Contact Old Navy Visa Customer Service

Contacting Old Navy Visa Customer Service Center

Old Navy is one of the most popular clothing sites for young adults and mature teens. The company focuses marketing on these two genres, but there are clothes ranging in size from infant to plus size adult. The Old Navy Visa card is issued by GE Money. The GE Money company is not affiliated with Old Navy in any way other than financing credit cards with the Old Navy logo and branding. When you apply for credit for Old Navy, you are applying for the store and Visa card at the same time. The Visa card allows customers to spend money outside of Old Navy using the card, but the store card limits purchases to Old Navy.

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Contact Info:

You can contact Old Navy and Old Navy Visa separately. We’ve included both contacts so you can find the best resolution for your situation. Old Navy Visa does not issue credits for returned merchandise until prompted by Old Navy retail to do so. This is another reason it is important to have both forms of contact.

Phone Contact Numbers

  • Old Navy Visa: 1-877-222-6868
  • Old Navy Customer Service: 1-800-653-6289

Mailing Address

Old Navy Visa customer service is provided by the card issuer, which is GE Money. The mailing address for GE Money is:

GE Money Credit CardsAttn: Old Navy Visa CardPO Box 981284El Paso, TX 79998

Official Website

The best official website for Old Navy Visa is This is the page of the Old Navy retail site that explains the credit card rewards and benefits. If you want a more detailed page about the credit terms and conditions, visit This is the application page for the Old Navy Visa card.

Customer Service Email

There is no email address for Old Navy Visa customer service. There is a general email for Old Navy customers, but if you use this email address to contact a representative about your Visa account you will not receive the response you are looking for. Old Navy representatives do NOT have access to Visa card account details.

Old Navy Customer Support (store):

Our Experience

Similar to any other credit card company, customers must endure a lengthy automated system before having the ability to communicate with an actual customer service agent. We waited for more than 5 minutes before a customer scare agent answered the call. After they answered the call, we asked for information relating to payment assistance programs.

The agent provided the following services provided by Old Navy Visa:

  • Adjust the due date
  • Interest-only payments
  • Principal-only payments

Each of the programs has its own set of requirements and the agent explained approval depends on the standing of your account. The final piece of advice offered included contacting the customer service department prior to a late payment.

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11 Comments on “Contact Old Navy Visa Customer Service
  1. Customer service in the Credit card dept. Need to be better trained and to communicate better with the customers.

  2. I have not received my old navy Visa card. It’s been well over a month. I just want to know the status on the card. Thank you.

  3. On 5/15 I accidentally picked the wrong act # to pay bill on cell phone I couldn’t see #’s and it was not paid. I immediately corrected this. Since then they take
    The Money from my bank & hold it for 7-10 days b4 crediting my acct! I called c/s & a mgr and they were horrible !!!!
    Did not care at all and could not help me. To all humans don’t make a mistake as they will hold your hard earned money. great way to keep customers.

  4. Hiiii I m sorry to say your customer service worst tat I ever see In my life you guys are nt giving my rewards mony back as I m spendind money more tan wat I receiving my rewards in my mail……coustomer service people never responce nicelyy n cooperate im goona cancle my card tell my friends also kw

  5. Worst service ever!!! Not one serves rep could give me an accurate answer. An over pymt was made to my account and I asked for the money back and I was told I needed to prove it. Hello you have it right infant of you! you can see how much was over paid!!! 5 phone calls and still not received the full pymt!!!!

  6. The worst customer service ever. End of story the reward are near impoasssible to use and they don’t care about how much business you give them.

  7. How dare you lower my credit limit when I have been making my payments on time. You do some damn audit and decide to lower my limit and I have been busting my ass to keep this card paid I’m not working been unemployed for 3 months but still managed to pay you all and you lower my limit because my credit has took a hit due to being unemployed again still making you a priority to pay but you wanna kick a person when there down the hell with you old navy you can kiss my ass

  8. Old Navy changed my account number when I reached “Navist” status and I didn’t realize this so when I made my payment via my online bill pay, I made a payment to the wrong account number. I had to CALL to get the payment transferred to the correct account number. The representative said they do not forward payments automatically to the correct account and if customers don’t catch and correct this error, Old Navy Visa just keeps the money… they do not even return or notify the customer. SO, don’t make payments on closed accounts unless you want to donate to this conglomerate.

  9. You did not offer me your visa card for what ever, I’m sending you
    this message. I’m no crank and think I’m fair .
    Dear Robert Crabbe,

    We’re happy to let you know we have increased your credit line.

    Your new credit line is $9,900, of which $2,500 is available as Cash.

    This new credit line is due to your overall excellent credit management and is available for you to use in whatever way is best for you.

    You can check your available credit at or on the Discover mobile app. You can also call the number on the back of your card to reach our 100% U.S.-based service team with any questions, any time.

    As always, thank you for choosing Discover.

  10. Please discontinue my Old Navy Visa card # ending in 4631
    I cannot pay my bill in store and I do not shop at Old Navy much anymore.
    Thank you

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