Contact Philadelphia Inquirer Customer Service

Contacting Philadelphia Inquirer Customer Service Center

Contacting Philadelphia Inquirer Customer Service Center

The Philadelphia Inquirer is a daily newspaper serving the residents of the Philadelphia metropolitan area. The newspaper is one of the largest in the United States, with a weekly circulation exceeding 800,000. The Philadelphia Inquirer came into prominence during the Civil War and eventually saw readership expand to its current levels. If you are a current subscriber, want information relating to subscribing or want to voce a concern, you can connect with the customer service department by phone, email, traditional mail or through social media.

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  • Customer Service: 1-215-854-4567
  • Switchboard: 1-215-854-2000
  • Newsroom: 1-215-854-4500
  • Breaking News: 1-215-854-2443
  • Sports Desk: 1-215-854-2363
  • Entertainment, Lifestyle and Food: 1-215-854-2401
  • Health Desk: 1-215-854-2345
  • Online/Print Advertisers: 1-800-341-3413
  • Fax: 1-215-854-2380

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Interstate General MediaPhiladelphia InquirerP.O. Box 8263Philadelphia, PA 19101


Philadelphia InquirerEditorial office801 Market St.Suite 300Philadelphia, PA 19107

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Customers visiting the official Philadelphia Inquirer website have immediate access to local, state and national news. The website is divided into sections, including news, sports, entertainment, business/financial, food, lifestyle and health. Throughout the website, there is information relating to breaking news and information from Pulitzer Prize winning writers. If you are a current subscriber and need additional questions answered, visit the Customer Service page.

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In you want to contact the customer service department; you can use the customer feedback form or send a message to a particular department. Instead of sending a message to a department, we used the customer feedback form to ask questions relating to transferring a subscription from the print edition to the digital edition. After send our message, the customer service department sent a response. We received the answer to our concern within 48 hours.

Our Experience

Contacting the customer service department was a bit of a challenge, but rewarding in the end. After calling the hotline, we encountered a lengthy automated system. We pressed zero (0) and waited on hold for more than five (5) minutes. After our wait, we were able to speak directly with the customer service department. Our concerns centered on whom to contact if we do not receive our newspaper on a daily basis. The agent provided the information we requested and ended the call. Although we had to wait, the overall experience was better than expected. When you contacted the customer service department, what was the outcome? Take a moment to comment with your thoughts below.

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151 Comments on “Contact Philadelphia Inquirer Customer Service
  1. It would be very nice if the Philadelphia Inquire would establish a fund so that the people in Philadelphia and around the nation can donate funds for his Children. Just thinking along the same lines that were done for the officers who killed in New York.

  2. The Middletown Township Requires Your Company The Philadelphia Inquirer needs a Permit to Solication.
    Your Company Does-Not have a do so.
    So please stop with FREE THROW,DRIVE BY…
    of your Sample News Papers in MY Driveway.
    I just callin about this a few months ago and here we go again!!!
    Please Just Stop!!!!ENOUGH!
    I Did “NOT” Call for a Delivery and I Do NOT want it.

  3. Yesterday I found out that the Philadelphia Inquirer does not give credit for suspended papers less than 21 days, so I cancelled the paper effective August 2nd. I’m a house-sitter and vacationer and often suspend the paper for a week or two (last time 18 days while a customer was in Europe and when I called to pay my bill, I found out that the “company” has decided not to give credit for less than a 21 day suspension of delivery. I’ve been reading the Inquirer for 60 years and think this is ridiculous, especially with no Sayonara print copy…..I’ll read what I want from Philly .com

  4. Before our summer vacation we received a card saying our credit card number was no longer valid. I did not realize I had never given you the new one. I had canceled our daily delivery over our vacation and now find I cannot, on your website, give the new credit card number and resume our delivery September 8th. (The office was closed when I tried to call this afternoon.) Thank you. Jean G. Homeier (Mrs. Lon W,)

  5. I did not receive my saturday paper. and I called in the complaint around 9AM this morning. this has happened a few times lately. it is very disappointing. I don’t want a credit on my account (I actually don’t think you’ve ever credited the account in the past…I want my newspaper. i’ve been at this address for 20+ years. all i ask is delivery each saturday and the early AM, .thrown on the driveway…NOT the grass. Today’s missed delivery hasn’t come, i’ve gone out and purchased the paper. Who wants their morning paper at 2PM?! Not me.

  6. This is the third time I have not received my Sunday paper. I have gone on your web site to unsubscribe, but cannot find the way to do it..Please unsubscribe.

    Robert Kosic
    2319 South Whittmore Street, Furlong, PA 18925

  7. Even with a current vacation hold on the account, still getting the paper. Will be canceling the service ASAP since these fools are apparently clueless.

  8. Today I received The Wall Street Journal instead of the Inquirer. I called but got voice mail and just said delivery problem and you did send out an Inquirer. It would have been nice to tell someone my problem.

  9. AGAIN no saturday paper. this is unacceptable…you need to do something about this route. It’s 10:40 and no morning paper. Again Ihave to go out and buy one….doesn’t say much for ‘delivery’ service does it.

  10. Again I have had to call about not receiving my paper. This is the 4TH time this year that I have had to call, and one time after calling I NEVER RECEIVED A PAPER, but I was charged for it. If this happens one more time my subscription will be canceled.

  11. After reading the comment from Betty, June 2015. She is getting a paper for free and does not want it and I’m paying for the paper AND NOT RECEIVING IT !!!

  12. in the pass I have always received my paper by 7:am and the last several weeks it has been arriving between 9:30 and 10:00am if this continues I will cancel your service
    Charles Shanley

  13. We have not had delivery for two days and perhaps not until next week. The phone persons said they can not get into the area.
    Yet food deliveries are done and at 3:30 this morning there was an Inquirer truck parked outside our condo.
    Explain that Inquirer!!
    They do not care. There only answer is you can read it on line. Isn’t that special?
    It would serve them right if they had massive cancellations because of their complete refusal to provide customer service properly.

  14. I am 89 years old and live on a rural road in south Jersey. The newspaper delivery is awful in regards to the location, completely missing the driveway by up to 75 feet. The street sides are wooded with limited sight of vision and obstacles. I must go out into the street avoiding fast moving cars or into the weeds and poison ivy to recover the paper. It’s amazing how far from the driveway the paper can be. Sometimes I must search the side of the road as I can’t see it from my driveway. Please correct this as soon as possible. Sincerely, Doris Datz

  15. The last 2 Sunday’s we did not receive our home delivery ! We only get Sunday paper so it is very upsetting because I did not get a chance to enjoy the paper 2 Sunday’s in a row ! Please call me about this problem any Time after 1:00 pm because any earleir would be a further inconvenience ! Bob Strobele 4004 apple rd. Bristol Pa 19007 . Phone no. 215-788-4660

  16. Love the Inquirer. Please reprint the Mutts comic from the week of the Pope’s visit. Or, how else can I get them? That was a great feature during his visit.

  17. After several times I am cancelling my subscription to the Sunday Inquirer
    I have called nunmerous times and It seems that the Customer Service is only interesed in getting me off the phone
    I have explained how I am disabled and can not walk with out my walker and have asked to have my paper put at my garage door and each time they have tell me they are putting this info in my file for the delivery person WHO IS ALWAYS NEW FOR SOME REASON SO BE ON NOTICE I AM CANCELLING (I USE TO GET IT EVERYDAY AND CANCELLED FOR JUST SUNDAY FOR THE VERY SAME REASON) IF YOU COULD SEE MY HOUSE HOW EASY IT IS TO PUT IT AT THE GARAGE YOU WOULD LAUGH I HAVE PICTURES OF THE PAPER ON THE LIP OF THE DRIVE WHICH I CANNOT WALK TO GET

  18. Today is Friday 16 October 2015, (0813 AM); I have not received my Daily Newspaper; neighbors’s papers appear on their lawns albeit not a single paper on my lawn, walkway nor steps.

    I’m paid-up with Inquirer on Sundays and Daily News Mondays through Saturdays.

    Please Adjust/ Take Care of/Fix

    Mr. Lloyd C. Darby Sr. at 215 W. Washington Ave. Clifton Heights, PA 19018-2131

  19. I called to report three delivery failures in the last several days two Sundays and one daily, Sunday also included the New York Times. I looked up the contact number for customer service and called it only to be passed from one telephone number to another until the last number informed me the the customer service office is open from 8am to 4am weekends.

  20. Very poor customer service. After noticing my Sept 28 charge of $12.00 for Philadelphia Inquirer Sunday newspaper that I have not received since March 8. Looking back over my past statements, I realized I overlooked 4 other charges on my American Express statements that I never authorized and never even received paper. Talked to Tony on 10/13 and his final comment was he needed to talk to our delivery man to confirm we did not have delivery….after I all ready told him we did not receive a paper. Never heard back from Tony, but on Saturday…guess what appeared a newspaper in our driveway…..since he notified the delivery man evidently the delivery man thought it was time to start delivering papers again after a stoppage since March 8??? Called and talked to Tobbette, who was a very caring and good representative for Philadelphia Inquirer, agreed after confirming with Tony he did talk to me, with no notation made on my account, that she would put me through to a manager, as I requested. Thank you Tobbette. Unfortunately, John, manager (think that was his name….very quick at speaking) who in fact seemed to have no concern other than showing doubt to me the customer and assured me he will check in to past telephone calls that I made twice in January with only one noted and get back to me in 7-10 days. I will wait this out….in meantime I did put a dispute in to my credit card company on the charges and they assured me without written authorization charges cannot stand. Just very unfortunate situation and very disappointed with customer service at Philadelphia Inquirer……evidently their customers are not #1. I will wait to hear back and then make decision to contact Better Business with a claim on charges without my authorization and not newspapers received. I am still hopeful, that Philadelphia Inquirer’s customer service will still prove to be of better service to my complaint and prove me wrong on how opinion of their customer service department. Thank you for taking the time to read my complaint. Awaiting your reply. Cheryl Heacock

  21. I am trying to get my Sunday paper delivered. I spoke to someone Sunday October 25 at 12:50pm. He stated that my paper would be delivered on Monday. It did not come Monday. Called back Monday at 3:35 pm it was a machine that stated my paper would be delivered on Tuesday. It did not come. Got a machine again on Tuesday when I called. Well, it’s now Wednesday and I still don’t have my Sunday paper. I am posting here since I can not seem to get ahold of anyone to take care of this matter. You can refund my account for this past Sunday October 25,2015. It looks like you are not going to get the paper to me. I don’t know how your machine contacts the delivery person. but, it did state that the delivery person was notified to bring the paper. I think 4 days is plenty of time to get the paper to my home. I have had problems in the past with delivery. I even cancelled my home delivery at one point. But decided to give you another chance. I hope I have not made a mistake in doing so.

  22. My regular delivery has become later and later. My husband leaves at 7-7:30 so likes to read before he goes. Today it 8 ish and same a few other days. Will you please straighten this out. Yours

  23. After two phone calls to customer service and a promise from the representative that I would receive a phone call from the supervisor regarding continuing problems with my Sat. and Sun. delivery, I have no newspaper and I received no phone call. Your customer service SUCKS!

  24. It is fortunate for you that there is no other daily newspaper in town, otherwise you would be in much deeper financial troubles than you are now experiencing. There does not seem to be any measurable customer service or follow-up in your organization. It’s sad that such a dynamic newspaper has absolutely no way to correct delivery problems.

  25. Congratulations on becoming worse than Comcast for customer service!

    I wanted to put a vacation hold on my subscription and spent nearly 30 minutes trying to find that service online. I gave up and called a customer service phone number that I found on your website. When I called it a machine told me to call another number but it was said so fast that I had to call a second time.

    When I finally got through to your vacation hold machine the first two attempts were cut off in the middle. It took a third time to finally get it done.

    I wasted nearly 30 minutes. Thanks a lot.

  26. I am not a subscriber for the inquire but I keep getting a weekly paper of the shoppers express “an addition of the Philadelphia enquire” i do not wish to get this paper delivered to my home and did not subscribe to this paper so please STOP delivering this to my home.
    thank you

    if I sent this info to the wrong address please tell me where to contact the proper persons………thanks

  27. I fired you last week for repeated missed deliveries (after the carrier cashed our Christmas check). Today I received a paper. I don’t want this paper any longer. Cease and desist!!

  28. You apparently are not interseted in new accounts since you do not accept new accounts 24/7. Your limited hours for taking subscriptions does not conform to my schedule

  29. did not receive my paper on Sat. or Sun. Jan. 23 & 24. I would like credit as I already know the news. I figured it was because of the weather not the person who delivers.

  30. Impossible to reach customer service via phone…really getting old. No paper for 3 days, no accountability.

    I understand the snow fall would affect delivery for one or two days. Roads totally passable today yet no paper again.

    I am a very unsatisfied customer. If I had been able to speak with someone I would feel differently.

    This has been an ongoing issue for me even when weather is great.

    My paper person received a generous holiday money bonus. I expect better from your organization.

    Considering dropping subscription,


  31. I have not had my newspaper delivered since Friday, January 22nd. It too late for a replacement newspapers, please refund all monies. Thank you.
    Patty Barrett

  32. I have spent too much time calling and reporting a non delivery this morning . Over 35 years of getting a paper daily but the last six months 5 x I have had to call and all my neighbors got theirs…..l am one more non-delivery from ending my subscription

  33. To whom it may concern, only received from sec H, No front sec this AM 2-7-16. Please contact dilivery person to return. Dilivery person is always on time and does a great job. Please do not hold him responsible.

  34. For the second consecutive week I got no Saturday supplement for my paper. Still waiting to see if my Sunday comes???
    Not worth the time it takes to keep writing you guys.

  35. Your real estate “recent home sales” lists a sale in Quackertown. Really? It’s Quakertown. No “C” in Quakertown. Thank you!

  36. The digital version of the Inquirer regularly has less coverage and fewer pictures than the print version. The worst was today, with NO Superbowl coverage. I had to read the headlines on a print version over someone’s shoulder on the train. Please fix this, or I’m done with the Inquirer!

  37. Barbara Simons a former resident of Philadelphia and honorable graduate of Temple University …..was given honorable mention for creating the glasses/well made prop for Willie Smith.Mr.Smith plays the lead role in “Prince of Bellaire’s”sitcom….He has worn them for the introductory song as he plays an old lady with her imaginary one of a kind glasses.Mr.Smith has stated that the glasses have assisted him in character to his role and are a rare stroke of Ms.Barbara Simons’s creative genius.She has taught in Pinellas County theatre/art in the past.Barbara has written 2 songs on her own”Fulfillment”and “Lord Child”that were sold to Bob Dylan.Multiple origional art works from Barbara and son, Randon Martin are sold throughout Philadelphia and NewYork. Bette Midler has purchased the Simons-Martin family’s small artistic collection.The entire family resides in Philadelphia and Clearwater…hoping to see more of the Simons-Martin’s well inclined talents.Congratulations!

  38. I have called twice about delivery of my paper. I was recently in an accident and find going up and down steps difficult. I requested that the paper { both the daily and Sunday} be delivered to my front door as of yet that has not happened. It is being delivered to the street curb where cars are parked. Is it to hard for the carrier to throw the paper a little harder or get out of the car and walk a few steps. My next request will be cancellation. PS. My boys were paperboys growing up and never delivered a paper such as it is now. The papers were always at the customers front door and on bad days they placed them inside the screen door. Maybe The Inquirer should go back to the old way and hire kids again.

  39. I cancelled home delivery at 521 lindy lane; bala cynwyd, pa 19004 starting 1/22 and to be resumed 3/1
    I have been receiving delivery of the paper for at least the last 10 days as told to me by neighbors.
    resume delivery 3/1 and do not charge me for all the incorrectly delivered papers

  40. Delivery to 400 Walnut Street comes late in the morning because as your delivery man himself told me he is a “slacker” Please give this job to someone else!!

  41. The paper does not come till late in the morning because you delivery man told me he is a “SLACKER” PLEASE GIVE THIS JOB TO SOMEONE ELSE!! 400 walnut street!

  42. I have just spent a half hour trying to get into my account to read the Inquirer on line and am annoyed. Three times I was told my new password would appear in my email. I posted it and the final analysis was that you want $20 FROM ME. I subscribe weekends and have been getting the daily Inquirer online for months and months. What is the problem.

  43. I am a 30 yr. home delivery customer. I am most annoyed at the removal of Parade from your sunday edition especially when I found that you include it on the newsstand sunday edition. This insult added to the increase in your subscription
    charge. In addition, from time to time one another section is missing in the daily edition. I have dropped my sunday addition but I was advised that the daily -only subscription would not include Saturday. As a consequence of your policies you’re not making any friends here.

  44. My telephone is 610-284-1552. No paper AGAIN today. I know your telephone number by heart.
    I called your number to report the problem, recording told me I would be credited, not get a paper.

    Call me Monday. My cell is 215-300-9677. Tell me how many more days I will receive the paper based on my most recent payment and then you will be fired. Your service stinks. Your delivery person sucks as this happened far too often.

  45. I have to call every Saturday to get my paper.I have been a customer for over twenty years I pay my Bill please fix the problem

  46. Did not receive Saturday delivery (Saturday paper and Sunday coupons). Voice mail option was unresponsive; couldn’t confirm my account number to credit or put me in touch with a customer service rep because it was beyond normal business hours.

    Please credit my account accordingly. 1575 Springhill Drive, Aston, PA

  47. My carrier does not like to work on Saturday mornings. Not getting my morning paper on Saturdays this is 4th time no Sat paper.
    Going to cancel

  48. Hi, I didn’t get a newspaper today, 4/28. I also didn’t get one last Friday 4/22. However, I don’t check until noon. Could it have been delivered and someone took it out of the driveway? Is there anyway to ask the courier to throw it further down the driveway for us so no one can walk by and take it? Thank you so very much. Or anything else we can do to make sure we are getting it? Leave it in the mailbox? Mrs. Nadia Emery

  49. Just read all the delivery complaints from customers. To the Inquirer, I’m sure I am just another complainer because I do not get delivery of my paper but enough is enough! I agree with a previous complainer that the paper should employ kids again. Both of my children were carriers and treated every customer with respect and courtesy. Sad that the same cannot be said about the Inquirer delivery people, customer service, but most of all, the executive management who does not properly train its employees. Not surprised that subscriptions are down.

  50. I have tried to e-mail about my problem but was unable to do so. I finally called and got an automated voice but I wasn’t really able to address my problem. My paper was delivered wet and I was told I would get another one tomorrow. I do not want another paper tomorrow. What I want is to have it double bagged on a day predicted for rain. Last month I requested this as my previous delivery person had done. I do not understand why I was unable to forward my e-mail.

  51. i called yesterday (5/1) to have my sunday paper redelivered not because it was missing but because it landed in the puddle at the end of my walkway & was sopping wet (voice mail did not have an option for me to tell you that).

  52. We have not received our daily paper since last friday 4/29/16. I have had delivery service for over 10 years don’t understand why all of a sudden we’re not receiving our paper. Is there a new delivery person? Noticed my neighbor has a paper but not us.We are paid for next 13 weeks. Please deliver our paper and credit us for 4 daily papers and 1 Sunday paper.

  53. Did not get a copy of today’s Inquirer. Called the delivery person but her phone answering service had so many calls that it was full so was unable to contact her. Please get a copy of today’s paper to me ASAP or credit my account for the missing paper. Many thanks.

  54. I recently had my paper on a vacation hold from thurs to sat 4/19to4/21. The paper was delivered on sunday . The Sunday edition but the comics and all the ads were missing. I was told that it would be included in the sunday edition. And it was not. I wanted the comics and the ads. Can they still be delivered to me.

  55. I used to have the most wonderful delivery service — newspaper on the step every morning by 6:00 a.m. Since the route was taken over by another carrier, I have lodged numerous complaints with The Inquirer, but nothing has been done. I have to call at least once a week to ask for my paper. The robot who handles delivery complaints urges the caller to advise if it happens again, which I always do, to no avail. I also subscribe to The Courier Post, and that paper is on the doorstep, not tossed in the bushes or the end of the driveway/sidewalk, by 6:00 a.m. every day.

  56. I had my paper stopped for vacation and I did not get a paper Today and yesterday. This performance is the norm every year. The entire Online setup is very difficult to use. I don’t know why I don’t just cancel. I pay money and get bad service and propaganda instead of news.

  57. Thank you for providing so much information about how incompetent your organization is. I still have not received my paper. This is 11 days that you have not delivered a paper. Eight that I have scheduled and 3 that you have failed to deliver. Are those 11 days going to be subtracted from the bills that you send? Why should I continue to pay money for the privilege of reading lies and propaganda. The bottom line is that your organization is Incredibly dishonest and I am incredibly stupid for paying money to you. I will try to see if I can get you on the phone.

  58. Trying to stop my subscription at 608W. Phil Ellena street, 1A for vacation has proved impossible. Your system of doing so on web is not usable . Please stop Inquirer until further notice .

  59. my paper was missed last Mon. Tues and Wed. Now again on 7-4. I am busy at work during the call hours and very dissatisfied with my current service. I recently signed up for payment deduction form my checking account and now am not getting good service.

  60. I called about today’s missed paper. I said it was just today but I’ve missed papers twice besides today in the last two months. I’m a full-time caregiver and get busy and don’t have time to get online or call and let it slide those times.

    (The Customer Service number on your website said to call an 800 number so you should change the number on the site.)

  61. Delivery times are unacceptable. The daily paper never gets here before 630am, as allegedly guaranteed. Complaints mean nothing to the Inquirer.

  62. My newspaper is delivered on time, I.e., by 6 am on weekdays, on average 1 out of 3 days. I would like it delivered by 6 each day as I was told. I rely on the paper for my morning train commute, which because of Septa’s issues, now starts earlier.

  63. I have whittled my subscription down to just Sunday and they still can’t get the delivery right. I’ve complained about missed papers with no credit issued, just ” we’ll add on another week”? Then the bill comes again and no extra week is noted. What a sham and failure to appease your customer! The Inquirer is trying to stave off bankruptcy and total dissolution by losing part of the customer base? Maybe it’s a ploy to get everyone signed over to digital, but who wants or has the time to sit in front of a computer staring at a screen !

  64. I have been a subscriber for many years. I have not been experiencing great service from you.
    In the past I have reported the paper
    being illegible when it has been raining. I have called many times reporting this condition, indicating the paper was not protected well. The wrapping is very f
    limsy and in most cases in only one wrapper.
    On Saturday October 8th. I called because there was part of the delivery missing. The portion of the Sunday circulars that is usually delivered with Saturday’s paper was missing. The Sunday Travel Section and the Sunday Comic Section were both missing along with the Coupons. I was told by your representative that this situation would be rectified. However what I received later on Saturday was the Saturday edition of the paper only which I did not need.

    As I said earlier this has been an ongoing problem with the delivery of the paper on wet days and nothing has been done to correct it.
    I would greatly appreciate it, if you could have your carrier take care of this in the future.
    Thanking you in advance for your co-operation regarding this matter.
    Constance Raffel

  65. 3 days in the last week we have not received a paper. What’s going on? I have had to go out an purchase a paper at a convenience store. I want credit for these three missed deliveries and confirmation that I have received this credit.

  66. I called customer service and no one answered. My paper was not delivered again today. Seems to be an increasingly common occurrence on Sundays.

    SCHWENKSVILLE,PA 19473 PHONE 610-287-8946

  68. Sadly I read thru many complaints and all show that your customer service is really non existent.
    I am trying to put a vacation hold don my p[paper and hope it works.
    In prior years it was so easy to do and always worked well with a site to lick on for vacation hold. Now all there is on the site are advertisements of places to go while on vacation. That is not what the site is for!!!

  69. Trying to put my paper on hold while on vacation. Sent on an Internet wild goose chase. Never was able to accomplish this. Unbelievable for a major newspaper not to have a simple process for this. Use to be easy when former owners in charge. You now have lost a customer for good. Have been a subscriber for more than twenty years. Too bad for you?

  70. Today Sunday August 6, 2017. I called twice for my paper. Second time I spoke with some one who said they would let the manager know. They said I would get my paper. As of 11:55 am I still have not gotten my paper.

  71. I did not receive my Saturday portion of Sunday paper (8-13-2017). Please have someone deliver the paper or give me credit for the paper. Thanks.

  72. Customer Service is poorly run. I have been trying to opt out of the new Digital Access and cannot get through.
    I do not want this service and this is just another indication of your failing newspaper

  73. I have been trying for the last 45 minutes to opt-out of Total Digital Access and cannot get through. I DO NOT WANT THIS SERVICE!

  74. Your customer service stinks! You have to hold for 15 or more minutes before any one answers. I did not get a paper today and automated service said replacement would be sent. Well over an hour later–still no paper! Subscription price just increased for the third time in a very short period, Quality of the “Inky” that I once knew has been slipping for years. Renewal of my subscription is doubtful.

  75. My newspaper is soaked. Only one plastic bag did not protect the newspaper. Please deliver another newspaper for Aug. 29th, 2017.


    • Lately I have been missing my Sunday news section of the paper. I only get the Sunday paper. I call to report my paper missing. I do not speak to an actual person but the automatic thing yesterday. Never did get my paper till Monday morning. Guess they are too lazy to get it to me on Sunday. Not the first time for this. BY then all the news is old. Sometimes when it is missing I do get a paper the same day. Not always.

  77. Credit card charged without my consent for a renewal that I did not authorize, and subscription does not end until November. Reverse this charge immediately. I will not renew due to this. Signed up in a “Fresh Market” store for 2 months and paid with a credit card. Told the saleswoman I do not want automatic renewal. She acknowledged that I would not be auto renewed with a great big smile. And here I am auto renewed on Sept. 19, two months before my subscription ends. This is bad business for a struggling subscription based product.

  78. Thank you so much for endorsing Beth Grossman for District Attorney, so happy that I now do not feel that I should cancel my Inquirer subscription! You made a wise choice, she is extremely qualified for the position and she is pro law enforcement!!!

  79. I’m contacting you on behalf of my mother, a subscriber of many years. The previous carrier was great. The paper was delivered daily(barring very bad weather) to the front porch. If the new carrier company is not interested in delivering a paper to Pottstown PA, we need to know. My having to call daily because she hasn’t received a paper isn’t acceptable in any person’s eyes. Of late, when we do get a paper it’s because someone else along our lane has found it down by the road. Getting a paper at 2:00 in the afternoon because a neighbor has found it simply isn’t right. Again, if there is no desire to deliver here, we need to know. I appreciate that the complaint is “escalated” each time we call but it obviously makes no difference. A paper was delivered as promised maybe 3 days in the past weeks. I prefer to not publish her name or address so please send an email to the address below for that detail. Thank you.

  80. Since our prior carrier retired who did an outstanding job delivering the phila. Inquirer on time consistently we now have a new carrier who not only delivers the paper late frequently, and especially on weekends and many Sunday papers that do not get delivered at all. I call frequently to complain and customer service said they will contact my carrier and pass along my message. For what I pay for getting the Inquirer seven days a week I would expect better service than I am getting. I have also asked to speak with a supervisor and customer service tells they will pass my request along and a supervisor will be contacting me. I’m still waiting for that phone call. They should either get a new carrier (very much needed) and at a minimum should issue me a credit for each paper I don’t receive, and a partial credit for papers delivered. Please have someone contact me via this email.
    Thank you for your help.
    Ronald Nowacki

  81. I can not find where I am suppose to write to you about delivery. So annoying!!

    No paper delivered on 11/11,11/12,11,16,11/18,11/19

    When I am not delivered the Saturday paper, but I do get the Sunday, I am missing part of the Sunday paper, so I have to go out and buy a second, complete paper on Sunday.

    This is getting exhausting. Please straighten this out with whoever.

  82. I live in Chester County Pennsylvania on Booksellers court.

    For many many months our neighbors and I have been startled awake every single morning by the delivery person of the Philadelphia Inquirer.

    The car the person drives clearly cannot possibly pass a car inspection with a muffler so loud.

    I can hear the person coming four blocks away off of King Street & Sugartown.

    There are four large developments on Sugartown that are impacted – Charleston Green which sits on the corner of King & Sugartown, Landmark, our own Booksellers Court which is a dead end street of only seven houses and Erin Glen.

    I can hear the car coming from far away and to make matters worse the car pulls into our 7 house dead end street, I’m startled awake every morning between 4:45 and 6 a.m., dumps the newspaper, then has to reverse to re-situate their car to get out of our street and drives away.

    The neighbors and I are going to be contacting the Malvern Borough Police to lodge a noise disturbance complaint.

    I know that the loud startling car with clearly a muffler problem of some sort, is violating a noise ordinance and also potentially filing a charge against the driver for disturbing the peace.

    I have been sick with back-to-back lung infections and one of the things I’ve been told over and over is that sleep is a huge factor in how often you get sick and can recover from it.

    For these last many months I have listened to this car every morning and am always startled awake. You can imagine when you’re sick with lung infections and such that it’s very hard to get to sleep at a reasonable hour. But then I’m startled awake maybe 4 hours later.

    I am asking you to contact this driver before we take the formal steps in filing a complaint. If the person cannot afford to fix their car to be quieter with a better muffler then we ask that you assign a different driver for this route in Chester County.

    Otherwise we will move forward with formal complaints with the local police department.

  83. it would be great if you could get an answer on the phone. I want to start the paper. They close at 1pm every day.what a joke.

  84. I tried to stop my paper for vacation today. I was UNABLE to do this because of a PDF converter ad came up. I’m not a tech savy kind of guy. All I wanted to do was stop my paper for vacation. Now I’m considering stopping my subscription altogether!

  85. This is now the fourth weekend in a row that a paper was not delivered to me on Saturday or Sunday. The first weekend was December 9th and I called to complain. The person I spoke with said my account would receive a credit and I would be mailed coupons from the paper not delivered. I never received the coupons.
    Today is December 31st and it is 11:15am and no papers have been received this weekend or the weekend of the 16th and 23rd.
    Please cancel my subscription and refund me any money due.
    Thank you.

  86. I just put a vacation hold on my subscription. I then read that you DON”T extend the subscription for that time. In essence I lose the the time and PAY for it. I called back to cancel the “HOLD” and was told I had to call back during business hours of 6AM to 1PM – this is HORRIBLE BUSINESS AND POLICY!

  87. I ordered 5 Sunday papers but last Sunday 12-31-17 I received only 2.
    On Sunday 12-24-17 I did not received coupons.
    You said you give credit back to my account but I did not see it.
    Please cancel my subscription right away.

  88. have not received a newspaper on Thursday, Friday, saturday nor Sunday.

    I can understand thursday and Friday But ……..

    Harry Dougherty

  89. I did not receive my Sunday newspaper on January 28 ,2018.
    So I called the newspaper I was told I would receive my paper today. No paper today. I need to speak to a person. I hate that answering machine. You don’t even know if your messages where received. Poor customer service. It is funny you all have never missed taking the money out of my account though.

  90. I just started a new subscription, today is to be my second delivery. It is after 10 am and
    no paper!!!! I use to get the paper and had the best delivery person, he must have quit.
    I will be 82 next Saturday and I have been up and down the stairs 8 times! I live above
    a business and my paper last week was at their back door. I have a walkway to a porch on the side of the building that the other delivery person always put my paper on the porch and I tipped him well for his good service. I have to go threw the business to their
    back door looking for my paper! I am thinking about canceling my subscription. I called
    two times this morning, can’t get to talk to a person like I can with the Courier Times!
    Very poor service from the Inquirer.

  91. It sucks, I can’t even leave a message. That means I have to get up early tomorrow
    to make sure that I get the Sunday inserts that are usually delivered on Saturday.

  92. I did not receive my paper today, Saturday, April 7, 2018. I tried calling but office was closed. I could not find an email address to contact customer service about this issue. Please have my delivery guy bring my Saturday paper , tomorrow Sunday April 8th.

  93. called last week because i didn’t received newspaper and they said someone will bring you a newspaper before 10 am and i am still waiting. i will call to cancel. it hasn’t been the first time it has happened

  94. This is several times now we have not received our paper until very late. getting very annoyed and upset. Can you do something about this or not? It is Sunday Morning. Almost 9 am. and still no paper. We want our Sunday paper at a proper time to sit down with breakfast, a cup of coffee and enjoy our paper. Is this too much to ask. Please do something about this. I am tired to sending notices and calling. All my neighbors feel the same way.

  95. I live in an apartment building whose carrier is too lazy to deliver door to door but dumps the papers outside. The circulation department is too disengaged to make him provide good service.

  96. Your delivery service is not dependable at my location.I walk down 38 steps to get my paper. Then I have to walk up 38 steps (no elevator) and it is frustrating when no paper has been delivered. So far, 5 Inquirers have not been delivered during my 13 week delivery period.

  97. Signed up for the paper at a local Phillies game. Sunday 8 week package. I asked the guy signing me up what the catch was sever al times as I was receiving a Phillies Blanket as a gift. He said no catch, 8 weeks for $15 then I can cancel. After SEVERAL phone calls to even get the paper started we finally received it. After the 8 weeks, I go to cancel and I am told since I received a “FREE” gift that I could not cancel until I did another 8 weeks. WHAT A SCAM!! BEWARE!! I will never give my business to a company that will blatantly lie to its customers! Shame on you!

  98. Do NOT subscribe to the Philadelphia Inquirer. I unfortunately paid upfront for a 26 week subscription in May, 2018. I have yet to receive one paper now that they have my money. I call weekly and am always told the same thing…….they are sorry and will report my problem to the mgr. in my area and that individual will call me back. Of course I’ve never received a call back or a paper. Now they don’t have track of 60% of my phone calls! All I want is the Sunday paper I have paid for. I guess my only option left is to contact my bank and submit a fraudulent charge report. Beware of giving Philadelphia Media Network money upfront……you will receive nothing for it!

  99. after reading 120 comments, I realize this minor comment ( totally soaked and useless paper) whenever it rains will be ignored. This from a new delivery company in Paoli. So I guess I’ll just buy a paper that I can count on.

  100. I purchased a 26 week subscription to the Inquirer through Groupon on 5/13/18. It has become a job on my end contacting customer service to receive the Sunday paper I paid for. Each time I get an apology and I’m promised a return phone call from the Area Supervisor and that my paper will arrive the following weekend. As of today have never received one of these phone calls OR a paper!!! This has been going on for 2 l/2 months. What do I think of customer service??? They are told to make you feel like a resolution will happen and get you off the phone. The Philadelphia Inquirer HAS NO “Customer Service”

  101. I called yesterday regarding no delivery for the Sunday portion of the newspaper. I was advised it would be sent along with Monday’s paper. However not only was it not sent Monday’s paper was not delivered also. Great job everyone.

  102. no paper today , Also its late most weekends. We are going out to buy a paper so do not bill us for the day and anytime its not here buy 9

  103. Never received the Sunday inquirer on sept 10. I called your customer service and was promised that it would be delivered on that day,and I’m still waiting on September 11. Your service is very unreliable and really unprofessional.
    Ron jones

  104. It is nearly 9:30 and once again, my Sunday paper is not here…It didn’t arrive until around 10 the last three sundays, despite your 8am “guaranteed delivery”, but I didn’t bother to complain because I was happy that it arrived at all…your “customer service” is ridiculously poor…please credit my account (again) for the last four weeks…I would also appreciate it if someone would actually call me to explain why it is so difficult for you to deliver the one paper I get alll week, on time…hell, I’d settle for even close to on time…please consider me to be a very dissatisfied customer…interested to see if you give enough of a rip to even follow up.

  105. i have been a subscriber for over 50 years. Home delivery seems to be now call to report the missing paper and maybe I will get one today or sometimes even tomorrow The has been especially a constant complaint since May of this year. Someone will later call me and then the paper starts getting delivered, But it seems to last only 2 – 3 weeks. The paper has been under my car, on the roof of the car, the hood of the car and even on the middle of my lawn in a 2 foot snow pile. I realize there are problems with retaining delivery personal but that is your problem not mine. The Inquirer also states the time the paper should be delivered. I am regret having to cancel the paper but I don’t need this aggravation. I will miss the paper but with the erratic delivery I have experienced I have gotten use to being with the paper. If you offer home delivery outside of Philadelphia then do it or remove the scope of the area of the delivery area.

  106. Our Inquirer was NOT delivered on Thursday or today. Non-delivery has been happening 1-2 each month recently. Calling your customer service is pointless. No one ever answers and you cannot even leave a message. We have been Inquirer subscribers for over 40 years and we will just cancel our subscription if this continues.

  107. I missed 3 delived papers in the past 2 mos. driver drove by 2 times and no paper but my 2 neigboirs got theirs. i called twice and was told twice someone will be out with my paper, never came. i wan’t to cancel my subcription and would like a refund sent to me for the payment i just sent in.

  108. I have had problems getting my Sunday inquirer for past few weeks. in have called every sat to get the sat coupons of the Sunday paper, and still can’t get the paper delivered properly. everyone I call I am told it will get escalated to management and STILL no luck. I pay for the paper faithfully, and all of a sudden this past month cannot seem to get the paper. today sat 10/27 I called and spoke to someone early and was told they wold have me a paper sent out, a few hours later I called again with noon paper delivered. it is now 8 pm and still have NOT gotten the sat half of the Sunday paper . What is the problem here? should I go on Facebook to get my paper delivered properly?

  109. We recently got a new newspaper delivery person for our neighborhood (Richboro, PA). The paper is coming very late each day. Pretty frustrating. Today is Sunday October 28th and it is 10:30 and still no paper.

  110. Have a subscriber since 1955- recentlt????each Sat & Sunday-NO PAPER-
    have called several times about this POOR SERVICE_neighbors rec’d papers-
    Understand new delvereer- needs to be FIRED

  111. After 42 years of subscribing to the INQUIRER, I canceled the paper. A lazy carrier sporadically delivered my paper. I called customer service and requested that a supervisor call me. No one did. I was told a paper would be delivered after I called. No paper arrived. Employees with no work ethics will no longer be tolerated!!!

  112. +-this is ridiculous. my neighbors, just two houses away, had their newspaper at 7 AM today. my paper is still not here. i am beyond angry at this point. what is the carrier’s problem? if this is not resolved you can cancel my subscription as of DEC.

  113. Friday Dec. 27 the paper never arrived. Today, the 31, again no paper. For what this subscription costs, the aggravation isn’t worth the price. In addition, the deliverer has stopped leaving the paper in the lobby of the building and throws it in the muddy lawn. If this happens one more time, I will cancel.

  114. Preposterously bad. Both Saturday and Sunday I had to hang up after more than fifteen minutes waiting on hold. Today I called again re. failure to receive our Sunday paper. It is preposterous that the website has a 215 number for such contact that then indicates an 800 number should be called. Why list a (presumably) defunct former number in the first place??? Typical Philadelphia disorganization (see: SEPTA, School District, PGW, PECO, Parking Authority, ad nauseam. Having now held fifteen more minutes I am contacting my credit card company to dispute the subscription renewal charges.

  115. In this age when print newspapers are struggling, I call, go thru the menu and am told by a recording that I should get my Sunday paper by 2:00 pm? Are you serious????

  116. My delivery man doesn’t put my paper in a plastic bag, (except when rain is forecast). He wraps my paper with a rubber band and throws it on my front steps.
    The ink from the paper marks up my door and siding. I sent him a Christmas card and requested the paper in a plastic bag but he still wraps in rubber band. This is it for me, I will cancel the paper if this continues.

  117. Delivery service has frequently been spotty. But, now that the Courier Post has taken that on, it’s been completely unacceptable. Yesterday the paper was delivered about 11AM. It is now 10:30 and we still have no paper. We have tried calling Customer Service but, after 15 minutes on hold, have hung up. If this does not improve within the next few days, we will be cancelling the Inquuirer.

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