Contact PG&E Customer Service

Contacting PG&E Customer Service Center

PG&E, or Pacific Gas & Electric, is an energy company based in San Francisco, California. The company supplies energy for about 15 million people, including natural gas and electricity. The coverage area includes 70,000 square miles in California.

Contact information for PG&E customer service is available from the My Home or My Business page of the main website. After clicking on My Home or My Business, look for the link for Customer Service. There you will find contact information for the PG&E customer service department.

to leave a comment about your customer service experience.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

There are several phone numbers customers can use to contact PG&E customer service. Choose the phone number that best fits your needs.

The residential customer service line is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Mailing Address

While there is no customer service address for residential or business customers to use for mail contact, we did find an address for general inquiries by shareholders. This address could be beneficial if you are trying to compliment or complain about the company.

PG&E Corporate
One Market, Spear Tower
Ste 2400
San Francisco, CA 94105-1126

Official Website

The PG&E official website, found here, allows customers to log in to their energy accounts, make payments and learn more about how PG&E is working to increase green energy production to save the environment. You’ll need to register for online account access to log in to your energy account.

Customer Service Email

We’ve used the online contact form for PG&E customer service to ask about a dedicated email address. No such email address is listed on the official website. According to the form, you can enter your account information if you want the customer service representative to respond about a concern regarding your account.

We’ll let you know how PG&E email customer service responded to our contact.

Our Experience

Our experience with the PG&E customer service line was not as great as we had hoped. The first time we called the number rang more than 10 times before finally being picked up with an automated system. We pressed 0 and the call was immediately transferred to the customer service line. After the transfer we were placed on hold. The automated system offered to call us back within two to four minutes – the estimated wait time. We actually waited five minutes on hold before a customer service representative answered the call. We asked about the Smart Meter service and the representative quickly explained the Smart Meter, but not before asking for our name and account number.

The email inquiry sent to PG&E customer service resulted in a helpful response. The representative responded to our request within 2 hours and provided several options for customer service contact. Customers can read the communication below:

From: Customer Service Online
Date: Thu, Mar 29, 2012 at 2:25 AM
Subject: Re: SmartMeter – Questions (KMM16505184V2165L0KM)
To: Richard B

Dear Richard,

Thank you for contacting us via our website.

Thank you for your email regarding the SmartMeter program. We would be
pleased to answer your questions about SmartMeter technology by phone.

To complete your inquiry, please contact our 24 hour SmartMeter Line at

Or you may call our 24 hour Customer Service line at 1-800-743-5000.

We appreciate your business and are proud to be your service provider.

Thank you for using our online services.

To help us improve our service, please take this short survey:

Customer Care
Pacific Gas and Electric Company

Original Message Follows:

First Name: Richard
Last Name: B

Subject: General Inquiries
Sub-category: Questions
Message: Is there a dedicated customer service email address – aside from this contact form, that customers can use to contact the customer
service department?

Tell us how you fared with PG&E customer service.

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73 Comments on “Contact PG&E Customer Service
  1. I did not receive my bill several others here did not either. When I called about it and wanted information all I got was an annoying machine that could not answer my questions.

  2. THis company price gouges. 300% increase in 3 months. For 1000 sq foot house being charged .33 and a $1,000 electrice bill. In all the years living there, the bil has never been over $300. The going rate in this are is .08 to .09.
    Do not use this company.

  3. Sudden outage at 3pm 3/15/14 with estimated restoration time of 2 hrs. And PG&E restored 20 mins before and made a very happy home. But the peace and quiet was a nice change. One interesting question was asked “Mom, will the toilets flush?”…

  4. Very impressed with your phone service. Very little menus and waiting. Pleasant personal. Quick and easy process to open a account.

    Been employee of Seattle gas and electric utility for 20 years in charge of gas side Scada system and supervisor of gas control.

  5. I am writing this comment while I’m on hold waiting to report a problem with my not so smart gas meter. It sounds like an old squeaky pump running, loud enough that the neighbors are complaining.
    I have been on hold now for 17 minutes, so I am close to calling back and saying it is an emergency just to speak to someone. NOT GOOD SERVICE

  6. What is the website or Email addr. of your Pension Payroll Dept. Please RSVP ASAP, I am a retiree from PG&E’s Diablo Canyon Nuc. Plant. Thanks! Alex Taylor

  7. What is the website or Email addr. of your Pension Payroll Dept. Please RSVP ASAP, I am a retiree from PG&E’s Diablo Canyon Nuc. Plant. Thanks! Alex Taylor

      ” 8 ”
      ” 9 ”
      ” 10 ”

  8. Please accept this message as a PRAISE to PG&E and the workers that restored our outage 6/10 to 6/11/14 (at 5am service was back on). This was a difficult job as the blown transformer was very hard to access and even though the pole was in a neighbor’s yard the crew had to use ours to get to it. No way to get a cherry picker in so they worked throughout the night and were extremely quiet being considerate of the neighbors. Each workman was polite and highly knowledgeable and made great strides to get service back on as quickly as possible. I think it was off about 12 hrs and believe me they worked every minute!!! When they left they closed our two gates that we made accessible for them and that was appreciated. I cannot praise PG&E enough! Oh and by the way it was possible that a mylar balloon might have been the cause of the problem. Might be a good idea to give warning in your enclosures with billing. Thanks again. Gary and Jeanette Koster, 506 Woodland Ave., Woodland, Ca.

  9. As a PG&E retiree with 33 years of service with the company
    I’m elated to view your current ‘ family ‘ T V commercials
    Restoration of the ‘ family ‘ concept within the rank & file
    is an astute move.
    The tarnished company image is best addressed by it’s
    own people as good will ambassadors
    It would seem to me that you have achieved a substantial
    upgrade within & outside the company

  10. So Monday is a Smart day!! I opted out of the program last week because I know we were having emergency
    Construction done at our home on Monday. I don’t think we should be charged the higher rate since I never saw any “rules” about opting out and having to wait until the end of a billing cycle for the change to take effect. This is unacceptable. A computer should be able to handle this type of emergency request instantaneously. This is unacceptable.

    Rich Schroeder

  11. Recently, I bought Sweep & Trap. I was so disappointed. It didn’t catch anything from the floor. And it moves to the front only. I can not return to the store I bought. Because I throw a package away. I was so excited to get it. I didn’t even think about returning it. I was wondering you really test to use this product before coming onto market.

  12. I just received a note saying how our house was using more electricity than others of similar size. I’m curious to know how you figure this since we are old and in the house a lot compared to neighbors who all work. So what is it you want us to do – leave the house and hang out in a park? We pay our bills on time, so I consider this to be an unfounded criticism.

  13. Friday evening I discovered i had no hot water. I called a comapy to repair my water heater. The found the pilot light was out. While they were working on my water heater we noticed that the gas meter on the side of my house had been worked on. It appears a breather valve of some type had been added and the pipes freshly painted. The previous day I had noticed a PGE service person working on my next door neighbors house meter. It appears PGE did service on my meter, which shut off the gas flow without notifying me. I spent $198.00 for the repair service to light my water heater.

    I received no notification that my gas meter was going to be worked on and notified after the fact. My kids and I went through the night with the pilot out exposing the family to the risk of of gas in the house. This was completely irresponsible, not to mention it cost me a significant amount of money.

    • it has come to my attention that you are considering adding $10 to every account. this is unthinkable and i strongly protest. the customers should not be responsible for your mistakes.

  14. it has come to my attention that you are considering adding $10 to every account. this is unthinkable and i strongly protest. the customers should not be responsible for your mistakes.

  15. I have tried to ask a question on your customer service line, and of course could not as I was not able to speak to a person. I was however given a dozen choices for which I did not have a need. Computers do not do everything, Yet.

  16. I have 10 acres in rural area Oroville Ca and I want install electric power from PG&E.From the electric pool to my house I have 1000 fee.How much I will pay for instalation and I need the service contact from PG&E Oroville Ca.

  17. Well pge has charged my account a total of $789.00 from sept 1st 2014 to jan 18th which I thought was reasonable but I got a “lovely” bill in the mail while I was out of town working to support my family when a new “adjusted ” bill came stating that I owed a extra $ 2218.00 wow so that’s almost $ 3,000.00 for 5 months of service. They were so nice they stated that their computer calculated all the months wrong and they we’re undercharging us but being so nice they removed $400.00 so now we just owe $1600.00 which is due in two weeks. When I went in to the main office at Pville to dispute the charges the ” wonderful” cashier told me with that average monthly rate of around $500 it took them 5 months to figure the right way to read a smart meter which is smart for pge but stupid for the customer I would like the old meter which I can read and save data on my own behalf so I can know when I’m being screwed by pge thank you for reading have a excellent day

  18. san ramon has a mr tom palma working there in you pg@e office he needs to be drug tested he is high on meth .tom also sells meth to other coworker he dids to be dismissed from all dutys

  19. After winding through the process to have a streetlight repaired (after 25 years outage), it is again working as it should. I have to give a shout out to serviceman Lee (tag 244379) who was very thorough in his portion of the repair.
    I also have to say that your representative Sara (tag 245888) should be teaching all your representatives the art of customer service. Her assistance with this matter on 2/20/15 was greatly appreciated. Thanks Lee and Sara!

  20. I really admire this company so much please contact me I want a job with you guys I don’t have any experience in the field I would like too know how can I become apart of this company ill do any training asked of me plus I would really love working up there in northern California please help me too do so I have a family too take care of this industry has everything I could ask for too give me a wonderful life for my family look forward too hearing from you.

  21. I am experiencing a horrific wait to cancel my service after my home sale. I have a solar system and have bee routed to the solar extension. I have been waiting 35 minutes so far. No wonder PGE has such a bad rep.

  22. What are those blue glass devices hanging on the power lines that seem to blink on occasion if u cud please give me detailed info on them I would appreciate it. Thank you

  23. Hi! I had sent in a claims form-n a corner survey marker that was moved by pacific gas and electric and was not put back. I’m having a dispute with neighbor. I had it surveyed at my cost and Mr. Grins told me to fill the clam form and send it in which I did and haven’t heard from you folks as yet. Please! advise me what the next step is. Thank you. have a COOL day.

  24. Hi! I’m not sure if my comment got posted! I sent in a claim form and need the results please! Thanks!

  25. I sent in a claim form a few weeks back and was interested in what the out come was. Thanks! Have a good day.

  26. Still waiting for an answer on my claim on a survey marker that was moved and not replaced by P.G.& E. Thanks! Have a good day.

  27. During the recent electrical storms, your crews did a magnificent job. I live at 585 Kristen St., Taft and we lost all our electricity due to transformer failure. These men who came out were professional, personal, meticulous in their work and safety conscious. They worked through some inclement weather and stayed almost all night and finished at dawn! They left my property clean and well manicured. My hat is off to these PG & E workers!!

  28. I must criticize PG&E for utilizing commercials which depict gay couples(lesbians) in their TV ads during the day time and prime time when children are exposed to this immorality. Of course this is my opinion and I know PG&E could care less about Christians and their beliefs. I am offended by these commercials as I know millions of others are also. If I had another choice for my utility services, I would take it. Unfortunately I do not.

  29. PLEASE; Get rid of this stupid automated answering system. I don’t need to have time burned on my phone to hear all the stuff I already know.

  30. This is the WORST customer service I have ever had. I could NOT get a live person and none of the options spoke to my question. What do I have to do to talk to a real person? This is a phone tree nightmare!

  31. I am hard of hearing and do not do well on the phone. I can’t seem to find an email address for PG&E. I am applying for discount with CARE program and they need my fulll account number which I do not have as I receive ebills that only have the last 4 mumbers. How do I manage to get the full account number.

    Thanks for your help.

  32. hello can u tell me why yesterday we here in Dinuba ca were out of electricity for a short period of time
    thanks for your response what happened the phone line also went down that usualy do not happens a t the same time a pole was wreck ?

  33. I am a Vietnam vet w/ptsd, I contacted Earle Davis, in customer care about moving high pressure gas line a day fix day one micro meter leak, He sent someone out who fixed the meter, took measurements and after more than month no further word. My neighbor had a fall on her stairs and never returned home, my other neighbor had similar fall on stairs and is barely recovering. Three neighbors have doors similar to what I want. I have ptsd and don’t want to go public but if I have to go to 7on your side or VA groups, I want to live in my house not be a patient on death row. Please help. My contactor is Larry Gletzer, 4156569495. Thank you.

  34. To PGE customer service,
    I have not received a bill from PGE yet for service at: 50 Baywood Ave., Ross,
    California 94957.
    I started the new service on 11/22/15.
    Please send all bills for this rental property to:
    Jacqueline Ryan
    PO Box 704
    Ross, CA 94957
    My phone number is (415) 459-1209
    Thank you.

    • Do you have a service that checks our home to see where we could save on our energy bill; and, if so, how do I get in touch with that service?

  35. I was paying online until you notified me you would charge me. So, I went to mail payments. Then you notified me if I paid online with a debit card, there would be no fee. When I went to the site, the service fee was there.
    Account #1681153258-5

  36. Trying to contact billing department. Been on hold for over 30 minutes. They said the wait time would be 20 to 30 minutes. how in the world do they get away with this???? Hire some people

  37. Worst customer service experience ever! I’m trying to get valuable information for a down power line at my place of business. I have 50 employees who report to me and I need to know when the power will be back on. Your automated system was NO help whatsoever!

    • I need to start service at my new residence, there a problem with the address, charmer service wait time Vida phone call is longer than 30 mins. How long buy email?

  38. horrible, ive been out of power since 2/17/20/17 and today is 2/22/17, ive called several times to the 1800 number and it didnt even mention my street, but yet down the street they will fix the starbucks, mcdonalds, ect… Prunetree shopping center, this sucks we lost all our frozen foods, out we have no heat.

  39. Still on hold…Good customer service is no longer a concern when you have the monopoly. We should petition to get another energy company. My bill has doubled over the last few months and for no apparent reason. We are only at home after 5 and for part of the day on the weekends. What are we paying so much for? We shouldn’t be penalized because we don’t have solar. Crooks – the lot of you.

  40. I went in to pay my mothers bill at your N. Sunrise Blvd location in Roseville Ca. with bill in hand and the lady looked at the bill and read my mothers name and looked at me(I am a male) and said do you know the person on the bills last four of their social, I said no. She said you can’t pay her bill then. (I have payed the bill at this location in person the same way for the last year with no problems.) I asked her why and she said she had to have the last four of my moms social. I told her I had paid the bill this way for eleven months because my mom is now deceased, she said (in a really really rude tone) “well, you won’t anymore because your mom is dead. I have never complained about customer service anywhere ever but, I want this lady fired. After the exchange was over I asked her what kind of bad can happen by me paying you money and she replied “you said your mom was dead so you have no business here.

  41. Eunice is right. PGE has a monopoly in this area. No competition hurts the consumer. All public electric customers….strongly advise getting solar. Cut the cord to the corrupt utility companies. We have both solar for our electric and water. last two months paid $0 for our utilities (gas and electric). Have never worked for a power company but we purchased Peterson-Dean to install. Have had no problems. I also have colleagues who lease their solar and they still save $$$. My wife and I are hoping the technology arrives where we can charge batteries with our solar and never have to deal with PGE again.

  42. I have tried numerous times to bring up your contact form but It wouldn’t come up .
    I still need to contact you and I would like you to give me your email or fax or contact form. I can’t call because I can’t talk because of medical problems..
    You web page is not working.

  43. I have lived in this house for all but a few years since november of 1968. i have always paid my bill, although sometimes, being a self employed guy and with family things going on, it was sometimes paid within a few days of the due date.

    I may have had to put up a “deposit” 20 or 30 years ago, to ensure the bill would be covered. ?

    Recently, on 9-6-2017, I had remembered that a bill had a due date of 9-5-2017. I called PG&E to try to arrange payment by credit card or through my checking account. After about 30 minutes of conversation with several recordings and clerks, I gave them my card info etc. Each time I spoke with a new person , they wanted me to know that a charge of $1.25 (or something) would be added to facilitate them handling the payment? Each time I told them I understood and agreed. I was told that the payment would be credited the same day and i said it was fine. I got a call and hung up before I could get a confirmation number.
    A few days later, I was in my office in the house and the power was cut off. I called and learned it was because no payment had been made?
    After another half hour or so, I was told they could find no record of my calling to provide info on the payment. ??? And I had to provide a duplicate payment .

    I then had to pay a fee for someone clicking a button somewhere to reactivate my service …as well as a $230 deposit which I have paid along with my next bill?

    It seems that I am being gouged!

  44. I noticed that all in all PG&E receives low grades for customer reviews. Please add me to the list. I had a tech come out to check some issues at my home……His expertise and knowledge were outstanding. However, his personality left a lot to be desired. I don’t appreciate being treated like I am an idiot. I am sure you can tell by my communication skills in this email that I am not without a certain degree of knowledge. I asked the technician if I could ask him a question, and he turned his back, walked off and gruffly said “I’ll answer your question when I get back…In conversing with him, I felt like no matter what I said, it wasn’t in any way valued. Seemed like he was doing me a favor to do his job. Perhaps a few seminars in customer service skills might be helpful.

  45. I am confused by the latest billing rec’d from PG&E.
    Your automated servjce tells me there is a balance due of $183.06, as well as past due balance of $ 176.06. I have no record of receiving a bill for $ 183.06
    I made 2 pymts in Jan. = $168.92 on 1/5/18 and $161.42 on 1/29/18.
    Please review my account and inform me of balances.
    Thank you Dolores or Herman Kligerman
    PS You may speak with my husband in my absence.

  46. The web site has not worked right for some time now. Cant pay my bill online so I get charged for paying by phone. I also need to print a copy of my bill and can’t do that either. 2 months now and no online service. Whats Up people! You claim you serve over 15 million, where is all the money going, certainly not to pay anyone to fix your website. Lets get it together.

  47. people , the tree trimmers have ruined my trees, this year alone they have been here three times and did the same work the ones before did? each time they cut more and more .it appears all these tree crews are just ripping you off by staying busy and ruining our neighborhood. my trees were not trimmed for the last ten years, now they are being hacked to death. the last clown says the tree cannot be within ten feet of your lines? that’s the whole top of my tree! will not permit any more tree trimming.

  48. I received a phone call from “James” to say that PG&E was coming over in half an hour to shut off my service due to none payment of over $750.00. I told him I do not even have a balance on my account and could I please speak to his supervisor. He told me he was the supervisor but I could call 1-(800) 517-2918 x 901. I told him nice try but that he was too stupid to pull it off. I called the number he gave me and the extension. His voice mail answered the phone as PG&E. He then called me on my other phone number and started his pitch all over again, not realizing that he had just called the same company. Beware of “James”….plus I can not get through to a live person at PG&E to let them know what’s going on. Great Customer Service!

  49. A friend needs me to pay her bill. She’s I’ll & can’t do it, the power has been turned off! I was told yo make a cash payment but I can’t find a place in San bruno to make that payment. Now it’s closing in on 5:00on I need your help!

  50. Your customer service is terrible, waited 30 mins for a call back and then it was a computer and I was hung up on. You guys are making a huge mistake operating like this where do you think your salaries come from?

    I was calling to report a Service called AFC was soliciting in our neighborhood about reducing our billing and they were the provider of PG&E gas and could make you control your rates? I found this odd? Did you people authorize this as we were led to believe? Apparently, you don’t care but this seems odd. Last time I dealt with you people I had to contact the PUC to get your attention. Time for some grownups people!!

  51. It is my pleasure to provide a positive review for our area’s technician. We live in West Sonoma County, in the unincorporated area outside of Sebastopol. We recently had to have PG&E to come out to mark the underground cable for a proposed new building project. Unfortunately, an inexperienced contractor came out and incorrectly marked it.

    As home owners, we knew that this contractor did not mark it correctly, and contacted the area office. I spoke with the person in the area office, his name is Josh, and explained the situation. He was most helpful and asked the area technician, Paul, to come out immediately, investigated and confirmed that indeed the previous contractor had marked it incorrectly, he then correctly marked it for us. This was extremely helpful as it saved us a lot of unnecessary excavation and ground moving work, now our project can move forward without having PG&E move the electrical wiring. Thank you, PG&E West County folks.

  52. This in unbelivable, PG&E are in front of my house working at 11:00 pm. They are right in front of my house with bright lights. The signs they posted say working from 8 to 4:00 pm. Since when did they start working in residential neighborhoods? We have to go to work and be up at 4;:00 am in the morning. Ii’s enough that we can’t even park our cars on the street but keeping us awake at night on a week day is unacceptable. Please remind your staff that the signs says until 4:00 pm.

  53. There was a misunderstanding about my online payment plan ie: card no. I feel I have been overcharged for late pmt. due to this error and demand a refund of the late pmt. fee. Your pmt sustem is dysfunctional from my point of view! Unfair! I am disabled veteran and deserve better treatment!

    • Very bad
      I’ve been waiting for an hour now still no call back. I choose PG& Ev rep to call me back, I won’t lose your n line, Per automated system 15 to 24 minutes.
      Also my electric got suspended for non payment but I called Chase my bank
      I paid 8/7/19 debited to my checking account 7/38 eastern time already .
      My husband had a stroke.
      At this moment, I am still waiting for PG&E call
      Please help me.

  54. Our power was shut off because they are changing a power pole down the street from where i live.
    WHY were we not notified in advance of this?
    Of course they do it on a day when theres no one available by phone, on a sunday.
    WHY were we not notified in advance?
    This work has been going on for a week,
    No wonder pg&e had to file bankruptcy for treating their customers like thes.
    Shutting down power when there is no contact person available.
    No wonder I want to move out to California and get the hell away from PG&E.

  55. I absolutely hate PG&E for turning off my power. This is Day 2 of this bull shit! I hope you guys go out of business all together. You can’t even manage our money. Absolutely frustrated with your service.


  56. You should be ashamed of yourselves!!! You put Santa Rosa and many other cites and towns into panic and for what? People were getting into fights trying to get gas after waiting in line for hours. Grocery stores were insane trying to find water, batteries and food that would not need cooking and again people were nuts. I drove through Santa Rosa yesterday attempting to find food, gas etc and I was dismayed that there were blocks of homes with power then blocks without power, it was random at best.

    You should NOT EVER be allowed to make the call to cut power! The only people who should have that call are elected lawmakers! We do NOT trust you at all! And we all know that this is not about us it is all about you covering your own ass.

    To be clear if I had any other choice than PG&E I would sign up today!!!

    You owe us for having to put up with this crap! The fires over the last 2 years were your fault for not having up to date lines and equipment. As a person who was terrorized by the last fire in Santa Rosa I can and will speak to the fear we all felt and you are to blame.

    I have been circulating a petition to end your control of our power system and to NEVER allow you to make the decision to cut off power to anyone. You do not have the right to terrorize us. We want the state to take over the delivery of our power and gas because we do NOT trust you at all!

    We need to have all of you (by that I mean the people in power at PG&E, not the workers) to be held accountable for all the damage you have put us through. It’s too bad we can’t utilize systems of the past like public floggings. I think putting you behind bars will have to do.

    Power is not a luxury it is a right that we pay for and raising rates will NOT be an option for you anymore. WE WILL VOTE! WE WILL END PG&E!

  57. Why was our landline not functional during the power shutoff. I thought it was the law to keep a line open in times like this. I am disabled and live in the western hills above Sonoma Valley. We have poor to no cell service. I was left unable to call anyone for help. What would you suggest as a way around this situation happening again. Also, our local email provider was not functional.

  58. After your wires start the fires, then you shut off our only electric source off! Someone needs to lose their job over this mess! I hope Gavin Newsom runs you out of California!

  59. What customer service?!?!? Only a recording. Useless power shutdowns. No exact timeframe on power coming back on. I hope Diablo nuclear plant is in better shape than your infrastructure or we will all be in big trouble.

  60. Well my fire insurance didn’t get dropped. No thanks to you sons of bitches! But they doubled it. All because of you crooks! You and New York Stock Exchange paying off dividends while letting your maintenance take a shit for the last 40 years!! You goddamn you rotten cheapskate stinking murderous crooks!!! Go to hell!!

  61. Called to report neighbors trees leaning on the power feed to my house threatening to snap my power line. Received a message that the pole is leaning a bit but not worthy of fixing. Investigator didn’t even look at power line into house which was the reason for the call. Terrible service.

  62. To whom this may concern you keep sending me these report cards telling me that I am using to much energy come paired to my neighbors hello most of my neighbors central heating and air are not working in my neighborhood I dont know how thay are staying warm and cool but i only run run my heater and air conditioning around 72 to 73 degrees and in the summer it at 75 or76 degrees so if that is to comfortable for the inviromentlest oh well to bad so sad before you start complaining about how energy I am using do a little more invegateing of my neighborhood thank you Mr.Bryan Goodrich

  63. Think something is wrong with your phone system. It kept hanging up on me after on hold for 30 mins or more, then message said you’ve just cancelled your call back when I hadn’t done anything. Finally got a person, and they couldn’t hear me, but didn’t call me back( 47 mins on hold to get to that point) Had my phone checked out and all is fine.
    I need to talk to a rep in billing . On 12 /26/20, I set up autopay and have confirmation # , but it hasn’t activated. Jan Arvio
    6123 Fresno Ave Richmond 94804
    415 412 1481
    Acct # 2709281122-6
    I’ve been trying to reach someone for 2 days. I have been disconnected 4 separate times during hold time.
    Thanks. Please have someone contact me.

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