Contact Orange County Register Customer Service

Contacting Orange County Register Customer Service Center

Contacting Orange County Register Customer Service Center

The Orange County Register provides information to the residents of Orange County California. The newspaper has been in operation since 1905. The main goal of the publication is to offer relevant and timely information to the residents. If you feel as if the information is not up to your standards or there is misinformation, feel free to contact the customer service department by phone, email, traditional mail, through social media or by Live Chat.

to leave a comment about your customer service experience.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

  • Home Delivery: 1-877-627-7009
  • 1-800-946-9449
  • Register Connect: 1-714-796-7875
  • General Inquiries: 1-877-469-7344

Mailing Address

Orange County Register625 N. Grand Ave.Santa Ana, CA 92701

Official Website

Customers visiting the Orange County Register website have the ability to read the latest news centering on local, state and national news, business and financial news, sports, entertainment, lifestyle and opinion pieces. You have the opportunity to subscribe for the newspaper or register to receive the online edition. If you are having difficulty with services, visit the Customer Support page.

Social Media

There is a dedicated team managing the social media pages at the Orange County Register. There were several conversations on the social media pages in which customer service addressed concerns in a timely manner. The average response time was less than 15 minutes.

Additional social media contacts are available for specific departments here:

Customer Service Email

The Orange County Register provides several email addresses so customers can connect with the customer service department. We sent a message to the general inquiries department asking for information relating to the hours of operation. We are still awaiting a response from the customer service department.

Additional contact information is available for specific departments are available here:

Our Experience

We would like to state our overall experience was better than expected, but we cannot. We reached out to the customer service department and waiting on hold for more than five (5) minutes. After the representative answered the call, they were not professional and barely helpful. We were glad when the call ended due to the poor experience. Was your experience better than our experience? Take a minute and share your thoughts with us in the comment section.

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76 Comments on “Contact Orange County Register Customer Service
  1. Your new delivery stinks. Our previous carrier was outstanding.This is the second day no paper has been received,and I expect retail credit since there is no way of contacting you to get same day delivery. Your phone directs the caller to your website with no direction as to which option to select. OCRegister is the only paper that does not offer a credit option when the subscriber goes on vacation. For this we get a big increase in price!

  2. I Missed Saturday’s delivery and so far I have not received today’s paper. I tried to call both days to no avail!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Your new delivery system has missed delivering our newspaper 3 days in a row!! Even when we asked for it to be redelivered, we still did not receive a paper. Waited on hold for 20 minutes as well and received a recording on all days.
    We cannot go all the way to your location to get a paper. I feel I shouldn’t since this is the reason for it being delivered to our home.
    Not sure what can be done to compensate for the inconvenience but I do not want past newspapers.It should not take this long to fix the new system.
    I hope to see a newspaper tomorrow morning.

  4. Day 5, NO paper!
    I have left ‘E’ mails and phone messages. No response. You talk about the good service we deserve.
    Oh! wait, Somebody is answering at customer service 5 days after the fact.
    She said all 5 back papers would be delivered. She told me a 5 day credit would be issued. I asked about Thursday. Didn’t know if delivery would be back to normal, and not know if credit would be given for future missed deliveries.
    She also did not know why other people in Tustin and Santa Ana are receiving their papers and not us. This customer service person is in Colorado.
    This is more than just inconvenience.
    I would like to know what the future here holds. I also hope someone of consequence is seeing these messages.
    Publishing PERTNANT information in the Register does me no good because… I AM NOT GETTING THE PAPER.

  5. Regarding your recent delivery crisis: All your publicity about new delivery people, gives instructions to contact and comment to delivery carriers via internet. #1- go/delivery and
    #2-/Customer service cannot be found on internet. Site shows 5 options to use before showing FOOD deliveries, and none have access to contact you. Attempting to call suggested phone # is useless, since after the long explanation about your many calls, HANGS UP on me. Nowhere on any of your sites can I write my complaint. Next you plan such a massive change, DO YOUR HOMEWORK first before you jump into it. 4th day now, paper has not been delivered and/or not accessible (cannot crawl under parked car to retrieve paper) Special handicapped circumstances prevent retrieving paper from anywhere except AT THE DOOR!!!!!

  6. 3rd weekend in a row,no Saturday or Sunday delivery and only four out of five delivered during the week.Customer service non-existant. Is it true the Register is going out of business?? Get it together,Pay your bills!!!!!!

  7. Yesterday I received no paper – called – promise of delivery that did not come – today Sun.) received the Los Angeles Times – what is going on here?

  8. Delivery has been at the bottom of our slanted driveway, we have always had paper delivered on porch. Wheel chair access is not good retrieving our paper at the end of our slanted driveway. We have also paid for one year subscription as we do each year. Register shows we owe $50, not so. Please address this issue.
    Have been very frustrated trying to get someone in distribution to look at this.
    Berta Summers

  9. Cancel my subscription to the paper. Can not get any body on phone so I,m using this site to unsubscribe. Paper is late or does,nt come at all.OCR account # is 181144321. Price for 1-month of paper is also to high. Going back to the LA times.

  10. oh joy, another missed delivery. As written before this is a senior/handicapped 14 story building. There is no way we can or will arise, get dressed and go outside to wait for delivery. Please be sure to cancel my account #180431398 if you have not already done so. This delivery service is now the worst ever. Too bad, ’cause I always enjoyed my Sunday paper. I will tray again, again, again and again to contact you by phone. That my dears is another joke.

  11. We have suffered through no delivery of the newspaper since the end of Sept. 2014. Finally thought we were on track, and now there is a missed paper every Sunday and I have to take the time to call every Sun. just to get a newspaper. We have never been late on a payment to the Orange County Register! I am requesting a call back to discuss other options. Jeannie Wright

  12. We use to get the newspaper delivered Thusday-Sunday for a special rate of about $60.00 per year. My renewal came up and it nearly doubled. They would not negotiate any discounts, so I stopped the paper. Saw a Groupon for Sunday delivery and took advantage of that for 2 years for about $29. It amazes me, how a company would not negotiate with a long time customer, but they are willing to give Groupons for a little of nothing price. This makes absolutely no business sense. We like the paper being delivered. Also what Customer service center closed at 3:00pm? Are they having problems with keeping employees or what is going on?

  13. I tried for 2 hours to get someone or an avenue to discontinue my paper delivery. Do not want it delivered anymore.

  14. The paper delivery is very bad. I requested for my paper to be deliver by my front door in my front porch. Today 0ctober 25 my paper was by the carport and it is not the first time that this happen. I will call tomorrow to cancel because any way the paper don’t even bring coupons

  15. I have been trying to reach you people for at least a half hour. Where are you. Where is my paper? I pay for it, I want it. I am not happy.

  16. What wrong with your delivery ? Can not relay on it any more . Have missed papers on 10/14/15 10/23/15 10/26/15 10/27/15 and some in sept 2015 when are you goin to get it right? I think you do not care

  17. I went through a time consuming nightmare in 2014 when you changed your delivery company. Now it is happening again. I like your paper and would love to keep receiving it but your delivery service is just too much trouble. I have spent hours on the phone trying to get a paper delivered. I did not receive a paper at all on Thursday Oct.29 or Friday Oct. 30 even after spending a VERY long time on the phone. After waiting on the phone for 10 minutes I finally got a recording telling me there were still 39 calls before mine. I am going to wait until my next bill arrives and if service is not better I will not be renewing. This is the worst service I have ever received from anyone!

  18. My Sunday paper did not arrive! This is the 4th miss in one week. At least someone hand delivered one of the missing papers. I went through 2 months of this before and now its started up again. You are making the LA Times a very tempting alternative. Please deliver my missing Sunday paper today or tomorrow (assuming that Monday’s paper actually arrives.) This carrier needs to be replaced ! JMD

    6086 E. Morningview Dr., Anaheim 92807

  19. My delivery over the past several weeks has been a disaster. If you cannot get it right I must regretably cancel my subscription. This is the 2nd Sunday in a row where I do not have a paper. During the week the paper which normally came at 6 a.m. does not come until after 7 p.m. sometimes later.
    If you cannot correct this issue immediately I want my subscription cancelled.

  20. I have just renewed my subscription, but I miss at least 3 papers per month. When I call services, no paper is delivered, the next day I receive 2 of that day. I will not put up with such shoddy service, while you go into bankruptcy.

  21. Day ELEVEN without delivery…. And you have a cashed check for a year’s service.
    Now the newsstand boxes won’t take the quarters and open.
    Entire organization gets an “F”.
    Why are my friends and neighbors getting their papers delivered and not my paid subscription?

  22. I called around 10 am and said I had not received the newspaper . It is now 654 pm Nov 7 2015 and still no paper. I was told the paper would be delivered in about 90 minutes. I can see why the Register is filing bankruptcy.

  23. Horrible customer service. Paper not delivered at all this morning. Can’t reach customer service. OC register just doesn’t care. Cancelling subscription. Print is becoming a thing of the past; you’d think they would try to provide at least adequate deliveries but I’m getting tired of trying to reach them and this is the 3rd wk in a row I’ve had to call to report no delivery of my paper.

  24. No paper 3 sundays in a row! When do you expect delivery problem to be fixed? I spend 30 to 40 minutes every Sunday trying to get paper! Would really appreciate some help! Thank you

  25. I cancelled my paper the middle of November, yet I keep getting bills for the month of December. I cannot afford your prices anymore. Please take care of this.

  26. I have been calling the paper for two days trying to tell you that I have not received my TV Times Program Magazine for the last two Sundays. Please be aware that I am annoyed that I can’t get through on the phone. Please take care of the problem.

  27. missing newspaper delivery ever since you went back to previous carrier late last year..missed 3-days delivery,called customer service the following day requested sunday paper be delivered and credit for all missed deliveries..didnt appear to get the credits,since the bills months prior and following months bill due days and price didnt stops on days,especially rainy sundays, half the time papers are under the car,called customer service, left my telephone and account numbers but response was there was no data…would someone there correct the problems..this is my account number 14016966

  28. Sat 3-2-2016. I called around 8:30 this morning to report not receiving my morning
    paper. It is now 10:50 and no paper. This happens every weekend with the Sat and especially the Sunday paper delivered around 8:00, which is not acceptable.
    What gives with the weekend deliveries.
    A. Gram

  29. On a number of occasions I have called regarding a problem with the paper; mostly that a sections of the paper have been omitted. Unfortunately that situation is not one of your menu choices therefore I have indicated it has not been delivered.

    I recommend that the your choices be modified so that problem doesn’t reflect on the delivery person.

  30. I think you should check your quality control on deliveries. The last example: a couple of weeks ago I put in a vacation hold. I return a week later to find all 7 days of papers stacked up. (about here I would think the delivery person would consider to check why) Since my return I have missed the next three days. I called in today to have a paper delivered, we will see because in the past when this has happened no paper has ever been delivered.

  31. I have tried four times to call at the # 1-877/627-7009, three times to be told
    the # is no longer in service and the other time to be put on hold and then
    disconnected. Please cancel my subscription on my expiration date of

  32. I have read all the terrible comments people have written in and told you about your newspaper. I couldn’t agree more. We were called and asked how we liked the newspaper and then told to call a certain number and tell a person. The number that was given never answered. I am not going to waste my time getting your paper. So, please don’t bother calling me or e-mailing me about your wonderful paper. We haven’t had a paper for a year; mainly because your service is so “lousy”.

  33. In the last year, there have been seven vacation holds put on the oc register. Not once was it actually stopped. In the meantime, I returned home to papers in the driveway. The neighbors who sometimes pick them up have ultimately kept them. Seven times, I have called, emailed, complained and nothing helped. At least everyone knows when I am not home. I am calling now to cancel.

  34. So disappointed you have decided not to include Wonder Words in your daily paper. I have enjoyed working it for years and will miss it.
    Do not like the new page at all with all the small print.
    Please reconsider.
    Thank you.
    Melvina Westfall

    • Wow ! 6 weeks and their carrier still delivers the Sunday paper on Monday ? Phone Reps are impossible to reach same day. Guess they can not afford ” live ” Customer service. Email replies seem to just give the same ” sorry bout that ” attitude. Will not issue a refund, guess I should have given it to a beggar in front of the corner “number” conv. store instead ?

  35. Tried to find where to put a hold on my paper while I am on vacation and was unable to find a place that worked.

  36. We did not get our paper today. I called all of the numbers on your web site but none were working numbers. We would like to get today’s paper.

  37. Sorry, I found the paper. No problem. My husband brought it in. You do have to fix your phone numbers on the web tho. None worked\

  38. I’m waiting for my paper to be delivered. It is now 7:43 a.m. Tried calling the Register, the line was busy, so I assume other people haven’t received their paper either. I get up at 5:30 a.m. and previously my paper was always in my driveway, but lately delivery has been very bad and I have no idea when the paper will be delivered. I sincerely hope that you can correct this problem, if not I will cancel and go to the Times.

  39. Our daily paper delivery has been late the past 3 Months. Due to the phones being busy, I cannot leave a message noting this. Before it being late, our neighborhood was complaining about the paper being thrown under our cars parked in the driveway. I don’t want to be petty, but it is a nuisance to have to retrieve the paper from underneath your vehicle. Thank you for your assistance.

  40. Since we returned home after a weekend away, our service has been horrible. Our papers are suppose to be left on our porch and they are left in the driveway and in the gutter. Both Sunday papers the past two weeks have been totally soaked. I called and another paper was never delivered. If this is not corrected in the next two days, we will cancel our paper for GOOD!!!!

  41. I was promised that my subscription pricr would always stay at $19.12. My new bill raised it to $23.43. I cannot afford to continue at the new price.

  42. It took me about 8 times to Google the OC Register’s phone numbers. The 4 phone numbers that finally came up were worthless. The first was someone in India, the 2nd number was an incorrect number; the 3rd and 4th number didn’t work either.
    How do you expect to have business when one can’t contact you? I was suppose to be getting the OC Register on Sundays only and gave my credit care number to take advantage of the $10/mo for 6 months deal that was offered to me. Yet, I have never received the Sunday paper since providing my credit card.

  43. I have been trying to get in touch with someone to hold my delivery until October 1 and instead keep getting “special offers” that I am not interested in. It tells me to press the # sign if I’m not interested and when I do I am disconnected. I am very frustrated and am considering cancelling altogether. Please stop the offers!

  44. I was promised that my statement would always remain at $19.12, and now they are billing me for $23.43. I cannot afford this new price.

    Gladys Shaffer

  45. ER DELIVERY PERSON THROW THE NEWSPAPER ON OUR FRONT DOOR DOORMAT! We are an elderly couple & we have a problem walking up our driveway looking for the paper or walking up the steps.

    You must have hired a new delivery person, because in the past, our paper was right on our doormat.

    P.S. You just raised our rates…!!! We would like better service!

    Thank you,
    The Scheffler

  46. I have tried several times to get thru to find out where my paper is. this is the 2nd week with no delivery. . I am disgusted!!I only have the sunday one delivered.

  47. I am going to cancel my subscription to the Orange County Register because your editors and opinion writers don’t seem to have their eyes open. Donald Trump is so obviously incompetent, unstable and incapable of holding the office of POTUS that he’s dangerous. Your handling of the book Fire and Fury demonstrated an inability to affirm Trump’s idiocy, narcissism and childlike behavior. I know you must have readers who still support Trump and apparently you feel a need to curry favor with them. By doing so you have given way to vice over virtue.

  48. Last time i will bother with the register newspaper , bad service , no customer # that will answer and on line is a joke

  49. Not only do you refuse to publish any of the multitude of “letters” I have sent you concerning important issues, you continue to publish “letters” of such limited and ludicrous subjects that it seems you simply throw darts to select which letters to print. You have now disconnected all your phone lines so I cannot call to report a missed paper delivery today.
    Your paper has become so boring and lacking interest—while really only concerned with sports, that I have no reason to subscribe any more. Cancel my subscription as of yesterday (7/9/2018).
    Amazing how your paper has gone down hill over the years. What a shame since I’ve subscribed for 70 years, since I was 12 years old and delivered what used to be a great newspaper. but then I guess that’s why you go through Publishers like water though a sieve.
    Well, the Times has finally won out over you—and it’s for the best, since you certainly have no ability to publish a worthwhile paper any more.

  50. I’m a Summer subscribe and attempted to reregister for 2 months. I spent 15 mins explaining my situation to someone from India and finally gave up. I gave him my credit card number and address along with the number of weeks I wanted the delivery. I couldn’t understand a word he was saying. I finally hung up.
    I also spoke to someone online and explained that I didn’t want the paper for 26 weeks and he said I could take it for 13 weeks for $32.50 and I had to go back to the rate page, which I did, but couldn’t find the 13 week rate anywhere? I have problems every Year subscribing to the Register.
    There must be and easier way to restart my subscription.
    If some one who speaks English could give me a call I really would like to restart the Register.
    My phone number is 760 6102708.

  51. What customer service? I’m not receiving my newspaper on a regular basis and I am sick and tired of it. I will not be renewing my subscription when it is up because of your awful service!

  52. What a joke of a company! Called to change my visa number since my bank said it might have been compermised. Well after hearing numerous options a recording said I could choose to be called back in the order it was received. There must if been over a hundred people ahead of me because I was never called back. So if you want my new information to get paid I suggest you call me because I am done!!

  53. I have been receiving the OC Register for years!

    Since the newspaper changed hands – not only did the rates go way up – the delivering is unreal – the paper volume has become less and less!

    Today, 12/15/18 – it is 8:52 AM and I still have not received the paper. When do they think we want to read the morning paper??? For dinner??

    I am seriously considering canceling it – it is a pain EVERY DAY, every day. Forget the 6:00 AM delivery during the week and 7:00 AM on the weekend!

    I called again this morning!

  54. We still have not received our paper and it is 9am!!! Our neighbor received his – but AGAIN we die not receive our paper! When we do get a paper it comes after 8:30!typically —– what happened to paper coming at 6:30! We are so frustrated with your service – no wonder readership is nearly gone!

  55. Still waiting for today’s paper. I guess I shouldn’t have tipped the register
    delivery boy at Christmas. All my attempts to reach the Register by phone
    have been futile. Can’t get through to a person, just had to listen to them
    try to sell me an alarm to wear around my neck for free. I just want a paper,
    is there anyone there at the Register Customer Service department?

  56. Customer service is extremely poor. Requests for help in getting refund and making sure service has been discontinued have been ignored or false information given. Cannot understand recent phone contact. Unclear and muddled. 9 phone calls and different info given each time.

  57. Very poor customer service. Trying to cancel service and get refund that I was promised. Different answer each time. Don’t want paper delivered again. Phone quality poor. Last 3 times I couldn’t understand a word. Do not charge me for this horrible service. Have been lied to or just poor quality service

  58. Several sections of today’s (9/29) Register were missing. I spoke to your service center at 10:00 am and was told a replacement pair would be delivered. It is now 1:30 pm and the paper hasn’t been delivered.


  60. Shady billing practices, never get even close to the same renewal price,always defaults to the highest renewal price, unless you call and negotiate. No way to treat current and long term customers. I and all friends and family members are cancelling our accounts!

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