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Contacting Page Plus Customer Service Center

Page Plus is a prepaid cell phone provider offering coverage from the east coast to the west coast. There are very few places on the map where coverage is NOT available. How good the coverage is can be debated. Page Plus offers an Unlimited Talk and Text Plan for $40 a month, but only a small amount of data is included. Other prepaid providers offer unlimited talk, text and data for just $5 more.

Contact Info

The contact page for Page Plus customer service lists basic contacts, including telephone, fax, support center and snail mail. To protect your identity and financial information, don’t send credit card numbers, account numbers or other personal information by email or snail mail.

Phone Contact Numbers

Customer service calls are answered from 9 A.M. to 10 P.M. Monday to Saturday. If you call on Sunday, make sure to call after 12 P.M. but before 8 P.M. because hours are limited on Sundays. All customer service centers operate on EST.

  • Customer Service: 1-800-550-2436
  • Customer Service (From Your Cell Phone): #CCARE
  • Customer Service Fax: 1-419-382-8729
  • Replenish Plan by Phone: 1-877-359-6695
  • Replenish Plan with Cell: #737

Mailing Address

Page Plus Cellular
1615 Timberwolf Dr.
Holland, OH 43528

Official Website

Customers can order new phones and plans from the official website at You will need to choose a phone and a plan to complete your order. Phone choices are limited to just four options. The prices range from $50 to $150 with only one Android in the bunch.

Customers can also find Page Plus on Facebook and Twitter.

Customer Service Email

We found not one but four email addresses customers can use to contact the Page Plus Cellular customer service department.

If you want to submit a query online, you can use the online contact form. You will be asked your Page Plus cell number when submitting the ticket.

We’ve sent an email to the customer service department requesting information about how to return a cell phone if we no longer want Page Plus Cellular service. We expect to receive an answer within a few days, but you can never tell when it comes to email addresses.

Our Experience

When we called the customer service phone number for Page Plus Cellular we were greeted with the typical automated system. We pressed 0 and out call was immediately moved to a customer service representative. We asked if Page Plus Cellular service was available with unlimited data and the representative told us that plan was not available yet.

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Contact Info
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46 Comments on “Contact Page Plus Customer Service
  1. worst customer service I’ve ever experienced. I had money on my phone and renew my contract days before due date, but at least once a month I get a message stating: You had an incoming call or attempted to make a call, but your account has insufficient funds. Please add money to your balance. How can I stop this from happening? I pay replenish my phone online, should I go to a dealer to replenish. I like page plus coverage but if this keeps happening I will have go to boost.

    • i have that same problem if they don’t do nothing about they can give me back my money. ” you have attempted to make a call or you have an incoming call” like really they need to get this together.

    • I had the same problem, I paid my bill one day in advance and I no service for about 5 hours. I like their service too, but if this keeps happening, I’m going somewhere else for my phone service.

    • hello, please i made payment to bank and i sent the it through deposit notification and it was accepted but my account was not credited and its not pleasant wt all. my agent name is goldendstv, please help and amount is 9000

  2. these people are the worse company ever for keeping your account straight. They take money out of your account even tho you have a year plan with them. Their reasoning is past ridiculous as to why you were charged twice.They give service a bad name.I doubtthis will show on their web because of some technical error.

  3. i applied money to my account and page plus say they never got it .. got a bank statement shown that they did.
    refused to let you talk to someone who is a supervisor instead they just hang up on you. worst company never tell anyone this is a good company, changing company after i sue the hell out of them.

  4. i have had trouble the last three times i pay my bill before its due and i still get interupped this is ridiculous i have a child on a heart monitor and an apnea machine therefore i can not go with out my phone if this problem continues i will no longer be a page plus absolutly 100% irratated and would not reccomend to anyone

  5. Please i want you to help me EMAIL MY CALLING HISTORY FROM JANUARY 1 2012 TO DECEMBER 2012 THANK YOU.678 708 5853.OONE OF YOUR CUSTOMER.

  6. I think it’s wrong to except so much money from costumer and not even let them use there phone even though the money has been excepted by page plus.Every time i renew early i have to call and sit onhold for 20 min and finally get someone who fixs the problems then you lose what you didn’t use but paid you really need to be that greedy

  7. what a rip off! i payed for the 55 dollar plan, the next day… no data, i go back there only to be told oh well your phone isent compatible for data but when you leave i’ll put down to refund you something if you get a contract.what? i would of gotten the 35 dollar plan had i known my phone was not compatible was the 40 dollars a tip? what a rip-off!never go with this company!

  8. I was told that my phone was not compactable after having service with them for 6 months with the same 2 phones no data no money back

  9. i am upset with page plus because a month ago i bought a phone and i could not use data but i could recieve picture but i could not send and they told me that my phone use not compatible so i went back to my previous phone company so do not go with page plus i will never go back to them NEVER

  10. im very disappointed in page plus….I have been a loyal customer for years my kids my grandkids are all on page plus and we have been for years with no problems until 2 weeks ago…my daughter call to pay my bill and got the wrong plan so I called asap…and was told there was nothing page plus could do for me!!! really… I ask if I could pay the difference between the different plans and again was told there was nothing page plus could do for me!!so frustrated I said thank you and went to work…at work 2 of your customer service workers came into mt work…as I asked them about there day they said they worked at page plus I explained my problem they said call once again…so I did and page plus took my name and number to look into it…48 hours later nothing…so I called and once again was told nothing could be done and they have e-mailed me the outcome of the I looked at my e-mail hummmm nothing from page plus!!!!as a customer service lady I recommend page plus in talking to friends family and shocked that page plus would lose 8 loyal customers for a little problem ….does page plus have so many customers that you can afford to lose them and lose potential customers from recommendations ?? I hope we can resolve this issue I really like page plus and I would love to stay… but I think I was treated unfair !!!!

  11. i have a pageplus phone and a account with them i bought a phone from the lockport office suppose to be new but have had trouble with the letter z and it charging now it wont charge at all how do i go about changing phones on the internet?

  12. I paid my bill the day before the due date as I normally do and my service is off. this is very ridiculous. then there’s no # to call to straighten the situation out. you all need to handle your business a bit more professional. you will not take my money. I been with you all for 4 years. I’m ready to change plans. you are not reliable.

  13. I paid my bill the day before the due date as I normally do and my service is off. this is very ridiculous. then there’s no # to call to straighten the situation out. you all need to handle your business a bit more professional. you will not take my money. I been with you all for 4 years. I’m ready to change plans. you are not reliable.

  14. This has been the worse customer service I have ever had, I paid for my plan and not even a week later my phone is saying I have no mins left so of course I called and was told they would have to open a ticket and I would be contacted well here it is 52 hrs later and still nothing! It seems like this company does not want to keep its customers very badly!

  15. I’m going to buy the verizon samsung galaxy note 3 or 4 in its a 4g can I get a unlimited plan with you all like talk text n data unlimited

  16. For quality management department:

    I have been with pageplus for about a year, and other than this customer service phone call, my experiences with your company have been very pleasant. The customer service call I just experienced with you guys was one of the worst I have experienced in years. I was calling to port my phone over to another phone because I have lost my old phone. The woman was very short in tone, and she cut me off several times. I work in the medical business, and I fully understand what it means to speak to clients respectfully even if you are not in a good mood. Your phone representative was not only disrespectful, but when I went to look for a 2nd phone number for her to reference in order to switch over my phone, she hung up on me. I find you guys to be a developing company with great potential growth. Customer service experiences like that one can really leave a bad taste in a person’s mouth, and thus possibly spread bad representation for your company. I am going to call back in a moment and attempt to port my number over again. I would really like to stay with you guys, and give you my money monthly; however, if I ever have to deal with a woman like that again, I will move my service. If you want to reference your employee for possible professional development, I called at around 9:40 on 2/11/14. The number from which I called was my office phone which is occasionally blocked because of company regulations, but it would be an (828) area code.
    I hope you have a pleasant day, and that your company continues to grow and improve.

  17. I wrote just a moment ago to speak of my awful customer service experience. I would like to say that when I called back I spoke with a delightful attendant named Alicia who restored my desire to remain with your company.

  18. Have to wait 20 minutes and still half time my phoe is cut off and my sd card broke and they will not fix it. heard it rattling around in my phone. What a joke…..

  19. My payment posted on Feb 24, 2014. My monthly due payment date is Feb 25th. I Want to be contacted asap and my phone activated so I use this phone without issues when balance in not past due.

    Channel 8 fox news network is next on my list to contact about your customer service issues. OH yeah free bad advertising.
    that’s right phone not working send me an email. oh

  20. i will like to add internet on my celluar phone? or please give me a call. thank you because i been have service with yiu’ll for a very long time. thank you.

  21. I paid for my minutes last night at ten pm my minutes were to be on there in one hour its the next day and my minutes are still not on my phone but my money is already gone out of my bank account for it my money is gone but i have no minutes this is crap

  22. I paid my bill a day early however my phone is cut off and the money in my bank account reflect full payment iam so upset about this and there is no customer service to talk to because you offices are close 69.95 is oo much for such terrible service it is robbery

  23. I am trying to speak with someone in A TRUE and REAL Corporate office. I see the previous lawsuits that you have had with Mr. Yassine and Yassine but there is no concrete information about the company. I am a journalist for several reputable newspapers and a CUSTOMER. I am not pleased with my service and I am seeking to speak to someone who can assist me without lieing.

    • I switched to Verizon after they lied to me about switching phone and the BOOTLEG Corporate office is a JOKE! I am going to get this resolved and hopefully get more than a refund because I recorded alot of the phone calls.

  24. They charged me a payment and then stated that they never received it… I sent a copy of my bank statement to them proving they charged my account but still according to them they never received this payment… hmm how does that work? I called customer service only to get the run around, transferred here and there.. asked to speak to management and they continuously disconnected the call… I am reporting them to the better business bureau, and filing fraudulent charges against them.. I would not recommend anyone to use this company, and have to experience what I did..

  25. I have page plus cell service .. i have my credit card on file to auto pay and refill my services. For some reason it always allows my services to discontinue then start again. Leaving me with no service. Then when it starts over i have No Data!!!! Very inconvenient. I am on wifi at home and at work. And yet in between those two places i have Nothing! ! Not happy at all!

  26. I have had nothing but problems paying my bill!!! I have had to pay twice several times. my phone gets shut off after paying first time and then the hassle begins.

  27. customer service is out sourced and you can`t even understand what they are saying. Total crap I will be getting another provider!!!!

  28. I do not have email I don’t no what happen to it. i have been a customer for 2 yrs. @ least with no problem u gave me great svc. loved it, now for the last 3 or 4 months I have not been able to excess my email acct. It sends me a key to use but every time I enter that key it tells me (WRONG KEY) I have entered the key over & over with no success & I’m fed up. I am on the $52.00 plan which include service & taxes. Not happy & if not corrected very very soon like in a day will be switching service. I would tell everyone how great ur service is but not anymore, I don’ t no “WHAT WENT WRONG”

  29. My friend told me how impressed her and her husband are with Page Plus. She gave me a phone #386 437 3400 in Bunnell, FL. I called last week and had to leave a message. They still haven’t called me back. Today I called them again and they gave me the voice mail again. The voice mail said it was full and hung up on me. I then went on goggle and found headquarters # 800 550 2436. I called them and spoke to a gentleman and told him what happened. I asked for another number. He asked for my zip code and I waited for several minutes. He then said he was going to transfer me. He did.They said they were to busy now and hung up.

  30. Seems impossible To email these people and get a response. They obviously do not want to spend the time on customers. I am going to unsubscribe if I do not get a life form from this response.

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