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Contacting Panera Bread Customer Service Center

Panera Bread is a casual restaurant featuring bakery goods located in the United States, with locations across Canada as well. The company was founded in the early 1990’s has seen a period of rapid expansion over the past decade. The company currently has more than 1,500 locations.

A key component of Panera Bread is its ability to be a pillar of the community. One such corporate initiative is Panera Cares. The flagship restaurant allows customers to pay what they can and provides meals to more than 3,500 customers during the course of a week. When a company invests in the community, we expect great things from the customer support department.

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Contact Info:

In order to reach the customer service department, customers will need to do so by phone, email, traditional mail and through social media.

Phone Contact Numbers

  • Customer service: 1-855-272-6372.
  • Corporate headquarters: 1-314-984-1000

Mailing Address

Panera Bread3630 S. Geyer Road, Suite 100St. Louis, MO 63127

Official Website

When customers visit the official Panera Bread website, they will encounter a wide variety of information. Customers wanting to learn about nutritional facts or the applicable menu items can do so on the site. You also have the ability to sign up for the MyPanera rewards program or order gift cards. Are you planning a gathering? Panera Bread has you covered by offering catering services.

Customer Service Email

Customers will need to utilize the customer contact form order to contact the customer service department. The company addresses concerns, including, general inquiries, website registration, gift card inquiries and the rewards program.

Our concern related to the hours of the customer service department, specifically what to do after hours. As we wait for a response, we noticed customers can use the following email addresses or social media sites to contact a customer service representative.

Our Experience

The Panera Bread customer service line connects customers to the online ordering system. Once customers speak with a customer care agent, they will need to ask to speak with a general customer service agent. When we finally spoke with the customer service department, we asked for information relating to the known allergens. The agent was glad to assist us and pointed us back to the website for further information.

What we found depressing is the call was confusing. Customers should have to contact several departments before speaking with the correct one. The second depressing fact was a customer service agent should direct us to where we were. This call shocked us. We expected more from a company which puts customer service high on its priority list. Did you have a better experience? Please inform us and other customers of your experiences.

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234 Comments on “Contact Panera Bread Customer Service
  1. My coworker and I had a very unpleasant experience this morning while studying at your establishment. I am a veterinarian studying for my North Carolina Boards, my coworker is studying for her GRE. Today while studying during Veterans Day the General Manager Ron Pittman approached us and informed us that we would not be able to continue sitting where we were because it would prevent other patrons from having available seating. As I scanned the area I could not understand his predicament, all the other tables had chairs allowing adequate seating. At that point he informed us that we had a decision to make and remaining where we were was not an option. I honestly felt racially discriminated against. I didn’t appreciate his tone or his attitude. I thought that the Panera culture was to provide their customers with a comfortable and enjoyable environment. I did not appreciate being asked to leave an area because I was studying. Every patron should be given the same consideration; he made it clear that since we were sitting there it would decrease the amount of people he could sit in that section. I don’t think that is how a manager should have handled the situation. I have taken pictures of the seating as documentation of my unfair treatment.

    • Life is like a box of chocolates, you just don’t know what your gonna get. Here @ my local Panera, I see a homeless woman napping. GREAT. But they go through their help like me going through my underpants, No one stays. But they make their mighty $$$. Ask for Cappuccino, I am asked would U like a Latte. $4 sometimes all foam, sometimes cup is heavy as hell. Today NO paper towels in the bathroom, sometimes NO TB. Bring Ur own???

  2. I have tried several times to register my Panera card both at the Panera bread location here and on line and can’t get anywhere. I tried to use my card at the Panera bread and they did not have it registered even though I filled out a registration form at the restaurant. I can’t seem to connect and get anywhere on line either – any suggestions about my card?

  3. Extremely disappointed in breakfast service at Panera bread on Rolland blvd , Novato, Calif today!
    Lots of dirty tables, sausage breakfast sandwiches, totally tasteless and did not eat them! Mentioned
    This to two servers, the girl, was very friendly, made me a good mocha peppermint drink, but that was
    All that was good! Bear claws which have been fine in the pst were also quite unsatisfactory! What happened?
    When I mentioned food to the cook, and took my plate to show that I ate nothing , he told me to bus my plate
    Elsewhere, and said, sorry! I then proceeded to tell the nice girl about dirty tables, unsatisfactory food,
    And that her drink, she made was only good thing.cafe1696 order number 122 am express 19.13 total!!

  4. Do all your locations descriminate against senior citizens or just the one on Harrison Bridge Rd. In Simpsonville, SC? I was in that location this evening and ordered a bowl of the Cheddar Brocolli soup and bread. I wanted some butter for my bread and asked the blonde ponytailed young lady behind the counter where I could find the butter because it was not located in the same place as other locations I had been in. I was told it was at the condiment bar. I checked and all I found was a Fleishman’s Spread. I said to the girl, that it wasn’t butter it was a spread. She told me, in no unceetain terms, that that was all they had. I didn’t dare ask for a straw since I didn’t see any of those either. Five minutes later my young pretty niece joined me at the table with a handful of butter and several straws. I asked where she got both items. She said she asked the people behind the counter and someone got them for her. Apparently it does pay to be young and pretty at Panera. I won’t be bothering them any longer, I’ll take my business elsewhere.

  5. I attempted several times today to retrieve my password online upon which I was taken to an incorrect site. In addition, I tried to register for the “challenge” which also loads incorrectly taking consumers to a main page again. If I had wanted to order online from Boston I would have been in great shape. Otherwise every action I attempted took me to this site. I’ve taught high school students who can help with your technology. Be happy to provide referrals.

  6. My first time walking into this panera. I had the worst experience, first of all I asked to speak to a manager in regards to my order a lady named Dawn approached me in a very rude way and gave me excuses on why I did not receive the correct order.I can’t believe all this over a panini. I dont understand why panera bread would hire such rude and unprofessional managers. I will never return there that manager was so disrespectful.

  7. Just brought a sandwich home from Panera in Monroeville PA. The meat was so chewy and fatty I could not eat it. It was also rather raw. What a horrible experience!

  8. Thank you Becka and Cassandra (Cassie) for your outstanding customer service skills. Thank you for always acknowledging me with the warmest greeting! You are an asset to the company and I truly appreciate you both!

    These are Panera Employees at Cafe 1002 North MIAMI, Florida

  9. I love the Conyers.location the lighting the music the seating the food. The only problem I have is your coffee and hot cocoa maybe it the water but it is has a bitten tastes

  10. Long time customer…just visited Panera at 5100N 9th Ave Cordova Mall Pensacola FL….bathrooms dirty….coffee cold….out of butter for two days….

    Never a problem at ur other locations throughout the US….disappointed!

  11. Yesterday for lunch I ordered a smoked turkey Panini.
    When I took my first bite, I got a mouthful of uncooked bacon.
    I thought I was going to throw up. I took it off of the sandwich
    and saw that it was probably microwaved, but not yet done.
    It had all of the fat totally uncooked and limp as can be.
    I am done with the sandwiches, I will just stick to nothing but
    soup. ICK! Someone needs to show how to cook the bacon……….

  12. I fell in love with panera foods via a co worker. I really enjoyed the points earned for future free or reduced purchases. However, the two months or so I visted the stores more than at the beginnin,I notice that points were not applied to my card. Why and how do you determine earning of points or if they are still being offered. This will not affect the visiting of the store, just curious.

  13. I would like to complain about your store in Everett, MA. When I go in there, know one seems to want to wait on customers. They all stand around and look to see who will attend to the customer. Today I was in the store and my server took their time asking me what I wanted. As I was telling her, she decided to joke with one on the employees and had me repeat my order.

    The girl that served me after giving me my order went over to a customer to buy I would assume, hot merchandise. Management is no better.

    I like the products that I get from your store by the employees need a class on respect for the customers.

  14. We had a last minute food order last week that we needed in a hurry. We called our closest Panera and after a 5 minute wait on hold, we hung up and called the Galleria Panera Bread store. They took our immediately and our order was ready when I got there. I asked for some cookies to be added when I got there and they quickly had them boxed and I was ready to leave. Nate even offered to carry my food out to the car. This has never happened at the Brentwood Panera. Thank you Nate and team!!!

  15. We had a corner piece of plastic from some kind of packaging in our food last time we got food. I’ve never had a problem before but I’m kind of nervous about going again it was one of our favorites. I was so nervous about the plastic piece I kept it.

  16. I just went through panera drive through after a tough work out – I got the pick two half napa chicken salad sand and broc cheese soup the soup always solid and that is really the reason why I go but I heard the napa chicken salad was good… I am in shock that I just paid over 8$ for 2 T of chicken salad and a tomato and leaf lettuce I have never felt so cheated and out of baguettes so I get chips with my soup … Epic fail panera customer lost

  17. My family and I just ate at the panera bread cafe 4381 in North Charleston SC. There was only person taking orders.The food was cold. The food was handled in an unsanitary manner, I think the people should wear gloves before they handle items from the bakery especially after handling money. We normally enjoy our visit to panera.

  18. Corporate decision, soft dinner roll instead of baguette, BIG MISTAKE, I canceled my soup order when told roll instead, the manger replaced the roll with baguette, what good customer service! I counted at least five customers that threw their roll away, with the comment, that’s what makes the soup better, no baguette, no soup. Is the savings you get for the change, worth the loss of customer satisfaction?

  19. ordered soup and flatbread sandwich today. The soup was tepid to say the best. I took it to the counter and was told that they can give me a new bowl which may not be the same temperature or I could take the bowl tothe microwave to heat it myself. The microwave was in the middle of store and I was sitting at the back. Firstly, the customer service was poor, but the liability issue of having a customer use the microwave and carry soup across the store could be disasterious.

  20. Ordered an Asian Sesame Chicken Salad… home w/ the salad and ingredients were missing. More than disappointed! This has happened in the past or I wouldn’t be bothering to send this message!!

  21. Today I entered your Dupont Circle store in Washington D.C. It wasn’t too crowded. I was easily able to find a seat. I started working. I guess time flew because an Ethiopian man who works there approached me very roughly and told me I had to buy something or leave. Now let me just give you some back drop. I come here two to three times a week and I know the staff by face. They are usually very pleasant. Many times the line is so lon, I prefer to secure a seat before ordering something. Now this guy is talking to me like I’m loitering infront of the WHite House. He’s being very disrespectful. I’m thinking that even if I didn’t order anything, is this the way to go about it. I told him I would order something in a minute. He said “Mo you must order now”. I started to get annoyed. I told him to go find something to do. I will order in a minute. He stayed standing over me about 2 feet away. He completely embarrassed me and made me look like a bum infront of the other guest, many of whom were eating and drinking things from other establishment. This guys name is Desta. He’s a little creepy looking guy. He’s very rude. I had to get a manager to call him off of me.

  22. Just left my local store on baldhill road R.I waited over 10 minutes in line to place my order for bagels only to be told
    D it would be another hour before they had any. Manager did come out once to fix a problem saw lines and then retreated to back . This is poor business. Hour was between 3-4 pm

  23. For the third time in a row, Cafe 4632in Lakewood, Ohio has filled my takeout order incorrectly. This time, the Asiago Steak sandwich was missing the steak (it had bread and horseradish, no meat at all). My last visit, my sandwich was on the wrong bread the correct bread was noted on the receipt, but the order was wrong. The previous time that we did a takeout order, they missed one of the sandwiches. It is not an easy location to visit, little parking and very busy. Our sit down orders have been fine, but takeout here has been the pits. One really can’t check the order to that level of detail in the store, so it means a trip back to the store to get the order corrected they have made the corrections, but it has truly been a major inconvenience each time. I really doubt that we will go back, as there are plenty of choices in Lakewood.

  24. I went on line to register my card but the only search engine available to download on is “ask” and I will not use them you cannot get rid of them! Is there another route?

  25. I eat at Panera Bread at least once a week and I have to say it is becoming increasing more difficult. At the River Point location today they forgot the pecans on my salad but last week they forgot the chicken. The Panera off Hampden and I-25 has literally messed up my order 9 out of the 10 times I have been there. I am disappointed as I love the food but it feels like there is a lack of attention to detail the last 6 months to a year. In addition, there looks like little to know pride in how the food is served. I truly hope you take into consideration making changes for the better.

    Thank you!

  26. Hi we stopped at cafe 1130 today. Receipt # 369878. I got the BBQ chicken flatbread to go. We are traveling through by car. My flatbread was more sauce than chicken. It was very hot but for some reason the cheese was not melted on part of it. Good thing I was not driving because it was so drippy. I would have had to trade with someone in the car just to eat. Good taste but it needs a little more quality control on the amounts, especially the chicken. I feel ripped off! Could someone contact me? Thanks

  27. I thought you should know. On the way to S.C. we stopped in Jacksonville Fl. Panera resturant going and coming back.
    One of your employees named Cathy was just so helpful as well as funny. Cathy cleans up an does manny other things, she also told my wife and I she love working there. What a great addition to your company.
    Thanks P.J. Fyfe

  28. I always go to the Hilltop Virginia Beach store. I order the same tomato and moz. cheese flatbread. Out of 6 times they have gotten it correct once. I order it with no basil and no tomato pesto substitute for balsamic vinegarete. I always tell the girl they never get it right. Today they also gave me the wrong soup. I think they are to busy to pay attention to detail.

  29. I am currently sitting in your Joliet restaurant & my sandwich was made wrong, I asked associate for another, was given the 3rd degree. Sandwich was brought to me, I was running out of time and the rude associate whispered something to a co worker. I thought it was very unprofessional to be whispering about me as they are both looking at me. Needless to say I will never eat at another one of your establishments ever again. The whisperer looked to be in her 50’s. She needs to grow up!!!

  30. Because of the very confusing menu, we spent twice as much money as we wanted to. (The cashier said she has to explain the pick 2 menu to a lot of people – it was a little to late for us….) The kitchen staff set my sandwich on a wet plate, and the bread got soggy, and the turkey was so salty I couldn’t finish it. My husband’s flat bread sandwich had the ingredients all bunched up on one side and he had to open it up and totally rearrange them. Our bowls of soup were identical, yet they cost us two different prices. My husband’s soup had a small strip of what resembled plastic in it. My apple had a patch of white coating on it, which an employee said was wax. And for all that our $20 and some change is gone. We won’t be visiting Panera again.

  31. Wanted to give a “big hurrah” for the great Panera here in Columbus, GA. The food is great, the restaurant is clean, and the assistant manager, Pat, and all the team leaders and staff members, are friendly and helpful. My group of friends and I are there almost daily. Thank you Panera Family! Nell Wheeler

  32. Hello. I need to let you know how disappointed I am today.
    I received my rapid order today on my lunch break and it was wrong! I ordered a ham and swiss which is on my receipt and when I opened it, it was tuna!
    I had no time to return it and get it corrected since I am extremely busy at work, hence using the rapid ordering..
    I am sending this message to every contact I can find so this doesn’t happen again!

  33. We have been attending your restaurant since it opened in our area. We really enjoyed to food and environment. It seems over the last year the cafe is on the decline, after a most recent visit, I have decided to comment. We did a rapid pick up, when we opened the bag, the order was incorrect and there was no cutlery. It pretty much defeated the purpose, the order was salads. Also the last few times visiting the cafe to eat, we have had to clear or clean a table to sit at. We have enjoyed the cafe in the past but are choosing other restaurants when we choose to eat out. A once excellent product is on the decline. Thank you for your consideration.

  34. I am a rewards member and spent over 2 hours trying to order online with nothing but downloading error. Then I googled to find Panera is doing critical updates. It lost all my online information and failed to make my order.
    Shouldn’t this have shown up immediately on my iphone app?

  35. First of all, I was glad you were able to end all the comments with a favorable one! For all the folks who said their order was not correct….my receipt in Santa Fe, NM always says if we mess up your order we will correct it and give you a complimentary treat. Pays to read. Randy, your mgr in Santa Fe is great as is Alexa, a chef and all the other employees at my location. Never have gotten an incorrect order. I prefer a soft dinner roll with soup and always order one. If you are able to check you will find I eat at your store in SF 3 +/- times a week. My only comment….what management team decided to remove
    French onion soup for modification as Winter approaches. Most folks like soup
    in Winter, although I eat it all year long. I have found it will be back since lots of
    folks in Albuquerque complained! Now I find the remaining soups are on some
    kind of rotation and not always available. I tried to have one of the two soups I
    will eat and was told it was not available…only on – or – or -! I need a tablet to
    write down the schedule to know when it is safe to go to Panera’s. Other than
    that……keep up the good work. As I said once before how about split pea with
    ham? Auf Wiedersehen! Wil

  36. I usually go to the one on Alona Ave in Winter Park, Fl. For the past months, it has become a problem to get the Asiago bagel no matter what time of day from early morning and afternoon. They have the Asiago bacon eggs and cheese sandwich on the board but always out of the actual bagel. I talked to the manager 2 times about that issue, and for some reasons she doesn’t care. I am a manager at a business nearby and last Thursday at 8am, I went to order a dozen bagel (6 asiago and 6 plain) and again they were out. The lady that I spoke to told me that’s because it’s a hot product but if it is why don’t you double your production? To me that’s not how you do business. I’ll take my business to Einstein Bagel located less than a half mile from them because they are never out. Very disappointed.

  37. I was just at the 3101 west white oaks dr, Springfield il location in the drive up and ordered the Upick 2 with the turkey apple and cheddar sandwich with a cup of the autumn squash soup with a total of 11.05. When I got to the pickup window with 20.05 in hand the clerk jerked the 20 from my hand not noticing or listening to me. He proceeds to give me all my change back in which I really didn’t want all the coins – that’s why I gave, or tried to give him a nickel !!
    When I got back to the office my order wasn’t correct as I recd chili instead of the squash soup. I’ve had it with this store location. It is dirty and needs a thorough cleaning. Clerks hurry through orders with little care. Typically the ladies restroom is in disrepair or needs towels, toilet paper or 1 of the 2 stools isn’t working. Can someone address these issues with management? Thank you


  39. My husband and I ate at Panera Bread on S. Pleasant Valley Rd. Winchester, Va. on 09/19/2015. It was our first time eating at this location , as we are new to the area. I was very taken back at the way I heard a very rude Manager speaking to a very pleasant employee. While in the dining room, I asked the lady cleaning tables who the gentlemen with the limp was, She replied that, his name was Ron and he was the Assistant Manager. She asked if everything was ok. I replied with No, he is very rude and needs to be trained on hoe to speak to his employees ! She replied with, yes Ma’am he sure does ! This tells me that what I witnessed occurs often ! We will not be returning to Panera and I can only hope that the employee being treated poorly reports this to Ron’s superiors. Genevieve Wetzel

  40. My husband and I ate at Panera Bread on S. Pleasant Valley Rd. Winchester, Va. on 09/19/2015. It was our first time eating at this location , as we are new to the area. I was very taken back at the way I heard a very rude Manager speaking to a very pleasant employee. While in the dining room, I asked the lady cleaning tables who the gentlemen with the limp was, She replied that, his name was Ron and he was the Assistant Manager. She asked if everything was ok. I replied with No, he is very rude and needs to be trained on how to speak to his employees ! She replied with, yes Ma’am he sure does ! This tells me that what I witnessed occurs often ! We will not be returning to Panera and I can only hope that the employee being treated poorly reports this to Ron’s superiors. Genevieve Wetzel

    • Very disappointed with Panera. My order arrived made incorrectly. I contacted the store about the mistake, and was told they would send out another within 30 minutes. Over 2 hours later and the correctly made sandwich still had not arrived. This is not okay, mistakes happen, however, they should be corrected quickly. Very disappointing, very disappointing.

  41. Stopped into Panera at 8511A east 96st this morning for a coffee and bearclaw. I noticed one customer talking to an employee who was behind the counter, and two other employees standing about 5 ft from a cash register chatting and laughing. I waited for the customer to finish, a wait of about 3 minutes. As he left the boy who was chatting with the other employee (a girl) walked over to the register and asked if he could help me. The fact that a customer had to wait while he was chatting seemed beyond his comprehension. I place my order, being interrupted constantly by another employee hanging around behind the counter shouting across the store to someone she knew, laughing and joking in a very loud voice. I got my order, and went to the coffee containers to get my large coffee, only to find the urns EMPTY!
    So, it now appears that Panera is more devoted to paying employees to chat and fool around, and, if their busy and noisy enjoyment of their social lives permits, even wait on a customer.
    Do I have to tell you that this customer will be taking his patronage somewhere else?

  42. Panera Bread Cafe 0749
    Rochester Hills MI Tables were dirty and trash falling on floor.
    My husband thought it was awful for a Sunday afternoon to be in this shape.

  43. I had very bad experience with the manager of Panera@ Mavic and Britannia Road. Today I invited one of my friends to go and have breakfast there. Ann Edwards what a lovely lady she is. As I was promised by Mr. Bill Cotton to have a Panera mug because I told him previously that I cannot come on Tuesday because I am a Child Care director and we have to take the children all day on a trip to Toronto Zoo from 7 o’clock AM to 6 o’clock PM. Therefore there was no chance for me to attend the celebration on Tuesday Sept. 29th, 2015. Ms. Ann Edwards was serving me and I asked her about the mug which she knew about when Mr. Bill promised me. Cherry was there and she got so upset and with a very rude, loud and offhanded tone said ‘NO’ and started telling me that I should came and line up early in the morning on Tuesday. I was so embarrassed in front of my friend the way that was dictating me as I am very regular customer. At that time Mr. Bill Cotton came and said ‘yes I promised her” .At that time Cherry I belief is the so called manager started screaming and giving hard time to Bill. We heard here screaming and scolding at him. To have that mug was not even a big priority for me to go through this and put other through that. Cherry should not be a manager with this bad and poor management skills for customers as well as people who she worked with she did not show any professional skills. This is not noticed just by me a lot of people noticed that. . Mr. Bill Cotton an Ms. Ann Edwards must by appreciated for the way that they deal with customers with open heart and mind. Always they do their job in a very professional way. Any way Mr. Bill gave the mug, but I felt as well as my friend so bad for giving him such hard time. If I do not go to Panera it is because of Cherry who is so called a Manager. Another thing there was I believe one of Your in charge person there who Cherry started showing her good acting manners toward customers after putting everyone through heal. If you have any question or more input please call me. Thank you.
    Juliet Warda
    905 813 7792

  44. I am so disappointed that the French Onion soup has been taken off the menu. I ate at Panera at least once a week and would always order the onion soup and salad. Now that the soup has been taken off the menu, I haven’t been back. The other soups are higher calorie or soups that I’m just not interested in having. Especially with the cooler weather, I would look forward to having the onion soup. Please put it back on the menu soon!

  45. My husband and I go to Panera Bread quite frequently. We love the food, and feel we get a healthy meal on the run, at great value. We have been going to Panera at Maplewood on White Bear Ave, as well as the one in Roseville (MN) for many years. We have never been disappointed in the food, or the employees. It’s always amazing how they handle such large groups of people in such a timely manner. During rush hour they work their “butts” off. I do question the “tip” jar by the register. When one stands in line to place an order, then goes up to the counter to retrieve it, and then buses their own table, I don’t get it.

  46. Had lunch today at Quakertown Pa. Panera, unfortunately it wasn’t a good experience. First the table was dirty and I had to wipe it myself.
    Second my husband had a pick 2, consisting of a cup of soup and the new flat bread turkey sandwich. What a disaster, dripping, dry and very little turkey.
    I had a bowl of broccoli cheese soup and the bread was dry and brittle.
    Have to reconsider it as our favorite place for lunch

  47. To Whom It May Concern,
    I have a complaint concerning a recent visit at Panera Bread. I visit the bakery all most every morning and order mostly the same thing every morning. On October 25, 2015 around 10:15am, I visit Panera Bread at 4403 Roosevelt Boulevard in Jacksonville, FL. I place my order as usual the cashier took my order and walk to the back and came back and stated that she cannot place my order due to management rules. I normally order Ciabatta bread with a slice of cheese, I normally pay for the bread and I also pay extra for the cheese. I ask to speak to the manager and she came out and explains that she cannot place my order due to store policy. I ask her when did the new policy go into effect and she stated recently. As I look around I did not see any signs posted stating new policy change with certain items or anything to that effect. I express to her that I am a loyal customer and I recently order my usual item two days ago. She stated that she was unable to place my order unless I pay full price for a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich instead of a slice of Ciabatta bread with only cheese. I express to her that I feel that paying for a sandwich and not receiving a full sandwich is not far. She did not show any sympathy concerning the situation. She walks off as I was talking to her and I left the store. As a loyal customer I felt like she did not show any kind of customer service appreciation. I will not visit that location anymore and I do not feel like she handles the situation professional.

    Thank you,

  48. I was very disappointed today when I went to your area restaurant and my favorite panini was no longer on the menu. Will you be bringing back the smoked turkey panini in the future?

  49. Please consider a Panara’s in Venice,Fl. on the corner of Pinebrook and Laurel Rd.

    It would be a great addition to the growng area.

  50. I had a terrible experience at Panera and I want my money back..I am writing Ronald shaich at the corp office with the receipt of my dining experience .. the soup was like led or thick mud the squash soup and I complained and the cook told me he didn’t put enough water in it to thin it down..WHAT??? not fresh and the sandwich had cold refrig or frozen turket in it and the cranberry muffin was dry..I immediately got sick when I left and I want my money back … I will be sending mr shaich the bill I paid ..

  51. Can’t stand your commercial with the guy eating his sandwich off the baby’s diapered but. I have not eaten at Panera since seeing it because it makes me nauseous. Wish you could make a better commercial where were not equating a Panera sandwich with a baby’s waste.

  52. Don’t know what it is about the Panera Bread in Holland, MI but they don’t seem to ever be able to get an order correct — I’ve about had it with them and I love their food, however, I’m tired of getting takeout that when I get home isn’t right …every time. I will give them one more chance or I am done with them.

  53. Seems, after reading others comments, there are A LOT of problems at most of the Panera locations — corp — maybe you should look into this … you are getting a very bad reputation and trust me, you will end up closing all of the locations as word of mouth will hurt you more than anything. Can’t you hire competent people in your locations? Seems not. I’ve about had it with your restaurant — there are too many others around to choose from ….I would suggest you get your act together before even corp. employees no longer have jobs.

  54. My husband and I walked into the Panera Bread in Nampa, ID on 12/16/15 at 8:30pm. The store hours show they’re open until 9pm. As we walked through the door there was an employee (I’ll call her employee #1) that was cleaning. She never looked up or greeted us although as we walked by she said under her breath (you’re not supposed to come in that door”. As we made our way to the counter to order the employee taking our order looked a little miffed that we had interrupted her from helping another employee remove ALL the bread from the baskets. So if a customer walked in wanting to buy some type of bread they would have most likely turned around and walked out as the baskets were empty. As we were ordering employee #1 started scrubbing the tile floors around us. It was only 8:34pm at this point. We sat down at our table waiting for our buzzer to go off and mean while employee #1 had completely moved two trash/dish carts off the tile and onto the dining area so that she could continue scrubbing the floors. As our buzzer went off I got up to get our food and had to squeeze sideways to get through the blocked opening of where the trash/dish cart was. As I stepped up to grab our food employee #1 gave me a dirty look because I had stepped onto her freshly scrubbed floor. A couple other customers came in and they had to squeeze through the blocked opening as well. As my husband and I ate we had to listen to the sound of employee #1 scrubbing the floors and moving the trash/dish carts back into place which was annoying. I understand employees wanting to get done with work as soon as they close, but if your sign says you’re open until 9pm then you better welcome customers who come in prior to that and only do cleanup work that isn’t going to affect customer service. We have been to many Panera Breads in Florida and in Oregon and never have we felt like our business was unwanted or treated as poorly as we were. Who ever is the manager at this store needs to do some serious retraining of employees and how they should treat customers. We will not be back to this Panera Bread!!

  55. hello,

    I have ordered online the last two weeks and both times when I return to my office with order it is incorrect. my most recent order, I had ordered two salads. the first salad had no dressing inside. the second salad had no avocado and the dressing the cup inside was half full. My pervious order neither order had avocado or dressing. very disappointing and will not order again.

  56. I was into Panera today at 3:24 and your customer service skills were excellent the girl behind the counter’s name is Caitlyn and she had a customer that was a little difficult and she didn’t lose her cool she was awesome. Caitlyn’s personality was on point and she’s an asset to your establishment this was at Panera bread in Ocala Florida café number 3327

  57. Munster In. Store. Ordered Bistro onion soup. Turkey spinach panini
    Soup was full of hard onions. Sandwiche tastes like a dirty panini press! The spinach was all hard stems two pieces of Turkey chunks so little. It was the worst quality.

  58. i reloaded my panera gift card before i completed my online order then your gift card system was down so i had to use my credit card and now my gift card shows a $0 balance when it should be $23.27 please help

  59. I visited EB panera 2/23 after 7pm my check number was 48744199. Manager was very nice in asking anyone with cc to come to computer. She showed me how to use it i loved it i can now make my sandwiches the way i want to. she had a great personality.

  60. Jimmy was very happy to help me with the menu. He was very nice explaining the items that I didn’t know what was on them. The items that he recommended were very good! Especially the green passion smoothie! The service was wonderful and the the eating area was very clean. I will be back!

  61. recently purchased two bowls of soup, sandwich cost total $23.00. the soup was so,so, but the sandwich was sub par. I would be ashamed to serve such. this was my first and last time. thought you would like to know.

  62. Hi, i would like to recognize one of your employees in the Lake Bluff, IL. Panera Bread. Her name is Debbie, with Catering. I was ordering a Lunch for a meeting we had on Monday, March 21. i faxed the order to Debbie Friday, March 18. i was unaware at that time Panera would not accept faxed orders. I called Debbie on Monday to ask about our order and she didn’t have our order. i was devasted! Debbie was Excellent and a life saver becasue she took my order at that moment and the whole order was ready in time for my luncheon meeting. i cannot thank her enough, she was great! Julie

  63. Usually our experience at Panera Bread is very pleasant. Today was an exception.
    My wife and I are regular customers of Panera Bread in Peachtree City, Georgia.
    When giving our order to the order taker today (Wednesday March 23) my wife did not mention take out nor did the order taker mention take out. When wife’s name was called, I went up to counter and our order was packaged for take out.

    When I brought to the attention of employee at serving counter, a gentleman who may have been a member of management, acted as if we the customers were at fault.

    Our sandwiches were crushed from being packaged. I did not want to make a scene. No apology from the staff at Panera Bread. Why were two loyal customers treated in this fashion? Would Panera Bread prefer we take our business elsewhere? There is an Atlanta Bread Company just down the street in Peachtree City!

    Coach Hudson

  64. I try to buy the Panara bread but store close by to us .they giving me hard time .i went at 7:30 in the morning .i like to buy your mutigran bread .but it is to big for my self I asked them can. Buy half .which people told me they sell .they said no .i under stand I saw some bread behind on the rack .she said no those are for store question us what time I go to buy the bread.Thanks if you let me know sell the bread to public or not.
    Regards Nuzhat

  65. Placed an order @ Panera in Quincy. The order was incorrect. I called to ask to make the item that was omitted. When I arrived I was told to “check it to make sure it’s right!” Like I would drive all the way across town for an extra sandwich – it cost me more in gas. What happened to “sorry your order was wrong”?

  66. Hi Panera

    Have liked your food for many years. But I got to tell you, focus group feedback, that your prices are getting way to high and I just won’t be getting here often anymore but will have to choose more affordable other places to eat. I like your food, breads, coffee, but where the Pick 2 with a drink used to be closer to $9.99 now tonight was over $12. Just too high for my financial likes.
    Hope you can get costs for Pick 2 back down under $10


  67. Brought home a brownie bought it at 2:00. By seven I tossed it in garbage. It was so stale I couldn’t cut it!!!! You need to do better

  68. Someone needs to look at management at Lake Jackson location..why are employees working double shifts.too many quitting..Why aren’t employees allowed to go home if sick –employees with coughs and stomach virus..very unsanitary..spreading it to other employees and working in the kitchen preparing food and can pass on to customers..I surely wouldn’t want to work there or eat when I see that or hear comments from others about that..I think employees need to give honest evaluation about management and what they see going on ..may have to notify health dept.

  69. Why should I pay $4 for half a cup of coffee…I specifically ask for no foam, but my request is frequently ignored and drive off with half a cup of coffee and an inch of foam…this is robbery!!

  70. I have been a customer with a reward card to Panera for a long time. Recently when I was in the East Northport store my friend receives a free item every day each month. She is contacted by email. I have tried to sign up for the same promotion and have been told only the corporate office can put you on the email. I am upset because I recommended her to Panera and I frequent more than she does. Also, we each had a delicious cinnamon crumb bagel (which she got for free and I had to pay for mine. Is there anyway I can get free items like she does on a daily basis? It would be greatly appreciated as my husband and I are retired. Thank you for your consideration to this request.


  72. Very disappointed with my experience today in Bedford nh. I placed an order went to pick it up . It was all paid for and they said they didn’t have it…I showed my conformation email so they got my soup for me…it was suppose to serve 4 people…it served one and I paid $15 for it….unbelivable….I use to love panera but won’t be back after that

  73. I was very disappointed (again) with my service at the Winter Park #4172 location. I always check my to-go order now because it’s wrong too often. But last night I missed that when I ordered two bowls of tomato soup (as shown on the receipt), I got home and found that I was given two bowls of broccoli cheddar soup, which I couldn’t eat. It was too far back to return to the store at that point, so I threw out the soup.
    I also ordered a large strawberry chicken poppy salad, which is usually very good, but last night the salad was actually the size of a small salad and had almost no fruit.
    I was very disappointed in the service and lack of quality with my order.

  74. For over a year now my husband and I have driven from our home in Springville, AL over to Gardendale, AL to have lunch or an early dinner. We have loved the Frontega Chicken Panini, and when I say loved it, I mean just that. We drive approximately 25 miles to get there and the same distance back home. Tonight we got there before 6:15 and learned that particular location will not be carrying that item any longer. My husband was really disappointed. He made an alternate selection of something with avocado (which he does not like, but asked for it to be left out) and I ordered a pecan braid pastry for him. Then the store’s manager at that time told me, oops, the man who had come in after us had just ordered the last one. It took her so long to ring up our order after having to attend to the other young lady who was keying in orders, that our order was then ready! I told my husband that they didn’t have the pastry he wanted and asked if he just wanted to go somewhere else where we could get what we wanted. So we did leave and got our money back for something we didn’t want anyway. The previous time we drove all that distance, our order was messed up. I asked for them to leave out the tomato on the Frontega Chicken Panini and ordered broccoli cheese soup for him and got a ham and Swiss on rye with a bowl of French onion soup. When I got my order, I found I had Tomato soup. The pastries are always usually low or none to be found. Now you have switched to black tea. I wanted you to know how very unhappy we are with the choices you at the corporate level have been making and let you know that the location in Gardendale needs some better management and service NOT to mention, a menu people who have been returning for time and again, needs to be reinstated. One more point, the restaurant needs to be warmer. It may be warm in Gardendale, AL during the summer but the temperature is glacial. We will not be returning to the restaurant. Total up our tickets with what we have ordered and you will find that we have been more than loyal, we have gone the distance to purchase your food. Loyalty and return customers must not mean much to Panera.
    Suzanne & HL Richards

  75. This is a follow up to our complaint. We drive 38.2 miles each way to get to the Panera Bread in Gardendale, AL. Round trip that makes it 76.4 miles. That should make you feel bad at this point. We really went out of our way to spend money with your restaurant. Now that I think about the service we have gotten, I’m really ticked off!

  76. Savvy post , I was enlightened by the specifics , Does anyone know where my company could locate a fillable IRS 2290 copy to edit ?

  77. I had a terrible experience with my meal yesterday at Café 4785. I always have a Greek salad and sandwich. This was the worse Greek salad ever. No banana peppers, small amount of onion, just a lot of lettuce.
    If you are going to change the mixture, at least announce it up front.

  78. I went to Panera Bread in canton, Michigan and ordered a strawberry poppyseed salad without nuts. I specifically advised the staff that I am allergic to nuts. In fact my receipt noted my allergy. Nonetheless, I received a salad nuts. When I contacted the store, the manager apologized and offered me a gift card. When the gift card arrives, its value is less than the cost of my salad. I am appalled.

  79. We had a terrible carry out lunch from Cafe1382. The Princess salad was inedible due to wilted lettuce, brown avacado and blackish chicken. The portions on the salad and two bread bowls were small to say the least. Your team also forgot the “Chocolate Chipper Cookies”. So, too wrap up…small portions, inedible salad and completely forgot our cookies. Enjoy my $21.00…thats how much your food and customer service cost you. Never eat here again!

  80. The local manager and the operational manager were unprofessional in the Amherst Ohio franchise. One did not come back to discuss my issue and the other voice mail and text was unprofessional. The operational manager did not respond to my second text about the treatment

    I received The other employees were nice but managers were rude. I expected an apology none given

  81. Panera customer service dept is AWFUL! I was given a free pick two until July 15 went to use it today July 14 and saw that it was gone. Called customer service and was told it was taken off as it never should have been on there ??!! I’m glad I took a snap shot of it prior to them taking it off. I mean seriously not ever going back and spending all the money I used to. It’s a free sandwich! All the money I spend and they put it on and then take it off?

  82. Your website is a total piece of crap. You cannot log in to an account with email- and there is no easy way to get support. Your Altamonte (FL) store is dying due to crappy service and the low quality of your food is killing your business. This used to be a training store with excellent service and food. Keep chasing the $$- you will be out of business soon!

  83. Getting a hold of Customer Service is a nightmare! My last online order was a veggie sandwich but they gave me chicken salad. After contacting customer service they said they were crediting my account, a week later NO CREDIT and my address and phone number associated with my account have changed!

  84. I received a gift card some time ago. I don’t remember what the current balance is. I tried to check on line, but could not, because my card did not have a 4 digit pin. I called customer service, per your sites instruction. The customer service person said he could not do anything without the 4 digit pin. I explained his own site directed me to call him because of this issue. The person on the phone, like many others, especially when using overseas telephone customer service reps, refuse to speak off script. What I was told was “no” and to “go to your local store”. What I was NOT told was, for example, why he could not do it, or saying “let me speak with my supervisor” or even, “I don’t know”. Rather than telling me to go to my local store. Also, it would have been nice for him to suggest a couple of options where they are, especially because i am new to this area. But…instead I got a “NO, go to your local store”. At that point i did not care how much was left on the gift card and just cut it up, not wanting to enter your facility again. I strongly suggest your training improve and your associates be taught that stepping out of the box, or off-script, will not get them reprimanded but awarded.

  85. Wondering why you state Plant based meals on your website, then all have cheese or milk in them. Watermelon Feta salad- cheese, greek salad- cheese, corn chowder- milk and cheese, mac & cheese- cheese, modern Greek salad- cheese, and all the sandwiches have cheese. If it’s plant based, I should not have to ask to leave the cheese off, or wonder if there is milk in it.

  86. very dissatisfied that we went to the chapel hill location last nite, spent 17.00 on 2 skimpy sandwiches ,and it was not as described. For example, ordered the turkey,cheese and apple, stated served on apple nut bread, was white bread only. ordered mediteranean sandwich that consisted of a slice of onion,tomato and lettuce. Lastly, was given a piece of bread as a side with the sandwiches. Never offered chipsor the piece of fruit, as in the past. Why serve bread with a sandwich???? Please have the manager feel free to email me, as I will not be returning. Attended August 2,w2017 approx. 800pm. Thanks for your time,
    Diane Kurowski

  87. Panera’s is a wonderful upscale faster food enterprise! I even purchased $1500 in gift cards (for me!!) during the last holiday period. When I am not traveling outside the country, I try to eat at a Panera’s once a day at least five days a week. I patronize two stores in Madison, Wisconsin–one off Mineral Point Rd and the other on University Ave. The employees taking the orders at the counter are excellent(esp. Peter at the Mineral Point Rd location), the food arrives timely and is presented in a courteous manner. My only gripe is that the Mineral Point Rd store employees a lackadaisical
    about cleaning off the tables of crumbs and finger smudges; whereas the University Ave. store seems to have no problem keeping tables cleaned consistently! You can tell which of the two “fine” stores at which I plan to do most of my dining.

  88. When I visit Panera’s my favorite has always been the Turkey Avacado Panini. It would be so helpful if the meat and avocado is sliced properly. The pieces of both make it impossible to eat without everything falling apart. It is very disappointing to pay the price of the panini and end up tossing half of the panini away. I hope you consider some kind of solution to this. As I said, the turkey and avocado are just some large chunks put on the panini and is not very appetizing.

  89. First thing’s first: Finding a customer service email address for Panera was impossible today (although I’ve done it before). I wasted about 5 minutes using the app and another 10 minutes on the website exploring Customer Care pages to no avail. Make it easier for your customers to provide feedback beyond posting comments for the world to see.
    Second, I ordered a salad and fruit cup for lunch today (order #144501835) for pick up, and when I returned to my office I discovered that the store failed to give me any bread. I am disappointed to say the least.

  90. 22 digit rewards numbers not readable by me or panera staff – read incorrectly – can’t record my missed visit denni eggleston

  91. Today, August 26, 2017 I made a purchase at Panera Bread on Palm Bay Road in Palm Bay, FL. When I went to pay for my purchase I was insulted by being asked if I wanted to tip the team.

    As a senior citizen I tip when the service is appropriate not ordering a pecan roll over the counter. You should consider changing that policy by maybe leaving a tip jar at the counter for people to tip or not according to their circumstances.

    A customer who is thinking about not going back to Panera Bread
    Roberta Greene

  92. I have a problem with the Panera Bread on hull street road in midlothian Va, I have been there and called there over 30 times to get bagels and not only certain ones, but they are out and have none at all, from hours of 3pm to 7pm and a few times earlier,but I can go to the other location on midlothian turnpike in midlothian Va and they always have them no problem,but the other one is closer to me, but it’s 6pm here now and they have no bagels at all None,I really like all the food but this causes me not to go not having bagels thanks for your time. Also my favorite bagel is the cinnoimon crunch and they never have those ever but other location always have them just strange and hope something gets done because I waste time driving 35 mins to get there and they never have what I want then have to drive 20 more mins to other location

    • Panera continues to disappoint. Had several bad experiences (at various St. Louis locations ESPECIALLY Clayton location) during the summer (ranging from careless and LAZY workers, SLOW in person service to skimpy amount of food at HIGH price) so I put Panera on time out. Today after 4 months of not visiting, no surprise that poor service continues (at the Clayton location). I thought to be forgiving but enough is enough. Panera you need to retrain on customer SERVICE and CARE. Putting you on time out AGAIN.. this time hopefully forever.




  94. I would like to start off by saying that Panera makes it very difficult to find Customer service and to actually leave a comment or make a complaint. I went through drive-thru this morning at store #2156 in Keizer Oregon-after ordering I continued forward to the window with my window down-normal, right? The sprinkler system came on and soaked my car and my silk blouse. I commented to the gal at the window, “you guys need to fix your sprinkler system, I just got soaked” she chuckled and said “oh, sorry.” Really, that is it? Not a huge deal I guess but I would have appreciated a better response and not a chuckle because it was not funny. I won’t be going there again which is too bad. I purchase bagels once a week for the office and we eat there at least 2 times a week as well. I am sure I won’t here back about this which is also unfortunate.

  95. First–Why isn’t your customer service and corporate office phone numbers and contact information listed on your website. It shouldn’t be so difficult to find a way to reach your customer service folks. I went to your Fort Worth Texas store by Hulen Mall. Ordered the Fuji Apple Salad for take out. When I got to my office 5 minutes later, I found that I had received the worst salad I have ever had from anywhere. The lettuce was brown and wilted, the chicken was mushy and tasted old, the tomatoes were old and mushy. I took about 4 bites and threw the rest away. It was awful!!! I’ve never had bad food at a Panera Bread before, but this definitely made me not want to go back to Panera for a long while. When I called the store to talk to the manager, I was told the manager was not there, and there was nobody in charge. Seriously? And why is my only option to post a message for the entire world to see. I am very disappointed in Panera to say the least.

  96. I am a good customer, ordering once a week. I have had so many issues with my local Panera Bread that I finally have to say something. I do rapid for a reason, I can’t stay to make sure the order is right. My order has been 100% correct probably 40% of the time. That is unacceptable. Everyone makes mistakes and I understand that. I’ve had a missing item, or an item wasn’t customized as I instructed and I haven’t complained, but the first time I had to call was because there was a missing large mac n cheese, and that is expensive. I called and was mailed a coupon. Fine. Twice, I ordered rapid pick up and the order wasn’t even started when I arrived at the pick up time. They cancelled the orders but there goes my family’s dinner. Tonight was the last straw. There actually was a missing cookie, which was a reward for my son and I didn’t know it was missing until I got home. It’s not fair and it’s not right. I love eating at Panera and I have been very patient and very understanding but I can’t do it anymore. I do not want to continue DONATING my money to your company, and I am forced to tell my friends, family, coworkers and anyone I hear mention the word Panera the same. It really takes a lot for me to get to the point of writing a complaint but something should be done about this. My store is
    Oldsmar – Tampa and Hillsborough

  97. Good morning, I work in State House Square, Hartford, CT. I want to tell you that every morning my friends and I are greeted by Daisy and Biannca. They are lovely and it’s so nice to start your day with great service and a smile. I wrote to you about a week ago and was hoping they would have gotten some kudos for being such good employees – but they haven’t heard a word? Do you tell the manager when someone gives “GREAT” feedback? I felt embarrassed that when I asked if they heard anything they said no.. They are great employees and you should be giving them a high-five for doing such a great job of representing your company! I love the Manager also – he’s also very helpful and seems to know everyone’s name! Great job for having such awesome staff at this location!


    I had RAW chicken on my salad and was told “well did you try to eat it? it should be fine”. No “sorry” “can we replace your order next time?” NOTHING. Bottom line is regardless of what YOU think I should have eaten, IF I DO NOT FEEL COMFORTABLE EATING IT, that’s That! HORRRRRIBLE customer service!

  99. I went to Panera Bread Café 1575 on Hendricks Ave in Jacksonville Florida. Check#308257 on 09/28/2017 @4:13:03PM. I ordered the Pick 2. 1/2 Fuji Apple Chicken Salad and a cup of Chicken Wild Rice soup. When I returned to my hotel room and went to eat, there was a sandwich with the salad. The receipt was correct but the content was not. I understand that mistakes can happen but I wanted to make the store manager aware so that they could be more careful with their orders.
    What happens next is why I am contacting you. I called and asked to speak with a manager, a gentlemen answered, he said how can I help you? I asked are you the manager, he then admitted he was not and placed me on hold. Ariana then gets on the phone and says she is the manager. I told her what had happened and she asked if I wanted to come back up so they could correct it. I told her that I did not want to go back out. She then just sits there……says, well is there anything else I can help you with? Really? What kind of customer service is that? No apology, no offer to come back at another time (at my convenience) to make it right. Her response and behavior makes me wonder if she was really even the manager?? Very disappointing.

  100. Today, 9/27/17, we received our delivery order confirmation email at 12:08 pm; however, the order did not arrive until 1:48. Unfortunately this is not the first time that we have received poor delivery service from Panera. On at least 3 other occasions within the last couple of months we have received our food far beyond the time one should expect their delivery to take (Google maps estimates the distance to be 1.3 miles away approximately a 4 minute drive).

    The most disappointing part is that we called the customer service number to ask where the food was only to be put on hold so long that the customer service representative hung up.

    We would have to receive free meals and or discounts before considering ordering from this location again.

  101. I have been trying to fill out a request for our non profit soup kitchen that we will be having October 15th . I am a member , I logged into my account and followed the prompts. when I went to the web site that was emailed to me it was no help at all and it did not even have the Panera name on it. I would appreciate any help you could give me to assist me in filling out our request. Thank you

  102. I have been in customer service for many many years on October 3 my granddaughter and I went to Panera bread to have lunch . We walked in we were the first person’s online and the gentleman that took our order seem to be new because he took a very long time to bring up our order so finally we got our order and we sat down . Where we waited and waited and waited for a very long time and our food finally came and my granddaughters sandwich was burnt to a crisp on the bottom and my tomato soup was ice cold so my granddaughter took it up to the counter and told them and then we waited and waited and waited again and we finally got some new food . No one came to apologize to us it seem like they were very short staffed and we will not be back thank you

  103. The experience I’ve just encountered while dining with my wife, deserves your attention. Normally, we would just talk to the manager if dissatisfied. This was beyond this. My order was a clam chowder soup bread bowl. I’ve had the full soup bowl before, but not in the bread, as your clam chowder soup is excellent. What i received was a bread bowl with the top cut out, 1″ deep, and 2 table spoons of soup inside. Not wanting to cause a scene, in a full restaurant, I left went to the grocery store, bought a can of soup, went home and cut out the interior bread from the bowl, broke up the bread, poured my soup in the bread shell, installed the bread, and finished dinner. Please address and correct this issue.

    The store is in Kenosha, Wisconsin

  104. I visited the Panera in Jantzen Beach, Portland, Oregon this morning and used the microwave to heat up a pecan roll. It was so filthy it makes me wonder if the kitchen is the same. There is no way the health department would approve. Management needs to pay attention to cleaning procedures. Doubt I will return it was so disgusting.

  105. I made an order with a gift card on your site a while back and the site didn’t accept the gift card even though it showed it did. My debit was charged the full amount. You guys gave me an egift card and when I go online to order it says we are out of delivery range even though I am less than 2.5 miles away from2 different Panera locations so I am kind of aggravated. Why say you deliver within a certain radius when you don’t?

  106. I did a rapid pick up today from your Harlem Irving location @11:35 order999481I went to work and when I opened my half sandwich the lettuce had a lot of brown spots on it.When I took the lettuce off the sandwich -the bread was very wet. I could not go back to the panera since I was at work.Very disappointed since I did not know if the sandwich was contaminated and I throw it away

  107. I placed an order in 4/2017 online and there was a mistake in the order so I called the customer service number and the representative advised me should could not make changes to the order and that she would have to cancel the order and I would have to reorder. So the rep cancelled the order and I reordered. The representative even went as far as contacting the store to verify the order had been cancelled. However once both orders were delivered I was advised to send the incorrect one back. The order was sent back and customer service was contacted numerous of times because they charged for both orders. I was advised it would take up to a certain amount of days until the refund will go through. Then I once I did not receive the refund I was advised it was in a certain department and once it is reviewed they will send a refund. it is now September and I’m still awaiting a refund I ended up reporting this to the Better Business Bureau to see if they can get the issue resolved.

  108. Panera Bread Costumer Care Inquiry # 171030-000809

    To Michael M.
    You did not answer my question.
    The volume of the music is still as high as it was before.
    The District Manager, Bruce, told store Management that he sets the volume
    Your answer will determine if I and my family will visit Panera in the future.
    Thank you. Manfred Witt .

  109. Good Luck trying to order on line. Once you enter the city, you would expect to continue with an online order, instead, you get a map without being able to go to step 2 which is to actually place an order. Is this a joke??

  110. I finally sign up (received no card or anything and when I say I signed up they said I need my card? I even have 2 rewards that I couldn’t get) just to have the only food that I order from Panera discontinued and terrible. Why do you no longer sell soft rolls? I hate that hard bread that’s pushed off on everyone. Also I got my soup to go just to find out when I got back to work to eat that soup – it had the consistency custard. Worst visit ever. I go there once a week for the same two items and now I’ll have to try someplace else. Really disappointed.

  111. I quite enjoy the food at Panera and generally the ambiance of the restaurants. I’ve noticed over the last 10 years a general decline in the quality of the experience when I go to Panera. The food I think is still good, however I feel the service has gotten much worse. A feeling that has been once again reinforced this past Sunday (11/19/17).

    I went to the Springdale, OH location twice over the weekend due to convenience and quality of the food. Wait times for food both times was at least 10-15 minutes despite not being very busy. I don’t know if there is a general inability to attract people to work at Panera that have good worth ethic or general hustle, but I’ve seen a decline in the quality of employees that are fulfilling food orders. Most of them seem to be tattooed and pierced and moving like they are swimming in molasses. I don’t really care about appearance if the service is good. The kid working the sandwich station on Sunday seemed to be having issues constructing sandwiches. This is not a complex task. Most times I order a sandwich that comes with onions, but I request that they not be added. Immediately after ordering I have to go watch them make my sandwich and most times I have to stop them from adding the onions. It is right there on the screen! How tough is it to make a sandwich to order?

    On Sunday, I dined in and then ordered a to-go order for a friend. This friend was working at a nearby convention and was relying on me to bring her some lunch. She asked for a chicken salad sandwich on wheat. The order was fulfilled (after 10-15 minutes) and I left to deliver my friend’s lunch. When I got there and she opened it up, I saw that 1.) there was very little chicken salad on the sandwich, 2.) it was unsliced, and 3.) the bread used was maybe two thirds the size of a normal Panera sandwich. That’s because the kid working the sandwich station used small slices of bread from the extreme end of the loaf that should never be used for sandwiches. For the money paid for this sandwich, it should have been full sized and loaded with chicken salad.

    It’s pathetic and there is no excuse for it. Panera just gets worse and worse over time. Train your people or pay more so you can get some quality workers. Even the cashiers seemed to be disinterested. I had to tell the girl that my order was “to go” three times because she seemed unable to focus on the fact that she was at work instead of wherever her mind was taking her.

    I don’t know how many more chances I can give to Panera. It’s more than 50% of the time now that my orders have problems.

  112. Panera continues to disappoint. Had several bad experiences (at various St. Louis locations ESPECIALLY Clayton location) during the summer (ranging from careless and LAZY workers, SLOW in person service to skimpy amount of food at HIGH price) so I put Panera on time out. Today after 4 months of not visiting, no surprise that poor service continues (at the Clayton location). I thought to be forgiving but enough is enough. Panera you need to retrain on customer SERVICE and CARE. Putting you on time out AGAIN.. this time hopefully forever.

  113. I was s at your Panera bread cafe#1124 this morning. I was given a wrong order. Mr Manager Albert was rude and unhelpful. I was supposed to have order fixed and get a treat. Do you know what I got. I refund. Albert has to be disciplined or trained. I guess he never read his own receipts.

  114. Soup Luke warm asked to get hot soup came Luke warm I have arthritis my daughter went back they said use the microwave by the coffee it should of been hot before it came out you have an excellent product but it’s not hot enough

  115. Once again a horrible Panera experience. I had to ask three to four times for the items i wanted.
    Whole wheat loaf sliced thick, yes, that would be thick. YES THICK!
    One tub of cream cheese, Yes, a of tub of cream cheese.!
    One cup of coffee, Yes a cup for coffee.
    Got back to my office with coffee and bread Crean Cheese not included in my bag.
    You should instruct your employees to LISTEN

  116. Today I was in your restaurant to have a nice lunch with my sister and daughter.That did not happen. The location is Dorchester,MA.which is called South Bay. Its a nice place for the community to relax and have good food.I live in the community for decades I have watched this place be built. So I ordered 2 orders of pick 2. When I got our food my daughters food was not good. She has the barbecue flat bread with nothing on it. It had so much barbecue sauce on it she could not eat it. Panera is a treat seeing its not the cheapest eat. I went to the manager Simon that was passing out the food and he seemed overwelmed to say the least. It was really busy and I asked him could he give my daughter something else. He yelled back and said no that is
    what you ordered after actually taking my plate from me. He yelled so much it was embarassing. The guest that was waiting looked as he continued to say no. He asked what do you want me to do!!!. I said to him you will not speak to me like this. I said I would just settle for a bagel. He refused!!!!. Ok… I went to the front cashier and told them just to refund me. I cant pay and be talked to like this. It was very easy for him to disrespect me. He is a man and to treat a lady or anyone like that was a game changer. I will never go back there again. I will say a few employees look on and said you do not have to put up with this. There was a guy name Allen who felt so bad. He did everything he could to make me feel better. Customer service is almost a thing of the past. It takes time to sit here and write this email. Its very important for someone to understand that the community does not deserve that treatment. I was so embarassed. I will never go back in there. Eating there in the past has been great. Please give him some more training if you wanna keep your quests. If one person reads this and cares please reach out.

  117. I go to the Panera on 295 N., route 22 in the Township of Springfield, NJ. This particular Panera has horrible service. If a customer customizes their sandwich, expect the staff to get it wrong! It’s the closest Panera near my home, which I frequent since I love the food and it’s a quick meal whenever I am in a rush and don’t want to cook. I go there about, at least, once a week. I keep going because it is so convenient and I keep hoping that someone competent will be behind the counter. Over the summer, because of the bad service, new staff and management were brought in. Staff members are now instructed to “intercept” the orders before delivered to customers. Sometimes I want to ask them if they know what they are looking at. I see them looking in the bag, lifting up sandwiches and pretending to check something. But, as has happened to me, you sit down, or worse go home, to find a chicken salad without chicken or a sandwich with items that you have specifically requested that they NOT put in. My favorite is when they are out of certain items, but instead of informing the customer, they put in whatever they want. Customer service does not matter here and, worse, it apparently doesn’t matter to them if someone is allergic to something or not. It is also becoming clear to me, that the majority of the staff is neither able to read the monitor nor do they appear to have proper training. Every time I go in there, I always ask for no lettuce – I am allergic. And every single time I find my meals with lettuce in it. One staff said to me, “ it’s better that I don’t make your sandwich because I cannot tell apart the different greens ,” and thereafter told her coworker to make it for me. So, because I usually go in there already starving and don’t want to deal with having to wait two hours for a sandwich to get fixed – I stopped customizing my meals. However, I shouldn’t have had to have done that and it hasn’t stopped the bad customer service. Because, as I said, even in a standard meal, if they are out of an item, the staff will not inform the customer. And they always appear to be out of items. Just last week I went in at 9 AM and they were out of eggs and coffee. How does that happen when the restaurant had recently opened for breakfast?? I’m done with this place. I think I would rather deal with the hassle of cooking, then to have to see any of these clowns make my food again

  118. We purchased over $200 in gift cards this year. That allowed us $40 in bonus cards. We went to use the bonus cards ourselves and they were not activated. The store we purchased them from said we had to call customer service on the back of the card. Customer service said we had to contact the store. We were in the store – which is who pointed us to the back of the card. This is a vicious frustrating circle! The problem is we cannot use our $40 in “bonus cards” (which we also shared with our daughters) and we are worried our $200 in gift cards may not work. (The manager offered us a free lunch and was very thoughtful but he was unable to resolve the matter.) Another customer evidently experienced the same problem.

    Please help resolve this matter as we enjoy your food – but how can we continue?

  119. I had ordered food for a rapid pickup for 3 hours after my time, realized it was the wrong location and canceled the order. The lady I spoke to said they would reverse the charge so I put in another order to the correct location and picked up my food. A few days later I noticed they never refunded my money, when they never made the order. I talked to a chat support online and they assured me “in 30 days your money will be refunded” it’s been well over the 30 days and I still have yet to be credited back for this charge. The meal was around 10 dollars. If they never made it, and promised me a full refund I don’t understand why nothing had been done.

  120. I go to Panara 3-4 times a week. I live in Spring Hill Florida and visit the Brooksville store. I visited today for lunch and got a full tuna sandwich. When I recieved the meal the bread was so hard when I tapped my fingernails on it , it made noise. I kindly asked for two pieces of replacement fresh bread to exchange the contents of my sandwich with. A young lady, very nice came, she told me she was the manager. She told me that they bake all the bread the night before and all the bread was like that…..I have been going there for years and never had that problem and stated so. She just shrugged at me. So I am reach out to you…I am shocked and very disappointed!

  121. Hello, check #1305517 I have had two bad experiences with your Pooler, GA Rest. today may have been the straw that broke the camels back. I ordered a bakers dozen with spread, out of 1/2 the bagels, out of 1/2 the spreads, always out of souffee’. Anyways……The spreads were wrong. I asked to have them sliced, it states on the receipt that they are to be sliced but they weren’t sliced!! We had no knifes at work and didn’t have time to go back and to top it off they gave us LOW FAT spread that we also did not ask for…..What can you do to make me happy and come back?? I usually try to use y’all once a month for work functions and treats for co-workers. I would either like a refund or a credit to make coming back worth my efforts. Also the girls in the drive thru window are very un-personable and not very friendly.

    Thank you!


    Brandie Strouse

  122. Ordered Panera bread for breakfast meeting today….I order the Bagels and morning pastries that in the description say it will served with cream cheese spread, butter and preserves. Brought it to my meeting and to my surprise no cream cheese spread, butter or preserves where in the box. I called and they were rude and said nothing was to come with the order that I did not order it. This was the Solon location….bad service. I will find breakfast for meetings else where now.

  123. I went to the Paneras in Brooksville Florida this morning and was completely ignored I wanted to 40 some catering set put my name down or put your name down maybe maybe I’ll send you some free couponsorder some catering I waited there for about 10 minutes nobody even looked at me

  124. Your Holiday gift card promotion of $10 for 50 spent was a slight disappointment when told I could not use it until 1/1/2018 and a HUGE disappointment when I tried to use it and was smilingly told it expired 1/22/18. It’s been years since cards expired and never in 3 weeks. Obviously we walked out and will not return except to spend the other gift cards purchased to get the bogus bonus card. Hopefully they haven’t expired, it’s been 2 whole months since bought. WISH ME LUCK!

  125. Love the food—use to love the coffee—at the Forum Carlsbad location—-the Oceanside location is ALWAYS—ALWAYS- out of the Dark Roast— so,I ask them what’s the chance of getting a cup this visit— they make an effort—but usually its a third of a pot and its dishwater—and I always come at 11:30/12:00–your customer service website has a link to email—-but it comes up SORRY-NOT FOUND. I’m pretty sure this wont be corrected, because a top-notch manager would be all over this—a MAJOR draw for the chain—-I can live without Panera-and will not try again when coffee is desired.

    Too bad
    S00 sad

  126. I stopped by one of your properties to ask for your cooperation in donating a gift certificate to use as a raffle item for our fashion show April 29th this year. I was instructed to contact you via on line. Looking for your support. Thanks. Shirl

  127. I stopped by one of your properties to ask for support in obtaining a gift certificate we could use as a raffle item for our fashion show April 29th of this year. Looking forward to working with you. I left a flyer at your Fayetteville NY property. Thanks. Shirl

  128. I am a regular customer at your Bond location on Elk Grove. I order the same thing almost every time. Usually things are great. Last night my husband & myself were so disappointed. We ordered our usual which is one large Chicken Green Goddess Cobb Salad, & one half Chicken Green Goddess Cobb. When my husband returned home with our take out order there was no chicken and no bacon on either salad and there was very little vegetables on them. They were not out usual salads that we alway’s order. I tried calling the restaurant last night to let them know but they must have been very busy as when I called to order the first time to place the order and then later to let them know that the order was wrong I was on hold forever. I finally gave up. My husband and myself were both still hungry after we ate these salads (which never happens) and ended up ordering hamburgers which we dont really like to do. I am hoping you can credit me our money back or remake the salads correctly free of charge. Thank you

  129. We love Panara bread and have never had bad food or a bad experience at our local resteraunt in Watertown, NY
    Why can’t you have one designated server to wipe down tables during busy hours and wipe down tables more often during off hours.
    Today we sat down to a dirty table and during our stay watched adults and children cough and 3 sneezes on the table.
    We so enjoy our food and quick, efficient service at your stores.
    Thanks for listening.

  130. Today i visited panera in Huntington Station, Ny and ordered to go. Today they forgot to put my side (chips) in the bag and i did not realize until i got home. Earlier this week i ordered a sandwich to go and they forgot to put the cheese on. This is now twice this week. My receipt shows that every order should be right every time and if not to let an associate know but how can i let them know if i dont know my order is inaccurate until i get home? This is frustrating and not the first time my order was wrong.

  131. The last two on-line orders that I placed for rapid pick-up from the Panera store in Bethel Park, PA included a pecan roll from the bakery. The on-line form allowed me to pick the pecan roll and pay for it. However, when using the rapid pick-up service there was a note that the store was out of pecan rolls. This necessitated going to the bakery section and trying to select another item which may, or may not, have been as expensive as the pecan roll. Surely, there must be a way for the system to know that pecan rolls are, or are not, available for one-line ordering.

  132. My email to Robert Riley, manager of the Panera on Rudy Lane, Louisville, KY was sent March 19 and remains unanswered. Below is the email:
    Good afternoon, Mr. Riley,

    My daughter and I meet Thursday evenings for dinner. Because we enjoy Panera’s food and the friendly atmosphere, oftentimes it is our choice place to enjoy each other’s company.

    However, recently our experience was disenchanting. This email communication comes to you as an opportunity to address some issues we experienced while having dinner on Thursday, March 15.

    First, my daughter asked for a Pick 2 with the soup upsized to a bowl. She was told she couldn’t order a Pick 2 that way. She would have to order a sandwich and a bowl separately. She declined and stayed with a cup of soup. Meanwhile, I ordered a Pick 2 with a bowl of soup with no issue.

    During dinner we struggled to talk over the very loud music. As this persisted, I asked the acting manager if she could turn down the volume. She informed me that there was no volume control, it would only turn off. This certainly wasn’t the case when the volume was decreased for my hearing impaired husband the month before. I asked her to please turn it off, then, to which she said she couldn’t. She took no initiative and was not concerned that a regular customer was uncomfortable having a dinner conversation.

    This is not my family’s usual experience at your restaurant. I hope you will take this opportunity to educate your team and encourage them to be compassionate. It will be a great investment on securing business.

    Thank you,
    Dana M Martin

  133. Hello, I have been very frustrated or should I say the business I work for as well has been frustrated with Panera in Mt Laurel NJ on Nixon Drive. Since they have re-done the inside of the Panera it has gone down hill, the service has been terrible especially with the new kiosk machines they have. Its such a shame because we love Panera but the service has gone down hill and it makes us quite late to work on numerous occasions just getting a sliced bagel – we get forgotten and we are standing right there. It has been quite a disappointment to say the least.

  134. Today while traveling I took my friend through Panera Bread Drive Thru as had never been to Panera. I was bragging up how good food is. Unfortunately, found as we opened the bag done the road. Our sandwiches had slid all over bottom of bag, we ordered 1 full tuna and 1/2 tuna. They were all wrapped in 1 piece of paper! Would have been much easier to handle and would travel better if individually wrapped. And also we only received 1 napkin and NO spoon for our soup!!
    The sandwiches were very good and soup also. Just think the drive thru packaging could be better and at least 2 napkins And for sure a spoon with soup. After all it is to go. Thanks for hearing me out.

  135. Compliment for manager, didn t get nane, middle-aged man, at Panera bread cafe 1846 Lake City Florida. He was very attentive of us making sure food was correct and if we needed any assistance. And loved the layout of the cafe, seemed to have separated dining areas, a nice touch of cosyness instead of lines of tables, and the lighting was perfect, like a fancy restaurant. Just want the proper person to receive the proper attention. All your stores should be like this one!!
    He made us feel very welcome. We visited there 3/4/18 at. 7pm

  136. I went to Panera drive through at 8:14 a.m. on a Friday morning. There were 3 cars in front me. 14 minutes later, I left with my order. I ordered a bacon, egg and cheese on a chiabatta. I got an egg and cheese on bread. All that wait for the wrong food and it wasn’t even crowded. A ps, I go to Panera frequently, but the last time I’ll be going on a week day on my way to work.

  137. When I picked up my order today at Brooklyn Center MN (Order #945195), it was missing an item and the receipt wasn’t Signed-Order Checked By. Since I wasn’t able to check my order until I got home, I guess I am out the money.

    How can you correct your employees when your quality control isn’t followed?

  138. I just wonder what active God it would take to actually get the sandwich that I order! I can’t count on both hands and feet how many times they have messed up my order. Paying $11 for a sandwich and not getting what you want is ridiculous! How many damn times do I have to say no toppings, and absolutely positively no pickle! And yet every time I leave there, and now I have learned to check my sandwich before I leave there, I still managed to have lettuce, tomato, avocado, and of course that damn pickle!! I make such a fuss at the register telling them exactly what I want on the role, and still even after watching them putting the sandwich together in the back, they managed to mess it up. And this is at both the Robbinsville New Jersey store and the Penndale Pennsylvania store. What the hell?

  139. Very disappointed in souffle sence Panera changed to new baking process. We will no longer buy them as we since their inception.
    We will continue to have our morning bagel and coffee, will skip the soufflé?.

  140. My friend and I went there for lunch, we both ordered salads and went outside to sit. There were about 10 people ahead of us waiting for their lunch. We sat and visited and wondered when our buzzer handheld was going to go off and never did. We went into Panera and they said your salads have been done for a while now, we yelled your name several times!!!!!!!! So what was the purpose of our handheld buzzer? And why didn’t you use the loud speaker since we were sitting outside? Very disorganized and disappointed in the Concord, NH Panera!

  141. Love the quality of the food yet these broth bowls are salty, peppery, and a little too much ginger. I would much prefer broth bowls such as the Kale Quinoa which were savory, comforting and nutritious. Also the chicken soup is lacking something of the home made feel it fell just short of a canned version. Please keep your quality up so we can continue to be a most happy customer.

  142. Ok….this is the last time I give a review of Panera Troy Ohio.
    I have been going there for 2 years every Sat Night. For the last 9 months my wife and I get half salads. They are never the same even though we order the same salad. 2 weeks ago I watched them make 2 salads with minimal ingredients. I wrote a review. I got a call from the store manager apologizing and tells me they are making changes in staff to correct this problem. I told her that one of her assistant managers stood right next to the employee and watched her make my salad. So I go in last week and they were ready for me. A different asst. manager was on duty and made a great salad for my wife. I ordered soup thinking they couldn’t screw that up. So we go in tonight and the asst. manager that was there 2 weeks ago was there. I told the cashier i wanted the manager to make my salads. OMG…….she didn’t even fill the bowls, when I complained to her she snarkily told me that they were made to specified portions. BS. Like I said…..with that kind of food…… I can get a better deal at Wendy’s.

  143. I ordered a veggie sandwhich I am vegeterian It was thrown together sloppy and vegetables were not fresh. I did not recieve my side item. I was very disappointed and could not eat it. This is not the service I have come to associate it Panera Bread. What can be done for this inconvenience. My husband picked it up because I was recovering from health complications. I free pastry to remedy this situation is unacceptable. Merrillville Indiana location.

  144. Your bakery/cafes are amazing. Your food is always fresh. You have unique sandwiches and pastries, but it is the staff that really makes eating at your establishments so pleasant. Your location at Union Square is wonderful. There is a young lady named Ariel who is particularly nice to customers.
    Keep up the great work.
    Thank you

  145. Rented car for the day, went shopping and decided to have lunch at cafe 2315 allison park pa.I copied this off receipt. Saw a child eating Mac & Cheese looked so good. So I ordered it, large bowl price 8.79. Went to pick it up and it was what looks like white soup sauce on not macaroni but some other kind of noodle. I asked is the soup. Boy said no problem pick something else. So picked from the picture on the wall a grilled cheese sandwich that should about 1/4 each of different cheeses. What I got was rye bread, hardly toasted, the cheese was so thin I thought they forget to put it on. My husband ate hiis and said next time don’t order this, they are cutting costs. Alex the manager was very nice about the mac and cheese. He refund my money on the mac. I said nothing about the sandwiches but you should take down the pictures of that grilled cheese misleading and say hard rye bread with a dripping of cheese that can’t be seen.
    Thanks My total bill was over 21.00 for food we couldn’t eat.

  146. Tonight I visited the Panera on Veteren’s Parkway in Clarksville, IN. It had been a few months since I had been there but I definitely noticed a difference, must be under new management. First of all the store was out of several items even cups. However, what really made a negative impression on my family was the employees. One employee who I assume was the manager was behind the counter eating while the other employee was cursing very loudly, loud enough that the whole store could hear her. With so many food options to choose from I will pass on Panera. I don’t usually take time to voice a complaint but this experience was just unacceptable and sadly it had nothing to do with the food.

  147. During our lunch visit on 9/5/18, my husband chose the both the sweetened and un-sweetened Hibiscus tea for our drink. During our meal we both noticed that the tea tasted funny. It didn’t look translucent nor have a clean pure taste, it had a bit of a vinegar twang to it. After a few sips we decided that it was no good so I told one of the associates behind the counter. As we were getting up to leave I noticed the associate draining the tea dispenser.

  148. Order 8123126

    Who do I reply two about the horrible service is am getting from Panera catering. This order had no plate, napkins or knives. I actually had an order a few times ago that had no bagels in the box. Which I didn’t notice until after I got to my customers because the bag with the box of bagels had water and other things which gave it weight. I am want my tip refunded from this order.

  149. I purchased the autumn squash soup at the South Windsor CT Panera Hale Rd area, and it did not have the salted pumpkin seeds on top. I went back to the counter to get it and was told that they did not have them. To me, the pumpkin seeds make the soup. I pay good money for your product and expect the product to be made as advertised. I was very dissapointed.

  150. We used to go to Panera about 3 times a week for coffee and a treat or a pick 2 for lunch. However, our Panera has a new manager and since then we’ve quit going so often and also quit going becuase of the continued price increases. We are not millenials w/unlimited funds and resent the fact that Panera only cares about them and college students. I quit having my favorite sald the fuji apple salad w/no chicken because it is just filled w/those thorny greens we are supposed to eat and also the dried apples are no longer slices just crumbs. Then today they had no sprouted rolls, no hot water ready for tea and no English breakfast tea bags. Not ok. The staff has almost totally changed during the last say six weeks or so and that is disconcerting also. Seems to take a long time to get your order even though there is only a couple people in front of you. So we won’t be coming as often.

  151. Panera cafe in Centerville ohio 45458
    I went to panera to celebrate my son’s birthday. We placed an order for 6 people, on Sunday Sept 30th at 12:38. It took over 20 minutes to get our order. The portion of the sandwich was very small, maybe about 31/2″ for an italian sandwich. We had somewhere to be so we had to rush to eat. But what bothered me the most was how dirty the restaurant was. There was dished everywhere. The floor was dirty and sticky around the drink area. It was impossible to put our own dishes away as the trash area was full of dirty dishes, the tables were not wipe. I did not use the restrooms so I can’t comment on that part.
    We come to Panera at least once a week. I usually order this particular cafe as we had always been disappointed there. I will never return to this particular panera.
    What I would love to happen is to get my money back on that order but since it was $51.90, I doubt I will get that.

  152. WOW so very disappointed that you have stopped serving vanilla lattes on your menu… My husband and I are large consumers from your Rehobeth beach de store. Not only do we stop in there occasionally for a little vanilla latte but we spend at least between 30 and $50 every time we walk in the store which is at least once every other week. Was told by the Manager in Rehobeth beach that the entire company has stopped serving these lattes. What’s up with that? Very disappointed.


    Donna brown

    Sent from my iPhone

  153. So I’ll start off with saying I love Panera. I’m a loyal customer. But earlier tonight had me really disappointed. This may or may not be tmi but yesterday started the “time of the month” for me and I was cramping bad and just overall a little moody. I decided to go get Panera to go. I ordered a pick two, soup and salad. As well as a cinnamon bagel. Now I always don’t care too much to check the bag, I just take it and go cause I’ve never had an issue. When I got home I was just ready to enjoy my food ($14 worth) but my soup wasn’t even filled up all the way, it was cold not even warm, along with the bread bowl being cold. The bagel wasn’t toasted and for the salad I asked for extra Caesar dressing. Good thing I did cause they filled both cups up not even halfway. So everything was just a disappoint this time

  154. I just received a $2.00 of coupon in my email and I just tried to add it to my account and it says I already used it. ??WHAT?? i just got the notice, how could I have already used it??

  155. Do you see anything wrong with this picture two bagels purchased at Pinellas Park location ..the sprouted bagel not big enough for a Barbie doll. Please reply why the size is so different but price the same

  156. Bought two bagels. Sprout and cranberry walnut sprout bagel so small wouldn’t feed a toddler what’s reason for this as they are same price

  157. I would like to recognize an employee who helped me this morning. Ms. Erica was pleasant and clearly likes working with the public. I would like to thank Panera for hiring:
    1. hiring a morning person
    2. hiring someone who likes working with the public
    3 A person who has the BEST interest of the company and know the products WELL

  158. This am I go get a toasted bagel & a tub of cream cheese. After I was rang up, the chasier which is very nice spoke about 2 minutes. I went to the back and 2 girls talking so I figured my bagel was in the oven. The manager and her were chatting which is ok but work. I realize she just cut a bagel and started to place in the oven. I am in a big rush in the am as most are. I ask her is that my bagel you just put in the oven she said yes, I told her give me that bagel are you kidding me. I left very upset, multitask is part f their job. I was annoyed because my bagel didn’t get toasted. They need to work faster. That is why I don’t go as often. I want to be in & out, as most. I needed to share my experience maybe you can reach out to them & advise to multitask. I apologize for the complaint.

  159. Hadn’t been to Panera in a while so when my friend suggested it today, I agreed. Then I remembered why I hadn’t been in a while. Prices are high–especially on a fixed income. I saw on your website that you don’t offer discounts to seniors or military. That tells me you think more about your bottom line than your customers,

    I had a Pick 2 today–half soup/half salad. Portions must have gotten smaller. I ate my soup there and brought my salad home for dinner. I paid $5.09 for the 1/2 salad and it was so small I felt I had gotten robbed. I was glad that I had sprung for the dessert for 99 cents because that filled me up.

    Lunch cost me $13 today and I did not get enough food. It will be a long time till I visit Panera again.

  160. Today, Nov 15, 2018, I visited Panera in Highwood Preserve, Tampa, FL, with my sister. I ordered a chicken salad sandwich on a croissant with 2 pickles and a side of bread, decaf coffee, a diet soda, and a cheese Danish, to eat in, and a turkey sandwich on sour dough, with a pickle and side of bread to go.

    The young man who took my order made several attempts before gettingit entered correctly. I paid my $18.90 and went to fill my decaf coffee cup – no decaf. I was told they could brew some, but it would take 10 mins – I drank regular. My chicken salad was served up on country wheat, just as the young man who took my order came up to tell me that they were out of croissants. When I asked why I hadn’t been asked what other bread I might want, the girl behind the counter offered to remake the sandwich. The ‘eat-in’ replacement was served up on sourdough, without pickles, and with chips instead of bread. The chips were changed out for bread – again, no pickles. The ‘to-go’ sandwich looked like it was a hoagie, as one of the clerks was bagging it. When I asked if it was on sour dough, she said no, and offered to remake it, which she did. When I got home and opened the bag, the side was chips instead of bread, but they did remember the pickle. When I finally sat down to eat with my sister, I realized that I wasn’t given the Danish, so once again I left the table and headed back to the counter requesting my Danish. They young man who waited on me, took one out of the case and placed it on the counter where they cut bagels and bread – no dish. The manager had come over to ask me what was wrong, and I began reiterating my experience, commenting that the young man had just placed my Danish down without a dish. She offered to replace it, and did, providing a dish and two forks, with napkin. I told her that this wasn’t just poor customer service, but also costing the company money. She said she knew that and that was why she was up there trying to help out There were more than enough people behind the counter to get the job done, and yet they looked as if they were running around without any purpose or direction. While it is entirely possible that the people at the sandwich line made up the order wrong because the young man who took the order entered it wrong, that is NOT the customer’s problem. When I was almost finished eating, my husband called and asked that I bring home a bowl of chicken soup for our son. I stood in line again to order and got the same young man. I picked up the soup and headed home. I place the soup in a thermal bag, upright in my car. When I arrived home, the soup had leaked all over the bottom of the bag, which had to be thoroughly washed out and dried. At first I thought the container was leaking, so I set the cup inside a bowl, but in actuality the lid was not all the way down. Five for five! Basically $25 worth of

  161. The pastries were not the same they changed them and not for the better there isn’t chunks in the artesian chocolate and there was next to nothing in the cheese pastrie I paid good money to get something good not at Melbourne near Palm Bay road don’t want free stuff I didn’t like it when I paid for it and free isn’t going to make it better

  162. I used to love Panera Bread. My husband and I would go more than once a week there. I specially loved the pastries, more particularly the cherry Danish. Now that they have changed their style and made it like a puff cherry Danish, it is awful! Just a dry, small, cake like pasty with hardly no cheese and cherries. Would never buy it again. I am sure you want to cut your expenses and give your customers a smaller and non-expensive version of what it used to be. Also noticed the bowl of soup has shrunk to merely a small cup. Very disappointed. If you continue this trend, you will lose customers, as we are no dummies and know what is going on here. It no longer is “FOOD AS IT SHOULD BE”.

  163. Last Sunday, Nov. 18, I was in line to order a turkey, cheese, egg sandwich at 10:45. One person was managing a very slow line. At 11 sharp the cashier was ready to take my order just as another employee switched the sign to lunch. I asked if I could still order breakfast since I was in line at 10:45. She snapped that it was lunchtime. I replied that my heart (and taste buds) were drooling for the breakfast sandwich to which she replied that she would check with the cook. She returned a few minutes later to let me know “they had run out of eggs.” No sorry or can I give you a rain check or complementary cookie. Just that the eggs had mysteriously disappeared at 11am. For this reason, I will take my business elsewhere to a place that can still cook an egg at 11 or at least make an effort to apologize.

  164. Will not do visit Panera till you remove this pediophile.

    Rainn has openly promoted child rape, cannibalism & SRA of kids on his Twitter in now deleted tweets archived here??! In an ad he sits in pasta. Pasta=pedo code word!

  165. A shocked and will not have anything to do with with Panera till you remove this pediophile.

    Rainn has openly promoted child rape, cannibalism & SRA of kids on his Twitter in now deleted tweets archived here??! In an ad he sits in pasta. Pasta=pedo code word!

  166. HOW do I contact you when I merely want an 800 3 to find out what my rewards balance is?!?
    Everything else popped up including several references to Starbucks!!!!!

  167. I was very excited to see the Panera Lemon Chicken Orzo Soup in my grocery store. The first few times I purchased it the soup was great. For the past few months now I have been buying it for lunch and when I open it I find a cup of chick broth. $6 dollars for chicken broth. Very disappointed. Will not be buying it anymore. Come on Panera – your stuff isn’t cheap …give us what we pay for.

  168. Went to Panera Bread in Bensalem, PA on 12/3/2018. Arrived with friends for dinner and was so disappointed to see the few (half the pastry area) pastries or desserts to select to go with our dinner. Several of us asked about getting our “dessert choice with our meal” …. usually $.99 and was told we had two choices … very small cookies. We could have either the chocolate cookie or the butter cookie with some type of jam in the center. Asked when this policy or selection changed because we always could have a pick from the pastry area. The cashier said she didn’t know but that’s all you could chose or pay the difference. Very disappointed in the change of your policy but also the cashiers response to us.

  169. I am a “mall walker” at Southpoint Mall in Durham NC. We sometimes like to reward ourselves with a treat after exercising. Sadly, we almost always find the store here (#601645) dirty and messy. The staff also is never available to help. It is not what we are used to at Panera.

  170. I just placed a rapid delivery pick up at the Panera in Milford CT. They gave me the wrong soup, also forgot a cinnamon roll, a piece of coffee cake, and a Brittany pastry. I am very upset with the experience

  171. My husband and I are long-time Panera customers in the Boston area (mostly Longwood Medical Center) with Panera cards. Why have you changed the recipe for your blueberry scones? The new scones are not an improvement over the old scones and we will not be purchasing them. Remember what happened when Coca Cola decided to “innovate” its Classic recipe?. Thanks for “listening”.

  172. Wow – it was WAY to hard to figure out how to provide feedback. We normally get good quality food from our Panera in Lewisville, Texas, but yesterday (12-29-2018) we purchased two Fuji Apple Salads. We BOTH got the butt end of a lettuce head in our salad, the rest of the lettuce didn’t look great at all. I know there have been recent recalls on spinach and lettuce and I really appreciate when Panera just doesn’t sell salads due to this. But the salads were sold and they weren’t good.

  173. Colorado Springs off Powers. The new arrangement of having bus boys isn’t working. Tables full of dishes, or dirty tables that two men couldn’t keep up with. One overflowing trash area with no room for dishes because it was so full. The steak sandwich was crouton hard bread with barely any meat and cheese plus a lukewarm bowl of potato soup, The high outside was 11 degrees. What’s wrong with serving a “Hot” bowl of soup? Won’t go to this restaurant any time in the future.

  174. Hello,

    I am a long time Panera customer and want to tell of a recent experience. Check #211584 on 1-3-19.

    My issue is the exorbitant pricing I just experienced. I ordered what I consider to be a modest lunch. Half sandwich and a bowl of soup, plus one drink and a pastry and my bill was almost $19.00! That’s very expensive for a very simple lunch. I can dinner at a nice restaurant for that cost.

    At these prices I no longer see myself being a continued customer until you make changes to your pricing structure.

  175. I have a Panera Card, however I do not knowwhich phone number it is registered in. I believe it is registered with my old phone number which I would like changed to my new number. My old phone number was 262-483-9847– I would like it to be changed to my new number which is 262-808-8687. Is there a possibility this change can be made? If you need to send me a new card that is fine. Please notify me if and when my request is done. Thank you !!

  176. Called in to Panera redlands at 6.10 am to buy a friend a coffee & pastry he comes in every morning at 6.00am for coffee .got manger on phone.she said he was not there that was a lie .she would not let me buy anything for him. I done this at least three times by phone before. When it’s his birthday.this happed on 12/29/19 this manger is not nice I never had some be so rude.this man been coming to Panera since it opened in redlands at 6.00am he has never miss a this the way you treat your customers.

  177. I eat at Panera 10 times a month and you would think they could get it right . so for the last 3 months I have been keeping a log and 3 out of 10 times my order has been correct and this is going to multiple location . I always get the turkey apple cheddar. its either they don’t have the bread or they use the wrong turkey and today I get all the way back to work to realize this time I got the turkey with no bread . So today is my last day and I will tell everyone how horrible my experience has been . thanks for nothing Panera . your company sucks and your training and hiring practice suck . thanks for all the headaches

  178. I just went through the drive up at the Panera located on Coors and St. Josephs in Albuquerque New Mexico. Worst salad ever. I ordered a whole Chile Ranch with Chicken Salad. No avocado, no normal mix with corn, etc…just lettuce and chicken and my dressing. I can’t complain because the phone is busy. Clearly you do not care. I would expect more considering so many restaurants do not have the opportunity to be open these days. And clearly no customer service.
    I want a full credit when you get around to responding.

  179. On last Friday May 15th . I stopped at the local Panera Bread in Englewood, Ohio. When I got to work I open up my sandwich and they had put the breakfast sandwich on the some type of bread and not the plain bagel I requested. The Manager said I will put your name down and we will replace it free. On Tuesday the following week I came through and explain it and that my name should be on the list. The young man said okay we will take care of it. When I got to work it was a bagel and egg sandwich I NEVER put an egg on any sandwich. I called and he answered and said again you gave me the wrong sandwich. He said so what do you want me to do??? Really?? I was so angry I said nothing I guess since it was free but it was still wrong!!! I go to that location because it is by my home and job and not only do I do breakfast I do dinner because it is easier when its just you. I am a loyal customer but after this I would rather driver further than to get that type of treatment. What do I want him to do??? Really!!!

  180. went to Panera Bread at 1500 Washington Rd, Mt Lebanon, PA 15228: the Galleria Mall on 7/5/2020 at 1PM

    The woman making my salad was not wearing her mask, it was draped around her neck and NOT covering either her mouth or nose.

    Other member did have their masks on appropriately

  181. Customer service is useless. My computer is not the problem. I have a panera card but cannot get is registered and the panera close to me could not help. This is the worst service I have ever had from a company.

  182. I have tried to contact customer service for a few days and has been on hold for hours at a time with nothing but a recording advising me to hold on. On 7/30/20 I did a online order however I thought I did it for delivery then I realized it was curbside pickup. I called the store (Roosevelt-Jacksonville, FL) spoke to the manager who said he would cancel that order, put the money back on my card and for me to reorder online. I noticed a few days ago that the charge was not reversed back to my card. Please advise me what to do as I really need my money refunded. I will send the order numbers at your request. Also, the delivery order took a very long time however, she did apology because she said she had another order that was wrong so she had to go back to the store to remake it, deliver to them first then me.

  183. I have had multiple instances where door dash now teamed up with Panera and Panera bread do not deliver to the correct address. I always put a detailed description in the text box, however this NEVER gets read. I am completely unimpressed with the delivery experiences that I have encountered from door dash and panera. One time I even had a door dash delivery driver drop food off to the completely incorrect location, take a picture and leave it there. Not even a refund. I called Panera to complain and they blamed it on door dash. Just awful! The delivery service from Panera is completely terrible and I have never experienced any delivery service as bad as Panera. This makes me NEVER want to place an order from the Company ever again because of how terrible the service is.

  184. Greensboro, NC Wendover Panera: I was having people over for breakfast so ordered by phone and paid by credit card. Got curbside delivery and did not check order b/c it was sealed with tape and wanted it to stay warm. When I got home saw half the order was not put in bag. Called and was told I could get refund for that part of order or they would have ready it I wanted to come back. No apologies or offer to make it right by their mistake. I went back b/c of guest arriving. Chen I got back there they told me the items were no longer available. What??? Needless to say I was very unhappy at this point. Then the person says oh, i guess someone put it in a bag. We will bring it out. Waited 5 min. Still no one. I finally went in and found a person in back and explained and he never says anything but just slowly walks over and finds the bag and hand it to me. And the bagels are just thrown into bag. Not wrapped or anything. Are you kidding me? No apologies no offer to make it right? I probably will never go back there again.

  185. Just went to your store in Kenosha. I waited in a long line, only to be told you’re out of bagels. How does this happen

  186. I have been coming to the Panera in Herndon for quite some time. I felt I should give kudos where it’s needed. There’s a young man who was working the bakery and taking orders when an elderly woman came in, he was so kind, came around the counter, got her a menu to make it easier for her to read and order, and patiently waited for her to make a decision, all the while maintaining politeness. As someone who worked at Panera over 10 years ago, I am very glad to see you are still hiring polite young men and woman.

  187. Ordered Bacon chipotle melt and broccoli mac and cheese… received a grilled cheese and container of mac and cheese that wasn’t even half full. Waited 20 minutes for you to put my order together and it was wrong with 2 bites of mac and cheese.

  188. feedback on Cafe no. 203576

    Two of this store’s latest hires are great! On Sundays we typically get Panera for dinner. Many times something is missing, a bread roll, or chips, not a big deal. Now, when my husband came home on Sunday, he proclaimed that this order would be 100% correct, and he was right. Ken pays attention, and he is friendly, too. btw, I noticed the same kind of professionalism and focus in the Hispanic-looking young man who prepared my breakfast yesterday.
    Please keep them happy!
    We love Panera!

  189. I visit panera daily today I had very poor customer service issues with both a associate Named christina And a manager Named Mary they both was very disrespectful to me And the manager is useless cuz she didn’t fix my problem

  190. I placed a. Order online with store in Wyoming mi. Called store to see if I could add something. All they send was No!” Gave me no options. Since read I can cancel order and place another one. I am not pleased with the customer service. Is this a standard procedure offered by Panera? Would appreciate hearing from you

  191. My last two visits at Panera Bread in Warner Robins, I have not received credit via “visits til rewards”. I never receive a receipt and I have paid with my debit card. I ordered through the drive thru and asked the worker to enter my number for credit, she took my number but it never reflected on my app.

  192. jUST WANT TO SAY WHAT A POSITIVE EXPERIENCE i HAD WITH Julia S. yesterday. I called because I was and still am having problems with my coffee card. She stayed on the phone with me for almost an hour helping me try to solve the problem I am terrible with a computer and she guided me through it. She was sweet and helpful. And never got in a hurry…the only reason we didn’t solve the problem was because I had to leave…she is calling me back tomorrow at one to finish it. My card still won’t work but she did give me $10. in rewards so hopefully we can get it to work tomorrow. Please keep her…she is ;great. Julia Rogers

  193. As a vegetarian, I would like to know why extra chicken costs more but no chicken doesn’t give me a discount. When I order a salad with no chicken, it should be at a reduced price.

  194. My Panera isn’t open until 8 am this week. Not sure why. I am in coffee program and will not be able to get morning coffee for a week because of when I have to leave for work. This Panera is in Chesterfield Mo.

  195. I had soup delivered today and our driver was given instructions to leave it at door. Not only did he ignore that and ring the bell, he did not have a mask on, which was the primary reason we asked for it to be left. Very irresponsible of Panera to not have their deliver drivers in masks. They contact so many people.

  196. When will I learn to check my order. How hard can it be?
    Ordered an everything bagel /cream cheese and put the bag in the fridge. Woke up today to find my bagel/cream cheese magically changed to greek yogurt.
    Mid Rivers Mall Location (near Suemandy) in ST Peters Mo

  197. I order my food at Fort Evans Rd Leesburg… My order said it will arrive between 1:19-1:29… My order arrived at 1:45. My food are COLD!!! My place is not even 5 minutes away from their store.. Tried to call the store 10times and no one pick up the phone. I tried calling the customer service number waited for 15 minutes on hold no one answer the phone

  198. Hello
    I would like to transfer any earned points from 209-629-9652 which is a phone I no longer have to my new account 209-328-5338

  199. Visited Fenton, MO Panera on Old Smizer Mill Road. It was a pick up order. It was ready, but missing one of the three items. I waited while they made the missing sandwich, and left after they placed it in my bag. Unfortunately I got all the way home before realizing the full câprese sandwich we paid for was only a half sandwich.

  200. I had a horrible experience at Panera is West Des Moines, IA. at 6740 University. In time of Covid they were very careless – I paid $12 and could not eat the food. At 4:39 pm on 11-30-20 I ordered the smokehouse chicken barbecue sandwich with extra onions – while waiting on the order I noticed one of the cooks had very long braids past her waste and they were continually flopping onto the food prep counter. At the prep station an unmasked customer leaned over to ask the cook for a to go bowl for his salad and was given one but he dropped it on the floor and asked for another and handed her the dirty bowl back. She took the bowl, did not change her gloves and continued to prepare food. I noticed a young man milling around and chatting with the employees and it seemed as if he too were an employee but not on the clock at the time as he came in from the outside. As I was waiting on my order I witnessed this young man go behind the counter open the frig and pour what looked like a purée into a cup with ungloved and unwashed hands then come back to then go to the drink station and fill his cup with beverage. In this time of Covid I was shocked at the neglect for cleanliness and safety for customers meals. I did not eat my food and did not feel comfortable asking them to redo it so I went to another Panera located in 86th St where the manager Carrie was gracious and remade the food for me. I was not given a receipt at the University Panera and will tell you that it was a lot of younger kids on duty with the exception of the girl in braids who may have been a bit older but also not practicing safety. Thank you for your time

    located on 86th St. and the very nice manager heard my story and kindly replaced my order.

  201. After the virus caused lots of food items to be discontinued, I was sad that Fresh Thyme would no longer sell their chicken tortilla soup. Then I discovered that Panera would start selling the soup. I was do excited to see the soup in the Fresh Thyme store again. So I couldn’t wait to get it home and enjoy it again. I took one spoonful and immediately knew the recipe had been changed. Long story short…. I am not a fan of the new chicken tortilla soup, so I will not be purchasing it from Panera again. So the search continues to find one that I love as much as the original fresh thyme recipe. By the way…. I do love your other food items. Thank you for listening. Dianne Glass

  202. Today I visited your York Rd. location in Baltimore just above Northern Pkwy. At 6:25 A.M. I was the only customer. There were two employees at the counter. One preparing a drink and one a salad. I stood there approximately 2-3 minutes waiting to be acknowledged. No one did. They didn’t even look my way until the one preparing the drink walked over. These workers represent your company and proper training shoukd be imperative.

  203. They changed their password requirements without notice and locked me out of my account. I tried their password reset function six times, and no email was ever sent by them. I have no way to log in and order anymore. Looks like it is time to change restaurants.

  204. I ordered a $50 gift card with the expectation of receiving a $10 bonus card. The $50 ecard arrived with no problem, but the $10 bonus card is MIA. Will customer service help?

  205. Very disappointed that barbecue chicken Mac and cheese was removed from menu. The broccoli Mac and cheese is not nearly as good.

  206. Take out order today items missing. That never usually happens.
    I am missing 2 French banquets that I was so looking forward to eating with my delicious soup.
    Oh well, from now on I will have to check my order before I leave.

  207. I ordered 2 mac and cheeses and 2 sandwiches in the store yesterday and the mac and cheese and they put broccoli in both when i specifically asked for no broccoli because i’m allergic. This was sad because I don’t get to eat out much and panera is a splurge for me. i don’t mean to be a bother and i didn’t want to send this but that was all my extra money for the weekend and i could not even eat the food. i’m sorry again for complaining but it just doesn’t feel right to me

  208. I ordered the chicken salad sandwich and where is the chicken salad at? There was hardly anything on it but tomato, lettuce and some salad stuff with no chicken!

  209. I want to make a suggestion. Your Hoover Alabama Highway 150 location screams orders out from kitchen. They literally yell all day long. It’s yelling at top of lungs into dinning area. This is anything but peaceful dining.
    I would encourage another means of notifying customers their orders are ready such as text msg. Screaming and yelling is annoying. Their yelling echo across dining area. It’s terrible customer service.

  210. I placed an order of 6 bagels for our Quarantine Holiday Breakfast on Christmas Eve about 4:15 p.m. The bagels were hard an unable to be eaten on Christmas morning at 9 am. I spoke with a very off putting Alleged District Manager by the name of Zak. He offered me a $2.00 credit. He also refused to allow me access to the contact information for his boss. I feel his offer and manner of handling me were the result of race. It’s unacceptable!

  211. Hi. I don’t know if this is the right place I should contact or not. I had problems a couple of weeks ago with being charged two times for an order and it was taken care of but now it has happened again and there is a charge for Dec 24 that I did not make. I should owe one charge of $16.82, not two and no charge of $10.04. Can you please check on this for me? Thank you for any help!


  212. Visited on December 29th at Stow, Ohio. Asked why both of them who had management badges on why they were not wearing hair restraints when making sandwiches and dishing up soups. I myself have been in food service management for over 40 years and have a current ServSafe license. I was told, “ management does not make us do it”. A very poor example to a worker who was a few feet from them. Also, I am sure a health inspector from Summit County would have written up a violation. Makes me wonder if more important food handling practices are being followed in the back of the house. Thank you for listening.

  213. Order number #517824873
    Ordered delivery and only got half my order no baguette or yogurt. Would like a refund.

  214. Walked into my favorite Oanera with my 6 and 10 year old and was disgusted with how dirty it was. It was 5pm, empty and we couldn’t find a place to sit because although the restaurant was empty and we had our choice of seating. Every booth was dirty, we went to a clean table and the chairs were dirty as well. I asked a staff member if they could possibly clean off a table and she asked which table we wanted cleaned. She cleaned the table that my kids pointed to and apologized that they are really busy, however, there were maybe 2 or 3 other people in the entire restaurant. Very disappointed since this is our favorite go to place. Will not be returning any time soon.

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