Contact Old Navy Customer Service

Contacting Old Navy Customer Service Center

Old Navy is a neutral clothing and accessories brand that fits middle-income shoppers of all ages and styles. The company has grown popular with people in their 20s and 30s with children. Many of the television ads run by the company appeal to this demographic. Old Navy operates online and offline. Other stores in the Old Navy family include Gap, Banana Republic and Piperlime.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

If you need to contact Old Navy customer service, you can call the toll-free customer service line.

  • Customer Service: 1-800-653-6289
  • Customer Service TTY: 1-800-449-4253
  • International Customer Service: 1-614-744-3908
  • Old Navy Credit Card: 1-877-222-6868
  • Old Navy Visa: 1-866-450-5294

Mailing Address

There are two mailing addresses customers can choose from. The first is applicable for online purchases and customer service. The second is for store purchases and customer service.

Old Navy Online 200 Old Navy Ln. Grove City, OH 43123-8605

Old Navy Customer Relations200 Old Navy Ln. Grove City, OH 43123-8605

Neither of these addresses should be used to return merchandise. There is a dedicated return address listed on the return label. That is the only address customers should use to return products.

Official Website

Visit for all your Old Navy customer service needs. The customer service page offers detailed FAQs on Order Follow-Up, Tech Issues, Merchandise Problems and Store Feedback. You can also learn more about online exchanges and how to return items you purchased from the website. Store items are typically returned in-store.

Customer Service Email

Agents are available via customer service via You can choose from multiple contact topics to improve the customer service response. Routing your email to the right department saves Old Navy and the customer time as the customer receives the right answer the first time and no time is lost transferring the email from one department to the next. Use a valid email account when sending your email to ensure you receive the response from Old Navy customer service.

Our Experience

Our Old Navy customer service experience was simple. We pressed 0 as soon as the automated response started and we were transferred to the customer service line. We were placed on hold for 2:19 before an agent answered the call. We asked if we could use Old Navy coupon codes with merchandise purchased from the Everyday Steals items. Coupon codes are not allowed with these purchases. However, she mentioned that all orders over $50 received free shopping no matter what department the merchandise was ordered from.

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96 Comments on “Contact Old Navy Customer Service
  1. My package don’t come to my house, I don’t speak ingles, but I want know, where is my package? the # order is 17114WD. THANKS

  2. Please remove my name from your mailing list. I no longer live at 6004 Powells Landing Rd, Burke, VA 22015

    Thank You

  3. tried to get my response on credit application and it says you are experiencing difficulties tried to call customer service and all i get is a recording it wont let me speak to a person for my answer this is ridiculous have been trying for over an hr very disappointed with this servive

  4. Hi, Iwas looking online and this white, srtiped, peace hoodie caught my eye, but it’s not online anymore… there has to be some possibilities for me to be able to get it! Any chances? Where would you keep all the “old” clothes, anyway? I REALLY LIKED the hoodie! :\

  5. This is crazy my order didn’t arrive at my house yet. Been trying for two hours can’t n haven’t talk to anybody yet. Lol Never again

  6. I got your flyer on girls uniform shorts on sale for $10. When I went to your Reading location, they had 1 pair blue and 1 pair tan youth sizes. A wasted tripe and a major disappointment. Please don’t me any more emails.

  7. I would like to purchase more jeans for my son, but they are an every day steal, of $15, I can’t even use the 20% code
    ( ONTREAT), or my Super cash, So why did I spend $50 a few weeks ago to earn super cash and so many restrictions? Tell this one to corporate… Very disappointed!

  8. Really disappointed with my black friday experience. The sign clearly say 50% off the ENTIRE STORE!!!!!!!!! They lied didn’t work on the clearance items.

  9. Old Navy ruined my Christmas by not delivering my Christmas presents to my office as promised. On top of that, they had already screwed up my order to begin with and then fixed it for it to then not get to me in time. I will never order from them, they have the worst customer service in the world and I will be sure to tell ALL of my friends and acquaintances about the horrible experience I had. DO NOT SHOP AT OLD NAVY!!!

  10. Run away from Old Navy SWEET HEART JEANS!!!!!! Purchased a pair of Old Navy Sweet Heart Jeans and they have been washed at the very least 6-7 times and still turn hands and legs blue. I know dye in jeans tend to fade for a short time but these are by far the worst!! Have to be careful sitting on furniture so they do not leave the dye on it. Will not by Old Navy jeans again

  11. I went to store 4107 Portsmouth Blvd, Chesapeake, va and walked out! It looked like a tornado just went through! Cloths were all over the floor, cloths everywhere! It was so dirty and messy I took some pictures on my smartphone if interested. Someone needs to find out who is running the store if anyone is running the store! It was awful!

  12. Me, my kids, my friend and her kids were at the Hilliard- Rome rd, Hilliard OH old navy today around 4:30 pm. First we step in the store walked thought from the men dept, a male employee was there but when we passed by he didn’t greet at all which Doesn’t make me feel welcome already but still… So we browsed around the store and I saw him walked around us a few times but he still doesn’t smile to us at all which made me feel not too comfortable already . Then the kids pick up a ball from the store and played with it which I saw a lot of kids did that before but I’ve never seen they have a problem with it. But this time was different, that guy( employee) came over and talked to my friend about the kids playing with the ball not nicely of course then he ask her : ARE YOU GOING TO BUY IT?? My friend said no they’re just playing with it, my poor friend also apologize to him about that, so he just took that right away.from the kids. Wow what a nice customer service!!!! Is that how they taught him the way to treat customers, I can’t believe my eyes and ears! On the way out I left my cart and ask for his name, This guy named NATHAN and that girl said he’s a manager… Gosh how can he manage the place, he don’t even like his customers at all or maybe just us… Because we are Asian with kids?? I can understand sometime kids are so over active but we didn’t break your stuff or ruining the place, should I tied them up or stay away your place?I thought this is a kids friendly place and welcome to families. Don’t he know how to say it a little nicer? Or he’s telling people next time if we are not buy it, don’t dare to touch anything, not even to try on?? I can’t stand with this kind of attitude and the main point is we are your customer and we are trying to come and spend money!!! I’m extremely mad today, he pissed my day off!!!!!

  13. Old Navy reduced my credit limit without telling me, things happened and I wasn’t able to pay a couple of my less known credit cards, but I pay Old Navy faithfully every month on time, and they still had the nerve to lower my credit limit, my son passed away and i had to pay thousands to bury him, I called Old Navy and they had NO compassion, I will never shop at any of their stores and I would recommend that others do the same, they are a selfish company!

  14. I have been very disappointed the last 2 times I have been in your stores at different locations.
    It seems to me that you are intentionally trying to cut out a big part of your market especially with men.
    Most of your shirts are slim fit …. Not a smart move! Have you not noticed the build of the average guy. You are really cutting down on the demographics you can sell to. Perhaps you have more business than you can handle I really think you should reconsider this decision.

  15. I was really disappointed with the super cash that they have right now. When I first saw the sign online it did not say anything about spending another $125 next time to be able to use my $50 super cash that I earned from spending $142 on the first online order. I went to old navy today thinking that I was able to use my $50 super cash like I did before and just paid the difference. I went to the register and try to get up to $50 so I can use my super cash but at the end only knock off $20 and I had to spent $36 out of my pocket. I question the cashier and he told me I had to spend 125$ to be able to use my $50 super cash. Stupid online ad didn’t say that before. The cashier was saying its in fine prints, I was seriously boiling up in the store. Without making a scene I paid for it and left. I know it’s not the workers fault but at least an apologize that I can not use it unless it’s $125. I called customer service and they said the same thing. So disappointing. It’s false advertisement. If I earned $50 from certain amount I don’t have to spent another $125 just to use it. Its not like it was before I just pay the difference. I had spent $142 the first time just to earn $50 but learned I have to spent another $125 just to knock off $50. That’s the same when I used my coupons. They should give out better prints on the 1st ad saying to use your super cash next time you will have to spend this amount. How disappointing. I am going to return my items and not shop at ON anymore. Such a big disappointment .

  16. On July 24, 2014 in your store located in Hamburg in Lexington,Ky my experience at this store was extremely unsatisfactory. I encountered only two employees in the whole store. The young man who was checking did not seem to care about the customers. The girl employee seem to care only about closing out registers. I stood in line for thirty minutes. The store was a complete shambles of course with only two employees who acted like zombies this would be par. The pants we purchased stated a clearance tag but was the same amount on the ticket. I also felt like I was in line at the grocery store with all the candy and drinks around the register. If this is the way you celebrate 20 years in business, I can’t see you celebrating another 20.

  17. One price is given when placing an order and another when deduction is made
    Cami $17. When order
    Cami $20 when billed
    Would n’t this be classified as a scam

  18. I recently shopped your Old Navy Store at University in Sarasota. It was a busy day and I was not feeling well. Your sales girl Kristen did not hesitate to help me find sizes and wrap up my purchase and Thank me. Thank you Kristen as I am a challenged mother it is rare these days to get good customer service in a large very busy retail store>

  19. I am curious as to why Old Navy stores in Texas sell maternity styles but plus-size customers must shop online. I will reconsider purchasing plus-size clothing from Old Navy in the future as they don’t appear to value the plus-size customer.

  20. I have tried for over 1 hr to place a order, I click in itm and it won’t allow me put item in basket. Lodged off several times but still issue

  21. Your store has always been a God sent for my family and I. However this year it has been a nightmare. When I arrived to the store to purchase a coat and pair of boots for my youngest child. I was informed after I arrived to the cash register that my Old Navy credit card account was closed. This was news to me for a 40$ purchase in November 2014. After speaking to the customer service team member on the phone. Then I was informed that the account was closed in September 2014 after I paid the account in full. This will only be “the last” contact of communication with this company to express my complete disappointment with the way things were handled. I can regain my credit score and pull it back up. However, you as a company can never regain my family and I as customers. Thank you for your time, Consuelo

  22. I shopped in your store in Mt. Olive, NJ tonight. I picked up sweat pants that were on clearance, a tank top and two vintage t-shirts. The tops were on tables with big red signed that said $3.00. When I got the register the tank top came up $6.99 and the T-shirts (which were the same name, style and price, but different colors) came up $3.40 and 4.75. When I quested the salesman at the register (he rudely) advise that only some were on sale and others not. They were several different colored shirts all the same brand on the same table with a few dozen other shirt and even the salesman could not tell me which ones were on sale and which were not. I feel this was a bait and switch situation. If they are on the table with a big red sign and a price you should honor your price, but they did not. Even they could not explain why.

    I will be contacting the State of New Jersey Consumer Complaint Dept. to advise them of your deceptive practices. Also I will never step foot in an Old Navy again because I feel I was misled. I have read several other complaints on line and how you people stay in business is beyond me. I know I will probably get no response, but hopefully the State of NJ will be contacting Corporate this issues.

  23. On December the ninth I order some things for old navy before Christmas and my package never came yet! I not going to order no more.

  24. The fact of the matter is clear: Tommy at Old Navy at SouthPark in Colonial Heights, VA is the BEST at Customer Service in the Richmond area. She will search an item for you via phone call & she will help you in-store to find a good fit. I have never met anyone with her personality and her class at any other Old Navy. She absolutely shines on!!!

  25. I shopped on 08/03/2015 on 8:39:28 at Fountain Lake Circle Stafford TX. The cashier that I encountered was Fernandez Junior. His cashier number was 2326890. He presented himself as the manager. He also over his name tag when I asked for his name. I went to recorrect the price of an item that I purchased. He asked and took me to the location of the item that I bought twice. He ripped off the clearance tag of my item and threw it away. He does not trust the customer. He treats customers poorly.

  26. Upon entering the line we were not greeted, when the cashier rung up the first two items they did not ring up at the correct price. I mentioned that I thought they were $5 each. She called the department on the walkie-talkie. The gentleman told her the shirts were to be rung up at $5; she proceeded to mark the one down but left the other at the higher price of $6.00. She tried to charge us for some children’s clothes that were laying on the counter. We told her they weren’t ours and she said that we laid our clothes on them. I laid a pair of earrings down with our items and they are nowhere to be found. I guess she completely missed them or dropped them I am not sure. We shop at Old Navy all of the time and have never received this kind of treatment. Also, we spent $174.00 and were supposed to get coupons amounting to $10 for every $25 spent. We only received a $30 coupon. By our calculation we should have received at least $50 or $60 in coupons.

  27. Hello! I visited store 3985 on 8/26/15 at 6:59:02 pm. I had a positive customer experience there & complimented a store employee to a manager. The manager told me that if I wanted the employee to be rewarded, (in the form of more hours, etc.) that I should fill out the receipt survey online. So even though this is rare for me, due to my distaste for signing in, registering, or filling out non-essential forms online, I did the survey from the receipt.

    It ended up being all about the store–with no comment section at the end to compliment a special employee. Unfortunately, during the time I visited, the store was a wreck, & that was what the survey asked about. I had no desire to comment about the store; it was my first and only visit. And the condition it was in may have been an isolated incident, (eg, right after a sale/after the visit of many careless customers.)

    I don’t like to fault a store for having displays that are excessively tossed about if I don’t know the possibly extenuating accompanying circumstances because I may be remarking on a situation that is exceptional, and not the rule. The appearance of certain areas may have been a reflection of customer interaction with the displays at that time, as opposed to employees, who looked to be fighting very challenging odds. But I digress. The point is I ended up leaving negative (not super-high) feedback, which I did not want to leave, about the location because of the questions on the survey that had to do with things that I did not care about, paid less attention to, and/or had no original intention of reporting.

    All I wanted to do was leave a comment about the employee, and there were only multiple choice answers on the survey about specific store experiences that I had not selected for remark. So, I am here–and would like to leave feedback.

    There was an employee there, Karina, who was doing all kinds of things that I imagine are a part of the job: dealing with the inventory, (& there was a lot!), helping customers, rotating to where there was a need–& I ended up interacting with her. I asked her many questions & about the inventory & location of multiple items–she was patient, pleasant, & helpful throughout. All while seeming to maintain other duties, which were multiple, around the store.

    So I received good customer service, even though: I solicited more than an average amount of service; the displays were in crisis (which may have been among the things she may have been attempting to right at the time–I don’t know all the specific jobs she was doing; but she was performing & adapting to different needs); & the employee who was helping me was addressing other tasks, between assisting me. She was calm & carrying on. I imagine that is what one would want in a store that requires people to perform multiple duties but not neglect or present a harried front to its customers?

    Going back to the possibly regrettable answers on my survey, I was assisted by different people at different times at the cash register, & while at the store, observed multiple people working in the vicinity of the fitting rooms, so my comments on those two aspects are not informed by one person. Also, I am not 11. I did not want to fill out my age on the survey, but it was required.

    My visit to Old Navy was a pretty isolated event out of the past several years. My positives were my customer experience with the employee & the low prices that could be found there. I had no negative experiences that I would have commented on without being asked specifically by the survey.

  28. To whom it may concern. I opened a credit with Old Navy in August of this year . When I received the first bill I was confused about a few things that were not explained to me fully when I open the account . I called customer service and they were very helpful ,In fact she was nice enough to take money off my bill an apologized . Ver y nice of her and I so appreciated . I then was away for short while with sick relative and when I had returned weeks later several week later I noticed my bill was due in 2 days. I called and explained bill was in the mail Please do not place late fee. Lady stated she would not and would post payment in mail ,customer called. I asked her what my actual balance was to make sure we were on same payment and they had never waved the amount that the “nice lady ” did in the beginning I explaned and she said ok just mail the payment I was told and she saw it in the computer after we talked. Ok So I was at zero balance. I then made a small purchase of $4 dollars and received my bill today now stating I owe 27.00 dollars WHAT ????? I called AGAIN and costomer service looked it up and said Oh yes I see . Ok you only owe the $4.30 I am very upset that this keeps happening I will pay the bill of $4,30 but will not be doing business with you again If this continues to happen do you not note things in computer?? I have been a customer of Old Navy for years paying with cash. I have never had more problems with a credit account than I have had with yours ! Sincerely Carrie Goodman

  29. I spoke with a rep about my bill explain 2 her that I never recievd a bill she said maybe I requested 2 go paperless I told that I would never cause i need & have 2 have it in front of me 2 remember she told me 2 make the payment of 19.67 which I did the same day 09-04-2014 pleasee make a note of my payment 4 only the 19.67

  30. Old navy credit card ,
    I try to call customer service asking them how to change my name on my Visa card, first time I called a guy of your customer service with Indian accent told me I need to cancel my account to reaply if I need to change my name, which I think is wrong , is have been a good customer for two years paying bills on time,it could be a way that I can just apply with legal document and change to my new legal name.

    Second time I called a girl time me I send my name change document order from court to general inquiry , when I call back later to verify mailing address, another woman told me she need to put in request and send me a packet asking me following directions .
    Why diffent people telling me different things ? A name change should be simple be done. What I don’t like is your customer service attitude , they don’t try to help, without professional knowledge .

    Because of that I am thinking about cancel your card

  31. 9/27/2015


    I would like to thank you for hiring such a pleasant and competent customer service representative Danica. Today, Ms. Danica answered all my questions with patience, always positive despite keeping her on the phone for a long while, and she made my shopping experience with OLD NAVY/BR/GAP a pleasant one. When talking with agents like Ms. Danica, it just makes you want to continue shopping here besides the quality and prices of your products.


  32. I stood in line for 5 minutes while 3 cashiers worked helping your customers. When 2 of them finished with their current client they left the area saying they would be right back. There were another 12 customers waiting to check out!! Because your customer service at your Towne East in Wichita Kansas store is so bad I left my purchases in line and walked out – needless to say you won’t get any of my business again.

  33. I have been in your store a few times in the last couple weeks, and I keep getting confused as to what is really on sale and what is not, not to mention you post 50% off and it’s a BOGO, so it’s only really 25% off and I have to purchase two items.. your HUGE POSTER SAYS 50% OF FLANEL SHIRTS, well I found NOT ONE on sale for 50% off AGAIN BOGO, which is how you should be advertising it, I am not only going to complain, I am going to governing outlets to see this is changed! Nothing is more frustrating that going up to the cashier only to be told half the items I selected aren’t on sale as I thought.. it seems pretty shaddy practice!

  34. Dec 6 at 1 pm at the old navy in hurst, tx had a line half way around the store. I understand that it the holiday season and people r out shopping. The manager should plan for a busy season and have enough employees to work the registers. There were three people on the registers and no one to help on the floor. This makes for bad customer service. I saw many people just put down their stuff cause they didn’t want to wait. The manager even came by and pulled a person off the register so now there are only two. This is horrible and this store needs better management and employees. They were not nice or courteous at all.

  35. I think it is absolutely ridiculous that I placed an order on December 6th and now that it is December 10th it still has not shipped. That is unacceptable. I don’t care what shipping method I choose it should not take a week for it to get shipped. Then when I ask to cancel my order I get told they have to submit a request and get approval and I may not get a full refund. Excuse me, my order has not been shipped. I should get a full refund. I can’t wait to receive my order because I was told I would get by December 22nd so I can gladly return it for a full refund. Never ordering anything online again.

  36. The management at the wilmington Delaware store at Brandywine parkway was very unprofessional and talked to the employee on sales floor like they were scum. Trying to talk to either manager there was like talking to a brick wall will be reporting the store & following up with the Delaware department of labor and the Eeoc about the store and the way they treated there employee’s….so sad for management to act like they did and was very unprofessional… Won’t spend anymore of my money there nor will I tell my fellow state co-worker’s to shop at that store again…….

  37. We just saw your commercial on Charlie Brown Christmas with some dude dressed up like a girl and we will NEVER SET FOOT IN YOUR STORE AGAIN. Disgusting.

  38. due to that offensive add you put on TV/ FX over Christmas I will NEVER shop at your store again ! I will be returning all my purchases.

  39. OLD NAVY bills ME 2 months late and then charges me $ 25.00 for PAYING my

  40. Hi! Phone to do a order over the phone, I tried to do a order on website did. Not work at all. So I called the guy ask me the same question 3 or 4 times, then I ask to speak to someone then the woman keep telling me the same thing over , over again.All abt a discount for gap,and oldnavy! Your customer service people need to learn how to calm down on the phone the woman was almost yelling at me.;I’m not a child at all I take that from know one at all.. Thank You Ms.Johnson….

  41. To whom it may concern was shopping at Old Navy store number 5878, 2210 West memorial road Oklahoma City Oklahoma. My experience was terrible interview embarrassing ! I why purchasing jeans for my grandchild and looking for sales as I normally do at Old Navy. I enjoy Ishopping at the Old Navy immensely! However today I had an un- pleasant experience. At the check line
    You customer service Rep. Was ringing me out I had one pair of pants that was priced incorrectly. The problem was the sign was hanging on a whole rack of these pants 2 pair of pants over there hanging on the rack wasd prised correctly the other 10 or more items wer’e incorrect. The store customer service person would not honor it. However I did call your manager who was very nice. She said that she just could not honor it either and they do so many prices changes many changes they get confused sometimes and then asked how many was I trying to purchase.? I answer only one pair she said oh okay I can do that. And she did. I am going to attached how the item was priced and why I chose it I shot her very frequently and was disappointed today and wanted to report it. Thank you so much for your time. I would have liked to attach what it look like but it would not allow me to in this space thank you again

  42. Just shopped at your Smithfield RI store and was disgusted by the outfit of the girl working the register. Her dress was so short that when she was bent over she showed everyone her thong underwear. I believe a stricter dress policy should be enforced!!! That was just very inappropriate and will not be going to any old navy again till its fixed.

  43. Hello There,

    It’ time you sent a secret shopper in to your Olympia store, Capital Mall. The service and spirit of two of the guys working there just sucks, rude, hate my job kind of atmosphere. The “looker model” white kid thinks he’s really something. It seems like every time I have to deal with this guy, he has a bad attitude. The last time I was there he was throwing the merchandise on the floor when straightening the fixtures. He is VERY rude to customers. The dark kid named Marlowe has the same attitude. Aside from being rude to customers, he seems to be rather “badge happy”. He is quick to tell you he is a manager (with a little snap, snap, snap) but has no management abilities as far as long check out lines, dressing room disaster, bad customer service in finding product etc. If I don’t see a change in moral/customer service the next time I shop in your Capital Mall store, I’ll stop giving you my $1000 to $1,500. annually. Thank you for attending to the this matter. Thank you for having a real good look at the management in this store. (And where is everybody??????) Something is very broken. And remember. There is NO substitute for “Thank You”! “Your receipt is in the bag” is not a thank you. “Have a nice day/Have a good one” is not a Thank You”. “See you later” is not a Thank You. And my favorite ( or not) is “Theeeeeerrrrrrrre Ya Go”! is Not a Thank you. Add whatever comment you wish, but folks, only a Thank You is a Thank You. There are no substitutes. It says, I appreciate your coming in to see our happening little store with cool colorful clothes and upbeat, let’s get a smart little outfit on you, kinds of employees. After all, YOU, OUR CUSTOMERS are the reason we are in business today and the VERY reason I have a job here. It would be nice to see the moral the way it was when your store was on Cooper Point in Olympia. It was a fun store to shop in. The employees and manager ( I think Lynn somebody) might as well have said, Hi, how are you, I’m glad you are here, I care about my store, I care about my appearance, attitude and myself, MY JOB. Thanks for listening. Please have a good look at the Oly store. It needs some help. THANK YOU! Gerri Ann

  44. On March 14 I went to the Old Navy at Tanger Outlet in Folet. I went to cashier to purchase a shirt. I found my wallet missing from my purse.I retraced my steps trying to find it. No luck. Everything was in my wallet, drivers license, checks , credit cards, id cards , etc; plus $120 in cash. I contacted store employee Angie Berry, who also searched the store and talked to employees, no wallet She also filed a police report. After my return to Biloxi MS , Angie called again. Angie had found my wallet intact with everything in it including $120! I returned to the store and picked up my wallet from Tamara Shoots, since Angie had already left. I gave Tamara a big hug and a grateful Thanks. After all this is the South and we hug here. Even the cashier, 2708857, who had tried to serve me the first time remembered me and went to find the shirt I had tried to buy before I realized my wallet was missing. I want to thank all the incredible employees at this store. They all deserve a big compliment and a bonus!!!!!

  45. I took tags off a shirt and cut tag out of inside because it was large and irritated my skin. I didn’t realize at the time there was a defect in the fabric with a blue line going across the top. I tried to exchamge only about a week later with receipt. They wouldn’t let me exchamge because of inner tag being cut. The store manager said it was store policy. I am a very good customer a Old Navy and would expect better customer service than this. It is absolutely ridiculous I couldn’t exchange a shirt with a defect at a clothing store with a receipt. I am extremely disappointed in the customer service. I will definitely think twice before shopping there again if ON won’t even take responsibility for a product that is damaged.

  46. I happen to be a white guy that does not see color. I think your ads are GREAT…. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK…………

  47. I shopped at your store in Burlington mass. today. I was walking around the store and couldn’t help but to notice the horrible music that you have playing. When I got up to the register I overheard the cashier say oh you’re the second person to complain about the music today.. So I said make that three complaints! That’s the worst music I’ve heard in a store. Your supposed to play music that makes customers want to stay and shop but I couldn’t wait to get out of there. You seriously should consider changing channels! Awful choice of music.

  48. Old Navy shame shame on you. Father’s are very important. Your ad is just beyond words and disgusting…… account is closed now. No worries. No future purchases ever. You will never see another penny from me.

  49. Kind of in shock, really. I hv tried without ANY success at all to make purchases online for three days. From reading reviews, obviously, you hv website issues. I also called the NEWINGTON NH store, wow…very UN customer friendly? I tried by phone to see if I cld drive there to pickup the items I could not order online. Guess with the holidays upon us, we will hv to pursue other choices. I love shopping online for my three granddaughters&husband, but three days of my wasted time is NOT worth the effort. I hope you heed the calls of unhappy customers and fix the issues.

  50. I have been trying to reach customers service in reference to order#TYQ5FRO that was placed from the 25th November and has not shipped as yet I want ot no what is causing the delay in shipment

  51. I was told by an employee of old navy that my old navy visa had been deactivated and would have to get a new card to receive the discount using the card. I thought it was odd as I had used it about a month ago for an online purchase from old navy. I called visa when I got home and I now have 2 old navy visa cards. I assume employees get some sort of perk for signing people up or this employee may be trying to steal my information. Why would she lie about my account and why would I need 2 old navy visa cards? I feel very uneasy about shopping at old navy in the future.

  52. I have ordered four tee shirts but I have not received the information . I had forgotten the order no to track . I am sending mail to but not reaching . Kindly give me the proper email I’d of oldnavy

  53. I ordered a belt for my son’s Senior Graduation, ordered the belt two weeks earlier than needed. The belt was ordered on May 8, 2017;….. as of today June 13, 2017 I have yet to receive the belt. I then had to rush and go inside the store of Old Navy to purchase the belt again…. So I bought the belt TWICE!!!!! Why have I not received my belt and getting someone on the phone is a NO-NO!!!!!! I have been an old Navy customer for years and I am very disappointed by the service I received.

  54. I went to the Old Navy store in Hot Springs AR and I think the signs are totally misleading. I wanted to and did purchase a dress from there. The front of the rack said 30% off but when I went to the register and noticed I did not see the sale price. When I asked the clerk about it she said it’s only the dresses behind the other dresses which is totally misleading. I feel like that was disrespectful to the customer (me) and it is totally misleading. How is a customer supposed to know what that means. I did pay for the dresses but I will NEVER shop at Old Navy again and I have been a customer over 10 years.

  55. absolutely the worst customer service. They did acknowledge that their was a problem with their website but offered no solution. They do not have an email to try and get a response after hours- this meant I spent most of my lunch on hold with customer service. I will not be ordering from then in the near future- I had almost $200 in my cart and they did not care that they were going to loss the sale-

  56. This is the WORSE customer service I have ever dealt with! Placed an Order August 30th and it’s still not here. Emailed Customer Service and have received NOTHING back! Old Navy is terrible!

  57. very upset i been more the 1hr in phone 3 different time. with you guys cause im trying to purchase online when i enter my old navy CC info.((( it tell me car expiration date & CVV not applicable))))) no one been able to help me i just get transfered back and forth from old navy online to old navy credit card services dept no supervisor that can help me.. its upsetting.. i cannt purchase with credit card only with debit card.. i try to add link my old navy credit card on old navy website and its tell me card exp…

  58. A lady by the name of Harper in your Fayetteville store was rude and mouthy when I asked for assistance with some clothing items. What was pathetic is that it was in front of my friends and family and seemed a bit racist. Don’t bother contacting me. I will discuss with my attorney. They may be in touch

  59. I received an e-mail from Old Navy for billing. The bill showed I owed 595, I would like to know what I ordered that came to that amount. I just don’t seem to remember ordering or buying any thing that would come up to the $595 account. I wasn’t able to even order anything for a long time because you changed the card. I had to wait for 1 month before I got the correct card. That is why I am confessed as to why the $595 would be mine. Please let me know what I bought.
    Thank you.

  60. I have been buying Old Navy for years and using my Old Navy charge card. Now my card won’t work. What’s up with that? I can’t remember NOT paying my account. Please check my account and see what the problem is. Thanks!

    Gina Christoffersen
    Pettus, TX

  61. I want to compliment cashier 0612380, reg. 003 trans 8999, store 05192, for professional, kind, courteous and very customer service .

  62. Cashier # 2816570, named Christian, in store #05220, you should be a little more enthusiastic about your job. You, after all, were hired to help people find what they need when they are patronizing the Old Navy store, #05220. Your condescending attitude to my answer to your query should not have caused such obvious annoyance. Next time you’re “working” the register, and you decide to ask someone, in that drab, monotone voice, “Did you find everything you needed?” and they answer you honestly and tell you, “No, I did not. I could not find anyone to help me” you should not roll your eyes and smirk and tell them, “Well, retail is complicated. Sometimes we aren’t staffed to help you.” If you can’t help me, then why did you ask if I found everything I needed? Seems like a disingenuous, scripted, question. Find a new script, Christian. And, maybe drink some caffeine to boost your sadly lacking energy level.

  63. I’ve been trying to contact you.. I sent an email around 6 times, but without any answer..,

    Reference to my order TMGW7G7
    Please make both the leggings in
    Petite small.,
    And both cardigans in
    regular extra small
    sorry for this.,

    Thank you
    Your first time customer
    Abeer abuahmad

  64. Hello my name is Monique Ford and I have been an Old Navy member since 2005. Yesterday I was our store in Flowood Ms . I was treated so rudely I’m seriously thinking about canceling my membership. I do all of my ordering online from Our policy states if you order online you can return merchandise back to stores for refund in the way it was paid. Well I tried to return 2 items and I had my online invoice. The clerk told me she had been on the job only 3 days and didn’t know how to return online orders. She asked the clerk next to her for help he tried but soon called for a manager. She came to assist the new clerk only for a second. She told her ok hit certain keys then she started to call for the next customer. The new clerk still didn’t understand so she asked her more questions.. The manager told her and me that I could not return merchandise if I didn’t have a receipt. I told her I do have it but I pick up the wrong one for the dress and I live a 108 miles from the nearest store. So I was off wanted to visit our store to see all the Christmas spirit our store had to offer. She told me no receipt no return and that’s final. Then she called for the next customer. She never stop to hear what I not the clerk wanted to say. She just kept folding clothes and talking in her ear peace… All I wanted to do was return my dress and the new clerk was about to return it for store credit she said “no receipt she get nothing and I mean that..” I was like wow I have never been tried so rude in our store since I been a member.. I really love old navy and I think of it as our store not the company store. But if our employees going to treat us like this I’m not apart of the old navy family any more . Please I would really like to hear from some one on this matter. I can be reached by email or phone.

  65. I placed an order today 12/2/17 online. I had LOTS of Super Cash and couldn’t use ANY of it because every single cash code I entered said it was “no longer valid.” I am beyond angry. Those were codes I just received in my email yesterday. If I can’t use the discounts and savings I earned then I don’t want to shop here.

  66. I’m not sure if there Is another way to write a complaint about a product. I recently bought matching adult pjs that were a 2 piece set for my mother and myself. Both of us experience poor quality after one wash – I lost a button and the bottom of shirt frayed. Where my mother had a button hole extremely large when first purchased. I’ve always loved the quality of clothing and not sure if this is some new company you were working with but wanted you to know the quality is way down. We both have worn pjs so cannot return but wanted to make the company aware of the disappointment The Zimmermanns in California experienced. the pjs were bought at your outlet in Orange, CA.

  67. After reading what happened in Des Moine Iowa OldNavy Store, I will make sure to not spend one penny at my local store. Much as it pains me ,if accused of stealing a coat worn into your store,then after scanning, no apology when proved wrong.I feel I would not be welcomed, so will shop elsewhere.

  68. I am unable to access the formal page ~ won’t accept the date line.
    I wish to comment on EXCELLENT customer service, purchase made on 02/10/2018 ~ I live in Missoula, MT

  69. Hi there,

    I have three pairs of pants that I recently bought from Old Navy online and they don’t fit (too big in the waist). I do not have the tags nor do I have the receipts for the purchases. However, there is no wear and tear or damage to the products as I’ve only tried them on/worn them once.

    Can I exchange these in store for a smaller size?

  70. hi old navy it’s Lauren how was your day i was wondering if you could play orchestra music on your speaker

  71. Hi, I had $60.00 super cash,I went to your store on 6/3 to use it.I had merchandise totaling around $75.00,I was going to use $30.00 super cash.Girl at register told me I have to use whole $60.00 at one time,that means spend over $100.00.She did not take my super cash,she gave me 20% off on some items because I used my Old Navy card.I went to my car looking at this coupon if I missed some small print,because it was clear on front how it works.I went back and asked different girl and she confirmed that I was right.I went back to first girl and told her,she said just bring it back you have to return it,and buy it again. She did not apologize,I was very upset that she did not apologize,and I was waisting my time.I think she should be told how to treat #03390 cashier 2769722

  72. I was in store shopping on 6/24 at the Schaumburg IL store 05733. It was a relatively good experience until it was time to check out. I had cashier 1934138. She was extremely rude to the man ahead of me in line and was causing a scene. He was just trying to return a shirt and she made the whole experience stressful for the older gentleman. Then it’s my turn to check out and I was using an old navy credit card to utilize the 40% off coupon. She made me buy all of my items separate because she told me if I didn’t I’d end up paying more money. What she explained made no sense she gave tons of attitude and was down right rude. No one else in line using the promo had any issues and it seemed the other cashiers were even growing highly annoyed with this employee. I don’t think it was coincidence that all the customers in her line were causing problems. It was her causing the issues and unnecessarily so. Just wanted someone to know so this doesn’t continue to happen and upset your customers. I was having a lovely night out shopping with my sisters and this for sure put a damper on my night out away from the kids.

  73. Dear Old Navy Customer Service:

    I’m writing to inform you that my family and I are regulars shoppers at Old Navy and on this past Saturday, June 30, 2018 (2:06 pm), we witnessed a terrible display of unprofessional behavior exhibited by the lady’s behind the checkout counter. They were talking loud about their personal problems, drinking a beverage in front of the customers, acting out and generally goofing off in front of the customers (and there was a line of customers witnessing this obnoxious behavior).

    It was embarrassing to witness such silliness and child-like behavior from (supposedly adult) individuals that represent the company in such a negative manner. Unfortunately, this was not the first time we observed this kind of “heckle & jekyll” buffoonish behavior.

    I appeal to you as a loyal customer to replace, retrain and/ or refute this kind of negative silliness and slap-stick antics (on full display) at this Old Navy- Meyerland, Houston, Texas location.

    Yours truly,
    Jim & Sherrie Brown

  74. I just phoned customer service. She said I needed to email you. She wasn’t able to assist me with this issue. Early this morning, 9Jul18, I placed an order and 1 of the items rung up a different price than the website showed. When customer service pulled it up, she was only able to see the base price of $10.99. I’m the Old Navy website, under the clearance section marked with the big red exclamation point, the original price is marked through and the sale price of $4.97 is written in red. However, when I checked out, I was charged $6.92 after discounts. I am hoping to get an adjustment. If not, would like to cancel the order for the socks. My order # is TKX7CV4. Item #5978032320000 Printed Ankle Socks 7-Pack for Women Fruit Smoothie Pink. Reg $10.99. Adv $4.97. Charged $6.92.

  75. I have been a loyal shopper at Old Navy. I purchased a purse on July 10. July 11 I used the purse to go on vacation. When I went to unzip my Old Navy purse at the airline ticket counter I could not open it because 7 zipper teeth were missing on the zipper. Finally got it opened and continue on with my vacation. When I returned from vacation I went to the Old Navy store in Sugar Land, Texas to return the purse and the RUDE store manager said they could not refund damage goods. I told her it was damaged when I purchased it!!

    I spend a lot of money at that Old Navy store location and plus I order on line as well and to have this happened was just disappointing! In my opinion I will NEVER shop Old Navy again.

    Signed 1 disappointed customer!

  76. I have been a loyal shopper at Old Navy. I purchased a purse on July 10. July 11 I used the purse to go on vacation. When I went to unzip my Old Navy purse at the airline ticket counter I could not open it because 7 zipper teeth were missing on the zipper. Finally got it opened and continue on with my vacation. When I returned from vacation I went to the Old Navy store in Sugar Land, Texas to return the purse and the RUDE store manager said they could not refund damage goods. I told her it was damaged when I purchased it!!

    I spend a lot of money at that Old Navy store location and plus I order on line as well and to have this happened was just disappointing! In my opinion I will NEVER shop Old Navy again.

    Signed 1 disappointed customer!

  77. Shopping at Bismarck ND store waiting to check out. I was next in line and two cashiers were working. One cashier busy with another customer and the other cashier tells me I will be helped by that checker when she is done. She then gets on the store radio and asks if she can go home once she gets her paperwork done. Since when does the customer wait while checker is standing there asking to go home. Dropped my stuff and left. Horrible customer service your prices don’t make up for that.

  78. Dip-Dye Pocket Tee for Men
    Green and Grey
    I bought this shirts from Canada and I really love them. Can I buy them anywhere else as I am based in Singapore? Can you assist? I would like to buy at least 4 pieces.

  79. Shopping in American Fork location yesterday specifically for black shirt for daughter’s orchestra uniform. Found the t-shirt table and they were signed as $5 for plain and $10 for printed. Went to ring it up and it was $15. I questioned the pricing the checkout girl had no idea what to do. Had my daughter run back and she double checked the sign. The girl had me go find a manager back folding clothes and she scanned a bunch of stuff on the table and found that the entire stack of the tshirt we wanted was $15, while everything else of the table matched the sign. (???) Kind of felt like a bait and switch. How many people grab what they think is a $5 shirt and don’t notice price difference if they are purchasing multiple items and not just one like me. No apology. Appeared to be no urgency to fix the problem and move the more expensive clothes away from the table.

  80. CSR did not help at all and told me to contact UPS to see if they could help? Seriously. This is nuts.

    Item(s) ordered for pick up Size Qty Total

    Printed Leggings for Toddler Girls
    Navy Charm 3T 1 $4.00

    I am very upset that out of my 15 items ordered only 3 items were available for in-store pick-up and the additional 12 items are being shipped. Why do you offer in-store pick up when you don’t have the merchandise in stock. My granddaughters birthday is tomorrow but her gifts wont arrive until next week? This is unacceptable and I would like a refund on the entire order. I’ll shop somewhere else.

    Soft-Washed Thermal-Knit Tee for Toddler Girls
    Squash 2T 1 $5.00

    Skinny Pull-On Jeggings for Toddler Girls
    Dark Wash 3T 1 $10.00

  81. Spoke to a CSR who told ne to contact UPS to see if they could expedite my order? How would that help?

    Item(s) ordered for pick up Size Qty Total

    Printed Leggings for Toddler Girls
    Navy Charm 3T 1 $4.00

    I am very upset that out of my 15 items ordered only 3 items were available for in-store pick-up and the additional 12 items are being shipped. Why do you offer in-store pick up when you don’t have the merchandise in stock. My granddaughters birthday is tomorrow but her gifts wont arrive until next week? This is unacceptable and I would like a refund on the entire order. I’ll shop somewhere else.

    Soft-Washed Thermal-Knit Tee for Toddler Girls
    Squash 2T 1 $5.00

    Skinny Pull-On Jeggings for Toddler Girls
    Dark Wash 3T 1 $10.00

  82. Spoke with a CSR who told ne to contact UPS to see if they could expedite my order. That was not my complaint and how was that going to resolve my issue? terribly frustrated. .

    I am very upset that out of my 15 items ordered only 3 items were available for in-store pick-up and the additional 12 items are being shipped. Why do you offer in-store pick up when you don’t have the merchandise in stock. My granddaughters birthday is tomorrow but her gifts wont arrive until next week? This is unacceptable and I would like a refund on the entire order. I’ll shop somewhere else.

  83. While shopping in your local store there is a song that plays over the load speaker, it very clearly says “drop your pants” and it is exceptionally clear it has a message that is explicit. You pride yourself on being a family store, your music selections ought to reflect that kind of value. Even the employees seemed uncomfortable that it was playing.

  84. I received an email early this morning so I placed an order for pj pants and thermal shirts and socks. I then registered for an account. When I tried to place my orrder it said my password and email address didn’t match. I requested another password but never received it. I requested it several times. I went back on my husbands email account and by the time I reordered everything was sold out. I know you are a big company and my little order probably doesn’t matter but it matters to me. I have just been given custody of my teenage granddaughters and are on a budget. These items would have meant the world to them.

  85. I have only received part delivery of my order#TXT2M14. I have not received the textured basket-weave beanie winter wine. I have received the rest of order. Can’t track order since your site say product is delivered.Please give me info as to when I can expect my order.

  86. Your website is always terrible but toda? Unbelievable!

    Why do you never have good jeans in stock. My local storefront carry petite length so it’s very frustrating!

    Linda Walker
    Conway, Arkansas

    I don’t have a working phone number today. Phone is on temp block as it was stolen on Xmas eve. Maybe tomorrow? Who knows…

  87. I return a jacket 12/28/2018 the young black man cashier #1733125 in McDonough, Ga 30253. He said the jacket smell like smoke and that he could not return it. I told him that I do not smoke and that I never took the jacket out of the bag as I had found out that my sister had purchased the same one for a family that we were shopping for who had lost there jobs. My problem is there were other customers standing there and he pretty much call me a lie. He was rude and I will not be going to that store again. As soon as I pay this account off I will close that account. He standing there holding that jacket up like I smell in front of other people that was just too much. I am done with that store. He acted like a jack ass . He probably should check his on boby smell,

  88. ordered flannel ladies lounge pants on 01/11/2018 for $7.78 a pr. and find that on 01/16/2018, the cost per pr is $12.00. Is this price difference correct.Order # TXK24VG. Have also ordered 3 other pr for $7.78, Awaiting your response. Sandra J Connors .

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