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Contacting Ping Customer Service Center

Ping is a golf supply company that gave us a bit of trouble when searching for customer service information. The site is available in multiple countries and all pages of the site are setup to disappear if the country is not chosen on the main page. If you have any trouble accessing the links for customer service, open a new tab on your computer browser and visit Choose your country and then go back and click the link again. You should have no additional problems using the links.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

If you call between 7:30 A.M. And 4:30 P.M. Monday to Friday MST, you can reach a customer service agent for Ping Golf.

  • Customer Service: 1-800-474-6434
  • Canada Customer Service: 1-800-352-7464

Mailing Address

Ping customer service is also available by standard mail, though this means of communicating your issue with customer service is the slowest of all available options.

PingP.O. Box 82000Phoenix, AZ 85071-2000

Official Website

Visit to learn more about Ping Golf clubs and accessories. This is also the page you will have to visit to choose your country before the links in this piece will work properly, in some cases. Ping customer service is available for short periods on weekdays only. If you are interested in learning more about the company and you live near the Ping Factory in Phoenix, you can call 602-687-5385 to reserve a spot for the next factory tour. The tour takes you through the assembly portion of building Ping gold clubs.

Customer Service Email

Emailing customer service is a great way to get the support you need without having to wait on hold or talk with a representative. Once you send the Ping customer service contact form you will receive a response within about three business days. That response will be sent to the email address provided. There are six Subject options on the email form. If none of those six fit your customer service needs, choose the General Inquiry option.

Our Experience

You can press 0 when you call Ping customer service to transfer the call to an agent. We were placed on hold for the next representative at the 10 second mark, but our call was not answered for three more minutes. We asked the customer service representative why children nine and under were not allowed in the Ping Factory and the agent could not answer the question. She said that was the rule set by the corporate office and there was no way around the rule.

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9 Comments on “Contact Ping Customer Service
  1. ping g25 irons serial number 3FHB65 could you please let me now
    if these are authentic or counterfeit .
    thanks m j carter.

  2. I own the New I 30 Irons Custom fitted to me plus an Anser Driver, a Rapture 3 wood and a anser hybrid But I can not get a Ping hat because you do not offer one for a 2XL or a 7 7/8+ Get a clue…


  4. I bought a set of g20 irons. The serial number is this a legitimate serial number? If it is what are the specs of the set? I bought 5 through wedge.

  5. I own a ping Easy putter and the putting surface has flattened, losing the ridges. Is this surface an insert and if it is where do I get one from

  6. I have a seven iron of my G5 steel shafts serial club number 4436EJ which lost its blue Ping emblem on the back of the face of the club. I would like to replace the Ping Emblem to have the proper weight for this club or replace the club. Curious though why the weld or adhesive didn’t hold.
    David Hirsch 2406 Sugarloaf Lane Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33312 9544946777

  7. I brought a crossover ping i4 who so I’ve thought I paid 150£ two months ago but yet I still haven’t recieved my club, all I keep getting told is that these have been going off the shelfs like hot cakes, whether this is true or not it shouldn’t take this long to make a club, I love the ping ies but I’m devastated this is taking so long, I blame myself because I’ve paid the money that’s why I can see why there’s no rush on pings department, I will definitely think twice about ordering from ping again.

  8. I purchased a set of G series graphite set on 8/1/17. As of today 9/2/17 I have not received them, I have been told they are short 6,7 iron heads and are waiting for them from China. That surprised me because I have thought they were made in USA. If I had known that I would not have purchased , so now I Waite. Disgraceful!!!

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