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Contacting Paypal Customer Service Center

Paypal is the leading payment processor in the United States. With the huge influx of virtual and online shopping customers need a means of moving money from one place to another at the speed of light with the security of a bank vault and that’s where Paypal fits in. Paypal first became popular as a part of the eBay family. eBay sellers were given the option to accept Paypal payments, print mailing labels from Paypal and even order Paypal Mastercard (debit card) to access the money in the account. Suddenly anyone could be a business owner or carry a fully funded Mastercard without the terrible bank fees associated with traditional bank accounts.

Paypal is supported by a strong customer service team that is responsible for dealing with customer issues and maintaining a barrier between people who want to take an account holder’s money and the account holder. Paypal charges fees for use, so they have a monetary interest in keeping every customer.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

If you are not a customer you can contact Paypal on the generic customer service line. Once you’ve established an account, you will be given access to another list of phone numbers. There are special programs like Paypal Business and Paypal Advantage that come with special perks and faster customer service. Customer service is available on the general line from 4 A.M. to 10 P.M. during the week and 6 A.M. to 8 P.M. on weekends. All hours are PST.

  • Main Customer Service (toll-free): 1-888-221-1161
  • Main Customer Service (toll): 1-402-935-2050

Mailing Address

The mailing address for Paypal is one of those pieces of information that people are constantly looking for. We managed to find more than 10 mailing addresses for the company. We’ve listed a couple physical addresses to help you get in contact with corporate office.

Paypal Inc. 2211 North First St. San Jose, CA 95131

Paypal Inc. 2145 Hamilton Ave. San Jose, CA 95125

Official Website

The official website for Paypal is https://www/ Anyone can visit the main page and learn more about the company, financial solutions and personal/business accounts. Once you’ve decided to join the Paypal family you’ll have to fill out the proper application. There are three account types as of 2012 – Personal, Premier and Business.

Customer Service Email

Emailing Paypal customer service is generally the same as other means of communication. If you are an account holder you have access to different email addresses and submission forms depending on the type of account you hold. General customer service emails for new or potential customers can be sent using the online contact form This form should NEVER be used to send personal information even though it is a secure form. Wait for the Paypal customer service representative to contact you before sharing any personal or financial information.

Our Experience

We called the general customer service line for Paypal in hopes of learning how you can move through the automated system more quickly. You cannot press 0 to bypass the automated system. We pushed through and answered the automated agent’s questions by telling her we were NOT Paypal members and we were calling with a general question about Paypal. Before we were transferred to customer service, the recording told us we would be asked our Paypal account number, last four digits of the bank account or credit card used to back the Paypal account and more. If we are not an account holder how can we provide this information? The agent who answered the call had a strong accent and we were unable to complete the call due to a severe language barrier.

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65 Comments on “Contact Paypal Customer Service
  1. please couldyou contact me; I have just paid for a book and was not aware that you had my former address; nI think other previous items may well have been sent there; I should have advised you but didn’t;what can I do?

  2. When will you announce one way or another if your customers’ accounts have been compromised. It is in US and UK newspapers but not a word from you. My debit card was recently hacked and it’s possible this is why.

  3. you are the worst company I’ve ever dealt with. Your website makes it impossible to resolve an issue. You’ve made me jump over hurdles and my issue still isn’t resolved. You tell me on my profile that I haven’t provided a tax ID (I have a personal account ONLY)and an unconfirmed address. Are you crazy??? You sent me an email offering me $5 to pay my Puritans Pride bill w/Paypal, and you’ve totally screwed it up. I want my account closed.

  4. i have make a perchase from maxman ultimate payment processing was done by paypal I have notice my debit card wont work since I would like to know what is the problem

  5. I need help with the bonanza account, trod for so long my daughter bought me a necklace for$225.42 on may 13 through PayPal. Under Robert petricelli paid to amanynhanna. I cannot find her anywhere. Bonanza is run so differently fro eBay, please help me, I have item and I’d number, I could put item on eBay and would have a match. Thanks Janet Sylvester

  6. you all started a claim in resolution center;telling me to return items for refund. I had already told the seller the items were discarded. I ordered zippered covers for my mattress and foundation. Seller sent me fitted cheap,cheap,cheap covers like a fitted sheet. They lasted less than the forty feet to the moving truck. I was not going to transport them nine hundred miles. This was the first(and LAST)time I ever ordered from a link listed at the bottom of an ebay page. These covers were from china and so cheap. I don’t expect a refund….I just wanted the seller to amend their listing to show fitted and say fitted instead of zippered. I should not have trusted the seller,but I did and opened the covers the morning of my move and as I said they did not last until my bed was loaded. Both my mattress and foundation for craftmatic bed were damaged in the move and may not have been if the covers had been zippered as listed, but they were a sham, a scam and a cheat…please ask this seller to stop doing this to other people. My husband died in September of 2013 and I was relocating to Illinois with my children and had never been cheated on line like this before. Check my feedback. I always pay the same day I order and I expect honesty and quality from sellers as well.
    Now you can close this claim because I have no proof they were crap. But check the order details…it says and clearly shows zippered vynal covers. Thank you for listening. Sincerly, J.Matthews

  7. I brought gemstone I bid on like to pay thing brought. please me a email about how pay for this item. do I have account with you.

  8. I just purchased a motorhome. I paid the first 500 via PayPal, I want to pay the rest thru PayPal. The seller does not want to pay your fees on this 7000, so I will. Please help me do this, I will place it on my American Express Card as I did the deposit.

  9. I have letters from PayPal and BillMeLater about an outstanding bill, I don’t understand it. I don’t even remember getting into it. I don’t have any cards or don’t know any thing about it. I would like to know how I got into this mess. I want to know how to get out ofr both of them, hope it is possible. Thanks if you can help me. BRENDA HAKE

  10. Today I spoke with spoke with one of your customer service representatives. She was obviously from another country with only fair english. Also, she spoke fast and with a high pitched voice which only made our conversation that much more difficult. Because of the complexities of your site, I think you need to find better trained help.

  11. I would like someone to email me back. . Need to know if PayPal and Bill Me Later combined the to company’s so i will know exactly what I owe and show my payments.


  12. I got an email from paypal saying that they had noticed unusual activity on my account. I need to know what it is. Reference #pp-003-659-878-812. Please let me know what is going on.

  13. I sent $200.00 to my sister and no fees were ever shown for the transaction anywhere. When she received the money, it was only for $193.90. Where’s the other $6.10? Your website indicated this was a free transaction. What is going on?

  14. 1. I have tried to use your gateway to pay however I get a message stating that my bank has not authenticated the same. My bank states that it has no information on this issue.
    2. You state that 2 small deposits will be sent to my account. It has not yet come.
    3. Your contact us site does not open.

    Please resolve this issue and send me an email to confirm the same.

  15. Hello dear, you have not solved my problem, the seller can not be returned to me the amount to my account, the second from someone walked into my account and illegally removed from my credit card the amount where your protection, please contact the seller and find out why they can not send the amount store TINA SHOES CO LTD

  16. I made a purchase on in May. I was in the process of moving so the box got mixed in with many others. When I discovered it and tried the merchandise on, it was the wrong size. I mailed the merchandise back to Avon on June 25th. I called multiple times to see if it was refunded. I was told it would take 5-10 business days. I patiently waited and was told on July 13 that the money was to be put on my bank debit. After 5 more business days, I called Avon and they said it was refunded to Paypal and I have to take it up with you.
    I DO NOT have an account any loner due to poor customer service-I cancelled it. So now I am wondering how do I get MY MONEY that Paypal is holding when I NO longer have an account?
    I have waited for more than 1 month and PAYPAL has MY refund?? I would LOVE to resolve this QUIKLY for a change.

  17. Pay Pal your are THIEVES, it is time to REPORT you to the Better Business Bureau. You do NOT ever take out money from a credit card/ and never sent items. Don’t buy ever from Gladys Commercial LLC . Shut them down PAY PAL.

  18. Paid for a Dell Photo 926 All In One Printer on October 7, 2015. Was to received it on Saturday, October 10, 2015. So far have not received item that was paid for.

  19. After viewing all bad and I do mean bad on paypal they cost me over $600.00 on my bank acct. on items I already paid for. I’m going to Attorney General to try to close them down and my Bank could not believe what they did and the Bank is telling all customers not to use paypal

  20. PP-004-026-902-427.If you seriously think I will send 3 types of photo ID to a company that has such a bad reputation, you are dreaming!.I was hacked initially by someone who had access to your files,do you think I want to repeat this!COME ON,get a life people

  21. You are the worst company ever. I have tried to contact you for about 3 months to pay my bill and customer service is no help and when I sent a check through mail it was sent back. I think the bill me later is a fraud and you purposely set it up that way. I need someone from pay pal to contact me and to leave a contact number

  22. I ordered a Marilyn Monroe ornament, £25.14 the amount came of on my bank account on the 19th of Nov. but I have received nothing yet. I have phoned spoke to machines endlessly. I do not have account number , password or anything. I am 88 years of age and am not into modern technology. If you can just tell me if it is stilll coming or not?
    My phone number 01617897941
    207 Monica Court
    Half Edge Lane
    M30 9AR

  23. I have made several attempts to contact you with no effective help
    I wish to develop a new account as my old one is not being accepted and the
    verafication code is a joke.

  24. On 11/30, I attempted to purchase a pressure cooker $159.95 on Amazon. When the order did not appear to go through, I sent PAYPAL an email so I would not be charged. I then purchased a similar item using Prime Store Card, which arrived in two days. I never received a response from PAYPAL but you did pay the vendor for the purchase, which I received 12/15. This left me with two such cookers, which a response from you would have made a return unnecessary. I also attempted to cancel the payment using the option on my account. Today, I checked my credit card account and found you had failed in this respect also. Please respond as I am anxious to prevent a double-purchase from reoccurring in the future. Did the new Amazon prime card have anything to do with it, since the payment method is different? Hopefully, there will not be a problem with my return of the duplicate product.

  25. From the list of negative comments above, I seriously doubt you will have anything positive to say regarding the incident I wrote you about concerning duplicate orders received because of the negligence of your customer service.

  26. I lived in a bangladesh.I am a student.our need to be a paypal verify in Bangladesh.Bangladeshy people are very activity in social bussines we need it.I need to be your company partnership in Bangladesh.your company also welcome in our country.

  27. I copied and pasted this e-mail into this message box. Is it really from you?

    PayPal Account unautorize

    PayPal Support

    Dec 5 at 8:11 PM

    Message body

    Paypal Security Team

    Dear Customer,

    To help protect your account we regularly look for early signs of potentially fraudulent activity.

    We’re concerned about potential unauthorized activity

    After you confirm your identity, we’ll walk you through steps to make your account more secure.

    Login from Unknown devicenear Manassas, US 4/12/15, 2:25 AM

    Just to be safe, we want to make sure that this is your account.


    Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
    If you need further assistance, please click Contact at the bottom of any PayPal page.



  28. So far PayPal has ripped my business off for $100.00 in 2015. I am self employed and don’t have time to chase down a human being to speak with, your phone loop is frustrating. PayPal said both times that the charge was “contested”. – I provided proof of the work and verification that the customer had in fact picked up the work, PayPal NEVER responded. I will no longer be taking credit cards thanks to your poor service.

  29. I am english and opened my account in england but because i have moved to portugal you send everything in portuguese which i cant understand so i no longer use my account. can you rectify this by contacting me in english only

  30. I lost 2 cards and need replacements. I am cancelling those two cards and need replacements . Please apply all earnings too those cards if any.

  31. To say that PayPal customer support is horrible would be a serious understatement.

    They have a lot of improving to do to get to horrible.

  32. I have closed my account since I received a phone call from someone saying my paypal account had been charged by three different people. I was asked if I knew them or they had access to my account. Of course I said no. They had me bring up information on my computer as they prompted me. At one time I read an account number and password to them. Then an alert screen came up saying this could be a scam. I immediately hung up on them and closed my account. I am alerting you that I have no charges on my account and none are to be made.

  33. I set up a new account to accept donations for our non profit advocacy cause The Original Charter Challenge. I made the mistake of supplying the bank account for our other non profit called S.T.O.P.
    Paypal recognized this and froze our 3 deposits pending setting up a new account for the Charter Challenge. I have done this but all efforts to contact PayPal to make this change have failed. All new temporary passwords issued do not work.
    Please help with my log in. Thankyou.



  35. Yes I live in north Carolina and I see that you have decided not to open a new operations center here in our state because of the HB2 bill. I myself could care less what gender anyone is or wants to be. Just let everyone be happy. I do have a problem when you could have a sex offender dress as a woman just to get to use the ladies room, hey think about that. Remember people here in NC use your services also. Maybe it is time we stop using PayPal. Our women’s club has already started the wheels turning

  36. I do not have a Paypal account so how can it be limited?
    I resent the implications set out below (copied from your email). I do not have an account with a negative balance, nor have I provided false, inaccurate or misleading info, etc. What is going on?
    Our decision is based on one of these reasons:
    You provided information we believe false, inaccurate, or misleading.
    You sent or received money that could be related to fraudulent activity.
    You have more than one account with a negative balance .
    You are in violation of an agreement you have with PayΡal such as the User
    Agreement, the Commercial Entity Agreement, or the Acceptable Use Policy.

  37. I’ve tried signing up for PayPal and no matter how many times I’ve tried placing the final code at the bottom it will not take it.
    Everything else was OK including checking the box at the end.
    I’d like to try to sign up tomorrow, 6/28/2016, but I’m frustrated.
    Are you having issues with the PayPal sign-ups and if not can a tech walk me through this?? OR bypass the final code at the end some how??
    Thanks for your help!
    R E Jones

  38. is impossible and very difficult to send an e mail to pay pal, if I cant log in on my pay pal account, would be easy to create an e mail where we can reach you in case of problem , on my case is impossible send you an e mail if I don t log in….. but this is my problem…… I cant log in!!!! ggggggggrrrrr!!!!!!

  39. Trying to reach you via email is horrible!! There must be a better way to set up a payment that is strictly for standard purchases!! I tried calling and that was a joke, answering way too many questions to a machine and them being told it would be a 40min wait for a return call! I want my scheduled payment of $47.67 on 8/16/17 to be applied to the standard purchase balance NOT the outstanding deferred payments. Please find a way to include this information for customers who wish to scheduled these kinds of payments!!! Trying to reach someone for this simple transaction and not having internet access for it is horrendous!!
    Georgia Taylor

  40. I am quite concerned about PayPal not giving access to groups it deems hate groups or unworthy. It seems they are not doing due diligence in researching whom they deem hate groups and are only relying on third party organizations with dubious reputations for the truth. Its a slippery slope.


  42. I will never trust or do business through Paypal again. Someone sent me a large sum of money for services. Then turned around and sent a dispute saying it was unauthorized after I had moved the money to my account. Paypall harassed me for the money saying my account was short when I was not the one who made the account short. It was the criminal who took the money I was suppose to get and ran with it. This was after she found out she could send money without it actually being verified at the time it was sent. Needless to say I was finally contacted by a collection agency and ended up sending money to them to keep them from harassing me further. This is not a good policy and should be changed. Not fare to the recipient to be held responsible for what the sender did. Be careful how you deal with Paypal because they have stupid policies. You will find yourself in a position you can’t get out of. All they do is pass you on to someone else after you wait forever to have your call answered. Then they tell you a lie because I was told they were going after the wrong person. Well I’m done with Paypal.

  43. I have had NO business with you for years and suddenly received an email saying I had sent a payment of $49.99 USD to FarmVille games. I did not and wish to cancel this and cancel any further transactions with PAYPAL. Please email me with confirmation of this situation.

  44. its not easy to get paypal´s email stop. I think, they do not reveal one.
    if so, this is a bad bad property/feature.

    to write free text using “contact us” is a nightmare.

    NOT knowing the email address of MY customer after 5 minutes experience
    is a very bad situation in terms of KNOW YOUR CUSTOMER. We see it
    both ways. !!

    Even for this information handed over by a formular — i suggest — they
    will not immediately confirm this by replying this formular content back
    by email to the given email stop automatically. If so, please improve
    your services.

  45. It’s happened again! I just received another e-mail that states my PayPal account has been used to order items from Costco. Now what is interesting is the fact that I cancelled my account because of issues like this a few months ago.
    Here is the response:
    Thanks for letting us know about the suspicious email you received.
    We’ll investigate it, and may contact you with additional details. If
    you haven’t done so already, delete the email from your inbox. If you
    clicked on any links or downloaded any attachments within the suspicious
    email or website, log into your PayPal account and view your account
    activity. If you see any unauthorized transactions, go to the
    Resolution Center to report it. It’s also a good idea to change your
    Additional Information & Help

    Learn more about fake emails and spoof by visiting our Help Center.
    Click Help & Contact on any page and then search for “fake emails” and
    “spoof”. You can also find help on changing your password and viewing
    your account activity in the Help Center.

    Thanks for being a PayPal customer,
    PayPal Security

  46. cannot resolve your problem, security, cannot access my account. cannot reach contact on telephone. cannot log in. wasted way to much time on this.

  47. i keep getting e mails that i owe money to different places…one of these e mails is in another language (maybe chinese ) for items i didnt buy ….now i have another one saying i purchased a 100.00 dollar gift card which i have not….please help me…i cant sign into my account because it automatically goes to the oriental e mail…

  48. Cannot get hold of customer service, this is a horrible way to do business when there is a concern on your account. please could someone please email me so I can state my concern. Read your reviews and they are horrible, you need to improve in the customer service area.

  49. On July 15, 2018 I made the purchase of a rearview mirror of the left door for my 2009 Chevy Aveo5 Hatchback, to date I have not received the item or confirmation of the shipment by the seller. So far I only received the PayPal charge on my credit card for $ 53.75. The day I made the purchase appeared on the screen of my computer the option that if I did not have Paypal I could also make the purchase that Paypal would make the payment to the seller. I would like to know what happened with my purchase and with the article in question. Also on the seller’s website there was the option to send a message which I asked for information about other articles and they have not answered me either.

    I will appreciate the prompt and timely response that you can give me in this regard.

    Contact: Eduardo Mendez

  50. I have been on my phone trying to get a life person to cancel pay pal I keep getting a $29.00 for pay pal that i didnot sign up for 2 hrs I have been on this problem I am 83 yrs old so please make sure it does not go onmycard again

  51. Hi,
    I am trying to get in contact with Paypal with no luck. I need help with my Wish refund of $55. I am blind in one eye and it was late in the night and Wish gave option when refunding the monies which i clicked on the wrong option because i could not see. I didnt receive my refund. Please help

  52. Pay Pal is one of the largest SCAMS going. Just attempt to get cash back, try by telephone and web sight. You will find that very few associates speak good American English. I personally made numerous attempts to log into their web sights with no success, and 14 count them phone calls to get the matter resolved without success. I finally cancelled my Pay Pal card.

  53. Good morning:
    I changed my telephone number and I cannot access my Pay pal Account. I have a double authentication and I am not able to retrieve the code.
    Is there any way I can authenticate my account in order to keep it open.
    I do have a cash balance of $200.00 and I need this money refunded to me.
    Thank you.

  54. Reading the comments, seriously, not seen a single positive comment. I hope paypal are pleased they won’t have to bother with me or my money, sure won’t be getting any of it. Bye!

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