numerous messages complaints no response . After reading reviews seems its a complete Scam . Can not locate an address or e mail anywhere . My post office said they have so much trouble as they keep telling people to check with the post office . I will notify my credit card and possibly check the fraud dept . but reviews say the clothing is below sub standard when they get it many never get anything no response at all no refund . Many of us depend on Pintrest for good advice and recipe etc . Promoting RoseGal has been a terrible experience for many

  415. I am a little new with Pinterest website, but I was just reviewing everything beautiful and I noitced there were some brides selling their wedding decor but I don’t know how to reach them from you site, can you send instructions

  416. My account was suspended for more than 1 week. I dnt know wat i did wrong..
    They didnt warn me. For past 1 week im trying to login but i cant i dnt know wat to do..

    To reduce my life stress i used this account , it gives me to think in different way and learn more new things.. Past 1 week i became mad..

    Plz forgive my mistake and u itself take that pin i dnt know wat pin i pinned on that day..
    Plz give my account back…

  417. I need help .. my daughter set up a pinterest for her son (Mason Christmas). I was trying to join and in the process after having put my e-mail .. when it asked for name and age .. I didn’t know if I was suppose put mine or my grandson’s so I put his (he is 8 years old) and of course that was WRONG thing to do. So now I can’t get back to that point to correct and I need HELP fast!!!

    So, it won’t let me in .. after I put my e-mail it boots me out and tells me I’m too young!! I need to access the info so I can buy my grandson’s Christmas gifts!! Please help me!! Gloria Burroughs

  418. There seems to be a problem with Customer Service more particularly tech support.
    Number provided connect to voice messaging without any greeting or help.
    All facets of mr Pinterest work except the home feed. It flashes on the screen momentarily and then switches to a blank screen with the word Pinterest appearing with very small lettering on the upper left hand corner of the screen.
    Self help articles do not address this problem. Emailing does work because of the limits but on the number of words available to dos ribs the problem.
    I need help. Please contact me

  419. I cannot access my boards and my feed does not come up. I have reinstalled Java as recommended and have not changed anything on my laptop. Please give me back my pins..I am a teacher and count on them..

  420. They have not resolved my issues and i have emailed them dozens of times. The answer from corporate is always the samr, word foe word, that their staff is doing what is besy for me. It is always,happy sappy and does reference my problem, which is sheer number of pins placed on my homefeed by the Pinterest administration. Attempt to call are answered by a bot stating the mailbox is full. This company has 0 customer service and absolutely no value of their audience.

  421. How do I remove all the sponsored pins?
    And how do I block all the suggested pins?
    I did not sign up for this. I want to control what shows up in my feed.
    Please advise

  422. I am very unhappy the last week on Pinterest. I feel someone has blacklisted me. I used to get allot of repins. Now I have none. I also don’t get any Pinterest emails. I am deleting my account. Please respond

  423. I am extremely upset with your site, all I want to do is view a few photos and your site won’t stop bombarding me with the prompt to make an account before I view it and there is not a way I can find to avoid it. I don’t want to have an account with you, I simply want to view a couple photos.

  424. I am really very unhappy with the new format that I found when I started to pin tonight. I hate it and I am considering only using one board or quitting all together. I hope you will reconsider using the new format. Pinterest has made me very happy in the past. It is such a shame.I feel you are going to be losing a lot of people who follow Pinterest.Again, I hate it!

  425. Really am disappointed that Customer Service does not have a phone number so a person can talk to a live representative. I have changed computers and cannot log in. I have tried the online support but keep getting the same message that there is a problem after I have tried to change my password, etc. Therefore, I cannot log in to get help and cannot talk with anyone to find out why.

    Love the pins you send me by email and would like to continue but I am at a dead end right now. Need to talk to someone who can help me one-on-one.

  426. Hello I was wondering where can I buy The Ankle Bracelet ..Just being me ?? It has gold and two Hearts in the middle very popular ..Please help me

    Thanks Marie

  427. I am very upset to find pornography on pinterest.
    I love using pinterest for education, home ideas, crafts, recipes and more, but I don’t appreciate seeing porn.
    Please don’t allow this.

  428. Hello
    Love Pinterest
    But I have been receiving a message that had affened me,
    Saying there has been suspicious activity in my area!! I love food and art what you talking about!!! Really!! Is it a crime to get recipes and love street art!!!
    Thinking of deleting this app cos I have the raging hump with you

  429. Ave a read of your feed back above seems to me you have a gremlin in your camp! Are you going to sort out your complaints or shall I volunteer!!! I can e-mail my cv to you! As I have read no chance of speaking to an actual person Regards

  430. Just because I wanted to check out your site, does not mean I wish to join. But in the event that I did want to join ,how would I know because you have this ridiculous BIG BLACK FING BANNER COME UP ON THE PAGE THAT BLOCKS YOUIR FING VISION FROM SEEING THE PAGE. HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  431. I am upset. I have literally just gone through my feed and counted over 15 picked for you pins in less than 40 of mine. Literally 1 picked for you pin for every 2 pins of my pinners I follow. Unbelievable. Just horrible. Not even half the pickes for you pins are even relevant to me. So frustrating.
    Please dont respond with an auto response. I would like a phone call or something to discuss this with a live person. This is in addition to the horrible pinterest app update.

    Not happy

    Candy Allen

  432. It sucks, because I want to speak to a HUMAN. I have an issue, that could possibly be immediately resolved, but I have been waiting to hear back via EMAIL.

  433. So disappointed you took the save to camera roll away you did this year or so ago and got a lot of complaints and you brought it back hopefully you will bring it back very displeased customer

  434. Thank you Pinterest for displaying such phenomenal human kindness. I am a case mgr at a single resident occupancy hotel, today a group from Pinterest came to distribute gifts to our clients. Our clients are formerly homeless individuals with a few barriers and more than a single share of collective woes, not to mention that the holidays can be extremely lonely for them. I am so happy that I already love this company, I was very please to discover that the Pinterest that was there today is MY Pinterest! Your new employee group that came over were awesome, friendly, professional and did I say AWESOME! I must be at a loss to use the same word twice, lol, I have never seen such a display of giving back from a company that doesn’t even make money (directly) off us, I don’t pay a fee for the fabulous things that I find and share on Pinterest, I also happen to think that Pinterest is one of the best ideas in social media. Thank you for being awesome, for sharing your awesomeness with your employees, by leading by example, and for being kind to a population of our community that is shunned, misunderstood and lonely. You guys ROCK!!, this review is hurried, and does not do justice to the way that I feel about what I witnessed today. thank you
    I was unable to YELP, but believe you me, I will tell just about everyone I talk to, whether Pinterest actually comes up or not.
    This was amazing, and unheard of…I would like to start a campaign for other companies to do something like this…when I started my feed the homeless program out of my own pocket, I said to someone, who was making a big deal out of what I was doing, “if we all did a lil to help out, just a little, we could change things” You guys are a company after my own heart!

  435. I saw a picture on your site that’s from Victoria Secret that I would like to get copyrights too so I can make my daughter a poster from fed-ex to put in her room. I decorated her room in the pink dorm and the picture on your site says pink. Thanks

  436. I have tried numerous times to sign up on your website, but I am never successful. I cannot find your customer service to set up an account so I can log in. You have a very interesting site, but I cannot figure out how to get log in information. I am frustrated.

  437. I order several items and have not received them even though they were cleared for purchase through my bank they could not be download please mail them to me

  438. I ordered something on Pinterest through QVC since November 30, 2015 and never received the product so never order anything on Pinterest it’s a joke

  439. I ordered something from QVC on Pinterest and never got my product so I called QVC and they said that they don’t see the order being made so never order anything from QVC on Pinterest because it’s a joke someone is using the QVC logo thanks now they have my money but it will never happen again so be careful where you are ordering from

  440. I love your content but have almost quit using the site because just when I find something I want to see, it disappears and other things pop up. Actually getting a recipe or instructions is virtually impossible and I don’t need the frustration. Maybe I just don’t understand how to use this site.

  441. Despite my best efforts to log in and unsubscribe from Pinterest, your website will not allow me to do so. From some of the comments above, it is obvious that your site is not user-friendly and that your “Customer Service Center” is seriously flawed. I would rather not resort to changing my email address in order to obviate further incursions of your site into my computer so I request that you take action to unsubscribe me at your data base.

  442. SUPER PISSED… Took months to set up my board… While saving pics to it … My board mysteriously vanishes.. No phone available to talk to anyone… Don’t use this site for storing pics or videos that have sentimental value… If you loose it then it’s gone … No one to assist you… Use something else instead..

  443. I am getting disappointed in Pinterest. I am a professional photographer, and I can’t even see my work in the home page. What I am seeing is the same Christmas pics for the past two years. Boring. There are tons of photographers. Let’s see the little girl raching for an ornament for 10 more years.

  444. I have tried and tried to permanently close my account by following your instructions. It says a confirming e-mail has been sent to my e-mail address.
    I have never received this email. I have never had such a ‘rigamaroll’ to go through tying to eliminate my acct with you.

  445. I ordered a pair shoes for my baby like a month and a half ago still never received them I don’t know what’s going on

  446. I cannot believe a site this big is so unsafe! Within a week of joining I was harassed by a stranger who apparently just had nothing better to do (I had been very careful not to pin anything that could be perceived as “offensive”) and within a month my account was hacked! Joining Pinterest was a huge mistake. Nobody has responded to my email request for help, sent weeks ago. After reading these comments I see that waiting for a response will most likely be a waste of time. Any idea howto inactivate/close an account that someone (???) else has been accessing, or a a way to find out who is doing it?

  447. My boards
    ” Amazons.. Adults only !! ”
    ” Thymescira.. Amazons.. Adults only!! ”
    Were taken down for in appropriate content… The pins I have on my boards came from other Pinterest boards already showing the SAME content… Why am I being suspended from your site which is showing the SAME PICS on other boards ???

  448. Hello, my name is Sharon, the set up of our computer had to be upgraded so I was trying to get into my pinterest account. When I was trying to get into the account, apparently, I started a new one. Now my computer only recognizes the new one, however, my old pinterest has many things that I have been collecting for years so I do not need or want the new account. Apparently, I did not remember how I had set up the account since it has been so long since I set it up. Could you please send my log in information about my old pinterest page and delete the new one in my name. Thank you.

  449. Years ago, I posted images of what is called the Shibarare Jizo, a Buddhist bodhisattva covered in ropes and now porn is showing up in my home feed. Tasteless, gross, I don’t want it. How do I fix this?

  450. I have been sending pleas for help to the completely worthless Pinterest help center since October. I have sent over 20 separate emails to settle a single issue, the last and final one today. I have an IPad Air 2 that I want to attach the Pinterest Browser Button to Safari. Should be simple, but the on-line instructions simply don’t work. What really angers me the most is that Pinterest doesn’t care, and thinks it is OK to act so unprofessionally and rudely to all my inquiries. They completely ignore my questions, then when I follow-up, they make me start over from square one, every single time. This could have been taken care of with a single phone call. YOU MAKE ME SICK!!!

  451. I am beyond frustrated. On this very page, a contact number is preceded by the words: Pinterest Customer Service, and yet, when you dial the number, they claim they have no connection with Pinterest! I want to report child pornography that has come up on MY board! I’m disgusted and furious. This morning I called the FBI and they have promised to look into it, but suggested I first alert Pinterest to the problem. I CANNOT REACH A PERSON at Pinterest . I will press forward on this, believe me.

  452. Is any of the merchandise shown on Pinterest for sale? I’m not certainhow it all works are they just photos or do the photos represent items that can be purchased? I’m very much interested in purchasing Dolphin mailbox post and can’t seem to find out who made it where their located how much to ship etc. Can you help me out?

  453. I can not open my pinterest login page.Whenever i try to open it an error occurs.I dont know why is it happening.Please try to solve it as early as possible.I need my account.

  454. Trying to recover a recipe from you site is a joke! All i get is redirected to some useless page that has nothing to do with what i want. Don’t care if you cease to exist because you service is useless!!

  455. Hi guys,
    I like pinterest, it’s a good thing it’s just, you keep sending me too many emails! And there’s no option to change it. Worth considering. Cheers, Aga

  456. you have a webpage about me that I have not made please can you remove this webpage from your organisation otherwise I have no option but to contact the police as I have not authorised this webpage many thanks for your help in this matter

  457. I have my acct set to not receive any notifications, I have received 75 since 6am, If this does not stop I will have to delete my acct please fix this.

  458. I can’t reply to your emails. I have now spent hours with this problem I have and seem to have deal with a different person each time. When I try to type above ##this line## nothing happens.

  459. Help my promoted pins are still not approved! I work for Effing Gear brand and I am not sure what is going wrong. Please email me

  460. I have requested my address be removed from all your lists and stop sending emails and you honor that for a couple weeks and then start again. Stop the emails immediately to aziel.777@gmail and
    I don’t have time to waste on continually asking you to respect my request.

  461. I am having a problem with Pinterest, I cannot get into my pins/notifications and have tried for two days and can get no help. The fact that there is no phone number is unacceptable. Why even bother having this site if you can’t get through when you need help? Also, the help site is no help either. Very disappointing.

  462. I would call myself a “power Pinner’. I HAVE A FEW BOARD WITH THOUSANDS OF PINS ON THEM. I also have approx. 30,00 following and 15,000 followers.
    My problem: You have started stopping the number of pins or boards that I can pin at one time. You way either too much activity in my area or spam.
    What’s up??????????????????????????????????????????????????????
    Now, today, you’ve stopped my with “you’ve added the maximum pins.”
    Please release my from these restrictions: I can’t service my followers properly and You are frustrating me when I block time to service my boards and followers.

  463. Former Pinterest lover… I use pinterest to research a lot. I started getting prompted to change my password, then all of a sudden I as put on safe mode for suspicious activity. When was it a crime to look at Fashion,workout regimens, recipes, decor, etc. I am in the process of building a business and brand and I own the name. Wow glad I decided to wait before purchasing the business package.

    I there anything that can be done. I sent email after email and no response

  464. please stop sending me like 4 messages every 2 hours!!!!!!!!!!! i shall disable you very soon. get off my back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Pinterest used to be fun. Now it changes & is just getting more aggravating. Y’all don’t have a phone number that you will respond to, so therefore, I will sadly delete all my boards & give it up since it seems like no help. If things aren’t back in order in 2 or 3 days, I will say good-bye.

  465. I am a designer for a publisher, I seeking to pay artist on your site for usage of their work for a book.
    It is next to impossible to find out who the original artist is.
    How can I get in contact with the artist?

  466. My account was suspended because of policy but original pin came from pinterest site and followers these sites and or people were not suspended the pin and site are still posted I have every pin and follower from my start opening account with pinterest this is the proof reinstate my account before your 7day appeal notice runs out your disclaimer and policy works both ways and is legal and binding this is equal rights for you and the customer check yourself before you wreck yourself.

  467. I have been noticing more & more pins of naked women. Can you not publish this on Pinterest. There are children & teens looking at this sight and they don’t need to see naked women.


  469. I’m tired of looking at the page of things I may be interested in. I love Pinterest and when I see the same things over and over……it’s boring. Why not let the people post and that page will always be changing, which will draw my interest. I don’t want to miss anything new but what is there to draw me back to my page (the first one to come up when I go to Pinterest)—a few new posts, and what I’ve already seen several times a day when I check out anything new…. Yes, I know I can go to the everything page, but I liked Pinterest much better when I could check it out several times a day and things were always changing. Thanks.

    • I’ve been to the Everything page, and for me, at least, it’s the same thing. Pinterest used to be fun–now it’s boring.
      Not worth my time. 🙁

  470. I am working on MY OWN Board dividing boards into smaller boards and I am being STOPPED because I hit a Block / SPAM.. It is my own board.. THese Pinterest people are Idiots.. You cant talk to them but they sure can tell you have something on your board they frown on EVEN if it is on a SECRET board… How can you stop a person that is spending a few hours on their own board and tell them you have been blocked bt a SPAM thing.. I am ready to shut everything down instead of dealing with morons

  471. When I originally tried to sign up for Pinterest I typed in the wrong age and was told I’m too young. Since then, I’ve never been able to access Pinterest. Because I am 82 years old I don’t think I’m too young but still cannot join Pinterest and the only way you can contact them is to SIGN ON and send a message. Since I can’t sign on, how do I send a message? DUH!

  472. Please can you send this to your technical team as an enhancement request:
    I would like a Notes option per board.
    I use Pinterest to (amongst other things) plan my daughter’s birthday and I love pinning all the ideas, but I would like a central place where I can add additional thoughts, quotes and contact numbers, so that everything is in one place.

    Pretty please

    Thank you!


  474. I did not realize linking to this page for help because I am so desperately needing help I can see everything everyone else is posting for help nice!

  475. I know we must evolve or die, but I have to say that the changes at Pinterest have made me not want to visit the site anymore. If you want to give me the option of seeing what my friends pinned today – great – but please allow me to get rid of that pop up box and opt out, if I choose. I like scrolling down the page and discovering things on my own and don’t wish to be nagged about checking this or that board out. Maybe giving the option is your intent, but I’m having a hard time opting out of these “friendly” opportunities. Thank you.

    • Gigi, thank you! I have just sent an email saying the same thing, essentially. Pinterest used to be fun–there were the most fantastic images of things I’d never even imagined. It was a wonderland, but now it seems like a cheap deceptive Chinese retail site.
      What has happened? 🙁

      • I SO AGREE!!! It’s not much fun anymore. I’m thinking of deleting all my boards & saying “GOOD-BYE” It seems like a phase U go through. It gets aggravating when U request for help when something isn’t working right. Right now I can’t invite pinners to any of my group boards- BUMMER!!! Ya know???

  476. I think someone made a board and posted it on my Pinterest account or page. How would they have done this? They follow me, and they have sent pins . What can I do to protectyself

  477. Xrated material on Pinterest. Not happy about it. Site “from everything” nothing but nude women and slutty clothes

  478. I’ve been getting emails telling me there is “suspicious activity” on my Pinterest account. I closed this account when I found out your major shareholder was as a whale meat provider. Stop emailing me.

  479. I just got an email that my account was suspended due to suspecious material. I am a mother of 5. What kind of material do I even have that might be suspecious? I am trying to find that out but I cant even make contact with Pintrest to ask. They just send me an email and with no explanation at all. Can anyone help me with this or do I just need to delete all together. I am not even on very much anyway…


  480. Is there a way to selectively link specific “Pages/Groups”? I have “20” pages/groups, 10 Pages/Groups of my created stuff and 10 of just the cool things I like that others have pinned. I want to just “link” the 10 pages of my stuff to my linkedin page for “professional” viewing, and not the 10 pages of general cool things I like to share with my other pinners? That is with out making two separate accounts (Too much work) to keep both up to date. Thanks !!!

  481. I received notification of my account being suspended due to inappropriate content. I HAVE NO ACCOUNT!!
    Notice: MSG#6367877810#
    Also, I am very compliant to being appropriate in all social media. Please make correction immediately.

  482. I have been a member for years and i love pintrest, I received in the past one notice here and there stating something i posted was deleted , today 6 pictures were deleted, can you please tell me why type of pictures were deleted? Because i don’t pin anything out
    of order…I really would appreciate
    to know what type of pins get
    deleted and why…thank you..

  483. My account was suspended on Thursday. I sent a massage on Thursday and Friday and no one answered my so on Monday i call a number 1(650)561-5407 and no answered. I just want to reactivate my account

  484. I want to report a Pinner for Harassment and Hate comments that have been placed on her account regarding me. The pinner is Stacy Denatalie. I have tried everything to post all the pins I have found but nothing works. I want this investigated immediately and action taken against her. Her pins have forced me to permanently delete my pinterest account for the second time. She will not stop. If you require any documentation, please let me know. I want this matter resolved in a timely fashion. Thank you.

  485. I tried to get help from Pinterest week ago and i still didn’t get any answer. I can edit, delete or save new pins about 3 weeks or so. Can anyone help with that?

  486. Please do not take my name email listing. I pressed the wrong button . I wanted the help button. Thank you.

  487. I am a preshool teacher and for some reason i am not able to print out copies on your site to color. Please let me know why?

  488. I received notification that strange activity required that I reset my password. I have clicked on that at least five times; however, I have yet to receive the “reset password” link. So, I am locked out of my Pinterest account. The helpful tips have offered no help at all. When I search for other help, it tells me to log in…but Pinterest won’t recognize the current log in that I’ve been using since I opened my Pinterest account. I have no idea what strange activity has taken place, and I can’t get into my account to change my password. Nobody is available to assist. As much as I love Pinterest, there seems to be no solution.

  489. You deleted my Cheerleaders file, and several other files. Why delete Cheerleaders? I spent hours building that up, and now I see my pictures being offered to me when I first log on. Same goes for other files. You are profiting from my work, and I get no credit. You also renig in your duties when I send back pictures to my email account. They aren’t sent. You SUCK. What is your problem? Or are you just assholes?

  490. ya he expresado que se cometio el errror de algun pin quedo grabado y viole las politicas planteada por ustedes , nuevamente solicito se me de la oportunidad de desbloquear mi cuenta ya que ahi tengo mucho trabajo para exposiciones y asesorias y en su caso se borren esos pines que alteran sus politicas por su atencion gracias.

  491. I am unable to reach my “home feed board” I think you call it. I have tries everything I can think of! Please help, I miss ya’ll!

  492. Dear Pinterest Here is what I think. I was hoping to peruse through your website in search of some Bonnie and Clyde materials – which I attempted to do; HOWEVER – your annoying gray / black bar, which is designed to keep rising to the point where the shopper can no longer shop until he JOINS YOUR SITE is too god damned much! If you were I you’d feel the same. You’ve all got some nerve, let me tell you . . such gall to attempt to make someone do something . . all I wanted to do was shop. What in the hell’s your problem. I would appreciate an answer: OK? Mark Leier

  493. I am utterly disgusted with Pinterest right now. I signed up for this because I thought this was a clean protected environment; however, pornography is rampant! I cannot adequately express my anger at this! I have young children in my home and if something randomly popped up based on the “whats popular” category, my children would be exposed!!!!! Where are your principles Pinterest?!?!?! Are you kidding me!! I thought you had principles!

  494. Do not like your new e-mail format for pins. I liked you saying what was pinned and being able to go to just that board. Now I just want to delete and open nothing

  495. I live in The Netherlands. Nearly every day I receive an interesting mail ( I think) of Pinterest , named: Nog wat extra ideeen.
    When I try to open one of these ideas, I perceive each time again, that this is not possible to do. The only way is then to go to the app of Pinterest, but there I don’t refind the one I wanted to get of the site ‘Nog wat extra ideeen’. Can you solve this problem for me? it is a pity that I don’t succeed and don’t find back the one I liked so much and wanted to ‘PIN IT’
    Thank you, hope that you understand my problem..

  496. I really, really LOVE Pinterest. BUT I have noticed some nudity here and there. TODAY, HOWEVER, I came upon a nude male showing him in all his “glory” and I am so appalled I can hardly stand it. if I wanted to see nudity, I would be looking on sites where there is PORN. I am so DISAPPOINTED in your site because I have found beautiful scenery and some amazing Christian pens. Is there anything you can do about this? I really do not want to see nudity when I am searching for inspirational material.

  497. enjoy your posts but use to pininterst would take you to the page where you could get directions on how to make things but it won,t any more now it just shows a picture instead of taking you to the page why is this?

  498. What has happened to Pinterest? I joined about two years ago, and fell in love–there were photos from designers’ runways, exquisite jewelry, animals, recipes, hair and makeup, and the most amazing random images imaginable.
    Now when I visit Pinterest, almost all I find are items to purchase that have been somewhat “tailored to me.” The fabulous thing about Pinterest was that it took me outside of my comfort zone, and introduced me to new concepts and experiences.
    This is boring, predictable, and nearly all the purchasable items are from China! If I wanted to shop, I’d look for things that I wanted to look for, not sit back and have someone’s concept of what I want spoon-fed to me! Did you sell the company? Come up with a new algorithm? What happened to all the mind-blowing photographs?
    Is there any way to get my old Pinterest back? If not, guess I’ll close my account.
    I’m frowning right now…
    Susann Powers

  499. I would like to purchase these shades (Dolce and gabbana fall 2012/2013 Accessories Sicilia Baroque chur. but pinterest doesn’t give a price or nothing .you all don’t even give another website so we could purchase them from another site please can you just email me and give me the price thank you …

  500. I tried to get someone to change my account back to a normal ordinary account, several weeks ago. I do not need a business account, because there is no business. Anymore. I do not need promoted pins.

  501. I REALLY want you to unsubscribe me as I no longer wish to receive your emails and your unsubscribe button at the bottom of your emails no longer work, a fact that I am sure you must be aware of.
    I REALLY don’t want to have to log into your site to do this as I REALLY do not want to give you access to any of my information.
    You REALLY should sort out you unsubscribe button!!

  502. Im so sick of pintrest. I have tried to login and reset my password
    4 to 5 times changing my password and still can’t get in, pkease help me with this problem

  503. I received an email from Pinterest regarding pins I might be interested in. When clicking on a link to find the picture listed cannot find the exact pin. Do not understand why it is not the first thing listed. Would love information or help on finding the exact

  504. every time I try and look at something on you site you want me too sign in.NO.NO. I don’t want to every time. . I have not tried to for a long time because of that till tonight. and I will not again. TILL you do something about it

  505. I can’t scroll down to put a pin on my board. It stops at “big and little cats”. I’ve tried everything to scroll. Have you changed your format? I have 69 boards and can’t do anything past the above mentioned board.

  506. I have not been able to invite pinners to my group boards for about 4 days now. The response says ” something went wrong on your end.” I have had this problem before, but not for days. Please fix this problem on your end as soon as you can. I would appreciate it. I have quite a few pinners following my group boards wanting to join. I posted a pin explaining that I couldn’t invite anyone & I would try contacting Pinterest about resolving the problem. PLEASE HELP!!! Thanks & God bless. ~ Petrina ~

  507. I am unable to invite pinners on my group boards. It has been 5 or 6 days now. It says “Sorry, something has gone wrong on our end.” I was just wondering when it will be fixed. I have alot of pinners wanting to join. I have already reported this. Please help me with this problem as soon as you can. I sure would appreciate it. ~Petrina~


  509. I love many of your sew on patches. Unfortunately there are no dimensions so its not possible to order anything…There is an owl sew on I wanted.



    Cornell Lamprecht says:
    March 22, 2016 at 7:03 am

    I REALLY want you to unsubscribe me as I no longer wish to receive your emails and your unsubscribe button at the bottom of your emails no longer work, a fact that I am sure you must be aware of.
    I REALLY don’t want to have to log into your site to do this as I REALLY do not want to give you access to any of my information.
    You REALLY should sort out you unsubscribe button!!

    • This same thing happened in Feb. It just took a few days for y’all to fix the problem. Why is taking soooo long this time????? It’s been 10 days or longer. What in the world is wrong? Why can’t it be fixed? The comment clearly says that something is wrong on your end. So why can’t you fix it???? This is really soooo aggravating!!!! Why can’t I get a reply?????

  511. First of all, it’s not easy even finding customer service. Then, when they do reply, they ask some questions and then disappear. So they have not helped me at all. I am stuck between two accounts with old emails. I can’t delete either one and I can’t find my boards from the newest one. Sometimes technology is just a big waste of my time.

  512. i sincerely hope someone at pinterest actually reads these as having read through several i now realise that many people are undergoing the same issues as myself however there is another Storm Strauss listed and his page came up first reading storm hasnt any boards yet (my name is also Storm Strauss)……So I blocked him so as not to confuse the issue any further but only succeeded in blocking myself out I’ve sent several emails and received two identical responses clearly computer Generated responses. It’s going nowhere .There is nothing explicit posted on my page …..Pinterest please do something constructive like interact with me by means of a human connection.

  513. Why have articles about incestuous murdering fathers and multiple murderers suddenly appearing on pinterest?? That is not what I want to see when I log in!!
    My interests are crafts, cooking etc. Not murdering scum.

    Get it sorted Pinterest – quickly!

  514. It keeps saying report to pinterest everytime i try to pin or look at other pins from different source’s

  515. I have been unable to receive notification that others are pinning my pins for several days. I have contacted customer support but so far no one has fixed the problem.

  516. Dear Pinterest,

    Please don’t bombard me with ‘picked for you pins’. I stopped counting after 70 in the last 24 hours. Is it necessary? I love finding things that are interested on my own. I like bonding with people I created friendships with. Most of the things you send me are either things I have seen or things I am not interested in. When this happens, my experience in no longer fun.

    Thank you for taking in consideration to make things better experience.


  517. A month ago my problem started. I am unable to upload pins. I get an oops message on both Chrome & IE. I’ve notified them twice on their useless Help Center to no avail. Because I am in Silicon Valley, next time I am in SF, they are going to have a visitor. I wish I didn’t like the site so much because that’s how they get away with ignoring users.

  518. Today when I was checking out one of the sites… was “Red”……one of the pictures that showed up was of a nude girl. It wasn’t appropriate for sure…thought you might want to check that out.

  519. I don’t “pin” things…..I just peruse everything and usually enjoy seeing the art, recipes, DIY, etc. However, I’m seeing something I’ve never seen before the last couple of weeks… that might be called “soft porn”. I don’t need my grandchildren asking me about the “big boobs” and pubic hair. Some of these pictures are cartoon like…..some are realistic illustrations….. I would like these to be removed from my “account” if possible. I certainly did nothing to show a preference for pins of this sort! If they continue, I’ll just give up “Pinterest”! Thank you for listening!

  520. I don’t know what “your comment is awaiting moderation” means. I hope it means Pinterest is pondering my problem……….

  521. I’m not too happy with the new format. I liked the old version of my boards. It takes forever to find a board and what you are looking for. I liked it much better with the small pictures and heading of boards and could find boards very quickly. I also had them in alphabetical order, now I need to search and search. Please go back to the old form of showing my boards.

  522. Please remove the “picked for you” pins from my feed. I HATE them. They clog up my feed with stuff I may have interest in at one time, but no longer have any use for more pins on that topic.

    I love Pinterest, but I don’t need you to assume what I what to see.

  523. Good day my name is Richard Reinhard I’m am a disabled veteran that suffers from depression and.ptsd I served with the.101st airborne.

    The reason I’m is I’ve came.across that once I seen them for the first.time I felt a calming and was wondering if it was Pintrest or someone else to obtain permission to print some pictures for my own personal viewing in my home. These photos will never be distributed to any other party. So if you could please let me know how I need to contact on this matter. Richard Reinhard

  524. I don’t like companies that don’t have a tool free number to call for support, and you help site did no good for me

  525. What’s happened to Pinterest? For over a year I’ve been able to access Pinterest without login in. Now, as I can’t access interest. I tried to login on 3 occasions , but all three times I’ve received notification that my email has been already taken. What’s going on?

  526. I just bought a hair loss product from pintrest and it states you get $20.00 back
    If you use your master card.
    How do I know when or how I get that back. If I don’t get $20.00 back I will return the product.

  527. I hate the way you changed everything. I don’t like Ad’s on my feed or suggestions. That make me so mad! I have deleted half my boards. I want to choose I get my pins from, that the fun it. Why don’t y’all keep your hands off it. Really you don’t listen to us you just go ahead and do it. It’s not fun anymore. I don’t even want to get on anymore. Please listen to us. Chsnge is not always good.!

  528. Abour a minute a notice to me Your account has been suspended. Why my pinterest account has been suspended please tell me & how can its recover.

  529. For 3 days the edit button doesn’t seem to work. I keep getting this message every time I click on edit: OOPS! Sorry! Something went wrong on our end. Anybody else have this problem?

  530. Pinterest is a cure for worries and depression! I look at your site first thing in the morning and last thing at night. That means I start my day and end my day at peace and with a smile.

    I am amazed at all of the artwork/crafts/diy projects and the so many talented people that contribute to the site. I also find Pinterest easy to use, and more ‘respectful’ of privacy and quality of pins permitted.

    Thank you for your wonderful website!

  531. First, I really do love Pinterest. However, since there has been a change to the way the PINs are coming through on my feed I am barely seeing the things I really want to see any longer. I usually can’t even find my PINs. And my number of re-PINs has dropped dramatically.

    I liked the feed to show as things are posted, not PINs that are “computer generated” according to what someone else thinks is relevant or what they think I would like (i.e. hand picked for you). Please bring back the “old” Pinterest. It was so much better.

  532. I’ve lost my boards. I have to scroll down a long page and see the titles in alpha order. The boards are gone. What has happened???? If this is something new, I HATE IT! I loved my boards…I’m so upset…contemplating leaving Pinterest. Please tell me this is a glitch and can be fixed. I have a friend whose boards have not changed. HELP. LINDA

  533. I keep getting a message that Pinterest has quit!! I have sent dozens of comments for more than 3 weeks and STILL PINTEREST QUITS!!! I’m soooo frustrated that PINTEREST QUITS while I’m looking through PINS!!! It’s a TECH PROBLEM on your end as I have updated, been to Verizon to have my phone checked out and everything is fine! I’m UNABLE TO GO TO YOUR HELP section because PINTEREST KEEPS QUITTING!! PLEASE, PLEASE address this issue!!!!! Thank you..

  534. Why did you change my boards? I am working on this for long time, and dont want you to change it.
    Where is my “fashion” board?

  535. I received a notice that something that I pinned had been reported to be too “sexy” . I do not post things like that am afraid that my account may have been used by someone else. Is there a way to find out what someone considered offensive so that I can see if it is something that I pinned?

  536. I love quotes I am a writer who writes many quotes and inspirational sayings and I want to find out how I would be able to market them?

    Any idea’s?

  537. Kind of a pain in the butt to access your site. When I do get there….I can’t print the recipes. Please help me out. Thank you in advance!

  538. Hello, Recently I received a message from Pintrest stating one of my pins had been removed. I take offense to this because NONE of my post are sexual… I post cultural pictures……However, I have seen pictures of couples having sex on YOUR site…in fact I have seen many sexual pictures…this not the first time I received this message and I think it is ridiculous….Please delete the pictures of people in sexual positions thats what you need to take down…. You guys are doing a poor job with Pintrest…… I’m disappointed

  539. I was an avid member of Pinterest for years. I was so happy with it and recommended it to a lot of other people. These last 2 mobile app updates, however, have made it impossible for me to enjoy using it anymore! I know a LOT of others who feel the same. I can’t see all my boards at once anymore, the pictures are too big, and I have no way of editing or changing my boards. I tried deleting the mobile app on my iPad, so I could log in through the regular website, but it just goes to the cloud & doesn’t help matters. Going through the regular website is ridiculous anyway, because there are so many glitches and freezes. It’s soooo sllooowww, too. No fun at all. After investing so much time over the years, this format has become so intolerable that I don’t go on Pinterest much at all. Soon, I’ll just have to deactivate my account and lose all the beautiful, helpful, interesting things I’ve so painstakingly collected. Don’t you listen to the feedback from your users? Trust me, you don’t have to “improve” things every couple weeks. Your customer service has become hideous now, too. I remember how nice that part was when you were first starting out, back when people were only permitted to use the site through being sponsored by a current member!

  540. Super disappointed in a couple of things. One, that I no longer have the ability to change my board cover photo. And two, that annoying ads and suggestions still show up on my page. Go back to the old Pinterest and make EVERYONE happy.

  541. I forgot my password and couldn’t get in. I got a message saying my account had been locked due to abuse or something like that. I sent message saying it was probably due to the many attempts saying how many times I tried to change my password. No help. Still cannot get in. I expect this problem to be rectified immediately and I expect an email telling that it is fixed. Otherwise, I will report your company and your website to the necessary higher ups to see that it is.

  542. I was excited to join, but am so disappointed to find that my inbox is flooded daily with emails. I have tried unsubscribing, but those links do not work. I have tried blocking the emails but that does not work either. I cannot get help through customer service on-line, and the only phone number just has a message that says the mailbox is full and please call later. I have gone from being excited to be a part of this to being so sorry that I ever joined. I would appreciate some help.

  543. I would like to unsubscribe from this account with pinterest. I can’t get the link on my pc. Thank you. Please confirm unsubscription

  544. I am annoyed that you are not allowing users to go directly to site. Once I log in, I am sent to a general page so that I have to start over to look for my initial search. That’s a very “cheap” way to force users to be exposed to things they are not interested.

  545. Hello,
    I need an explanation of pinterest.
    As an artist doing research, I have found pinterest to be more of a nuisance when searching for other artist’s work. I cant seem to download a full size image, so when I find an image I have to use for research I have to ignore it when it takes me to your site.
    What ia the purpose of pinteres?


  546. Please stop with all the ads!!! You are ruining a good thing. I love to browse pinterest and see what my friends are suggestion, but now EVERY OTHER PIN is an ad. If I wanted that i would just watch more tv. Please dial back the ads before I totally loose hope and deactivate. I have tried hiding them but rugs, shoes, coupon ads, etc show up over and over again. So frustrating and disappointing.

  547. I phoned for help to keep an obscene Pinterest customer from emailing me, but was told the phone couldn’t take a message.

    How is this customer support? I have obscene photos (several different ones) from WANNA HAVE SOME FUN every day. Please remove her, she is disgusting and obviously is working as a prostitute.

  548. why was my account close for something I did not do, I was hack and I was in the middle of fix everything and change my password on everything and I get a email saying my account was close and I have not been on my account since January of this year and I like to know why.

  549. why was my account close for something I did not do, I was hack and I was in the middle of fix everything and change my password on everything and I get a email saying my account was close and I have not been on my account since January of this year and I like to know why. This is for a friend of mine

  550. Please help. U changed something! When I am trying to pin, you bring up 3 suggestions and this annoying grey bubble telling me I can create a board to save, then it doesn’t allow me to pin somewhere other than ur 3 suggestions or create a board. I can not scroll or get to my other board.s arghhhh. Please help. Thank you.

  551. My account was wrongly suspended for sending my wife and pin I’d thought she’d like (a shoe storage box) & has been reactivated. I’ve came across many inappropriate pins & boards yet I have been kicked off for repinning/sending something pintrest computer has picked for me that I may like. I feel that this was a mistake & no one has yet helped me in fixing my account.

  552. As I see, Pinterest wants us to give our name and email address and when I try to contact Pinterest on the phone they hang up on me…
    I don’t like some of the supposed art paintings like the woman in the tub with blook all over and if you go to what else they have, the woman shoots herself in the mouth and blood come out behind her head. Tonight, I see a picture of a nude child she must be only 5 or 6 years old… This is not art, this discusting and you should be ashamed to post such things, Take them out or call police because you are responsible for the images you show on Pinterest..
    For myself, I am cancelling my Pinterest right now…
    And I will tell all my friends to cancel also… because Pinterest has become garbage…

  553. Just wanted to tell you that I’m so sad that your “pin” button now says “save.” The “pin” button was the coolest thing about the who concept!

  554. hi I am having some trouble with my account. I had a account with Pinterest but I got a new phone and I can’t get back into my old account! I tried to send the email but I don’t have that email anymore. please help me I would like to get back into my old account- thanks Mikayla username:kaylabay1234

  555. Please, please, please go back to old format. I am 73 years old and can hardly see the graphics let alone read the text, even with mhy glasses. If this cannot be accomplished would you please explain so I won’t think my message to you has been ignored or lost somewhere in cyberspace Thank you, Marianne

  556. I’m reporting an inapproriate site on Pinterest site. I was checking Pinterest tonight for bed comforters and bedroom sets; to my surprise the site of “Veronica Silva”, under georgeous bedroom, came up with pornographic pics!! I suggest that someone take a look at Veronica’s website immediately!

  557. I love Pinterest, and use it for work. I am really particular about the images I collect. But I notice that images have appeared on all my boards that I haven’t collected, and I can’t see a way to delete them (- the ones I collect have a delete facility) – please tell me how I can sort this.