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Contacting Orbitz Customer Service Center

Orbitz is a website that connects users with the lowest travel costs any and all travel expenses. You can book a flight, car, hotel or complete vacation package through Orbitz. Orbitz does not sell or support the services they provide directly. They work as the middle man connecting the buyer with the seller – a search engine for travel deals of sorts.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

Orbitz is not a company that hides contact information, so customers should have no trouble reaching a customer service agent during normal business hours, but the complete list of contact information is not accessible from the official website. We searched for the contact information, which we found at, but we were unable to navigate to this page from the main page.

  • Customer Service (24 hours): 1-888-656-4546

Mailing Address

The corporate mailing address is:

Orbitz500 W. Madison St. Ste. 1000Chicago, IL 60661

The mailing address to exchange paper tickets is:

Orbitz Ticketing Department1961 Premier DriveSte. 320Mankato, MN 56001

Official Website

When customers want to reserve travel, access their Orbitz account to contact customer support via email they log in at the official website at We were surprised to find most of the contact information on the About Us page as opposed to the Contact Us page.

Customer Service Email

We found a link to Send an Email, but the link only took us to the support page. Instead, here is the email for the Consumer Travel Expert at

Jeanenne Tornatore:

We could not find an email form, but we did find a link to a Travel Consultant willing to chat with customers and promotions and travel on Orbitz.

Our Experience

We could not find the hours of operation for the Orbitz customer service department so we gave them a call to find out. The automated system asked us if we were calling about a new reservation or an existing reservation. The voice for the system is whiny and uncomfortable to listen to and it kept repeating the same question over and over again. We attempted to press 0 several times to get an agent, but it did not work. We eventually had to enter a phone number – twice – before reaching an agent. We asked the agent, after more than three minutes muddling through the automated system for the hours of operation and she happily told us they were open 24 hours a day.

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75 Comments on “Contact Orbitz Customer Service
    DEC-22-2O12 TILL JAN.5th 2013

  2. After receiving great service from one of your telephone representatives, I had to commend her. Her name is Rene’
    and she booked a series of flights, got seat assignments and answered many questions over a a protracted period of time. Through it all, Rene’ was pleasant and polite. Orbitz should be proud to have such professional employees’

  3. Before I complete procedure to book flight with Cheapticket,the amount of US$11,204.40 was drawn from my Visa account. Ofcause, Cheapticket has no record for my ticket booking. Then,I contacted Visa through my bank,they have issued a document to ask you fro refund.
    To send this document,I need fax number of Orbitz or Cheapticket. I have no tickets,but the money was drawn! What I can do? I am a member of Cheaticket,they have my personal record as; Mr.NIIMI KIYONARI mail

  4. Bought 2 round trips tickets to Miami from NC paid the 50.00 both ways for luggage. No problem. On my Bank statement 3 days before i left you charged me luggage from Phoenix, haven’t been to Phoenix in 12 years now i have a hard time getting to talk to someone about this. My wife, Daughter and i have gone through Orbitz several time this last year, need 2 more flight’s booked real soon, BUT NOT AGAIN Until i get my money back.

  5. Hello there
    I made my booking yesterday and charge the amount to my credit card, Ihave not received any reply yet to confirm my reservation and ticket purchase .please advise urgently.

  6. I just wanted to let you know what happened on recent trip to Phoenix. I am really upset about the Dollar rent a car company who I think pulled a bait and switch on us. When we arrived in Phoenix we were told that the economy car for us was a smart car which when you are on golf trip won’t hold 2 sets of golf clubs and 2 suitcases. We were then told that if we wanted a bigger car the only one left was Chevrolet suv. This was a upgrade and cost us $400.00 more! This is totally unacceptable and will take my business to somebody else in the future.

  7. I purchased a trip from for March 22-29 to Los Cabos Mexico. The airline ticket cost $2,000 & also purchased the insurance for my trip through Alliance Global Assistance. Our flight was delayed & we missed our connecting flight & missed a day of our vacation. Which you would assume would be covered by your insurance that you purchased for you trip. But the insurance does not cover flight delays less than 6 hrs, even though we missed a day of vacation because there were no connecting flights from Dallas to Los Cabos until March 23. Plus we had to pay for an additional Hotel in Dallas overnight so we would not miss our another connecting flight on the next day. So the insurance was useless & I will never book another vacation with Orbitz or purchase their useless insurance. They’re only service is to figure out how they don’t have to pay for your legitimate claim. Which ended up costing us another $350 plus a day of vacation.

  8. I have been trying to get my password reset. I have followed the instructions and I have not received an email with instructions or links to help with the problem. Yes I have been checking the spam folder too. Why is it so hard to get some one from Orbitz to help. This has been going on for over one month.

  9. I have been trying to get a past flight itinerary emailed to me to complete a insurance claim I am currently trying to have resolved..I have called customer service twice and still cannot get any help.this has been very frustrating .the company you associate your company with Allianz has been a horrendous experience .I can’t imagine this has been going on since March 8th and still no resolve in sight My reference number is IBORB104792081.I had to cancel this trip due to a illness and this information I am requesting is required in order to complete this claim Any assistance will be appreciated.

  10. I recently booked a hotel stay with masters inn . it was nice but I had a couple of problems that I can’t get solved. I have left 3 or 4 messages now and still no answers. they only clean rooms on Monday, Wednesday and Friday ,but don’t tell you and when we lost power they didn’t do anything about it. how wrong is that. I’m surprised that you, AAA and AARP approve them. Can you please check in to them and let me know. Thank you very much.

  11. orbitz charged me 40.00 more nightly than the actual hotel charged, plus only smoking room available when I checked in even though I requested non-smoking….. I suggest call for yourself! Still on hold trying to get my refund!!!!

  12. Dear Sir or Madam
    I can not believe what happened. I was overcharged for the tickets. I called customer service and I was instructed to call back within 24 hours to correct the overcharge, I called as instructed before * PM central time. The gentleman who answered said there is no recording of any conversation and that the charges will be as quoted because there was no overcharge. I asked if I can speak to a supervisor I was put on hold for 45 minutes listening to the same music which sounded like an old scratched cassette tape. Then the phone kept ringing for the next 30 minutes and no supervisor and nobody came on the phone, at the time I wrote this review the phone was still ringing,
    What kind of customer service is this?
    I was deceived, ignored ,overcharged, please ratify these errors the price of each ticket is supposed to be $239.00 .from this moment onward neither my family nor myself will use 0rbitz

  13. We purchased what we thought were two business class tickets through Orbitz for a 7/13 SAS flight from dublin to copenhagen, paying an exorbitant $1650.only to find out when we got on the plane that there are no business class seats on that flight, we were assigned a front window and middle seat with a person in the aisle seat. We believe we were misled by Orbitz, publishing business class when none existed. We are requesting a refund of the difference.

  14. From: Bertino, Mary Ann
    Sent: Tuesday, August 26, 2014 8:27 AM
    To: Orbitz (
    Subject: LAS VEGAS TRIP PBORB5347130624

    Hi I am very upset about this trip. I gave it to my daughter for her 40th birthday and it was the worst present ever. The plane was late getting into Logan so therefore they missed their flight in Houston had to stay over at a cheap hotel and had to pay for it ( the airlines should have it was their fault ) The people at United were very rude and unhelpful. When they get to Vegas the next day and check in at the front desk at the Tropicana they try to give them a different room not the one that we reserved I had upgraded to a bigger room which you can see on the reservation. Then they gave them a broken refrigerator and the microwave was dirty. They will never stay there again. I would never book a flight with United again and never stay at the Trop either. I hope you will lodge a complaint with each of these companies because you only have one 40th birthday and they ruined hers. And when they got to the airport to come home and hour early they told them they would miss their flight because the check in line was too long and they wouldn’t get to the gate on time. never heard of such a thing and I travel a lot with a group of friends, within the United States and also outside of the United States . I have sat on a plane and waited for 45 minutes for people to board because there plane was late arriving or they had been delayed at the check in point. I am so angry and upset over this whole episode.

    Mary Ann Bertino

  15. I recently purchased an international airline ticket through Orbitz. The subject ticket was insured by Allianz. Shortly after I purchased the ticket, I became severely ill and required hospitalization. I immediately notified both Orbitz and Allianz. Within seven days, I provided all of the official medical documents to Allianz and to Orbitz. I was informed, after repeated phones to Orbitz, that the ticket had been canceled, because of Lufthansa’s policy. Now we have Lufthansa, Orbitz, and Allianz, all pointing fingers at the other; meanwhile, my hard-earned dollars have gone down the drain!

  16. I brought a one way ticket to Ft Lauderdale on Thursday 23th of Oct at 3:45 pm I was trying to call yesterday but your Phone number is out of service I would like to go on a 10am flight in instead I call change this for free because your phone number is out of service I would like to purchace my return flight

  17. I want to check in at best western and was told that I did not have a reservation and that the confirmation number given to me by Orbitz was not any good. They claims that I made my reservation online and that I never talked to anyone at the hotel, which is a lie. They refused to honor this paperwork and refused to give me a room
    Dennis foran

  18. Recently, my husband and I booked a very expensive cruise vacation for our family through Orbitz. Initially, our customer service representative was helpful, although she did nothing that I couldn’t do myself online. Subsequently, our credit card was compromised twice. (we did not use it anywhere else). She also did NOT inform us that reservations for dinner on the cruise were highly recommended, and luckily I contacted the cruise line myself and made all the reservations. Further, I was finally able to contact her and she informed me that she had the wrong phone number for us, that’s why we hadn’t heard from her. Are you kidding me? We will never use Orbitz again, and I am very disappointed to say the least. Not surprising, I contacted Orbitz via email several weeks ago, and have not gotten a reply.

  19. After 2 and 1/2 hours of back and forth calling between Cheaptickets and there side show insurance Allianz, I actually had 2 different agents get an attitude with me before they even knew what my problem was,almost acting like it was a problem they had to help me, this was after requesting a manager twice. There is no way possible either one of those gentleman, and I use that sparingly,was a manager. And guess what customer service guys, your job is in your stupid title.
    To everyone reading this, do not use Orbitz or Cheaptickets and do not purchase the Allianz Insurance…its only good for national disasters and Vodoo apparently. You can buy direct from the airline at the same or better rate without terrible fees for change and cancelation these days because they are competeing with these crack pot companies. I have never felt so tricked and completely duped by such a scam.

  20. Can someone please give me a Fax number to Orbitz regarding a Pre Authorization Release canceled flight and my money has still been on hold and not released to my bank. My vacation is coming up real soon and I would like to use that money to spend over $1,000.00. It has been 25 days since its been canceled and i was supposed to get my money returned in 10 days.

  21. Seems to be a common thread here, Orbitz misrepresented, overcharged and generally messed it up. They failed to tell me it was a $200 rebooking fee, same as ticket price, feel like I am just giving them money for no reason, this just confirms I will always deal DIRECTLY with the airlines after I use these sites to find the best option.

    You lost me as a customer

  22. Es la primera vez que viajamos con ustedes. Queremos viajar a finales de septiembre 2015, 7 noches a Viena o Barcelona. Mis preguntas son:
    1) Si reciben tarjeta de credito de MASTERCARD
    2) Si tienen oficinas en Israel
    3) Despues de hacer el pedido, como recibo la confirmacion, los tiquetes y vauchers para los hoteles.
    Atentamente, S. Freiman

  23. We recently made reservations for the Hard Rock Hotel in Lake Tahoe thru this site. We had gotten our confirmation by email for the reservation, but, when we arrived at the hotel, they could not find my reservation!!! I had the confirmation on my phone, so I showed it to them. The person at the desk look at the confirmation number, plugged it into the computer and still could not find the reservation. After talking with management for about 15-20 minutes we were finally given a room. This is not how you should run your business! When you are given a confirmation # that should be a guarantee that you have a room when you arrive. Not sure if we will be going thru this site again to reserve a room.

  24. FRAUD attempt charges – requesting immediate response—today 10/9/15 on my American Airlines MC at 9:37am for $856.61 on Orbitz website. The charges were not authorized and not approved. I need to learn more about this transaction, as we have a family member stealing our identity. Please let me know destination and other details of this attempted transaction. Thank you. Lisa & Rod Smith

  25. Fraudulent charge attempted today on your website. MC in my name. $856.61at 9:37am 10/9/15. Please call to give details of attempted transaction. Destination…etc. Lisa Smith

  26. Presently I have been trying to get a (Promotion Fare $100 – DEN anywhere RDTRIP) reservation for a flight from Denver CO (DEN) to Panama City FL (ECP). YOUR CORPORATION HAS SENT ME 2 EMAILS REGARDING THIS PROMOTION. IS THIS A SCAM OR WHAT!!!! I have been hung up on Twice after waiting approximately 25-30min (1st time)1:05-1:30pm. To make matter’s worst: I had spoken to 4 Cust Serv Reps one after another!!!!.The second time (1:30 – 1:40pm) while having to waiting for a Sale Rep, I got hung up on again!! Both at phone numbers 1(800) 723-5780 & your 1 (888), This is by far the worst customer service experience I have dealt with in quite some time. I’m NOT sure who will see this and how far this will go up but I HAVE A SUGGESTION: TRAINING/TRAINING/TRAINING!!!!!!!!

  27. Very frustrated!!

    Looking for a flight to Aruba in December. I could leave out of 5 New England/ny airports

    Flexible dates.

    Every flight I’m seeing is with an overnight lay over.

    Very misleading as the prices are reasonable

    Takes less than 5 hrs to get there from Boston not 29

  28. I am trying to change my booking ORBTIZ NO PBORB-045-897-6934
    But am unable to enter into your system to do so
    David Burt
    Metro Manila

  29. Customer Complaint Seeking Consumer Attention to Unfair Matters of Business

    To Whom It May Concern:
    On December 11th 2015, I missed my plane connection in Atlanta, GA due to a Delta airline delay as the pilot circled in the air around the airport for approximately a half hour. The connection was due to board at 930P but we were still circling and the pilot gave little to no information as to why, stating only “We have to check something in the cockpit” and then silence for the remainder of the time. I want to say we landed about 950p, in which we then had to unload the plane and the stewardess denied my request to un-board before other passengers, even though I explained our plane was already boarding and were in the rear of the plane. His response was “we don’t do that anymore because it doesn’t really work”. So since this trip was my 69-year-old mother’s birthday present and it was her birthday, I had to try and rush her from one side of the gigantic Atlanta airport to the complete opposite side as she said her chest hurt and she could barely breathe in order to try and get this connection. We got there 1011p and the plane was due for takeoff 1010p. We were denied access and sent to the Delta help desk. The fact that this short connection was on the opposite site of the concourse truly lacks consideration for the ticketholders.
    At the Delta help desk, the Delta agent said that she did not have to rebook our flight but that she would out of courtesy. Unbelievable to hear after the pilot circled on the Delta flight for some time. But the Delta agent exclaimed that Orbitz had booked our connection too close together and that Delta always books 35-45 min connections. I explained that this connection was a 35-minute connection but that the pilot had been circling for about a half hour in the air. She denied me complimentary sleeping accommodations, stating that a hotel discount could be offered only.
    I called the hotel I booked through Orbitz also, to see if I could cancel the reservation and receive a refund due to the missed flight connection. The hotel agent stated that since it was booked through Orbitz it would have to be verified with them first and then he would be happy to cancel refund it, but that Orbitz would have to give permission.
    I called Orbitz and explained that Delta stated that my flight was booked too close together and I missed my connection, would not give me hotel accommodations and I would like to see if there was anything they could do about my hotel refund since the hotel agent stated that they need Orbitz permission. The Orbitz agent stated that my hotel reservation was non-refundable that the flight booking was of my own doing if it was too close together, not Orbitz responsibility, because I booked it online and not with an Orbitz booking agent over the phone. To me that is utterly ridiculous because it was booked through the Orbitz website and that is almost saying they do not even stand by their own website.
    I am disgusted that I am held responsible for flight issues that were out of my control and had to pay for a new hotel because I could not get a refund on a hotel simply because it was booked through Orbitz. The fact that Orbitz and Delta were unconcerned about the issue and responded in a cold manner really places a poor taste in my mouth. The fact that I held up my end of the bargain as a customer yet I am the one that suffers because of a company fault, simply says to me this: that booking through Orbitz has no benefit, especially for hotel reservations and Delta is not a customer-based airline. Had I booked directly with the hotel, I could have received a refund. And that Delta has little feelings of responsibility for ensuring they can meet their connecting flights and arranging these flights in a manner that makes sense in the airport, such as making a short connection closer than a 20-minute walk through the airport. The concern for customer service nearly seems absent and unconcerned, while this situation had a large impact on the customers when the customers did everything they were supposed to, to the best of their ability.
    My Orbitz booking was hotel PBORB-227-447-9824. Hotel confirmation SCZZU2 $114.18
    My Orbitz booking flight was PBORB-140-504-0264. Delta airlines locator GAF6DW. Connection from flight 2161 to 1837.
    Thank you for addressing my customer concerns,

  30. Booked an international flight from St Petersburg Russia to Tampa Florida Round Trip. Paid the full flight amount and received a confirmation from Orbitz on the flight. Orbitz mistakenly did not confirm the flight from Paris to St Petersburg and when arriving at the airport in St Petersburg Russia there was no ticket available. We had to re-purchase a ticket from St Petersburg to Paris so we could continue the flight. DO NOT rely on the CONFIRMATIONS you receive from ORBITZ. Confirm all flights with Airlines so it matches with ORBITZ confirmations. Now fighting with ORBITZ to get a refund on the flight we ad to payoff from St Petersburg to Paris.

  31. I received an email saying my flight was canceled so I was trying to get accommodations to reschedule but was having difficulty contacting the airline due to an increase in calls. So I called Orbitz to help. After staying on hold for the representative called the airline he came back and continued to tell me that my flight had never been canceled and it was in fact active and in order to re book me for other accommodations I would be charged 200.00. All of the websites said my flight was canceled and the airline had confirmed my flight was canceled but this man from Orbitz told me otherwise. His “facts” were incorrect and he did not help out at all. I found myself with more work trying to figure out a solution.

  32. This company is absolutely ridiculous. First off, they canceled a trip on me for no reason, and it took hours talking to customer service to get it rescheduled. Absolute pain. Then, on my return trip, one of the flights was delayed, messing up our connection. Understandable, that stuff happens. However, they were very unwilling to help. It took over 2 hours on the phone with someone that had absolutely no idea what they were doing to finally get something worked out. We ended up having to stay at the airport overnight. They weren’t even willing to help out with a hotel!! Now, if it were the customers fault, and a flight was missed, they will charge you several hundred dollars (fee plus difference in ticket prices) to rebook you. So pretty much they have all the leverage. Terrible, terrible company. They absolutely have no cares for their customers.

  33. Good morning, I booked a trip to Brianhead but i needed to change my check in date to the next day because my husband is a firemen couldn’t get the day off. I went on your website to change and it double charge me. so i paid $610 in Sept for this trio that i already paid for and now I’m change $435. I just wanted to speak to someone about a refund even if its the cheaper one. I am paying double for my room and all i wanted to do was check in the next day. Im so sad over this. Thank you

    • I’m a regular client with “CheapOair” in booking flights for the past 5 years,I never had any problem with them. Yesterday Feb. 24, I decided to use your site ( Orbitz ) to book a round trip ticket Cairo-Egypt / Montreal / Cairo, April 2nd. returning June 25th., the fare was US$499.80 plus US$35.00 travel protection insurance, after I filled all requested personal info.including my debit card, the booking failed, I don’t know why, instead you charged my debit card US$35.00. I was unable to contact you in Canada or in USA. Please refund the US$35.00 back into my account. I was very disappointed, please reply, thank you

  34. I have an erroneous booking: GPLD4U, Delta Airlines for Janurary 29, 2016 – February 5, 2016. While on your website I clicked cancel. I just spoke to Delta because I did not understand why I did not receive a ticket. Delta they said that I needed to contact you because of this erroneous ticket. She also said that is why I did not receive an emailed ticket.
    Please help me. I appreciate your help.
    My real ticket confirmation is GPZAMG (Janurary 27 – February 5, 2016).
    Thank you,

  35. Hi, yesterday, 24th.Feb. I tried to book a round trip ticket, Cairo-Egypt / Montreal / Cairo. April 2, returning June 25, I completed all requested personal & my debit card info., the fare was US$ 499.80 + 35 travel protection insurance, when I click ” complete the booking” you did not accept the booking saying ” the booking failed” in the mean time you ( Orbitz ) charged my debit card US$ 35.00, now I wanted you to make refund back into my account the US$ 35.00 or you accept the booking. I was unable to call you in Canada or USA. Please respond, Thank you

  36. Orbitz is the worst company i have ever Done business with. NO customer Service and they don’t care.

    Well the great news i will NEVER have to do business with them again……………

  37. I have used your services in the past with ease and would recommend you to others. However, today I used your “Fare Bargain Flights” which I understand doesn’t come with guaranteed flight times and I was ok with that. The problem I had was once I completed the transaction and was able to see the itinerary, I was sent into panic mode and tears when I see that my whole trip is actually in REVERSE!!
    I called and a young girl by the name of Jorgina was trying to help me (for 42 minutes) and I know she did the best she could within her power but ultimately, I had to cancel this flight, re-book at a higher price and inconvenient flight times to my destination as well as having to wait three business days for my account to be refunded.
    Please consider altering the “Fare Bargain Flights” so that the facts can be seen throughout the process and errors like this can be caught BEFORE a monetary commitment has been made. I’m not sure I’ll be using your services when I book my next trip at Christmas.
    That is all.
    Sarah Jording

  38. I used your service and was very disappointed I was put in a hotel with bad plumming and no hot water, I would never use your site again I am now stuck with a $400,48 dollar bill this was placed on my American express card.I was move three times because of this left sitting in the hallway of hotel, the hotel was the Biltmore in los angles would tell others not to use your site.

  39. On 04/29/2016 I contacted Orbitz customer service to inquire about cancelling my flight portion of a package I booked for my now-ex-husband and I to go to Mexico (Itinerary #13050377367).
    At that time the agent stated that I would receive an airline credit with United Airlines for approx. $450 and there would be a $200 ticket reissue fee that would be deducted from that balance when I call to book the new flight.
    I called back on 05/07/2016 to check the availability of flights, and the agent stated that your systems were down so she could not look up flights. At that time I reconfirmed my credit balance and the process for booking my flight; she stated that the $200 ticket reissue fee would be deducted from my credit balance, and I would basically have $250 to spend on a new flight.
    I contacted Orbitz customer service again on 5/23/2016. I was on hold for almost 30 minutes before I could speak to a booking agent. When I finally got ahold of someone the phone got disconnected and I had to call back. When I called back I had another long hold, only to be told that I had no flight credit and that I would have to pay cash for my ticket. I explained the situation, was put on hold for even longer, and the agent finally came back and found my credit. After an hour of waiting for the agent to figure out how to book my flight, he tells me that I need to pay $200 out of pocket for my ticket reissue fee. I explained what the previous two agents told me and he did not understand. I asked to speak to a supervisor twice, and he refused to transfer me, but kept restating the policy that he was reading from United Airlines. After being fed up with being on the phone for so long, I decided to pay the $200 and just get my trip booked. At that time, I was told I would receive ticket confirmation via email within 6- 24 hrs.
    Today is 5/24/2016, I have not received ticket confirmation, and when I called Orbitz the first agent had no record of my new flight. After researching, he found the flight, but was unable to email the itinerary. He kept emailing me my old itinerary for Playa Del Carmen, MX. The phone was disconnected again.
    I called back…now in my 4th accumulative hour of being on the phone with your customer service department and the agent is still struggling to find my reservation. The background noise at your call center sounds like they are having a birthday party, and the sheer lack of knowledge from your service representatives is discouraging me to ever do business with Orbitz again.
    I have been a loyal customer for over 10 years. I really hope that my letter will find its way to someone who can make a difference in your customer service and quality control department.

  40. Called customer service regarding a seat assignment request for my Mom who has a heart condition and needs a little extra room to move her feet around…I literally have been on hold for 2 1/2 hours..what could possibly be worse than waiting 2 1/2 hours? Being hung up on..twice with no call back..nada was going to book a hotel in Boston with our flight and now I don’t ever think I can use this travel site…my day is ruined! My phone is dead and no call back is inexcusable….

  41. What happened to the booking “calendar” aka +-3 days option? I can’t find it anymore, and I used it all the time.

  42. I book a airline trip to Tampa , Fl. for August 15, 2016, I would like to change it to August 13, 2016. How would I go about doing this?

    Thank you

    Earl Stephens

  43. the worse experience in my life. never in my life was treated like I was treated tonight by a corporate representative call JACOB. he was mean and treated me like I was nothing . I was a very loyal customer..not anumore. shame on a company like ORBITZ that to have someone like Jacob working for them.

  44. My wife and I were supposed to fly from Toronto to Gatwick UK on 6/10/2016. we booked the flight thru your sight due to issues with the plane we were returned to Toronto and treated as a nuisance. we lost an entire day not to mention the stress we endored. I feel we have been ignored and have not been treated fairly. I hope we can get these issues resovled soon

  45. I canceled a flight on the phone 2hrs after I purchased it online but days later it was still showing active. I called customer service spoke to 2 people- unknown rep name then supervisor – Daisy… was on the phone for over an hour. The call was disconnected and they didn’t even have he decency to call me back. I was on the phone for an hour and 1 mins from Italy, the call itself cost me $15. I called back the next day and spoke to Diane then another supervisor by the name of Chileo. They still had no clue about me canceling my flight and my refund. I was on the phone for another 44mins!!! This is unacceptable and I will never purchase from Orbitz again!!! I was told I needed to submit proof of my phone call on 4/4/17 when I spoke to the idiot Mae who was supposed to be canceling my flight and issuing my refund. This is unbelievable and a total proof of how Orbits sucks. I will be making sure I take this higher and I will also contact the airline directly to let them know how Orbitz is ruining business for them as well because that will be one empty seat they could’ve had another happy customer in. Never again.

  46. Absolutely the WORSE customer service! I cancelled my reservation on Mary 17, 2017, in plenty of time to avoid a penalty. By the middle of JUNE 2017, I have not received my refund. I called ALL THE NUMBERS and none of them could help. None of them “had the authority” to refund my money, so they all (5!) gave me a different number and GUESS WHAT? They all went right back to the same place in Bangladesh that referred me back to the same bloody number! DO NOT USE THIS RIDICULOUS COMPANY. I talked to supervisors, I talked to five other people. All had the same response.

  47. I’ve used Orbitz for years but when I recently was billed incorrectly I had to call customer service. The selection said PAY FOR IT NOW for $88 or PAY $117 AT THE HOTEL. I selected Pay Now and was immediately charged $134! So I called Customer Service right away. AWFUL EXPERIENCE !!!!! I got someone with an Indian accent that only wanted to argue with me. They have no email address and I doubt that I’ll ever get my refund so I will take my only course of action – no more Orbitz for me!

  48. what are you some kind of morons? or what
    trying to log in to make a reservation and this stupid page with bot or not? comes out.
    why is my question and wasting my time you morons
    what a waste

  49. I want to receive emails about travel deals, offers and discounts from Orbitz. You can send them to my email address.

  50. I went to get a reservation i hit submit it would not go thru because of my credit card account thru debit card i called them the customer support lady entered in a reservation and it would not go thru. she said that the 1347.00 that it did remove would be entered back into my account in 24 hrs THEN my account was drained and after booking some where else i was given an ittenery that was much more than the reservation was even for then the next time that I contact a customer support they blamed me and said I was the one to make the mistake real mad will never use them again and i want my money back.

  51. Orbitz is the worse travel engine to use. It is impossible to cancel a reservation with them once you have booked. They play with you so that the 24 free cancelling passes. you are transfer from one recording to the next and you be holding indefinitely. They tell you use the call back system and it never calls you back.

    • Orbitz got completely insane with “I am not robot” test! I have completed a dozen of pictures, still it was going on and on. I am quitting Orbitz, they are the stupid bots!

      Igor Katkov, Orbitz customer for more than a decade.

  52. Saludos y buenas noches. Estoy bien disgustado con el servicio recivido en esta ocacion a travez de su compania de Orbitz. He comprado 5 pasajes para viajar de Orlando a Boston con seguro porque los compre con mucho tiempo. La semana entes del viaje se me murio la suegra y tuve que decidir entre ir a Boston o ir a Puerto Rico. Decidi ir a puerto rico y ahora ni Orbitz ni el seguro me quieren rembolsar el dinero segun la informacion de los reprecentantes de Orbita, Necesito que alguien me llame

  53. Orbitz travel and billing service.
    searching for a trip from Papeete Tahiti to Montreal I was automatically directed to Orbitz, price with Air Tahiti was reasonable and I booked via Orbitz, neglected to read the small print? (reservation charges?), and was astounded to see on my Visa Bill a charge of US$ 15 for reservation with the airline. I got in touch with Orbitz (after a few round abouts) and the polite but poswerless clerk told me that that was the practice of Orbitz booking a flight. I don’t want to go back and check all the other flight services like expedia, etc. but my impession is that neither of them charges a reservation fee. In any case, I will stay away from Orbitz in the future. That I have earned Orbitz Bucks in the meantime, does not do me any good, because there will be no future bookings with Orbitz. Period.

  54. I have always used Orbitz for my travel arrangements…… until now. I am having to travel for major surgery and it has been a nightmare making arrangements. I booked a home rental for a little over a week for my family and for recovery once discharged. After all was booked my surgery date was changed to the following week by the surgeon. This is when the hell began. I contacted Orbitz to find my house reservation had been doubly outsourced….. first to RedAwning who then outsourced to Turnkey. Long story short after several weeks of back and forth including a letter from the surgeon indicating the change was in him I lost $1250.00 for the house rental and had to rebook somewhere else. I had purchased insurance on my plans but was excluded from coverage because of some small print stating travel for medical reasons could not be covered. At least United Airlines was able to deliver in the area of compassion and waived the $600 I would have had to pay for flight change fees. I am saddened to say I will not book with orbitz in the future. I was unaware when I made my reservation that Orbitz would choose to work with other companies particularly ones that fail in the area of compassion. I believe RedAwning did their best to remedy things but Turnkey was unwilling to provide assistance.

  55. Used to use Orbitz a lot for plane reservations. In June, booked a hotel reservation with them — when they sent confirmation email, realized had put down wrong date and sent email to Orbitz to change it. They never responded and are now billing me for a stay at a hotel I didn’t make. I have contacted my state AG about fraud & Orbitz, I assure you, I will never use Orbitz again and will make sure, as I already have started on FB, to let everyone know what a scam you are — but then so is expedia, except they do respond to requests and messages

  56. ブランドスーパーコピー激安通販,日本最高級のブランドコピー時計販売専門店,

  57. Very disappointed in your price quotes .The basic price on your booking page for the Microtel Inn in Tifton Ga (11/6) is $59 but when I try to reserve it the basic price changes to $66 before taxes .Your customer service rep could not explain the difference . I feel that it is very misleading to your customers to quote one price and charge a higher price when reserving the room, Then while leaving the site a popup says save 10% by booking now. So I tried to use the promo code and it said not good at this hotel. I have been a loyal Orbitz customer for years but due to this type of marketing practice I feel I will have to use another hotel booking company,

  58. please dont bother using Orbitz..u will regret too exhausted to write its not like they care.

    if you see this review and still book with them then i dono

  59. I need to speak with someone immediately; have been cut off 14 times after being on hold for long periods of time. I have an upcoming reservation and it is vital I speak with someone! This is absolutely NUTS!!!!!

  60. Booked Orbitz/Alaska 7521454184976 from Ont, CA to PDX, coming back at 5:45 on 8/2, to attend baby shower for granddaughter on that day in Bend. Alaska changed flight to leave PDX at 3:50, which didn’t leave me enough time to get to the airport after the shower. So went into Orbitz and changed flight to leave on 8/3. I was charged $125 + ‘forfeiture” of $46.60 and told this was charged by Alaska. I had to make the change so I did. Then phoned Alaska to complain and was told they THEY did not charge a fee on that change; that ORBITZ apparently did that on their own and should not have. I am seeking a refund of $171.60 from Orbitz.

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