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Contacting Pantech Customer Service Center

Pantech is a consumer electronics company that sells phones and tablets. You must be an AT&T, Verizon or US Cellular customers to purchase a Pantech device with your cell phone contract. Typically, when mobile phone companies are associated with a business, like this case, customer service is handled by the mobile company. Insurance on devices is typically provided by the mobile company as well, so there is little reason to contact Pantech customer service. If you are having trouble with your device, first contact your mobile carrier to see if the product is under warranty.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

Pantech customer service is not your typical customer service team. The agents are trained to answer product questions about usability with some technical support thrown in for good measure. If you have a defective product you need to contact your mobile provider or the insurance company through which your Pantech is insured. Insurance is optional with most mobile companies.

  • Customer Service: 1-800-962-8622

Mailing Address

Have an issue only a letter to the corporate office can address? Pantech customer service is controlled by the North American corporate office.

Pantech North America5607 Glenridge DrSte 500Atlanta, GA 30342

Official Website

Form your personal computer browser enter to reach the Pantechcustomer service website. There is a huge amount of product information for all the latest mobile devices. Customers can quickly narrow down the list of devices by choosing from the three mobile coverage companies. Product manuals and additional support are also available.

Social media pages for Pantech customer service include:

Customer Service Email

We are a nation that’s constantly on the go, so who has time to call Pantech customer service or write a letter to the corporate office. The easiest way to contact a mobile company is with a mobile contact like email. You can reach the Pantech customer service email department at

Our Experience

Customers with little to no time to contact a customer service department will enjoy contacting Pantech. We called, asked our questions and ended the call in less than 3 minutes. When the customer care agent answered the call, we asked if the company featured online technical support so customers would not need to call and wait ona phone call for hours.

The agent explained Pantech offers Live Chat for technical concerns. You see, quick, easy and to the point. Was your experience similar or different? Shout out your story in the comment section below.

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8 Comments on “Contact Pantech Customer Service
  1. I have had the model 6030 Pantech phones for both myself and my wife for 16 months now. They drop calls, garble conversations, or simply don’t work at all. They have been replaced at least twice and the sim cards have been replaced once. The problem continues to exist. Of course, Pantech blames AT&T and AT&T blames Pantech. in 8 months my contract with AT&T expires and these phones are going into the nearest trash bin. I will then switch to Verizon. DO NOT PURCHASE THESE PHONES!

  2. I would like to no where I can buy transparent lense for my pantech breeze 3 2030 cellphones.Thanks

  3. I purchased a flip phone from the E-store at Prestonsburg, Ky. It had a charger for in home charging but not for in car charging. I thought my car charger from a previous phone–which was identical to my new one– could be used. Not so, it was too small. I called the E Store and complained to them. They ordered me another one. When it came I had my son pick it up for me. It wasn’t a car charger but another in house charger. Again I called the store. I was told that they could not get a car charger for the new phone. I asked if they could get me another phone because I had no use for one without a car charger because I didn’t get service at my home. They said they could. When it came to the store
    the weather was bad and then I got sick, so I didn’t go immediately to pick it up.
    I had kept the in house charger which was not what I had ordered and paid $12.00 for. I was going to take it back when the new phone came in and get my money back on it at that time. When I did go to the store–low and behold they had come up with a car charger that would fit my phone. I didn’t have to exchange phones after all. I’m thinking it was there all the time and they just found it because it was already paid for. However, when I asked for my money back on the in house charger, I had to pay $6.00 or 50% restocking charge because I had had it over 30 days. Since they sent me the wrong thing in the first place I feel I shouldn’t have to pay ANY restocking charge at all. In any event I have never heard of anyone charging 50% for putting something back on the shelf. I was so angry I was fit to be tied. If I don’t receive a check back from the company withing the next three weeks from today’s date, I’m going to file a BBB complaint against this company. The clerk’s said it wasn’t their policy–it was the company’s policy. If this matter isn’t resolved, I will post another complaint against this company and let anyone who reads it know that LET THE
    BUYER BEWARE!! Janice Davis Dated: April 3, 2018

  4. I’m not getting to someone who can help support my Software version update, Can someone please reach out to me with a valid call back number.

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