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Contacting OXO Customer Service Center

OXO is one of those companies that you’ve probably noticed and not noticed at the same time. OXO sells kitchen accessories and utensils. You’ll find brooms, water bottles, scrubbing brushes and more with the OXO name. Surprisingly, OXO also sells office supplies. If you want to order online, you’ll need to register for an account before ordering. Registering for an account makes it easier to contact OXO customer service as well.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

OXO shares corporate and OXO customer service contact information, including several phone numbers customers can contact for support, product information or return information, among other customer service issues.

The OXO customer service department is open between the hours of 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. EST Monday to Friday.

Mailing Address

There are two mailing addresses to choose from when seeking OXO customer service. The first is the mailing address for the customer care department. The second is the mailing address for OXO corporate.

OXO Consumer Care Center

1331 South Seventh Street

2nd Floor

Chambersburg, PA 17201


OXO Corporate

601 West 26th Street

Ste 1050

New York, NY 10001

Official Website

Take a little time to browse the official website and learn more about the OXO family of products. The company is extremely small, but they have quite a developed line of products. The official website is available at You’ll notice you can choose to search for products by brand, category or new products. Many of the products sold by OXO are found exclusively in partner stores. The office supplies, for instance, are only available offline at Staples.

Customer Service Email

If you are willing to wait up to three business days, you can use the email contact form on the OXO customer service website. The form does ask for your mailing address even if you are sending a concern or compliment. We don’t like for visitors to feel forced to share personal information if they simply want a question answered before they choose to place an order.

We contact customer service to see if there is an email address that potential customers can use so they don’t have to share address information.

Our Experience

When we dialed the OXO customer service line we were amazed that the phone was answered by real person. We asked the customer service representative if there was an email address for customer service and she happily responded that OXO customer service offered a contact form, but not an email address. The total call time was less than two minutes.

When we sent an email inquiry to OXO customer service, we expected a quick response. Unfortunately, the company took 2 days to respond to our communication. When we did receive an email response, the customer service representative asked if they could assist us, but didn’t answer our question. This leads us to believe OXO would countinue to send emails further delaying adequate customer service, see below:

From: OXO Info
Date: Wed, Mar 28, 2012 at 3:40 PM
Subject: RE: Website Comment/Suggestion
To: Richard B

Dear Richard,

Thank you for contacting the OXO Consumer Care Center and your interest in OXO products.

How may I help you?

We are always happy to assist you. Thank you for being a valued consumer!

Thank you,
OXO Consumer Care Center
1331 South Seventh Street • Chambersburg, PA 17201 • USA
Monday – Friday, 8AM – 5PM EST
Tel. 800.545.4411, ext. 5318 • Fax. 717.709.5350

From: Richard B
Sent: Monday, March 26, 2012 9:35 PM
To: OXO Info
Subject: Website Comment/Suggestion

Name: Richard B

Message: This email form requires a personal address to send a message. If a customer wants to ask a question is there a direct email address that can be used?

Our experience with OXO customer service was great – how about yours?

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36 Comments on “Contact OXO Customer Service
  1. I received a can opener for Christmas its calld OXO good grips the only problen right now is getting it out of the package which is hard plastic, I have been working on it or 1 hour, there must be a better way to package it. I can’t tell you if the can opener is any good because who knows when I will be able to use it.

  2. I called OXO Customer Service and it was not what I expected. I wanted to purchase a new top for my salad spinner. It had become jammed and would not release. The lady who helped me was a delight. She informed me that I would not have to pay for the replacement.

    You certainly what Customer Service is.

    Thank you.

  3. I bought several of you OXO watering can several years ago at a local lawn and garden center. I would like to purchase some more, but I can’t find them anywhere locally any more. I just love those cans because of the bright colors and the spout that turns. Please help me find them.

  4. I purchased a squeeze sponge mop att Bed Bath & Beyond. I am returning it tomorrow. It is absolutely horrible- the water does niot squeeze out, it pushes around water and dirt all over the floor and should be removed from the market. This is not an expensive item- you should be ashamed to sell it.

  5. Dear oxo technical department, I appreciate the years you have been around and love oxo but, I think you should look at your cubes in a more presentable and not so messy way taking off that bloody file. So why don’t you put ground oxo in satchets so you pour them into soups casseroles etc. If my idea is a possibility would you please reimburse me the brain power I put into this soup-er idea.

  6. I am a new customer with OXO, i bought a detergent dispenser/scrubber. the scrubber doesn’t stay on, when doing dishes, it falls off more times than not, I paid $8.99 at Bed Bath and Beyond and feel it was a complete waste of money. Don’t think I’ll be buying your products again poor design.

  7. I made a customer service call to OXO today, and I thought it was delightfully handled. I’m sorry that only as an afterthought did I realize I had no name for the employee. She helped me solve an issue with your POP storage containers, a problem that was ours, NOT caused by a defect or negligence on the company’s part. The containers are a wonderful product for us. Your staff person was good humored, instantly responsive to my situation, and reflected the best aspects of customer service.

    I noted some customers have posted negative comments here. I hope some of those people will please consider that one hard experience with a product may not be a reliable basis to abandon a company or say they should be “ashamed.” The willingness to take feedback and act on it in good faith is one reason companies have customer service departments. My wife and I have had excellent experience to date with multiple OXO products. Now I add an excellent customer service experience as well. That is a strong basis to build customer loyalty.

  8. I purchased a OXO hand held julienne cutter about a year ago. I used it approximately 12 times and was horrified to see that one of the razor sharp teeth had broken off and one was bent backwards. I threw out the carrots that I had just preparing. I am hoping that the teeth / blades got damaged today and during another use as that would mean that the metal blades would have been in the food I had prepared and unknowingly fed to people. I tried calling OXO, but the website indicates USA only. I live in Canada. BE CAREFUL. THE SHARP RAZOR LIKE BLADES / TEETH CAN HARM SOMEONE IF THEY BREAK OFF INTO THE FOOD THAT IS BEING PREPARED!

  9. I have bought many soap dispensing dish brushes, model #1067529 and can’t imagine living without them. The issue I have is that the dispensing button separates from the handle after about 3 weeks of use eliminating the suction needed to dispense the soap. If this problem could be solved you would have the perfect product

    • I also experienced the same issue with the dish brush button separating and leaking.Otherwise this product is great.I’ve contacted customer service for a replacement,we’ll see how it goes.

  10. Dear Sirs:
    I have a product that we just love and have only had a short time and has formed black mold spots deep into the plastic- we have pictures of it if you’d like them.
    The product is called Good Grips (Large Sink Mat)- we also have the small one and it has not caused any problem. We keep it clean, so couldn’t figure out why the mold spots were only in the large mat.
    Please respond, thank you,Regan Askwith

  11. Howdy , A little thing : I have a ladle that constantly separates from the handle like it was designed that way but it seems like a petri dish for evil bacteria ? Help Mr. Wizard . Thanks , Wyatt Garfield 102 Park St Portland Me 04101

    • Or emailed I called and I am still waiting for a replacement for my pox stainless steel garbage can which will not stay closed. When I called they said it will be shipped. That was 1 month ago . It’s the can that’s rectangles the lid opens with the long side

  12. I bought two of the oxo green spatulas in the last 6 months. I bought one for my son and at a later date bought one for myself. It took about 3 months for one of the spatulas to get here. The first one was$7.99. The one is purchased for my son cost me $21.25. I wanted it as a gift for him. The cost difference is unbelievable. Since then both of them have loosened from the handle. So I just wanted you to know.

  13. Email form not available to use. All necessary fields to fill out are not available. The OXO jar opener quality has gone way downhill. I have one from many years ago with teeth on both sides which still works great. The one now is crap just like most things these days. Need those bigger profit margins so all the upper echelons can get their disproportionate compensation of course!

  14. Forgot to mention that if you are able to get a metal lid open you have to be careful not to cut yourself every time you take that lid off or put it on because of the jagged edges it leaves.

  15. I’m still waiting for a reply for my complaint about oxo stainless steel garbage can cover not closing . This is my third email .irs the rectangler can that opens long ways 12 inches across not the other

  16. We love our OXO products, but lately we seem to be having issues with multiple products. My salad spinner suddenly stopped spinning. The center piece will no longer push down to spin the bowl. We also have a tall storage container with a lid that stopped sealing, even when you push the center down to lock it. Are these issues with springs breaking? We are not putting them through the dishwasher or otherwise handling them poorly or improperly. The products are not inexpensive, so while we love the products, we are discouraged from purchasing further products based on the lack of longevity we are seeing.

  17. Hello.. I cannot turn the battery cover on my Digital Read Instant Thermometer.
    It wil not turn to open using a coin in the slot provided. The plastic is so soft the slot was destroyed in the effort making it impossible to turn or accept ANY coin or screwdriver. This is poor design as the cover appears
    To be “frozen” on resisting any effort to turn to make the battery accessible. The thermometer is useless as a result and can only be tossed in the trash or replaced by your company
    At no cost. Please advise.
    Thank you. Regards, Joseph

  18. I spoke to a customer service representative Friday, 03/11/2016, who was very helpful. My problem with my OXO coffee maker is that the coffee making cycle does not complete. It’s model number is 8710000. FECM1533010955. She patiently walked me through the process of resetting the time and temperature to 212 degrees. When I want to make, say 12 cups of coffee, it stops at 8 cups. I have to repeatedly hit the start button. It sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t. She said the next time I make a pot of coffee, it should be ok; however, I am still having the same problem. I called back yesterday, but, being Saturday, it’s understandable, the office was closed. I went through the reset process myself again, but am still having the similar problem. Please let me know what else I can do.

  19. I recently had the pleasure of speaking with one of your customer service representatives. She was very helpful in sending me a replacement top for my salad spinner. Unfortunately, the top is too big for the model that I have. How can I exchange it for the correct size?

  20. I have a 4 cup angled measuring cup and it has formed a crack at the very bottom where the OXO name is, I have never used it in the microwave and have never put it in the dishwasher. The thing is, I really like it so I only use it for water but I am going to have to throw it out because it is about an inch long now. I just wanted you to know about it and I must say I am disappointed about it. I believe I will go back to glass.

  21. Couldn’t ask for a better customer service experience. My leave in digital thermometer that I’ve had for some time and love, stopped working. We determined it was a faulty cord. Emailed OXO, they sent back a very nice email, sent a new cord w/in a week. Now I have a perfect thermometer.

  22. i ordered a salad spinner to replace my broken one and when i got it it was all clear plastic , not the complete white one . i didn’t think the plastic you were using would last and it didn’t the top cracked ! my white one I had for years ,when it finally did break it was full of mold so when I got my new one and it came apart for cleaning I was happy with that but if it doest last what good is it ! I have allways been a big fan of your brand , if someone I know is looking for something you make I tell them buy oxo its the best ,but maybe not that new spinner . thanks for listening

  23. My oxo digital scale is no longer working. The digital readout is not functioning. I saw online that I might be able to get a replacement for it. Would appreciate your prompt response.

  24. I loaned my OXO GOOD GRIPS Food Mill, when returned the instruction leaflet apparently had been folded with spattered food particles on it. When opened, parts of the instructions stuck and tore the leaflet. Can the instruction leaflet be replaced?

  25. I recently purchased a oxo SoftWorks Nylon Round Turner (flipper) and before using it it broke in half…. I threw the receipt away not anticipating it would break before I used it. Is there anything that can be done to help?

  26. My wife and I are totally sold on OXO brand products! Great design / comfort in use and quality! Allow us a complaint please…An ice-cream Scooper we purchased failed miserably. Design failure most likely. Very surprised. We sell your products at every opportunity. Can you correct our ice-cream Scooper crisis situation? We trust you will. Sincerely, Monty/Norma Gallego. Thank you

  27. Hi, I purchased the good grips soap dispenser brush from amazon and it broke after 4months. Would like a new one to be spent to me.

    Thank you

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