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Contacting Customer Service Center

If you own a smartphone, chances are, you have seen or purchased an OtterBox. The cell phone case is durable, creative and fun. Customers have the opportunity to purchase products at retail stores or online at Rarely do customers have concerns with the products. When they do, you have the opportunity to connect with the customer service department through social media, by phone, email, traditional mail or by Live Chat.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

The customer service department is open Monday through Friday 6am to 9pm and Saturday 8am to 5pm, CST.

  • Customer Service/Sales: 1-855-688-7269
  • Corporate Headquarters: 1-970-493-8446
  • Fax: 1-970-493-1755

Mailing Address 209 S Meldrum St. Fort Collins, CO 80521

Official Website

Customers visiting have the opportunity to purchase cases. You can use the search bar to look for a specific case or search for a case by series. The website also allows customers to search for products based upon your smartphone. Additional information relating to products is discussed in the Corporate Blog. We noticed several online forums stating the FAQs provide a wealth of information.

Social Media

You have the opportunity to reach out to the customer service department through social media. You will notice several conversations between customers and the customer service department. The customer service department responded to customer concerns within two (2) hours.

Customer Service Email

When you send a message to the customer service department, you will need to use the customer feedback form. Enter the required information and send your message. After you send your message, you will receive an automated response stating the customer care team will respond to concerns within two (2) business days.

Our Experience

Customers calling the customer service hotline will encounter a lengthy automated response system. If you want to reach a live customer service agent, press zero (0). You will wait approximately three (3) minutes before the agent answers the call. After the agent answered the call, we asked several questions relating to the return policy. The agent explained the policy and ended the call. We have to say the customer service team is one of the best in business. Were you satisfied with the level of service? We want to hear from customers just like you. Take a moment to share your thoughts with us in the comment section.

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