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Contacting Outback Customer Service Center

Outback is part of the Bloomin’ Brands business founded in 1988. Other restaurants in the company include Carrabba’s Italian Grill, Roy’s Restaurant and Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse. All of the restaurants serve the same general foods in the same type of atmosphere, which has clearly worked well for the company. Outback is slightly different because it presents the typical steak and potato meal as an Australian adventure.

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Phone Contact Numbers

We were unable to find a phone number for Outback corporate on the official website. We did finally managed to secure the number from a third-party website, but we’re curious why Bloomin’ Brands doesn’t just share the phone number. The corporate office is located on the east coast, so customers should call between 8:30 AM and 5:30 PM ET.

  • Outback Phone Number: 1-813-282-1225

Mailing Address

Hidden in the last paragraph of the privacy policy is the address for Outback customer service. Most companies offer up the address to consumers who’d rather write than call, but Outback did not bother to include any contact information aside from a single customer service email form.

Outback Steakhouse LLC2202 N West Shore Blvd5th FloorTampa, FL 33607

Official Website

The consumer website for Outback is located at From the site you can check for nearby locations, read through the menu and even place an order at participating Curbside Take-Away locations.

If you want to contact the corporation behind Outback customer service, you can visit the corporate website at This is the website for Bloomin’ Brands.

Social Media

There are three social media sites companies are most likely to join – Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. The first two connect customers with news updates and special offers. YouTube, on the other hand, is a portal for marketing commercials. When attempting to contact Outback customer service, Facebook and Twitter are your best bets.

Customer Service Email

The email form is the only piece of contact information, aside from social media pages, offered to consumers on the Outback website.

Our Experience

The Outback phone number you’re calling is the phone number for Bloomin’ Brands. If you call after business hours or during a scheduled holiday you will be transferred to the message center. The message center takes messages from callers for call backs the following business day. We left a message requesting a call back about ingredient details in a specific dish. We’ll let you know if the company calls us back.

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259 Comments on “Contact Outback Customer Service
  1. We try to get to outback once a month or so
    The service is always good along with the food,
    I don’t know what happened at your Tallahassee location
    My husband and i went today, at 2:15? first off it took 10 minutes
    For somebody to come to our table, we
    ordered the blooming onion which took 20 minutes to get
    We had ordered the steak and all you can eat shrimp
    I got the fried shrimp and my husband got the buffalo
    Both were just plain nasty, so when our waitress came by and
    Asked if we wanted another order we tried the scampi
    Which was worst then the first round. Our server was great
    But the food was horrible A waste of $40.00,
    Thought we would let you know

  2. We recently ate at our normal Outback. The 4723 S Yale Ave (In Tulsa Ok)restaurant. Our waiter was David. He was super friendly and we didn’t have to ask for a thing. He did a great job and the managers there are phenomenal. This store is doing a great job!

  3. My family and I went out to the outback in the villages Florida last night.
    Food was good service was ok. Everything was really going just fine until our server(guy named Pat)asked my uncle if he was finished with the “Dead Soldier” referring to the empty beer bottle on the table.
    I would really like to know if it is common practice for your servers to refer to empty bottles as “Dead Soldiers”?
    My Father, being a Vietnam veteran has lost more friends in his service to our country then he cares to talk about, was visibly upset by the comment. And would probably never say a word about it. Instead he’ll just stop going to a restaurant that he loves going to. I didn’t think that was fair. He has always enjoyed your restaurant, and probably goes there once a month. And now knowing that server is there he’ll most likely never step foot in your outback again.
    Pretty sad if u asked me.

    • Lighten up! Obviously the server was not talking about your Father’s lost friends. This is what is wrong with Society today, people take the most innocent comment and make a big deal out of it. And yes it is commonplace to refer to empty beer bottles as “Dead Soldiers”, without any reference to lost Veterans. I am sorry for your Father’s losses and appreciate his service. I too am a veteran, just an FYI.

  4. I want to commend the Victorille, Ca Outback!! The manager David is always on his feet, always friendly and always takes time to come acknowledge us as we are regular customers. He is partly the reason we continuously come back!!Also the bartender Nicole is amazing!!! She is an asset and another reason we come back repeatedly!! Thank You for your great and careful selection in staff. We will continue to support your restaurant.

  5. I am a commercial mechanical contractor and travel all over Texas with an average of 40-50 different locations per year. We recently had 3 jobs in Waco and spent 2 1/2 months in Waco off and on.

    During this time we visited the Franklin location 2 times.
    The first time we went to the store it was around 8:30 at night and so I wasn’t surprised when they were out of prime rib given the late hour. During that visit the drinks at the bar were fine.

    I took my employees back on 9/19/2013 for dinner around 7 p.m. I was sure that it was early enough to be able to get a prime rib this time as it my first choice of meat. I was assuming incorrectly. Again I was told that they didn’t have any that day. So I moved on again and chose a Rib-Eye. I asked for the steak to be prepared medium rare and we continued our meal. When my steak arrived it was cooked a shade less than well done. I sent the steak back after 2 bites and waited another 15 minutes for my medium rare steak to come out to my preference. During this time I ordered a second drink while waiting for my steak which set on the bar orders out for over 10 minutes while our waitress was talking with a table of people it appeared she knew. I finally asked for my drink a third time in which the waitress apologized to us again and walked my drink over from the bar.

    One of my employees had not been to an Outback prior to this night. He ordered a Rib-eye as well and as he finished a few bites of his potatoes he went to take a bite of his steak and noticed a straight black hair on his plate plainly in view next to the steak which ended his appetite for the night. Our waitress again apologized and half heartedly tried to appease my employee. At no point were we approached by the manager other than when my second steak was brought out by her. Needless to say I don’t believe he will visit an Outback again.

    We thought we had experienced all of the calamity of errors for the night until we received our bills. I was billed for beers when I didn’t drink any beers. One of my employees was billed for bar drinks that I had. The employee who didn’t eat due to a hairy plate was still charged for a Dr. Pepper and I thought to myself that is audacity to bill for a $2.00 drink after what happened.

    So I spent over $50.00 with tip for my meal and drinks alone and felt completely unsatisfied. I used to go to Outback on a regular basis prior to college. Since the opening of other options including Saltgrass, Texas Roadhouse years ago I began to realize that there were better options than what Outback has become over the years. When I have visits like I recently had in Waco this reenforces my thoughts.

    I deal with proprietors from multiple franchises all over the state of Texas all the time. If their businesses were run like this location they would be closing the door and have a feeling that the only reason this store is not hurting is that it is located in Waco and the fresh money coming in from new students every year at Baylor.

    I hope this helps to turn something around for your team.

  6. It all began very nicely. We were taking our 8 month pregnant daughter and husband out for her birthday, as we were in town for her baby shower. We were all excited. My children are students and cannot afford to go out very often and she said if my husband ever mentioned the free bloomin onion that he would have to take her out and buy her dinner. Well, he mentioned that Newman had won, so off to Outback we went.
    I have an extremely painful and rare neurological disorder; where stress amplifies the pain tenfold and effects her entire left lower limb and brain function, called RSD.
    We were seated where we really did not want to sit, but I was determined to be calm and make the night all about my daughter.
    The waiter initially was very friendly and helpful. He brought our drinks and bread, took our order and brought our appetizer and then salads. He did however leave our drinks empty.
    We ordered the following: Myself, a large rib eye; my husband a special cut 20 ounce rib eye; my daughter a porterhouse; and her husband the steak and endless shrimp meal. All the steaks were ordered medium.
    Mine came out well done and sent back and brought back medium rare. My husband’s came out gray and rare (aside from disgusting looking) and returned to be charred/seared on the outside and medium inside, which was accomplished. My son’s came out rare and sent back, as well as waiting about 45 minutes to get his second order of shrimp. My daughter’s came back bloody rare and returned 3 times for the same reason. Finally they offered her lobster tails to avoid waiting for another steak.
    Obviously this took a lot of time. My son was not given any more shrimp until the lobster tails came out. Also, it should be apparent that no one ate at the same time.
    Her birthday ice cream never came out.
    Our waiter it seems was given a large party after our salads and was barely to be seen again. The manager and other servers handled our table from that point on.
    When brought the check, the waiter did appear and made it a point that the bill was not the full price and how much it would have been. I suppose to earn a larger tip.
    What do you feel in all honesty that the manager should have done?
    I must add that toward the end, my condition exacerbated and could barely sit still, stand or walk, and have been that way until today, so far. I had to sleep on the downstairs couch that night as I was unable to get up the stairs at all to get to the bedroom.

  7. My family and I had the most enjoyable dinning experience due to the excellent service we recived from our server Amanda at your Outback store #1813
    It’s been a long time since we’ve experienced this level of service.
    We are a military family and travel the US constantly.
    This amazing woman should be commended for her great people skills and service.
    Thank you.
    Amelia Detrinidad

  8. Awful experience. Took my daughter out for her 21st birthday to the Outback in Maumee, Ohio at 5pm 10/4. Took nearly 10 minutes for someone to come to our table. There were 10 people in our party. 8 ordered steak and all you can eat shrimp. the other two were children. All but one steak was overdone. The medium rare was medium well. All were extremely dry. Mother in laws loaded baked potato came with butter and sour cream so that went back. her steak was rare when she ordered med well. Came back well and very dry. Went back a third time. The third steak was the cheaper cut (she ordered the ‘upgraded’ $17.99 version. that one went back. Fourth time was a charm. Everyone else kept theirs as we were going on over an hour and didn’t want to wait any longer. Now for the shrimp refills; bland and tastless except for the buffalo because that was bottled sauce that they couldn’t screw up. Fried shrimp and scampi were totally tasteless. Ordered a refill as soon as our dinner came and it took 20 minutes for those to come and mine didn’t even show up! Five minutes later they did. We all ordered another round and it took another 20 minutes for our second refill. My daughter didn’t get hers and she told the waitress to ‘just skip it’. We were there for two hours and fifteen minutes and had two refills of tasteless shrimp. I complained to the manager and she knocked a whopping $18.00 off our $95 bill. Though I accepted it, it was alot less than i had expected. While reviewing the bill, they took the $18 off the lowest bill which was not mine. I had the waitress redo the the bill. She brought it back and it had an extra $14.99 dinner on it that belonged to my in-laws. I had her correct it again. Bottom Line: Stay away from this location. (we also had an issue with their other Toledo location on Monroe St. Ribs were way, way, way overcooked)

  9. My husband and I just had a baby and decided on night 3 to get outback to go. We were looking forward to it all day long. We ordered 3 outback specials (my mother is here as well) and every single steak was tough and impossible to cut; truly the worst steaks we have ever had. I’m not one to write reviews like this but we didn’t even give it to our dog, it was that bad. I’m very disappointed in the quality as well as money spent on food we didn’t even eat. 🙁

  10. My husband and I always order our anniversary dinner from outback in Norman Oklahoma. We usually get it to go. Tonight I ordered to pick it up at 7:20. We got there at 7:16 our meal was brought right out. When we got home which is less than 5 minutes away we found that our food was cold. The mashed potatoes were half of what they normally are and cold. The steak was also cold on the outside and on the inside. When I looked at the receipt that was in the bag it said 6:56. So apparently our food was prepared almost 25 minutes before pick up. We generally love outback but this was a horrible experience especially because it was a special meal.

  11. We decided to go to Outback tonight for our kids birthdays. Usually, the food and service are great but tonight was a terrible experience. First off my steak came out wrong and after the third steak they finally got it right. The manager was nice and did all he could to right the wrong, but in the end we came to dinner for our kids birthdays. We told the waiter we were celebrating and I walked out if there so disappointed that they didn’t sing or what so ever aknowlege we were there celebrating their birthdays!!. I can understand an adult not wanting attention but kids, come on. Celebrate them, I would have bought dessert just to have been able to sing to them. It might be awhile till I return to the Chico, Ca location. You left me with a sour taste in my mouth.

  12. morning, this is not a nice comment…we live in brooklyn, ny..11228..we frequent the outback on 15th.ave and 86th..since we live very close…my husband stops there at least 3 times a have a couple of beers before coming home…well, first of all you got rid of coors light on he went to bud..not bud light..he can’t drink that..ok now that gone. i mean on your signature beer fosters, is no can that be…he is not going to pay $4.75..for a bottle…when the pint is only 4.00…he is not going to pay more for less, when the pints are 16oz’s.. and he then walked out…and believe me…he spends money i don’t know what your going to do about it..but you lost two very good customers..till things was nice while it lasted, mariann & wayne marshall

  13. Hiiiii, I’d like to take this opportunity to praise Outback Steakhouse and Bloomin’ Brands for one of its employees. I recently had an issue with my credit card at the Outback located on Archer Road, Gainsville, Florida-USA, and Jason, the store manager was extremely helpful and understanding. Jason went above and beyond his call of duty to make sure me and my sons had no problems with the dinning experience. It is remarkable that employees like Jason are happy to give their all to ensure an enjoyable experience. Thank you, Jason!!!!!!!

  14. We went to celebrate ,first our order came out but not complete. We had to ask for bread.We also needed room for a wheel chair and that seemed to be a problem.We had to find a handicapped spot outside only two and there was two spots right up front for carry outs.Our server was so busy, why cant you have runners to fill drinks and pick up dirty dishes.There were people standing up front with nothing to do.The day was ruined and we always had a nice time. It will be a long time before we come back if ever.

  15. I have always been an Outback fan, sang your praises as the best of the best chain restaurants. Your franchise in Princeton, WV has erased this glowing impression. If tonight was the only time we had a bad experience, I would not be writing this email. Six weeks ago I ordered a Caesar salad – it came from the kitchen with over half consisting of Brown lettuce. When I called it to the servers attention, not for a refund, but for a reality check he showed it to the manager. Did the manager come to discuss, no….she told the server to offer me a free dessert. Tonight, we gave it another shot. Inattentive server, had to ask for bread, didn’t receive the shrimp or salad we ordered for one patron….no remulade for the shrimp on the Barbie…all the time waiting for these items to be delivered. Just sad. The clincher? Once again brown lettuce. Seriously Outback, I have higher expectations and I am tired of being disappointed.

  16. My first and last time I will ever go to outback! Our server anthony was not attentive at all and it appeared to us he gave everyone around us great service but us. I’m in the restaurant industry and I know how stereo types go but I my self treat all my tables equal. I’m very upset with everthing about our experience.

  17. Just wanted to say that Daniel at the Frederick Outback was an amazing server. He went above and beyond our expectations. What a nice change from the typical average service. He was polite, friendly, and made sure we were completely satisfied!! Totally impressed with this young man.

  18. The food tonight was horrible. We paid $90 for a meal that we didn’t enjoy, very disappointing. We had our kids with us and didn’t have the time to complain and have everything remade. We will not be eating there again. (Surprise, Az location)

  19. We visited the outback in kona hi. Our blooming onion was very greasey. We had the brownie sunday. It was the worst brownie we ever ate. We wanted to tell someone but the server never came back except with the bill. Th manager was nowhere to be seen. There was no music outside. They did not even light the torches. This turned us off to going to outback back at home.

  20. I travel for a living and I often eat at restaurants. It is so seldom that you are surprised by a food item when you eat out as often as I do, but I recently had your chicken tenders and I must say they were wonderful. You have taken the basic and made it extrodinary. I couldn’t believe that I was so excited over chicken tenders, but I truly was. I want to commend you on a job well done. FYI I was at the Outback in Sioux Falls, SD on Caroline when I had the chicken tenders.

  21. My daughter and I just ate at the Outback in California, Maryland. It was the best dining experience we have had in years. The food was delicious, the waitress was pleasant, and the manager took the time to bring my daughter an extra order of green beans when she accidentally dropped a few beans on the floor. We will definately be going back!

  22. Visited outback in old bridge, nj. Food was burned and had to wait for new steak. I had a 50% coupon for one dinner and instead of taken it off the burn food, the manager, Jennifer T. Refused to the right thing. On top of that they charged me for the replacement steak. Manager JenniferT. Was very unprofessional while speaking to us. Very disappointed since I come here often and never had a problem ..,,,,

  23. My boyfriend and I ate at the Outback in Winston Salem, NC tues night Dec 3 and I was disappointed in our service. We ordered an appetizer before our meal but requested to have our salads w/the appetizer. Well the wings came but no salad, we waited and waited plus asked our waiter for our salads. He promised they were on the way, needless to say our wings were gone by the time we finally got our salads. Then after 5 mins of getting the salads our meal was there. Not my idea of great service!

  24. We visited the Brentwood Tennessee location November 28th..We waited 45 minutes to get our food .Our steak and potato was cold.We sent it back and they warmed it up and sent it back out.They steak was overcooked.We has awful service,couldn’t get our drinks refilled. We were very disappointed with Outback.We will choose another steakhouse the next time.

  25. We have been customers for years, however, are very disappointed in the recent quality of your steaks. We were told you no longer cut steaks in house, but rather depend on an outside vender. That may be the reason for the decline.

  26. To whom it may concern
    My name is Josh Duncan I am the Kitchen Manager at Sedona Taphouse I recently got engaged and my fiancée wanted to have an engagement dinner so we decided to go to Outback. I’m all about first impressions our menus were torn almost completely apart, we sat there for 7-10 mins before we were greeted. A lady in our party orders a diet coke and the server says oh here is an extra one which was on a tray with dirty dishes, now how would we know where that came from?So I tried to put that to the side my fiancée orders a chicken salad which had very undercooked chicken I’m just confused how a chicken that undercooked even left the kitchen, I ordered a full rack of ribs and there are 6 bones on there now I’m not sure if that is the correct portion the server claims that is a full rack. I saw a server running drinks and he wiped the sweat off of his face and wiped it on a napkin on his drink tray. Not once did a manager ever come by the table. I’m more discussed, I remember when outback was one of the best restaurants to go to and I hope they clean up a little. Thanks for your time

  27. Your location in lynchburg is poorly ran an has been for years. We did our annual trip to your lynchburg store hoping things had changed but it has not.the onion was over cooked as usual I ordered my steak med my wife ordered med rare/med. My steak was well done wife med well. So we left!
    Sad to get a good meal at out back we have to drive a hour to Charlottesville or Waynesboro to get a good meal at outback.

    As sorry as the Lynchburg store is you should shut it down its probably doing more damage than good to your brand.

  28. Went to eat at the outback in leominister, MA. Was very disappointed in the quality of the food. We ordered three steaks two were cooked perfectly and one was absolutely horrible. It was very tough and chewy we asked for another and the second one was way overlooked. My mother ordered ribs and chicken. Her chicken was so dry and overcooked it tasted like card board. I was also very disappointed to order a 15.99 steak for the server to tell me they only offer one side at lunch. I have been to outbacks in multiple different states and never heard of that. If that is the case I will be enjoying my steak at a different chain steak restaurant. I usually love outback but this visit was extremely disappointing.

  29. Heard 3 advertisements today about Outbacks $5 burger Mondays. My family & I went to Outback tonight for dinner. The $5 burgers were no where to be seen and when we asked the server about it, her respnce was “oh yea, that’s over” I then mentioned how I heard it on the radio today and she said there’s still a button for them on the computer. I knew more about the selection of burgers then she did or pretended not to know anything. She then asked us if we wanted to add on fries for $1. Of course, we said yes, Outback has “THE BEST” French fries! When our meals were delivered, the burgers were only 4 ounces each (Mc Donald’s size) and fries from somewhere other then outback. “Oh yea, we ran out of fries last night” was her answer. We felt like because we were not ordering $25 filet’s this particular visit that we weren’t treated with the same respect & consideration.

  30. Went to dinner at location 0350 sanford, fl. It was definitely not up to usual standards, waited long for drinks to show upwhich was not correct. Ordered two prime rib dinners very tough, first thought knives were dull, was tolf by the manager they are sharp knives. We were offered anothet piece but declined because not appetizing after this dissappointment. We paid the whole tab and probably not return.

  31. January 12, 2014

    Friday night January 10th we had the worst experience while out dining at Outback Restaurant in Fort Lauderdale. When we arrived and got seated in a booth in the bar area we asked the waiter what the happy hour drink specials were. He responded by showing us a menu and not giving us the full information. My husband ordered draft Budweiser beer. The beer had turned skunky and had to be replaced with bottle beer.
    When it was time to order our dinner, my husband ordered the filet and shrimp on the barbie, with a baked potato with cheese, extra butter and bacon and potato soup. He specifically asked if there was onions in the soup because he detests them and the waiter responded that there was no onions in the soup. I ordered the filet with a lobster tail, a baked potato with sour cream, bacon and cheese with a Cesar salad. We also asked for a loaf of bread.
    Our soup and salads were delivered to our table and my husband’s soup was onion soup and my Cesar salad had only two croutons in it. I was not able to eat my salad at the time it was served because I could not catch our waiters attention to ask for silverware. When we finally got his attention he took the onion soup away and never brought the correct soup. When I finally received my silverware package it contained a fork with dried food particles on it. I asked for a clean replacement and never received it.
    While we were waiting for the replacement soup a server brought dinners that were not what we had ordered. The dinners were the fillets but both orders had a lobster tail and the potatoes were not what we had ordered. We explained it wasn’t the correct dinners and he left with them. About another ten minutes went by and our own waiter brought back the same dinners we refused and explained there was a mix up in the kitchen. He said there was a shrimp order on it’s way and we could keep the extra lobster tail that it was on him. We accepted the dinners and again asked for a clean fork and an order of bread that still had not arrived.
    We started to eat the dinners and realized that it was cold. We explained this to the waiter when he finally brought us a loaf of bread and he apologized but made no attempt to replace the dinners or heat them up. I never received a clean fork and gave up on asking for one so I used the one from my salad.
    So while we were eating our cold dinner another patron came into the bar and asked about happy hour specials. The bar maid explained that mixed drinks were fifty percent off and what other specials were available. When our waiter came by after our dinner was finished I asked him why he didn’t explain the happy hour specials to us. His reply was “Oh, did I not tell you about them? I’m sorry. Can I get you a cocktail now?” By this time we were so disgusted by the experience we just declined and asked for the check.
    When the check came and I reviewed it, we were overcharged on the bill. We were charged $3.00 extra for the filet and shrimp dinner and charged $9.99 for the lobster that was not ordered that the waiter said was on him. By this time I am extremely upset and got up in search for our waiter. I showed him the check and again he apologized and said he would adjust it. You would think with all that happened that at least a manager would have come to our table and apologize, but that was not the case. No manager ever came to our table.
    I am not usually complainer or letter writer but this was such a horrible dining experience that I felt compelled to make corporate aware.

    Very disappointed customer

  32. My husband and I really love the Outback. My favorite thing is the seared Ahi tuna. I would love it if you would make it into a meal or bring back the Ahi tuna steak!

    Thank you,
    Leslie Becker

    • Family of four ate at the outback in Staten Island,NY. This was the second time in a row that the steaks were burnt on the outside. They had to have the tops and bottoms cut off which was difficult because it was tough. I was told they cooked with weights, but my porterhouse had no char marks. The waiter, Michael G was great, although no credit for any of the burnt steaks. Don’t think we will be going back anytime soon. Was there on Saturday, May 10,2014 at table 7 at 9:27pm.

  33. We were very disappointed with our last visit to the orange park florida store. My husband ordered a bone in new york strip med. rare it came out med. well. I ordered the filet well and it came out med. rare. The manager took my husbands off the bill and did nothing about mine. This is the fifth time we have been in the past few months that our orders have been wrong and little to nothing has been done about it.

  34. I am putting this on a public forum like this in an effort to contact someone at Outback that cares. I called corporate offices, and I requested an email address for a joint venture partner, and they were unhelpful. I am writing as a long time customer and as a concerned customer. I am very concerned what is going on in your Stuart, Fl. location. You have a BOY in this 30’s that has a history of hosting underaged drinking parties. He even went to jail for hosting one such event where four young boys were killed after leaving his house intoxicated. We were a little taken back when Outback hired both of these boys back, but we figured lets not make a big deal. Then both of the boys started dating high school girls. The one boy has moved on since then, but the other BOY David “Bubba” Harper still works there. Here’s what the present issue is. First off David is now well into his 30’s his underaged girlfriend grew up, wised up, and dumped him. Now he has started up with another girl still in High School. This BOY is a predator. Also for some reason your management has thought that it would be a good idea to allow David “Bubba” Harper to serve alcohol as a bartender. Once again this BOY has gone to jail in the past for serving and hosting under aged drinking parties. Someone needs to put a stop to this before someone else gets killed. Your present management is very ineffective, and is not able to handle this. Someone needs to realize that the young kids working at your restaurants are young and look up to the experienced servers and bartenders, and this is not someone that needs to be in this position. Please look into this, we will also be contacting Martin County Sheriff regarding this.

  35. Hi
    I receiver a email that on superbowel sunday that the Wings were on sale 20 for $14.99. That and a salad is all that I have at your resturant thats how much I really enjoy your Wings. Me and my husband went to the OutBack in Danbury, Ct to get the wings and stay for the game. I am not a football fan and could careless, but it was more for him. We went to order the wings and was told that the Wings was sold out. That they only had 300 hundreds Wings. What kind of game is OutBack trying to play. Thats not how you get people to come to your resturant. I was so Angery that I was ready to leave. My husband convinced me to stay and he ordered me a salad and that was not even done right, the bread was not even good. My whole visit was the worst that I have ever had at OutBack. So because of that bad experence I plan to take my money else were to spend it. Their are other resturant that will do all that they can to keep their resturant customer happy. Not tricking them with offer that advertised something that was not so. I do not plan on visiting OutBack resturants in the near future. Thank You but no Thank You!

    Yours Truly
    Very disapointed non-Wing eating Customer
    Nicole Brown

  36. I made a reservation for three people. We arrived just before our reservation time and there was no record of our reservation. We waited 45minuets to an hour for hour table. The hostesses were unorganized and unhelpful. Generally I was I satisfied with this visit and honestly I am appalled that a restaurant such as Outback would not have a digital reservation system such as OpenTable.

  37. Sitting in outback warrenton va and there are no servers due to labor cutbacks. 3 people at host station scratching their heads on where to seat people. There are over 20 tables empty and a line waiting to be seated.

  38. my Husband And I Got 2 Apps An Entree Each And Dessert So We Had A Lot Of Leftover Digging Back Into The leftovers I Was Eating The Blooming Onion And Was Chewing On Something TUff I Pulled It Out And Could Swear It WaS plastic. My Husband Looked At It And Thought It Was Plastic Too So He Called The Outbacks On University Where We Ate. He Talked To The Manager And He Said The Onions Are Freshly Cut And Not Around Plastic So That Was That. But I Know What I see.I Took A Picture. I Wish This Comment Had A Picture Upload.

  39. We are regulars at Outback. We go atleast once a week.I was appalled at the management style on how to handle a situation at your Irving, Texas location Hopefully someone from your corporate office will contact me.

    came to outback for a family dinner. The service was fine at first. It went down hill from here. Our steak didnt come out cooked correctly then we received the wrong steaks? The runner had no idea what kindof steak we had order or if we received the correct type of steak when we questioned him.
    We waited so long for A1 sauce that our steak was cold and the manager had to recook it for us. The other (2) tables around us already sent their steak back and the other table was served cold coffee.
    It was now time from dessert. I had over heard another server tell the table next to us they could make the sinful sundae that was no longer on the menu but it would take a little longer to make it. So we asked iour server if we could order the sinful sundae. She said no, they no longer offered it. We saw the other server and called her to our table and asked if it could be made. She said yes, but it would take a roughly 10 minutes. I said get i want that plus the other dessert for my daughter. 15 minutes later our server came out with my sinful sundae but no dessert for my daughter? The server thought we no longer wanted it since I ordered the sundae. The manager “Scott” came over and apologized for the mistakes that had happened and offered 25% off our dinner. Scott (mgr) was seating a guest and passed our table and told the other server never mention the sinful sundae to anyone again in a very stern voice! Of course loud enough for customers to hear. I apologized out loud to the other server, loud enough so Scott could hear. Scott then came to our table and said I was not reprimanding my server? Really beause we heard your tone, and that was VERY unprofessional to stay that out in the dinning area. I told Scott our experience this evening was horrible and that the server offering to make the sinful sundae was the best part of the eveing. Scott just walked off. we paid our bill and left! I will never eat at that outback again! and I will pass the word to my friends….

  40. We went to Outback last night. Got the lobster and steak dinner and it really was quite a joke. First commercial says 14.99 turned out to be 18.99 and you get a piece of lobster that’s the size of a shrimp that’s filleted. Talk to the manager, the manager was very very nice and we we had a wonderful waiter, Kacy. Manager was, I think her mane was Shenna??? Service and management could not have been better. The meal was questionable.

  41. Very disappointed with the service at the Atlantic and Hodges location in Jacksonville. My kids and their friends went for dinner and the waitress did not come to their table 10 minutes. Did not offer to bring them bread and the 2 couples behind them came in 20 after them and received their food first. I contacted the manager and to her of my dissatisfaction of service – was it because they were kids? There $100 is the same as another customer….she said she would be sending something out and asked for my address – 10 days later still no response. The kids said the couple also complained about the service and the waitress – very disappointed and will not be returning. We typically go there once a month but no longer. The location on Atlantic has really declined in service to their customers.

  42. My son treated me to dinner last night as I am having knee replacement surgery later this month. After dinner I wanted a flavored coffee and was told you don’t have them on the menu. I them asked fro a regular coffee with a shot of Baileys Irish Cream to put in my coffee. It was very good, but when the bill came I was charged $9.00 for the shot. I was taken back and feel that is extremely overpriced for one single shot.

    I would appreciate your thoughts.

    The location was at the Crossroads at the StTen Island Mall, Staten Island, NY.

  43. My husband & I are vacationing in Georgia. We are from Wisconsin. We thought we would get a bite to eat at the Outback Steakhouse in Warner Robins, Georgia. 3088 Watson Blvd. It is a Saturday eve, April 5th, 2014. We arrived at 7:05 pm. It was very busy which we knew it would be. We waited 45 minutes to be seated. We ordered a blooming onion as an appetizer and it came promptly. Then things went downhill!! My husband ordered a Prime rib sandwich and I ordered a Buffalo chicken sandwich. We were waiting and waiting for our sandwiches!! 40 MINUTES AFTER WE FINSHED THE BLOOMIN ONION OUR WAITER REFILLED OUR WATER. THEN THE PEOPLE BEHIND US WHO ORDERED AFTER US WERE SERVED THEIR ENTREES. WE FLAGGED DOWN OUR server AND HE SAID ORDERS GET MIXED US SOMETIMES AND OURS WOULD BE RIGHT OUT. Another 10 minutes went by and our server realized we still hadn’t received our meal. He finally brought out our dinners which were deplorable!! Fries were limp and cold! My chicken sandwich was cold, burnt to leather and grease laden. My husbands prime rib sandwich was cold including his au jus for dipping. Our waiter already knew by looking at the meal that is was not palatable and sent over the manager who apologized, and asked what he could get us to eat. His excuse was that they were too busy. NOT OUR PROBLEM!! By this time it was after 9pm. We left both our meals and walked out. So very disappointed. It will be a very cold day in hell before we ever go back to OUTBACK STEAKHOUSE!!!


  45. We have visited the Tyrone Outback in St. Petersburg, Florida for several years and have had great service and food almost every time, but when my girlfriend of 19 years returned from visiting her family in LA, wanted a steak, she suggested Outback. Our server, Barry M, seemed nice and enthusiastic but I could not have been more wrong.
    We decided to split a 14 oz NY Strip with a side of grilled shrimp and a house salad with honey mustard, which he repeated back to us exactly as we ordered it.
    After the salad was consumed Barry delivered the steak to our table and asked us if we needed anything else…. she looked at me and together we said in chorus, “Just the shrimp”
    He looked a bit confused and walked off without a word (we expected somthing like ‘Oh sorry, I will bring that right back’) in the direction of the to go station with a large to go bag in his hand. We expected an order of shrimp to come out in the next couple of minutes.
    I started to mix the butter in my potato and noticed it was not hot enough to melt the butter (it was not cold but about body temperature). So, we sat there with a steak waiting for the server to return with the shrimp and anticipated another wait as he would need to bring us another potato.
    Approx 8-9 mins went by without a sign of our shrimp, so I asked another server who was running food to booth in the bar area to please bring us another potato, as this one was not hot. I had placed it on a side plate to return it. So, again we were at the table with a steak, waiting.
    Another 3-5 mins passed and Barry showed up with another potato – barely warmer than the previous one and the shrimp, it was also not hot (but I didn’t know that until he had walked away)
    No explanation, no “Hey sorry for the delay”, nothing as far as an explanation, he acted as if a luke warm potato was normal and forgetting the shrimp was no big deal and hey, sitting for more than 10 mins while your steak is getting cold is not an issue.
    My girlfriend was tired from spending about 10+ hours going thru the process of flying from LAX and just wanted to eat and go. So she didn’t want me to complain, things sometimes happen.
    BUT, that’s not all……
    Barry actually had to add insult to injury by asking us if we wanted to take the gristle/trim waste from the steak home with us – it appeared to me that he thought we were cheap because we decided to split a steak instead of ordering 2 entrees. Now it started to make sense.
    I was going to give him a piece of advice, but my girlfriend quickly handed him a credit card and he shuffled off, still she didn’t want to complain, so I let it pass.
    BUT it is still not over, when he returned with the credit card, apparently he was very interested in her name and called her by name Miss XXXXX, and that he hoped she would come back soon, making me look like a persona non-Grata. Well I can’t tell you how upset I was by this time, and frankly, if I were a bit younger and a bit more foolish, well, Mr Barry M would be wearing that gristle instead of offering it to us as a doggy bag.
    Rest assured, we will not be visiting that Outback again. As a matter of fact, I have a friend that owns the steak place – Cody’s Road House – across the street and we would rather eat peanut butter sandwiches and pay for a steak there, than set foot in that Outback anytime soon. Especially if that server is in the building.
    What a waste of $31.49 – not to mention the time and embarrassment I felt with the treatment we received

    Respectfully a former longtime customer,

    Michael Guinn

  46. The last 3 times we have been to the Outback location in Farmington NM is has been very disappointing. I know that the ownership/management has changed (sometime in the last year I believe). The previous owner was terrific, the QA on the food was always top notch, the service was great and the interior was spotless. At our last visit we ordered 2 sweet potatoes and 1 was bad and neither was cooked completely, the chicken on one dish was bad, the salad was wilted, and the high hair that was brought to us was filthy. Along with this, the interior of the restaurant was dirty, I noticed a layer of dirt over everything. We use to love going to Outback, but today we left hungry and disgusted.

  47. We frequently visit the aspen hill, Maryland restaurant. We always get wonderful, extraordinary customer service from Evelyn D. She is always friendly, outgoing and takes extra time and gives us exceptional customer service. She goes out of her way to make sure we have a wonderful time. Yours truly, Larry and Julie

  48. So very disappointed in our service last week while dinning at the Knoxville location off Ceder Bluff Rd ! We ordered apperizers steaks and burgers ! Even the bread was harder then rock ! All our meals were either under cooked or over cooked our appetizers were cold as well ! When told our waitress about all of this she was very rude n seemed annoyed that she had to return our dinners to the chef. When meals returned THEY STILL WERE NOT COOKED FOR THE WAY WE ORDERED THEM! I asked for a manager and that never happened! So surprised with our service and food ! We go to outback at least twice a month and I must tell you that we will probably be the last time especially spending over a $100 for meals
    Thanks for your time just wanted to make u aware of this

  49. I had been traveling all day (10:30am-8:30pm) and finally made it back to my home in Florence, SC and thought I would treat myself to some outback. I called on my way in and placed my order. I got home and opened my container of a bloomin’ burger with extra bloom sauce and sweet potato fries. It was terrible. There was a nickel-sized squirt of bloom sauce and about 3 bloomin’ onion petals on my burger. Not only that, my fries were evenly burnt to a black char, literally (I took a picture it was so bad). This is the first review that I have ever written. I am a very understanding person, I am young and have been a server for several years, however, this was completely unacceptable! I will not be going back.

  50. Went to #2021 on 5/12/14 at 8:23 pm sat at table #48 atmosphere was very good, food was excellent but the service from our waitress was horrable (Lindsey T) I got a double rum and coke she asked but she failed to maley wife the same offer when my wife asked her about it there were arguments and excuses from her. We voiced disapproval to (Tiffany M) she was great she comped a drink for her try as she could the waitress is doing her best to destroy your business.Tiffany gave us a coupon with the date
    on it is (mum’s so nice twice) and told us to use it well you guessed it Lindsey said it wasn’t good. The date on the card said valid May 12-June 12 2014 again Tiffany was supurb she tried her heart out but Lindsey was doing her best to ruin our experience 5* for Tiffany no * for Lindsey thanks for your time well go back because of the food but we’ll reject Lindsey as out waitress

  51. Was at your Fort Lauderdale Federal Hwy 33308 Location yesterday. It was the worst experience for an Outback ever! Ordered Victoria Filet. A piece of overcooked mystery meat! Service is way under par. I used to be a regular but every time we went back it got worse! You might as well close this store because it is ruining the brand of The Outback! I thing it is too late for a reboot but you must know how to fix under performing stores, This Outback is soo bad that it is funny how the service and food could be this bad. I know this is a standard complaint that management is not listening to it’s customers. so good-bye OUTBACK!!!!

  52. I have been an outback fan for years,however iam loosing my enthusiasm with regard to the level of your choices.i had your much Ballyhood barbaque special last night at the outback in Ocala,which is wher I go 99% of the time my review follows: 3 very fatty ribs,4 undersized shrimp,I very dried out piece of chicken,the little bit of bbq sauce that was applied left a lot to be desired.this is after being dissatisfied with my last three meals here.needless to say I will hesitate to continue to patronize this establishment.

  53. Went to outback in Waynesboro Va tonight on our way to theOuterbanks. The service was awful. After being seated took 20 minutes to get drink order. The waitress that took order never did return. Complained to host another person delivered drink, only had sodas and tea. Waited another 10 minutes finally got someone to take order after saying something to manager. Never did see him again .he never checked on service or how we were doing. Then took 17 minutes to get salads. By this time our party is really fed up. I will say the dinners were good was only a group of 6 and even tho a Fri. They were not overly busy not to warrant this kind of service. But the barmaids had plenty of time to talk with the 4 people at bar and wait people had time to converse at corner of bar. Must be a company problem in some ways. I don’t go to the store in Troy Oh for similar reasons. I don’t care how good the food is will never make up for rotten service

  54. I had a terrible experience recently at the Outback Steakhouse
    In columbus ga. Everything was going fine the wait staff was pleasant
    We got milk shakes and steaks we started eating when
    A cock roach flew and landed in the table and ran
    Across my plate. I threw my steak, jumped up and
    Screamed. No we didn’t finish and yes we left.
    The manager didn’t make us pay but I would have just
    To get out of there. Everyone had no more then two bites and we
    Left freaked out and hungry.

  55. For the first time in years- I have started having issues at Outback. Not with the service, but with the food. I thought maybe a month ago, it was a fluke, I went to your restaurant and found my 10 oz ribeye to be terrible (I ordered it medium/rare) and looked like something I would get at Ryan’s steakhouse a buffet style joint. I also ordered the loaded mashes potatoes- and the potatoes itself( minus the ingredients to add) were so salty I couldnt eat them. I thought at first, it was a fluke- but after I did curbside takeaway tonight I decided Outback must have changed their “cuts of beef” or decided to go cheap on your customers? I am highly just disappointed because whenever I wanted a good ribeye I would call Outback, now I have decided that is not the case. I cannot call Outback for the quality food that I used to get- my neighbors have also noticed a difference- and it stinks.

  56. My wife and I have been eating at Outback Steakhouses for years and had always looked forward to going there on weekends and on trips we always found an Outback to eat at. However your service has gone downhill as has your food quality I ain’t so dam sure your not taking lessons from Moochella Obama’s school lunch program. Over the last few years I have noticed that you have cut your steak portions down from what you originally served and the quality of the meat is less than poor. your baked taters are noticeably smaller than a tennis ball. Last night I ordered a salad WITH OUT cucumbers I hate cucumbers guess what was in my salad? chopped up cucumbers, the bread was cold and undesirable my steak was thin and not cooked as I had ordered, the blooming onion was cremated on one side and the other side was not cooked, they brought us another onion and it was the same. What really pisses me off is the fact that ya”all have cut the portion size down and are still selling them as originally sized. Do you idiots really believe that the American people can’t tell the difference? I realize that ya”all need to raise your prices do to the failing economy and I know that food prices have spiked. But don’t try and pull the wool over our eyes thinking were ignorant and can’t tell the difference. I can tell the difference in the size of the food containers in the store yet we are also being charged higher prices at the store for less. Don’t go down this road of deception, revert back to your original format, raise your dam prices to what you need to survive. People will continue to come into your business if you provide good food. As for me I don’t know as this has been going on for quite sometime now and have no desire to keep being violated, But then again them blooming onions are irresistible, however I broke worse habits. It’s your choice and I am a forgiving person so pull your heads out of your hind ends and do right by your customers.

  57. You got rid of so many of our favorite things that we have started to look for other places to go.
    First it was scallops, then the filet with mushroom sauce, prime rib foccacia sandwich, now it is the happy hour food items.
    Then there is the rude bartender (Leslie) at the Outback in Inver Grove Heights that keeps us from going up there on the days she works.
    You have lost loyal fans that use to go there four plus days a week, on our own and also introducing new people to what use to be a fabulous place to meet people.
    There use to be amazing bartenders, there, with awesome personalities like Rhianna, Laura, and Nicole but Leslie’s poor personality made them leave along with other customers that we use to enjoy their company with.
    It is so sad that one person can create such ill well with the customers and those she works with. Management needs to fire poor performers.
    Now that the happy hour appetizers are gone too, we have little to enyoy there on a regular basis. We still love the food but this use to be a wonderful hang out for us. Now we are looking for the next place to replace it with.
    We still love the quality of the food at this location but it will no longer be our hang out or place we invite others to join us with many times a week.
    Too many unhealthy changes.
    So sorry!!!

  58. Last night I had dinner with my fiancee, mother, and sister at your Burlington, North Carolina location. It was my fiancee’s birthday so I requested to the hostess to please inform the server. She said that she would do so. The restaurant was not busy but were told we would have to wait for customers to leave so we could have a table in the dining area. There was only 2 tables that were occupied. After a few minutes we were seated. Our server seemed totally lost. Sheron was late on bringing our drinks out and we had asked another server to inform him that we would like to order a blooming onion since he was gone for so long. When he did come back with our drinks he was about to head off when we told him we wanted to go ahead and place our order. We were never told about any specials so we placed our order. The food was brought out in a timely manner and was very good. When he came back to inquire about the checks I tried to whisper to him about it being my fiancee’s birthday. Sheron informed me the hostess did let him know but that they were busy in the back. Again, the restaurant was almost empty except the bar. He brought our checks, we paid the bill and never saw him again nor did a manager ever stop by to inquire. Very disappointed especially since The Outback is excuse me was our favorite place and I wanted to make his birthday a little extra special.

  59. August30th 2014
    Happened at 2410 S.E. Tones Ankeny, Iowa
    I just wanted to say I never been so embarrassed as I have been to your restaurant. I used to weigh 550lbs worked hard and got to325lbs. Never been to restaurants and my boyfriend wanted to take my daughter and I to them to show me they are ok to go to. We went to the Ankeny outback and came in the door a girl with tablet was taking seating for tables. Boyfriend told her we needed a table that he had a couple ladies with him that couldn’t sit at a booth. She said to him that it would be a while we said it would be fine it was only 5:30 that Saturday august 30th . I was handed a beeper and went to sit in the lobby as boyfriend went to the bar to get a drink. 2 secs later the beeper goes off the waitress takes my daughter and I to the back of the restaurant to a booth, I told her we cant sit in a booth and we asked for a table and 2 tables were empty right beside the booth and she said sorry they are reserved. I said well we cant sit here your booths are smaller then some place and had the people in the back staring at us and all she can do is shrug her shoulders at me. I said I guess I wont be able to eat here. I went back to the front and boyfriend goes what’s wrong ? I told him then the manager lady at the booth says u didn’t ask for a table and we said yes we did and told her the girl at the door took our request and infro and then the girl at the door came and said yes I did I wrote it at the side. The lady at the booth says oh well let me look, then say I am sorry we cant help you if you want to eat here you will have to call in and reserve a table. I was so embarrassed cause as this was going on the whole lobby was staring at us and my boyfriend told her well since we cant eat here I want a refund on my drink I haven’t even got to drink it she said fine, my daughter and I went back to the car I felt so stupid and boyfriend went back to the bar as the lady behind the booth followed him telling him next time calls us.

  60. It was our son Zack 30th birthday and he had been out of Dallas for awhile. We passed several known restaurants with a final decision to dine at your Grapevine, TX location, Outback Steakhouse 1031 State Hwy 114 W Grapevine, TX 76051 #4455. The Server(10) was prompt and friendly. My wife decide to purchase the largest steak and shrimp combination. The steak was cold, cut against the grain which made it tough to cut and eat. The cream potatoes were cold. The Server notified the Manager who returned with a slightly warmer tough steak and fresher potatoes. My wife summed it up this way “the worst steak I’ve ever had out. Our Son is a Grill Master degreed from le Cordon Bleu in Hollywood, CA. He said let’s never go back here ever again. I blew $ 94.00 on a bad meal.

  61. My wife and I recently visited the outback location in Las Vegas. We had not been for a while, because our last experience was not a good one. Friends talked us into trying it again. Well that was certainly a mistake. My wife ordered the sirloin and it was good, but I ordered the ribeye (medium well) and received a steak that was just above rare. I sent it back and the manager returned with the steak and apologized. I cut the next piece and it was better. The next piece after that was again way under-cooked. It was sent back a second time and came back and was ok. By this time my appetite was gone. The manager apologized and picked up 1 glass of wine off of our bill!! I will say the service by our waitress was superb, but picking up a glass of wine off an $80.00 meal that was undercooked is not acceptable. I was disappointed the last time, but this is certainly not the way a good restaurant deals with their customers. I would appreciate hearing back from someone in customer service. Thank you

  62. Bobbi the barmaid at Outback 6201 N Federal Hwy in Ft. Lauderdale
    took our order at the bar for dinner and wine last night. While we were waiting for our food to arrive Bobbi said to my wife Jean, that it was a good thing she was having only one glass of wine, since Jean was “slurring her words”. When we questioned her about her comment she repeated it loud enough for other people to hear.

    Bobbi doesn’t have any way of knowing that My wife Jean is 72 years old, and Jean has impairment of speech due to a recent stroke, which caused her to have left-sided slurred and weak articulation with a weak voice. Jean’s feelings were deeply hurt, hearing that Bobbi thought she was “slurring her words” from drinking too much alcohol.

    We asked to speak to the manager “Sean Smith” about this issue. When he came to the bar he spoke to Bobbi and they discussed the reason for our asking for the manager. As we were leaving, he approached us and said “Bobbi” thinks that Jean had been drinking prior to coming to the restaurant since she was “slurring her words”. — No apology was offered!

    We have enjoyed eating at Outback for years. We now feel any future enjoyment has been trashed by the insensitive staff and management at this Outback.

  63. I have been going to the Outback in Martinsburg, WV for over 15 years. However, I believe that my days are done. Recently the Martinsburg Outback was cited for multiple violations by the County Health Department. I know that health departments can go a little over board in their finding. But…on top of that – my last 3 experiences at the restaurant have been negative. In late August I took some family from out of town to this location and our experience was not good to say the least. Three of our four steaks were over cooked. Then two weekends ago we ordered takeout and our order was messed up. On October 4th we ordered steaks and 4 cheese burgers. We were charged a dollar extra for the cheese but it did not come on two of our burgers. Then we thought we try again and dine in at the restaurant this past weekend – October 10th. Unfortunately, at 7:30pm the restaurant was out of 12 oz steaks and completely out of ribs. I found this unbelievable for a Sunday night. Wow how things have change. I hope that you can use this information to improve the current situation to better serve customers in the future – unfortunately, I will not be one of them. ( I decided to post this comment only when the Outback Website would not allow for comments to be submitted).

  64. I ate at the Ann Arbor, MI location on Thursday night. I was seated immediately. My waiter finally came to the table and wondered if he could take my drink order. I told him that I was ready to order my meal.
    I ordered a bowl of the potato soup thinking it would come immediately. I also ordered 6 oz. Victoria Filet(ordered medium well – a little pink) with a baked potato and a house salad.
    The waiter did bring my drink, but then I didn’t see him again for at least 10-15 minutes. Then he brought my soup and salad. No sooner had I started eating that and my dinner arrived! I could tell that the filet was going to be red inside, so I cut it and sure enough – RED. I sent it back. The manager did come and ask me to check it before she left my table. It was better, but still too red. I order the filet because I do NOT want grizzle, fat, etc. I could tell when cutting it that it was not the filet I was expecting. The first piece I chewed, I finally had to spit out as it was way too chewy. I only ate a could of pieces because when cutting I was having trouble getting through the meat. The soup was great. The salad was not. At the bottom of the salad, they throw in all those “core rib type pieces” that should be thrown away. I always get my dressing on the side, so I can get rid of those pieces before putting the dressing on. I had a $30 bill with the tip, but it definitely was NOT worth it.

    I have been going to Outback for years, but I believe I am done. They have had multiple loyalty programs and none seem to last very long or you visit an Outback in another state and they don’t accept that program. I would say I have eaten there at least once a week over the past 7-8 years and before that about 2 times a month.

  65. Friday, October 17th, my husband and I along with my parents, dined in Canton, our usual weekly place. We all ordered steaks. Two of our steaks were cooked incorrectly and we sent them back. This was a celebration dinner for me. While my husband and father ate their dinner, my mom and I just sat there. Twenty minutes later, our second meal arrived and it still wasn’t cooked properly. I was so upset and refused to send them back again. We were starving and had already been at our table for over an hour. The manager came over and apologized and offered us dessert on the house. What!! I had to ask for our dinners to be removed from the bill which was very embarassing. The correct thing to do, would have been to comp the entire bill because our night was ruined. Our bill was still over $75 for two dinners. Unless some type of credit can be made to make this situation right, we will stop going to Outback every Friday. We were seated around 6pm plus we ordered the bloomin onion and a few glasses of wine. I didn’t save our receipt, but thinking back now, I should have. Our waitress did a great job, but the manager did not. YOUR WEBSITE EMAIL ISN’T WORKING!!!

  66. Burlington, NC Outback. Worst service I have ever had in 73 years on Earth. I like the fact that you make it very hard to send an email complaint. Have been trying for 2 days to use your website to no avail. I have been buying your gift cards for Christmas gifts, but no more. Would appreciate a call so

  67. My friend and I went to Outback Steakhouse in Davenport, Iowa to celebrate my birthday on Oct. 14, 2014. We ordered two 6oz. steak dinners, drinks and a Bloomin’Onion(the bill was over $37.00). The steaks were to be medium rare, cooked on the wood fire. When they arrived, they were underdone,smelled and tasted like kerosene! When we told the waitress, her comment was “What’s kerosene?” The manager came out & said she never had any complaints about the taste/smell, but she would put two more steaks on. Meanwhile, the rest of our dinners was served, so by the time the steaks(which were underdone and stringy)arrived, we were not hungry. I emailed the “contact us” address and have heard nothing, so I handwrote a letter to Elizabeth Smith, the CEO of Bloomin’Brands. I guess we’ll see if the lack of concern for customer service extends to the executive suite……..

  68. I received an email from your company with a coupon for a free dessert for my birthday. Monday night I went to your Lewisville, TX, restaurant and asked the waitress if I could use the coupon along with getting the Kevin Harvick Blooming Onion. She said no because it was a limit of one coupon per table. My response is What??? I did not understand how asking for a Kevin Harvick Blooming Onion is using a coupon. Needless to say I just left the restaurant. Would you please make it clear to all of us Nascar fans that it is a coupon being used for the Blooming Onion? I was very disappointed with this attitude.

  69. Madison Tenn. ,,,, they spilled my drink , i got my steak and jeff ran off so he never came back for a while so no a1 sauce no nothing ,,,, I ask for more ranch for my salad and nothing, i got a sweet tea and my refill was unsweet tea then when I got done eating I finally saw him again and he said ready for dessert ,,I said no I’m ready for my 10 year old sons food ,,,,, 20 min later he received his food and the manager said dessert was on her ,,, it was like 2.99 and it was on my bill….. 1st experience for me and my son was awful!!!! I hope something can be fix,,,,, It wasn’t fixed there so maybe you can help!!!!! Server was josh k

  70. after seeing outbacks ad on tv for steak and lobster 14.99 went to local outback in national city.server said tv price was corperate price
    their price was 18.99 made my second mistake by ordering it any way.
    the food came cold. the lobster was about a big as my little finger cut in half.the steak look like left over from some one who couldnt finish. meal was disgusting out back should hang there head in shame or go back to australia

  71. I called cooperate office about complaint for theier resturant in queens ny in the mall and the cop rate lady in costumer said that the manager will call you within 24 hrs but did not cal the same way which I made complaint to the resturant manager did not lest in only said sorry the same way lady handle that the manager will resolve the problem but nobody called sorry to say this is the way they treat customer I dine three times a weak in outback in Easton pa which is very good but the resturant in big city they donot care because they do not care for customer to many people sorry to say I am not not a person who makes complaint for small things but rember in future I will tel my frieinds do not eat in big cities in famous resturant because they do not care better to go to nice local resturant who want more customer I am very disopiented thanks for reading

  72. I want my comments should be posted because the big boss of the company work so hard to bring this company to this level which should remain that way thanks

  73. Went to the Albuquerque location this week. Was surprised that you discontinued the Focacia Filet and Sweet Potato Fries. Really???? These are two favorites. Please reconsider and put them back on the menu.

  74. I was just told by a friend that you were running a special that expired tonight. My husband and I were at the Staten Island Outback last night and were never told by the waiter about this “Date Night Special”. Can you please explain? It also was not with our menu!! I wish I would’ve known about this since I did not enjoy my meal. I had a 5 oz. Sirloin that was very dry and the Old Bay lobster tail which was very skimpy. Needless to say I was still hungry. Had we known about this special I would’ve been much happier with my choice and it would have cost us less money!! I look forward to your response to this matter!! Thank you.

  75. I just ate at your Panama City Florida location and I have to tell you the food was great! But, when the hostess began to walk us through to seat us I asked :Why does everyone have their winter coats on while eating” and she just laughed. I quickly realized it was COLDER inside then it was outside and it was a 40 degree night. I have been a waitress before and I know hot the staff get running around but this was RIDICULOUS! I can’t believe this happened.

  76. To whom it may concern

    I write to you in hope you can help us with an issue that occurred last night at the Outback on Rainbow Ave. 

    My wife and I are in Vegas on vacation, we are from Mexico, and last night we went  for dinner around 8 pm. At the restaurant mentioned.

    Firstly,  our waiter Alex brought us a dish we did not order, which increased our bill by around 6 or 7 usd,  but what really aggravated me was the fact that when we walked out of the place and got  into the car, my wife realized she had forgotten her mobile on the table, as she had been playing on it while we waited to be served. It must have taken us no more than 3 minutes to go back inside to get the mobile, but the voucher and tip had been picked up and the mobile was gone.

    We talked to the waiter and the person in charge of the night shift but all they said was “I don’t know”. There was nobody eating at that time in the nearby tables which leaves no other option, either the waiter Alex or the person who cleaned the table took the phone.

    We are very mad at this incident and expect a professional response from the restaurant, which by the way we have attended on our 2 previous trips to Las Vegas as well as in other locations in Texas and Mexico.


    Osvaldo Mancera

  77. We celebrated our 47th anniversary at Outbach in Mesa, AZ on nov. 25. Food & server were great but was disappinted that you didn’t do like other restaurants in acknowledging our special day with a little “extra” (dessert, glass of wine, song). Those things are always greatly appreciated.. Hope you’ll add that to your great service. Thanks.

  78. My wife and I go to Outback once a week for appetizers and wine.
    Last night the wine went from $4.00 a glass for 9oz to $8.75 for the same 9oz. We will stop going now and look for another place for our appetizers and wine, once a week.

    Also, what topped it off was a friend who wrote on their Facebook page, just today, about the neighboring Outback……

    They wrote;

    Tried lunch at Outback Steakhouse… Didn’t feel like spending $30 for a prime rib that sold for $23, two months ago. Decided it might be time to stop eating there, until the prices become more reasonable. Their cheapest prime rib was $20. We walked out and went down the street to Cody’s, where the most expensive cut was $22.

    How do you make more money by increasing prices so much and losing customers? Less customers, but higher prices, make sense for you…..and only you.


  79. Complained about the terrible food we were served in Tempe, AZ and never received a response. Never eat at Outback again!!

  80. My family and I ate at outback on Barry Rd tonight 1/11/15 and our server Taylor (that is the name on our receipt) was terrible every time we looked around because we needed something she was standing near the restrooms conversing with other servers and we had to ask other servers for refills ketchup steak sauce bread. It was terrible. We will not return due to the service we received.

  81. Love Outback Have been customers in Knoxville, Lexington and other locations. Also love Bonefish Best salad in the world. For 20 years we have enjoyed your food with our kids and grandkids BUT you do away with remoulade for the grilled salmon and I walk away!!!

  82. I hate to write a negative review for Outback as we have always loved visiting there, but the last two times will most likely be out last. Tonight my husband ordered a “full rack” of ribs….he received an order with 7 ribs. For $19 I will not come back. They were tasty but luke warm. We can order a full rack at Chili’s, for example, and receive 15 ribs which are delicious and cost $14. Local Sonny’s Barbeque calls a “full rack” at least 15 or more baby back ribs, which is what I recall from past restaurants. We each had a glass of wine and I had two veggie dishes and it was $46. No salad, bread only….no longer our kind of place. I believe Outback is living on it’s past reputation, which, obviously is what we were shooting for. Will not return.

  83. I recently ate at your restaurant on 2 w Bay Street in savannah ga and the experience is nothing to be proud about. I asked for a 16 ounce beer and received a 22 ounce glass half full. The bartender told me that the beer she poured was close to 16 ounces. I asked to put a to go order in and the bartender replied that she could not do any to go orders and I would have to wait for a certain person. It took 15 minutes before I even spoke with her. I understand being busy but I do not understand why the bartender taking my beer order could not enter my food order at the same time.

  84. I have been a patron of yours for quite awhile, but not now. We,2couples decided to enjoy a drink or two at the bar and could not believe the price of house wine. We paid 18.00 for th

  85. We were at the Mishawaka, In location Sunday February 8 for dinner. My husband and I both had the filet medallions and they were awful. They had so much grit in them they were hard to chew. We paid $14.99 each for our meal and will not go back. I have always enjoyed filet and have NEVER had such a gritty piece of filet. Very sad to charge so much for a meal and couldn’t eat it all.

  86. On Monday, 2/9/2015, my wife and I visited the Outback Steakhouse in Key West, Florida. The business had construction in the immediate area but still decided to go in. Once inside we were seated right away. We waited at least 10-15 minutes before the waitress came by and asked for our drink order. We ordered at that time. Once we had our food, we never received refills of our water nor asked. We waited after our meal about ten minutes before we received our check. I actually stood up looking for our waitress. When she came by she laid the ticket on table and walked off. She didnt ask how it was. I asked if we paid her and she kept walking.

    Not very pleasant experience. Time was about 2-3 pm and not very busy at all. The food was good

  87. Sunday, Feb. 15, 2015, 7:30 pm/ First 3 entrees ordered, they were out of. Finally settled on a very ordinary chicken dish (not really why I go to a steak house). French onion soup had no onions in it, just broth. Had to wait 15-20 minutes to be seated while many tables were available. Finally seated in an area that was not clean. Management was made aware of our experience but never came to the table – so much for customer satisfaction. Have noticed this branch declining the last year. No longer on our list of choices for dining.

  88. I went to the Out Back in Tulsa to celebrate my birthday. My wife and I ordered the steak and lobster meal, 2 @ $25.99 each and the triple dessert. Although the service was great and the manager very nice; we were disappointed in the steak and lobster as well as the dessert. The quality was not what the menu indicated and the advertisements portray. The steak was not tender and the lobsters very small. The desserts tasted like something you would get at a grocery store. I did not feel that we received what the menu and price indicated being served. In the past, we always enjoyed your food. Needless to say, “We were disappointed”. Also I am surprised that you do not have better customer relations available. I had real difficulty finding a way to convey my concerns. Also, regret having to issue my comments on a posting; rather than speak to a real live person. I will be expecting a response soon. I don’t mean to sound unreasonable. I just thought that you would have a better protocol for handling these kinds of concerns.

  89. Sunday evening March 15,2015 at about 630 p.m.. A friend and I went to Outback in lee summit,Mo.on Douglass Rd. Outback was having their steak and lobster special for $14.99. My friend and I ordered the special we were told by the server that they are out of certain steaks and that happened to be one but we could get the next size for the same price so we ordered that. So she brought are steaks out and ask if there was anything else she could get us and I said what about our lobsters tails she looked at me and said “lobsters?” Yes she forgot to order the lobsters tails actually she didn’t order us the special because it would have came out with the steaks. So she said they would be out in a few minutes,about 8 mins later she brought thelobsters tails and told us since they did not come out with the steaks we will take them off your bill.Now mind you on the menu it says if you order a steak for about $7 something you can add a lobster tail. So we are thinking ok that will take 7.00 off each dinner. No what they did was charged us not for the special but for stand alone steaks and gave us the tails, they also charged us for larger steaks that we were supposed to get at the smaller steak price because they were out of the smaller steak the 14.99 special.So what they did was take the error and applied the charged in favor of the restaurant.So they LIED about what they were going to do for us. I called the manager over and he said we just charged you for the steaks. That was fine but we should have been charged 14.99 twice minus the lobster tails twice. In other words they should have taken off a 14.99 meal.Our bill should have been $15.00 not $30. Server was not with it at all.ONE minute she was telling us about the specials out of the blue she just left.I’m serious.(?) So the whole experience sucked and if I dont know anything I know this,Outbacks pockets are way deeper then mine and if filet suppose to be the most tenderest cut they failed at it. I WANT OUTBACK TO RIGHT THEIR WRONG!

  90. Worst time ever as far as the food is concerned….a $29.99 22 oz prime rib eye stake medium with some pink. The stake was far from medium with a bit of pink., it was rare with lots of rawness and blood. was taken to be placed back on the grill, it was returned a bit burned on the outside and still bloody. I was offered for it to be placed back on the grill, I refused because as I have told the manager it will just be burned some more. I was given a new stake that was worst. Pictures are available of the bloody mess given. I just packed it up and attempted to put it in the microwave but by this time it no longer tasted like a grilled/smokey stake. Pls, train your cooks better than this., it appeared as though the cook slapped it on the grill for a five minutes or less and past it on. I did visit your establishment two or three days before and the entire meal was great same order, that is the reason I returned. Highly disappointed customer.

  91. i went to the gainesville georgia location for another try as i had a bad experience the last time i went there and nothing has changed. i did not get what i ordered. i thought i would try the take out service, since the in store experience was so bad, but i did not see any change. we did not get the right food we ordered. guys, quality control in this location is out of the box

  92. Drove an hour to meet family and eat. I ordered chopped steak cooked medium. The meat was raw and stringy as I cut through it. My husband and my bill together for 2 people was $70. The manager offered us a free blooming onion…????… Really?

  93. To whom It May Concern
    I reside in Pembroke Pines Fl My Zip is 33025
    for the last 25 plus Years during these years
    My family have been going to the Outback on
    Hollywood blvd enjoying the service Hospitality
    & great food.
    On my most recent visit this March for my Birthday I
    enjoyed more of the above mentioned, However this last
    visit to the establishment the outside of the entrance was
    extremely dirty and lacking in maintenance.

    The front exterior floor was so dirty you can see a black spot on the concrete and the perimeter ledge of the exterior
    windows were extremely dirty.

    I asked for the Manager and showed her the mentioned items she
    told me the Landlord is slow to address these items.
    I wanted to point this out to You in hopes that it will be addressed so on my next visit they will be taken care of.
    It will be a Shame to have such a great dinning experience be
    ruined by a lack of a littler elbow grease & proper caring.
    I have pictures if you should care to receive them.
    Thank You for Your Time

  94. On March 31,2015, my family and I had dinner at the Fort Meyers, Florida Outback and had a terrible experience. This was very disappointing, because we have always had good experiences at our local Outback Steakhouse. After being seated, we waited 20 minutes before our order was taken. We received our salads, which were much smaller than typical, that came with a loaf of cold, stale brown bread. Very disappointing. We did however, enjoy the shrimp appetizer we ordered as a second course. Then we waited. Again. 25 minutes passed before our dinners arrived. I ordered the 22 oz. bone-in Ribeye cooked medium. One of the more expensive items on the list, but since we were on vacation I wanted a special dinner. My Ribeye was not medium, but actually raw and extremely fatty when I cut into it. I contacted the manager who took my meal back into the kitchen. I received the same piece of meat that had been put back on the fire and cooked to medium. I realize Ribeye is a fattier cut of meat, but this piece had excessively large chunks of fat throughout. Needless to say, I did not enjoy this my meal. The manager made no attempt to rectify the situation further or remove the charge from my bill. After spending $83.01, we walked out of the restaurant feeling cheated and dissatisfied. I would hate to think this is the future of Outback Steakhouse.

  95. My daughter took me to dinner a outback on mothers day, The food was ok and I took dinner home to my husband He and I were very disappointed. The salmon was hard and dry I order sweet potato and they gave me the mash potatos. I paid 20.00 for nothing he could not eat the food snd he through it in the trash. So disappointing. Iwant my money back.

  96. I was very unhappy with my meal,I had the two lobster tails,with a baked potato, and rice and, the lobster was rubbery, the rice was real dry,the potato was not good at all,I didn’t have time too complain .It was the morehead city,n.c. I was not happy at all,i will not eat there again,the waitress was okok.i ate on 5-26-2015.

  97. I ate the very first time at an Outback Steakhouse with my group of sorority sisters at the restaurant in Joliet, IL on 7/8/15. Was very disappointed with the food and service. My steak was very rare when I’d asked for it medium rare and very tough with gristle running thru it. I’ve never been in a steakhouse where the waitress didn’t stand and wait for me to cut into my steak or return almost immediately to check to see if I was enjoying it. Our waitress period, never returned to the table until she brought our checks. No drink refills, nothing!!It wasn’t until I was on the way home that I began to realize that she had overcharged me also!! My 12.99 special with only 1 upgrade of the French onion soup and no beverage had become over $18.00. WHAT A TOTAL DISAPPOINTMENT!

  98. My wife and I went to Outback Sunday July 26 with the intention of getting Prime Rib after getting seated was informed they didn’t have any. Instead of leaving opted for the Filet Mignon and lobster tail for me and T-Bone for my wife. Was really disappointed because both plates had that over season pepper, plus the the lobster tail was small and dried out. We get the Prime Rib because it has no seasoning. Other than the wait staff being excellent and apologetic it was a very disappointing visit and probably will not return. Thank you

  99. Yesterday afternoon 8-4-15, about 3pmish, My step daughter ordered some take out, her “rare” Porterhouse was beyond well done when she cut into it. As a past Head Coach for Shula’s steakhouses, I can assure you, this was not even in the ballpark of anything buy well well done. She called that she was unhappy, was confronted by a female manager and they agreed she would bring it back. She was quite upset by this time and just wanted her money returned. It’s a simple request. The product was not what was ordered, she did not want another steak, she just wanted her money back. Your manager then felt it was her right to berate her and confront her, loudly, in the middle of the restaurant floor, then near accost her after pulling her into the to go station. She was furious because my step daughter did not want a new steak or a “gift card” in 2 days sent to her. She wanted her money back. I can see where that might not be the ideal solution for the restaurant, but that is just too bad. NEVER should that woman’s voice have been raised. the mistake was Outbacks, not my daughters! the treatment she endured was ghastly. I live right behind this shopping center and was a frequent diner, even through the recent construction, I still went and ate there a minimal of twice monthly. That will not be happening any more. The previous owner was kind, courteous and always had his customers best interest at heart. I have no idea why the woman working there is a manager- with little to no customer appreciation and even worse to be loud and disruptive and near attacking a customer, My daughter came home in tears! Outrageous.

  100. I recently went to your resturant on Sunday for a birthday party.I was shocked to discover how geto your men,s bathroom was. First the hanicapped stall had no lock ,no toilet covers t sheets I,ve seen better bathrooms in gas stations.Your rest. was in Brooklyn n.y. 15 avenue and 86 street .Also you only serve black bread since when. We had a party of 7 adults he sent over 2 loafes .Does that make sense. When it came to desert no cappatone coffee.Wake up an smell the coffee????????????????

  101. I went to Outback Steakhouse Macon, Ga today around 5:30 to get the steak and shrimp which has been advertised. The food was awful. steak tough,shrimp over cooked. It took an hour to get our food. I had to send back. Bad experience left very disappointed.

  102. My wife and I stopped at one of your OB rest. in Savannah Ga 11196 Abercorn St.
    When we arrived I went to the bathroom to wash my has as a habit not a “compulsion”. The bathroom was the worst I have seem in some time. Toilets full of feces, urinals full of urine and the smell was horrendous. I have travel all over the world and country and this was about the worst for an establishment of consumption of food. This was not a good sign and I was worried about the food after seeing the condition of the bathroom. I certainly was not primed for a positive dinning experience. In spite of this red flag, we placed our order since we have never had a bad experience with OB nor with the quality of their food. As we waited for our order to arrive at the table I notice several staff members walking in a out of the kitchen. When they walked out of the kitchen their mouths were full of food as they were chopping away as children invading a candy shop. I was so turned off by this. The food arrived at the table and it was noted that the portions were no bigger then my hand for each of the orders. I could not finish my order out of disgust and nausea. This is not the experience of OB I remember…… What happpen?

  103. Spoke to Mgr. Brian at the Chicago Outback on Higgins this evening about the following complaint. 10 of us were there for a double birthday celebration on Sunday August 30th at around 2 PM. Richard our services was great and very attentive. My filet was so thin it could not be called a filet and looked nothing like the picture on the menu. But that is not important considering my 83 year old mother contracted food poisoning from your salmon dish. She ended up in the ER Monday morning August 31st and was admitted into the hospital for 4 days! This is so unacceptable from any restaurant but I am sorely disappointed in Outback. Our family and friends will not dine in any Outback ever again. Or for that matter, any of your restaurant chains! Shame on you!

  104. After many years in food and beverage and understand how important to make the til be accurate, but I was re-educated by the wait staff tonight that has left an extremely bad taste in my mouth, that I feel like it is “not” the company policy. So I am reaching out to see if this is the policy of Outback.

    My dinner bill was $66.67, I gave 2 $50’s. The change that I received was $43. Yep, I typed that correctly. So I made an inquiry to my waitress. She said and this is a near quote, well if your bill had been 66.49, we would give you 44 back, but since it was over .50 cents, we roll up to the next higher dollar. So my $66.67 dollar meal was really $67. Well, needless to say, I did not hold it against the wait staff, I still left a $12 tip (no I do not tip on sales tax), but would like to know if this is indeed the policy. It seems to me that the wait staff is making an extra dollar off of each customer and then has to pay the house either a dollar or not, depending upon that wonderful number 50. If this is the corporate policy, I will be finding another place to enjoy a meal (although the meal we had was delicious) and spend my money.

    I realized that I failed to identify the Outback that we visited tonight. The location is at 100 Buckwalter Parkway, Bluffton, SC 29910

  105. My wife and I dined at your location, 4119 (Florence, S. Carolina) last evening. We had not been there in almost a year, since our steak was too tough on that occasion. This time, we went back, having received a gift card. Surely it would be better this time. My wife had ribs and French fries. The fries were so limp, I would have guessed they were under a heat lamp since lunch. I had the Filet Mignon and lobster with baked potato. When I placed the order, I requested the steak be medium, it came rare and almost cold. I chose the potato “All the way with everything for toppings.) It came with a dollop of sour cream. It was so cool the sour cream never melted into the potato. When I suggested to my wife that we send it all back, she didn’t want to create any scene. So we ate it and left.
    It’s doubtful we’ll ever return to the Florence location. Two doors down from you is Percy and Willies where we have never been disappointed and dine frequently. And 3 miles from you is Peddlers Steak House another great eatery.
    Oh, our receipt number is 0054 and 0054b dated 9/17/2015
    There was one bright spot in the whole evening and that was our waitress, Alicia P. She would make a great instructor for new hires. So we tipped Alicia on the full bill and not the additional money we added to the gift card. If the kitchen staff was half as interested in their jobs, you’d probably have a wonderful operation. For last nite? Grade: F

  106. Your Macedonia Ohio establishment is an embarrassment to the restraurant business…all over customer service…wait staff…manager terrible and food preparation terrible! Visited today October 2, 2015 for lunch. Seriously how can you remain open? Appalled and discussed!

  107. We went to outback tonight for the first time and the food was horrible and way overpriced. The portions were so small nobody was full. I didn’t even want to pay the bill. The bill was 50 dollars and we didn’t get anything for food. Not a good experience

  108. Dear Sir,
    My wife and I live in Florida and visit our kids and grandkids in Cumming Georgia every few months. It was lunch and everyone wanted burgers. I mentioned Outback and they said they didn”t want a steak just burgers , fries and onion rings. I told them that Outback makes the best burgers I have every eaten, so off we went to the one in Cumming Ga.
    It wasn’t busy at all but it took a very long time to receive our food. I couldn’t believe the burgers when they arrived. they were burnt and flat, not like the ones I am use to at other Outbacks. Everyone ate theirs because they were starving. Mine was just to burnt to eat. I wish that I had taken a picture of it because it had to be seen to be believed. I sent it back and the manager came out and said she couldn’t believe that the cook had even sent it out in that condition. She said they would cook another one and it eventually arrived after everyone had finished eating. It was very good but my family had to sit there while I tried to down it quickly. The manager never offered to comp my meal, which I believe she should have done.
    It was a lousy dinning experience and I know you lost my family as potential burger customers. I believe my meal should be comped. I am sending copies of my receipt.
    Thank you.

  109. We saw the steak/seafood tv commercial for less than $15; so Friday evening (Oct 16) we went to the Spokane Outback on Division; he ordered steak/shrimp and I had the steak/lobster. Good service, but when the server brought the invoice, the steak/shrimp was 14.99 and 27.99 for steak/lobster. Sent the server to correct the error; he returned with no change in pricing. He said, that was the Chain advertising; the local Outback is independent, and only offers the steak/shrimp as their special.

    Bottom line: I paid, but I will never return to Outback; will go to the Red Lobster up the street.

  110. Visited Ft Myers Florida restaurant on 10/20 receipt # 0247. Prime rib/ lobster ordered Prime was extremely tough Had trouble cutting Paid over $70.
    VERY disappointed

  111. My husband and I eat out every Sunday normally at longhorns at river city in Jacksonville however we decided to visit the outback this past weekend the service was fair but I was very disappointed with the steaks.wont be going back

  112. Greetings, last nigh on Mov.8,2015 my family and I went to Outback,location #1170 in Stockbridge Ga.30281 .It was the most appalling experience i’ve, well we’ve ever encountered at an Outback!!!! First upon entering the building people were right at the door smoking. Then the seating was horrible too tigjt for my pregnant daughter and it took another .30 minute s to get a table.,,there were at least five unoccupied tables not cleaned! Although the server Tanisa M. was outstanding, the food was absolutely awful! The wing was undercooked and bloody!!! Mt Filet Mignon was over cooked hard burned and dry as my son 22 oz porterhouse, my daughter’s sirlon and my grandsons medallions. The steaks and the service was absolutely appalling! My hoyse salad was a plate of lettuce two grape tomatoes and a crouton. We spent well over one hundred dollars in that place and if it wasn’t a crime we would have walked out! The only goid experience there was TANISA! RECEIPTS 194 TABLE 14 TICKET 0226b-1,0226b-2 and 0226-2, THE SERVICE,THE FOOD AND THE SEATING WAS ABSOLUTELY DISTURBING. I OR MY FAMILY WILL NEVER SPEND ANORHER DIME AT ANY OUTBACK IN THE US!!! Thanks for nothing!

  113. Hadn’t been to Outback Steakhouse in many years. Went tonight with friends who invited us. Ordered a New York Strip, medium well. It arrived medium, at best. 10 minutes later the manager brought another. It was medium rare. I was fairly stunned. I made SURE they knew I wanted it MEDIUM WELL. Ten minutes later, steak #3 arrived. It was rare. Bloody.

    No, I did not pay for my “meal” at this “steakhouse”, which consisted of a baked potato and salad.

  114. Went for dinner at Outback in Charlotte NC at Chancellor Park Drive..
    arrived at 4:10 ordered our drinks and a appetizer and our dinner food.. drinks and appetizer arrived on time and after waiting 30 minutes and no food yet, plus the fact the 3 tables around us were being served after arriving After us ,and the waitress avoiding our table We had to ask where our food was. She said she didnt know and was checking. The lady manger came out and was absolute no help and stayed in the kitchen. I asked the waitress who in fact said she was the bartender could not give us a answer as to why we didnt have our order. so we left.. This is so ridicoulous and the worst customer service ever with Absolute no one knowing what they were doing except saying she didnt have control of the cook? What does that even mean? We have been going to the Outback for 12 years and will not return. No one cared at all and that is very very sad, esp since no one could offer a explanantion or the simple truth about what was going on it was not busy there at all so there was just no excuse for the awful service… Jane Bigham

  115. Hello, I attended Outback Falls in Miami Fl with my Boyfriend who loves Steak. I wanted to inform you how unhappy we were with our experience. I haven’t gone to an outback in few years and was excited to go. 30minute wait we were told our buzzer went off to be seated to find out that our table was not ready. We had to wait another 20mins just to be seated. After we were seated we were not greeted by anyone after 20 mins and that’s only because I saw Manager catering to a older couple the whole time and not everyone. I got her attention and asked her who was our waiter or waitress she did not know then asked us what we would like to drink, 15 minutes later no drinks no waiter. Finally waiter came with drinks Strawberry lemonade that tasted like pure water . He did not give us his name… Did not give us any specials or inform us that’s why they were busy because of the specials or apologize for the long wait. After we ordered our food it took them 45mins to come with our food as the Kitchen Mgr came to the table before the food was out to explain that the cool burned our food and he could not serve it to us and we have to wait for more food. We stayed at outback for a very long time aggravated.. Very dissatisfied with the service… And very hungry. It was too late to go anywhere else after the long wait… But in my head I wish I should of gone to bonefish grill or long horn. I tipped the waiter generously even though my boyfriend and I felt he didn’t deserve anything but due to the fact people have to make living we tipped. I don’t think I will ever attend another outback again… Due to this horrible experience… It ruined my boyfriends surprise dinner and I felt awful because I picked this outback because it use to have great food, great customer service and fast service. Our meal was about $60 which isn’t a problem if the amount just the fact that I felt it wasn’t earnedwith Tip included… Before we left I had to ask the waiter his name. I did inform all of my family and friends not to attend this restaurant. I was going to post the horrible experience on social Media but due to the Fact that I am In high ranking with Law enforcement I could not do so. I do hope me writing this things will get better at Falls OutBack. Thank you for your Time and Happy Holidays to you and your family to the person reading this.

  116. Clarence Taylor the manager at the Two Notch Rd 29223 in Columbia SC , IS very rude, loud, disrespectful, unprofessional, stressed out and is a poor example for a location manager. My family and I had a party of 16 and was given a booth that barely sits 6 and a table that sits 7 however 8 chairs were some how squeeze in. Soo, the booth was available first, then the table. There was a table that seats 4 directly behind our booth and the extra guest began to seat themselves and Clarence came busting through the entire restaurant screaming at our coworkers and other guest (I DID NOT PROMISE YOU THAT TABLE. YOU MUST GET UP! YOU CAN NOT DO THAT! AND KEPT REPEATING HIMSELF OVER & OVER DISRUPTING THE RESTAURANT. I ask could he accommodate us and he started chanting Very loudly and rude,. With much attitude No I ONLY PROMISED YOU 1 BOoth and 1 table. I have never experienced such a scene. He lost all self control. What a waste. Needless to say 3-4 of our guest was severely
    Embarrassed and threatened by his tone and his willingness to be so aggressive and abrasive. Not to mention our 1.5 hour wait with 2 call a heads as instructed by the the restaurant. Unfortunately Its Saturday and would’ve been impossible to drive a party of such size to a different restaurant to complete our celebration. So we stayed and ate. Against our better judgment because it only went down hill. Outback Steakhouse has truly lost 16 loyal families! ! FOR REAL!!

  117. Dear Outback Steakhouse,

    On Friday, September 25th, my family and I went to Outback for dinner. I ordered a steak and for my side I got mash potatoes. While I was eating my mashed potatoes I found a piece of a wooden spoon in them. When the waiter came back I told him about the spoon and he called out the manager. The manager said he was sorry and that sometimes their spoons break off into the potatoes and he didn’t do anything about it. I just think that the manager should have done something more about the situation instead of acting like it was no big deal.


    Alexis Floyd

  118. My family and friends eat out a lot and Outback, Wesley Chapel Florida location is a favorite for all of us. The food is always great and the service simply cannot be beat in out area. The proprietor, Reagan, has put together a fabulous crew, from Caitlyn (hostess), to servers Leenie B, Cassandra, Brandon and on to managers, Kylan, Sean H, Deni and more. It’s a great place for us to visit for a lift to our spirits. We are always greeted with smiles and the door is held open for us when we are ready to leave with a sweet invitation to hurry back. We Love Love Love this place. The surveys I submit on a regular basis just aren’t enough to really tell how awesome this place is. Thanks Outback for making our every visit a super fun experience!!

  119. Horrible experience. Server Amanda Z. Was very unattentive. The entire time she was running as if she couldn’t catch up. She was slow putting our order in. The kids meals came out before the appetizer. Our soup and salad didn’t come out until like 20-25 mins after the appetizer and then it was cold. The manager (Will) came and took away the dishes that the server refuse to prebus, and he was told about the soup. 8-10mins later the soup was brought out…still not hot. My 2 yr old was able to eat it without blowing it. The manager NEVER came back to the table to check on us. The server didn’t put our food in until late because she was inquiring about what sides we wanted well after she had our order. By time the meals came we were ready to go. We attempted to eat but 5 mins in decided to pack it to go. She had 3 opportunities to bring our dessert but never did…made sure she brought the check though. She didn’t run none of our food all night. We paid the bill l, she tried to dismiss us so I asked for our dessert. She ran off in a hurry as if she was going to get it. Meanwhile the manager (whom NEVER checked back with us) is standing at the bar asking the bartender about an employee meal in the back. He watched a little t.v and proceeded to check on other guest at the booths in the bar area…everyone but US. 8 mins go by without our desserts and here comes Amanda with a tray of food for another table. She see us still waiting and asked Brook if she could go grab desserts she had waiting in the kitchen but it wasn’t ready because it still took her a while. I called Will to express how upset and disappointed I was and informed him that I would be sending an email off AS SOON AS I GOT HOME. To be writing you at this hour clearly shows how angry and concern i am with my dining experience. The restaurant was not busy. Customer service is horrible. May e she had a rough day and couldn’t keep up or maybe she have the typical I don’t care attitude and partake in doing things outside of her work when she’s on the job but whatever it was, she is not a good server and Will’s role was a disappointment as well

  120. I placed order over phone. New 4 course Entree meal. Person who took my order was very courteous , friendly and knowledgeable as this was my 1st time ordering this. Steak Medium well, salad, Baked potato loaded with no sour cream, soup and desert. Was told 25 minutes. Got there in 35 minutes. Food not ready as they over cooked my steak. The did let me know up front. This was during a snow storm. Drove all the way home. Steak was more well than medium well, but potato was loaded with everything. I do not like and am allergic to sour cream and told the person who took my order. Too much snow to drive back. Forced to eat dry steak with no steak sauce and potato plain. I even took pictures of the container that had everything mixed together for the potato. Mainly had to fill up on soup and salad due to all of this.

  121. I was SO embarrassed and SO disappointed. We have come to various Outbacks for many years now.. Usually, the service is fine and the meals are great. Not so much this time…..

    For my parents’ 50th anniversary, they wanted to go to the Coeur d’Alene, ID Outback. I called ahead 2 weeks early to get a reservation and to let them know this was a VERY SPECIAL occassion. Upon arrival, even though I called again earlier on the day of our reservation to confirm and to reiterate the SPECIAL occassion, no one congratulated them or made any mention. The restaurant was fairly empty…. in other words, in my opinion, there was no excuse.

    Our menus came when we were set. We asked for water multiple times before it finally arrived. Our orders were taken, the onion showed up. One of the steaks ordered well done went back twice. We asked again (and again) for water refills. We ordered a shared dessert.

    We watched the table next to us be wiped down, the towel dropped on the floor, then wiped the table some more. At that point, I couldn’t take it anymore and went to speak to the manager. The very pleasant manager agreed the table should be wiped again with a clean towel and that the busser should be wiser than that. She said she’d talk to him. In the 40 more minutes we were there, no one ever came back to rewash the table.

    My point here is this. When we come in normally, we are often offered a complimentary appetizer or dessert if we are celebrating a birthday or anniversary. In this case, we brought in people who don’t normally get to go out for a once in a lifetime event. The service was underwhelming. The food was just OK for the new increased prices. The staff didn’t seem to care or take note of the event that we were there for. It would have been good form to have comped one fo the less expensive items. It would have been even better form to have quickly cleaned that table before setting it.

    What more can I say? We won’t be returning to Coeur d’Alene any time soon since we live in Portland, OR but I’d sure like to see a better experience next time we do go there.

  122. I have not had a worse customer experience in my 28 years of life! My grandmother said the same and she is 85! My family and I came in for dinner and I don’t even know how to begin to describe the atrocity of our experience. One thing I will say is that Jamie, the head manager, was overly apologetic and comped our meal. Although, it was THE WORST free meal I have ever had.

    Here is a SMALL list of what happened:

    1. The place was FREEZING. It is winter and 3 tables full of families were begging for heat .

    2. The waitress started out by literally telling us she would be a bad waitress. After taking orders she asked that we not get offended if she did not return for lengthy amounts of time because she was busy. IN AN EMPTY RESTAURANT. Literally– it was 35% full.

    3. Our appetizers which consisted of soups and salads took 40 mins to come out. When they did my dad did not get his soup and they forgot to put dressing on my salad. FORGOT DRESSING. ON A SALAD.

    4. Before my dad even got his missing soup, before I got my missing dressing and before my grandmother and mom could even take two bites of their appetizers … our entree steaks came out. UM — so our options are to pile everything on the table or send our “fresh” steaks to fester under heat lamps until some slow ass back there brought our missing food items?!

    5. Finally, I got my dressing and after the second bite of my Caesar salad I GAGGED as I pulled a long blonde hair out of my mouth SPAGHETTI STYLE!!!!! Myself and my family are all dark haired. I was so disgusted that I couldn’t even eat anything else and my mouth tasted like cheap hairspray. VOM-WORTHY!!!!!

    6. Since we had no choice but to send our entrees back to fester under heat lamps, when we asked to receive our food from our disappearing act of a waitress it took another 15-20 mins!!! For her to bring out an already readied tray of entrees. AND my moms entree came with mashed potatoes and she ordered the mixed veggies. Her medium rare steak you ask? It was SUPER RARE.

    7. My dad never got his soup and they even had the balls to bring it out after we had all had enough and spoken with 3 “super busy waiters” who had no tables and no customers, 1 food runner, 1 bus boy, an incompetent assistant manager and finally the sweet Jamie who was the store manager and was actually the only one who seemed to have working brains and a sense of customer service.

    This restaurant needs to be seriously evaluated!!!!

  123. Well at 9:30 tonight I placed my order online for 2 of the 4 course meals. 1 prime rib cooked to medium & 1 bourbon bacon ribeye well done. Both with baked potatoes. One potato was supposed to have everything but came plain. The other one was actually right but they were hard ad a rock. Both with potato soup…which was watery and disgusting. My ribeye was supposed to have bacon and bourbon sauce and it didn’t! Was also cooked to about medium….not well done as I asked for. Service was awful, they didnt even bring my order to my car. And to top it off he kept my receipt….cause he knew he messed up and didn’t want me to have the info. Not to mention he had hung up on me twice when i tried to place my order on the phone. So I placed it online. Every time I have ordered takeout from this location it has been nothing but disappointing. If your ever in lake Charles Louisiana don’t try this one! And this is also coming from a woman that’s been a server and bartender for almost 15 yrs!!!

  124. We visited clermont fl take out ordered 4x 6oz 4 side meals let me tell you way to much pepper,terrible vegges hard as a rock blooming onion still muchy,over all waste of my money..very upset

  125. I was sitting at the bar waiting for my dinner and I overheard an interaction with your bartender jackie and 2 other customers….all I can say is this women has the patience of a saint for putting up with such ridiculous customers she was over the top pleasant courteous and knowledgeable. …you should have more like her….Bravo outback

  126. Dear Sir or Madam,
    On Friday, December 4, 2015 a group of friends and I dined at your Mobile, Alabama restaurant. Our group has made the trip to Mobile for Christmas shopping and dinner for over 25 years. Most of those years, we have enjoyed our Outback experiences and continue to make Outback a part of our trip. This year I called ahead for seating at 7:54 pm. I was told that since there were 7 in our group, we might have a 45 minute wait. We arrived at 8:15 and were finally seated after 9 pm. Our waitress, Rita, was excellent but she didn’t seem to have much support. Our appetizers wait was a little long but not unreasonable but our Bloomin Onion was burned and we sent it back. It took an unreasonable amount of time to get another one. We received our entrees about 10 pm. While our waitress was running around taking care of us and others, 4 or 5 of the staff were congregated in the back near the kitchen socializing with each other and a table of customers. Our waitress asked for help with drink refills several times before someone finally assisted her as some of us had waited a good while. Our entrees were wonderful. My steak was perfectly cooked and delicious. However, when we asked for the manager and told him about our waitress asking for and not getting help and our extra long waits he was polite but not very concerned. We later learned that the floor manager had gone home at 8 and he was a manager but in the kitchen in charge of plating. He did offer us a couple of dessert samplers. I would also like to point out that a table near ours also complained to the manager. As you can imagine, the restaurant was emptying out by this time. A hostess and another staff member seemed to be playing hide and seek near the door. One was noted to be on the floor hiding from the other. We finished our meal and left about 11 pm. The purpose of this email is only to let you know that some of your employees are not representing you well and we saw a big difference in staff attitudes and attention to customers and details this trip. Also, our waitress told us that the manager had instructed her not to give us a survey ticket but she did. I hate to see one of our favorite restaurants decline. At this point, we will not return to Outback for our next trip.

  127. This is the second time in one month that we have had a bad experience at Outback on state road 64 ,Bradenton ,Florida .
    We went with friends a table of 4 in total we went for the special 4 course menu at $14.95 the waitress that took our order we informed her that the last time we came by a few weeks back our main course came out minutes after our appetiser and by the time we got round to eating it of course it was getting cold .
    Okay she said and bought out our soups / salads but within a few minutes out came our steaks and chicken masala ,we informed her that we requested to be able to finish the soup / salad before bringing our main and she replied that when the restaurant is not so busy the meals are ready quick but she took it away .
    Within 2 minutes up comes a lad with our food again we told him we are trying to eat the hot soup as quickly as possible and we had just sent it back .
    He stood there with the plates in his hand asking what do you want me to do we said okay just find somewhere to put it on the table which wasn’t easy we had plates everywhere half on top of each other .
    As I say we had the same situation a few weeks back and we will not bother again which is a pity because the food is good but unfortunately we cannot eat 4 courses in 10 minutes .
    Kind Regards ,
    Michael C Trevena .

  128. I had spoke with a guy by the name jim mount and was told my order was not all the way done , andvjim was going to give me another order . when I called a lady hot smart with was Very Rude to me and would not Replace my order and tolde to CAA back when Jim was there. I would like to speak with jim mount again

  129. We arrived at Outback on Richmond Rd in Williamsburg. We were told it would be a 45 minute wait. After looking around we found the restaurant was only half filled. Empty tables were everywhere. After asking the manager why, he stated he didn’t have enough waiters to handle anymore customers at this time. This was around 3:15 pm on Saturday December 12th. We told the manager we would not wait because of poor staffing. The lobby was full of people waiting. We eat at Outback all the time but this is the first time we have found a poor management issue like this. We will never eat there again.

  130. Visited the Hanover Ma location tonight and will NOT return any time soon. New bartender was atrocious and has no idea what he is doing. Waste of my money and limited time seeing that I was shopping. Train your people better if you want returning patrons.

  131. Went to the Hanover Ma location for the first time in a few months since I changed my work schedule. Waste of my money and limited time as I was Xmas shopping. New bartender is clueless and has no right to be behind a bar. Will not be coming back here any time soon

  132. Chris the manager at Outback #1902 was fantastic as following up on the servers making sure the service was great. I did have a small concern that the crab cake was way over cooked and burnt. He made it right and gave me another.
    Great job

  133. First if all I want to say that I loved Outback. We ate at Outback about 8 times a month. We started getting bad food. Order medium well 2 steaks one would come out crispy other blood running out. Kept going back bread wouldnt even melt butter. This is on several occasions. We quit going. waited about 6 months and went back same thing went back today bread was so cold it wouldn’t melt the butter. We had ordered byt we got up and left. Outback use to be the best now there hardly any one waiting. Johnson City needs something. . Like i said it was ny favorite we gi back and try ever now and then but nothing changes.

  134. My family has been enjoying Outback for quite a few years. Love the food & atmosphere. And we were so excited when the restaurant opened at gateway center in Brooklyn NY. How ever we’ve been here 3-4 times, each time hoping for better experience but not so. We’ ve had one meal served while another is delayed, the women’s bathroom is consistently dirty and in disrepair. Spoken to staff they aplogize. But conditions don’t improve. I’d hate to have to travel to a different location.

  135. To whom it may concern. I’m currently at your restaurant in bosier city la on village st. This has to be the worst managed place I’ve ever been to. I’ve not one of your managers with his kids here and he’s on his cell phone. Waiters arguing. Very slow getting my food. I do a lot of traveling around the U.S and this is bad. Thought I would let you know. I will never be back to this outback.

  136. I was at your 6100 Rockside place, OH location on Thursday 12/17/15 with server # 328 Taylere K. We are from NY, we were in OH for my son’s college graduation at the Holiday Inn right next door. We chose your restaurant because we thought it was nice and close, we had heard you had good food (although we have never been). This was a very special time for us as we had a large gift to present my son that we had carried in with us. It took 20 minutes for the server to come to our table to take our order or to even ask what we would like to drink. We looked around and it wasn’t busy at all! we talked about getting up and walking out, which looking back on the situation I wish we would have! finally she came over of course we were ready to order our food and our drinks. It took 30 more minutes for us to get our drinks!!!! Completely unacceptable!!!!! Like I said looking back I should have walked out. I didn’t because I knew I had this wonderful gift to present my son and the weather was freezing, we walked over from the hotel and just were glad to finally be in Ohio and just wanted a bite to eat after our long trip! Now a total of 65 minutes have gone by and we saw people after us, get served eat and gone in the amount of time it took Taylere to take our order, bring 3 pops, 1 beer and 1 Manhattan. My husband ordered soup as an appetizer and my kids a blooming onion. The onion came the soup did not. Now another 45 minutes later we get our food, along with my husband’s soup. He told her to take it off the bill; he wanted it as an appetizer because he was so hungry from our drive. Our food was horrible, my son and mother ordered the same thing and the size difference in the steak was just ridiculous. I wish I could have taken a picture to attach to this mailing! The cheese on mine and my husband’s sandwich tasted like plastic, just plain horrible experience. We told her when we ordered we wanted the bill because we were paying with credit card and feared that it would be another 45 minutes to get that back! Now clearly she and your floor manager could see the boxed gift we had wrapped sitting next to my husband. The floor manger was walking around asking how everything was; I was waiting for her to approach our table before I took another bite of my food so I could tell her how awful our night was going. She never came to our table or the table behind us but hit every other table in the section almost as if she knew we were NOT having a good time. Taylere brought the bill and took my Credit Card for processing, to be honest I was not going to leave a tip at all, but my husband being a waiter before in his younger years said you have to leave her something so I left her $5.00. Again clearly we had a gift to present; at no time did Taylere even attempt to clear our table. There was a table next to ours that had not been cleared for at least 45 minutes if not longer, my husband and kids cleared our table and put it all on the other table that had not been cleared so we could present our gift. I am E-mailing today to let you know the experience not to get anything but the issue addressed so that it doesn’t ruin another families time in your restaurant.
    My son’s gift was a letter explaining that his full college tuition had been paid for in loving memory of his grandfather who had passed 2 years prior. Every time we recall this memory we will recall the horrible meal and service we received in your establishment. My hope is that you take this and address your staff at this location, I didn’t get the name of the floor manger but I am sure if you look at your records you should be able to find which one she was, my card was swiped at 18:41 on 12/17/15, 6100 Rockside Place Independence Oh 44131

    Thank you,

    • Dear Outback Customer Service: As a resident of Tampa (where Blooming Brands is located, and the birthplace of Outback), I’ve been a longtime customer of your chain. It would be safe to say that I’ve eaten at one of your establishments at least once a month for many, many years.
      We have a part-time residence in Inverness, Fl. Last night, we had a bad experience there that you should know about.
      We had plans for later in the evening, so we made a reservation for 4 for 7 p.m. We arrived shortly before 7, and saw dozens of rather grumpy and unhappy patrons waiting outside in the cold, crammed in the foyers and stuffed in the waiting area. There wasn’t an inch of space in the bar, and every table was occupied.
      However, since we had thought enough to book a table in advance, we weren’t too worried. We gave our names under the reservation, which was confirmed by a greeter at the door, and then we were given a beeper.
      Twenty minutes later (standing this whole time, as there was not a single seat), I approached the check-in area and asked how long the wait would be. I should note there were many people at the station, and most were pretty angry. I was hearing reporting of people waiting for 90 minutes and more — after being told it would just be “20 minutes or less.”
      I asked the young woman at the station about our reservation. She said she had “no idea” how long it would be. We decided to wait another 15 minutes. The crowd was getting very restless and there wasn’t much movement. So I inquired again, about 7:40 p.m., the status of our reservation. That’s when she said, “It’s really first-come, first-served. Your reservation doesn’t really matter.”
      Well, nice time to tell us, after we had stood for 40 minutes! And trust me, there are not a lot of restaurants in Inverness. If you want to eat out, you need to make a decision and act on it. The town pretty much closes down around 9 p.m.
      We left at that point and found a new Mexican restaurant down the street, and had a very pleasant experience. However, because of the delay at Outback…a delay that was so unnecessary…we missed our later appointment for the evening.
      There didn’t seem to be many “adults” working at the check-in station…these were very young people, who looked very overwhelmed. I don’t think I will ever be returning to this Outback, and the experience has left a sour feeling for me. This is not the kind of customer service I remember from this company. Yes, I do understand a big rush that gets out of control, but how it was handled was quite regrettable.
      Thank you,
      Michelle Bearden

  137. Can someone at Outback Steakhouse please explain to me the difference in making reservation and calling ahead and I’m going to tell you my reasoning for asking.
    My daughter Mikayella Riley started planning for birthday party back in October. Again she started planning back in October for her birthday in December (19th) but she wound up being car accident which slowed her planning down plus she’s a sophomore at UNCPembroke College which is two hours from Charlotte. So, by the time she finish with treatment from the accident and midterm exams, came home for winter break now she’s a little more than two weeks away from December 19th and her still didn’t have restaurant in place yet. Once she got home Mikayella started call different restaurants, she called PF Chang’s and asked them to they do reservation and can they seat a party of twenty. PF Chang’s said yes but her reservation wouldn’t be until 9pm. Mikayella thought that was too late; she called The Cheesecake Factory and they said that they don’t do reservation at all. Cheesecake Factory said that they will try to seat them all together but that was the best that they could do. Now, Mikayella calls Outback Steakhouse on 1015 Chancellor Park Dr, Charlotte, NC 28213 and ask do you all take reservations and the person who answered to phone says yes we can seat a party of twenty at 7 pm on Saturday, December 19th with no problem but we don’t call it reservations we call it call ahead. Mikayella said okay and begin to invite her guest. A couple of days before December 19th, Mikayella called back to notify the lady she spoke to at Outback Steakhouse that she wanted to add two more guest to the list and Mikayella was told okay no problem.
    Saturday, December 19th my daughter arrives to Outback Steakhouse at a quarter to 7 pm, some of her other guest arrived at twenty till, my husband and I arrive right at 7 pm, why is my daughter walking out of Outback Steakhouse upset and crying because she made reservation, oh sorry correction, call ahead for a party of twenty-two at 7 pm and now that her and her guest are there waiting she’s now being told that she has to wait an hour and half to two hours to be seated and well over half of her guest had arrived 19 to be exact. So, once my husband and I arrived I told my daughter to stop crying and came back inside I will handle it. We went inside and I asked to speak to the manager in charge when I spoke to the manage she tried to tell me that Outback Steakhouse don’t do reservations, how you all only do call ahead of time and when I asked her to explain the different because the Definition of Reservation by Merriam-Webster res·er·va·tionˌrezərˈvāSH(ə)n/ noun: reservation: the action of reserving something. Your manager’s definition of to call ahead of time is instead of waiting three hours to be seated you’ll be seated in an hour and a half. Now I don’t know who in the hell will wait three hours to eat at Outback Steakhouse or any restaurant for that long unless the food was free but I digress. So I’m talking to the manager and I notice in the bar area there is a long couch bench with two open tables and I suggest to the manager to let my daughter’s party set in that area because majority of them were their waiting and all crammed up in the waiting area. So finally she agreed to seat them but now there were three table two was empty and one was occupied in the middle of the other two tables, so I asked the couple if they didn’t mind if they could move to the next table and I would pay for their appetizer (which they had a Bloom Petals). The couple didn’t mind, I gave them twenty dollars for kindly moving down and all of my daughter’s guest were able to be seated except for two. My daughter Delia, my husband and I sat at the bar, at that point my husband and I were happy because our daughter was now happy because they were all seated by 7:30 pm, the couple I gave the twenty dollars to move down one table were happy, my daughter Mikayella and her friends were happy because not only was 19 guest already their but 6 more guest came which in total was 25 guest all together, that did include us as well, so the only person upset is the manager. She comes over to the bar where my husband and I are sitting and proceeds to tell me that she don’t appreciate me moving her tables together and bothering her guest asking them to move down one table. Well, my words to her were I don’t appreciate you all making reservations or so call, call ahead of time at 7 pm then when my daughter and her guest get here now you want to try and make them wait an hour and a half. I said to her the couple had no problem moving plus I gave them twenty dollars and they thanked me, my daughter and her friends are now happy so what is the problem.
    Therefore, I’m back to my original question please explain to me the difference in making reservation and calling ahead with a group of twenty-five guest, well manned, well dressed college students some of them traveled two hours or better to come celebrate with Mikayella for her birthday. These young people collectively I know spent at least four to five hundred dollars ($400 to $500) in Outback Steakhouse that night, my husband and I bill alone came up to $91.16 and we had a second bill for $14.35. The waiter and waitress staff did not come over to sing happy birthday to my daughter as they did for other birthday guest that had parties that same night. I hate to pull the race card but if my daughter and her guest were Caucasian young adults would they have been treated the same.
    Also my husband and I our appetizer came out first, our steak and potatoes came out second and then our soup and salad came out afterwards but because of all of the other commotion going on we just ate our cold steak and potatoes. We did not have the best experience, it was unfair how my daughter was treated on her birthday and I believe we are owed and apology.

  138. I visited the Outback in Savannah,GA on Abercorn on 12/28/15. We waited over 5 minutes before the server came. When she came to the table she did not introduce herself; she placed the coasters on the table and literally threw the others where she was not able to reach across the table. She brought our drinks and did the same thing with the straws. She was not friendly at all.
    After paying for the food I asked if I could give her some advice, she said yes; after telling her about not introducing herself, the coasters and the straws, she said, “I had other tables and it was busy; than the coasters and the straws is that it. My statement to her is that I understand you had other tables; however, you have to be mindful of your customers.
    She did not receive the constructive criticism nor did she apologized.
    I pray that servers are more aware of their actions as they can make or break a business.

  139. I ordered on line yesterday and went to pick up the order 25 minutes afterwards being told the order would be ready in 20 minutes. Received the order 40 minutes after arriving and it was not correct. Went inside to speak to a manager but after 10 minutes of waiting left as I hade another appointment. Have been taking my granddaughter to this outback at least twice a month for the last 9 years and am so disappointed with the whole event doubt that I can ever go back…sad as its been a ritual for us for do long…

  140. on 12-27-15 my wife, mother-in-law, sister-in-law, and I ate an Outback Steakhouse in Knoxville, TN. Our server was Bruce W. I just wanted to let you know our service, food and dining experience was wonderful. 12-29-15 at 11 pm, I got around to completing the 1000 dollar grand prize survey form. It was late, and I believe I filled out the form wrong and mistook dissatisfied with service for very satisfied with service on the first portion of the form. My survey code was the following: 210211-550107-283314. Please see to it that my error is corrected. I left Bruce a 20 dollar tip for his excellent service and do not want him to get in trouble for my mistake. I looked for a way to go back and correct my mistake, but the entry form does not allow for this. I would recommend that this feature be added in the future. Again, our service and food was just great, Keep up the good work.

  141. My family and I got back from a camping trip today and einh hungry placed a large order with your Jones Creek Rd Baton Rouge LA location online. I sent my son to pick it up at the appointed time and although I have a confirmation email and order number they had no record of it. I first spoke to a girl named Victoria that was very whatever attitude about the situation. Her manager Laura Price got on the phone and first insinuated that I didn’t know the difference between a Texas location on a Jones Creek Rd and this one which I live near. I laughed and tried to give her the order number but she spoke over me over and over. I had the phone on speaker and my husband’s mouth was wide open, like wth. I guess good polite customer service isn’t emphasized at Outback. I got Ms Price name and she kinda of gave me a giggle when I said I was going to report her to headquarters, which leads me even more to believe customers don’t matter much to Outback. The convo ended with her wanting to now take my order. I had to laugh then. I will never go to Outback again. I am not unreasonable, if the order was lost and when I spoke to the first girl she was apologetic and nice I would have replaced it no problem.

  142. Arrived at 12:00…still waiting on three burgers at 1:48. Poor planning….really? I’ve seen one family of four walk out from their table with drinks sitting on their table. Never again will I waste time here!

  143. I called to order curbside carry out and asked about the promotion for the outback bowl free blooming onion. I was told that it applied and it would be free. When I picked up my order I was told that I would have to pay for it. I checked the website and it did not say dine in only. The lady I paid was the same one who took my order. This is the 3rd time I’ve had issues with curbside. The other 2 tines I had to go and find someone and waited more than 5 -10 minutes both times. I like outback but I may decide to go to longhorn or mexican which is right across the street. Very disappointed. Don, 44333/44321

  144. I want to complement our waitress we had tonight. Her name is Fiona. The restaurant was packed but she was so pleasant and efficient we had an enjoyable experience. She was attentive and anticipated our every need. She kept our teas filled, brought togo containers and even helped box it up. I have eaten here many years and have never had such outstanding service. I wanted to let you know what a special employee you have.

  145. Ate at the Outback in Princeton WV–Horrible experience. Undercooked chicken, overcooked steak, dirty table, dirty bathrooms, slow service, no manager present. Never eat there again.

  146. We went to the Outback Steakhouse on the eastside of Indianapolis, IN on December 30, 2015. Our service was totally bad. There were 8 in our party for my birthday dinner. Out of 5 steaks ordered, I know for a fact that 3 of them were not cooked to what we ordered. I sent mine back immediately with our server, who was also a bad experience, but until I took the 2nd one back and asked for the manager, did anything happen. The server had not even given my steak back to have it cooked right. The manager finally brought both of the steaks back after I had taken the 2nd one back. Also, the bill had been paid prior to the food being served so the offer of a credit on the bill was ridiculous. Very unsatisfied with the service and experience. I don’t believe we will ever go back to an Outback Steakhouse nor will I recommend this restaurant.

  147. I had dinner on Sunday, January 3rd 2016 at your Brea, Ca. location, I had purchased 2 gift cards for $25ea and had received a gift one for $50=$100 total. I have been craving going to Outback I especially like your steaks, My bill came to $92 and cents however this time I was craving Halibut (which is not always available anywhere, and I had eaten it at this location before while back) This time I took my son (it had been his b-day n the 1st) him and his girlfriend they both had Fillet Mignon’s she had the smaller when I received my order I was very disappointing that this $24 Halibut dish was like one inch fl;at, looked like it was previously cooked and frozen somewhat like what you receive in a TV dinner, when I have had this at your place I had received a fresh hot tick piece of freshly grilled looking tasting Halibut dish that looked like the price quality it was also my salad (which should have been included with this dish’s cost (it only included a choice of one and the lettuce looked very bad). Their steaks did not have any flavor to them they were not properly seasoned,, not too mention that when I stepped out to go to the restroom it was very smelly and dirty. The young waitress that assisted us was somewhat OK but at the end when I asked for her to enlist birthday singing for my son she said they did not do it at this place (I had just earlier heard some other table they did sang) fortunately a little later a guy whom I had seen behind the bar earlier, do not know if he was the Manager came and very cheerfully offered to sing for him and than the table next to us guys happily joined in. Needless to say I was very disappointed with the quality you now offer at your restaurant and felt cheated with the large amount of money I paid for the quality and look of this food. I feel that you charged extremely high for the quality I received should have been half the price for that! I am disappointed since this used to be my favorite place to eat out on special occasions.

  148. On Tuesday January 6,2016 I placed a in person ToGo order @ Outback Steakhouse, Gateway Mall in Brooklyn, N.Y
    I ordered 2 orders { appetizers } Tassie Chicken Bites , approximate wait time 20 min .quoted
    I received my bagged order, I lifted the container lid to confirm the order When I reached home to eat. I opened the container..
    Well !!! There were 13 {thirteen} chicken bites, 11 {eleven were small, dry fried} .
    In my 13 years of being on the Service Team in a restaurant, My opinion is this dried chicken came from the bottom of the fryer basket. This does happen.
    However, The pieces should never leave the linecooks area to the plate.
    Presentation is a MUST.!!!At ALL times !!!
    I immediately called the restaurant {2;15 P.M} Asked to speak to the { MOD} I was asked to leave my name & contact number. The manager will call me back.
    I received no call back.
    4;45 PM. I called the restaurant again. I spoke with Mr. Keston Nelson.{MOD}I explained my dissatisfaction of my order.
    Mr. Nelson apologized for no returned call, stated that he was not aware.
    He offered me a free dessert or appetizer, on my next visit there.
    This is my not the first, second but the third incident.
    I’m not seeking compensation.
    As a Service team member.
    My concern, is delivering the best Quality Dining experience to ALL Guests !!!
    AT ALL TIMES !!!

  149. I was very disappointed,I got takeout $65.00 worth. Pick ip time was 7:17 received it at 7:33. Get home to the Joey burger was bigger than the double burger my husband got. The fries on top of being cold looked like they scattered 2 orders into our 6 togo containers. The food containers were full of moisture water was dripping from the top. For the money it was horrible!!! The boy working the take out was busting his but. I feel they were short handed and instead of someone helping him, our food died in the window!! Thank you!!!!

  150. My family went to the Outback on January 6, 2016 about 615 pm. We had a total of 5, (three children ages 7, 10, 14). Our server Paula was delightful, pleasant, exceeded our expectations with service. We took the time to tell the manager. You are lucky to have such a great server.

  151. Picked up dinner terrible everything was cold had no potatoes in my soup…steak was uneatable edded up making my own dinner. Would like refund.

  152. I have been eating at the champions location on 1960 west for a very long time .I spend appro 1500$ per year in your restaraunt.I have in the last year have had such bad service that I have decided to quit eating at outback.They can get the order right they want to charge for extra topping for potateos The get order wrong such as when I order chicken fried chicken i get chicken fried steak oh yeah without the gravy twice once I got the chicken fried chicken with the soggest frys I have ever eaten.I have told the manager on numerous occasion about the mistakes and it seems to keep happening.When I get a take out order and get home or to my shop and open it up and find half of what I order is more than wrong.In the 1960 area there are hundreds of places to eat and I can tell you that outback is no longer on my list.

  153. To whom it may concern,

    This past weekend, my husband, daughter and I patronized an Outback establishment in Vienna, VA during late lunch hours. We sat in the bar area with four other patrons, by no means overcrowded or busy. Our order was not at all complicated with two orders of grilled chicken sandwiches, baked potatoes, and house salads as well as a chicken tender kids meal. My daughter’s kids meal came out fine – well cooked and warm. My husband and I however received cold sandwiches, with the aioli sauce missing and dried out chicken breasts and no baked potato side on either plate. The waiter never entered our side orders. He apologized (I’m certain it was sincere) and promised to enter the sides right away however this led to our food getting colder and colder. Finally we received French fries – not baked potatoes (I’m not sure how this happened but we were just happy to have gotten a side dish) however our food was cold and dried out and the experience ruined at this point. We did not complain to the waiter or manager, thinking that surely these incorrect, late, and cold food items would be deducted from our bill. Since that was not the case, I decided to send an email instead. In the past, we have enjoyed dining at Outback, even at this particular location. This experience really soured things for us, especially when the errors were not corrected or reflected in the final bill.

  154. Went to Outback restaurant in Littleton Co. On Wednesday Jan 20th.Have been there many times in past and was so disappointed. Try and sum it up quickly. Cold soup had to be sent back. 3 out of 4 meals had the wrong sides. My daughter ordered the Chicken Mushroom Marsala and it came out plain. Cheesecake for dessert was suppose to be Raspberry came out Chocolate. Waitress was at table behind us trying to explain why the kitchen was having so much trouble. You may want to check into this situation at this location. It’s diappointing to spend so much money and have such a bad experience. I want to stress we are a easy going family who ate the chocolate cheesecake but may think twice before returning to your restaurant.

  155. Today on 1/22/2016 my family and I visited the Outback Steakhouse location in 1625 E Highway 50 Clermont, Fl. Usually my experience is great although today I was so displeased with the attitude of the acting Manager. First we arrive and find out our wait is 40 minutes. We are okay with waiting for that period of time although it is a little extensive. The 40 minutes go buy and I walk up to the hostess stand and ask who was up front about the status of our wait. She then replies to me that the call ahead seating customers were their priority. She says it will be 15 minutes longer. So, we wait. My grandmother is severely diabetic and she has to eat on certain times or she will pass out due to low blood sugar. I explained this to the girl and she said we have to wait our time. This pissed me off so much I asked her who was the acting manager. She replied “me.” I have worked in the restaurant industry for years and I never seen this type of level of treatment to a paying customer. In conclusion, our table was called an 1 hour and 10 minutes later. Our food tasted amazing, and the service from our waiter was great. I intend to write reviews about this location on every site I can. Never again will I go to this Outback Steakhouse again.

  156. I ordered Alice Springs chicken last nite at the Outback on Clearview Mesa az. I always order Alice Springs chicken. It was absolutely the worst I have ever had. The chicken was chewy and rubbery. I don’t know if they changed brands of chicken or what. I was very disappointed although I never told the server. I don’t usually complain.

  157. We were at the Douglasville Ga. location yesterday afternoon at 4pm. We have been to this location many times with no issues, but yesterday was a different story. After waiting for almost 30 minutes ( with open tables everywhere) to be seated, Our waiter took forever to bring salads and drinks and he never brought bread. He never returned to fill our empty tea glasses ,or pick up empty salad plates, but finally asked if anyone had brought our food out. NO – after waiting 45 minutes (for an alice springs chicken and a child’s grilled cheese) no one came with our food. Our waiter returned again to the table across from us but still no food(for us), no tea and empty salad plates still sitting there. I told him we were going to have to leave soon and he said he would check on our food again, about 15 minutes later still no food. We told another waitress to let him know we were leaving. I had already left the table with our grand daughter and was out the door while my husband put down a payment for what food we had, when another waiter FINALLY came out with our dinner. Too late! VERY DISAPPOINTED in the service!!!

  158. We ate at Outback in Burlington, NC. It was the most horrible experience I have ever had! One waitress, period. What food we got was cold when it came, about 45 minutes after we ordered. No manager to speak to, couldn’t even find anyone to pay when we finally left. Having a honest person, I couldn’t leave without paying for my meal, so we waited, waited, waited and finally the waitress came and we paid! I will never eat at that particular place again. Oh yes, the soup that we ordered never came. She took $1.00 off the ticket.Please see if there can be some improvement. It’s ruining Outback’s good name.

  159. My wife and I were on vacation in Savannah, GA this past weekend. We went to the Outback located on 7 Drayton Street. We both ordered the “Outback Special.” 1 ordered Medium, the other ordered Medium Well. The steaks came out well done. The waitress advised the manager would come by and then we waited approximately 20 more minutes until two new steaks came out (without fresh sides) and now both were cooked medium rare. The waitress again advised the manager would come by and after waiting another 10 minutes, my wife and I decided to leave. When I stood up, the manager, Randal Evans noticed and ran over to us. He did not apologize for the steaks but was quick to inform me I would have to pay for the one drink my wife and I had. I tried to explain to him that I should not have to pay for 2 drinks when the steaks were cooked wrong, twice. He began to get loud and rude in front of all the other customers and quickly stated that if I do not leave, he would call the Police. My wife and I were extremely embarrassed about how we were being spoken to and I could not believe what I was hearing. He walked briskly to the back door, opened it and raised his voice again, telling me to leave or he will call the Police. As I was passing him to leave, he said once again, if I ever step foot into this Outback again, he will have me arrested. In my 40+ years, I have hardly ever complained about unpleasant service, but I felt that this needed to be brought to someone’s attention. This is a high traffic area full of tourists and if this is how customers are going to be treated, the business will suffer. I hope this is addressed as I would not want a manager such as Randal Evans managing a business that I owned. Thank you.

  160. Visited the outback 2/116 at 7:53 pm located on gateway drive in brooklyn, n.y.. my friend and I sat at the bar and the service was horrible. Ordered a salad with ranch dressing and it was wrong and had to be returned. Ordered parm fries and they came out warm with literally 3 pieces of cheese. Sat for a while before my order was even taken. Will never return to that establishment.

  161. Hello,
    I have an experience I would like to share with you and I ask you to read this carefully.
    This past Saturday night 1-31-16, I took my wife out to eat for her 49th birthday. We traveled 2hours to Durham, NC to celebrate. You may ask why we traveled two hours. Well, in Chapel Hill Woman’s Hospital were my son and daughter-in-law, they had just had my first grandchild, and we went there to take him out (because she couldn’t leave) to include him in on the celebration for two reasons. First, his birthday was just the week prior, and of course secondly because he just gave us our first grandchild. On a side note, I had just gotten a good report of my daughter and her grades in school. So, as you can tell I hope this was a pretty big night for a proud Father, Husband and Grandfather. Now being that is was my wife’s birthday she got to choose the restaurant. The restaurant she chose, out all the ones we could have to go was, Outback, which was fine by me I love steak and that blooming onion.
    This is how the dinner went. We arrived and found a parking place, the restaurant was busy so we had to put our name in and wait one hour. I am not fond of that kind of wait but expected some wait just about anywhere you go on a Saturday night. My family gets out and joins me at the front and we set out under the porch until it just gets to cold for my wife. When our time came we were seated, and George took our drink and blooming onion order. Shortly after, our drinks came out, and a little bit later, our blooming onion came. My wife asked the server who brought the onion if she could get some ketchup. We sat and were talking and enjoying the onion, except my wife, who was waiting until the ketchup arrived. Then our waiter came by and seen our empty drink glasses and ask for a reminder of the type drinks we had, and said he would be right back, we called back quickly and asked for some ketchup and some small plates to go with the blooming onion. Then about five minutes later another server comes out with our salads, she asks if there is anything else, for the third time my wife asks for some ketchup, and we ask if we could get some more drinks. By this time the onion is more than half gone, but we all slowed down so my wife could get some and we could have something to drink with it. Well that server brought my wife some ketchup finally after about 20 mins. of waiting, but still no drinks. My wife did get some onion before it got to cold to enjoy, since her glass still had drink in it, but the rest of us had to wait. About ten more minutes passes and our food arrives, our glasses are still empty from the first time they were brought out. So, we have been seated for approx. 30-40 minutes with no refills and a cold onion. So, when this server arrived with our food, I asked to speak with the manager, which I have never done in my 44 years of going out to eat. Just before the manager comes out our waiter filled my tea glass, but my son and daughter still had to wait a bit longer. The manager came to our table and I started to try to explain my great displeasure, but before I even got started, she spoke up and offered some discounts for the problems, then asked if there was anything else. My daughter spoke up and asked us about her steak, which was ordered well done, but came with a little blood in it. The manager took care of that and also took our order for the “salad to go” for our daughter-in-law, who was still hospital bound. When she return with my daughter’s steak she asked if there was anything else, I again tried to explain my grievances and did manage to get out about my wife’s birthday, who was wearing a Happy Birthday tiara, and my grandchild’s birth before she hurried off. The manager did make good on the offer of a discount, but I have a question to ask you.
    Do you think, that on my wife’s one birthday dinner, and a celebration of the birth of my first grandchild plus my son’s birthday, not to mention my daughter’s good job at school that a few dollars really mattered to me? Not one time did I hear any employee tell my wife Happy Birthday, nor the couple that actually took the time to hear the news of the grandchild, say a congratulations. It was by far the worst service I have ever received, and I thoroughly regret having taken my family to that restaurant to do our celebration.

  162. On Saturday, January 30th we visited the Baytown location. We arrived shortly before closing but the store manager Jon Henderson opened the doors and allowed us to come in and take pictures. This was a very special occasion for us, it was our wedding day and this is where we first met. If it weren’t for Jon we wouldn’t have the pictures that will last us a lifetime!
    Thank you so much Jon and his staff for going above and beyond on our special day! We can’t say thank you enough!!

    (Please be sure Jon receives this comment please.)

  163. On Feb.5, 2016, I was planning a nice dinner at Outback, to celebrate my girlfriend’s birthday. We arrived there at 9:50pm, and several people had just walked in prior to us going in. Once inside, we had to wait 10 minutes to be seated, no problem. Once we were seated in the bar area, we waited 15 minutes, and no came to take our drink order. So after another few minutes had passed, i stopped the greeter that sat us, and asked him ” can we please get someone to take our order”. And he said, ” that someone will be right with you”. So we waited another 10 minutes, and still no one came. So we ended up leaving, and going down the street to HOOTERS. Like really???? How do you go from wanting a nice STEAK dinner, to HOOTERS wings, I was so pissed. That was my worse experience ever at OUTBACK STEAKHOUSE, in Tuscaloosa, AL.

  164. We went to the Martinsburg Outback and the bartender Wed very nice but the bread came out hard and stale with maybe enough butter for two slices. My boyfriend for a burger and it didn’t even have the condiments on it that the menu said it came with.

  165. I wonder why you do not want your customers to write you an email about their experience? Would you rather they put it on social media for all the world to see?

    On Superbowl Sunday, I ordered your 20 piece wings for $14.99. I wish I could send you a picture of how dark the wings were and they even smelled like they were burnt.

    This is not what I expected from Outback and you can be sure I will not be going back any time soon.

  166. We had sinner on Feb.13th for my daughter’s birthday. We all had the $40 special dinner you offered but my husband and I upgraded to the filet mignon. My what a disappointment. It was a little flat piece meat that was a sad excuse for a filet. I ordered mine medium and got a piece so well done it was dried up. I realize it was a busy night, but there was no excuse for that. By the time a new order arrived it was late so I took it home. The mushrooms we ordered were too spicy to eat and then the cheese cake was so frozen we had to cut it up with a sharp knife. All and all, it was a terrible experience and don’t plan on going back too soon.

  167. I went to the Outback Restaurant in Fultondale, Al and the kitchen staff was terrible. My child steak was raw and not well done like I requested. My mom prime rib was raw also and not well done like requested. I never received my grill shrimp I ordered with my steak. My sister received the wrong potatoes and we had been seated since 5:05 and didn’t get food for and hour and a half. we left out that restaurant after 7 pm. The waitress was very nice and kept apologizing which was nice but that wasn’t her fault. When we got seated they didn’t provide us with anything to eat with. The manager never said anything about our bill. I thank we deserved better service than this.

  168. My brother and I took Mom and stepdad for lunch on Valentine’s Day as that is her birthday, too. Our server was terrible! We had to ask for bread, ask for salad dressing and she was so slow. In addition, she would reach across the table to remove a plate and not mention a word. My brother had his dinner plate swiped from him with no choice. We tried hard to joke with her as she had no customer service skills. Unfortunately, the other staff had to bring steak sauce, sugar packets, etc. to the table. The server never asked if we wanted dessert though I told her it was Mom’s birthday! This is not at the peak of dinner, we were seated at 2pm. We are not tourists and our parents frequent your location many times a month. We like to buy gift cards for special occasions. To top it off, our stepdad’s sirloin was not cooked as medium but rather, medium rare. He said it was tasteless and the worst cut of meat he ever ate. So this experience at the Tyrone St Petersburg Outback was the worst! There have been little issues in the past but we kept coming back. I doubt that will continue.
    Thank you. By the way, we don’t like to make an issue of things like this but it was terrible. My parents asked I not say anything but I am as I wouldn’t even order any food. Plus, how embarrassing to try and make it special for a parent.

  169. I ordered using your curbside today it was convenient since the we had snow earlier and I didnt want to get out of my car I got the chopped steak I ordered it medium well and it was overcooked even for well the garlic mashed potatoes were salty. Ii was very disappointing considering this is my favorite meal with you all

  170. I live in Topeka Kansas. Our outback was closed and every trace of the Outback brand was removed from the building. We have four steak house’s here including the Outback location that was removed without any form of explanation or notice. We moved to Topeka in 1992 and there were only about two restaurants in this area at that time, now there are a great many. The longhorn steak house, the Texas road house The blind Tiger and the Outback. I have never gone out to any one of them and not had to wait at least forty five minutes to an hour to be seated on the weekends. The outback was always a good place to eat and there was always a waiting line. If it wasn’t a profitable venture it wasn’t because it lacked customers must have been bad management. Since it was closed the lines at the other restaurants have almost doubled. No one we talk to knows why it was closed it certainly wasn’t for lack of customers.

  171. My daughter and I went to have dinner at the Fern Vally location in Louisville Ky. Sat. Feb.13 . When our steaks got to the table they where cold on the outside and just warm on the inside . When spending $50 I would expect better . I left a message conserning this on the web sight Sun. Said I would hear back from them in 24 to 48 hours it is now Wed. And have heard nothing . When I click on the customer service web link on this page it says ” sight can not be found ” First time my Daughter and I have been to Outback and it was very disappointing .

  172. I had the worst experience dining @ outback steak house are food was terrible and the service even worse from the time I made reservations to the time me and my girlfriend sat down 4 dinner and the Manger was rude what a disaster valentine’s day that experience was

  173. On the 20th of February 2016, I ordered a two take out dinners, one of which was the 10 oz Rib eye steak and my wife had the salmon dinner.

    This is the second time in the last three months, that I have had the rib eye dinner, twice in the restaurants and this take out. When I opened the Styrofoam container, The steak looked like it had been run thru a meat press, about 5 inches in diameter and less that 1/2 inch thick. It looked like a burned pancake.
    The other two occasions were basically the same. This happened on the other two occasions as well.

    What ever genius decided to change the presentation of a great looking rib eye has truly lost the bubble. Sure, it cuts down cooking time, but it also cools down faster. In the 10 minutes to get home, my steak had to be reheated cause it was cool.

    It is my opinion you are loosing business because of lack of meal presentation. That meat should be at least a inch thick and weigh 10 oz. That applies to some of you other menu items. Outback did not serve rib eyes like that before. You are losing ground and the above explains why.

    I have my doubts about going back to what used to be a great restaurants for great prices and meals. Some bean counter has caused change to the negative. It will be a shame if you continue this decline.

  174. Recently wrote a review on how terrible our lunch was at your Morehead City location. Spent close to $60.00, normally go to the Greenville restaurant & the food is great, so disappointed!!!! It’s been at least two weeks since I wrote the review & no response from corporate!! No I’m sorry or nothing!!

  175. Worst restaurant experience I’ve ever had. Was ignored by waitress for almost 20 minutes, as the booth next us was complaining at the time we were seated, no greeting by waitress, had to ask for silverware and napkins, plates for bread. Never came back to our table until it was time to pay. Asked for extra condiment and never received it. Never picked up our dirty dishes.

  176. I always enjoyed my experience at Outback, however we took our friend and family to the one in Ormond Beach Fl and could not believe how bad the service and food was.

    •The waitress, who seemed very confused, informed us she could only carry three appetizer plate (empty plates) at a time, however she never came back with the other seven. We ended up sharing plates for our bread and appetizers.

    •We waited over a half hour for our food, which some time happens, however the waitress did not come back during this time (not even to refill drinks)until one of us complained.

    •When the food arrived it was terrible. I ordered the Chicken Marsala, the waitres brought me a plain piece of chicken with potatoes no Marsala sauce. When she realized her mistake she came back with the same chicken with a little bit of suace added. The chicken was also just cooked to a rubbery texture. Two others ordered the Alice Spring Chicken and they were both missing the honey mustard sauce, matter fact one was given salad dressing which she did not receive with her salad. They also received cold French fries.

    •Now it’s time to pay our check and the waitress states she will be back becuase the checks were wrong. How can they be wrong when you served all the corrected orders but one and missed items on two?

    I guess this is acceptable, but it is not. I was embarrassed to bring our friends and family (all their first and probably last) to this Outback.

    Unhappy customers
    Teresa Miller

  177. My family and I eat at Outback often. Ribeye steak is great.
    I ordered the lobster tails. I have to say, terrible. The 2 tails are not much bigger than 2 chicken tenders. And the chicken has more meat on them than these 2 tails did.
    The cost for these 2 tails was over $25.00. We were very disappointed and the waiter and manager did nothing when this was brought to tete attention.
    How may we be reimbursed for this embarrassment to your fasility?

  178. Luv this place…went to Outback on 03/04/2016.. Just to find out They no longer have The tazzi strips those were my favorite…please bring them back…food always great and the service .

  179. We just had a miserably long wait for our to go order. We finally received our food 45 minutes after the online confirmation told us it would be. And we were charged full price! The food was cold and we are very frustrated with how long it took.

  180. I just walked out of your store in Knoxville, Tennessee on Strawberry Plains.

    We are in town for a soccer tournament and I took my son and his teammate for a quick lunch between games as our hotel was just next door. We were seated immediately and ordered our drinks and an appetizer. When our appetizer arrived, we ordered lunch – two crispy chicken sandwiches and a bowl of French onion soup. That’s it. After waiting a ridiculously long time (about 30 minutes) for our order, it finally arrived. I could tell even before our server, Paul, put the sandwiches on our table that they were over-cooked and burned. My boys took off the top buns and the chicken was black. The fact that food ever left the kitchen in that condition is unacceptable. As Paul was nowhere to be found, I told the hostess that we had a problem. When Paul finally showed up at our table, I showed him the sandwiches to which he replied, “So, do you want new ones?”


    Yes, Paul, we would like new, edible sandwiches. Sorry to be a bother. So, again, we waited. And waited. Paul told us that a manager was talking to the kitchen staff. Then he told us that he hoped to have “eyes on” our food “soon”. And we waited. Not once did we receive an apology or an offer of anything else while we waited. A manager clearly could not be bothered to come talk with us or to apologize. And, finally, as we were now late for our check-out and I still had 2 boys to feed, I told Paul to just bring the check. 

    Paul then graciously explained that it “just has the soup and fries on it.” The fact that I was expected to pay for anything is preposterous! And then he said, “I don’t know who this is more frustrating for – you or me …”. And still no apology whatsoever!  I understand mistakes happen. I understand that servers are not responsible for the kitchen staff. But how you handle these situations makes all the difference in the world. And your team failed miserably today. My total bill was $17.54 – I left $20 only because I did not have the time to wait for Paul to figure out how to make change. 

    I can say, without a doubt, I will never step foot in that store again and how this is handled moving forward will certainly dictate whether I return to any of your restaurants. 

    Jenna Turk
    1151 Farmhouse Road
    Lascassas, TN 37085

  181. WE had some friends came from Florida and we went to outback steak house the Midlothian restaurant today Sunday mach 13th 16:49 to have dinner.This was a horrible evening, first when my daughter opened her cutlery the knife was very gross and dirty, we could’nt imagine what they cut with the knife it was on both sides, whoever used it it was not washed , she called the server and they called the manager Randy who came over and said he was sorry. Later her food came and she had a baked sweet potato, when she cut into it it had a bunch of hair she called the server who then called the manager, he said he was sorry but said not one in the restaurant has that type of hair, I am not sure what he was implying. We believe that the potato might not have been washed. we paid and left but don’t think I would want to go back there. The receipt had not survey invitation or any code for us to do .survery.

  182. We ordered a carry out from the Outback on South Lindbergh in St.Louis. It was wrong we ordered a ribeye steak and received a sandwich a ribeye melt which was terrible. I called and talked to the manager he apologized and said he would send coupons. It has been over 2 weeks and we haven’t received a thing. Also called again to talk to his boss they took my name and said a lady would call me of course she didn’t very poor customer service I guess Outback doesn’t need by business Mary Jane Durney

  183. We were seated at 6:58, 3/25:16, at the outback Las Vegas across the street from the mirage. 7:15 came and still with no waiter. I asked the first one that came by our table and she responded by saying that a waiter will come along. Finally left at 7:26. Manager caught us and offer special but we have never been so @&$” and we loved outback. This is Las Vegas and should have more staffing. Manager said they’ve made a mistake in assignment.

  184. We have been dining at the Outback in Matthews, nc for 22 years and have always had great food until recently. My husband loves the Blooming Onion and within the last 6 months has not had a good one. It is very greasy, not cut all the way through and burnt and the batter won’t stay on. It looks nasty! We have had the Onion at other locations and it has always been good. This is take out and I always arrive early.

  185. I have eaten at many Outback restaurants but it has been my recent visit to the Outback 5936 Victoria Ave, in Niagara Falls Canada that has called into question the integrety, honesty, and reputation of your franchaise. My wife and I ate there on April 2, 2016. The blooming onion was fantastic, the steak was not to the standard of other outbacks and I didn’t finish it ..gristle and hunks of fat not that tastey.

    There was additional item on the bill called “NFDF” that added an additional 7% to my bill above and beyond the Harmonized Sales Tax. I asked the waitress what it was and I was told it was a tourist fee that is charged and she left it at that. I paid the bill including a standard tip and my wife an I left.

    I did some investigation and found out later that this fee is voluntary and if I had asked to have it removed it would have been. I was angry at this point and feel that I have been taken advantage of by the Outback Brand, the Manager of this Outback location, and the waitress that served us.

    Taking advantage of a patron by not fulling explaining that the fee was voluntary is unethical, dishonest and reflects poorly on your company. This is especially true when I specifically asked about the NFPF fee and the waitress could have informed me that I did not have to pay this gouging fee. It was a concious decision for Outback to mislead and lie to me by ommision.

    It is a shady and decieptful practice to place a fee on a bill is not required in hopes that the patron will not notice. Shame on Outback. You really should not let this practice define your company.

  186. I had horrible customer service at the Nimmo pkwy location in Virginia beach va !! First off my total was $198.35 which I presented my dine rewards card along with $207 and it took it down to $189.43 . The waitress brought out the bags but no change then says so do u want your change cause I can go grab it for you which is ridiculous because it should’ve been brought out with the food and left up to me to give her a tip but I let that go . I went through the bags like normal to make sure all my order was there it was pack messy and things were leaking so I straightened it the best I could and went on my way to pick up my daughter from dance now I had the big bag in the front seat because I had my mom and two car seats in the backseat so once my daughter got in the bad was a little wet in the corner so she put that part facing front so it wouldn’t get on her jeans . By the time we got home the bag was soaked and so were her pants and my seat has stains also. We go to try and hold the bottom to get out and try to get in the house and the bottom of the bag is open . I called as soon as I got inside and the manager said to come back and get a full refund but when I get there she says she helped bag it and it probably happened when I was checking the bag so their sloppiness was blamed on me and made to seem like I had to lie about it . I’m insulted and I am pissed off about the whole experience. Someone needs to address it but I most likely won’t be returning to that location unless I’m desperate

  187. My boyfriend and I just left Outback and had a horrible dinner! Outback was always my favorite place to get a good steak. However tonite I ordered a 12 ounce Sirloin and 10 mins later the waiter came out and told me they were out of 12 ounce steaks! Its a steakhouse! Are you kidding me! I hadno choice but to get the 9 ounce steak. Our drinks never got refilled and our waiter was too busy with all his other tables and not us! It was the worst experience and waste of money! Im sorry but if a steakhouse is out of steaks, theres a problem! Totally disappointed! Having 3 kids we dont get dinner date nights very often! Its unfortunate the one night we get turned out so horrible! Next time were going somewhere else, not outback again!!!!

  188. I have a challenge for you. I have been going to your southgate michigan store since it opened. we have had problems in the past, but now is an every time thing. we use the curbside A LOT. I don’t know how many items were missing and the way they mess up the order shows me that these people just don’t care about giving good food/service. you have compensated us in the past for this, but we are seriously done. I won’t be as mean as the other bad reviews I have seen, but my challenge to you is this. do a secret curbside order. is the food all there? is the steak mid rare and NOT charcoal (yes my last 1 needed a lot of water and A-1) and how is the taste? does the chicken cobb salad have everything in it that is supposed to be there? Now, call a curbside service from Carrabbas. my hubby has been ordering a lot of filets from there and now I know why. THEY MAKE A BETTER STEAK THAN YOU DO. and we have not had 1 single problem with the service, we get all of our food and every bit tastes delicious. sorry people you will see me next when I want a salad…..and after I get another weak salad like my past 1 with no eggs, bacon that will also be my last meal from you. Please, if you send this to the manager of that store, be SURE they do NOT contact us as I will not respond, keep your meals/coupons and payoffs, you are not worth our money. I am tired of getting free food instead of the right order.

  189. I just went to outback in Daytona beach, FL on ISB with my husband. I will never eat there again. Our waiter was fantastic! But the manager Tammy was very fake and very nasty rude. Our steak was not cooked correctly and she acted like it was our fault. She talked to the waiter like he was a nobody. She basically was downgrading him right in front of us. She needs to learn how to talk to people. We have been to this outback many times before and spend plenty of money in this restaurant with food and drinks. After she talked me rude and her staff rudely she then offered to fix my meal. She has the worst attitude and does not need to be a manager. Even when she walked up to the table her attitude was horrible. She is definitely not a people person. My husband and I are doctors and would never treat her or anyone the way she did. This restaurant should really rethink about who they hire for management. And this is not the first time this has happened at this outback with the same manager. She has done this in front of us before not to us but your other guest. She needs to learn that her employees that work with her would respect her more if she respected them.

  190. I used to swear by the Outback Steakhouse. The first several times I went to one, whether it be in Texas, Louisiana, or Kentucky, the service was exceptional. There was always somebody opening the door when my party and me got there greeting us with a warm and friendly smile. Our waiter/waitress always made us feel like royalty with friendliness, prompt and diligent service, and great food. My last few visits, however, have not resulted in such memorable experiences. When I went to the Irving, TX location over a year ago, our waiter was clearly in another world. He wouldn’t come and check up on us and when we would flag him down and ask for something, he would just say “Gotcha”. It was the first bad experience I’d ever had at the Outback so I just called it a bad day and went on my way. I was taken to an Outback in Conroe, TX for my birthday last month and our waitress was clearly not interested in being there. And the New York strip had been my go-to steak, but the last two of those I’ve gotten had way too much fat on them. The last time this happened was this past Monday at a Webster, TX location. A couple of times I’ve gone and the service was adequate, but not what it used to be. I’m mystified as to why. Like a lot of people, I tip bigger for better service. Maybe they just don’t need the money. In any case, my morale has slipped as the disappointments have continued to mount. More and more, I’m thinking that I should take my business elsewhere when I’m in the mood for a steak. Please tell me that what I’ve been experiencing is not indicative of what the Outback Steakhouse has come to. Please tell me that apathy has not become the Outback Steakhouse’s way of doing things. I need some sort of re-assurance at this point. I look forward to your response. Thank you.

  191. The Outback Steak House in Prescott, AZ closed some years ago…not to reopen. Too bad as it was one of the two best steak houses in Prescott, the other being Murphy’s.

    Are there any plans for Outback to reopen either in Prescott, AZ. or Prescott Valley AZ in the near future? Outside of Murphy’s, Texas Road House and a few family owned locations that serve a steak on their menu’s we really do not have many choices.

    Prescott really needs a steak house like Outback to come back to the area and in a better location than the previous Outback which may have been on Indian owned land of which I am very sure the lease conditions would be prohibitive.

  192. I have always been a fan of outback steakhouse. I always ask for Outback gift cards for birthdays and Christmas. Last night my confidence died. We had a terrible experience, my wife said she will not return. Poor service even the manager asked if we needed anything before dinner and we asked for drink refills, well another server delivered our food and our drinks never came until we were finished eating and they never even brought my daughters beverage back. Very small portion of cold fries with the kids meals, we asked for fresh fries and they never came. Server was unattentave. My daughters beef medallions were raw in the center and tasted sour. I told the server and she said they tasted different because I was eating a ribeye. My daughter felt sick after eating the outer edges of one medallion and went to the bathroom, she also stayed out of school today due to an upset stomach. She is not our picky eater but said that her food was the worst she has ever tasted, they were spoiled and raw, gross. Our server charged us $2.99 for extra croutons, about ten of them. My wife and daughters chicken was dry overcooked and cold. My son said a burger from cookout would have been better than his double burger. No beverage refills during dinner. also my coconut shrimp were much smaller than before, they used to be delicious prawns now they are tiny curled dry shrimp. The salads were smaller also. I never complain and in fact my steak was delicious and properly cooked, however convincing my family to return will be nearly impossible. I feel like we wasted our Christmas gift cards. We spent $115.00 including tip, I always tip 15% no matter what, people can just have a bad night. I will not be asking for any more outback gift cards. It would be nice to have a do-over, but I do not think my wife will go. If we could make this right I would be willing to take my 4 kids myself. Thank you.

  193. Me and my husband went to the Gaffney store on Saturday night and not really sure why I sit there after being seated. There was a bug squashed on the menu and I asked the server to look at it and she just said ew, thats nasty.. I will throw it away when you finish with it?????? Really??? We gave her our drink orders and it took us 15 minutes to get the drinks! No bread!! Another 15 minutes to get my salad! 30 minutes of waiting on salad, we still had no bread!!! My tea was awful looking. and I asked for another…it was very weak.. !!! The second one took her forever to get to me.Still no bread!!Salad was very skimpy!! I took pictures of all of my complaints. Still no bread!Food comes out after 45 minutes.. Still no bread has been offered! My husband got the bourboun bacon salad.. sweet potato with all fixings on side…he wanted his salmon medium. When it finnaly arrived at table it was almost rare!!! and all his supposed to be ion the side potato fixings.. were missing.we asked 3 times for them.I ordered 9 oz sirloin , baked potato with stuff on side also. I ordered mine medium rare. That was the toughest piece of meat I have ever got at an outback, and always usually order ther salmon or the sirloin. It was well done, and like leather.I sent it back and all within this time, we still havent been offered bread!!!! so I ask for it!!!!! That is ridiculous. Manager brought my steak back out and still, overcooked . and tough! She said yeah thats pretty bad, but suggested that next time I get the rib eye, saying,”ribeyes are more lean” …. I said excuse me but I know better..tribeyes are full of fat and I cant have those right now. But honestly..she doesnt need a manager postion if she thinks ribeyes are more leaner than a sirloin!! Like I stated before I order salmon or sirloin all the time and I generally dont have a problem chewing my sirloin.Again, I have pictures of the whole entire disappointment supper.! Very very disappointed .. Its bad to leave there hungry! And thirsty, because we never got refills..

  194. I came into the Coon Rapids location for my birthday and it was a horrible experience we waited and waited the onion blossom was overcooked mistake that wasn’t done to her we wanted other things are all messed up I called management they were supposed to send me and my husband are family out some type of compensation I never received it I called to find out what happened to you I never received it they said it’s not even in the books as a complete so I’m wondering why did they not do anything about it I had a great big birthday party there we have 3 tables were the people the cousins at the other tables were getting served before us we weren’t served I mean it was my birthday our kids were getting fussy I mean it’s just was horrible and didn’t make any sense

  195. I had the worst experience ever at the greenwood, sc location. I placed a to go order, I specifically asked for silverware, which I did not get. I specifically asked for no bread, which I did get, and my slad had no dressing included at all. The service was terrible and I am highly disappointed.

  196. We went to the Outback in Oceanside. My wife ordered the filet mignon and after awhile she was told they didn’t have any (5:06 P.M.). She received another steak but the garlic sauce was missing. The shrimp were hard and dry. The 2 times we went before in Arizona (Sierra Vista & Flagstaff) the food was perfect.

  197. My husband and I have been regular patrons of Outback for at least 7 years. We have the worst experience tonight! It wasn’t bad just by Outback standards, but by restaurant standards. The Outback was in Kennesaw, GA.

    From the time we arrived to the time we got two burgers, it was an hour and 45 minutes! A lot of the buzzers weren’t working and the hostesses were half-heartedly calling names. At least two groups were skipped because “they didn’t answer.” Truth be told, they never came outside to call the name. Too lazy?

    We were finally seated and we ordered immediately. It took FOREVER to get our food! They were seriously understaffed.

    While the restaurant was newly renovated, the bathrooms were in severe disrepair. Tile falling off the walls, stall doors that wouldn’t lock, and toilets that didn’t work. Luckily, I was only there to change my son’s diaper. Or so I thought. The changing table was entirely too high off the ground. I’m a 5’5″ woman and the table was chest high.

    Alao, it’s the 21st century. Get a changing table in the men’s room. I mean, really?!

    Worst. Experience. Ever.

    Couple this with the 85 health score. We will not be returning here. Ever.

  198. Utilized Take Away service for the first time. Had a coupon for an upgrade on the Outback Sirloin. 6 oz is $11.99, 9 oz is $15.99. When I got to work and looked at the receipt, the manager only took $3 off for the upgrade, meaning I paid more than I should have. It is not worth the time to drive back there for a lousy dollar, but you would think the manager would know the difference in prices since it’s right there on the computer when he did the upgrade. Sorry, Outback. You’ve lost me as a customer. Hope it was worth the extra buck.


    Niagara Falls Ontario Canada locationL2G3L7 CHECK # 2876 DINE TIME 4:00PM & 5:00PM


  200. Yesterday, I was at the Outback in Ann Arbor, MI and it will be the last time I go back. We had a party of 8 and my family ordered the prime rib and the roasted sirloin. We were told the restaurant was out of both. How do you run out of food? This has happened to us before. We were served drinks with no ice. The pop had no carbonation. We asked to speak to a manager and he acted like he didn’t care. He just shook his head and didn’t even apologize. This was the worst service I have ever had in a restaurant. What really upsets me is our bill was over $100 and it wasn’t even worth it!!! I don’t like wasting my money!!

  201. The food was spoiled and not edible. The manager offered free dessert, instead of taking responsibility for spoiled meat; and paying the bill for our lunches. The Server David was VERY slow and disregarded us as retired women. We are working women NOT retired and NOT old enough to retire. He served the people around us, who were in groups of 6 or more, very quickly. Must be he only likes the larger groups, so he can upcharge the bill by 20%. There were only 3 of us, he never came to inquire about the food or if we needed anything else. We had to flag him down to complain about the food. We only have 1 hour for lunch. We arrived at 11:45 and if we didn’t get up from the table at 1:15, we would still be sitting there. The service was not proper or professional. We were all in agreement, never to return to that location or any other Outback restaurant. Unbelievable treatment; age discrimination is VERY evident in this place. Along with the VERY large individual discrimination.

  202. My family and I were in the Jenkintown PA location last evening and our experience was TERRIBLE.
    The Ribs came out burnt and unappetizing looking and the Steak came out cold and overcooked
    The server of the food tried to help however, the waitress never came back.
    Asked for the manager who FINALLY came over and talked and talked instead of getting us new food for quite a long time.
    We had waited very long for our food….we did not have salad or appetizers and people that arrived after us had already had their salads while we were waiting for our first orders…………
    NOT at all a good experience and doubt that we will go back

  203. Went for dinner in Huntington 11743, order a bone ribeye and this meat had grizzle & fat, hard to cut, bad cut of meat. The table I sat at with for 4 people kept on rocking, check and was place on floor , but the table rocks, one of the party looks under table and not screwed to floor stand. Not only poor beef but a rocking table. Only info from cerdit card receipt is 0095,Table 28, #Pary 4,6/19/16, my bill was 113.69 with tax 123.50.
    How can this be resovled?

  204. my wife and i visited outback #0151 in lakeland florida today 06/27/16 we got water at 3:20 pm bread and bloomin onion at about 3/35 ordered meal at about3/45 there was only about 8 customers there at the time it was at least20 minutes for one meal and salid after requesting at that ti9me for more water it was probably another 15 minutes. my wife was furious and was about to start screeming i talked her in to just calming down and just get out of there;my wife follows me out and said there was another couple at the front desk and they were upset i told her to just leave and i would send email was very disturbing trying to calm her down to get out it was a very disturbing experience

  205. This is my second time having a bad experience at Sandusky Ohios Outback. after eating their today I can say I am pissed! Our waitress was not very good at all. My boyfriend and I only were offered bread once and then she took our plate away. Then we got the free bloomin onion for bloomin Monday and she charged us for it so I had another waitress fix our bill. We also ate with nothing to drink because she didn’t bring a refill till we were done and I couldn’t ask for one because she was no where to be found. I will not be going back to outback for awhile I’ll take my business somewhere that I’m gonna get good service.

  206. I went to the Outbacks Steakhouse in Moreno Valley, Ca on my birthday, June 27, 2016 and I had a wonderful . The food was great as well as the drinks. Our waitress Krystak A was the bomb and she maid us feel like we were at home. Also she surprised me with a birthday dessert that was wonderful. Keep up the great service.

  207. We had a birthday party and it was about 25 guests, and I ask about the Lobster special and the tilapia they had the waitress said they were out of lobster, tilapia bake potatoes some shrimp items I couldn’t believe it. she when on to say they had a party last night and sold out. So someone ask to talk to the manager and she said they had all the items but they were frozen and it take about a hour to defrost. IT gets worse. when they serve the dinner ever one side item came first and 15 minutes later came the food. and then the birthday girl food came last and she ask for it to go. Well anyway her boyfriend ask her to marry him. This was the worst experience I every had. I just order chicken strips because that was all I seen. Never again!

  208. Hello,
    I would like to start out saying we enjoy going to Outback regularly.
    However tonight’s experience was rather different.
    We always go to the Outback in Newark De. on Kirkwood Hwy.
    Everytime we go there is one man who always and I mean everytime we go who is in the restaurant taking up a table with just a drink. Hr continually goes out to smoke leaving his things on the table. The staff including the managers pay special attention to this man for what reason Im not sure. Well tonight after ordering our food and drinks our waitress the bar attendant sat behind us with this particular man involved in personal conversation. The kitchen staff brought our food out, we got up and got our own silverware since our waitress was still talking which now a manager had joined them. Someone from the kitchen who was very polite and courteous I might add got us not only our food but more bread as well. I have witnessed this man be very rude to a waitress a couple weeks ago which I should have addressed then but did not (basically because she was not devoting all her time to him, while taking care of her other tables). They let him remain at the table with only a drink while many families and groups wait for 30 minutes or more for a table rather than ask him to move to the bar and again he leaves the table every 15 minutes or so to smoke. Our waitress did return at the end of our meal to bring us our check, which we should have gotten 46 cents in change which we did not get nor our original receipt. We paid with a gift card and was told ” It went through”. I was so disgusted at that point I stated she can consider that her tip, if I could have tipped anyone it would have been the young man from the kitchen. I feel the importance of one customer dies nit out weigh the many others either waiting for a table or to be taken care of. Thoroughly disappointed in Outback and those in charge. Will not return.

  209. I visited your Flowood,Ms location on 7/5 with my wife. We were seated in the back close to the kitchen entrance. Our waitress was Michele, It started well,but went down hill very quickly when I asked her if we could get a rag to wipe the grease off the table. We placed our order and waited for 20 minutes, Where we were setting I had a view of the kitchen through the reflection off the side door. I watched wait staff picking up food with their bare hands and putting them into go boxes. Michele must have got grease or something on her shoes because I watched her back in the kitchen wipe of both shoes. I hoped she washed her hands afterward but I don’t think so. After several minutes she walked by and I asked if the salad came with the meal or did they forget to bring it out. She stated yeah it’s coming out but they ain’t got to your yet. Needless to say after what I had seen this was the final straw. My wife and I got up and left. Long story short piss pour service, unclean staff. I know if I don’t report this you can’t fix it. But we went right down the street to Longhorn’s and spent $60 that could have been at your store.

  210. I recently 07/03/2016 went to Outback located at 5605 W Bell RD.
    My Waitress name was Hanna.

    My wife and I ordered the Loaded Bloomin Onion, Marsala Sirloin and the Bistro Sirloin.

    After waiting for almost 30 minutes Hanna finally brought out the Main Entries.
    When asked about the LBO she stated she forgot to order it. FIRST MISTAKE!!

    Both Entries had COLD MEAT!!! and Vegies and potato.

    If this is what Outback has turned into with special then you need to CLOSE THEM DOWN!!
    I gave Outback one more chance because of the BS service I received prior.

    Well you can Thank Hanna for loosing another Patron.
    HER SERVICE SUCKED!!! when we were ready to leave..she actually asked my wife if she needed another soda!! REALLY!!!


  211. Well, I really don’t see the point in trying to get CORP.MANAGEMENT to hear my voice after reading the other bad reviews from across the country and posted on this site, never the less I will try PLEASE…PLEASE…PLEASE !!! Will someone in TOP MANAGEMENT, with POWER, read the review posted on Outback location dated 7/7/2016 at 6840 Charlotte Pike, Nashville,TN 37209.. Please….save this new location. The service is killing your chances of success. If you fail to act, I plan to contact local TV stations about the matter. they love to dig into matters of this nature. Shame on you all.

  212. i mailed a letter to customer service and never heard back. NOT very good. how can i reach a person who will respond?

  213. We went to Southgate Outback and the power went out . Told us we had to wait for the power to come back on or pay cash. We spent 73 and the 2 table by us got their meals for free and our waitress had us pay and only gave us a free appetizer card. Very disappointing they treated us that way.

  214. I used to eat at the Sanford florida location all the time and was always happy. Now in texas went to bryant Irving fort worth location and got a steak so full of gristle I couldn’t chew it…left half of it on my plate partially chewed…very disappointing…$50 spent on terrible meal…also my rice was either old or under cooked, was hard in texture. I have a pic of my uneaten, chewed steak but no way to add it here. Just thought you should know, won’t be going back to outback any time soon after this experience.

  215. The service has really gone downhill at the Outback in Columbia, SC located on Harbison Blvd. We have eaten there several times and our steaks were overdone. Our meals were satisfactory this evening, but the service was awful. We waited a full 40 minutes before we even received our appetizer (server forgot to put the order in). We asked for utensils, and didn’t receive those until I finally asked a hostess for them. This was after we received our appetizer. Our drinks needed refilling, which was finally done after our appetizer was brought to the table. After we finished the appetizer, we received our salads around 15 minutes, at least, after appetizer was finished. We saw our waiter come walk in from outdoors with a few other servers. From then on, it seems like our food was thrown at us and they were in a hurry to get us out of there. If this sums it up, there was a group of about 14 people who were seated after us, and they left before we did!
    I don’t normally say anything, but I left Outback feeling more than a little frustrated with the experience. I won’t be in a hurry to go back, especially since the prices are always going up, but the level of service is declining.

  216. 9/21/2016 @6:51 called order in for pickup, blue cheese chopped salad. The girl on the phone said 5 minutes. Got there paid for it
    At 6:52 .Keep waiting nothing. At 7:30 I told the girl curbside I wanted my money back and wanted to speak to the manager. I never complain but this was crazy. So at 7:35 the manager came out to the car gave me my money back. Not once did he ask or bring salad to the car. Do you think that I didn’t want the salad since I waited that long. The salad wasn’t for me anyway my step mother that is sick and that’s what she wanted. The manager on duty said he was sorry , said he never been this busy. Well seems like you need more help at the drive thru. You got people working there that really don’t care. My husband and myself eat there at least 4 times a month. We will not be coming back!! This was the Southaven, Ms. Outback off Goodman Road

  217. I went to Outback on Abercorn in Savannah, GA this past Friday for the steak and unlimited shimp and was truly disappointed. Once we were done with our hour wait, which i understand because it was the beginning of the weekend, we proceeded to order and it pretty much went downhill from there. Once we received our salad and wanted some extra cucumbers but couldn’t because her reason was “it was too crazy in the kitchen and wasn’t able to reach them”. I continued to stay positive. Once the entrees arrived everything appeared to look good but but me and my friend had to return our steaks due to undercooking. I wanted medium well and my friend wanted well done. They obviously wanted us to have medium but we both dont do bloody raw meat. Well, once they came back my friends was done correctly but mine was not. I ended up sending my steak back a total of 5 times. I think the grill master only knows medium and well done. Nothing in between. Also my friends niece burger was returned twice and each time it came back even worse. The server barely did her job in addition. My feelings were definitely hurt from my experience there. I will not recommend anyone to go anymore.

  218. After reading all the comments I think that bad service, poor managers who could care less is par for the course at all locations of the Outback. I visited the one in Aspen Hill, Md. waited 45 min. for someone to come to the table at a time when the place was far from being crowed. We received wrong orders and had to wait even longer for the correct one. When we finally asked the manager who was busy talking to his friends at the next table payed no attention for our request for napkins and silverware. They had no lobster for the lobster and steak special..They offered us 4 shrimp instead. This is not the first time for poor service at this location. I will not ever go to this place again and other people said the service they got there was the same. OUTBACK PAY ATTENTION TO ALL YOUR COMMENTS AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT THESE SITUATIONS.

  219. I love your restaurants and would love it if we had one in Mankato. MN. We as of now must travel over 60 miles to enjoy your food and service. Mankato , MN is a growing by leaps. There are several places available to locate in. It would a pleasure to have you fine restaurant in Mankato. PLEASE consider locating in Mankato MN

  220. 8/9 my husband and I had dinner at outback on Atlantic Blvd. in Jax FL, it was terrible, we waited an hour for food that was burnt, first the blooming onion was so over cooked it crumbled ,the steak was tough as shoe leather and even the sweet potato was burnt, how awful of your manager to let this happen. That awful meal cost us $47.00, I don’t want anything from you, I just won’t ever eat there again!.
    The waiter had the personally of a dirty dish rag , my money is to hard earned for me to waste it on your uneatable food.
    I hope you can look into this
    Thank you for your time.

  221. November 6, 2017 – 21 of us had dinner at the Outback on Charlotte Pike in Nashville, TN. The food was delicious! The waitstaff highly efficient and pleasant.
    Overall experience great! Several in the group expressed desire to come back to the Outback.

  222. Upon my recent visit I was surprised & disappointed to learn you have lowered your senior discount (AARP) from 15% to 10%. As you know seniors live on limited income & the 15% off was a big draw. I think you should reconsider. Thank You

  223. We visited the clackamus oregon restaurant today, first the waitress brings us the bread and tells us half of it is fresh the other half is hard. So we waited for fresh bread that was only served to new customer coming in the door ( six new customers) well in the process of waiting on bread that never came, I touched the bread plate, it felt like there was sand all over the plate, I shared this with my wife and her plate was the same, except hers had a drip of something running down it. So now we have waited at least 25 no bread, dirty dishes, no food so I threw money on the table for our drinks and left. People work hard for their money, I think it’s very sad that you charge the prices you do, and not get the service or food that is expected. I don’t want anything from you, I just hope other people see this and think twice about dining in this establishment. Sunday 130 pm was our dining time, it’s not like the place was busy.

  224. i just ate at Outback on las vegas boulevard south in las vegas, nevada. I sat in a small booth in the bar area directly facing the bar and big screen. Jonathan, the waiter poured my pepsi with very little ice so i told him to fill the glass with ice then pour the pepsi. The manager, Terrance, brought the pepsi back and pointed his finger at me when he asked his question. The bar area and my table directly facing the bar was a very small space. i was in a confined area. Terrance’s finger was very close to my face. I asked him “did you just point at me?” Terrance acknowledged “yes” and pointed at me a 2nd time. I told Terrance i didnt like him pointing his finger in my face. Terrance said he was sorry if he offended me. Terrance asked me if everything was alright? I said “i’m not complaining”.

    at the end of the day the food was awesome. I paid $26.06. The bad experience i had was because i told the waiter how to pour my pepsi and the manager, Terrance, pointed his finger very close to my face 2x. After he pointed his finger in my face the first time the first time i asked him if he just pointed at me and Terrance pointed his finger very close to my face a second time. The bar area and my table is a small space and I felt like he was disrespectful to point at me at all.

  225. Why do it have to be so dark in side the steakhouse; can the blinds be open in the daytime. That is why I don’t like to eat in a lot of resturants

  226. Was at Queensbury NY outback last night. Wanted to go there for a while. I was treating my friend and my brother. We wanted prime rib , it is my favorite. Sorry we are out we were informed. Thats all I wanted. So we had to pick something else. My friend and brother had lobster and steak. Oh the potato you wanted we are out of that too. Ok got the meals and OMG the lobster was so spoiled. It had gone bad, as in rotten. We love lobster and I could smell the terrible oder. Just to make sure tried one bite and omg, had to spit out. I don’t think there should be a list of things you run out of on a friday or Saturday night. And to have something that is rancid is scary. We let the manager know and he offer to make another one. No thank you , what a turn off, I wonder how many more were bad. This was not a complaint that something was not cooked the way I wanted but because the food was foul. I love outback for the prime rib and this was three strikes last night and one was serious. Just thought you should know.

  227. Very dissatisfied for similar experiences in Manchester and newington. Summarizing as,even your survey timed out cutting off my comments to expkain! Poor overall service from cold cofee, long wait periods for food and refills with no explanation at unbusy times we visited. Orders presented out of order backwards main entrees salads no bread andcappetizer. When complained for manager asked if we wanted dessert and main meals just arrived!!! Oh and check as ifcn o further service was needed!!!
    Awful! Not likely recommend or choose over other restaurants!

  228. My husband and I went to the Outback in Sparks, NV tonight for my birthday dinner. The service was horrible. Our appetizer came with our entree and we had to ask for our soup and salad afterwards plus our food was cold. Our waitress never came to our table to check on us or ask if everything was ok or if we needed anything. We were completely ignored. When the waitress brought my birthday dessert to the table, she set it down and said “this is for you.” To top things off we were overcharged 12.00. The manager did not care and had no answers. We are in our 60’s and this was the worst Outback that we have ever been to. We love the Outback but we won’t go back to that one ever again.

  229. My wife and I stopped at Outback in Chico Ca, today for lunch. We were met at front door desk. The Hostess said it would only take a couple minutes t0 be seated. After 15 minutes of waiting and watching him be a bus boy we approached him and asked why he was seating us. His response was they were short on help. There was plenty of seating and when asked why he didn’t seat us at another table he said again they. were short handed. He should of seated us before he started cleaning tables. We got tired of waiting after 20 and left. We have always enjoyed going to Outback but we will not go there again.

  230. My Mom and I went to the outback a few days ago, and were very unhappy without meal. The steaks and potato was cold and the steaks had a funny taste to the, and didn’t taste fresh, it was almost as if they went bad. Our whole experience was just awful and a big disappointment and waste of money because we couldnt even eat our food . Even if didnt taste terrible, the waiter brought the Bloomin Onion, salads and Dinners out all simultaneously at the same time. How could anyone have thought that would be a great idea & a server should no bettter, thid was my first bad experience I had at Outback when I took My Mom’s Birthday, but because of this My Mom are in no rush to ever go back agaim. Out server was missing in action for almost the whole meal and when we told him the only thing he had to say was sorry! No a good way to treat your customers who have been going to you for over 30 ears I hope to hear back from you!


    Ellen Kearney

  231. very disappointed with the Outback Restaurant the experience was so awful that My Mother and I could not even eat or consume our food. Everything was cold and didn’t taste right. Our waiier never came back to ask how every thing was. For 30 years of great Outback Meals this one was the biggest disappointment and this is the place my Mom chose for me to take her for her Birthday! It was a huge disappointment for her and fore me!

  232. Went to st. Petersburg location to book a table for eight next week on Mother’s Day. Lady on desk was very nice and would book us and then manger came out and was very nasty saying no because they are busy that day and one of our party would have to come in a few hours early wand wait to see if they could give us a table. We don’t understand what the problem was.

    Thank you
    A Canadian tourist who visits every year never saw such rude behaviour.

  233. I have been going to the Outback Steak House’s for thirty yrs. and always looked forward to tasting your wonderful steaks! in the last yr. you have changed the spices on your steaks and added more pepper to make them hotter and altlhough if you had the same flavor in the steaks I would still buy them and weatlher the increase heat that is not the case. I used to go to Charley Browns yrs ago and i loved their steaks also and they changed their recipe and I called them to complain and they didn’t listen and business collapsed. Really your new flavor sucks!!! I still go to your restaurants your other foods are wonderful but now I never go to Outback to eat a steak anymore!!!

  234. My wife and I frequent the Hilliard Ohio Outback, and last night I took my friend in there for her birthday. Our favorite server is Jay, who is easily one of the top three waiters we know of.
    The girl that seated us, Kylie, walked us to a booth. There was an empty table right next to it, and Angie has some physical limitations. I asked if we could have the table instead, NOT expecting Kylie’s reaction…she wheeled with a scowl on her face and slapped our menus on that table and literally stomped into the kitchen.
    Now, I have a HORRIBLE temper, and at that point I was purple. Jay recognized me and stepped in fortunately. Nonetheless, that ruined my appetite and pretty much our dinner. JAY IS THE ONLY REASON I didn’t go stomping up the corporate ladder. I asked to speak to a manager and was greeted with complete apathy. We paid and left, but I turned on the porch to walk back in because I wanted to speak to a manager. I stood at the front desk for 5 minutes watching everyone take turns stepping out of the kitchen to see if I’d left yet. I finally asked a girl who all the names were: Kylie was the attitude, and the MODS were Ryan and Sean. I am not happy, but I still love the food and will be back ONLY because of Jay. If you’re in the Ivory Towers reading this…JAY is the guy that should be managing that store!

  235. To who it may concern
    tonight me and my mom went to outback in the briar bay area in florida store num 0195 it of 136 street across from the falls .any we both order the 4 course meal I wanted the French onion soup but they say it a upgrade it doesn’t say anywhere about it because under salad we have a choice cesar or regular under desser we have choice blueberry or chocalete so under soup it say any king but had to get potato and ask for steaks medium rare came out medium well done ask for shock top beer they ran out what a night and experience and the waitress and manager need to be on the3 same track the manager said she took off a dollar for the soup which I had potato guess if I had French onion it more but long story short terrible experience will be a while before we go back again

  236. I see outback has over 240 complaint I think they need to be train more efficient so customer can enjoy there food and the restaurant more

  237. I was not given my 20% Military discount and was told that they don’t honor it. The potato and bread was also VERY dry, old tasting

  238. We came to Outback to celebrate my son’s birthday on Monday, July 16. There was 5 adults.
    One ordered a fish fry that was not good at all but nothing was said to waitress. 3
    of us ordered the Victoria’s Filet Mignon. Two were good but one was not.
    One was about 1in. thick, one was 3/4in thick, one was1/2in. thick (this was
    bad one). We told the waitress about the steak and she said she would send
    someone over but no one ever came. My total bill was $127.44.

  239. Outback has a Revenue of over $3.89 BILLION – So why is it SO hard to get extra Ranch when you order your Cheesy Fries to Go ?? Don’t get me wrong it is a NICE size of Cheesy Fries to Go, but has your Marketing Staff ever tried to eat a order of Cheesy Fries with 1 (yes 1) Dixie size cup of Ranch. And your marketing statement says, “All Homemade sauces and dips” so if this is your selling point. Why do I have to give you my 3rd born kid of get just 1 more extra cup of Ranch. If I decide to Eat In, I can get as much Ranch as my waiter brings me. My son does your curb side at least once a week, this is his treat to himself after a long week of working and EVERYTIME there is a fight about getting extra Ranch – he has even paid the $5 for a tube – but even after doing that the tube if half full and the Ranch that is to come with the standard order is missing !! Again you have an Revenue of over $3.89 BILLION- My question is – Is an extra cup of Ranch going to break the bank with Outback ??? I’m sure these comments goes to Deaf Ears – but something needs to change !! Wing Stop is right next door, and they don’t hesitate to give you extra Ranch with their cheesy fries !!

  240. Recently I gave my parents a gift card to Outback for $50 as a birthday gift to my father. My mother was recovering from hip surgery and my dad had been managing the meals for some time. As a treat, I thought it would be nice, now that my mom was getting out of the house a bit, for them to be treated to a nice meal that they did not prepare nor have to clean up from. They decided to go on Sunday at 11:00 to avoid the crowd; which was important with moms limited mobility. They were the first couple seated, which was great. That was about the only positive aspect to their ‘special meal’ at Outback. The waitress was less than attentive and they had to wait at least 15 minutes before anyone came to their table. The waitress came by and said “you want bread”. They said yes and then another 15 min wait for the bread to arrive. Both my parents said that their waitress was less than friendly. They ordered; mom a small steak rare/med rare, but more rare than not; broccoli, and a baked potato. Dad ordered a larger steak, cooked the same with asparagus and a potato. When the waitress finally came with their meal, she did not remove the empty bread plate from the table and just kinda set the plates on the edge of the table for them to position in front of them….which is difficult for either of them to do. The waitress did not wait to be sure it all looked fine, nor did she check back with them….in fact they had to ask two busboys and another waitress (not theirs) to find their waitress. Each said they would, and no one ever came back. Long story short. Moms steak was med to well done, and dads medium (ish) No pink color on either. They waited for the waitress to return so that they could request the steaks be prepared as requested…but that did not happen. The asparagus was hard and nearly inedible and the broccoli was not at all warm. They both said the potato was okay, but the ‘side’ of sour cream, butter and bacon was all mixed together in a very small dish so they were unable to choose which to use. They had to dig to get to the sour cream, what there was of it. After asking several individuals to locate the waitress, my father finally went to the front cashier and asked for the bill, stating they had tried to get the attention of their waitress unsuccessfully. My dad at a small portion of the steak, but mom was unable to cut through hers, and there was not a bit of pink on it. Heres the kicker…..when my father mentioned the service and food quality at the counter, as well as the difficulty in seeing their waitress, he was told that she was sent out to the mall to purchase some office supplies needed by the restaurant. Imagine that !!! No one ever mentioned that to my parents, and obviously no one took care of them in her absence. They never saw the waitress again, but the cashier had the audacity to ask if my dad just wanted to use the balance of the gift card, about $10 as a tip. He said certainly not, at which point the cashier said ‘I don’t blame you’! On their way out, someone did approach my dad and told him that they could cook a couple steaks properly for them to take home. How ridiculous is that!! They had been there for far too long without any attention and having been served poorly prepared food. They were done; by then mom was in pain for having sat so long waiting and they just wanted to get home. My mom did not want me to feel bad, and said that actually it was so hard to believe that it was almost kinda funny. I did not think so. We have been going to Outback for years (the Mission Valley and Poway restaurants) and have always received wonderful service and good food. The times when the food was not as expected, it has been replaced with something better. But we can easily cook for ourselves or go to any restaurant we want….my parents cannot. This was suppose to be a special treat for them, but instead it was a major disappointmentIt was a waist of my money, and a $44.00 bill for two potatoes. That is just wrong. They were never offered a gift certificate, or as should have been done, comped the meal….they were offered the opportunity to wait more while someone cooked a couple steaks to take home, and the chance to give the balance of the gift card to the waitress that left the restaurant to purchase office supplies. That is just plain bad business. I hate to think that their treatment was due to the fact that they are in their 80s and do not really advocate for themselves…but it sure feels that way. My father filled out a survey, honestly, and was entered into a drawing to win something. REALLY!! Shame on Outback in Bonita for depriving two very deserving and very challenged older adults the chance to enjoy a nice meal together. The opposite was true. I can tell you that if this is how Outback deals with customers, they have lost our business…which is SUBSTANTIALLY more of an investment then simply a $50.00 gift card.

  241. We have been eating at outback several times per month very disappointed that ahi app with wasabi vinagarette was dropped . I asked to know ingredients or recipe but was told no by manager. Please consider adding it back to menu or share recipe or ingredients.?

  242. We have dined at Outback all over the US starting in Tampa FL in the late 1980s. It’s our favorite restaurant. We went to your restaurant on Highway 436 in Altamonte Springs FL last night and were disappointed. We ordered drinks and then were told they had no lettuce. On other occasions they have no broccoli even though it’s on the menu.

    After dinner we called another Outback and they had lettuce. We like the staff at this Outback. Please get it up to your standards.

    Thank you

  243. Your rewards app will not show your Hampton va 23666 location. In fact it changed my location to Richmond va and will not change it back stating no location In Hampton va. Just a FYI for ya

  244. I am at 15253 s.w. Freeway sugar land texas. Everything is just as I remember. I have been away it is nice to come home to the delicious food and wonderful service I have grown to enjoy. Kim, both Hannah’s and the manager Savannah are doing a wonderful job. Please make sure Mr Aaron Barker gets this. I hope all of you had a pleasant Sabbath. How Mancini

  245. I am at 15253 s.w. Freeway sugar land texas. As always the food is delicious and the service too notch. Kim, both Hannah’s and the manager Savannah are doing great. Please make sure that Mr Aaron Barker gets this

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