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Contacting Pepsi Customer Service Center

Pepsi is a product of the PepsiCo company. PepsiCo is responsible for name brands like Frito Lay, Quaker Oats, Tropicana, Gatorade and Sobe. You can find contact information for the main corporation on the PepsiCo website, but Pepsi has a unique set of customer service information for consumer and businesses.

to leave a comment about your customer service experience.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

The Pepsi customer service center is open from 9 AM to 5 PM Monday to Friday EST. If you’d like to talk live with an agent via chat you can do so during customer service hours at

  • Pepsi Customer Service: 1-800-433-2652
  • PepsiCo Corporate: 1-914-253-2000

Mailing Address

The customer service mailing address is there for customers who want to send a letter to Pepsi, but the FAQs section is quite detailed, so if your letter pertains to a question you may be able to answer that question without sending the letter at all. On the other hand, if your letter complains or raves about a problem with Pepsi or a Pepsi product you can send it to:

Pepsi Customer ServiceConsumer Relations1 Pepsi WayComers, NY 10589


PepsiCo North America700 Anderson Hill RdPurchase, NY 10577

Official Website

The official website for Pepsi is located at, but there is also a website for PepsiCo at The Pepsi website offers much more than information on a line of sodas. The site displays company information, coupons, promotions and pictures of Pepsi in the community. There are even videos from Pepsi lovers all over the world.

Customer Service Email

You can contact customer service with a problem about your Pepsi product or with a general comment about Pepsi. There are different contact forms for each situation. Visit click on one of the links under the Email Us button.

If you are a frequent social media users, visit Pepsi on Twitter or Facebook.

Our Experience

One of the most enjoyable companies to contact is Pepsi. Customers will not have a long wait and the customer service representatives appear to have compassion with the answers they provide, as well as the level of detail with each answer. We knew the company couldn’t divulge the ingredients in the carbonated beverages, but we were wondering if the facilities where Pepsi is made are free from known allergens. Case in point, Pepsi currently has a snack division which could potentially have allergens present.

The agent assured us the carbonated beverage category is free from known allergens. In a word, the experience was awesome. Tell us about your experience dealing with the customer service at Pepsi.

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260 Comments on “Contact Pepsi Customer Service
  1. Greetings PepsiCo!

    I am a loyal customer of Pepsi products, especially your Sierra Mist Natural. I purchased a 12 pk case the other day, our family and friends were shocked to find it tasted of chemicals and oil, similar to crank case oil.
    All of our guests tasted and smelled the same chemical.
    I have had this happen a couple other times when purchasing the plastic small bottle, but never the cans.
    By searching the internet today, I see you have had similar complaints dating back to 2010. This is an on-going quality control problem?
    Please advise us on this issue.
    The Dennis Family

  2. super bowl halftime…..dances were disgusting. Seemed like we were watching a porno dance site. Not what we expect at a football game!!!! Beyonce’s moves were more appropriate for a “men’s club”. Yuk.

  3. How can pepsi expect to keep customers when you have beyonce as your product endorment spokeswoman she’s trashy and her lack of morals and ..that halftime show was the last straw for me ….stick with a proven spokes man for pepsi like jeff gordon he sell pepsi …she loses customers i love pepsi &sierra mist but refuse to buy any pepsi product until shes no longer on the advertisments for any of your products …so untill i will drink a less superior product untill i see a change in pepsi’s moral makeup …and im not the only one out here that feels this way about beyonce …so its in pepsis hands to listen to your customers or not im not drinking or eating any of your products period till shes out of the picture ….by pepsi hello coke and its family of products .which are fer less superior good bye …

    • No offence but your absolutely dumb founded when it comes to good morals if this is the case. Beyonce has done nothing but give women a bigger voice. Gives 100s of thousands of dollars to charity. Not saying Jeff wouldn’t be a bad pick, but to choose to not use a product over an opinion is absurd. I bet you a Pepsi you have never met her either;)!

  4. I think your new contest is bogus. A fake. And is misrepresented by a bunch of lies. I have been a Mt Dew drinker for abt 30 yrs and have never entered a contest and tried entering this iconic summer contest and after being greeted by a bunch of BS that was NOT stated in ANY of your contest rules, but still after filling out the required questions after registering, I tried to enter the site to enter the codes and nothing. I closed out and went back to the website and again entered my UN and PW and again nothing. I tried this several times and nothing is happening. After 30 yrs, this BS and misrepresentation is enuff to make me switch to something else.

  5. Okay Pepsi, I just wanted to let you know something: your diet Pepsi? Ew. No flavor at all. Same with your diet Wild Cherry Pepsi. And don’t get me started on your diet Pepsi caffeine free soda. That stuff tastes like motor oil and gasoline. Nobody in my family of 6 could stomach it. We ended up giving it away. There is something SERIOUSLY wrong with these two sodas, please fix. The only Pepsis I like are the REGULAR Pepsi and the REGULAR Wild Cherry Pepsi. That just screams “problem!” to me, because I have absolutely no issues with other companies’ diet sodas. In fact, I am an avid Coke Zero drinker. Thank you for your time.

    • I say: to each his own. I love the Diet Pepsi and Diet Pepsi cherry. I’ve been drinking this product for years and I haven’t found any difference, other than it being better. And I have my teenage son drinking it instead of the regular and he loves it

  6. Okay my wife and myself are big Diet Pepsi drinkers like 10 cases a week. And enjoy it more than Diet Coke any day. So that’s great. Only thing I wish you had a program like Coke Rewards to constantly reward loyal Pepsi drinkers. Your contests are nice but are not a steady reward program.
    In my simple one person opinion I think if you came up with something like buy so many (quantity for you to decide) you get a free case of that drink. So something like a program buy 20 say 12 packs of Pepsi enter codes receive a coupon for a free 12 pack.

    • Agreed. My family is also Diet Pepsi lovers. Our entire close family probably drink around 25-30 cases per week. Something for the loyal customers would be great

  7. I have tried a lot of links today to get Pepsi coupons
    and got nothing.
    Are you sure you give out any coupons whatsoever?
    My wife is 68 years old and has always drank a six pack or a 2 liter bottle of diet Pepsi every day.
    I think a coupon here and/or there ain’t not gonna hurt a big company like Pepsi.
    c’mon, get your act together

  8. I’m not drinking your products anymore. It’s time to get healthy not fat or end up with cancer. Your drinks are causing cancer to people which you don’t care about because all you want is profits. I’m going to warn more people about what your products are doing so they can stop as well.

    Not your customer

    • Okay Linda. That can be said for any other soft drink company. It’s definitely your choice to drink them or not. But I truly don’t believe that they cause cancer. That’s just ludicrous

  9. My favorite pepsi product was Livewire but later I found out I’m. Type 2 diabetic and I really miss it.I was wondering if Pepsi was thinking of making a diet Livewire?

    Thank you

  10. What is so hard about keeping Dt Mt Dew in any size of the shelf!.
    I go to one store they will have them then they run out. Go to another they’ll have them then they will run out. Now finally at walmart, in LAWTON OKLAHOMA, they have 4 rows of DT Dew 2L size but there will be at least a dozen rows of regular Dew 2L size. This is a bunch of B-S! and the Dt Dew 2l runs out!. Some needs to call these people down here and tell em to stock up more the 4 rows. By the way the regular 2l Dew, still full rows of dew. The Dt Dew completely out!. Explain this. Either they need to order more or you guys need to push more Diet Dew in all sizes. So please feel free to call them for me and push more diet dew.

  11. I have been a loyal customer of Pepsi products since my childhood. Always Pepsi in the winter and mountain dew in summer. Now I am addicted to seirra mist cranberry splash and other years you have carried it and now in a major market like Seattle/Tacoma there is none to be found. Hard to stay loyal when your company cannot even provide SM cranberry to a major market. If your customer service cant fix this I have no choice but to change my loyalty somewhere else. This is the most frustrating and unbelievable situation I have ever even heard of!!!! Again Seattle is a MAJOR market, What is the problem. If you ever get it here again, the very least your company could do is offer a free 12 pack, if it ever comes!!! Very upset I am!!!! Fix it soon before fall is over!!!!

  12. hi my name is arold ilike to drink pepsi because pepsi is the best coold and tasty. by the way i am a technician in mechanic diesel and gasoline i would like to share my experience with you iam living in fl i would to work in pepsi at pompano please send me an email to confirm my job request thanks.

  13. Cannot believe pepsi worried about saying “under GOD”but still likes to take everyones in God we trust? This is still America grow a pair!

  14. Why does your product wild cherry Pepsi go flat as soon as the 12oz can is opened. I can’t stand that because it makes me feel as if so many people are wasting their money. I would rather spend my money on a product that don’t go flat such as coca-cola or Dr.pepper. so with great regards change your product or you will lose a customer.

    Thank you.

  15. I have had nothing but problems with your promotion games.Over the summer I accumulated several coded to get prizes which a never received,I contacted the promotion department four weeks ago which stated my items had been shipped to an address I had over eight years ago and returned. Recently I have been playing the pepsi score game I Was informed when entering a code that I am an instant winner on about 20 Dec 3013 I was informed that I’ll be receiving a email confirming this I have received nothing. since the 22 December I have not been able to do anything with my account my password won’t let me in and I won’t let me change it. Has anything like this happened to other people.

  16. Your Pepsi commercial(about the 1st halftime)seen during the pro football games on 1/5/14 is one of the best out there these days. Thanks for making a commercial where people can actually tell what the product being advertised is. Good one!

  17. I recently purchased a 20 oz bottle of Cherry Pepsi. The top of the bottle has such jagged plastic it cut my hand. Needless to say this has SEVERLY effected my confidence in the product. I am nervous of any plastic bottle at this point. The cut is just that a cut I applied a bandaid and some Neosporin as I don’t have medical insurance. I am happy to send you the bottle as long as you pay for postage. I would also like to know what PEPSI is willing to do in regards to my injury and loss of confidence in products in plastic bottles.

  18. Tried for HOURS to submit forms online but every time I get to the submit page after entering all the information in the previous 3 steps the site does nothing when I click submit.

  19. Since people are seeking items that remind them of the past,you should “retro” your “produce” items. This I believe will increase your sales

  20. I am a die hard pepsi fan.
    What happened to the 24oz bottle? I have been very happy with the 24oz. bottle, I asked at the stores managers, I was told you are not making them any more, why? Will you be bringing them back. Pls bring them back. TY

  21. First of all I have been extremely patient, but now it is impacting servicing my customers. I have called multiple times and was told a delivery coordinator was bringing my order last Friday the 28th of February. Now I am told there will be no delivery and that my order has been cancelled. I would appreciate my outstanding order.

    General Manager
    Sam Schroeder

  22. Hi i gound somethong very disturbing at the bottom of my pepsi can an would like to email the picture. If you could give me the email adress for the compony.

  23. your 3 freez are out of order since one month, we complaint your centre more than 5 time but not respond

  24. I think it really reflects some lame marketing management when one of your franchises can,at there discretion discontinue distributing a product.Case in point: Pepsi Bottling Group of Reno,Nv. has done just that with the Lipton White Tea w/Rasberry.Bad,bad decision. So I`m sayin it again

  25. Hi, I am a big pepsi drinker and I would like to thank you for your products and look forward to drinking more in the future!!

    Thanks Pepsi

  26. why! Lipton Diet Sparkling Strawberry Kiwi Green Tea 16.9 oz, 12 pk I love this tea don’t like any of the others,i drank this all time need bring it back bto stores ,I got to have some going crazy !!!!! HELP BRING IT BACK PLEASE!Is there any way I can order it .

  27. we are getting issue while pepsi promo code reacharge please help me showing reason.
    You have already availed this offer

  28. I need to know all the differences between Mt. Dew and Baha Blast at Taco Bell. I have many food allergies and it seems that one of my grandsons all so has some sensitivity. He can drink Mt. Dew but every time he drinks Baha Blast he gets sick. So please be honest and inform us of ALL the differences so we may start eliminating things and figure out what is causing him to be ill.

  29. I like you Pepsi throwback
    I have been a coke person for over 30 years
    I have been drinking Pepsi throwback foe a month
    I am very happy with it
    can you please put it in a 2 liter

  30. I have been to four KFCs in the Central Ohio area and every time I have gone, something has been left out of my order. On Morse Road, 43229, my drink was left out and another time a side order was wrong (asked for Mac and Cheese, got potato wedges). At the Alum Creek Drive and 270 store in Obetz, My sides were left out of the meal THREE TIMES! The third time, when I went back into the store to get satisfaction, I was treated as if I was unreasonable to expect better service, and I was told that the errors were because of a new process. I don’t really care. On Hamilton Road I didn’t receive the right order. I asked for original recipe and I received grilled. I will no longer make purchases at KFC. When my family and friends suggest KFC I will tell them about my experience and confirm that they have had the same experience (an easy job since it has happened to me several times). It is very disappointing that a company that used to be such an important part of our trips and Sunday meals after Church will no longer be part of our heritage. No matter. Our family will continue with other traditions and other companies not related to KFC or Pepsi.

  31. Dear sir,
    it is to imform mr narendra chauhan canteen northan railway dehradun is having dis- 25% in all product but presently we are geting dis-20% you are requested to kindly give us reason for this sad matter.

  32. I purchase a number of Pepsi products all 12 pack cans. At the store moved them by picking up from both ends. When I arrived home picked up the first 2 boxes of Pepsi Caffeine Free using the carry handle. The bottoms of BOTH boxes totally fell out. Cans everywhere, 24 cans burst all over the car, me the driveway, EVERYWHERE rolling down the driveway and lawn. What a mess! You need resolve some gluing issues with the boxes. Obviously, the other boxes I bought have been handled carefully. But obviously hesitant to purchase more.

  33. I was very dissapointed to hear that you are no longer producing Pepsi One. Being a diabetic that was our favorite soft drink. I hope the powers that be reconsider and bring it back

  34. I think your sale service reps. are very rude. You call us wanting orders and if they wait 1 minute and are put on hold they hang up the phone. They want information that they should be looking at on their computer and want to tie up my time. There written speal is to long if you want to talk to me about new product send someone in personally. I think the whole phone tag is a lousy way of doing business. You should at least send in a sale rep. for orders the same as the beer companies. Personal service is not your strong point anymore.

  35. As a Pepsi consumer for over 25 years if Pepsi does not put more pressure on Roget Goodell to resign , then it’s time for a change in soft drinks! Thank you!

  36. I hope you read face book, to see how I feel about your product. It was the only one we bought,but not now. Not only your product when down hill, but your customer service center went to hell. Coke is getting better tasting each day. Like I told my wife, I will not buy another pepi again. sorry,, but no answer from you company means you don’t care about the customer.

  37. The last two case’s of Pepsi I bought have had one or more sealed but empty can’s in it.
    What is going on with your Q.C.?

  38. I have been a Pepsi drinker for over 40 years. It has been a staple in my household. I don’t know what the change is, but it is NOT the same pepsi that it has been for years. It has a funny taste. I thought maybe I just got ahold of a bad case but the next one I opened tasted the same. What are you doing different? Has anyone else complained about the taste? If this is the way it is going to be now, you have lost a life long customer. Will be waiting on your response. Thanks

  39. I have been a long time Sierra Mist drinker. I recently purchased the new Sierra Mist. It does not taste the same. I had a case of the old one and compared labels. The new one no longer has the good lemon/lime taste and you have now added Stevia. The soda is now quite tasteless and too sweet. The soda was much better tasting before. I have 3 unopened cases of the new soda and will be returning them to the store for a refund. I will no longer be purchasing Sierra Mist. There was no improvement needed on this product. You have failed.

  40. To whom it may concern we purchased a20 pack of Pepsi and we noticed that the taste was flat an no fizz.the barcode number is 1200050297 and I cannot locate an expectation date.

  41. I believe you need to change your philosophy regarding seasonal drinks such as your Cranberry Sierra Mist. I like it since it contains no caffeine and I love the cranberry taste with it. I have several people saying the same thing and if you read post from others you would know it as well. Why should this great drink just be sold for November and December. You don’t sell Cherry Pepsi just in February for George Washington so why this drink. Please reconsider as I quit drinking all caffeine drinks using this one which is a lot better.


  42. I found out you are not having the caffeine free diet Pepsi in24 ounces any more I like this better then diet coke but unless it changes I will be drinking diet coke caffeine free

  43. I purchased 2 eight packs of 12oz bottles of diet pepsi, my favorite drink, but all 16 bottles were flat, after the second one I drank I started shaking them to see if they would fizz, nothing. I am very disappointed, I allow myself these pops each week and can’t afford to go buy more so I’m stuck drinking flat pop. This is the third time I have bought flat soda, might have to switch brands. Had anyone else had this problem?

  44. I have been a loyal customer for 30+ years. It was not until I started selling Pepsi products through my little store that I see the real Pepsi Co. I have not had worse customer service in my life. I can not get anybody to return a phone call or e-mail in a timely (3-5 days) manner. The head salesman was great about the inital order and setting up the cases. Since it’s been a major hassle to get a order placed or the correct product to show up in the delivery when it finally shows up. I prefer to E-mail in my orders so I have proof of reciept of the order as well as what I ordered. I have tried to e-mail my orders to my account rep’s supervisor so he can pass it on to the account rep. Since the rep wont give me a e-mail address to send it to. This causes major problems, delays in getting the order delivered as well as incorrect product. We are 50 miles out in the middle of nowhere. Coke has no problem running a truck through here every Wednesday. They also have no order minimum. Pepsi wants at least 50 – 70+ cases to order. During peak travel season this is not a issue. Pepsi acts like they are doing us a favor showing up once every month or two to try to make me buy products I dont want in my store. The rep should be contacting me every two weeks to check on my account. I have to spend days to weeks calling to eventually get a call back. Pepsi has us over a barrell. They have the best selling products (Mt.Dew, Pepsi, Gatorade, Aquafina) and they treat the mom and pops like crap. I would expect better from the worlds largest soft drink company.

  45. We have tried unsuccessfully to contact Pepsi via email. After filling in the fields and pressing submit the site disapeared four times. Could it be Pepsi doesn’t want to hear from the people who have kept them in business for (us it is 50) years. Reading others comments it appears a common denominator is either difficulty in finding, getting or that a desired product has been discontinued. Most have expressed the same frustrations with representatives not having answers about why a product is not available. Because we don’t want to sacrifice what we like to eat or drink we will search out other products and go to these companies to satisfy our tastes. In our case we had to try the diet cherry Coke (not a fan, too sweet) because we have been told diet wild cherry pepsi is being discontinued, and we believe it because there has been none on the shelves in PA since the recent holidays.

  46. Hi my John im from Keene NH I been a coke drinker for over 40 Yrs . A month ago I started drinking Diet Dew but last time I brought it I noted it was out dated the date Dec 26 2014 but still drank it . They were 6 pks 16.5 oz , It was at Shaws in Walpole Nh .

  47. I have never had a problem before. Till now. I have 4 12 packs of pepsi and there is some sticky stuff all over them.I am trying to find an email address so I can tell pepsi about this and none of the links are working. CAN SOMEONE HELP ME ?

  48. I LOVE Diet Pepsi and also the caffeine free Diet Pepsi. Lately, I cannot buy the 24 oz bottles of Diet Pepsi caffeine free. It is not available at any of the stores. There have been several Pepsi sales at the Hy-Vee in Ames and there is NEVER any caffeine free Diet Pepsi. WHAT happened? What is going on? Please make sure all Hy-Vee stores order this soda
    for their shelves and sales.

    Thank you!!!


  49. I am a long time customer. I went to the store and got two bottles of 20oz bottles of diet pepsi for three dolLars. I opened the first bottle fine and the second bottle wouldn’t open. My hand is now blistered and raw from trying so much to open it. I then realized the bottle wasn’t perforated. I had to use a power tool to open it.

  50. As Distributor of Pepsi Cola Product Philippines Incorporated located at Bacayao Norte, Dagupan City Pangasinan I Joan Po owner of Robert and Joan Po Enterprises would like to file a complaint against Sales Manager Jesus Abrigo of Dagupan Sales office due to foul misconception of Business Agreement shared upon to us and lure us in believing that he and his men would assist us in Building and developing the routes as provided for in annex A stated at Paragraph IV EDS-MR Territory / Radar and Route Book of Multi-Route Enterpreneurial Distribution System Agreement.

    It was February 18, 2015 at around 6:28 pm when Jesus Abrigo called and disrespectfully uttered false allegation, shouted at me without any professionalism, being a Sales Manager of a well know company it is unlikely to hear such juvenile language. I will not allow such behaviour to disrespect a woman such as myself. I would like an apology for such misbehaviour coming from the end of Jesus Abrigo himself. Is this a true manager coming from a prestige company?

    There are handful of unsolved problem and promises in the territory that needed their assistance but I was left with nothing except false information and false promises. I was been persuade to purchase 5 elf trucks in return of area development and profit sustainability. I am very disappointed with the performance and the result of the PCPPI’s support.

  51. What is going on with your code red in 24oz and you diet cherry in 24oz. You never did you white out in 24oz. You could of Did a red white and blue for like the 4th and things like that

  52. I LOVE Pepsi and FritoLay products. As long as I can remember Pepsi has been my favorite beverage. My father drinks mountain dew and loves it. My sisters and I have a certain dedication and appreciation for Pepsi. I’m just writing this because I would love for others to know of my appreciation

  53. I have always bought pepsi for over thirty three years now,for this is all my husband drinks with breakfast lunch and with dinner,but for the last year every time I purchase it no matter by the twelve pack are by the twenty-four packagers are on advarage at least two to three cans that are undrinkable and in the twenty-four pack at least four to five cans.I don’t know why this is but I feel as a constant consumer of this product the money that Ian just throwing away is senseless,At this point I would like for someone in your company to look in to this matter and let we the consumer KNOW that the problem has been taking care of.Let me assure you I have asked many people in my town if they to have been experience this and the total of money we can not get back is stargring to say the least.and it would be nice to here back from the company to let us know that we do matter.thank you for the time it has taken you to read this.I live in Middletown NY. you can contact me any time you WICH.Again thank you for your time.

  54. In my area Pontiac,IL 61764 I’ve noticed in the last month that I can’t get 20 ounce bottles of Diet Pepsi any longer. I always buy 5 six packs everyother week on sale for $2.50. Now all I can find is 16 ounce bottles for $2.50. That’s a difference of 34 ounces per 6 pack for the same price. What’s up with that? I’ve been a Pepsi drinker since 1970 and I don’t like what’s happening. Can you explain this to me? Thank you for your time.

  55. I was an avid PEPSI ONE drinker for years–( i would literally buy it by the shopping cart full) I still cant believe that you discontinued this product–I have tried your other “diet” and other products they just leave me feeling horrible -I am no longer a pepsi drinker.

    just FYI–You have discontinued me a customer//consumer when you discontinued PEPSI ONE

    teri lynn

  56. I am so disappointed in Pepsi. We drink practically nothing but, however, we may have to turn somewhere else. Why..Why did you stop making the 24 oz. bottles? The stores are charging the same price for the 16oz bottles. Label me dissatisfied.

  57. i already submitted my comment about not finding PEPSI next in my AREA. not A happy PEPSI next CUSTOMER. can’t find it anywhere, not even in a DARN GROCERY store, like GIANT eagles, WAL mart, WALGREENS, ionly can find it at my local SUNOCO GAS STATION SOMETIMES OR A LOCAL circle K, SOMETIMES. when we had the BOTTOM dollar store in my AREA THEY HAD IT ALL THE TIME. now no one has it. WHAT’S THE problem? I LIKE IT VERY MUCH AND WOULD LIKE TO BE ABLE TO GO BUY IT WHENEVER I WANT TO WITHOUT HAVING TO GO ALL OVER THE PLACE LOOKING FOR, can your COMPANY FIGURE OUT SOMETHING, SO PEOPLE LIKE MYSELF WON’T BE SENDING YOU UPSETTING EMAILS ABOUT YOUR PRODUCTS THAT WE REALLY LIKE, but, can’t find ANYWHERE.#REALLYUPSET!!!!!

  58. hi my name s ruby barton.. i wanted to let you all know that me and my family love using your products.. we have used it for along time.. i was wondering if you send out coupons or sample.. anything would be much appreciated..thank you so much…… Ruby Barton..

  59. I am extremely frustrated I have been drinking the 24 oz diet cherry Pepsi for quite some time now. I was very disappointed about going back to the smaller bottles. Even your employees have been talking about getting asked all the time for the 24 oz bottle of pop. They are very annoyed. So I guess this is my message and hope that Pepsi will restock the 24 oz bottles

    • I also am a avid Pepsi fan…but the problem with the seal on the small bottles (8pk) 12 oz is Not tight, As I read other comments I see I’m not the only person that has discovered this…PLEASE correct the problem. I would Hate to think of changing to Coke at this stage in my life….been a Pepsi drinker for 60 years. Thank you

  60. Brought case of Pepsi-Cola and half of them was flat i love pepsi but if happen again i will surely switch

  61. always preferred pepsi to coke since coke was to sweet. Thank you so very much for finally going back to sugar instead of high corn sucrose. Now I can enjoy a soft drink once again. Now if you can use only real sugar with a ginger ale product all will be right with the world. If the product costs a few cents higher it’s more than worth the extra cost. Thanks and thanks again

  62. i really sory to said that pespsi dealer is not working properly . i am runing the grossy store in model colony karachi on the hashmi store 2 awami hotle near prince bakery . they did not proved the cooler but i have already paid the MT bottle cost but last one yeaar they did not corporate me . i have contact the pepsi employees moshin and also sales manger Mr usman but both they did not resolve my issue . plz do better if the pepsi better to prove the quality service.


  63. Did you really take God’s name out of our pledge? After 40 years… not one more penny. I go to restaurants because they serve Pepsi. I have three version of your soda in my refrigerator. When they are gone, so are you.

  64. I have been drinking t dew and diet dr pepper for over 40 years and over a six pack of each daily. All of a sudden I need help opening the bottles. I need to have somebody help me and they have a hard time too. Please change back to the old way to tighten or I have to find something else to drink.
    Thank you!!
    Wendy Mataya

  65. I am not happy! Your employees are so rude! My father and I were in a Food Lion in Goochland Virginia right off of Fairgrounds Road and the Pepsi guy was filling the empty slots with Pepsi cartons and he obviously didn’t put them in right because my father has back problems and he had to flip the carton all the way over to find the handle! Not to mention the Pepsi guy standing RIGHT THERE LAUGHING AT MY FATHER! And NEVER even asked him if he could help him! This is flat out ridiculous! We are loyal Pepsi customers! I am pissed beyond belief! I would like a reply ASAP!

  66. This morning I was in gas station trying to get out as soon as I pulled out to the stop sign of the gas station the driver pulled into right in front of me and blocked me with this truck when I honk the horn and and asked him nicely if you can move the truck The Afro American man ( the driver ) put his hands up like eating care when and I proceed to tell him if you want to be happy with this he screamed out the F bomb to me cursing at me which I prefer not to say it to be polite then I proceed to take pictures of the truck so I do have pictures with me . The gas station is in miami nw 58 st and The Palmetto Expressway

  67. Diet pepsi caffeine free 24 pack cubes you have discontinued that all well and good except when they are the ones on sale I have to pay reg price for the 12 packs.thats not need to fix this don’t you think!!!! Come up with something. I don’t care if I get 2 12 packs as long as I can get the sale price.

  68. Diet Pepsi has always been my favorite. Always.. Anyway, my husband (he drinks Diet Coke and I am trying to change him) brought me home a 12 pack of Diet Pepsi. It had two cans that were not leaking, no holes, no stickiness in the carton, and one of them was 1/4 full and the other one about 1/3 full. It was just funny to see that and they had not been opened either. I am not wanting it replaced at all, just wondered if that happens often. Just an oddity.
    I have drank it for as long as it has been on the market and this was the first time I ever say that. Thanks for listening.

  69. We have been with pepsi for about 12 years now always pay our bills. This week I had no checkbook it was at my accounts office for sales tax. So I told the driver he calls his boss they wouldnt accept cash and wouldnt leave the order after all the years with you people I have many other suppliers and its never a problem with them Ive been here almost 19 years. So I called the salesman and the route supervisor left a nmessage no reply. But dont worry I found coke on sale it will be in the pepsi cooler tomorrow when I run out. This was after no delivery in the winter because there was snow but every other company delivered. pepsi was here just didnt want to go around back. Keep up the good work lol

  70. I am very disappointed in your Pepsi plant in Keeseville New York. I live in the area and have noticed that in the last few months the stores have no signs and The family dollar in keeseville never has pepsi product on the shelves. I think you made a very poor choice in replacing Mike with the unprofessional person you have now. Mike was very professional and very nice saleman. Always had nice signs and products on the shelf. I found out that he worked for you for 20+ years and you fired him. How do you fire someone that has worked for you and been a good employee for that long and then keep a lazy thief as a plant manager and hire the salesman you have now. Big mistake on your part. Im disgusted with what I have heard and shame on you!

  71. Upon talking to someone else about this I have also heard that your entire management team are nothing but lazy and don’t give out promo items to store owners. I was told the plant manager gives those items to his family as christmas gifts. Maybe your corporate office should step in and evaluate this Keeseville plant that is vital to keeping people employed in the keeseville New York area

  72. you removed and discontinued the sale of pepsi next next that was a great soda with just the right amount of sugar, flavorfull
    and ws loved and purchased by me for my family since day one of it’s sale. now some genius at pepsi decided to discontinue this great drink. WHY??? nothing better to do at that time you MORAN!! I refuse to buy any other pepsi products as they taste like toxic waste!!! I now will purchase COKE as it’s better than what you put in your cans and bottles.
    Thanks to the asshole that made this executive decision. get a life schmuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    many people feel the same as I do but don’t have the balls to contact you.

  73. Please tell me why you quit making caffeine free diet Pepsi? Thirty years ago I quit drinking coke. Caffeine free diet Pepsi has been my choice ever since. I am 79 years old and don’t like changes. I want my caffeine free diet Pepsi back, pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  74. if you do not get ur dam bullsperm out of pepsi,,after drinking the nasty junk for 3 years,im going over to coke cola,,im sick of ur creeps puttn additives in ur dam drink to cause ppl to drink more,,ur sick greedy creeps and adding any kinda amimal waste to drink u should be buried under a prision cell,,freakn idiots

    • I have been drinking Diet Pepsi for 50 years!!! And bought my Diet Pepsi today, and much to my horror!! It tasted TERRIBLE! I realized you changed the sweetener in it. And I won’t be drinking Diet Pepsi again, until you make an ORIGINAL DIET PEPSI again. Bad Idea!!! Very Disappointed!!! Hollie Hightower

  75. Please have your distributor that serves Walmart in West Plains Missouri to stock more bottles of caffeine free Pepsi.

  76. We are Pepsi soda drinkers for over 30 years/ Recently a few of the bottles tasted like some kind of chemical favor. We threw them out. Notice the dates were Aug 31 15 #1356py06045 / 1352py06045 the last two but other bottles were just thrown in the gargage. This happen to at least 6 of the bottles. We weren’t sure we wanted to buy any more Pepsi. FYI

  77. Has one be offered to do the Auto Wrap on there car or truck and pay you 700.00 a week to have it on for Pepsi she let know how it works

  78. Dear Pepsi, I recently discovered that your company is using aborted baby stem cells to test how the sugars affect human tissue. This is abhorrent to me and I will not be drinking any more Pepsi and eliminating the purchase of your other products as I discover what they are.

  79. I complained previously about caffeine free diet pepsi taste lots 0314 and 0315 PY06175. I thought it was just a couple of batches but when I opened up the next three 12 packs they all tasted bad. They had like a medicinal or metal taste. Those lots were 0350, 0354 & 0355 PY06175. I will no longer buy pepsi until you guys tell me what is going wrong and how you are going to resolve this issue.

  80. Quite some time ago I purchased a 12 pack of Pepsi that had 3 defective cans, I contacted customer service and was assured that the company would make good on them and send other coupons for snack products as well as apologize=ing, needless to say I never received anything!
    This past weekend I purchased some 12 packs of pepsi and so far have been unable to open them in the way intened, the flip top does not activate the opening?
    Please get back to me asap with some resolution.


  82. I’ve been trying like everyone else to email you and it is impossible. Please can someone tell me where I can find Pepsi Next near York PA.

  83. O.K. Why don’t corporations have the balls to announce a price increase on their products instead of making them smaller and trying to pass them off as normal? You are now asking as much for 16 oz bottles of Diet MD as you did for 24 oz. My family hates the smaller bottles!! I would much rather pay a little more for the same packaging—it’s so insulting! I guess the corporate a__holes at Pepsi think we’re so addicted to their unhealthy product that we’ll just accept whatever they put out there. Not my family—we’re now drinking way more water, tea, and fruit juices. We drink sodas now and then, but nowhere NEAR what we used to.

  84. I am 64 years old and I have been drinking diet Pepsi for many many years, got to have at least one a day, but you have really ruined the taste (the aspartame free) is nasty it has a sweeter bitter taste. It is awful and I am very disappointed.

  85. OK let me start by saying I’m a diet pepsi drinker, love the stuff. That is until I went to the store to find out you changed the sweetener. Splenda has RUINED my fav drink!!!! Splenda has an after taste that is not pleasant. I am in the process of finding as much of the original formula as i can and horde it. Once I can not find the GOOD diet pepsi I will no longer buy your product. This makes me very sad, and i hope you decide this change was a huge mistake. True diet pepsi fans like it the way it was!!

    • I’ve noticed on here that im not the only one who feels this way. Maybe make both kinds to give the people a choice, like real people not just a small focus group.

    • I have been a pepsi product lover forever, my entire family loves diet pepsi, but we are so upset that they changed to aspartame free, that’s great if you wanted to please some customers with aspartame free, but let that be another pepsi product option, not the only choice, please bring back the original diet pepsi, and in the meantime, is there anyway to get the original diet pepsi, if so please let me know. Thank you for listening!!!!!

  86. I have been an avid Pepsi drinker for over 20 years, when it came to colas, there was only one soda I would drink and that was my Pepsi, In fact the day I met my current wife we compared our likes and dislikes, when she said her favorite drink was diet Pepsi I knew we were a match made in heaven. The other day I was at a party and I grabbed a can of Diet Pepsi, took a drink and spit it out, it was terrible I thought maybe it was bad Pop! Took a look at the can an saw Aspartine free. It’s way to sweet and has a nasty aftertaste. Sorry to say, but its time Pepsi and I part our ways, I think Im going to go Coke, hate to do it, but you guys did this to me! Stop the madness, go back to the original recipe

  87. TOTAL PANIC! I have been a diet pepsi fan for a long time, one of your true pepsi loyal customers! I thought my tastebuds were off, then I saw the recent change to the diet formula. BAD BAD BAD after taste now. I’m so very disappointed! Seems like everything I read about this is change is that the “sales” of soda are down, people want something healthier. Give me a break! If the consumer wants someting healthy drink a glass of water! What about the loyal diet pepsi drinker that loves your product? Is this “New” diet pepsi “it” or will there be a choice? Do I need to hoard all the original formula I can get my hands on like a drug addict? Please let me know! Thank you, I WANT MY DIET PEPSI BACK!

  88. Bringing this to your attention.
    Over the past 3 weeks we have noticed 1 can in the 12 packs or 1-2 cans in the 24 packs have been without Carbination. Cans come out of the cartons an they are wrinkly if you will. Opening the cans there is no burst of gases. We have experienced a good 10 cans of such.
    Thought to let ya know. Otherwise, Pepsi is # 1 in this household.
    Thank you for lending your ear.

  89. i heard about your recent new can coming out with the pledge of allegiance on the can with the word God left out because you did not want to offend Well I will not be using anymore Pepsi products in the future. I have been using your products for 50 years and I am appalled and done and I will make sure the word gets to all I know and they will stop as well.

  90. Bought the new aspartame free diet pepsi. Thwe after taste is terrible. Always enjoyed your product but, will not purchase it again. I am switching to Dr. Pepper.
    Have been a diet pepsi customer for 27 years.

  91. Why are there never any of the 12 ounce bottles of diet pepsi at Krogers when there is a sale? For example, I went there tonight which was the first day of the sale and there was not one bottle on the shelf. I asked one of the Kroger employees why not and the reply was “I don’t know, we have no control over that”. So can someone at Pepsi tell me?

  92. Pepsi advertises that your products do not contain Aspartame.

    Yesterday I bought a 12 pack of Pepsi Max and on the can Aspartame is listed as an ingredient.

    You product is not as advertised and I am stuck with the 12 pack.

  93. I wrote to you over a week ago and have not received a reply. I cannot find Pepsi Next anywhere and my grocery store, Fry’s on Hayden, said it cannot be found. Did you discontinue it? If not, where can I find it in Scottsdale Arizona. I think your company did a poor job in promoting it. It tastes great and has less calories and does not taste like diet pop!! Please answer my question. Thank you.
    D. Gregorty

  94. I bought 6, 6 packs of pepsi in bottle and left them in my car over night and they all leaked about three quarters of the bottle all over my seats. you could tell the lids had a defect, something wrong with them

  95. I am not every satisfied with the diet pepis cola it taste very nasty and a lot of people that we talk to say the samething about it and no one will very buy it, you need to fix it because no one is going to buy the pop and you will take a big hit on this diet pepis cola product.

  96. I am trying to open a business, I would like to know about how to get a soda dispenser machine. and prices of syrup box, and other things 620 770 9458

  97. Please put aspertane back in your diet Pepsi. I use Splenda a lot but it certainly does not taste good in diet pepsi!!!! I will never buy it again–don’t really like Coke but will be forced to either buy that or give up sodas!

  98. Hello Pepsi!! I have been a LIFETIME consumer of Diet Pepsi. Why did you feel the need to change the sweetener in Diet Pepsi? I just read a news story where the Pepsi Contact person said that this would NOT change the taste. I truly does change the taste, and it is not good. I do not like the flavor and will be finding another diet drink to enjoy, like DIET COKE maybe? I have one right beside me. Good luck with your change. I have 3 friends who have already stopped drinking this product.

  99. I have been drinking diet pepsi for about 35 years but have switched to coke
    because the aspartame free pepsi has a bad taste.The person responsible
    for the change should be fired.

  100. first of all I love diet Pepsi and have been a diet Pepsi drinker for 25 years…and I LOVE the new Diet Pepsi…I got 2 cases September 24 2015 at my Krogers store in Peru Indiana…I don’t know if they was bad but every one that I open had a perfume taste and smell..can you tell me why it would be like that they was 8 oz bottles…thanks

  101. This is in response to a statement I have read about your new cans. That you have left out GOD because you were afraid of offending people. Well you have offended a lot of people by leaving it out. This nation was founded by men who believed in GOD. The majority of people who live in this country want these words left in

  102. Just would like to let you know, the new Aspartame free Diet Coke is not very good. I liked it MUCH better bevor.
    Yes fire the person responsible !!!!

  103. Just wanted to let you know I called in weeks ago about 10 6 packs of soda and the only response I recevied was an email stating that my problem was taken care of. I wasted 20.00 on soda for a family functiron and every one of them was flat. NICE CUSTOMER SERVICE

  104. i bought 4 6pk of pepsi 24oz from marcs in austintown ohio and they are all expired and taste flat.. not sure if you can do anything or not…

  105. WHY did you change diet pepsi?? I’m 55 and have drank them for years. Why not offer with and without aspartame to give customers a choice? I guess diet coke will thank you for letting my business go to them, because I’m sure my opinion does not matter to PepsiCo.

    Totally and completely disappointed,

  106. Love the new Pepsi with the Aspartame gone. I haven’t noticed any after taste. Pepsi is looking out for our health and I am one who appreciates them for doing that. Thank you Pepsi!

  107. I’m just letting you know you should have left diet Pepsi Alone I had to go to Diet Coke Diet Pepsi does not taste the same it has a after taste very bad after taste.

  108. I am a very long time customer of pepsi product the pepsi I have is vey flat and don’t have any taste to it. The code # is 001H-119-0000-3490 I cant say I am surprise they just don’t have any taste to it.

  109. I just tried you Pepsie with sucralose. At first I thought it was quite good but it leaves a cloying sweet after taste. I know you use sucralose in 7UP and that has a very bad taste and I don’t buy it. I don’t think this was a wise decision to change the taste of your brand people like what they like and don’t like to have people mess with their favorites. Let’s be frank the people who campaigned for a “healthier” drink probably don’t drink diet soda anyway so you won’t get any new customers and you just alinate your old customers. Remember “New Coke”.

  110. I have been a devoted diet Pepsi partaker for the past three decades. I have never had a moment of dissatisfaction until today. My last Pepsi in a 12 pack was flat. . No fizz. . Just a flat taste. I was disappointed. . Very disappointed. I love my diet Pepsi and often defend my drinking it to all my “organic” friends. I just wanted you to know that in all my Pepsi years I have had no complaints until now. I will continue to drink diet Pepsi but with caution.

    Ps. . Thanks for taking out the aspartame!

  111. What on earth have you done to Pepsi? It now tastes terrible!!! I can’t even cut the awful taste with lemon. Will stop buying!!!!!

  112. I Am in Mexico, Baja California Sur. I am not able to find any Mountain Dew or any Diet Mountain dew. I am a great fan of Diet Mountain Dew, it is the only soda I drink at home. I hate to tell you .this but Coca Cola is rating your lunch down here..

  113. I am very saddened. I am a student who works but I stayed up all night in hopes of getting a Pepsi perfect for my husband. There was no link or anything to even click on and no way to buy it. I wanted it to be a Christmas gift for him. How were people even buying them? Your website said nothing about what time they were being released or how to get them. I had worked for Pepsi briefly years ago and I had a friend who worked for Pepsi as well and I was loyal to the brand but I think now I may need to switch. This was a huge let down. I really wanted one of those bottles for my husband, and you never even gave me a chance.

  114. I would like to inform you that a brought a pack of 12 Pepsi max code number 060800 128164 at my local b&m store in Swansea. I was surprised to find one can fully sealed with no pin holes in it with just a little bit of Pepsi max in the can. I.m puzzled to find out how this has happened. Looking forward to hearing from you. Ann Beer

  115. Just threw away a case of Pepsi. The new taste is terrible-tastes flat. You just lost a family of 5 who drank Pepsi. Guess we now switch to Coke.

  116. I am constantly having a problem with my deliveries. My normal delivery day is Tuesday and has been for over a year. Every holiday or whenever the Eagles play at night my delivery gets pushed back a day or two without notice.
    Whomever is in charge of the Philadelphia Distribution Center should be fired . He has no clue how much this is effecting your business. Sales people have no control over this situation.They have unable to correct the problem. I have never had any problems with the other soda company.This is definitely an internal problem.

  117. Twice I have now been screwed by Pepsi trying to buy the Limited Edition Pepsi Perfect…. The first time you released them early and the second time you forced us through your site to redirect us to Amazon only to have your site freeze because it was clearly not capable of handling the traffic….. I bet friends and family members of Pepsi had no problems getting them and I doubt 6500 were really available on Amazon….. After the first time I gave you a chance to make it right…. now after the second botch I will never buy another Pepsi product as long as I live unless you make it right…. I’m sick of the games and jokes and crap disappearing from checkout carts….. Some of us actually buy these to keep but you keep rigging the system for eBay sellers. I know you don’t care about one person but trust me when I say if you do not make it right I will never buy another Pepsi product again. You try to do something fun for the 30th anniversary and release only 6500 now 13000 for 30 years worth of fans? This is your last opportunity to make it right or I and many others will be gone. Look at your Amazon reviews again… clearly are not doing something right….. maybe check eBay and see all the employees listing these for $400+….. Why not give the people that care a chance instead of the scalpers….. Last chance

  118. To whom it may concern,

    I have been a lifetime drinker of Pepsi and I have to say that I am very disappointed in the way that you handled the release of the “Pepsi Perfect” product. In fact this is the second time you have disappointed me, so much so, that I am questioning my loyalty to your brand. Your loyalty to your fans show with the way you decided to release this. I know that you probably don’t care about little old me, but I have to say this last month has been the most disappointing for me as I have been a loyal Pepsi fan and a back to the future fan for several years. I don’t want anything from Pepsi, I just want you to know how I feel,


    Matt Dunklin

  119. Today Pepsi managed to disapoint and really hurt my youmg son for Christmas. I waited until the 8am start time in Texas to get on to to pre order the back to the future limited adition Pepsi bottle. Which my son has wanted for years but never thought he would get the chance to own one until last month when it was advertised. We were sent to web site,. I tapped on the BTTF bottle put it in my cart and went to pay. IT WOULD NOT LET ME PAY until I created an account with them. As everyone knows this take time todo time I didn’t have. At first it tried to say I was my father because he has an account with Amazon also someone in my house did create an account with my email address but without the password I couldnt get in so I had to create a whole new account which amazon now has but not for long though. I am just as unhappy with them but since I always shop EBAY I cant affect their bottom line. As you can see the utter confussion that took place this morning with only 6500 special items offered as you know it only took one or two minutes to run out. If Pepsi would have stated upfront that Amazon would be the go between myself and I’m sure alot of others would have pre registered days before hand. This was a dirty trick intended to benifit Amazon customers ONLY and to get Amazon more customers registered to their site. There was no way someone could have registered and purchased this item in time. I know nothing will come from this but I want you to know this hurt a young member of my family and he enjoyed your products as did my entire family. So, from today forward my family will stop purchasing pepsi drinks, Lays chips and I WILL search online for all other pepsi items to stop buying. I WILL also use the internet to get my story out to others using FaceBook, Twitter ect. my daughter will know more about that stuff. It’s not my intention to hurt Pepsi in anyway and I’M sure this wont even be addressed by you. We have enjoyed your products for over 40yrs but I feel what you did was very wrong and hurt alot of people especially my son and this didn’t have to happen. Again, all Pepsi had todo was state “using AMAZON as go between” but that wouldnt have given Amazon customers the edge. I know in the BIG picture of life this is nothing. There are far worse things in the world going on but to a young boy and his father both BIG fans of the movie to us this is a BIG DEAL! This was probably the last chance to get this bottle since I’M a disabled fire fighter I will not beable to afford buying it from a second hand seller. SO, all I can do is write letters and Bitch n Moan. Thank you for your time. Michael H.

  120. I drink a lot of Pepsi… and over the last couple months I have purchased many bottle packs and several are flat. The blue cap and ring come off intact. No fizz. No usual great Pepsi taste and burn. I normally would never complain but it’s been multiple times. I drunk on avg 2-4 bottles daily. Getting so many flat ones lately are disappointing ! Not sure if it’s a location problem or what.

  121. i am a customer#3455036 and got to tell you, the service Pepsi provides me is of not even near to one star,ever since been a customer, the deliveries are rather missing an item or delivering the next day with out any heads up from them,is frustrating the fact that you count on this people to get your product and don’t get it right, for what i heard coke has the same issues,they can get careless about customers… i guess they better serve based on the size of my acct…being in the service industry for over 30 years, every customer count regardless of how much they spend,very disappointing and as of now , i am still waiting for a tank of co2 witch was supposed to be delivered yesterday and i call again this morning and they said, it will be deliver any minute now,that was an hour and haft ago…not good

  122. I live in Lebanon County, PA. and for some reason your distributors fail to stock diet caffeine free Pepsi or diet orange in the following stores: Redners in Fredericksburg, Weis in Lebanon, Dutch Way in Myerstown, and Turkey Hill in Myerstown. When they do stock it, it is such limited quantities, they sell out quickly. This had been going on for at least a year. WHY? Getting diet orange in the 16.9 oz bottles is impossible. WHY?

  123. I had been a consumer for 30 years. I apparently have to stop buying your product because I cannot open it. 1.25 liter bottle replaces 1.5, but price stays the same = fail. Can only open it with a pliers = epic fail, loss of 30 year customer. Ridiculous. Tried more than one, more than one person tried to open. Whoever came up with this one = fire them.

  124. I know that the lids have changed, on the 20 oz bottle. I cant get a good grip on that new lid…as to improve in on the opening of a bottle. Im a lady & ladies should be MORE able to OPEN a bottles lid,,,,I M NOT ABLE TO OPEN ANY BOTTLE THAT HAS THAT NEW LID…….I can only imagine HOW a guys & their fingers & HOW impossible it is for them, to open a bottles lid, like Pepsis.

  125. I don’t like the new lids that have been on a 20oz soda bottles, 4 awhile now. I cant get a good grip on that lid,…in order to OPEN the soda. I can only imagine on the number of MEN, out there, who are unable to open it up also. I hope the lid can be changed again & remade in a bigger-fashion.

  126. Bring crystal Pepsi back and if you say you don’t have enough time to make it we’ll then make time cause I know you have enough money to bring it back

  127. Removing aspartame was a mistake. The soda is to sweetening. It also leaves a bad taste in your mouth. Many people are complaining.

  128. Used to love getting caffeine free Pepsi in the individual 20oz bottles, that u can purchase on the go. Can’t seem to find them for a long time. What a shame was much easier to carry around than a can.

  129. I been a pepsi drinker for a long time . Lately I have been buying the 12 packs and have been getting a lot of flat sodas

  130. I totally stopped drinking Diet Pepsi…..I was drinking 4, 44oz of fountain Diet Pepsi…..I can’t believe it taste worse than plain water….this is so sad that my once favorite drink is gone

  131. So i was 1 of the 13,000 winners of the Crystal Pepsi please bring it back to stores my love for pepsi products is unstoppable i will not stop until i get Crysytal Pepsi back in stores

  132. I have been buying Pepsi for a long time, at least 3-5 12 packs a week and laely I have been getting dented cans and flat sodas, today I ran out to buy a 12 pack just to see at a different store and there in the pack was a dented and flat can, over the past few weeks I have gotten at least 12 cans that way, please check into it’s too much money to be wasting
    Thank You

  133. My husband and I are huge Pepsi drinkers and for the last 3 purchases of Pepsi 24 packs from our local Walmart In Vineland, NJ 08360; we have been getting pepsi cans that are limp and the pepsi is flat. I don’t know if it is the pepsi company that is delivering its product this way or if it is Walmart that is somehow mismanaging its product. I don’t like going back to the store and arguing about the soda I purchase but it has happened one too many times. Please let me know if this is a problem. Thank You. Jema

  134. It’s very sad that when you want to contact someone about onr of the drivers, you can’t. It really doesn’t matter the reason. It is nearly impossible to get the information that is needed. What do you have to hide Pepsico?

  135. Your company sent me email to have my car wrapped for Pepsi they also sent me a check for $1950 and told me that they would pickup my car to wrap it and I need to send them $1500 back so I sent them my last $1500 and after that I went to cash the check and the Bank told me the check was not real I want my $1500 back you can text me or call me at 580-699-4147

  136. i purchased 4 12pks the week of christmas had pepsis in the cooler with ice and a couple of the cans was so thin that the ice punchured small holes in them, never had this happen before pepsi my need to check the material being used to make the cans.

  137. i bought a 6pk of bottle pepsi for the holidays. Didnt pay any attention til about a week later one was opened an they were flat an expired in 2014. They were purchased at a kroger but didnt have the receipt an they wouldnt take them back. I work at a kmart store an to i have noticed vendors putting drinks on the shelves that are 2 to 3 wks from expiring. That isnt good. Should be turned over to health inspectors. I WANT A REFUND AN I WANT THEM REPLACED.

  138. I live in Valentine Nebraska I tryed to get diwe Squart in a bottle and can not buy it any place. Why can’t I

    Thank You Wallace

  139. I lost 2 dollars in a machine at work and called customer services right away and still after 4 business days have not received a call back.

  140. I purchased a 24 case of diet pepsi from Meijer in Mishawaka Indiana and 7 of the cans were flat along with this the cans themselves were like they were losing pressure or something . Like they were crushing in on the sides but were unopened . I love diet pepsi and even more so without the aspartame but was not very happy with this case I purchased .


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  142. I have been drinking Pepsi for decades. I am 70 years old and still LOVE my diet Pepsi!! My husband and I had a weird experience after buying our last 8-pack of Pepsi. I went to the frig to grab a cold Pepsi….opened it…..Took a drink and my husband said, “What’s the matter with that Pepsi?”. He said to look at the bottle. I couldn’t believe my eyes, but yep…….the bottle was GREEN!!!!! I took a picture of it but I can’t get on your email to send the picture to you. It knocks me off before I can enter anything. Don’t know if something is wrong with that bottle, but I drank some and am still alive!!!! I still love my Pepsi regardless. Am going to the store tomorrow and get some more!!!!!!!

  143. Hi, I love Diet Pepsi and drink 1 or 2 bottles each day. I saw on facebook today that someone posted that Pepsi is giving away a free 24 case of Pepsi to celebrate your company’s birthday. I don’t know if that’s true or not. I didn’t click on the site because I got a virus on my computer once before by clicking on a free offer site. If it is true that you are iving away free Pepsi, please respond to my email. Thank you.

  144. I won 2 tickets to the NFL experience private party on February 2 ,2016 at the moscone center through your Pepsi strike gold promotion which was handled by prize logic.I was not able to ever get my tickets due to basically being shrugged off by prize logic and ticketmaster.I am extremely upset by the way these company’s handled my situation,when after days or even a week or more of time passing before getting responses.I have all emails I sent to both company’s as well as all replies from them saved.I will be happy to furnish them if you would like.I feel like I basically got cheated out of my tickets. I will call in if you would like . please help me. Thank you . Tina hipp

  145. After seeing the super bowl halftime show, I’ll never buy another Pepsi product.
    Beyonce disparaged America and you paid for it. SHAME!

  146. Your company should be ashamed. That was the most racist, anti police performance in the history of the Super Bowl. To allow this most watched sporting event to become a platform for political statements, and hate songs to be sung was a bad choice on the part of Pepsi. Beyonce’s performance while dressed in Black Panther uniforms was unbelievable and in very poor taste. I unfortunately will no longer support Pepsi.

  147. I don’t expect you to have the morals to post my message in its entirety but I needed to tell you how sorry this whole episode is.

  148. I am a long time Pepsi drinker recently I purchased 3 cases of Pepsi. The majority of them was flat. They was so bad that I had to pour them down the drain.

    of Pepsi and the majority of them was flat. They were so bad that I had to pour them down the drain.

  149. I have enjoyed your product for many years.
    When the Super Bowl half time show you sponsored was on I could not believe you let Beyoncé promote racism and is anti-police. Did you not know what she was doing and is this your companies direction ?

  150. its pretty sick when you open a can of pepsi and find whats left of a crickets leg in your can wow i always drank this pop now i have to dump all the cans i shouldnt have to

  151. I love pepsi next. please do not stop producing. I am having trouble locating a place in my area that still carries pepsi next. Please help lme ocate a store that carries this product.

  152. I’ve noticed that you changed Diet Pepsi. It is TERRIBLE. It leaves a very disagreeable after taste in your mouth ,and it lasts forever. I guess I’ll have to switch to Coca Cola.

  153. I have been looking for PEPSI NEXT and I live in California I have gone to Vacaville,Davis, Dixon, West Sacramento, and Woodland and I could not find it anywhere. That product good , Please don’t Discontinue , has a very good taste not to sweet and no after taste.

  154. I am very disappointed in the gold plastic caps on the 26.9 oz bottles . Each tie O try to twist the cap I get red marks on my hand and it takes a while to open. Are youchBging this or do I need to go back to coke products?

  155. I am very disappointed in the gold caps on the 16.9 oz bottles. It takes a while to twist off and leaves red marks on my hands. Will the company fix this or do I need to purchase Coke products?please pass on comment to marketing…

  156. Although pepsi is our favorite soda, no more in this family due to your stand against preventing men from going in the same bathroom with women and little girls. I know it is all political; however, some common sense and decency should outweigh the dollar and politics.

  157. I am in love with your product Pitch Black MT dew, at Speedy location. I wonder if you would try in the general public

  158. On Saturday night I was on I believe I-94 in Michigan and the road was so covered in snow and ice that I had to keep looking back and forth to the reflectors to make sure I was still on the road. I have lived in Michigan all my life (56 yrs) and have NEVER been actually so scared of driving in the snow as that night. I seriously didnt think I was going to make it home that night. I had 2 of my dogs with me and I so much didnt want anything to happen to them either. There were no vehicles in front of me and then about 10:10 pm a pepsi semi went around me and got in front of me. It was like he made a path for me to drive. I got so much calmer…It was like he saved me and my dogs. I am so thankful for him . I would like to personally thank him, I would appreciate you forwarding this to him. His truck number was FT 3770 04. When he got in front of me it was like he made the nightime and snow turn to daylight. I am so very thankful to him.

  159. Thanks for not making Sierra Mist any longer you’ve LOST many loyal customers who can only drink sugar drinks. I guess that’s what 50 years of being a loyal customer and consumer of Pepsi products has got me. I quit Pepsi because I can’t drink high fructose corn syrup please put SUGAR in your drinks instead.

  160. My husband and I stopped by a local Food Lion Grocery store on February 25th of this year on the way back from my Dad’s funeral. We stopped in to get extra food in case needed for people coming by the house. While shopping I stepped/slid/fell to the floor on Pepsi sliders in which 2 Pepsi workers were setting up a Pepsi display and negligently left them laying on the floor. One of the young gentlemen walked away and left the other one standing there, he was very rude, or scared one. He did not ask me if I was alright he just asked me why I stepped on them. The isle was not blocked off and I did not realize what I was stepping when I fell. It hurt so bad I could not get up for a while, I cried, it hurt so bad. Finally the store Manager came over to try to help me up and he almost fell on the sliders. I was in the store at least an hour or 2 afterwards with ice on my arm and wrist. I followed up with the doctor the next day because my arm, wrist and hand hurt really badly. X-rays were made and was advised to be a really bad sprain. Someone in Pepsi Risk Management by the name of Ellen Bratton contacted on March 23rd in regards to the incident and advised someone would contact me again. I have not heard from anyone. My hand and wrist still hurts, especially when I try to use it. I was cc’d on a letter from a representative at Food Lion the evening of the day Mrs. Bratton contacted me. The letter is requesting Pepsi to follow-up on the incident in good faith and commitment to Food Lion. I have pictures of the incident, I would appreciate hearing back. I also have bills from this incident and have tried contacting the phone number that Mrs. Bratton gave me. All I get is a busy signal. Seems as though no one contacts me unless I initiate first. I would appreciate someone contacting me back in follow-up upon receipt of this message. Legal action is not by choice but if needed will be pursued. My telephone number is 336 692-3854. Jan Lisenby

  161. Missing soft drink and 1 can not filled up, ( basically not full) off a 24 pack email me so I can give numbers off package.

  162. I have the flu. I sent my husband out to get me some Sierra Mist to settle my stomach. He went to four different stores looking for Sierra Mist. Finally someone suggested that Mist Twist might be the same thing. He brought it home. It is! He was very frustrated. Could you perhaps have made some signs for the shelves telling people that you have changed the name but it’s the same product? I would think your sales might slump if you don’t hurry up and tell everyone. I feel a little better now, thanks for asking.

    • I found out through more research that Mist Twist is not the same product. High fructose corn syrup has replaced regular sugar, presumably to save money in production. Too bad. I can’t tell the difference because I’m sick and my taste is off. But time will tell if that was a bad decision on somebody’s part. I still think some warning to the public would have been wise.

  163. ABSOLUTELY AMAZING.. 5 out of 5 stars. Amazing customer service. I placed a service call to Pepsi repairs and within TWO HOURS, the repair technician TERRY was here and had our cooler FIXED…. On behalf of The Iron Door in Groveland, CA THANKS. TERRY

  164. Hi
    Just wanted to report that I just purchased a 12 pack of regular Pepsi in cans. I hAve thrown out the first 5. Each one had a very strange taste. I asked husband to taste. We both agreed it tasted like chemicals similar to Raid or bug sprays of some sort. It’s not on the outside of cans but the Pepsi itself. I’m concerned that something got in to a lot of your Pepsi or cans. Do you have other complaints about this? I drink about 2-3 pepsis a day for the last 50 years so I definitely know exactly what it should taste like. I’m concerned. If you contact me I’ll give you the lot number or code from the case. Also we are getting more and more flat Pepsi lately as well. Very disheartening.

  165. Bouth 5 cases of Pepsi one can had something dead in it or something gret all over in side of glass bing not well. Dont want Pepsi anymore. Bing drinking Pepsi for 50 year’s going to let lawyer to look at it. If I dont here something back

  166. We recently were interested in the 1893 ads and wondered what the taste was like. I found a can of the 1893 cola and brought it home for my wife to try; bad decision. It was sickly sweet, and had almost a beery-malt taste. Thank goodness it was a small can, albeit very expensive, because it was just nasty. Not a good marketing choice.

  167. I drink up to 12 diet pepsi 12 oz cans every day. I was going to have to quit due to aspartame. I never even noticed the difference when you changed it! So now you’ve decided to put it back in?? Does GREED really outweigh WHAT’S BEST FOR PEOPLE? Add it back in and you lose a very dedicated Pepsi fan. Been drinking Pepsi for over 45 years! DON’T CHANGE IT BACK, PLEASE!

  168. You need to make your vending machines coin return larger (and handicapped accessible). With diabetic neuropathy, I am unable to fit my hand into the coin return. Parenthetically, I asked two adult males, without any disability, to do the same. They had the exact same problem

  169. I cannot believe you are putting Aspertain back in Pepsi
    I changed from Diet Coke to Diet Pepsi simply because it was Aspertain free. please do not do this.

  170. Has anyone been having problems with the Dr Pepper cans sounding like a gun when opening them 06/28/2016 what is going on

  171. I contacted you all about a problem with the pepsi we had bought and did the thing with the numbers on the can and box and have not heard anything, I think you don’t care about your customers.

  172. I am a loyal Pepsi drinker but this is the second time I bought 16.9 oz bottle of soda and it was flat. I’m just very disappointed in my flat soda.

  173. Plz leave Lipton sweet tea for stores n Flatwoods Ky,, there is a overload of green tea , nobody wants

  174. U need to do a better job with the stocking of sweet tea, pickup some of that nasty green tea,, district manager is not doing their job

  175. Have had numerous wild cherry Pepsi that I have had to dump out of my 12 pack due to a rancid taste. Left horrible after taste in my mouth. Had my boyfriend taste it to and he said same thing. Just wanted to give you some feedback. Thank you

  176. So pepsi, via it’s CEO Ms. Nooyi chose to demean Mr. Trump and all Trump voters with her hateful rhetoric against all non-liberals. While she may be personally disappointed in the election results, shooting off at the mouth while on her pepsi soap box will now cause a boycott. Our family will now purge all pepsi products from the house and buy “around” pepsi moving foward unless and until Ms. Nooyi is removed from the board and pepsi disavows itself from that mindless rhetoric. Goodbye Pepsi!!

  177. Due to political comments made against our president of the United States of America by your CEO Chairperson Indra, I am terminating future purches of your product line. Do not take this as a personal attack, however I am very offended by her public comments and will not spend my hard earned money to support a women like her. I will be spreading my feelings most certainly with family and friends,and coworkers. Soda has no place in politics iether way.
    Bye bye..-

  178. There is a driver in the Princeton WV area that recently had a blow and go in his truck but continued to drink heavily, while on shift, and has now lost his license due to his alcoholism. He delivers Pepsi nearly EVERY DAY with NO LICENSE while drinking. You’re going to get sued very very soon when he kills someone!!!

    • There is an uproar about the Kendall Nicole Jenner commercial because of the Black Lives Matter reference. The fact that Kendall Nicole Jenner is in the commercial should be enough proof that Pepsi has lost its moral compass! You encourage young people to hold the Jenners and Kardashians in a position of respect? The youth of America is following these people’s every move that encourages a lack of civility. These aren’t Reality TV stars; there is nothing REAL about them. Please, find a REAL celebrity with REAL talent and with a good moral compus for our youth to emulate. Please!

  179. Hallo pepsi…
    Am a customer at chavakali western the first person to be having apepsi cooler..n it was so hard for me ti introduce pepsi bac to the market…inever loose hope and the marketing worked well until now..
    In this season business has not been wel n ihave bin trying my best to do some sells…unfortunately the person in charge as amanager in wester region mr richard aziz has been harassing me on my business to an extend of taking me to the police because i have told him that sell are down n i my stock sodas the next day….and he cant stand that as my customer… Claiming that the coolers are his n he has powers to chose who is to sell the pepsy product…. Is it this the right way to deal with a person who has marketed for your. Product when no one culd want the cooler in the center or even have an intrest of knowing the taste of the drink…am very annoyed in this…but i thank God because he wants even to buy the little stock that i have together with the eleven empty crates…he says he can not live me sell any pepsy product….. I knw my customers wil be served elsewhere… So the police ordered me to release the cooler plus stock to the acting manager of western region mr aziz tomorrow first thing in the morning….THEN IF THE MANAGER can be able to purchase other peoples stock while taking the cooler away y do the company strugles to get customer can be good for the managers who takes other people’s business as trush to buy all the products. Am annoyed

  180. You globalist assholes with your Illuminati queen just alienated me. I’m done buying any product from you creeps.

  181. 07/05/2017… i was driving on jeffco blvd in arnold Mo. and turning left onto route 141 and got into the right lane in front of your pepsi truck. Your employee followed me into the mcdonalds drive thru parked his truck and walked over to where i was placing my order( i sure this is all on camera). at macdonalds. He pulled on my car door handle trying to open my door cussing me out stating that i cut him off .

    • 7/17 I tried to purchase a $20 fill up at KFC JACKSON, GA I was told they had no white meat –at 6pm on a sunday evening…–I said dark meat would be ok…when I got home I had 7 little pieces of dark meat, 1 container of potato wedges, and cole slaw…
      I looked online to see what i should have gotten for my $20. I got taken.. please be aware…
      I met Mr Sanders in 1976–he would be appalled at what his company has become…SHAME ON YOU PEPSICO AND MANAGMENT AT KFC JACKSON GA ….SHAME ON YOU!!!!

  182. im a retailer of pepsi product lastweek i found something inside the 7up.need further action about your product.

  183. I will never buy Pepsi again. I understand that you have caved to the crazies with regard to our president. All he said was that there was violence on both sides. I abhor Nazi and crazy White Supremista but the answer isn’t violence. Shame on you for having no backbone. You make things worse. Coke forever more

  184. As a proud American, I will no longer buy Big Red or Gatorade; which we go through quite a bit until you stop advertising with the useless commies in the nfl. They do not even know what the flag and anthem stand for, and if you share their views…..then I no longer want your products!!!!!!!!1

  185. As a life long Pepsi drinker, I’m so disappointed. One of my fondest childhood memories is of me and my mom sharing a Pepsi over dinner. However, Pepsi’s association with the NFL and it’s blatant BLACKBALLING of Colin Kaepernick has forced me to leave my favorite cola behind. I do not understand how Pepsi can support an organization that would punish a man for simply asking that all of America’s citizens are treated equally under the law. That is not the ideal that I served 26 years protecting and Pepsi is no longer a corporation I’m willing to support.

  186. Really like peps i zero. Problem is, can’t ever find it. IGA in liberty kentucky, doesn’t carry 16oz 6 packs. So I drove 23 miles to Walmart, in Danville Kentucky, they didn’t have it either. Myself and others would like to be able to purchase the 16oz did packs of peps I zero sugar.Any help would be appreciated.

  187. I was trying to purchase a drink out of one of your machines. There was a bottle stuck in the machine that I did not see, therefore loosing my drink as well. At $2.50 for a drink, I would like to know how to go about getting my money back?
    Thank you….

  188. I had tried to purchase a drink out of one of your machines on September 18. I did not notice that there was already a drink stuck in the machine, and therefore lost my money. At $2.50 a drink I would like to know how to go about getting my money back?
    Thank you..

  189. Dear Pepsi,
    You support the trashing of our flag and our National Anthem by supporting the NFL thugs! I cannot and will not support Pepsi in any way shape or form! Might only take a little bit of profits away but the tide is growing! Watched football and other sports for over 55 years! No more football! No more pepsi! my money your loss!

  190. Due to the NFL encouraging its players to disgrace our country by kneeling for the National Anthem I fully expect Pepsico to no longer pay the NFL to advertise. I will discontinue to purchase your products until this is resolved.


    Tom A

  191. We are a family of 5 and avid Pepsi drinkers but we will no longer be purchasing ANY Pepsi or Pepsi products (didn’t realize you own so many company’s but now I do) until the NFL players stop protesting during the national anthem or you terminate your sponsorship with the NFL. Once this occurs we will return but until then this is our way of protesting the players disrespect of its fans, country, and our military. Thank you!

  192. As a proud American, I will no longer buy Big Red or Gatorade; which we go through quite a bit until you stop advertising with the useless commies in the nfl. They do not even know what the flag and anthem stand for, and if you share their views…..then I no longer want your products!!!!!!!!1

  193. Re: NFL players disrespect for the flag. One of your products is a sponsor of the NFL so I plan on discontinuing purchase of Pepsi products. Players can do their thing on their own time but should not on the time people pay for. My opinion and it looks like the opinion of many others.

  194. Please help me to understand why your company is still supporting the NFL?? The members disrespect our flag and national anthem, still protest after 58 of our fellow Americans were killed and over 500 injured, abuse women, act like a dog and pee in the end-zone, raise their fists after tackling a white player, demean women reporters, and who post their behavior all over social media that glorifies womanizing and partying?? As a consumer this does not reflect my values, and since you still engage in supporting this appalling behavior by your sponsorship I will positively no longer support your brand!!!! Wow, this has really opened my eyes as to the true culture of your organization. SHAME ON YOU!!!!!

  195. We find it inexcusable for Jerry Jones of the Dallas Cowboys to deny the Dallas Cowboys players the right to knee. That is a free expression backed by the 1st Amendment. We and about 20 of our friends have agreed that, if Pepsi does not condemn Jerry Jones’ actions, we will not longer drink any of Pepsi’s products. For you to not say anything is approving of his actions!

  196. I will not buy your products as long as the NFL players disrespect our flag, anthem and military. Their protest about police officers targeting blacks is not supported by by facts.

  197. As I put my 12 Pac of Pepsi in the cart I saw the NFL shield on the side of the Pac. The Pepsi went back and I bought a 12 pack of coke.

  198. Dear Beneficiary,

    We are in receipt of your e-mail and wish to inform you that your fund is deposited with our Affiliate Bank here in U.K in a temporary Account and shall be sent to you on the Approval of your payment. You will receive this fund by Telegraphic Transfer [Bank Wire] to your Locality Account.
    However, the 2017 PEPSI-COLA COMPANY U.K Mobile Award is no doubt, a momentous achievement in the chequered history of this Corporation. On behalf of the entire staff of the Organization, I wish to congratulate all non-Governmental Organizations who have in no little way contributed immensely towards the success of this draw as well as taking concrete steps towards it’s actualization. All participants were selected randomly from World Wide Mobile Directories. This promotion is part of the financial empowerment program of the PEPSI-COLA COMPANY U.K, in it’s struggle to alleviate poverty.please confirm it

  199. As many others I have been drinking Pepsi since I can remember,but my question is this…….Why did you change the mini cans consisting of eight to mini cans consisting of six for the same price?The eight pack pack was perfect for me and my kids.Not too much,just right.Where the 12 ounce bottles just ending up flat because we liked just the right amount as the small cans.Why ruin a good thing?
    Dissatisfied Customer.

  200. Called Tuesday for service on my leaking newly installed fountain system, and its Thursday and no one has called me back.

    • I went to Walmart and saw that pepsi was on sale for 3.33 except for the caffeine free diet pepsi it was 4.68. why wasn’t it all on sale??????????

  201. Once again, bought an expired Pepsi max. Why ??? It is never stocked so the person working should notice Oct 2 ….today is DEC 30 ?

  202. I think you are trying to make me a Coke fan. I have been diagnosed as pre diabetic and love Pepsi. So I have gone to Pepsi zero sugar but can only find it in Hyvee. It is not in convenient stores or in Shopko. I can find Coke Zero everywhere I go. I live in Wisner,NE and shop in Norfolk,NE and West Point,NE. Can you help me?

  203. Good day Sir/Madam,

    am one of your customer and I will like to apply for your freezer and cooler to make my business to grow more in my area.

  204. We recently bought 6 12packs of your cans, diet Pepsi and diet cherry Pepsi, your claim for the longest time has been how you are totally aspartame free!! I am allergic to aspartame and have been drinking these, started getting sick and read that all these have ASPARTAME!!! There is NO warning on anything that you’ve gone back to that horrible stuff! You had no problem saying it was aspartame free before, made with splenda now so why didn’t you do the same when you went back!? Clearly counting on consumers to be stupid. I will contact corporate tomorrow.

  205. I just wanted to say I have been drinking about 2 2- liter bottles for over 20 years. I love your product and that will never change. Just wanted to let you know how good of a job you are doing. Thank you!! If you can add me to you list to be mailed coupons etc p!ease and thanks again guys.

    • Hi pepsi I got a text that I won an award of 2018 USD $850000.00 and request me to contact a lowyer and then the lowyer asked me to pay $1142.46 for fee comssion and to legalize in supreme court in USA. could you verify that this is true I have certificate of winner Barriester Hubert hugo

  206. Stop trying to greenwash the loophole in your #palmoil policy. It allows your business partners to destroy rainforests and exploit workers. Fix your #palmoil policy and end your role in deforestation and exploitation!

  207. Purchased a 24 case of aluminum Pepsi. One of the cans is less than 1/2 full. I have not attempted to open the can. All the other cans in the case were perfect. Can you help me? The sque number on the can is: 0-120130-3.

  208. I am 70 and have been drinking Pepsi for as long as I can remember. I think you have changed the formula, it doesn’t taste as good as it use to. It’s like it has a citrus taste. Sorry, but we do not like this. Another problem is we buy the small cans and the large cans. The small cans are not always full. Usually at least two of the cans will be at least 1/2 to 1 inch short.

  209. It my pleasure to work with your company, I have a proposal to submit I need your sponsorship for my sports programme

  210. We requested a repair to the dollar bill part of our machine. A tech came in yesterday. I let him into the room where the machine is located; I saw him open the machine, and I heard noise. Last night, the problem remained. Also, the tech left the premises without saying anything, or checking in with anyone. Techs must check in at the office.

  211. I have been drinking pepsi since 1942. My father owned a grocery store in albany ny, and I started drinking it there, I was eight years old. In 1944 we catered a friday night dance at the grade school, a every friday night, and we sold pepsi, which was very popular. I would drink 3 or 4 bottles myself while waiting on customers. My question is am I drinking the same pepsi flavor etc. today that I drank then? Thank. you C. Rifenberick

  212. Very upset with caffeine free diet pepsi! It is suppose to be aspartame free, I have been not feeling well for the past week with diarrhea , happen to look at my bottle of soda and bingo- aspartame! Why did this change?

  213. I’m writing to give feedback about your soft drink sodas. It would be great to see your sodas made with Stevia or a similar sweetener. I can’t drink the regular sodas due to the corn syrup. The other sweeteners of aspartame or whatever fake chemicals used are harmful to one’s health, too. I think that you would expand your business if the stevia product were used. It tastes better, and people with diabetes would be grateful. Thank you.

  214. I purchased 2 Gatorade in a vending machine in albany memorial hospital in albany ny. My Gatorades are stuck and none of the people here can assist me with anything. Called the vending machine hotline and can’t choose an option.

  215. On 8/30/2018 at about 430 Mountain Time I was driving southbound on Interstate 25 in New Mexico between mile marker 207 and 208 when I was cut off by a utility truck bearing the Pepsi logo on the doors. I honked my vehicle horn in order to get the driver’s attention as he was forcing me off the road.The New Mexico License plate number on the truck was 015 SXB. When the truck cut me off it forced me to drive off the road on to the shoulder. fortunately my vehicle does not appear to be damaged, however the driver of truck of the truck turned on the trucks turn signal as the truck was cutting me off. The driver did not turn it off for at least another half mile. The driver did not react my warning as he was cutting me off continued down the highway as if nothing happened. The driver exited the highway at Los Lunas New Mexico. I think your driver was distracted and almost caused a serious accident. I respectfully request you look into this incident.

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