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Contacting OptumRx Customer Service Center

OptumRx is a pharmacy that specializes in mail order prescriptions. More than 13 million people order prescriptions through the company. OptumRx works to provide the best customer service by partnering with about 67,000 pharmacies across the United States. There are programs for traditional mail order prescriptions, Medicare and Medicare Advantage.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

The OptumRx customer service department offers customers dedicated phone lines for traditional mail order and Medicare programs. There is also a number customers can use to speak directly with a pharmacist. Pharmacists, and all other customer service representatives, are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

  • Mail Order: 1-800-788-4863
  • Mail Order (Hearing Impaired): 1-800-498-5428
  • Medicare Prescriptions: 1-877-889-5802
  • Medicare Prescriptions (Hearing Impaired): 1-866-394-7218
  • Medicare Advantage Prescriptions: 1-877-889-6358
  • Medicare Advantage Prescriptions (Hearing Impaired): 1-800-498-5298
  • Prior Authorization: 1-800-711-4555 opt 2
  • Pharmacists: 1-800-788-4863
  • Pharmacists (Hearing Impaired): 1-800-498-5298

Mailing Address

When writing to OptumRx customer service, you can choose to write to the customer service department or the corporate office. The physical address is for the corporate office.

OptumRx P.O. Attn: Customer Service P.O. Box 509075 San Diego, CA 92150


OptumRx Attn: Customer Service 2300 Main St. Irvine, CA 92614

Official Website

We found the official website for OptumRx at If you have an account with the company you can log in directly from the front page of the website. If you do not have an account you can learn more about OptumRx by taking the video tour at

Social Media

Twitter is the only active social media connection between OptumRx and customers. You can leave your name and phone number with the company via direct message and a representative will return your call.

Customer Service Email

The contact form for OptumRx customer service is perfect for asking general questions. Never ask for medical advice via email, mail, phone or social media as OptumRx is not able to provide medical advice. If you need assistance with your prescription or if you have questions about a medication, call the pharmacist directly.

Our Experience

We gave the mail order division of the OptumRx customer service department a call. You can wait on the line to hear all of the voice-activated options or press 0 to skip the options. You will need to press 1 if you are a member. Press 0 again when voice asks for the patient’s date of birth. It took nearly 1:30 to transfer the call to a customer service representative, but the call was answered almost immediately.

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61 Comments on “Contact Optumrx Customer Service
  1. The new law on controlled substance is making it real difficult for the doctors, providers and the honest users who need them. Mainly older people who have pain that can not be controlled any other way and need the pain control drugs to live with less pain in the last few years of their life. They will live within the laws and not abuse the use of these drugs. It hurts all we honest people and will only push the abusers into illegal ways to get the drugs or into more powerful illegal drugs.—-I ask all the powerful drug companies, providers and doctors to form a coalition to demand the politicians change this stupid law and instead pass laws to zero in on the abusers or instead employ more “narcs” and enforce the current laws.—This is a costly time consuming paper bloater political ploy to try to make people believe the politicians are really being tough when it does nothing but make it tough on the honest people. If you let them know you will not fund their campaigns if they don’t repeal this law you will get their attention. You have permission to use this letter with the AMA and the pharmaceuticals. Signed an 86 year old man who id dealing with spinal and joint issues that the doctors say medication is the only way to control the pain.—-Harold walter


    • The faxed information you receive should have the address information on the specific patient related to the information received. Send the information to the particular patient with a note on how you received the information and how often you receive it. They can them report a HIPPA violation to the Federal government.

  3. Two weeks ago my Dr. ordered my meds ,Bystolic and Crestor and I never received them. I called and the answer was they had a problem with charging on my credit card,tried to call,was unsuccessful and aborted the transaction.
    I pay the balance every month so I don`t understand that but they could have e-mailed me.Now in order to continue my meds I have to order overnight delivery and am charged over $12.00.I have been using mail order for years and never had a problem till now.

  4. Once they have your information you have no access to make changes.

    Wanted to delete my old FSA card. You are not allowed to delete. Additions are allowed.

    Would like to stop automatic refills? That isn’t allowed on the site.

    Want to call – The website does not provide a number nor email address. Only a mailing address.

    New prescription arrived 12 days after it was received. No preauthorization needed for a previous drug.

    I understand cost containment but this is holding customers hostage.

  5. Ref order no.169346754-1
    This order was placed online on October 22 with a 2-day delivery premium. To date this order has not been received. Please correct this situation and refund my express shipping charges.

  6. As a new customer I am not happy with the way I was handle.
    I reeived a call about some med’s to be shipped, I gave the person the information that she asked for. I told her that I was in the middle of dinner can I call back. She said yes. When I called back the person who answered said that she didn’t know what I was talking about. I gave her all the information she asked for, I was told by my pharmacy that they gave you all the info when they called. Now I was told that they have no record of them calling. I am not very happy,and you came recommend by my insurance co, United Health care,
    Thank you Leon Schwartz

  7. Lost my Doctor of 5 years due to optimums ineptness. It was taking 3-4 weeks to receive my meds thru the mail. I thought my Doctors office was just taking their sweet time ordering the meds. We argued and terminated our relationship. Turns out optimum was taking its sweet time failing month after month to bill the credit card I had on file with them.
    If you want to risk not getting your meds on time and not trusting your Doctor then I highly recommend optimumrx.

  8. Lost my Doctor of 5 years due to optimums ineptness. It was taking 3-4 weeks to receive my meds thru the mail. I thought my Doctors office was just taking their sweet time ordering the meds. We argued and terminated our relationship. Turns out optimum was taking its sweet time failing month after month to bill the credit card I had on file with them.
    If you want to risk not getting your meds on time and not trusting your Doctor then I highly recommend optimumrx

  9. I telephoned and asked for a receipt for the copay of $1,839.83 & the girl told me. .no problem. …
    Well I received an invoice which only showed the amount and name of the medicine but no dollar amount at all in the charge/or payment column. Whst good is that to me? How stupid can a person be? I hope she’s not the person that is filling prescriptions and even scarier if she works in the accounting department. All I want is a receipt showing what I purchased and how much my co-pay was and what I paid. Is that so difficult. Extremely annoying!

  10. Your website is horrible, I cannot get on! It was down for three days and does not work today. You have sent an order WHICH I DID. NOT REQUEST to one-time address I have given you. And you hAve at least one rep who argued with me that my order directly. From the doctor had arrived but, yet, the order had not been placed. And, every order takes five days before you begin to work on it.

    I do not know what you have sent to that one-time address and I am far away from there.

  11. I have tried calling OptumRx on their listed numbers and there is no answer. I have been dialing over an hour. I called telephone operator for assistance to make sure the numbers are correct. Again there is no answer.
    Is this a sham company????

  12. I sent my mail order RX form on March 3 2016 to avoid the rush during the conversion from Walgreens to Optumrx. Your company called concerning an RX refill–I returned the call and was put on hold for 10minutes. I finally was able to speak with a representative-Berta who was not sure why I was calling–the entire auto fill was not a cut and dried deal-only two of my drugs had transfered-I was told that I would have to check status online etc etc. I have now been on the phone for 35 minutes-per Berta auto fill should be in place and good to go-but no-two of my drugs must be called in again Wow-that was a process, especially since I had sent all my paperwork in on March 3? Berta was trying to be helpful.

  13. I have been on the phone for approx. 1 hour to get some meds ordered and check status. the computer says I have 8 prescriptions, I do not need them all but I cannot tell anyone because I can’t tell your computer. I cannot get thru to a human to explain, if this is what OPTUMRX is going to do then I will find another source for my meds

  14. I recently sent your printed refill form for a physician or other authorized person to sign and mail back to you. This time it was for Flonase prescribed by Claire Widen FNP with Mountain Sleep and Diagnostic Center. When I didn’t receive the Rx I called Optum yesterday to check on it. I was told that an effort to contact the FNP had been made 3 times with no response. Why are you trying to do that over a Rx I’ve been on for years from that prescriber? I need my med,

    This is the second time this problem has occurred with that refill form for the MD to sign and mail. The other time was for a heart med for my husband prescribed by Ali Cosgrove FNP. Same answer as above. That was never resolved. Finally got needed med from K Mart.

    I will never use that refill form again and right now I’m not a happy customer..


  15. This company has been HELL to work with.

    I have a chronically ill child, one who makes OptumRx a LOT of money since she is on 15 different medications. And they keep screwing with me on these.

    They tell me I need a pre-auth for her seizure medications to get a 90 day supply. I do that and then I get some new BS answer as to why I can’t. They kept sending me 18 day supplies, which were annoying, but at least they weren’t charging me the full co-pay for not even a 1/4 of the supply.

    Well, got ONE 90 day supply after talking my way up the corporate ladder AND getting my work rep involved and now we’re back to the 18 day supply, but now I’m also getting charged the FULL copay amount–I’d get more from my pharmacy because at least there I’d get 30 days!

    The only thing I can say about OptumRx is that their customer service reps are SUPER nice, VERY understanding and REALLY do try to help you. Considering I’ve had to argue with this company at LEAST a dozen times since we got forced into using them 18 months ago, I feel like I know what their customer service is like. I think I only had one bad one, who I was arguing with for over an hour and actually had me screaming at him because he wouldn’t let me talk.

    They are the only reason I gave 3 stars because otherwise, it’d be negative 5.

  16. I want to praise and thank your service operator referred to me name of –Phobe–she was fabulous –lowered my blood pressure about an e-mail I had receive from you about an order–cleared it up–found the way through the mess and helped me enormously—went I think beyond what anyone else there would do–thumbs up for PHOE
    a satisfied customerBE!!!

  17. Completely useless. You all have the worst customer service. I have requested a printout of expenses for 2016 for tax purposes. I have waiting 4 weeks, called 3 times and still no expense report. I have to reschedule a tax appointment because of your incompetence.

  18. I am having difficulty signing in. When I do get in, I am directed to someone else’s account! I am using my correct username and password. Don’t understand why this is happening!

  19. I have tried to order a refill for nitroglycerin patches. You website shows a cost of $89.99. it shows my insurance pays $89.99 and I pay nothing. When I tried to place a refill order, you wanted to charge my card for 300.+. I called your customer service rep and he told me the price of these patches went up from $89.99 to over $3000.00 to cram me into the donut hole. Some one is nuts and it isn’t me.

  20. I got a new credit card and I have been looking to change it ,so that the next time I need to order prescriptions there will be no delay. Where do you go to change it ??

  21. I don’t know my user name and password. I don’t text. I try to e-mail. I’m told my user name is RONHAAS but I can’t retrieve my password from you. I’ve tried various ways to get your phone number. You tell me to look at the back of my OPTUMrx card but I’ve never received one.

    Please go back to Catamrran. Optun rx is a pain you know where!!!!!

    Ron Haas

  22. It is very difficult to navigate your website and the customer service phone numbers. It goes around in circles. And I cannot tell if my needs have gone through.

  23. I had the most horrible experience I have ever had with a company that I am unfortunately forced to do business with. My provider wrote a high-dose Vitamin D for me and I asked OptumRX mailorder to fill it via the website. I got a recorded call later stating it was urgent I call. I called and no one knew why OptumRx was calling me. They said the Vitamin D order had been canceled though. So I agreed to pay and order via phone. It was done, my bank account was debited. i got a confirming email stating it was mailed the next day, then I got another recorded call saying it was urgent I call. Again my order had been canceled and now I was quoter a lesser amount for the medication and charged it again and told that whoever canceled the first order did it wrong so I would not get credit back. The supervisor put in ticket to correct billing and I was assured that this vitamin and the 7 other meds that had been on the original request would now be filled. I authorized payment to the card on file. Sunday I got another recorded call saying it was urgent I call. The Vitamin D had been canceled again and you need authorization (4th time) to fill the other medications too. I spoke to Toni B. who said she was in the escalations department. She was extremely rude and kept over talking me and interrupting me. I told her I was going to contact the corporate offices to file a complaint, and she told me that was fine and gave me the number with the same attitude. The number she gave me is 866-308-6296, a fax line. I finally have my medications and the Vitamin D arrived today (Friday).
    Your people do not have a clue what they are doing. Your call tree makes it impossible to return a call to whatever team is calling you. They give you the main number and a case # which no one seems able to find in the system. The escalation manager treats you horribly. I don’t expect anyone to even try to make me a happy customer. I will be spending about $8000.00 out of pocket in 2018 to some pharmacy, it may not be yours even if I have to pay more to go to the local pharmacy.

  24. we work really hard to make everything go as smoothly as possible. Sometimes it does not work for everyone. Just understand that when it works it works great! New health care laws, changes in plans, new medications, it’s overwhelming so as a member and a worker give us a chance to work with you and the changes in your life. We are kind and courteous people who truly just want to help you get your medications.

  25. I have been on hold for some time trying to reach a live person. A person by the name of Judy came on the line. She said she could not hear me and to call back again. My problem is, I am not signed up with OPTUMRX, have never received medications and just received a notice about the Combigan. I get this from another source and do not want an order shipped to me.

    Been doing business with Optum for several years and I have really have been lucky with really no major headaches until now.On Feb 9th I went to my pain mgmt. doctor, went through my exam, got my prescriptions and sent them an hour later 2nd day air. Optum received my scripts on Monday Feb 12th which I confirmed with the post office. On Feb 13th I get a call from customer service informing me that they don’t have my glaucoma eyedrops in stock and won’t have them until March. No big deal. I have enough of that medicine to get by. Here’s where everything went downhill. I asked the rep if they received my scripts and she said yes. She told me the cost of the scripts, $1375.00 which is what I was expecting. I asked her when do they want payment for the medicine and quote on quote she said not for a couple of days because they have to process the scripts. I go online Feb 14th only to see that my scripts were being held up due to them undercharging me 50 cents. They are worried about 50 cents with a client they have had for years and no problems with. I call them up and customer service was useless. They couldn’t resolve the issue. The site was telling me that I had to click on a button to authorize a new charge. Stupid me. I thought it was for 50 cents. Nope. The charged me another $1375 and change. So now they had close in excess of $2700 in charges. By the way they couldn’t tell me when I was going to receive my medicine. I was absolutely furious but I did the best I could to control my temper. Remember this entire screwup is over 50 cents. It’s really due to the incompetency of a few individuals. However I am not done yet. I get text last night Feb 15th that my meds were sent and would have them today Feb 16th. I said to myself ok it’s been taken care of. The extra charge will drop off my card in a few days and I will have my medicine. However what I am about to say what happened next you couldn’t even think this one up if you tried. Instead of sending the package to my home address they sent it to themselves. I went online this morning looking for an update through the tracking number and it stated that it was signed for by an individual at the company. I called them immediately and they couldn’t explain why or how something like this happened. I got an attitude from some lady when I asked for the corporate number so I could file a complaint. Totally unprofessional. They said that they were going to open an investigation as to how this happened. It’s very simple. It’s INCOMPETENCY!! When it comes to mail order meds I always thought Optum was the best but after this experience my confidence is questionable. My run out of meds date is coming up shortly and the meds in this package are not the type you want to run out of.

    • Although I was given a difficult time during this bad experience which is rare with this company I will say here what I say to them over the phone. I would rather do business with OptumRX than my local pharmacy. I have never had a problem like this with them before and their service up until now has been flawless. I received my meds when expected as usual. The extra charge dropped off as i said it would and will chalk this one horrendous transaction as just a bad experience. All is forgotten and to anyone whom reads this OptumRx is really the best mail order pharmacy out there today!!No ifs ands or buts!!!

  27. I have tried at least six (6) times to have an itemized list of how much I have PUT OUno customer service T OF POCKET expenses incurred by me since the first of January until the present (18 June) and I still get statements that I owe nothing. This IS NOT what I need. I am repeating I need to have a list of HOW MUCH OUT OF POCKET expenses I submitted.
    Off subject, but I called three times today asking the same question. One of your customer service representatives hung up on me, another said I need to contact my medical insurance provider and the third had the nerve to ask “what do you need it for?” All three (3) have service skills.

  28. They send out meds that have been recalled.Do not inform clients they have sent tainted meds. When questioned, they admit they sent the tainted meds and my options are to continue taking destroy or return. What about sending untainted meds to replace the tainted meds. They cannot do that. Would prefer to have people taking tainted meds. Will not use again and will make sure everybody and every place I can tell this to hears, as well as attorney.

    • Most annoying company, constantly calls me. I don’t want your services. Yes I am now 65 yrs old and will choose for myself who I want to work with, and it WON’T BE OPTUM RX!

  29. I have tried repeatedly to have my prescriptions filled by Optum RX, but you keep insisting that you cannot receive prescriptions from my doctor’s office. My doctor has sent prescriptions to various local pharmacies with no difficulty whatsoever, yet when he tries to send them to your pharmacy, you insist you never receive them. When I contacted your customer service department, I was told that since you can’t receive prescriptions from my doctor’s office electronically, I would have to have the doctor hand write the prescriptions and hand deliver them to you. I’m sorry, but I don’t have the time and resources to drive the 2,078 miles from my house to your office in Irvine, CA. Nor do I think my doctor and I should have to go to such extraordinary lengths just to get a prescription filled. Since you lack either the will or the technology to receive prescriptions from my doctor, I would greatly appreciate it if you would quit sending me letters telling me how much money I can save by getting my prescriptions filled by you!

  30. I did not request this service but was continuously harassed by phone calls and never given an option to end them, I am furious. I am currently looking for a legal method to go after this companies owners. I am furious. this is not a good service. they are harassing me for people I don’t even have as insurance and have not had in two years.

  31. This is crazy how many people it takes to remove my number from this system, it should be an option immediately upon the first call

  32. After forty minutes of trying to get my name off their call list….I am still on hold Useless bad waste of a company

  33. Wow while I am on hold waiting to be removed I am reading that multiple people have an insane amount of problems with this company….why is it they are allowed to operate?

  34. This has got to be the worst company in the history of companies ever……I should not even be on their call list, but get harassed endlessly.

  35. Does this company even read the comments made, people hate you. You service seems to be crap and I have been on hold forever multiple times only to have my call dropped…..over and over and over and over. I am contacting an attorney, I will file a legal suit.

  36. I cannot get on your SITE to reorder, or see what medicine I need to refill.
    I also cannot find the SITE.
    What is the Site name? OPTUM RX, or WHAT?
    There is a LOT of OPTUM sites.


  37. For over 3years I have been calling in to OptumRx to efill my prescriptions, now you have changed the way you do things, it is hard for a 92 year old person to change their habits, now one doesn’t know how to answer the questions asked

    Pleasetry to make it simplefor people to order their refills
    Thank you
    Eugene Kraszeski

  38. my Dr called in prescription on nov 1 2018 I have been taking this same medication for years. It is now nov 5 and the pharmacist is still reviewing. what is the reason to review for five days now. I guess it is not to important to them that I have in my hand a medication that I need to take

  39. I recently needed help getting a refund check reissued for my mother. Your customer service rep. Lenise, went above and beyond any recent experience I have had with any other customer service rep ever. OUTSTANDING. Unfortunately when she transferred me to the survey I got disconnected. The case reference was 3143701. She would get tens in all categories.

  40. What is happening? First valsartan recalled, then losartan now irbesartan. I just got this filled and received it yesterday. This is scarey. Shouldn’t you inform us before the prescription gets filled.and you waste our money?

  41. I called two or three times inquiring about my prescriptions. I was told my order would be here on Friday. It wasn’t. I called again and was told it would be here today (Saturday) – it wasn’t. My doctor ordered the two prescriptions on Wednesday December 19th at about 10:30 AM and today is the 29th.. I need my high blood pressure medication. Being a weekend, the doctor is not available and I do not have a prescription to get some pills to tide me over. It seems incredible that I do not have my meds. I am not happy at all. The holiday was only one day so it seems that the service is horrible not the mail. If anything happens to me, I have instructed my husband to follow up on this situation and do whatever he needs to. IF THE MEDS ARRIVE ON MONDAY, THAT’S ALMOST TWO WEEKS. . . . that’s not acceptable.

  42. This company is the epitome of everything wrong with healthcare in the US today. This is NOT patient-centered AT ALL. Notice how there are no customer service, reimbursement, claims dept. phone numbers available. Only for ordering/starting service with them. That should be a huge RED FLAG for anyone (on top of a mountain of awful reviews online). I wish my employer wasn’t so cheap to use this complete garbage company (and sadly, I work at a hospital). Pre-Authorizations are a joke. They provide no service, delay care, and undermine the medical community. I see my doctor because I trust her and her MEDICAL LICENSE. I don’t need some call-center stooge delaying care and acting like they know anything about healthcare, even though I leave them stumped constantly when inquiring about their practices. DO NOT USE THEM IF YOU CAN AVOID IT!! THEY ARE A PLAGUE IN THE AMERICAN HEALTHCARE SYSTEM!!!

  43. I opted out of your services. I also think you all owe me some money. I didn’t use your services at all thank you diane franklin

  44. Used to be able to get the USPS tracking number when checking into the Rx order. That doesn’t seem to be available any more but instead the results are integrated in the order status. I’d really much prefer being able to get the USPS tracking number as I can get more details including pretty immediate notification of delivery.

  45. Not impressed. We just transferred over and immediately OptumRx decreased both my son and daughter’s pain medication. Literally cut my daughter’s in half. If that is not malpractice I do not know what is. My daughter finally was at a point she was going to start school, now because she is not medically stable and in pain she cannot. Shame on you. You are NOT a physician. You should NOT be making these decisions. If going by CDC guidelines that is ALL there is. Other diseases besides cancer are painful. I am disgusted by your agency. My kids will end up in the hospital and what you have done is highly dangerous!

  46. I am somewhat frustrated because I can’t get OptumRx to understand that Dr. Colleen Sam is no longer my PCP and haven’t been since 07/2019. It would appear that almost every time my prescriptions comes up for renewals, OptumRx reaches out to Dr. Sams office, which rejects the renewals. NOTE: Dr. Sam is longer with the clinic. What will it take to get this situation rectified?

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