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Contacting PECO Customer Service Center

PECO is an electric company and natural gas company serving customers in and around Philadelphia, PA. The company has been in business for more than 100 years and they continue to grow with each passing year. PECO was originally known as The Brush Electric Light Company of Philadelphia – started in 1881. Customer service contact information is available to customer and non-customers, so PECO is easy to contact for any service you may need.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

Contact phone numbers for PECO customer service are listed on the contact us page. There are numbers for emergency and general customer service inquiries.

Mailing Address

Customers who wish to contact PECO customer service via mail can address communication to:

PECO Customer Service Center

2301 Market Street
P.O. Box 8699
Philadelphia, PA 19101

Official Website

The official website for PECO is You can learn about PECO services, log-in to your personal or business account, view electric safety information and find out the business partners PECO works with all from the main website. There is also information on payment assistance programs and payment options on the PECO website.

Customer Service Email

There is no email address listed on the PECO website, but there is an email form customers can use to contact a representative even if they do not have a PECO account. You can access the email contact form here:

According to the email customer service page, it could take up to 10 business days to receive a response from customer service. We’ve sent an email to test the 10 day warning.

Social Media and PECO

PECO has a social media page on Twitter. Customers can use these social media pages to contact customer service if desired.

PECO Twitter: @PECOphila

Our Experience

When we called PECO customer service, we were greeted with an automated system that asked if the call was an emergency. After the message was finished, you have the ability to select the options to speak to a customer service representative. The approximate wait time is 5 minutes. When we finally spoke with a customer service representative, they were friendly and helpful. The English speaking representative gave us information regarding initial serve and the requirements.

When we contacted customer service via email, we didn’t receive an immediate response. The communication stated correspondence can take up to 10 business days. We did receive a reply within 5 business days, to our inquiry on switching service, as follows:

——– Original message ——–

Thank you for your email.

For initial service you do want to provide 4 to 5 business days advance

To connect, disconnect, add or transfer service, you can go online at to enroll. You can also call our
business office at 1-800-494-4000.
We at PECO Energy want you to be completely satisfied

Customer Service

Did you have to wait the 10 days for an email response or 5 minutes on hold? Let us know you experiences dealing with PECO customer service department.

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60 Comments on “Contact PECO Customer Service
  1. I came home from work on thursday 7-26-12 at 7pm to find that i had no electric n my house. I called my neighbors 2 c if they was havin problems and they werer not so i called PECO! The recordin said that they were aware of the problem & was workin on it! One of my neighbors said that someone from PECO was knockin om my door around 4:30p.m! Dont they no that some people work!! No represenive from PECO called me telephone is om elrctric bill to inform me about my power outage!! THIS IS TERRIBLE MY FOOD IS N THE REFRIGERATOR GO BAD!! THEY NO HOW TO CONTACT U IF U OWE MONEY ON UR BILL!!!

  2. I contacted peco to have gas turned on at my home. A week later, when I stayed there the first night I found I had no gas, no heat, no hot water. After talking to peco customer service and the supervisor. I was told that service was not turned on because it was already on in their computer. After I told them I am physically looking at a meter that is off. They said the best they could do is come out the following week. In my opinion the company does not care about their customers and if they did, they would correct their deficiencies.

    • Upset to the last post.
      Peco has called and had been able to provide service this afternoon. Thank you mrs daws for handling this matter appropriately.

  3. I called to report a tree that was leaning 30 degrees directly over the power lines. There is a tropical storm approaching (Sandy) that could possibly push this tree the rest of the way over and knock down the power lines. Customer service representative Paula was adamant that unless the tree is actively “interfering with the power lines” they will not send a truck out. Well, perhaps the truck will have to be sent out later to both remove the tree remnants and repair the power line. Foolishness.

  4. Hurricane Sally outage support is terrible. Calling Customer Service does NOT get you to a ‘person’; it dumps you into a “press 1 for…” and then terminates the call. Tells you to call back for ‘update outage status’ but no way to get that information.
    Their ‘outage” chart shows NO progress in Bucks/Warminster area for 48 hours, and does not indicate how long the outage will last. This is VITAL info and should be availabe SOMEWHERE.

  5. Can you please let me know how long before we can expect services to be restored? I live at 206 Cherry Lane in Ambler 19002/ 267-218-1313/ My husband has been sick and it is getting very cold. I need to know if we need to made alternate arrangements.

  6. Peco, is taking to long to restore power in the west Oakland part of the city! We are home owners that take care of our business and this is how we are treated like second class citizens. Peco is just sitting around in trucks watching down wires instead of repairing the issue so that we can get back to our lives. And u keep getting a recording!

  7. Many thanks for the tireless efforts of all the Peco maintanence workers who travelled to help get us up and running..much appreciated..and for customer service folk who reassured us …they must have been asked the same question a million times…thanks everyone

  8. I got a FAX from PECO (VERIFICATION NOTICE FOER DISCONTINUANCE). I would like to fax it back with my response to speed up, things for power that was supposed to be cut off last week.Please provide me with a fax number to send this to ASAP rather than mailing it in which will further delay things.


    • I received a verification notice for discontinuance which I have filled out but I don’t know the mailing address to return it. Please let me know so I can send it back

  9. Very saddened that PECO was not prepared for a storm of this magnitude (Sandy). Unfair to the customer, unfair to their hard-working crews; and it says something essential about corporate management and its inability to grasp the human toll associated with their poor planning.

  10. As you know,2317 Barren Hill Road, Lafayette Hill, has no power.

    I just was told by an observer that the powere line behind my house was broken by a fallen tree and I should report this to you so that you can have it fixed. This is not a “comment”. It is a REPORT for you to act on and send a repair man

  11. I realize everyone has been affected by hurricane Sandy, but we have been without power, heat and running water since Monday and today is Sunday. I’ve contacted Peco and explained that besides not having power, heat or running water we have an elderly woman with medical issues living with us – basically there response was oh well and make other arrangements if an emergency arises. I don’t understand how they can decide that developments are more important than a house that is not in a development. Because we’re not in a development it seems our house is always the last one to get service. I agree they really don’t care about their customers.

  12. I am very unhappy been calling them about electric turned on in an abandon home and they keep giving the run around electric been on for over 3 months the owner abandon the property and they yet to turntje utility off I pay my bill every month faithfully and on time how about giving me free electric since you have no problem shutting it off in an abandon property

  13. I just tried to have service disconnected from an apartment and I have NEVER been treated more poorly. The rep was rude he cut me off I could not get anything out that I needed to ask. I’m glad im moving back to Florida where they know how to treat people.

    • we cant enjoy the lower gas prces because were stuck with oil because peoo way overcharges just to put a gas line connection from the street after u pay peco to put the line u then u need a heating contractor to connect and convert so at the end u pay 5k i dont know about anyone else but ive got too much going to shell out that kind of money its a shame cause the upfront monies is a deterent oh well i guess will be inefficent untill i can get out of this house

  14. Dear peco
    It is Thursday night. If u didn’t know it is Scandal Thursday. I am reallynpissed off right now because I cannot even watch my show right now. While coming home from volleyball practice all I wanted to do was sit back, relax and watch scandal but no my lights are off. How I it that only half of the blocks’ lights are off? Please in that to me.

  15. How do I stop the door to door soliciting for PECO Discount on electirc and all the phone calls. When I tell them I am NOT interested and that I am happy with my PECO electric bill the way it is the have an attitude with me 8/10 times. I am tired of all of this and want it to stop. So how do I stop it?

  16. dear customer service department:today may/2/13 I have call in peco for complaint the service not nice ,first I spoke with mrs jones she was answer the wrong question with me peco service like that , waist my time two hours to open back my new act again what for , that ‘ s not right .for my case my tenant move out , open the new act for his own place ,the peco not look at this old address belong to whom . And cancel my service and then send me a letter said my act closed I need to call in re-open my new act again,but the peco co. Why not ask the person move open another act for new address , I’m owner of the house if I cancel I will call in peco will need all my information right before peco will be cancel my act ,is it right . That mean not doing the right job for cancel my act for another person to open their new act n used my address .they can say they lived there before with this address but not cancel my act I need to call in for re-open back , if I out of country for few month that mean my service location should be no electric to use . How peco co think this case happen ! My phone (678)707 -9508 I have many act under my name ,I ‘ m peco long time customer n good credit customer this happen on I’m not happy please make claim dep to sort this problem for me .

  17. I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your fast and courteous service this morning. Unfortunately, I do not remember the young ladies names that I spoke to! Very professional and extremely polite! Keep up the good work!

  18. Life has been hectic, i forgot to pay the bill and power was shut off. Understandable. I paid within the hour and get told 24/72 hr wait time. Why does it take so long when it only takes a second to turn it off? yes ive learned my lesson, and if this is your form of punishment, fine. But its hot out, I said i had 2 smal children…but there’s nothing you can do about it. It’s bad enough getting yelled At by my husband for this, cant cook my family a hot meal,,. I dont need comments of “pay your bill”. I know this already. My point is, I’m not the only one whos gone through this. I know first hand the Work ethic of some of your workers…you know exactly what i mean… Please dont make us wait 3 days. Please dont make anyone wait 3 days.

    • Does it really take 72 hours to turn back on? I forgot to pay, no warning just shut off. Paid immediately. I get it lesson learned.

  19. A new gas line was put in across the street. My lawn is dead.A peco tech came out and said something like hydrolic fluid has ruined the street and my lawn.Called peco and they were going to send out a person to look at the lawn and also a claim form. Nothing came in the mail and no one showed up. In the meantime I amm going to lose a red maple tree and 70 year old bushes around my home.The dead grass is moving up my lawn everyday. If this is not taken care of imediately i am going to the township and report it.

  20. Very Upset with PECO! My grandmother owns 2 homes. Once she lives in and the other my sister moved into and is trying to have the electric turned on. Since she is not the property owner PECO is asking her for a lease. My grandmother gave her a written letter/lease describing that she is living there and gives her a little money per month. Peco did a property search and since it is not listed as a business/rental property they are requiring my grandmother to get a business license to allow her own grand daughter to live there in order to turn on service. My grandmom uses the money that she gets to pay the taxes, water, and upkeep of the property and does not get that much. She can not afford to pay taxes on the little bit my sister gives her. Plus pay all the license fees, etc… Ridiculous!

  21. I can’t blame peco as a whole because I know every job has there rules and regulations. But my situation seems way to simple to be causing me this much fustration.. I am a recently new tenant and all I want to do is put the bill in my name remind you the electric wasn’t on when I moved in. I moved in OCT 19th I called for service the next day assuming it would only take 3 business days to get the problem resolved.. My kind landlord brought us a long extention cord to run thru his basment for the time being so we were able to acess our fridge our lamp and our microwave and heater not all at the same time tho of course.. But again it was only suppose to be temporary.. However peco told us thru a whole trail and tribulation and as of OCT 31st I stil have no electric.. I have a new meter so its easy to turn my electric on from a switch..however they wanted to verify all this stuff just to prove we were not the same tenants from b4 who jacked up a 3000 electric bil… smh.. now the reps aren’t trying to help me at all I ask to escalate the problem and the one lady claim she was the supervisor and refuse to direct me to the head person in charge.. This is unexceptable.. Craig Adams is CEO of peco and I would love to talk to him personally if I could because the process of getting electric and gas put on is very excessive and for people who work 5pm is a bad time to close.. Peco needs a new leader because there are too many faults being made.

  22. Sometime eligaly people can work at peco. they could be connected with someone in your home. This money payment owed to peco electric could be going in that account holder pocket or person in yur business at home fraudly noing peco to collect your bill money. I would like another account holder and these suspicious people has to be watched. Please Change my account Biller My adress is 818 blyth ave, last four social 3799

  23. Not happy with the process in determining priorities for power restoration. I feel where I live I am always last to have power restored. I have 3 small children. Customores across the street and up tyhe street have their power. Very Frudtrating when you are told it may take 4-5 days!

  24. To Peco,

    It’s been a tough week with a lot of inconvenience but congrats to your crews and everyone who has had a hand in restoring power.
    Your company should be proud of what you have accomplished during this period. Thanks again.

  25. This latest power failure was totally unacceptable because it could have been avoided altogether.
    Had Peco taken Storm sandy outages seriously they could have been better prepared with emergency teams.
    I am extremely displeased with the way this has been handled.

  26. Dear Manager,
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  27. I just moved peco did Not give me a noticed and I was highly upset came home 4days after moving and my energy was turned off. Peco doesn’t care about their customers they are just concerned only about money. If I had another company trust that would be the my choice. I feel that this is a disgrace and I am very upset. People kids and family are in serious danger.

  28. I have been in my home as a new tenant for about 3 weeks now and peco came out and turned my electric off for an illegal hook up from the last tenant. after giving me the wrong information over the phone the first time, I had to submit my documents again now after a week of paying out of pocket to stay somewhere I am still waiting and will have to wait for another 3-5 business days. I have 2 small children and a husband that is a bad asthmatic and they still wont speed up the process. if my husband gets ill this will be on peco and I will sue for poor customer service and incompetency from the reps who will not even allow me to speak to a supervisor

  29. PECO came to my apartment and shut off my power to change the meter while I was away for 3 days. I was not notified that my power was being shut off. No one turned it back on when they were finished. I came home to a sweltering apartment with absolutely no electricity. Then, I was only able to talk to automated messages. Ridiculous. I had to throw all the food in my refrigerator away because it spoiled. I’m pissed. I run a tight budget and ought to be reimbursed for those groceries that went to waste. Thanks a lot.

  30. I live on Holly Road in Broomall
    Every major storm we loose power
    It seems lines are not fixed properly
    And the gas portion isn’t much better
    Can’t believe rates increase and service receives
    A failing grade
    Try writing a Eulogy with a flashlight
    Home line for a Clergy emergency out
    Of service. Something is wrong here

    Rabbi Barry Blum

  31. I called PECO today to turn my service back on my rental property. The representative that was helping me was extremely rude.

  32. PECO and it’s staff are scam artists. They are cold hearted and have not a care in the world for their consumers. I am currently being charged more than double my household usage (which is stated clearly on the bill). When I call for help to understand why, none of their reps have a clue or care why. I have small children. Its winter and have already been cut off and they are threatening to interrupt service again. My furnace has an electric igniter. No electric no heat. The cold affects my daughters asthma. Thanks a lot PECO. Praying for a solar powered generator. Hope you all sleep well at night.

  33. I’m a new customer have asma neef my pump and other equipment plug up in contacted peco to get service in the apartment I just moved in sent in necessary documents I’m getting the run around as to whether I’m new or not I just got apartment whomever owed you or lived at address before has nothing to do with me I need service bad experience

  34. I have been trying to get elected in my new home since last tues, n peco just keeps giving me a big run around , I am here with my 2 year old son ., n can’t seem to get the electric on , can someone plez help me !!!!!

  35. They are horrible! I filled out their form months ago about a problem that’s ongoing and never heard a word from them! They don’t answer e-mails, they don’t respond to their website comments, they do NOT respond to anything at all!

  36. Saturday, July 16th- around 4-4:30p.m. in Southwest Philadelphia a young Asian man followed me up the steps as I was entering the house- He was so quick I still had my keys in the door. He was wearing an Inspire shirt and trying to get the household to switch to green energy. He looked at our utility bill – which had name and account number listed. In the end we said we were not switching when he became insistent that I give him my personal contact information. I told him no and so he left, but not before discreetly stealing my house keys that were still in the door. I realized about an hour an a half later. My fear is, if he is legitimately with Inspire- with the information he gleaned from looking at the bill he will try to slam us and switch us without our authorization. If he is a con my fear is that he is stealing from people and using PECO. We do not wish to switch anything! What should we do?

  37. Not sure where to go. i received a letter saying we spend more then our neighbors for power. i have checked every power location and we even did not use our in-ground pool this year. We are now on fixed income so I’m concerned. Does PECO offer a home investigation to see where we have a drain? We need help!

  38. DEAR PECO,

  39. Spent over one hour to get phone # to return call of your mgr.
    It was the wrong #.
    Is there another company option for ou utilities?

  40. We have been trying to install a new service at our property in Folcroft PA-19032. Deed of the property, owner’s picture ID and a copy of the last electric bill was faxed to them on 02/20/2018 & 02/22/2018 emailed to their applications department twice and once direct to their supervisor in applications department. Revenue Mgmt claimed they received the documents on 02/23/2018 and they will call back within 3 business days. Fax and all documents were confirmed to be received on 02/22/2018. No one at PECO knows telephone number of the Revenue Management Department, Executive complaints phone numbers. PECO evidently has one working fax machine in their Revenue Management. They work cases according to their sweet will without fear of any accountability. According to them they work cases within 3 business days AFTER they receive documents. They do not recognize Electronic Transmission Receipts for faxes sent to them by customers. Upshot of it is that customer is billed $6 for new service to put up with all the crap. PECO does not believe in verifying authenticity of lease documents sent to them by tenants. They harass the landlord if there is a huge balance left unpaid by a evicted tenant. This case is a classic example of their callous attitude towards paying customers. Customers have no alternative but to put up with the UTTERLY INEFFICIENT REVENUE MANAGEMENT’S TENTRUMS since there is no competition to the PECO. The President and the CEO is too busy to tune up the Revenue Management Department to care for customers.

  41. I left u a message,before not receiving mail from u…Get back & here r the recent bills u sent to me & I paid then. .Thank you!?

  42. Please unsubscribe the from your mailing list. Thank you in advance for your cooperation in advance. No such person/position exist.

    Energy Manager
    Lyophilization Technology
    30 Indian Drive
    Warminster, PA 18974-1431

  43. My question is this.
    I live at Bucktown Crossing in South Coventry Twp., Chester Co., Pa.
    It seems to me, we have an inordinate amount of power outages compared to other areas. One today, one on the fourth of July are the recent ones. Many times it is off and on for a few minutes, maybe several times in a row.
    I would like to know if it is an ongoing equipment problem or our bad luck because of where we live.
    This has happened repeatedly over the 11 years I have here and I am just curious.
    Thank you!

  44. This is Bucktown Crossing again.
    It’s 5:46 and we lost electricity for second time in 2 hrs. Seriously,
    would like an explanation. As I said these power outages seem excessive.

  45. the worst company to deal with no one knows anything. I went in the office gave a copy of the Deed called to turn light on they want me to do the process again because they can’t found the copy of Deed, instead of someone to take the time to look into the account i’m getting story after story the bureaucracy is rediculous, everyone wants to get paid but, no one wants to do the work. I asked to speak to a manager sorry I can’t give out names I gave them my # still waiting for that phone call.

  46. No electricity for customers in south 66th street grid. Woodland ave and Greenway ave and part of Yocum st has electricity but 6601 Yocum St does NOT have electricity

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