Contact Pandora Radio Customer Service

Contacting Pandora Radio Customer Service Center

Contacting Pandora Radio Customer Service Center

Pandora Radio is an Internet radio service that entered the marketplace in 2000. The company is unique in the fact it collects data from song choices and allows customers to create stations. The process in which Pandora Radio uses to generate songs is the Music Genome Project. This process analyzes more than 400 characteristics of the songs. Pandora is available for free as well as on a monthly subscription basis. The free service includes advertisements and limits the amount of time you can change the song. The subscription service do not include advertisements and offers unlimited skipping of songs. In the event you need assistance with your account, you have the opportunity to connect with the customer service team by phone, email, traditional mail or through social media.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

There is no information listed on the website stating the hours of operation. We can only assume the business hours are Monday through Friday.

  • Customer Service: 1-510-451-4100
  • Fax: 1-510-451-4286

Mailing Address

Pandora Radio2101 Webster Street16th FloorOakland, CA 94612


Pandora Radio3000 Ocean Park Blvd.Suite 3050Santa Monica, CA 90405


Pandora RadioTribune Tower435 North Michigan Avenue21st FloorChicago, IL 60611


Pandora Radio19 Union Square West10th FloorNew York, NY 10003


Pandora Radio271 17th StreetSuite 1520Atlanta, GA 30363


Pandora Radio1717 McKinney Ave.Suite 830Dallas, TX 75202


Pandora Radio380 N Old Woodward Ave.Suite 100Birmingham, MI 48009

Official Website

Customers visiting the official Pandora Radio website will need to create a new account or sign into their existing account. After signing into your account, you have the ability to check your existing music feed, create a new station, add variety to a station as well as purchase the song through iTunes.

Social Media

Customers have the ability to use social media to their advantage. In the event you attempt to connect with the customer, service team and do not receive a response, contact a representative through social media. The average response time was less than 60 minutes. There were several cases where the customer service department asked customers to send private messages in order to resolve conflicts.

Customer Service Email

We sent a message to the customer service department asking for information on giving Pandora Radio as a gift. After we sent our message, we received an automated response stating a customer care agent would respond within 24 hours.

Our Experience

If you want to connect with a live agent, you may want to visit one of the locations. A clear message on the hotline stated Pandora Radio does not offer telephone support. The hotline gave information where to find information, but not live customer care agent. The overall experience was not ideal. Can you say something better about Pandora Radio customer service?> Share your thoughts with us below.

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75 Comments on “Contact Pandora Radio Customer Service
  1. Love you. cryng because I inadvertantly deleted your two recent e-mail. re adding Roy Acuff to my Hank Williamns radio. and timely
    your St. Patrick Day music e-mail has awesome jigs and can’t find the same selectin that was in your e-mail.
    Happy St. Patrick’s Day.

  2. My experience with Pandora has been terrible. No easy access to a customer service number, poor quality connection, and music is interrupted all the time.

    Don’t do it.

  3. l can not log in to start my music. Please correct this or stop charging me. l am not a new customer My email address has not changed but it will not accept it
    Judy Pheney

  4. I had $15 when i asked for your commercial free upgrade I hadn’t made any purchases since but when I checked my account I only had $6 it seems I’ve been over charged $4 let’s fix this ASAP thanks

  5. I really enjoy my selected Stations. As an example Band of OZ. However you guys only play one or two of Band of Oz’s worse songs and the SAME songs everyday I listen to you at my work. The same songs. Never good songs by OZ like First Impressions, Too Hot to Handle, Lady Soul, Ocean, etc. If I pay you would you play different and GOOD songs to the Stations I select? Thank you, I swear by you guys and tell my friends, but…..different and good songs on the stations I select-PLEASE. Bill

  6. I am trying to find a password for pandora can you help me with this?is this a free music service?please email me back here soon it would be greatly appreciated.alyssa manning

  7. Crooks! Tried the trial & went ahead and paid for a year on 4-20-15. 54.89. Today 4-24-15 I’m charged 5.38 for a month. Why?? No humans in customer service to talk to about this , and to reverse it. I would caution using credit/debit with theses crooks

  8. Pandora is great or was.. have taken payments out twice in last week.. music shuts off early and don’t finish song.. when 1st payment paid was to get a free week, big joke.. then week later another payment was taken… why..

  9. You all are taking money from my bank account. I have contacted Pandora in reference to Pandora one. I purchased it and commercials continue to still play. I have asked for assistance about this numerous times. As I read, I see that previous users have the same issue. Either this issue gets resolved or legal steps will be taken.

  10. have Pandora installed on smart phone / with android but tried to get on with my Samsung tablet/ with android also using same info. and U folks did not work. Would like to use both using same ID. What gives????? Brian King

  11. it should not be this hard to talk to someone I can’t even see if I have a bill due or my Pandora isn’t working in the jeep

  12. Hello, I pay for Pandora One, however; I constantly receive the error message, “We’ve encountered an error. Sorry, it’s our fault. Please click ‘reload’ to continue listening.” This is happening so frequently that I am finding myself unable to listen to the music at all. What can I do to receive the continuous stream of music that I pay for?

  13. How does one find the lyrics?? I’ve tried it all. If Pandora users cannot access the lyrics, this shld change ASAP!! I REALLY ENJOY PANDORA WLD RATE A 5 IF LYRICS WERE AN IPTION. THANKS

  14. I Sandra Poe would like to cancel my Subscription as of today. I am being charged for something that i have been trying to cancel. Thank you

  15. Do not purchase the Pandora equipment package because it does not work. cannot reach Pandora customer service except someone for over seas. He kept saying hello and hung up. What a rip off

  16. your password reset procedures are the worse because when you ask it to send a link, you never get the email

  17. Hi I’m Renee, I only listen to your station you guys are the best BUT— I no longer have a Facebook account and my phone tells me that I have to sign in through FB. I pay every month and want to continue but not through FB. What do I do? Thank you Renee Morrow

  18. My pandora account keep telling me someone else is listening to my account and I can’t listen to it so I log who ever it is out I change my password and it’s still telling me the same thing.please block them

  19. I just want what I pay for, I upgraded to Premium and still get the Skip Excceded Message. A gentleman named Josh is supposed to be helping, but as I live on the East Coast the timing is a major problem. I can’t get satisfactory customer service. I need help and not via e-mail as I am not tech savvy. Please call!

  20. Will contact legal counsel in 48 hrs of you fail to give me my 4.99 you stole!!! Respond or reap the results….
    You crooks!!!! Better business bureau will be contacted in 24 hrs ….try me 4.99 credit now!!!!!

  21. I’ve been a subscriber and was paying 4. 99 for my subscription I woo
    Would like to know how I lost my subscription

  22. How did I loses my subscription I have had for a year or more it’s a 4.99 subspcirtion I had to change my card number because it became out of date I was paying through Google pay


  24. Ok I love Pandora and I love it because I’m a music freak and Pandora is what I need but lately whenever I hit one of my stations sometimes a song comes on and it says buffering but then I look back on it to check on it and another song is on and it skips without me hitting the skip button and it’s getting really annoying

  25. I am a teacher and I play classical music on Pandora to keep my students calm and quiet. The ads are annoying anyway because they just blurt out louder than the music. Today I was listening to “Hallelujah” and all of a sudden a commercial started talking about a couple together. Then went on to explain – in detail – Trojan condoms. REALLY?? How can I play this in my classroom? Totally inappropriate. I am very disappointed.

  26. A few days ago I went to my Pandora app on my mobile phone. It looked different, but I clicked on Proceed, or something to that effect. All of a sudden it says that I subscribed to Pandora Premium. If I clicked on something that made me a subscriber of Pandora Premium it was in error, and I had no intention of doing so. Please let me know ASAP what I need to do to correct this oversight, as I do not wish to be billed for Pandora Premium. Thank you very much.

  27. What customer service??? I emailed my problem and received no response. I signed up for plus and still do not have unlimited skips and I still get ads. Why??? A no phone support system sucks.

  28. After I logged off my Pandora Premium Account, then I was interrupted with an ad which was unusual. I am paying to not have ads. I really enjoy my Pandora, but NOT the annoying ads.

  29. Dan Fogelberg Radio……I would expect a lot of Dan Fogelberg…..instead I get more damn Beatles than anything else. I CAN’T STAND THEM! And when i give a thumbs down, some BS about it has to play on. Then there’s songs by the Beatles Seperately! I didn’t chose a Beatles station.

  30. I can’t get into my pandora radio account because I forgot my password to my gmail an pandora an I cant change my password because I cant get into my gmail an i didnt get a chance to put my number on my pandora account so please help me out

  31. I enjoy Pandora to listen to comedian sets. Recently, when I select a certain comedian, I will hear other comedians and not one of the one I select. What’s up with that? It makes me not listen to Pandora much any more.

  32. I love to listen to classic country music. Why, when a person listens to country music must he listen to rap commercials? I’m very sure your system is smart enough to block that crap from stations where you know it can’t be appreciated. I mute it anyway, f I can. Play a commercial that might sell. Better for your business,

  33. I listen to Southern Gospel radio all the time but you have not played any songs by The Florida Boys on the Ultimate album and I miss that. I also like Legacy Five.

  34. Stop the negative Knute Buehler ads EVERY TIME it goes to commercial! Political ads are bad enough, but this seems very unfairly slanted…
    I will never pay for this station now that I know you are politically motivated…Not what I want.

  35. I was enjoying good music from Pandora when a commercial came on politically bashing the Democrats. Let’s keep this site classy please and stop political ads.

  36. I have a steely Dan channel I use quite frequently but instead of Dan I get everything but. The tunes are ok but it’s not what I am here for. Why create an account for a certain artist and not play that artist? Certainly pandora can do better than that and improve. Very disappointed.

  37. I recently had my identity stolen which resulted in me obtaining a new credit card which is set up for auto pay to Pandora or I might have set it up through Pay Pal
    I am not getting Pandora on my phone-575-455-0649
    please advise

  38. I recently was charge for Pandora Service, I didn’t want be charge for this service. I tried cancel it and thought it went though. I would like a refund Please.

  39. I can’t figure out how to cancel my Pandora premium trial on my Chromebook. If someone could help me, it would be very much appreciated! 🙂

  40. I enjoy Pandora very much. But, there are artists in the folk genre that are missing. In particular Ian and Sylvia as well as Stan Rogers don t get any play time. Another pair of Canadians is Teal and Joyce that doesn’t get time. All are Canadian artists. Gordon Lightfoot seems to get tons of air time – love his music but others deserve time as well.

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