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Contacting Pampers Customer Service Center

Pampers is a diaper company operating under the Procter and Gamble corporate umbrella. The product line is higher-end than other diaper brands like White Cloud or Luvs, which means higher cost. There is some debate about whether higher cost diapers are more effective than more affordable brands. The choice of diaper brand tends to be personal with some parents just preferring one brand to another.

to leave a comment about your customer service experience.

Contact Info:

The contact information provided on the Pampers customer service page is pretty detailed. Click the Contact Us link at the bottom of the page for a complete list of current means to contact an agent.

Phone Contact Numbers

The Pampers customer service center is open Monday to Friday from 8 AM to 8 PM ET.

  • Pampers Phone Number: 1-800-726-7377
  • Gifts to Grow: 1-866-661-0671
  • Corporate: 1-513-983-1100
  • Medical Emergencies: 1-513-636-5117

Mailing Address

There is no official address for the Pampers customer service department, but you can contact Procter and Gamble corporate with all your compliments and complaints.

Procter and GambleAttn: Pampers Customer ServiceOne Procter and Gamble PlazaCincinnati, OH 45202

Official Website

The Pampers website, located at, is dedicated to the consumer who wants to learn more about diapers, baby and normal growth, play and activity. The site is nothing more than a collection of product descriptions, articles on parenting for all stages of childhood and information on the Gifts to Grow program.

Social Media

Head over to your favorite social media website for up-to-date news and offers from Pampers. If you have an account on the social media site you can log in and contact Pampers customer service.

Customer Service Email

You can contact Pampers customer service by email, but you can also contact community members using the online forum.

If you have a question about a lawsuit or financial issue, call Pampers customer service during office hours to find out current information or talk with an agent about a refund request.

Our Experience

Pampers customer service is only open Monday to Friday, so you cannot call on the weekends. If you call after hours you will be given an emergency number, which we’ve listed above, and a short message about the office being closed. The Gifts to Grow and corporate office are also closed on the weekends, so consumers who need to talk with a representative will have to make time during the weekdays.

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355 Comments on “Contact Pampers Customer Service
  1. I bought a box of size 2 pampers. I’m not sure which brand of pampers they are but they hVe cookie monster Grover and Elmo on them. They also do not have the line that shows if they are wet. I’m very disappointed because they are defective. The right side of the diaper, when you open it up, sticks together and will not come apart unless you side your finger under it and then it rips. I tired to return them, but because I didn’t have the box the store couldn’t help me. I’d like my money back because I’m not satisfied with this product. Pampers are expensive and I expect them to be top notch when I purchase them. Please contact me to rectify this situation. I will send a picture if you need. Thank you

    • I also bought a box of what was suposed to me size 3 Pampers Diapers. When I brought home the box and opened them, I noticed they were a size 2, they had no wet indicator strip and they lining in the diaper was missing. I tried to put them on my little one as I spend almost 50$ on the box and walmart would not return them. They didnt hold anything at all. my lo soaked the whole diaper after one pee.
      I am very disapointed as this isnt my first issue with Pampers diapers. Please contact me about this matter.

      • I bought a box of pampers size 2 and the tabs are coming off. Never had this problem before and usually love Pampers.

    • I’ve been buying pampers since my son was born 1 1/2 years ago.. Well lately I’ve been useing swaddlers, baby dry and the overnight ones. I guess I have two problems… The first is my son is peeing right through the diapers. I’m not sure what I should do. Second is today I brought a box of the overnight diapers and it seems like they package it wrong because they feel and look like the baby dry ones. Not what I wanted. Please get back to me ASAP… Thank u

    • I recently purchased a large box of Pampers Baby Dry size 4 from Tescos and so far 6 of the side sticky flaps have torn off making the diaper unusable..
      My son is now one and I have been using baby dry’s since birth. While I tried several diaper brands the first month, but went with Pampers and recommend them to all my friends/family. However, I am very disappointed. I still have the nappies and photos of the nappies, if you should need them. I look forward to hearing from you.

    • I have had the same thing happen to me. I bought the pampers size five. The right side stick then rips when I try to open it. And on top of it all they made my daughter brake out in a horrible rash.

  2. I am very so very disappointed in the quality pampers have now a days I bought a bag of pampers Gold nappies and the sticking on the pampers always come loose I never had a problem with this before and by this ways of quality pampers is making me driven to support other brands which I never done pampers was my number one brand.I never wanted to believe what the media said about it until I came across the same..I would like to know what can I do the jumbo pack is still full because I only took out 3 nappies and all three nappies is either the stickers comes off or the quality is bad by each minute my child urinate he makes his whole clothing wet..I will be waiting on your. Response

    Your faithfully
    Concern parent and greaT consumer of pampers

  3. Dear sir. I would like find out about pempers nappy. purchasing as a wholsale , pls looking forward ur reply. 07737595622. Thanks zayan

  4. Hi I have 2 kids one age 5 and the other age 7 months. I have been using pampers for my 5 year old until he was 2 years old I have neva had a problem with pampers I can keep him with 1 diaper for the day and his bum use to be dry and the diaper neva hanged but it use to be full u can feel da weight of the diaper as well as for my 7 month old I have been using pampers for her from the day she was born I had no problem its jus this months pack of diapers I am using lyk 7-8 diapers a day because wen she makes pee 1 tym her whole diaper swells and hangs. I am very dis satisfied because I neva had this problem with pampers before.

  5. I recently bought a large box of Pampers and have discovered that they are defective. The velcro tab on the right side does not appear to have been glued on well – they do not stick when I fasten the diaper and I have had to throw out at least ten of the diapers because they will not stay on. This is a box of Swaddlers, size 3. I no longer have the box, but the bag the diapers are in has a code on it. I have long been a loyal P&G customer. This is the first time I have been disappointed in one of Procter’s products, but the product is definitely faulty.

    • I always buy pampers buy have been having issues bought the mega box baby wears size 4 has it on not to long everything is wet not fair what crap is this so disappointed

  6. Your sleep and play nappies are leaking and the gel is coming out. Can someone make contact with me please. I am upset about this

  7. I bought pampers cruisers recently size 6. I was using huggies but found pampers more affordable and like the powder smell:) and quality, has anyone had tabs rip off when putting diaper on baby? anyhow is there a policy on this? are they faulty? am i able to get some free diapers? more then one has ripped:( I contacted via email, no response yet should i call?

  8. Hello, I think I have to report the following accident so you know that your nappies could be improve even further: my 10 months old baby was found in the morning cover with bits of gel sticking everywhere from toes to hair. A few days before, a friend of mine was telling me the story of her child putting the nappy in the washing machine, and finding all her laundry and washing machine filled with gel coming from the inside of the nappy. So when I saw my baby, at least I knew where this gel was coming from. But I reckon a nappy shouldn’t burst during the night! My baby is rather a slim baby (8kgs) and I was using the size 4. I’ve heard of nappies leaking more than once, but never of nappies loosing their contents! No need to tell you that the gel was a nightmare to peal of her body, clothes and bed sheets, falling even onto the carpet… Such a shame as I was starting to believe that Pampers was better than other brands!! Hopefully, it won’t happen again. Regards, Jeanne

  9. Bought 2 pkts of Pampers for my grandchild, the worst quality i have ever come across, no elasticity in the diaper on the top by the waist, making it very loose and flimsy. The strips feel like they not going to reseal. Francious the worst person to speak to, doesnt even bother to call you back. Asked for a sample pack before we bought the product and was told they dont offer sample packs. So much for a well known Company. They not calculating how much money i would spend for the next 18-24months on Pampers if they listen to customer needs and complaints and follow up on all the concerns raised. So i guess your baby’s comfort is not there priority. Wonder if anyone will bother to contact us. Lets see Proctor & Gamble.

  10. I recently just bought a large box of size 2 pampers i go to open it an there were no size 2 it was newborn the box even says size 2 i had no money to buy more so i got stuck using small dipars because they were the wrong size i tryed to return then for a different box but i have no recpit im very upset about this

  11. Tonight at 22h00 I had to change my 4 month old baby into new dry clothes because he was soaking wet!! The normal pampers didn’t even last 4 hours, then I bought Pampers Premium. But 4h00 in the morning my son wakes up soaking wet and then he is completely awake because of it! The pampers website suggested that I use a bigger size, which I did and still my baby wakes up soaking wet through the night. I don’t mind paying extra for nappies but then I expect quality! Because of pampers my poor baby’s sleep is being disturbed!! Pampers should be ashamed that they vant deliver on their promise to keep your baby dry. I will never suggest pampers to anyone, because it is pathetic that I have to pay so much for such poor quality!! Pampers should seriously re-evaluate the quality of their nappies!!
    I’m past upset!

  12. I have been using pampers from the time my son was born and now he is 7 months old and from last month i have been having problems with the boxes i have been buying from the games stores,the velcros are reject and some are damaged,baby only sleeps 2 times in a month without wetting the cot,the diapers are not lasting even 6 hours how is that when i taught pampers is the best and what happen to 12 hours dryness.

  13. I have a complaint, I’ve been using pamper since 2007 for my first born but now the quality is not the same. I always buy pamper ECONOMY box but some of them don’t have that strip to fusen the nappy and the does not hold the urine anymore everymoring my Son wakes up wet with a busted nappy.

    Please forward an email when I can log a complain

    • I Mrs Pat Naidoo, take care of my grandson who is 11months old . I use no. 4 pampers and every time he passes stools it comes out through the diaper and messes he’s clothes. Not as advertise about leakage and I am very disappointed with the diapers. I would really appreciated a feedback

      Kind regards
      Pat Naidoo

  14. I have been using pampers for many years but recently have been very unhappy. For the last 4 months my son has been in size 2 pampers cruisers, it never fails, every box I buy, there are size 1 diapers mixed within the size 2 diapers, which I cannot use because they are too small. It is wasting money because I am not receiving the amount of diapers I am paying for. I am thinking about switching brands due to this happening EVERY time I buy a box. How does this happen, and how about refunding me the diapers I am owed!

  15. What chemical has recently been added or what has changed in your pampers?? We have used only pampers on our children and suddeny my third born has developed a serious chemical burn on her bottom. I have never expirenced such a horrible reaction. At first I thought it was a diaper rash so I was keeping her clean and dry by changing her diaper more. It seemed to get worse and worse for two weeks untill I realized it was the diapers causing her skin to become very inflamed and eventualy peel off. Our family has purchased only pampers since our first daughter was born in 2007, so continually for over 6 and a half YEARS we have spent our presious money on your product that works out to be at least $45 a month a year $540 so for 6 and a half years that works out to be $3510. That is a rediculous amount of money to us to only be burned litterally! Whats even worse is the exact chemical used making pampers is not listed. So my baby has to just suffer untill it gets better on its own. I wish I could return the other half of the huge box I have remaining because I certainly will not give them to another child so they get burned. So dissapointed, Karen

  16. Hello
    I have used Pampers most of the time for all of my children, but recently I have had issues with the tabs ripping off while I am diapering my youngest. This causes the diaper to no lo her be use able as it will not be able to fasten. The worst was a pack of 26 cruisers were the tabs came off of 6 of the diapers. I normally use the 12 hour protection diapers but thought I would give the cruisers a try. Never again. Also this has happened on occasion with the 12 hour protection diapers.
    Not sure what I will do, but having diapers that are of no use is costly.

  17. we bought a box of pampers active baby size 6 and ever since the first nappy my baby pants have been wet even the littlest of urine leaks through so im not to sure if its a default or if thats the quility of the pampers size 6 nappies please respond back

  18. Hi I am very dissapointed in the pampers premium care newborn and baby that is 2 months old, every time she urinates her whole clothing get wet and trust me its not because the diaper is left on too long this is a 10 minute job that I have to see to everyday I am realy highly upset and dissapointed, is there anyway you people can assist me. Thank you Samantha

  19. I bought some pampers bottles from Wal-Mart and within a month all the paint for the oz marks is gone they were nice for the month or so that they lasted but expected higher quality

  20. I wanted to bring attention that I recently purchased a value pack of Pampers Baby Dry size 2 from Babies R US and so far 8 of the side sticky flaps have torn off making the diaper unusable.. my daughter will be turning 5 months in 2 weeks and I have been using baby dry’s since birth. While I tried several diaper brands the first month, I fell in love with Pampers and recommend them to all my girlfriends. However, I am very disappointed with this pack. Hope this will not happen anymore within this pack and hopefully not with any others.
    Thank you for your time.
    A dissapointed customer

  21. I wanted to share an experience I recently had using your product and the disappointment I had in the quality control. I purchased an economy pack of size one diapers as I had used your product in the newborn size and loved the wetness indicator. I noticed after several uses that the indicator was not working. After further inspecting i realized it was printed or manufactured on the back side of the diaper, not the front where it is actually needed. Not only was one pack like that but all three, Quit a disappointment,. Also you ask for date of birth here on your website but the year doesn’t go past 2005… Think that should be updated.
    disappointed customer

  22. Pampers r a joke. Aldi and lidil r better and cheaper.u can’t get through to any of the 400 coustomer numbers.a rip off no even filling in the nappies.

  23. I bought 2 huge boxes of Pampers Baby Dry Diapers Size 4 Economy Pack Plus 192 Count. I opened both boxes to put the diapers away therefore can’t return either of them. When I changed my daughter after a nap the entire side seam of the diaper had come apart and the material inside the diaper was on my child’s skin. I have pictures but can’t upload them to this page. I am very upset and concerned after this incident. I do not know what harmful chemicals my child was exposed to and obviously do not want to run the risk of a reoccurrence. Additionally I wasted a lot of money on defective diapers that can’t be returned. Please contact me in regards to the chemicals used within the diapers and their effect on skin as well as how pampers will rectify this situation. Thank you.

  24. i bought a box of pampers baby dry dipaers and they were leacking dye or something im not very happy with what happened since my daughter already has medical problems last thing i need is for this stuff to make her worse… i throw the box of diappers away becuase i wasnt going to use them on her again but that is money wasted down the drain that i dont have now. PLEASE fix this problem …

  25. I always thaught pampers was the best but I have been having problems with the sleep and play number 5 baby is wet after an hour .

  26. I went with my daughter-in-law to exchange pampers at Target for a larger size. I had bought her several boxes before the baby was born, as had other family and friends. However, apparently we had two boxes that were not bought at Target and they would not exchange them. Trudged over to Toys R us, waited in a long line, again, to be told the same thing. We have no idea where the diapers were bought. So what are we supposed to do now. Guess we will try Walmart. I guess I haven’t had to return something in a long time as I had no idea the policy had so changed. Very frustrating! And, of course, with all the instant media, complaints have gone out quickly. We are recommending diapers be bought one box at a time, and please no Pampers for gifts! Being stuck with $80 worth of diapers the bbaby no longer fits is unacceptable, especially as they are on a budgeted income. Suggestion?

  27. My son has had a rash on his waist line for the past month and a half. I took him to the first doctor a month ago who could not specify the reasoning for the rash and concluded that it could perhaps be an irregularity in his body. The doctor then gave my son medication which should have taken the rash away however a month has passed and the rash is still persistent. i took my son back to the doctor who examined him and concluded that due to the fact that the medication is not working and that the rash is only in the waist area that it could be the nappies that is causing the rash.I called the pampers customer care line to address the problem however my complaint was not even acknowledged,the consultant said that i should go back to the doctor at my own expense and run tests on my son before they can acknowledge my complaint and in the interim there is nothing that can be done. i requested to speak to her manager and a reference for the call and she said non is available shortly after she dropped the line while i was still speaking. I have been using pampers from the time my son was born and he is now 1 year 5 months i cant believe that customer receive this kind of treatment.My son was using size 6 and the consultants name is Thembisa Nzanze,my call was at 09:20 on the 13/12/2013.

    • I wrote a review on the 13 December 2013 to complain about the product as well as the bad customer service i received from the call center. We are now full into the new year and i have recieved no even a phone call as acknowledgement of my complaint, so im left feeling like its of no importance. I am astonished but this unproffessionalism at each turn I take.

  28. We bought a box of size 3 swaddlers. I noticed black splotches inside the diapers on the waist band and the inner pad. I don’t know if the splotches are mold or ink? there are no signs of water damage on the box and the bags are sealed. please explain what is going on?

  29. Your products are great but too expensive.Do you think we can get some free samples???We use a size 6 right now.Thank you very much in advance.

  30. I am noticing that my baby has chemical burns and we are very consistent n careful not to leave diaper long but still she burns. Pampers Premium 4 is disappointing me.

  31. Good day. I have used pampers with my daughter so when i had my son that was my first choice as my son gets a rash from another brand. Pampers is expensive so obviously one expects quality. With each nappy change my baby has the gel on his buttocks as well as between his legs. I examined the nappy but there no sign as to why this is happening. It seems this only happens when the nappy is wet. Even after just one pee and i know that cant be right. I’ve tried returning it to the store but was told to lay a complaint on your site as the bags was opened. Unfortunately i cant buy another bag. Imagine waking from a nights rest only to find your bed covered in gel. Please contact me urgently

    • I too have issues with Pampers and returning an opened bag. I hope they will do something about this because I am debating on filing a complaint with BBB. I have a picture to prove the mess it caused us. There were this huge puddle that the diaper did not soak up. This is sad.

  32. Good Day

    I am so disappointed in the quality of the pampers nappies..I bought a pack of pampers nappies for my 3 month baby. just to come across that a few of the nappies in the pack has no lactic in it,leaving my baby socking wet after she wets herself. A nappy is suppose to leave my baby dry to leave everything socking wet…I have been using pampers for a very long time I trust the brand..but after this it leaves me very concerned as a parent

    From Charlene Concerned parent.

  33. so what is their email address? IE6 dosen’t work with ther browser.
    I was trying to get a sample to see if my daughter could use it.

    but the browser just locks up. I can’t update my 2002 computer nor buy a new one as I’m on a fixed income.
    (Blough rhymes with how)

  34. I LOVE this product! It gives great protection, at a really great price! Even overnight, when my son’s diaper is full, it never leaks! It is honestly the best brand of diapers I have ever used. There are always great coupons for them, and I love the sensitive collection. They are the only brand i’ll ever use!!

  35. I have 4 children under the age of 4 who either use pampers diapers or pampers easy ups. Since they were all born pampers have been my number one choice for diapers, but lately I’m completely unsatisfied with your diapers! I use pampers swaddlers on my two youngest and the last 2 packs I’ve bought have been defective I’ve never had this problem until lately but the tabs keep falling off or they just don’t want to come apart. After the first 2 diapers I was completely annoyed because like I said I have 4 children and as any mother knows diapers are expensive! I’ve had to throw away more diapers from the tabs falling off then actually being able to put them on my babies! I would greatly appreciative if someone could contact me about this matter

  36. Hi i m very disaapointed with your product since my son was born i ve been using pampers for him lately i m no longer happy with ur products the last two packs of nappies dnt last for two hours before it gets full its already torn and those little things inside i dnt wat you call them they are like gels they come out and i m totally unhappy.

  37. Good day.We used pampers with my first born and now with my second born also but now I’m not happy.All the nappies we were using now is there in the pack more then 3 that is duts we don’t now wat to do about it so please if there is somebody that kan awser me or mail me to tel me wat I stand to do

  38. I purchased pamper diapers for all six of my kids and never had a problem. I purchased a box of size 6 diapers and none of diapers had the elastic strap. Im a single mother and cant afford to lose out on a whole box of diapers. Walmart said they were unable to return the box because it was opened. Honestly im very disappointed.

  39. I am one angry and disapointed mother since 2012 I have use pampers but recently my child develop rash ans so badly burn on his skin when you compare some pampers they don’t even have the same name of pampers on it and logo Please can someone phone me on your product I am not happy and pick up serious problems with your product on my baby skin the diapers I brought state its pampers but comparing it to another pamper diaper its not even the same and cause lots of rash and skin decease on my baby skin I want an explanation and assistanc

  40. During the ASDA baby event I bought 5 boxes of sensitive nappies. I am so disappointed with the quality it leaks through every time. I called the customer services and they told me they will send me some vouches to replace the nappies I have used however, it’s been 4 weeks and I haven’t received anything. If people are purchasing an expensive brand of nappies then they naturally expect the nappies to have good absorbance. Very disappointed

  41. I have been unhappy with your diapers lately and I have had to switch to huggies. I still use your wipes and I am disappointed that typing in the codes for rewards is not working after I have spend so much time trying to get it to work. The codes are not expired however they are hard to read but I still spent the time to try and type it is ever which way.

  42. I’m very disapointed wit pampers my baby is 6momth old n I use sleep n play diapers 4 n da pee wet her clothes n da stickers are cum out pampers are nt cheap

  43. I have beenusing Pampers Swaddlers pretty much exclusively send my baby was born in December. I love these diapers. Although I’m sad to saythat my baby is close to out growing size 2 and I notice size 3 does not have the wet detector stripe. Why is it that it stops at size 2? I love the wet detector strip it really helps when my husband and daughter check my sons diaper because they’re not very good at checking it the usual way.

  44. I Have Tried Many Products None SeeM To Be Working.For My Little One I Have Bought 2 Different Kind Of Pampers But They Gave Him A Bad Rash On Legs And Sides . I Used Pampers Swaddlers At Birth They Worked Great But I Don’t Want To Spend 50$ On Diapers When The Past Month I Done Spent Almost 100$ On Your Product. I Would Appreciate A Reply From Pamper. Thank you

  45. Your overnight diapers are amazing! My 9 month old daughter had a problem with wetting the bed at night. We tried alot of other overnight diapers from many different brands but nothing seemed to hold until we tried Pampers. We our hooked on all of your products!

  46. I’ve recently purchased a box of baby wipes and they did not have the peel off tag which easily dried up my wipes. It was definitely an inconvenience as I had to either use a pair of scissors or hand to pry open the package of wipes. If you can look into this matter that would be greatly appreciated.

  47. The wipes I’ve purchased do not have a peel off tag. This was an issue as the wipes easily dried up often. Is this considered to be a defective box of baby wipes? Please let me know.

  48. I recently bought a box of size 1 swaddlers supposedly containing 35 diapers as advertised on the package. I was using these diapers to make mini diaper centerpieces for a baby shower for my son and daughter-in-law’s first child. Imagine my disappointment when I counted the diapers, only to discover there were only 33. I know that’s only 2 short but 2 missing in every package can add up quickly. I have always used and recommended Pampers products so I am hopeful that they will address my concern and rectify the issue.

  49. I have had issues before where the tab comes away from the nappy when trying to fasten, but only once in a while. However, the latest pack I bought I have had 3 so far. I am using the Pampers Baby Dry 4+ range.
    I’m unhappy at having so many unusable nappies in one pack.
    I look forward to hearing from you.

  50. I have used pampers since my oldest child was born in 1999. I’m on my third child and have had no problems until now. The tabs keep coming off on right side…so that diaper has to be thrown away. Pampers cost to much to toss out 1/4 of the box. Also this is my first son but he often wakes up with wet clothes so I have moved up a size but it is.still happening and size 6 big as you go. He just turned 2 and is not ready to potty train so I dnt kno what to do about going up a any more as he continues to grow. Sorry quality has gone down dramatically

  51. i just wanted to let you guys know what a wounderful diaper pamper are they are the only kind my child can use. but they are expencive excpecial with a min wsage job… i was just wounder if the was some kind of way i could get weekley coupons

  52. I don’t suspect there are many people out there that uses Pampers. If I could upload a picture to prove what I am about to post I would. My baby girl was only 4 days old and all we had with us were used cloth diapers one pack of Pampers. We opened and used one because we were out of cloth. Well it was minutes because we were packing up car to go see parents. There was this huge puddle underneath our baby and car seat, we were for sure the dogs pead there. Well then we remembered the dog was outside. We checked the diaper and it was wet but it was so cheap that it soaked nothing up. Again there was literally a puddle underneath her. Since the pack was opened we cannot return it. If I knew someone that used them I would give them to them for free. Anyways I do not suggest anyone to go but Pampers.

  53. Just bought a huge box of pampers swaddlers ! About 10 times as I was changing babies diaper the tabs come off:( having twins im really not liking to waste a clean diaper

  54. Very disappointed bought a box just yesterday the size 4, with cookie monster and Elmo on them. My husband was the first to put one on our son. The tab ripped off I thought he maybe was a little ruff. I tried 5 in a row and each one the tab ripped off. I bought them at Walmart full price. I think I’ll go back to Huggies. Thank you very much.

  55. Good day
    I truly hope that you guys at Pampers can assist me, my baby sister (32) is expecting her first baby after years of trying, if there is anyone on this planet that deserve to have a child it is her, she always have an open helping hand, she is a hardworking nurse always on her feet and still helping outside her work environment, Barbara has the most contagious smile and laugh, I would love to give her and the baby something great just to show how special she is in our lives and how we are so looking forward to the new addition to our family, unfortunately I do not have the funds at this stage to get her something special, that is why I am writing to you for much needed help please if you could maybe see a way to assist me with a Pampers gift for her and the baby boy who is on his way on the 27th October 2014, there is so many things she still needs for the baby and I thought If you could assist us with the Pampers in the first month that she would not have to buy them in the beginning and will leave her with some extra cash to spend on a stroller or a car seat for example, I really don’t want her to settle for second best because of her tight budget, and this gesture will definitely make a huge difference in the first month.
    I really appreciate that you took the time in reading my letter; I am also looking forward to your reply and hope that you could help me make this dream come true for her and her baby boy.

    Best Regards
    Kari Vorster

  56. Good morningIve changed from huggies to pampers active baby and though I have found that pampers is a much better nappy Ihave had promblems with it nothing terrible like I had with huggies but recently had gel leaking from nappy.that my baby is covered in the wet gel crystals. This is the fourth time this has happened and I change baby every 4 hours and immeadetly when he wakes up in the morning.

  57. I purchased a case of pampers 12 hour dry size 1 diapers for my daughter, not only did they not keep her dry for 12 hours but she leaked out the top back of the diapers after only and hour. I had to use the entire case of diapers that she leaked out of almost all of them. Not only pee all over the place but poop too. I will not be buying any pampers diapers for her in the future.

  58. I bought 2 huge boxes of Pampers Baby Dry Diapers For My NewBorn Economy Pack Plus 192 Count,pne of the side seam of the diaper had come apart and the material inside the diaper was on my child’s skin. im very disappointed i never hade this problem with pampers ive been using these with all my newborns Please contact me urgently

  59. I bought two boxes of pampers nappies new baby size two but when I opened the packets half of them where size ones and other half size two. As u can guess Im not happy about this as nappies are not cheap and I can’t take them back. I will continue using pampers as I find them better than other nappies as i work in a nursey and know majority of people use them and they are good on my baby no leaks or soreness but was told to let u know about your packaging.

  60. I want to be one of your distributor, but I don’t know how to go about that. please what are the things I need to do, I need you to give me any information about that

  61. I love the pamper natural clean and sensative wipes! I use them all the time. They are the only ones I can use. I would love to recieve coupns and free samples! I stopped buying the diapers becuase they got to expensive.

  62. I bought pampers sleep n play size 3 , and I was disapointed when I was puting it on my babay it teared on the side , and I just didn’t care I put on anaother one then I started noticing that my baby was getting some sort of a rash I didn’t understand why because I’ve been using pampers for 9 months , then I realised that this pack had a problem the nappies inside are of poor quality , some of them they tear up on the sides and others they have some kind of powder , I was quiet disapointed with this pack , I’ve never had a problem with pampers before .

  63. I’m writing today to let you know how much I love your products, i dont especially the swaddle. We dont have to worry about any spills over, and it fits my son perfectly.

  64. I recently purchased 2 big packs of 74 pack size 3 new baby nappies which state there ultra absorbant and pampers best product. Well please explain why their causing my child to be soaking through clothes in space of an hour and the sticky tags keep breaking off.
    Always have used pampers and this is my second chuld. To say im disappointed is a huge understatement

  65. I bought a pack of pampers and I have a problem with the sticky sides , they don’t open easily and when I pull it with a little force the sides tear. I’m very disappointed because pampers is the most expensive on the market and I expect value for money and 100% comfort for my baby……

  66. I bought a pack of pampers and its defective on the sticky sides , if I force it apart then it tears…..

  67. I purchased Pampers for my one year old in an attempt to keep him dry at night as the store brand leaks at night. I payed more money than I normally would…almost double! They seemed to be working better but the halfway through the package the diapers started falling apart when I put them on. The tabs just pull right off. I never had this happen with any diapers. I love how the diapers work but will not be buying any more as it is a waste of my money to just have them fall apart.

  68. I coupon to try to make ends meet. But it is so sad when people take all of the blinkies coupons from the stores to sell on instagram or facebook. Why not just leave it for people who will actually need to use them!!

  69. GOOD DAY,


  70. I have been using Pampers for my son since he was born and now 17 months old. Love your products both diapers and sensitive wipes. Pampers are more expensive than other brands, but do not like other brands. Never had any issues with the diapers until now. I bought a large box of baby dry size 4 and I am not even a quarter way through the box and I have had 4 to 5 diapers come apart on the inside, where that gel stuff gets everywhere. Again, never had any issues like this before, even when using these diapers through the night. This is not happening at night, when the diaper gets it fullest, just has happend randomly. I have been very disappointed with this box of diapers. Have you had other costumer issues about this lately?

  71. hi this is lisa power i bought a big box of size 6 and they would not stay close the tabes would not work i always buy them to lisa power 62 pioneer moncton nb e1g 1c9

  72. I just wanted to say that pampers is a wonderful brand. I just had my now born son and he goes quite frequently. Not once have we had any “oops he leaked”
    We are happy to have picked your brand!

  73. I have used pampers for the last four years with no complaints. But these last few months I have had to spend more money on diapers. The stickey tape does not stick or it tears off the nappy. Pampers is an expensive nappy and i am very disapointed. Feel like using another product.

  74. Hi My Name is Anna Santana,

    I recently had a baby boy on June 5th 2014 I wanted to let you know how much I love pampers products. My husband and I used pampers the day my son was born but when we ran out of diapers I was still on maternity leave so we had to grab what ever was the cheapest and that was huggies. Boy was that a horrible choice. The diapers did not hold anything and within one day of wearing the diapers my son was in about 7 different outfits through out the day due to the diapers. We made it our mission to get pampers and it was tight but we did and have not gotten anything else since the huggies insident.

    I love pampers and I tell all the parent in my classroom (I am a preschool teacher) to get pampers.

    Thanks Anna Santana

  75. I just recently switched to pampers from Huggies, one, because i had a really good price for them, and two, because i was having issues with my daughter peeing through them at night, they didnt hold much urine. And i now have fallen in love with pampers! Aftet faithfully using diapers with 2 babies, i had never thought i would find a better diaper. My only complaint is the tabs, but i am just glad i have found a good diaper, now if i can keep finding good coupons, i will stay loyal to Pampers 🙂
    Thank you Very much!

  76. Hello, ive used pamper cruisers on my daughter for a about a week and she got a very horrible RASH from it. So we switched her to pampers swaddlers and baby dry. Ive recently purchased a huge box of pamper swaddlers that has been having problems. The wetness indicater is not working. When my daughter pees on thw diaper the color DOES NOT CHANGE AT ALL. IM VERY DISAPOINTED BECAUSE I REALLY LIKED how it had the wetness indicator but now there is no point.. Please contact ne ASAP !

  77. I find your pop up commercial on the internet very offensive. The sound of a loud crying baby makes me jump every time. The shock factor only forces me to turn off the sound. This turns my subconscious off to pampers and every time it happens it only makes it worse. So if you are trying to make people jump away from your product you are doing a great job. As for me I find it a big turn off.

  78. I have two little ones , 13 months and 3 months we are proud supporters of papmepers the only diapers that work for our family. But recently I had an issue with a diaper it came from a size 2 package and my little one seemed to have leaked through I then realized there was some type of glue all over the diaper that made the diaper faulty and you could see the gel making it leak on to his pants.

  79. I bought 2 boxes of size 4 baby dry diapers. almost every diaper broke on the right side tape when putting the diaper on, there was a defect in the boxes. I called pampers and they send me 2 x 3.00 coupons…. wow,,,,, almost insulting after spending 60.00 plus taxe on diapers that are defect. And with all the diapers you buy you think they could replace the boxes… i had the receipt, lot numbers etc. very very disappointed I left a message for a supervisor to call and never got a call back,,

  80. I have never had a problem with pampers diapers. I’ve been using them for a few years now. Prices are reasonable, lots of different types to choose from, and my kids don’t have any problems with them considering they have really sensitive skin like me. So I buy all the sensitive diapers and wipes and they are fantastic. I will always go with pampers.

  81. The Baby Dry diapers are the worst I’ve ever used. I have a 30# special needs child and these are the diapers given to us to use for him. I realize insurance is paying for them but I have to buy another brand for use everywhere except home. I cannot trust the Baby Dry diapers to keep him dry when he is in Preschool, therapy or just out and about. Very disappointing.

  82. I buy a box of pampers 74 nappys and they are crap the gel coms out every morning the baby wet and all he;s clothers are wet they are made in Poland got on packs will not buy any more they rubbish

  83. I recently bought a case of the Pampers size 2 diapers for My 4 month, 14 pound son. To say the least, this was the worst product for My son. 2 hours after My son fell asleep,he woke up soaked in his own urine. I have never been this displeased in a diaper brand.

  84. I’m also very disappointed in Pamper I thought I was the only one experiencing problems with the nappy, the pee leaks out the nappy at night and I have to get up at night and change my son including the beddings and the when the nappy is wet the gel sticks on my sons skin, trust me its not pleasant to wake a 2 year old up in the middle of the night cause he gets very crabby and screams. I tried other brands which is cheaper its actually better.

  85. I use Pampers size 4 for my son, it is the second pack that leaks and the gel comes out, I am not happy with this as Pampers is a well known brand. Please revert back to me asap on this email address.

  86. I’ve used your product for the last 18 months and I’m a single mom, is there anyway you can send me some coupons? If so I would appreciate it, thanks

  87. I’ve been using pampers for a few months now again after stopping using pampers because of the diapers gel falling out while in public.
    This is really embarrassing! I change my baby’s diaper every two hours at least and you advertise that the diaper keeps them dry for 12 hours?

    I started taking pictures of this.

    There is no email to contact you on for complaints.

    Please respond

  88. I have a complain about the pamper 4+ nappies. I’ve been using them for a while now but they keep tearing and its just gel everywhere u look. I bought a box from Makro Bloemfontein, Free state of 140 nappies and every single one of them keeps tearing. I don’t now what to do anymore. I use pampers cause its such a good quality nappy but since this keeps happening I don’t want to use them anymore. I paid R300 for the box but the nappies is no good. I need to change nappies every hour because of this. Please tell me what can I do. I don’t want to use another nappy but if this keeps happening you give me no choice.

  89. Hi last mnth I bought a box of pampers size 3 n for da past 2weeks I am noticing that wenever I change my baby there is gel all on her bottom n pvt part, this is the 1st tym it is happining very dissapointed, n just yesterday I bought a diffrent brand and dat brand don’t seem to be helping or keeping my baby dry

  90. I am very disappointed in the box of pampers cruisers size 5 I just purchased for my grandson that I babysit – my grandson came to me last night to be changed and he said it hurt, opening his diaper it was filled with the diapers filling. much of which went all over the sheet I was changing him on. I have a picture of the diaper as well as all of the filling that came out onto the sheet. this caused great irritation to our grandson, and my own palms started to itch much like that of installing fiber glass insulation. apparently this is the only way to contact you folks about this problem.. please also note my daughter-in-law says this happens from time to time – please let me know if this is an ongoing issue, and I paid over $35 for this box of diapers and I am not a happy grandma. October 1st 2014

  91. Hi we just recently bought a box of size 3 pampers and most of them are defective! Very dissapointed with the product as it is expensive and i expecr it to be the best! The right side when you open it sticks to the i side that when you try to open it it rips! We have samples here and i would like to send this to pampers so that they could see what they are making! And i would like my money back!

  92. Hi my name is Deborah I got some pampers brand at my local walmart and they broke my baby out in a rash I been using this brand for 10 month did you put anything different in them ? I really like this brand

  93. Hello I’m a mom of a 15 month year old boy an I’ve used your product since my little one was born, but just recently I’m having problems with wet nights I’ve tried to change size an also change comfort ie (active fit or dry night) etc I wondering if there is any thing you suggest as u do not want to change make as my son dose not have rashes with yours! But I’m not happy as I seen an advert on TV the other day saying that you will get 100% dry night with pampers and we haven’t had a dry night for 6 weeks now! Please don’t ignore my message, kind regards Kylie bickley

  94. I am so disappointed with my last pampers purchase. My daughter is 8 weeks and was wearing your size 1. I loved your diapers since I had received them while in the hospital. My boyfriend on the other hand was a fan of huggies. I went and purchased a huge box of you diapers. And for the first time everyone I pulled the tab it would rip. I’m not impressed and considered this to be a huge inconvenience. Just thought I’d let u know that your quality control failed me. What a waste of almost 50 bucks :(. A big expense for a new mom.

  95. My son is two months old. From the day he was born we used your diapers. He was born early so he was using the preemie size. Me and my husband loved them, never had an issue with them. When he got into newborn we started buying different brands just to see how my sons skin would react. Didn’t really find any I liked. Now, he is in size 1 as of yesterday. We were still using your diapers but now I’m not so sure we will be. The size 1 fits strange. Idk if it’s bc it’s a bigger size but they feel like they are made cheap and I went to pull the tap to fasten the diaper back and it completely came off! I thought, maybe it’s just this one bc things happen and ya get duds, NOPE! It happened the next 3 or 4 diapers!! So my husband and I picked up a pack a Luvs. I’m so disappointed bc I loved your diapers and now I’m unsure about them especially if I’m gonna spend $30 and not even get to use them. I just feel that’s a waste of money for a family of 3 living on a police officer salary. Very disappointment. .

  96. puchased a pack of pampers from local shopping mall in phoenix pampers sleep and play 11-25kg no.5.about 8 diapers snapped when i was putting on the diaper.was very disappointed with the product,and this is not the first time this has happened.its so disapointing that your product is so poorly made these days.and i do work on a monthly budget trying to give the best to my kids but these days your product is not the best but still very expensive.

  97. I recently bought the pampers premium care which I always do…currently I was so dissapointed and its the 4th nappy I had to waste 1st the stretchy side came off nw I have a problem of the nappy not sticking I have to say 4 me its a train smash coz pampers is the best nappy out there but now I think otherwise.

  98. Hi, I have a 2 month old and I put the pampers swaddled on him, I’m just pleased to say that I love these pampers swaddlers due to the fact that he moves alot and they really do keep him from wetting his clothes. No pee or poo ever come out. Just would like to say that I love your pampers products and pampers wipes very much. Thank you 🙂

  99. I have been using pampers for over two years. I love, love your pampers diapers. Best thing my children use since they have sensitive tushies. I have been using the swaddlers and the cruisers. They keep my babies from leaking out. Thank you for making such great diapers.

  100. I have been using pampers for a LONG time !! I have 3 girls ages 9 , 4 , and 11 months.
    I have had many issues but never wanted to complain, but recently I have had it with the defects!! the past 5 boxes of pampers cruisers that I have purchased have had many problems , the tabs are ripping off , the elastic on the sides stick and when you try to separate them the rip and I am not sure but I find they are not as absorbent as the use to be…. diapers are very expensive and I am fed up of having to throw out a bunch of new diapers because they were not well inspected through quality control. A VERY frustrated Mommy – November 14th 2014

  101. First off I’d love to congratulate you on making such awesome products. I used to be a die hard Huggies fan with my other 2 kids, I used the Huggies with my last baby and he had nothing but the worse rashes to the point of his bottom blistering and bleeding horribly. I started using pampers and pampers sensitive wipes they completely cleared him up with in a week. I’ve tried other diapers and they just don’t measure up the the quality of pampers, and the 12 hour dryness protection keeps my baby sound and dry till he wakes in the morning and never wakes up wet.
    However the tabs seem to be a major issue. I have wasted way too many diapers on either tabs, ripping off while closing the diaper, the Velcro square falls off or is missing, or even better diapers having no tabs on diapers at all.

  102. I have been using Pampers active since my baby turned 3 months.
    The last box active fit, size 4, is faulty, what can I do?
    should I send them to you?

    • Very disappointed with Pampers for falsely advertising Pampers active Jumbo packs or Premium Care value packs for R159.99 at Pick n Pay- (WESTERN CAPE) dated from the 27th October to 30th November & when I eventually went out of my way (21st November) to go buy this product, they tell me the special is no longer on & is priced at R199 a pack!What is going on with u advertisers & to advertise on the front page.??? ABSOLUTELY UPSET ABOUT THIS!

  103. I recently purchased a box off pamper acti fit size 4 and I have noticed they are producing a lot off crystals when my son has a wee in them there not cheap to buy and I won’t be buying you’re nappies again.

  104. Very disappointed I purchased three boxes of size four pampers and to my surprise none of the sides stick at all… I love pampers but this is crazy I need my money back… I tried to return but I didn’t have the boxes I set the all up in babies room out of box.

  105. I have been purchasing pampers for 20 months mow. I have two babies aged 8 months and 1,8mnths.The velcro strap seems to snap off so quickly,nappies have leaked and velcro fails to stick. I’m really disappointed with the pampers green pallet.

  106. I bought the size 4 baby dry pampers 180 count, they had sesame street character’s on them. we have been buying pampers since she was born, love your diapers. this box has let everything run through,and make a big mess in her clothes and bedding. I have noticed a big difference in the feel of the diaper, the look and the way they DO NOT keep her dry. What has happened, did you change something, well I do NOT LIKE them. please respond back.


  108. we have bought your diapers for a long time the last box we bought there where abought 8 of them that didn’t have the other side tape piece on it. just would like the diapers replaced.

  109. My comment is a little unusual,but here goes ,.My daughter gave birth on Jan 1st2015 my grandson was the New Years baby!! he was not only the first in Fredericton n.b but the first baby born in the whole province of New Brunswick his photo appeared in all the news papers and even in MCLEANS MAGGAZINE you would think that major comopanys such as pampers and similac would give her a gift as well , not to mention the good PR it would bring those companys.

  110. I’ve been using pampers for my youngest girl now for 6 months and love the swaddlers. I had bought a bag of baby dry and had a problem with the tabs being stuck, but never a problem with the swaddlers. They last her all through the night, which makes me a happy mother. Thanks so much 🙂

  111. I am fostering a 6 month old. I have had him since he was 8 weeks old. My 3 children are grown now and I used Pampers on them and I use Pampers on my Foster baby. In my experience, Pampers are by far, the best disposable diaper on the market. I have used this brand for over 30 years and would never consider buying a different brand. Pampers is the best!

  112. I am usually a very happy pampers customer buying wipes and nappys every week near enough for the last seven year. I bought a pack of size 5 containing 32 last Friday and about 5-7 of the nappys fastening have broke off with not much strain used (right side). I found my 16 month wet on a few occasions due to this?? I have a fourth child on the way and cannot afford to go through nappys like this. They say you pay for what you get but I fell like I just payed for the brand and not the quality.

  113. To whom it concerns,
    I recently purchased 2 boxes of your diapers. Generally, I have no issues with them. But with these last two boxes, tabs have been ripping and dopers have busted out the sides after soiled. I am not impressed.

    Liz Riske

  114. I have always been a huggies customer but with my 5 month old twins they were waking up soaked through everything a couple times a day. I just switched to Pampers a week and I LOVE them!! Since switching brands both of my boys have not had any leaks at all!!!

  115. I used pampers on my 6 year old when she was younger and I loved them. I am now using them on my 1 year old and I am not impressed. I have switched back and forth between swaddlers and cruisers and neither seems to work good. I am trying size 4 cruisers now and every morning for the last 2 weeks when she has woken up she is soaked from her chest down. I even tried changing her in the middle of the night to avoid this. The diaper leaks from the top of the front of the diaper. I do not understand because the back of the diaper is dry. I have to change her clothes every morning because they are soaked in pee. The last box, the tabs on the side would rip off!! I would not recommend pampers to anyone else and I will be switching to another brand. I have tried switching the sizes & still the same problem!

  116. I have always bought pampers but this last box I purchased has made my daughter break out in a horrible rash, after looking into it further I noticed these pampers are rough and scratchy. They are usually soft and comfortable. Very disconcerting that quality is going downhill.

  117. Hi I would like to say I’ m happy with pampers my kids have soft skin and pampers seems to be the only pull ups that they wear and don’t dry or Etch their skin. I was wondering if could get some coupons. Again I’m so grateful for pampers pull ups

  118. I have 3 kids in diapers and I use a variety of diapers pampers I bought last time and they didn’t even hold the urine for a 3 hrs it was so ridiculous and the wipes I bought gave my baby a bad rash please email me about this the store I bought them from ofcource said to contact u

  119. Just thought I would let you know your diapers are poison for babies skin I don’t know what you put in those things but after using 1 diaper on our newborn for 1 night he received a chemical burn on his bum and scrotum. Now I think this is absolutely insane!!! How do you people sleep at night knowing your product is eating at our children’s skin! There isn’t anything you can do to make this right just wanted to inform your company that I will be notifying my local news as well as the BBB! I may not be able to recall your product personally but I will be informing our local stores of your disgusting product as well as informing my community.

  120. I have been using Pampers for a year since my daughter was born,I bought a size 6 now and she can only wet it once then it starts tearing open and everything falls out. I tried calling the care line but they put me on hold for about 15min and just hang up on me. These nappies are expensive and cant afford to buy another pack each time a get a faulty pack.

  121. hi
    i am allah nazar i want pamper distribuition for afghanistan or evry
    month two three countiners for afghanistan

  122. My mum purchased a size 4 pampers diapers for my little one. she normally buys the green pack but this time around purchased the orange pack and it seems like all the nappies are defective as they form little clumps on the inside once wet. all the pee leaks out immediately soaking all babys clothes and beddings. im very disappointed as we cannot use any of these nappies as they do not hold the pee in. i am a single unemployed mum and struggle financially to purchase my little ones nappies. i at this point have advised my mum to rather purchase a new brand of nappies as we cant afford at this rate to be throwing away nappies at this price!

  123. I bought a box of pampers and most of the pampers wasn’t good I had to use baby pin to hold the sides, am really disappointed

  124. Worst costumer service and baby dry and swaddlers aren’t worth a penny I called ones to complain about baby dry because my baby would walk and the diaper would rip and they only send a $10 off my next purchase.. This time I had the same issue with swaddlers they want me to send the box of diapers to refound my money which I know it will be coupons. Thanks but I’m not going to pay extra on mailing so I can receive coupons.. I just start buying Huggies thank you..

  125. Dear Pampers,
    I have been purchasing your product for 8 months now. I as many
    Americans shop for sales use coupons when available, as I am not rich and more often than not do not have an extra penny to spend! I belong to your rewards program so ofcourse I decided to check for coupons. On at least 4 occasions (the definition of insanity, repeatedly doing the same thing, getting the same exact result!!) have tried to print your silly lil coupons with the silly lil printing program that for some reason is so necessary for me to download to print! Each and every time I have tried, it tells me I already printed the coupon and it couldn’t be done again! This printing program is nothing more than an infectious nuisance on my pc, as I haven’t been able to print one single,itty, bitty coupon. I am a mere lil person of millions that purchase your product that aids your lucrative business! I hate to be expectatious, but how about showing a lil appreciation for the lil people who help keep you in business! You know, show your appreciation for our business by sending coupons the old fashioned way…..IN THE MAIL! Similac and I have a cohesive working relationship. I signed up with there company, they send me checks for the product showing their appreciation for my business and I in turn show mine by purchasing their product! With each and every purchase, yhey are able to track and learn about their customers purchases, while rewarding and showing gratitude for me, the lil person, being a wee lil part of keeping them in business. Word of mouth. I have a big one! Just a wee lil suggestion. Pampers needs to remember the lil people.
    Thank you For reading!

    Christi Knueppel

  126. I purchased the pampers baby dry size 4 this last week and my son has been with a terrible rash the diaper seem such a very low quality. I I guess is time to try a new brand very disappointed pampers.

  127. Good Afternoon,

    I am currently due in July with a baby boy. I have gone back and fourth as to which diaper brand would be the best. Do you send samples of diapers and other products so that I can try them before buying? After looking at the reviews below I am nervous about purchasing these diapers.

  128. The quality of Pampers diapers have changed recently. I am a mother of two: a fie-year old and a newborn. I have used Pampers products while raising my older child and hoped to continue using them with my younger one. However, recently I purchased a box of Pampers (Swaddlers diapers) and had to throw away 5 of them because the left side of each diaper ripped when I tried to put it on. Having 5 diapers (from a single package) go to waste is a lot and it’s very disappointing. I am going to consider switching to a different brand name. I was going to mail them to Pampers company with a note, but couldn’t find their mailing address.

  129. Pampers diapers keep everything in my daughter likes them because she can move great in them, although they give her a rash when we use them , I’m not sure what causes them but maybe we will figure out!

  130. Hi i’v being tryin to find ur email address bt i cnt im very angry abt ur brnd guys, u recomd ur nappies take 8or12 hour bt i chnge my bby every 3or4 hour and her clothrs also are wet too, im nt happy guys pls do smethng abt this cos i lovie ur brnd… Thnx Z madikane

  131. i have had the worst experience ever with Pampers!!!
    all the insides of the diapers are coming out of the diaper!!!
    i have complained to Pampers and had Fedex come over and take 5 diapers to test over a month ago and have gotten no feedback!!!
    i am very unhappy and disgusted at Pampers and the product as they were supposed to be a reputable brand!!!!
    i am still awaiting the outcome of the testing that was supposedly done!!!

  132. i bought pampers nappies from asda store slough as soon as baby wets the nappy has silicone coming out of it to which baby has once put in his mouth this is not acceptible baby is now 14 months and iv always used pampers and always bought them from asda iv now thrown out all nappies and would like reinbursting for them please as u know they are not cheap dont see why i have to go with out my address is flat 4 gower house hayes middlesex ub3 2np thamk you

  133. I’ve been using pampers for 21months now and with my daughter who is twenty years old too.when she was a babie.
    Just recently in a pack of your nappies the left sticky tab fell off! On a number of nappies in each pack. I didn’t complain as I assumed it was a bad batch but it happened yet again in my pack I purchased today!! I would not like to change my brand of nappies as I’ve never used any other brand never but I’m starting to consider it as 4xdodgy nappies out of a pack is a lot for me being a single parent struggleing financially anyway. I hope you take this comment into consideration.

  134. hi goodday i was about too change my daughter,when i opened the flap of the nappie it was loose it was the sleep&play no4

  135. I had over 1500 points and when the update happened it wiped me clean. I have 0 points now. I am not very happy. What can be done????

  136. Im so disapointed in baby boy is now 5months.when he piee the diaper is soaking wet and when I dry him I feel with my hand in the diaper and diapee is wet cuz I feel it with my hands.and my babys bum is wet.Im very disapoited cus you promise pampers will keep the baby dry for up to 12hrs..

  137. please take your new adverts off T.V.,,iv had 5 misscarruages and one ectopic,resulting in the loss of my baby and left tube,your adverts make me want to kill myself

  138. I purchased two packets of Pampers baby dry nappies for £20.00 size 5 for my granddaughter . She normally wears Active Fit but at the moment there are none available in the Kingston area .
    As my granddaughter is teething I thought we would try these nappies. They are dreadful we are using up to 10 a day!! they leak and made her sore around her leg where they are elasticated , they bulge when she has a wee and are then lopsided ,this is nothing to do with nappy rash.
    I tried to return them to where I purchased them but they were not returnable , one bag is not opened .
    I bought these to save my daughter money , she works as a free lance teacher and covers all the hours under the sun.
    There is no direct contact to a complaints department in the UK, do I just throw away the nappies??

  139. We bought pampers active baby-dry,the mega box step 4,they are 120 in a box.My baby developed nappy rash on the first pamper we used. I had the same problem with my first baby.when we use the ones that’s in a plastic pack.They work perfectly fine. but when we go for the ones in a box,we experience problems.we are forced to buy another pack.This is so inconveniencing.I don’t know what makes the ones in a box different.

    Please look into this matter and resolve it ASAP.We are unable to buy in a bigger scale as rhey are harmful to our babies.we are stuck with nappy rash and a box of pampers that is harmful to our baby.

  140. I have been purchasing pampers for over a year now, thinking that pampers are the best diapers, I was fooled really, my baby smells of urine, his clothes gets wet, the diaper full up at the front and at the back it is wet…. his skin is wet when you remove the diaper and smells of urine… twice while changing my baby the strappy thing broke…. I am extremely disappointed!!!!

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    We urge you to quickly embrace this magnanimous opportunity and offer because this will greatly empower your company’s patronage and create quick information to the general public on your various company’s packages.
    We look forward to getting your feedback on time.
    Yours faithfully.
    Agbonayinma Elvis

  142. I am very disappointed as well I bought a case of the size 4 baby dry diapers and the tabs keep ripping off!! Diapers are expensive and I just keep having to waste them why is this happening!!

  143. i also purchased pampers and discovered the tabs are not sticking wells it keeps coming off as my son is learning to crawl.very disappoint because i always purchase pampers.

  144. I love Pamper’s products. I’ve used pampers for all 3 of my children. Although this last time I bought the 62 count box. 21 of the diapers were missing one of the yellow tabs. The 62 count box has two packages in it. 1st pack fine… 2nd pack I opened and I’ve pulled out 21 diapers that are missing one of the yellow tabs. I’ve Always used ” Pampers”. Should I take them back to the store?

  145. I have been buying pampers for years and I have always sworn by them but this last case I got just about every diaper has leaked. They are sz 1 Swadlers my son isn’t barley 10lbs and the diapers fit him perfect. They leak up his back and the sides..I have had to do twice as much laundry because of it. I have 5 kids.I love pampers..but very Disappointment this time around.

  146. I just went to Babies RUS in Montebello CA, the product we got was your Cruisers Pampers size 7 the 78 count. However once opening the box and putting the pamper on my grandson he started crying that his gentle area was hurting and saying ouch ouch. He was not wet or dirty took the pamper off and he was really irritated in that area after examine the pamper and serval others from the same box they all had little hard fiber clusters that felt like sharp rocks and that was ridding his gentle area causing him to be in pain you need to check this specific brand recall them
    Also were can I send the company the pampers to see how horrible the pampers are so they can feel the poor quality that is going into your product also I’m very glad my two year old is very smart to tell me right away that something was wrong with his pampers. If not this could of been a lot worse possibly even medical treatment if he didn’t tell me, the pamper s would have cut my grandson up

  147. I will never recommend Pampers to anyone. I never use Pampers but the first time i have to use it, im so disappointed!!!! The quality of Pampers is horrible, you look at the diaper and the jelly comes out, this is horrible, the diaper doesnt stick and even the smallest pee goes through it. I am seriously very disappointed!!!!!!!!

  148. I bought 3 of your big boxes of pampers and to my surprise some of them not only didnt have the tabs to secure the diaper but to my surprise the filling in the diaper was everywhere in my babies bed!!!

  149. I’m very irritated with pampers eight now. I bought a huge box of size 2 and 4 out of the 1st 10 keep ripping when I open the sticky parts. very disappointed as they are not cheap!

  150. I am very upset I bought a box of cruises Pampers size 4 and the sticky part keep breaking it won’t even open and that’s a waste of the diaper so I have to throw it away and they’re very expensive

  151. i have been purchasing pampers for my 1st son and now for my 2nd son who is now 1 years old now, thinking that pampers are the best diapers, I was fooled really, my baby smells of urine, his clothes gets wet, the diaper full up at the front and at the back it is wet…. his skin is wet when you remove the diaper and smells of urine… as a single parent i don’t think this is right !! coz the pampers dose not come cheap i had to to buy other diapers…… really unhappy with this…

  152. I wonder could you send me some coupons for some pampers. I can’t print any coupons my address is 7541 Brookshire drive Prince George Virginia 23875

  153. I have to start by saying pampers are the only brand I use for my grandson. He is dry and comfortable. I have tried other but keep coming back to the pampers brand I only wish I could get coupons to keep on hand since this is the only brand I like buying for him. If you could send me coupons that I can print it would be wonderful. Thank you for being around so long providing a wonderful product.
    Sonia Hernandez

  154. We purchased a big box of pampers pull ups for my 2 year old at night he is usually dry in the mornings but sometimes he does have an accident and they leak something awful…. all we have used with all 3 kids is pampers and this is our first issue ….

  155. My household has been a Pampers household for over 4 years (rewards member ) , as A Marine Corp Vet when I am loyal to something I stay with it regardless, however the past couple months have been making me want to reconsider.

    We recently purchased a box of diapers ($40+) at SAMs club, to only come home and see the tabs were missing on most the diapers, as they were needed I went to the local supermarket and purchased another box ($40+)and the tabs were shorter than the ones we had at home.

    this caused my newborn son to leak all over himself the crib and also the bedding.

    Again, my daughter is 3+yrs old and she was a pampers child until she no longer wore diapers and maybe considering my son to wear something else as the past couple experiences have been dreadful and dissatisfying

  156. Good day

    Im writing to pampers to ask for a sponsor, my son Tyrell has a very rare disease, he is the 5th child in SA to have this and other have it overseas, it is very rare and deadly, he is now five years old and doctors say he will live till maybe 8 years old, he was a normal boy until the age of 3 then he became disabled this year, he not cant walk, talk or eat on his own anymore he is feed via a feeding tube and he wears nappies as he cant go to the toilet.

    he just sits on the couch and gives us a smile now and then , he cant do any of his favorite things anymore, his condition has put a lot of strain on myself and my husband over the past few year financially, and we are asking if you could can mabye donate some nappies for him, his brother is also on nappies this is why it is so expensive for us. tyrells little brother is thankfully normal.

    i am willing to supply letters from his doctors to add motivation if that would help please, he has been in the news papers over the past few months, the cape argus, the son and daily voice, the table talk, soon the kuier magazine also.

    Patrcia De Lille has given him a donation also for the supplement drink he can only take this via a feeding tube in his stomach…

    WE are just trying to make our sons time with us as good as can be,
    thank you for taking the time to read this email,

    Kind regards

    Jade Arendse ( mother of Tyrell )

    cape town south africa

  157. Hi
    I bought a pack of diapers which are defective.the white absorbing inner layer is coming out into the outer and the sticker is not even sticking.disappointing as I love pampers and this is the first bad is highly uncomfortable with the diaper and.I am ddissatisfied.

  158. I have always supported pampers as it’s the best quality but recently after purchasing a box of pampers for my little one, I was very disappointed when the nappies gel started coming out the sides and the nappy wasn’t even full.. It’s probably a manufacturing problem with this box but surely all the nappies are to quality checked before dispatching to the stores.

  159. I have been trying to access the website and I can’t?!? Is there even a website i want to use pampers reward program but I can’t. This is ridiculous specially when you buy the product.

  160. To whom it may concern
    Bought 3 Jumbo packs of size 4,nappies every hour to hour and a half the the gel is bursting outside the nappy,she hardly urinated in them very very disappointed.

  161. Was trying to redeem an item using my rewards points but it won’t go thru. It keeps on saying my points exceed the item i want. What will i do to redeem it and who can help me with this 🙁

  162. Hello! I’d just like to say thank you so much for being the reason why my baby is always dry and nappy rash free! My little boy is 6 months old, teething and pampers has always kept him comfortable. I have never experienced him crying due to a wet nappy no matter how long it took me to change him. This is the reason why I don’t mind spending a large sum of money for nappies. I only have one complaint though. Last month I purchased two boxes of number 5s (111 nappies) and I found that +/-25 of the nappy-ties were either broken off or broke off when un-sticking the tie to secure the nappy. You can imagine how upset I was when I came accross it as I’ve spent a large sum of money buying these boxes. In the second box it was the same, where a couple of the ties were either broken, or broke while un-sticking it. I didn’t even bother going back to the store (Shoprite) as I assumed this was a manufacturing problem. Besides that, the way the nappies looked was as if they were ‘squished’ into the packets instead of neatly aligned. I still feel extremely upset as I feel I didn’t get my moneys worth. I was forced to purchase an extra jumbo pack as I would have ran short in the coming weeks to replace what was lost. Gladly, my purchase after that was defect free but whenever I want to purchase your brand I’m always sceptical. If this should happen in future I would be forced to purchase from another supplier, which for obvious reasons, I do not want to do.

  163. I was using huggies but they gave my baby a rash and also they sag! Changed to pampers and no more rash and no more saging, yay! Thanks pampers we love your products! Sincerely Monica Hernandez and baby Sophia

  164. I bought my two boys a pack of the pampers cruisers each.. One size 3 and one size 6 and each diaper the tabs ripped on them. I had to use tape to keep them on so I didn’t waste the diapers I had just bought. I could see if I tugged to hard or if it was a couple diapers but every single one?

  165. Hi, I emailed a few days ago because I had problems with the box of diapers we bought. The diapers were falling apart. So I received 4 $10 coupons in the mail. But Walmart says it has to be the large boxes instead of the packs? Is this true? The small packs at my Walmart cost $12.

  166. Had a terrible experience with my baby boy’s bottom bcause of the poor manufacturing of pampers..i want answers.!!!!!!!!

  167. Boycott Apartheid Israel!

    I will not support Apartheid Israel or any company or entity that does.

    I will not purchase a product produced in the illegally occupied Palestinian territory.

  168. I have 3 children and have always used Pampers for my children. My youngest is 5 months old and recently we purchased a case of Pampers Cruisers 3 and to much of our surprise the box had 4 defected pampers. We’re not rich people and the pampers cost a lot, when we buy them, we expect to get what we purchased, so what are you going to do about it?

  169. Very dissatisfied with pampers baby dry and apparently pampers customer service email is down and can’t email about them. Basically after 20-30 mins of use on our 1 year old the seam along the legs busts and the absorbing beads go everywhere. Are going to be forced to switch diaper brands.

  170. I bought ablarge box of size 5 pampers . the box was pushed in and it was the last one so I bought it anyway. When I opened it some of the diapers were missing and the plastic was opened. How do I get this back to you to exchange for a new one. I do not have my store receipt to return to walmart in Grovetown ga. and I don’t want to use these diapers .Thank you
    Jessey brosemer
    7703 Main Street court
    Grovetown Ga 30813

  171. bought ablarge box of size 5 pampers . the box was pushed in and it was the last one so I bought it anyway. When I opened it some of the diapers were missing and the plastic was opened. How do I get this back to you to exchange for a new one. I do not have my store receipt to return to walmart in Grovetown ga. and I don’t want to use these diapers .Thank you
    Jessey brosemer
    7703 Main Street court
    Grovetown Ga 30813

  172. Hello I Tryed to contact you private but is not working. I always buys pampers because Iam a new mommy an everyone told me there great. My child is now 11 months old an in size 5 pampers . Everynite lately she has been leaking trew them & wakeing up. I be lucky if I gets a hour out of them sometimes without them falling apart . I didn’t change them still same pampers just diff sizes. Iam not understanding what’s happening must be a bad boxs or something . Seems like there so tin ! I tho the my were sopose to last 8 hours. Totally not happy with this and I didn’t wanna go to Huggies but I have no choice.

  173. Also the lady’s comment befor is another problem I have the tabs always comes of! Think you guys should come out with a better quality pamper

  174. I LOVE Pampers diapers and wipes! It is the only diapers and wipes I use! I have a 6 month old daughter and I have tried every diaper you can think of and they all leak except pampers! I would highly recommend Pampers to anyone!!!

  175. good Day,

    I do know that pampers have a vaccine information chart. can I kindly have a copy emailed to me?


  176. I’ve bought some pampers baby wipes sensitive and they’re all dry I’ve bought 3 big packs and all of them have no moist and they have a horrible smell!!!

  177. Hi i need to know a phonr number to reach you to ask about the gifts for emty diappers bags and what are the conditions and how to reserve please in lebanon

  178. I have a newborn that is 8 days old. I purchased this product based on the perceived reliability that comes with the brand. Well it was all for not because the leak retention of this diaper is poor. Despite having the diaper fastened securely to my baby, Everytime he soils it, i must change his outfit due to a leak. This happens up to 8 Times a day. If the quality of your product continues to perform lack luster, i will be boycotting this brand and will have no choice but to refer others to do the same.

  179. Pampers premium care diaper 5 star protection is so worst…my baby got real wet in that.that . please help me to replace the pack which is costly and which we bought trusting pampers

  180. Hi i have bee using pampers for over a year now i love them because they top notch and are amazing i bought a box of them yesterday and it was the wrong size and when i opened it there were 2 nappies that looked like someone ruined them before packing in im very angry as nappies are expensive i couldnt return as i through the box out id like my money back or a new box or im taking this further

    Regards nicolle

  181. my child has had a rash/burn on her bottom and vagina for 3 weeks of her 5 week life. I have never seen this kind of rash/burn before and i have 3 children. I have been treating her with everything and it is not getting better. I would like to know how to get my money back for these pampers. They are of non use to my child. And it’s so sad a cold so young would have to go through this kind of pain.

    • My daughter has had a rash on her botton and vagina also for the past 7 weeks.i only used swaddlers since she was born but i tryed pampers baby dry and she bottom is finaly getting better.her dr. Had to call in a perscription her rash was so i have almost a huge box of swaddlers that i have no use for and walmart wont take there anyway to get a refunf for them? I payed like 40 dollars for a box.also my son wears size 3 pampers baby dry and the tabs keep comming off like every other diaper.

  182. Hello!
    We have recently purchased size 3 night time diapers and they have not worked. They have not provided over night coverage. Is there a way to get a refund?

  183. Hello,
    I have a big problem with your diapers. I bought pampers baby dry for my little girl and every night in the middle of the night she is soaked through. She wakes up cold and wet that is ridiculous. I work hard and can’t afford to not use the diapers I bought unfortunately I bought a case. I will not be buying diapers from you again and I will be letting all of my friends with little ones know about my experience.

  184. I have a 20 month old.son who I usually buy pamper baby dry for and this last experience was terrible I will never but then again or any pampers product they seen to drag and soak through as soon as I but them on ruining my couch as my child Sat I went through 21 diapers in 2 days and they are the right size so that’s no excuse extremely disappointed

  185. I have 4 kids and have always used pampers. But the quality of these diapers have seriously gone down hill. They leak constantly, no matter if I switch the type, the size, etc. They also cause my 17 month old horrible horrible burns/rashes on her bottom. She is in pain because of this. You need to fix this issue and I want my money back!!!

  186. Any baby food samples or wipes or diaper samples would be great im expecting my first boy and all samples and coupons would be a great help to find what he likes thank you so much.

    Indiana lovelace
    10140 kiln waveland cutoff rd
    Waveland Ms 39520

  187. I filled out a complaint about A box of diapers that were defective and all I got from you guys was a few coupons to used one at a time. You have to be kidding me! I spent $43 on a box of diapers that didn’t work at all, they leak most of the time. I just wasted MY MONEY and you’re still expecting me to buy 4 more boxes?? Yeah right. Those are the worst diapers I have gotten since my baby was born. Don’t even worry about sending those coupons I’m not wasting my money with the trash you guys call “diapers”.

  188. Is this safe??

    This happen at night time wile i was asleep, i woke up from my baby’s coughing and crying and found that the nappy has burst open on the side and my 7 month old baby ingested some of the cotton an threw up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I’m not happy with this at all!!!!!!!!!!!

  189. I too bought a large packet of Pampers for my great grandson. The jelly has crustalised and has caused the most horrendous rash. Very disappointed.

  190. Hi I am a loyal customer I have been buying ur diapers for about 10 yrs in a row now my youngest is 1 and I was very disappointed with the last box I bought of the pampers cruisers I spent my last 38 dollars on it I buy ur brand cuz my son don’t wake up with pee leaked out his diapers but these past few weeks he been waking up all wet it’s leaked through so many times already is there anything u can do to resolve this problem I love ur brand better than Huggies…

  191. I was very excited to save up my points to get the shutterfly calendar which was 800 points so it took a little while but after I cashed in my points and made my calendar I noticed that on shutterfly website they offer the calendar free as a promotion for signing up so what did I spend my points on? All pampers did was give me an already free item.

  192. Hi. I have been a loyal pampers customer for three years since the birth of my sons. I only use pampers sensitive wipes which I am completely satisfied with. I use all the different types of pampers diapers; baby dry, cruisers, and my favorite swaddlers. I have never had a complaint until I purchased my last box from SAMs club which is the largest size you buy of swaddlers. My son 18 months sleeps approximately 8 hours straight through the nights and he has woken up every night wet through his clothes since we purchased the last box. I read that the swaddlers have changed their lining which claims to have better absorption. However this has been proven wrong with my son. The wet line indicator is usually half filled blue and his clothes are wet! We have not changed sizes so I feel the change in the lining is the problem. I would recommend the previous diapers to anyone however now they are a waste of your money. Please revert back to the previous form. Thank you.

  193. I bought a box of pampers size 2 and the tabs are coming off. Never had this problem before and usually love Pampers.

  194. Hi. I bought campers diapers at discnhem and I have found some diapers do not have the tape on the one side . II tried to get your contact no. Audery Rennie . My contact no 0814550809 . I would appreciate your assistance.

  195. Hello,

    I have been a loyal Pampers user for four years now. I used them for my first son and now I’m using them for my second son. I have experienced tab failures with a handful of diapers with my first son and now again with my second son. I’ve had to throw away a handful of diapers because of this issue who wanted to share. I hope you were working on improving the design and appreciate your feedback.

  196. I am very upset with pampers right now. My daughter has very sensitive skin and pampers are the only diapers that I can use on her but recently I purchased a box and on the left side of the diaper the filling is coming out after one time of urination. Because of this reason my daughter has broke out to the point of it being raw and I took her to the doctor. They said that it looked like a acid burn!!!! Can’t take the diapers back but they should be up to the standard of there cost. I feel like this issue needs to be resolved one way or another!!! Very upset

  197. I bought a box of size 4+ of 120 pamper nappies at my nearest pick n pay I love pampers and have always trusted pamper. When I opened my the nappies for use I noticed that the stretch bands have no grips on them and was useless for me to use. I paid a lot of money for the nappies just not to use them. I hope the problem will be sorted out….

  198. Good day.
    I have a 13month old baby and have been using pampers from birth. Recently I hace noticed that after not evan 2 hours hes nappy would burst on either side of hes leg. The nappy isnt evan completely full yet the gel is leaking out. Please correct this issue as it has not only once and I would hate to switch to another brand.

  199. I have a complaint about my recent pampers purchase. I bought a pack of 28 size 4 baby dry diapers and I’ve had 2 of the NEW diapers and when you pull tab the whole section where the tab is tears off and unable to use the diaper. As you know diapers are not cheap and unfortunately we live on a very strict budget and it may sound petty to you but that’s money in the trash to me. I have always been happy with your products but now I’m definitely going to avoid buying them or hesitate to purchase anymore diapers.

    Thank you.
    Gina Collins

  200. After buying pampers we found out that your company was wrong. A big waste of 150.00 . they leak worse than any diaper we have tried. U charge the most.promote them as the best. Its not fair u burn mothers with ur lies. Seems easier to make a good product then to lie about a bad one. Ur company should be a mother friendly company.

  201. Hi, I bought pampers curisers of size 5 it is worst that I never seen.they r of cheap quality and even the stickering of the diapers r not good and even it leaks offenly.i tried it for different times it was not working good. To be frank I lost 100$ nearly on ur product… Previously I have used swaddlers that was working good but now it’s not… Hope u will help me in this issue… Thankq

  202. I’ve recently purchased a box of size 1 for my newborn baby but every pamper so far the tabs have been coming off and I feel as if I wasted $25.00. Could you guys please replace my box of pampers because I did not waste money on pampers for them to keep tearing

  203. Hello there
    I have a had a not so pleasent experience with you and its mind blowin to think this company is highly directed !?
    I am a single mother an try and keep things in stock so I purchased a big case like I always do and the diapers won’t stick .but I’m just honestly surprised.

    • You guys have always had highly great products and I’ve always felt safe using them on my child but I must say I was disappointed. And the department store wouldn’t do nothing about it

  204. Hopefully it was just a simple mistake in this case and you guys continue to provide great services and products for our children.

  205. Hi

    i have been using Pampers with all three my kids, to come across such a disappointment as i did now with last pack of Pampers active baby size3, the jelly seeping out of the diaper. really disappointing as i bought a giant pack that is a waste. I really have been put off & would like to be reimbursed.

    kind regards

  206. I have boy/girl twins that will be 1 on Jan 1st, I have been using pampers since they were born. For the last 1-2 months my children have been waking up soaked in pee. They wear size 5 and are 26 & 27 lbs.. I change them right before I put them to bed around 9-930, the wake up around 7-8. Pampers has a 12 hour leak proof guarantee that is not being met. My babies wake up drenched in pee and it is not right, Im sure it is extremely uncomfortable for them!! I spend the extra money for pampers being they have worked great in the past- what can you do to rectify the problem? I have pictures of them every morning soaked..

  207. I have always loved pampers swaddlers for both my kids but the other day I accidentally bought baby dry and my baby pees and poops out of the diaper multiple times a day! I bought the large box and don’t even want to continue to use them. It was a waste of $43 dollars!

  208. I used yor adult Pampers, the worst product I have used Pampers from Procter & Gamble. It breaks down fast, elastic is weak to hold up the Pampers, just crap.
    Kirkland adult Pamper type underwear is of excellent quality & is &10.00 cheaper

  209. I just wanted to let you know how much i love your product. I used pampers with my 6year old now i have a new born and i would’nt think of choosing a different company. Your diapers are the only ones that don’t fall apart with all the little jelly’s fall out. I was wondering if you were going to have any coupons coming oit soon for your diapers? ?

  210. Poor Poor quality of late,I have two toddlers and the gel filling inside falls out after the 3rd wee, this never happened in the past the whole of December and January we spend more than double the amount on nappies than during the year. The quality is very poor.

  211. Mohon penjelasan untuk kode yang tertera pampers :

    4165891322 20140625INA
    KEMENKES RI PKD 20402310557

    Tanggal berapa diproduksi dan berapa lama jangka waktu penggunaan
    dari tanggal produksi.

    Terima kasih.

  212. Please explain to the code listed pampers:

    4165891322 20140625 INA
    KESEHATAN RI PKD 20402310557

    Date of how much is produced and how long the term of use
    from the date of production.

  213. I recently have purchased three boxes of the 252 count diapers size 1. The first two were good. Then when I open the third one I realize the part that you peel it and stick it to the diaper is barely attached to the actual diaper so when you go to stretch it it just tears off. Over half the box was like that.

  214. Good Day I am a regular customer of Pampers. 
    I purchase about 3 boxes every month and this month I did the same as I went on holiday and needed it.
    When I opened the first packet in the box the entire packet of kimbies was broken there was only one strap. I was very frustrated as I was very far from another shop and had to spend an additional R200 on petrol just to get kimbies. That’s not it, the kids started creche and I sent the other packet along and was so embarrassed because that packet to was filled with broken kimbies. I am very upset and disappointed in this as I have twins and they are a very expensive comodity… I had to buy an entire new Mega box which costs R340 and that’s not cheap. 
    Awaiting your urgent Response.
    Yours truly 
    Merica Johnson

  215. I’m so disappointed I have never had any trouble with pampers until now I buy pampers because of the quality, and what I got this time is disappointing now I am stranded on this Saturday with no clue what so ever im suposed to do with a full pack off pampers sleep and play but yet it’s no use cos what’s the use of having to change my babies bum every 15 minutes it’s ridiculous I need assistance please HELP!

  216. I have two (2) packs of wipes 64 count that have reward codes that are not legible…I am trying to see if there is a way to receive a code so that i will be able to get my points…thank you in advance

  217. I have an 11 month old son and have used pampers from day one however been put off by the quality of this brand, every second pack I.’ve opened had at least one faulty nappy. I tolerated that until I bought a number 5 pack …When I found the first faulty nappy I disposed of it thinking it’s a norm but then I found two this point I was completely disappointed and disgusted by the standard. I pay extra to get superb quality ….This is Seriously something you should be aware of and also take into consideration. If I wanted a cheaper or lower quality nappy I might as well use a different brand

  218. I recently purchased a box of the 96 count of baby dry pampers. I thought I would try a different type of diaper for my grandson. Well, he had the diaper on less then 10 minutes of putting it on him before going to bed and he was all wet. So I go to see why he was wet. Come to find out the right side tape had came off again. This made it diaper number 10. It just made me wonder about the quality of the diapers that they are making now. I’m just glad to hear I’m not the only one having this trouble. I also had this trouble with the swaddlers size 6

  219. Ok so I’m confused. My year old son has just moved up to a size 5 diaper, huggies and luvs he leaks right threw so I decided to try pampers… well, the first time I bought them I didn’t realize pampers run big… a size 5 nearly fell off my son. So yesterday I went and bought a size 4 and paid attention to the weight and all. Get them home and they are to small??? The weight says 22-37 lbs and the size 5 marked on my other box says 22 lbs and > ? I’m so confused!!!! The size 4 are to small but a size 5 is to big!!!

  220. Hi we are using pampers regularly most of the time the urine is not absorbed properly and the bed is wetted often. We really feel disappointed on using this as it destroys are sleep. And the one we used recently all the pampers are not absorbed. Please check the quality of yr pieces. If this problem exist we may go for the consumer.

  221. What is the different between swaddler and baby dry. For some reason when my son has on baby dry, he break out from it, but with swaddler he doesn’t. I bought 3 boxes of baby dry and now I can’t use it and store won’t take it back. Not only the he leaks thru with the baby dry.

  222. I’ve bought a box of pampers from game size number 4 and find that every time I change my daughter the overlap to the front side is breaking . It’s very disappointing because I’ve use it from birth and my baby is almost a year.
    If you need me to send you a picture I will gladly do it . I’ll be waiting for your response . Regards

  223. I am taking care of my 8mnth old nephew,he’s been using pampers frm birth .I have noticed that the diaper while new in the box and the wipes smell like baby poo . This may just be me but it bothers me so I needed to just find out if anybody else noticed this .

  224. I find the televised ad for Pampers Cruisers to be grossly inappropriate and disgusting! If I see that ‘Loaded, swinging, Poop-Filled Diaper one more time while I’m having dinner I will scream! Am composing a letter to Procter and Gamble as we ‘speak!’ Hope it will be pulled very soon.


  225. I have been using pampers nappies since birth for both my kids.the youngest is a 3year old and use pampers active.on 2 occasions i have opened the packet and took out a nappy that didnt have any straps..i ignored until it happen again…this time 2 nappies didnt have straps n this time i was on holiday and it had to happen…it inconvienced me as i only carried enough nappies to last the holiday and i had to go buy mo nappies….very disappointed

  226. Pampers premium care range is very disappointing. They were on offer at nahdi pharmacy. I bought 6 bags each containing 78 diapers. Prior to this I have been using the regular range from pampers. Me and my wife are disappointed to see none of the claims made by the manufacturer for premium care holds up. We now have to change the pampers every 2 hours even when the babies only pee once. The cotton is insufficient to hold more than 1 pee giving a moist sensation to the baby and then crying. We have also observed rashes on the inner thighs of both twins. If the babies pass stool the cotton is located less it does not absorb well leaving all the stool coming out from the back. I cannot understand how such an expensive range from pampers perform so badly. I have pictures to share the batch number of the pampers , incase it is a manufacturing defects. I would like the manufacturer to reach out to me.

  227. am very disappointed by your product ive been using pampers ever since my son was born in 2012 and I never had a problem before because he was always dry and on 2014 I had a baby girly and I continued using pampers but now it is disappointing because she is always wet because your product is no long the same it just get very wet in just few hours and yet you say it keeps baby dry for 12 hour but It can’t hold just for 5 hours, am disappointed it is not nice waking up on a wet bed while spending a lot of money on your Pampers active baby dry that is expensive for nothing.

  228. Hi
    I have used pampers before when my girls were small a couple of years ago….I now have a 11 month old baby who is also using pampers,what I have been noticing lately with the nappies is that is bursts whether the nappies is full or not now with a clean nappie on and he passed urine the gel falls out from the nappie….
    I am truly not satisfied with your product

    A very unsatisfied client,

  229. Hello
    I am always a pampers user for both my kids, one year old and 4 year old.
    Last night I saw my one year old on the monitor sitting and playing with something. I ran up and found that the inside of the nappy was all down her legs and out her pants. She usually wears a pamper nappy all night with no leaks or problems.
    Have a I bought a bad packet? This has never happened and I am worried my child has eaten some of the jelly crystals that were everywhere in her cot and all over her. I have a photo of this to show

  230. Hello! I didn’t not want to come here and complain and sound nasty about your product, instead I wanted to praise it. I have had nothing but great luck with your product with my son when he was in diapers and now I am pregnant again and looking forward to being a pampers advocate as well. Are there any coupons available for a mom getting ready for a new baby?

    Thank you,

  231. Hello my name is Michele,
    Where to start ok here Im 40 something year old lady eho has always wanted to be a mommy. Growong up I knew that all I evercwanted. So when I got older and was told that I could never have kids it totaly devastated mme and my loving husband. after years of trying and failing we have become the comunity babysitteres. Seing as I have froens with children that visit and stay at my home alot i try to keep a verioty of. Diapers on hand. I am a woman who watched where every dime goes I have tryed many brands but it seems i alway come back to Pampers the quality cant be matched. This is why I am writing you now I am sure you get consumers that complain. I wanted you to hear a hapy comsumer, thank you. Now we are adopting finaly. We are expecting a set of twins. We are so excited for the joy of being parents. We plan on filling our nursery with Pampers. Thank You so much got a great product to keep our babys bottoms drycin the future.

  232. I have been using pampers for the last two years for my son and no complaints. This month(March 2016) I bought again at dischem and im very disappointed. My son pee right-thru the nappies!!! Are there something wrong with the batch??? Even the gel is coming out easily. My son’s bums burned for the first time in two years???? Surely there must be something wrong with the nappies. I will appreciate if someone get back to me regarding this matter. My number is 0761674328.

  233. Hello,
    I had an idea to do with diapers. I sent my idea to an idea company who wants to develope it and has been contacting me to start the process and get it moving.
    Speaking with people for advice, they thought I should contact you first to see if it`s something that might interest you, before going with this company. Please respond if interested.
    Thank you,
    M. Carmen Medeiros

  234. Hello,1st of all i just would love to say pampers is a great product but we bought a pack of pampers size-4 last week and from nappy-1 up to today the nappies have been tearing and leaking gel out the middle-side of the nappy just after 1 urine(pee),i have a pic of the nappy aswell that leaked.

  235. Good evening
    I bought a bag of pampers nappies active dry 45 4+ , 9 – 16 kg maxi +. I have had a few nappies which tags just break off as i am fasting nappy. Very fraustrauting . Tags just break off.

  236. Pampers coming apart at the seem called in thought maybe they would replace them being that. I can’t even use very disappointed in called customer Service thinking they would send me some to replace it or reimburse me. They rep told me they could give me some coupons as if I didn’t already waste my money totally disappointed. Will no longer buy any of the products because you never know what you may get. Sincerely a very unsatisfied customer

  237. Good day
    To whom it may concern

    My name is melessa I recently purchased pampers premium care diapers for my newborn baby from discem galleria in Durban, it was going on promotion for R210

    I now discovered that it’s making a bad nappy rash on my babies genital area, his skin is so bad that it eventually peeling off and it’s swallon, he is screaming in pain I took my baby to the doctors and they said it’s the diapers that I’m using.

    I’m a very disappointed first time mom and I need feedback asap

    Unfortunately I have thrown the packaging away but I do have some diapers left.


  238. I am wondering if you changed your diapers? My grandson has been getting a rash recently when he hadn’t before. I prefer to buy your product over other brands but won’t spend money for diapers I can’t use.

  239. I’ve been buying Pampers for six years because we prefer the quality to other brands. However, the last box I bought have caused frustration to say the least. The left tab on EVERY diaper comes right off, either when I’m putting it on or after it’s on my baby! This has led to many accidents and it’s not worth using the rest of the box. Such a waste!

  240. I’ve been using pampers in all 3 of my kids but recently I purchase a size 5 big box an my daughter pees right thru them I’m very disappointed as it being pampers n more expensive than the other brands I expect better quality

  241. You are nasty nasty people,,,with your ad of the kid swinging a wet load of excrement in front of us ,,,Glad you don’t sell tampons Kleenex or Barf Bags,,,,Nasty nasty nasty people,,,I hope you are generating a lot of sentiment like my own,,,I have a permanent negative association with your Brand and would never buy any product associated with it ,,and I sincerely hope you go out of business,,,,,,Nasty nasty nasty nasty people,,,dippas {anti stupidity },

    • I used pampers since my son was born 2.5 years ago, but just recently all the diapers I buy fall apart at the seams, regardless of what type I buy (cruisers, baby dry, etc.). Honestly, I’ve bought your product over others in the past because I thought it was better than other brands, even given the higher price. Looking at the other comments from your customers above, I can only believe that you have changed the quality of your product over the last few months. Almost every customer message about the quality of your diapers says they have torn or fallen apart. The same has happened to my son, even after buying a new package. I thought a previous package was simply defective,but the diapers continue to fall apart. It’s completely unacceptable, especially because the cost of your product is more expensive than others. I really don’t want more coupons; I’d prefer to have my money back. And your customers deserve an explanation and response from the company.

  242. My granddaughter uses pampers for my great grandson. The other day when I was watching him I went to change his diaper. To my surprise something was crunching in the front where his genitals are. When I checked the diaper out I found that there was no rips or tears in the diaper and whatever is in there isn’t supposed to be in there. I am glad that I felt this strange object as It could have hurt him if I had put the diaper on him. I think you should have better quality inspection of this product as a child could be injured or damaged by the foreign product that is in this pamper. I still have the pamper if you would like to have someone inspect it and find out how it got in there.
    Sincerely: Darlene White

  243. I’ve have bought pampers size4 nappies from tescos and the tabs keep coming off not happy at all thinking of changing to another brand

  244. I bought a pack of Sleep & Play, we were truly not impressed, as with every third nappy it either does not stick or where it suppose to stick it breaks off. in cases it would completely fall from the baby.

    Kindly, provide me with more details where I can get a refund or have it replaced.

  245. i recently bought a box of size 2 pampers for my baby only to get home and notice that the box had a combination of NB and size 2 in box. Attempted to return box of pampers to store. However store refused to refund my money or exchange the box for another box.

  246. Hi..
    I have used pampers active baby for my daughter and loved the nappies…BUT I have a baby boy he is 9 months old weighs 12kg so useing 4+ size nappies active baby…I really have a problem with the nappies he can go a night without everything beening wet he can sleer all night definitely not 1 pamper 1 dry night its he foes ro bed 20h00 20h30 and between 2 and 4 in the mornings everything is wet cot blankets and the inner parts comes out its winter now is cold to change in dry clothing and change cot bedding act.! Its definitely not nice how with u feel about it..please check into the problem…….!!!let me know what you think!!

  247. Omg I love your Pampers….but unfortunately I got a box that half the Tabs was missing….I didn’t know to take it back to store or what so I contacted y’all since it was defects…this the only brand I’ll buy thanks so much

  248. Was writing you let let you know I purchased a box of Pampers and a few diaper tabs was off….the piece that holds the diapers together…. thank you

  249. I recently purchase 2 boxes of pampers swaddlers, but I am satisfied with the purchasr I made. I let my kid used a few from one box but apparently the diapers were not holding any liquid at all. I was so disappointed. I decided to open the other box , but when I started using them. Some of the diapers started to fall apart when i tried to put it on my kid. I am not surprise since this is not the first time that happen to me. It is so annoying to have to deal with this. I expected better quality from pampers.

  250. I’m a mother of a disabled child and have noticed there are no type of splasher or little swimmer for a disabled child they only go to size 6. and I believe that it Would not only be beneficial for my child but be beneficial for other disabled children for you guys to come up with a little swimmer that a disabled child can wear so they can go swimming

  251. I didn’t know so many others were having problems with Pampers too. I am so disappointed! My 10 month old is leaking through your so called “baby dry” diapers after only an hour to 2 hours. Never had this problem with the cheaper Walmart brand. I am switching back. Also found a hard piece of cotton (?) in the back of a diaper I was about to put on my baby. Considering showcasing this on social media for all to see. Unbelievable! Hospitals recommend Pampers but obviously they need to reconsider their choice.

  252. Its with sad regret that i have to complain . I bought a box of pampers No.4 diapers and almost all of the diapers don,t have the part to stick, its not there at all. How on earth can I use the diaper for my baby. I am very upset and would like all mothers out there to be aware as this is not the first time. I usually let it go but it is happening quiet frequent now, even in the small packs the strap is not there to stick it on my baby. How are your employees manufacturing….


    I need feed back ASAP…I spent a lot of money and this is not acceptable at all.

  253. To whom it may concern:
    I am leaving this comment because I am extremely disappointed by Pampers. I have been using this brand only for the last almost 8 yrs all of my kids have used them and I have loved them up until now . I pay good money for these diapers I always buy from Sams club in Ohio and the last 2 boxes of diapers I have bought have been ripping and sticking together causing me to have to throw them away. I would like something to be done. I love ur brand better than any other but I’m disappointed in the last 2 boxes

  254. I just want to say how much my wife and I love Pampers “baby dry”. We have been using Pampers since we brought our son home from the hospital. We are now on size 6 and couldn’t ask for a better product. They have held up time and time again. Thank you for helping in the growth of our baby and day in and out being a reliable, trustworthy company!

  255. I recently had a baby 2 months ago and started having to use pampers because every other diaper breaks her out. This morning i changed her diaper and the blue dye had literally stained her bottom, and remind you her diaper was barley wet and also i have a hard time getting the diapers to stick. I can’t get them to stay on her unless i place the wings together and because of this they’re to tight around her stomach. I can’t find the right information to contact someone as i keep getting redirected to someone else. Can anyone help me?

  256. Invaluable article , I Appreciate the specifics – Does anyone know where my company can locate a blank TX Final Decree of Divorce No Children copy to type on ?

  257. I’ve bought diapers from you guys for years and bought five boxes from you guys at Walmart and all of the tabs on the diapers are not sticking to the diapers and I had to go buy more . I’m very disappointed in the product that I bought.

  258. Hello. I purchased a box of Pampers Swaddles 168 count from my local WalMart a few days ago and I took all the diapers out the box to put in my diaper bin. I then noticed the box I purchased was missing 15 diapers. I am sure because that was my first box I purchased and the only diapers I have so Icould not miscount. I guess it was a problem with packing, I’m not sure but I want to be refunded for my purchase and I’m thinking of never purchasing with this company again. What if I didn’t count the diapers, I would be getting cheated without knowing. Money doesn’t grow on trees and I need everything I was due to get. I hope you all can resolve this problem so no other moms will have to experience this problem. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

  259. i have bought no4 pamper and to my attention I have found 5 nappies within the pack the strip is broken which means I cannot use the nappies for my baby as it would not strip, this is the first time I have experienced something like this with PAMPERS I have never had a problem and will not change my babies nappy as I love pampers but what I found made me very disappointed

  260. I decide to use swaddler pampers for my babie shes 9 months and they did rash had to took her to the doctor like 3 to 4 times a week ?

    • The quality of these nappies are pathetic, my 6months daughter’s inner thighs and delicate area’s had a rash and now her skin has peeled off living a huge red mark.

  261. I bought a box of size 4 pamper swaddles and its missing 32diapers I have a 1 year old little girl and from birth I have bought pampers but this is not something I am looking forward to as a customer.

  262. I recently just box a box of pull ups size 4-5 for my daughter and i was disappointed that more than half of the box i had to throw away because 1 of the sides werent connected. Now i have been a steady pampers user since i had my 1st child 13 yrs ago. Yes i have had few non-usual diapers here n there but not almost half of a box. I really would like to hear back from some one… thank you

  263. I recently purchased a package of size seven Pampers Cruisers from BJ’s wholesale’s in Paramus, New Jersey. So far, I have found four faulty diapers in the package. My purchase date was Thursday, May 11,2017. I have been purchasing pampers for approximately nine years including years that my two older sons had been in pampers. This has been very disheartening to me. I have never experienced so meaningful to him diapers and one package before!

  264. I bought 2 boxes 100 diapers in each at target in Cheektowaga ny and on more then half the diapers the tabs did not stick

  265. As the mother of a one year old and my friends who are all of child bearing age (one born yesterday and one due in September as an example) will boycott Pampers until you stop advertising for the Leftist who want to destroy our culture.

  266. Please reconsider you sponsorship of the Rachel Maddow show. Her views are lies and anti American. Pampers has worked hard to be a staple in the American Family. Surely , your Great company doesnt want to be part of her cause as i know it will hurt your image and your bottom dollar.

  267. My daughter has been using pampers sensitive due to her sensitive skin it’s the only brand she can use and just my luck since has went up to size 2 the sticky tabs are ripping right off with the slightest pull. After the 3rd box it’s quite annoying. Out of around 148 diapers 30 more or less are going to waist. As a single parent it’s not easy to have to purchase diapers along side extra because of the ones that don’t work.

  268. I purchased a pack of Size 5 pampers diapers last week. Every diaper that I have put on my son out thatbpack has leaked as soon as he urinates. Obviously this pack is defected. I can’t take the pack back to the store because I no longer have my receipt and they will not accept returns of opened diapers. Please advise on what I should do. This pack cost me $10; $3.50 more than I normally pay for diapers. I always buy Luvs diapers but decided to try pampers.

  269. I am a very dissatisfied father with the quality of the pampers nappies, I don’t know how many times must me and my wife change my daughter’s nappies day and night. She is most restless at night because your nappies do not absorb the urine, and her skin between her thighs has peeled off due to irritation. This is not what you guys advertise on television, the cotton/foam inside the nappies is not sufficient and when she excretes the waste goes out from the sides of the nappies and stains her clothes as well as her sheets and mattress. Every month we must buy at least 2 -3 Jumbo packs, bum cream to ease irritation, more washing powder and sta –soft for her clothes and sheets. I am very disappointed with your brand, I must say the quality of the nappies is very pathetic and the inside of the nappies at the bum area is shocking. I don’t know what to say as this is very frustrating, my daughter would normally wear her nappies 4-5hours but of lately every 2 hours she must change. This is unacceptable, we did not experience these issues with our eldest daughter and that is how we got trust pampers brand to do the same on our 6 months old baby.

  270. I emailed you and was asking about pampers baby dry. Turns out we are using Pampers swaddlers size one. Sorry about the misinformation. Please refer to previous post. Thanks for any information you can recommend.

  271. Hi I as a mother is very disappointed of the of the pampers I have been using pampers since my daughter was born never had a problem until now.The pampers diaper is leaking and bursting and she wets the bed right through the diaper I can send you photos of the ice laying in her pants and the diaper is not evens that wet.Every diaper I take off leaked out and its obvious the pack is defected I went to the checkers store and they told me to contact pampers.

  272. I recently had s baby and bought Pampers I was very disappointed as most of the nappies the fastening strips ripped out and I could not use the nappies expected more from Pampers

  273. Dear sir,
    I bought pampers number 5 mega box.. and the quality is not the same as usual.. even the shape looks different.. it caused a rash to my son.. what can i do??? I can’t find a contact number in lebanon so that i do my complain…
    Please advise.

  274. I am so disgraced and disappointed with pampers premium care, I have been using the pampers green bag for almost 10 months and a friend recommended that I change to premium care, which I did buy towards month end of July 2017, the so called best and quality pampers, gave my lil baby the worst rash ever. He had rush on his buttocks and penis. Thanks to your so called best premium care. Disappointed customer.

  275. I am very disappointed in the quality of pampers. So i bought a pack of pamper nappies and 2 nippies were broken by the Velcro strap. I have a picture of the nappie that i actually want to put on Facebook. Because this is not the first time. Please guys yourll need to up your game or you will lose lots of loyal customers.

  276. im very disapointed i bought a gaint pack of pampers and it nearly didnt even last 2 weeks long course i have change my dawter everytime she makes her wet rite tru the pampers then her clothes is wet and at nyt my bed is also wet i im paying alot of money for a nappy that does that

  277. I am very dissapointed with pampers premium as our baby is 7 days old and every time she is soaking wet on her clothes so sorry we chose pampers

  278. Does the under jam pull ups have the side releases like the diapers? For order kids this would be nice not to have to completely undress to change

  279. ive always like pampers, recently we’ve been having problems with easy ups training pants there defective ,keep ripping so imasking for new box /cupons if available. hopefully you guys can figure out whats going on with these issues

  280. Hello my daughter have a baby girl, with some challenges. It has been very difficult to purchase difficult for us to purchase the type that want break her out. Pamper brand has been the brand that’s works for her, but with a part time job and know assistance its has taking all our money to even try to do others things the baby need. It’s there any type of program the company offer with assistance in providing diapers to babies that I can get in to help!!

  281. Hello I am mom of three currently excepting twins in June . I wanted to know if there was any rewards or help to assist in all the diapers will be going through

  282. My baby is now 1 year 5 months. I always use pampers from the birth of my baby. this month I bought a big pack. last week at a Game store. I can feel there is little balls, almost like beads in the nappy. the nappy is not absorbent at all. need to change the nappy every 2 hours and feels like the inside of the nappy is not puffy and jelly and it feels more like wet paper. absorbing absolute nothing, this is a big pack of nappies, very disappointed.

  283. I’ve been loyalty customer using Pampers from my 11 years old daughter till now but I’m Soo disappointed I bought 2*jumbo pack nappies almost the first bag the strips ripped off when I was change my 5months year child the second one was worse at first I thought I was rough but no the product is not right @ all please do something with this.

  284. How can you support The View with Joy Behar spouting her venom. There is a picture of her grabbing a man star’s genitals with Whoopee in the picture. Trump bragged…..Behar did it! Is she any better than Al Franken? I have the picture if you want to see it.

  285. I bought 3 cases of pamper sealers for my daughter’s new baby.the tape won’t stick and I know they are the best diapers.he has to have the premie size.I’m very disappointed.wal Mart won’t take them back because we opened all 3 cases trying to find ones that would work.what should we do?

  286. good day
    my son is 2 weeks old , i just bought a jumbo pack of pampers premium care after a few days of using another brand which i cannot name without problems. but for a few days that i have changed him to pampers his skim has been chaffing and changed colour to red with a little rash.sometimes urine leak to his clothes and the nappy gets full not impressed at all since it is a lot of money that we spend on the product.

  287. Hi i recently bought a box of pampers size 6 for my son when I got home I got home I gave him a bath and put one on him for bedtime in the morning he had a really serious bad rash and I couldn’t take them back because I never keep my receipts I was just wondering could I get my money back or what way can we solve this bevause these diapers are not cheap at all !! Thanks.

  288. It is impossible to find an email and you’re not open today. Your rewards wants some name – NAME OF WHAT?!?! Barcode of what?!?! It doesn’t search. “It’s easy to send us an email.” Is this a joke?
    I have collected codes from hundreds of dollars of diapers and only qualified for two coupons off more diapers. In my envelope the coupons were NOT even included!!!! I can’t find an order history in the pampers rewards but the envelope has partial of the order info –
    order 62098042 Angie Dynes Job number 60420
    Please correct this mistake.
    thank you

  289. good day,

    I have spoken to a consultant on 21.12.17 about my childs pampers pants that have been leaking and burnt my baby, she informed me the vouchers were sent and gave me a tracking number and adviced I should receive it within 14-21 working days and from the day she gave me the tracking number I have been trying to track it and today is 19 working day since we spoken and the voucher to be sent and still sapo shows as the tracking number is invalid to they do not have it so I would like to know what is happening?

  290. Dear Uncle Bens
    I wanted to let you know how much my family enjoys your baby wipes. It is the only thing I buy and believe it or not my children know the difference between your brand and others. I wanted to thank you for making such a quality product.

    Melanie Smith

  291. Hi purchased a pack of diapers 4+ mega box …it doesn’t seem like the other 1s because it’s absolutely thin baby is wetting her clothes all the time so I compared it to other ones this one is not the same …i cant carry on using this diapers that I paid so much for but I have no choice to use it coz I have no other option

  292. Good evening I went on a pamper spree cause I just had twins babies I brought 20 cases of pamper due to me not working right now and my husband is the only one working so that we would be ok with the pamper I have used and my babies keep breaking out to where I had to get med from there dr I can’t afforf to stock back up with a different brand and the store will not let me change them to a different brand please help I do t no what to do thank you

  293. Hi I’ve been using urgent nappy for years and have never had a problem the last too boxes I’ve bought all the tags that hold the nappy together have been ripping off so I’m very disappointed as I don’t really have the money to waste like that and was forced to keep them as the shop wouldn’t returne them because I’d lost the recipet they told me to contact the supplier

  294. I’ve boughtb2 boxes off nappies and all the tags that fasten the nappy have been ripping off and I’ve been forced to use then because the show would not tale them by because I’d lost the reciet and the told me to contact the supplier I’m disappointed as I didn’t have the money to buy more

  295. Hi.really disappointed with your nappies. I have a newborn and the nappies are getting heavy so fast.have to change my baby’s nappie after 1hr.

    • Good day. I have been using pampers since 2013 and for the first time with my second baby I had a bad experience with nappies I bought and did not expect this from Pampers, as I always felt is was the best nappy on the market. The whole pack of Pampers leaked and with not even wearing the nappies for like an hour, my baby girls clothes was wet and the nappy not even full yet. I first thought that it was just may be one nappy but the others did exactly the same. I am not able to take the nappies back to the store because the pack is open. Trust I will receive feedback soon. Kind regards

  296. Good day, I have a 3 and a half month old baby boy and I have been using Pampers Premium Care. I am now on my 4th pack that I bought and I have found nappies that the tie strip is off either on the left or right side. This is not good as the goods should go through quality control before it is sent for packaging. I have taken pictures of the nappy for you to see. Pampers Premium is meant to be you best range in your brand!!

  297. Sorry, I forgot to say that his been weeing through the nappy too. Clothing is wet and the nappy is still in tact.

  298. Good Afternoon,
    I have always been a Pampers fan but lately I have been really disappointed. For the last three months at least 5 kiempies out of each pack broke when changing my son. I have kept a sample of the kiempie to show you guys what is happening. I have always used pampers with all 3 of my kids but have to admit that I am seriously considering changing because I can’t be loosing kiempies every month.

  299. Recently I bought pampers size 4 normal extra absorbent. I have found that your product quality has come down resulting in leakages within 3 hours and causing irritation for my child. Hope my voice would reach you and expecting a reply.

  300. Your commercial shows a beautiful baby crawling under a carpet.
    With all the young mothers we have now they should be aware a baby could suffocate because they don’t know how to get out. THANKYOU for your time.

  301. Terrible for customer services and never are there to talk to. Then make you pay for your redeemed points by shipping. All set with pampers now. Money hungry. Will share will social media. So they won’t get played into it.

  302. I’m not happy with Pampers it’s has left my 18 months with redish nappy rash. Ive used Pampers almost my entire childs life but now I’m disappointed.

  303. Good day
    I want to lay a Complaint about Pampers Nappies,please provide me with a Valid Email Address this is very urgent

    Mrs Meyer

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