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Contacting PetSmart Customer Service Center

PetSmart is a pet company that offers basic pet supplies like food, over the counter medications and grooming supplies. The company, unlike some other pet supply stores, also offers Doggy Day Camp and medical services from The Banfield Hospital, in some locations. You can purchase pets at PetSmart or adopt pets through local organizations holding events outside the store.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

There is a phone number for the Customer Care Department for PetSmart, but the hours of operation are not listed on the PetSmart customer service page. Many companies offer 24 hour customer service due to locations spanning the entire United States.

  • Customer Care: 1-888-839-9638

Mailing Address

You can send your letter to the corporate office for PetSmart.

PetSmart, Inc. Attn: Customer Care19601 N. 27th Ave. Phoenix, AZ 85027

Official Website

At you will find pet supplies, gifts and more for just about any pet you can imagine. Products are not reserved for common pets like cats and dogs. You will also find products for birds, reptiles and ferrets, to name just a few.

Customer Service Email

The main email address for customer service is

PetSmart offers an email wizard to help connect you with the customer service department to best fit your needs. First, you have to choose from five main topics: Ask a Question, Place an Order, Question About an Order Placed, Question About an Order Received and Question About a Retail Store. If none of these questions fit your needs exactly, choose the closest one. Once you’ve made your choice you will be taken to a FAQs page with common questions and answers. Scroll to the bottom of the list and you’ll see a box with a link to Contact Customer Care. Click that link to send your email to customer service.

If you don’t want the hassle of using the email wizard or you simply cannot choose one of the five topics, contact customer service using Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus.

Our Experience

When you call PetSmart customer service, press 0 as soon as the automated system picks up the call to reach customer service. You do not have to wait through the long list of options to route the call. We were placed on hold for 1:24 before Brenda answered the call. She told us the address for the local PetSmart with a Banfield clinic and even told us the hours of operation.

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54 Comments on “Contact PetSmart Customer Service
  1. I was shopping at the petsmart that just opened up in Indiana Pennsylvania. My 9 month old Westie Terrier jumped up on my friend and scratched her leg. I asked the store clerk how to get an appointment to have my Westie’s nails filed, and she said that they would be open until 7 o’clock, and no appointment was needed, that we would need his rabies certificate. I hurried home and was back at petsmart with my dog. I waited in line at the register and the clerk walked me back to the grooming area. The groomer said that she would be busy and to ask the younger groomer if she would have time. We waited while the clerk talked with the younger groomer-I believe her name was Chelea, and came back saying that the new hours at the grooming area was until 5:30. They were not apologetic. They acted like I was at fault. I am very disappointed, and in my business that customer service comes first. I have been into the Indiana PetSmart only several times and do not plan on going back unfortunately. I wish that I would have caught their names. I am very dissapointed.

  2. I was at the store in huber heights Oh. today and the odor in the cat room was so bad I could hardly breathe.I informed the cashier and was told that it is cleaned daily, if that be the case then why does it smell so awful. I called the acting manager and was told the same thing. something needs to be done.

  3. I purchased private training lessons for my dog. I wanted him to visit hospitals. It cost me $220. In the first three lessons he was shown how to leave a treat on the floor and to let me walk away from him. Very little training. Then I purchased a puppy that made several of my dogs sick. I did not know the puppy was sick when I got her. I have been to the vet with three of my dogs 14 times since purchasing this puppy. My 15 year old poodle was in the hospital three days. I took letters from the vet to Petsmart to show why I could not bring him back to train. For his sake and the sake of other dogs that come in the store. Was told the manager was out for three days but to come back the next week. I called and talked to the manager when she came back to work. She said come down and she would give me a store credit for the training. When I got there she gave me $100 back on a $220 training. I was suprised. I tried to tell the manager that I did not think they would want me to bring him back sick. She said because my dog was trained to leave a treat on the floor (something he would only need to know how to do in a hospital where a pill could be accidently dropped on the floor that I could not get a full refund. I was asking for store credit because I have six dogs. I did not want a cash refund. I am very disapointed in Petsmart. I think I will use the other local pet store we have from now on.

  4. We had our 2 dogs groomed May 11th. and have our next appt. on June 8. We usually receive $5. coupons via e-mail. So far we haven’t received one this time. We have our dogs groomed every 4 weeks and the coupons really help. Please send. Thank you so much.

  5. We haven’t received our $5. coupon via e-mail for the grooming dept. Our next appt. is june 8. Please send. Thank you.

  6. I want to take the time to THANK Bob a groomer in the Portsmouth blvd store in Chesapeake Va. He did a outstanding job on our dog Bella as well as taking time to answer any ? I mite have .I did not feel like I was being rushed in and out the door, my husband loved her hair cut. From the bottom of our hearts Bob thanks and you will see us again. A good groomer is hard to fine and one that you feel good about leaving your baby with is even harder to fine.

  7. I would like to take my do for her grooming and is requesting a $10 grooming coupon. Could you please email me one?
    Thank you.

  8. I have shopped at the Palm Coast, Florida Petsmart since I adopted my dog in 2006. I stopped bringing her for grooming because of the attitude I got from the manager. I also felt that the wait time for the Vet was also way too much time. When they did show up they would disappear again and another 1/2 hour went by. Total of almost 2 hours went by and it was not the first time. The Vets were very attentive to my pets and I had no problem with them just the wait time. I no longer visit the Vet there. Once I complained about their store, for some reason I stopped getting coupons and even emails from them. Staff is not knowledgeable about their products either. I donate to the charity when I go there on each visit. I also have a Petperks card and still no coupons. Come on now is right Gail.

  9. I have shopped at the Palm Coast, Florida Petsmart since I adopted my dog in 2006. I stopped bringing her for grooming because of the attitude I got from the manager. I also felt that the wait time for the Vet was also way too much time. When they did show up they would disappear again and another 1/2 hour went by. Total of almost 2 hours went by and it was not the first time. The Vets were very attentive to my pets and I had no problem with them just the wait time. I no longer visit the Vet there. Once I complained about their store, for some reason I stopped getting coupons and even emails from them. Staff is not knowledgeable about their products either. I donate to the charity when I go there on each visit. I also have a Petperks card and still no coupons. Come on now is right Gail.

  10. I have shopped at the Palm Coast, Florida Petsmart since I adopted my dog in 2006. I stopped bringing her for grooming because of the attitude I got from the manager. I also felt that the wait time for the Vet was also way too much time. When they did show up they would disappear again and another 1/2 hour went by. Total of almost 2 hours went by and it was not the first time. The Vets were very attentive to my pets and I had no problem with them just the wait time. I no longer visit the Vet there. Once I complained about their store, for some reason I stopped getting coupons and even emails from them. Staff is not knowledgeable about their products either. I donate to the charity when I go there on each visit. I also have a Petperks card and still no coupons. Come on now is right Gail.

  11. I took my dog for training the trainer was EXCELLANT! And I also use day care and they did a good job it’s good for your pet the only bad thing I found was boarding the care was less than a caring parent would want. Also after going to PETSmart stores for forty five years they don’t care at all about repeat customers it’s the almighty buck I an all family and friends pet co number one

  12. attention dog lovers I’m not allowed to enter a petsmart store nor talk to any employees because I was told by a doggie hotel attendant they were rough housing with my dog which I spent thousands in training because I am totally disabled American and this is in violation of the declaration of human rights according to district attorney office it is a felony!

  13. To whom it may concern, it is very difficult to print grooming coupons. I would appreciate you can email me one, Iam a customer and I have two dogs and have been going to petsmart for many years. but infortunately iam having a lot of problems trying to print your coupons especially for grooming… thank you very much sara I will be going for grooming sat morning…..

  14. Participated in recent promotion to purchase 30# Nutro Natural Choice to receive a rebate. Submitted proof of purchase as required within deadline.

    Receive post card stating that we failed to submit specific form, which was not available at time of purchase and failure to respond would cancel our request. Date of post card and expiration notice was date we received the post card.

    Called customer service and associate stated that she would send us rebate and after three weeks, still no rebate has been provided.

    Please respond…


  15. I just spoke to the RUDEST supervisor I have ever spoken with. Not only did she attempt to overtalk me, she refused to give me her name, she stated there was no supervisor above her available and then she hung up on me. This give Petsmart a bad name. Can’t wait to talk to corporate and hoping this supervisor get a MAJOR demotion when it’s all said and done.

  16. My husband and I recently visited the Augusta, GA Petsmart located and will NEVER return. The store is dark, was not clean and two associates were chatting at a closed register while there were clearly things they could have been doing. The store was busy, there was dog poop in the aisle where we went to select our dog food and there was only one register open with a long line. I approached the employees chatting at the closed register and told them that someone needed to clean up the dog poop in one of their aisles. An employee had placed a yellow sign over the poop at some point before we arrived, so employees were certainly aware of it, but clearly no one was making any effort to clean it up. Petsmart, you need to make improvements to your Augusta, GA store ASAP!!!


  18. i purchased a petsafe drinkwell mini waterfall from your skibo rd store in fayetteville nc…. the first one i purchased, i had to return because it leaked all over the place….i waited a few months and decided to try it again and again, it leaked all over….i tried to return this one but i couldn’t find my reciept this time so they refused to allow a return…all they had to do was scan it and they could tell it came from there but they couldn’t be bothered to do that….this product is a peice of crap and they even admitted it gets returned a lot…so apparently they put it back on the shelf to sell to another unsuspecting customer with no care whatsoever that it’s a peice of crap….they should have allowed me to return it…receipt or not because they know the problems people have with it….the store employee who handled this couldn’t have cared less….this is how companies lose customer after customer and finally go out of business….

  19. so…n other words … u don’t give a rat’s butt that the product i bought at pet smart doesn’t work right….every time i go to the store on skibo road, the employess are as dumb as a box of rocks…they don’t know how to do anything…& when they try & find a manager, they can’t even do that….i wanted both an e receipt and a paper receipt…nope…couldn’t do that either…i shop there A FREAKING LOT but i don’t have to…there are other pet product stores here who seem more ‘with’ it than pet smart…why do u have such stupid non-caring employees? it’s an epidemic there. i dread going in there because i know there will be a problem….

  20. Just wanted to compliment two great employees who gave me excellent service esp. Kaylon in your Okemos Mi store and Ronnie my online contact.
    Very pleased

  21. I have never been so disgusted with the customer service in one entire staff as I am with the Countryside, IL location. I went in once and had the groomer’s door locked early very annoyed to see that we figured out the closing hour had not yet arrived. When I said something to the manager she said she’d, “talk to them but there was really nothing I [she] could do”, no apology or anything of the sort. I gave the store a second chance. I went in to do several returns but since the receipt UPC numbers do not actually match the UPC number on the item sold I had a hard time finding the proper receipt. Renee was quite pissed that we were even bothering to return food our DEAD DOG would no longer be able to eat, and yes I did mention that hoping it would improve her frosty, bitter, attitude but it did nothing. I will not return to this store unless it is to piss on their floor.

  22. I took my dog Millie Mae to store##1339 on Tuesday 11/3 for grooming. I paid for a bath, grooming and nail grinding. When I picked her up I noticed he tail fur was way longer that her other fur. A few days later when I was cutting her nails because they were never grinded like I asked, I noticed a large cut on her tail. It look like a chunk was taken out by the clippers. I usually do not complain, but I think the groomers you have need training. I usually take her to your Pier Park location which they do a wonderful job, but this day I had meetings on that side of town so I used store 1339. Big mistake. I will not be back to that Petsmart and I think so other dogs don’t get hurt, your groomers need training.

  23. HI
    I wanted to give a positive comment/feedback to Petsmart about Patty and Eddie who took great care of my dog, Tuesday, this morning when they were clipping her nails. I went to the Petsmart in Village Crossing, 5485 Touhy Ave in Skokie, IL.

    My dog is older and needs someone to hold her up when she is getting her nails clipped/grinded as her back legs are not strong enough to keep her up by themselves. Patty asked Eddie to help her and they were the best team taking care of Tuesday and getting her nails all trimmed very nicely

    Thanks to both of them,

  24. My comment is not a pleasant one. My son received a $100.00 Petsmart gift card from his grandmother, for Christmas and sadly he lost it. We already replaced the gift card and only wanted to cancel the previous card to keep from whom ever found it from using it. I called customer service and they refused to do so and contentiously gave me the run around. I explained to them that we didn’t want a replacement and we wanted to cancel the card. They kept saying its the same with cash and nothing could be done. They couldn’t grasp the concept of canceling the card. It was as if I was speaking another language. When I asked to speak to the manager they refused. Im disgusted and out raged. Other companies would simply cancel the card. You have lost a customer and I’ll be sure to tell everyone I know of the poor service you offer your customers.

  25. I went to the Aiken SC store for grooming of a dog. What a nightmare. Waited 1 3/4 hours for service after appointment time. Left with nothing done and very upset. Other dogs were taken in and let us hang! Received e-mail on 12/19/15 at 6:53 and at 9:03 advising me that my appointment was canceled.They even had different times of the appointment, one was correct. Very upset with this store. Hope that all issues gets to Mr. Gregg Scanlon ,these issues are his as he is the Senior Vice President of Services.

  26. Ocala FL bathroom needs a serious make over. We pay premium prices when we shop with you and should have the restroom look better than a worn out dog kennel. I’m sure the staff would appreciate it too.
    Thanks for listening.

  27. I took my dog to be groomed today 1/10/16 at petsmart in lafayette Indiana . I get a call 30 minutes after dropping my baby off saying he had been hurt!!! He had 2 cuts Above his eye and a huge knot on his head. I get there and the groomer told me they called a vet and there was nothing they could do because they didn’t think it was to bad!!!! How can you tell how bad it is over the phone!!!! I took pictures of his injuries because of how bad it was….and on top of everything else they did not complete the grooming and I was charged full price!!!! I paid petsmart to injure my baby … they said because he was given a bath I had to pay full price !!!! I am ashamed I did business with petsmart. I will NEVER step foot in petsmart again. I’m so sorry my rescued baby had to endure more pain at the hands of petsmart! !!!
    Robin white

  28. I want to let everyone in corporate what a GREAT staff they have at the PetSmart in Farmingdale Long Island NY. MY dog loves going to doggy daycare. The staff are truly animal lovers. Unfortunately, last week my dog got bit during daycare. The staff took him immediately to the Banfield animal hospital located in the store,and called me. The veterinary staff was also wonderful. They sutured and glued his wounds and even though it hasn’t even been a week, Tucker is running and playing as if nothing happened. I especially want to thank Colleen,who offered to stay with me while Tucker was being treated. I appreciate the great care the staff provides to the animals in their care. THANK YOU AGAIN

    Kathy McKeon

  29. i made an appointment at the Casa Grande location for my yorkie mix to have a bath and a shave, the appointment was at 8am with Crystal when i arrived i informed Crystal CoCo was testy and could be a little bossy, she then informed me he be fine and could handle him, I got a call from her 30 mins later to come get CoCo because her and the manager decided he was to much when i arrived he was half shaved a long chunk of the shaved peice hung from his skin and i had to take him home looking worse then he arrived. I will never take another animal to get bathed let alone groomed there nor would i ever feel confortable to shop there .. Thanks Petsmart for the awful experiance!!!

  30. I just wanted to say that I had my dog groomed at Petsmart in largo , fl with a young lady named Ariel and she did a awesome job on my dog!,
    She is a great lady and needs to be recognized!
    Not sure if you have a program for this, but you should!
    High five for Ariel!

  31. I have been a PetSmart customer for 8 years taking my Yorkie to the Cuyahoga Falls store for grooming. I have been happy with the service for all 8 years until today. I made an appointment through your online scheduler system. I scheduled grooming and nail grinding. Everything was fine until I went to pick my dog up. I paid my bill and when they brought me my dog they had not cut her hair! I asked did they not cut her and they said no. I asked why and they said the person who I had scheduled with did not do that service. How was I to know that?! Why after eight years would I suddenly bring my dog in for a bath and nail trimming? I just paid 23.99 to get a 6 lb. dog a bath that I can do at home?! I left the store and I will not be back. Why would you have someone working in the salon taking appointments that doesn’t actually do dog grooming?!

  32. I would like to receive a coupon for grooming. I have 2maltese bishop an the price has gone up an being on a fixed income, senior citizen it is a help to get a $10 off coupon. I am satisfied with them but now they add $7 for a scissor cut extra an I have them trimmed at an inch off. Don’t really understand new charge, I may have to check prices elsewhere. But I really don’t want to. Thank u for a reply in advance.

  33. Hello Customer Care,
    I have been going to store#1338 in Spanish Fort for about 13 years. Last year we were given a 12 week old black mouth puppy that was out of control. If it was not for the wonderful trainer (RONNA WIGGINS) coming up to me and asking me about my puppy while I was shopping in the store I would not have been turned on to your puppy classes. I can’t express in words how much I appreciate all she has done for me and my (CHARLEY) ! I can now go places with Charley and be calm he will behave . All the level of training is what he needed and we have one more to go.
    I hope y’all know how valuable she is to your store. She does an outstanding job and goes out of her way to make you feel special. I have notice this about Ronna when I pass by her classes and watch her teach. Every one is special! It must be wonderful to have a job you love like she does.
    Thank you for letting me tell you about Ronna! We love you,
    Dee Kirkpatrick

  34. I have just spoken with my groomer in Colorado Springs at PetSmart. Those ladies are very pleasant and professional !!! So now I understand why the service has gone incredibly downhill and I want to tell you why you are loosing customers and why I am looking for another place to groom my dog. The scheduling of every 15 minutes makes the time in the shop excessively long and it stresses my dog so we are looking elsewhere. Thanks for the previously really good and fast service.

  35. I am wanting everyone to know about the petsmart on Jonesboro Rd in Mcdonough GA.
    I have gone to this location after proplan dog food for 4 or 5 different times and it was not on the shelves!!!! It takes me 45 mins or longer to get to the store and it is so aggravating to get there and no food!!!!
    I spoke with the managers on 2 of the occasions and one said the truck would arrive on the next Monday. I returned to find no dog food again!!! The next time I called they said the dog food was there, I got there NO dog foood!!! I said that would be the last time I went to Petsmart but I gave them one more try and……NO dog foood!!!! Just one small bag and that will last me maybe 2 days!
    On top of that, I was standing in line for at least 20 mins or more because the cashier decided to sale the customer a booklet full of coupons and re-rang the purchases as they page by page went thru the booklet and tore out the
    coupons of the different things!!!!
    It was horrific!!! The line grew longer and longer and I grew angrier and angrier as I stood to pay for one item!!
    I spoke with the manager and he said that is the way they do things!!!! I do truly hope not!!
    I ahve been a customer of Petsmart for 40 years or more but today they lost a great customer! I will not return to Petsmart again!! I have several family members and friends that feel the same way!
    You need to do something!!!!

  36. We have lived in the Anderson, IN area for ten years. Spent a lot of monies at the Anderson Petsmart store with four cats and one dog. In the recent months, the appearance and quality of service has changed very much. One week ago today, I was in the Anderson store at noontime. The cat cages were filthy. It had been well over 24 hours since cleaning which probably includes feeding. I felt so sorry for those poor cats. Also, I was back in the store on Thursday and stood in line for several minutes before other cashiers arrived. There was eight customers in front of me and several behind me. There was plenty of employees in the store but busy talking to each other. Also, more times than not, the shelves are not stocked. That is on any day of the week or weekend. What has happen to this store?

  37. Please read above comment that I just wrote. Such a disappointment in the Anderson, IN store for customer service, animal cages not cleaned and shelves not stocked.

  38. I have been a Pet Smart customer for over 10 years. Have always been satisfied
    with the Pet Motel. Customer service has been superb. My complaint is with the prices of the dog treats I buy for my dogs. I have always bought the treats at Trader Joe’s. The treats I get are Charley Bear, priced at $2.99 for a 16 oz bag. I happened to be at Pet Smart last week and noticed they carry this treat and I thought I may as well get them there as long as I’m in the store. I was shocked when I seen the same size bag, the same treat was priced at $7.29 a bag. I feel that is an outrageous difference in price. At that point I decided to see what Pet Co charged. They were $ 5.99 a bag, still a lot higher than Trader Joe’s, but nothing near what Pet Smart charged. Pet Smart. At this point I will start buying them at Trader Joe’s unless you come down in price.

  39. Called the Little Rock, AR Petsmart Grooming Salon. I tried to explain my situation to a person named “Jessi” but she failed to understand who pays her salary, the customer. What she had to say was more important than what I needed, I couldn’t get a word in. I had to sternly ask her to listen to my explanation, she then hung up on me.

    Unbelievable. Not only will I never patronize Petsmart again, I will make it my life mission to slam your establishment and inform others of your horrible treatment. Self entitled, self interested employees who fail to recognize that their employment is made possible by the customers.

  40. I was getting my dog groom at your Antioch, Ca. store today. I was charged an extra 7.00 for a de-matting fee that I disagreed with. My understanding was that they would wash, and groom my dog for 45.00 as I discuss it with the girl before she started. First, I was not told I would have to pay the extra 7 dollars. Second she shave him so close to the skin she definitely did not spend any time trying to get the matts out. I asked for the manager (young girl) when I went to pay and she would not credit the 7 dollars. I purchase at your store, dog food, dog toys, leashes and harnesses (He chews) . My husband just bought some fish last night and fish food. We have parakeets so we buy food for them and treats. I told your manager I will not come back to your store again. You do the math and decide if this was a good decision. With so many options out there, such as purchasing online by other retailers. With Petco near my house and so many groomers in the white pages. Why should I listen to some 18-20 year old manager tell me seven dollars means more then my dissatisfaction with the service provided and my business means nothing to Petsmart. Have a great day.

  41. I visited your brockton ma store on belmont st today. I was so disappointed in the service i and everyone else was getting! I went into the store to purchase 1 cory fish. No one was on the floor to help. Finally a man came over to me+said he would find the person who works in that dept. I got a fish on sale for 2.99. I went to the cashier. The line was 10 people long. 1 cashier. I saw 5 associates out back or in the office. 2 walked by the line+ didnt open another register! After waiting over 15min in line, my fish rang up wrong price! What an awful 1st visit to that store! I wont go back to that store! Thought you should know. You do have a great asst of fish but employees lack!

  42. I dont understand why u would discriminate against Pitbills. If u know anything about animals u would know that if u raise any dog with love and care they will grow up to be a good dogs. I dont understand why u wont let pitbulls or mixed breads that have pitbull in them. Thats sad and u should be ashamed of yourself.

  43. We have a dog next door that never stops barking. Do u have something I can put in my yard by our fence that will stop him. I’ve tried your little birdhouse deal , it did not work

    • We have a dog next door that never stops barking . Do u have anything I can put in my yard by fence that will stop him. I’ve tried your little birdhouse , but it didn’t work

  44. This comment section seems like it is only out there for unhappy customers to vent their frustration, but that PetsMart never takes any action on these complaints. Has anyone on this site ever been helped? I am on this site because I too am frustrated with the lack of service at the PetsMart in Chantilly, VA. I saw on their website that they may have a certain pet food that I am looking for, but that you should call the store to see if they have it. I tried calling and calling. If your call doesn’t fall under one of the recorded categories and you press 0 for help, they never pick up the phone! I let the phone ring for a few minutes, and then someone took the phone off the receiver but never answered it. I could hear noises from the store, but they never answered. They just wanted the phone to stop ringing. Doesn’t anyone care about helping customers anymore?! I had called before this and they just put my call on hold without saying anything either. They obviously do not want to help their customers. Someone needs to teach whoever is supposed to answer the phone, how to answer the phone and actually help customers. It sounds like these stores are being neglected and going downhill at least in the area of customer service on their phone. I will have to get my expensive cat food elsewhere.

  45. I booked a 12.99 grooming online and I was told it would be take one hour (puppy bath only). When I went to drop my dog off they told me if I wanted it done in an hour I had to pay double the price (express). They said that they were not connected to the online booking service and were not responsible for it. I spoke to the manager and he was unhelpful. He said I had to leave my dog in a cage for three hours minimum in order to get the service done or pay double. No one was in the grooming studio at the time and there were two groomers just standing around.

    I wasted an hour driving there and back and feel very frustrated by my loss of my time and my puppy now needs grooming.

    I rebooked another appointment and took a screenshot so you could see the time of one hour. Petsmart stores have to abide by Petsmart booking policies and guidelines or notify the customer of their divergent policy. The manager should have waived the double fee and given my puppy her grooming — poorly trained, young manager who was unfriendly and rude.

  46. I placed order #25332333 at 2:47 this afternoon! Received email confirmation! Received email saying 13 cans short! Called customer service, supervisor said she would give me 50% off on 13 cans, placed order #25333376 at 5:56! Was NOT given 50% off! PS customer service & online ordering HAS MUCH, MUCH, MUCH to be desired! Mistakes are understandable, but outright lying, there is no EXCUSE!

  47. I am a 90 year old lady, my pride and joy is my 5 lb. Yorkshire Terrier, Daisy, who had long silky hair, from the center part on her back to the floor. She was moping the floor with it. She looked like a show dog. My pleasure was brushing and combing her every day, and brushing her teeth.

    Daisy went to Petsmart Grooming at 2:15pm and was there until 6:00pm. The groomers were given a picture of how I wanted her groomed. I was horrified and heartbroken to see her hair had been completely shaved from head to tail, with straggly hair hanging on both sides, I couldn’t believe it. I have cried and held her until I am worn out.

    I called and spoke to the manager of the salon. She said she and Karly had groomed Daisy and were sorry and would give a refund, as if that would fix everything.

    I need to hear from you regarding what actions you are taking.

    A distressed,
    Joan Phillips

    Attached are photo’s of Daisy, before and after, as well as photo provided to groomers to show what I wanted

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