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Contacting Customer Service Center is an online dating service that uses an innovative algorithm to match you with others. The company states the accuracy of the matches depends on two things, the honesty of your profile and you knowing what you want. The service is available free of charge. Customers can upgrade their account or add a credit card for purchases. If you have questions or concerns relating to your account or the available services, contact the customer service department by phone, email, traditional mail or through social media.

to leave a comment about your customer service experience.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

  • Corporate Headquarters: 1-646-365-3070

Mailing Address 589 8th Avenue 11th Floor New York, NY 10018

Or c/o Legal P.O. Box 25458 Dallas, TX 75225

Official Website

Customers visiting the website need to sign into their existing account or create an account. After logging in, you can update your profile, search for individuals in your local area or search for specific people or interests. After looking at profiles, you have the opportunity to make comments, “thumb-up” or “thumb-down” individuals. If you need additional information relating to the available services, we recommend visiting the Customer Support page.

Social Media

You can connect with the customer service department through social media. The customer service department responds to customer concerns within 60 minutes.

Customer Service Email

We sent an email to the customer service department asking about the hours of operation and a dedicated customer support phone number. We located the customer service number after a lengthy Internet search. After sending our message, we received an automated response stating the customer service team would respond to our concerns within 48 hours. We have to note, when sending correspondence to the customer service department, do not include personal information such as your social security number or credit card information.

Our Experience

We called the customer service department and expected to speak with a customer service agent. After listening to the available options, we did not speak with a customer service agent. The call went straight to a voicemail system. We left a message and asked to speak with a customer service agent. We are still waiting for a callback. If you take the call to the customer service department out of the equation, the overall experience was better than expected. When you reached out to the customer service department, were your questions/concerns resolved? Take a moment to share your thoughts with us in the comment section.

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104 Comments on “Contact Customer Service
  1. What is wrong with your site…… I’m a member and have forgotten my password, I have asked 15 times to send me a email so I can’t reset my password, I have even looked in the spam… and nothing, where is your customer service when you need them.

    I have talked with others that are having the same problems, I quess your site dosn’t really care, this is very poor service and site!!

  2. I have been using your site for about two years now. Never broke a rule. Was paying to be on A-list and all of a sudden tonight, you decide to delete my account while I was mid-communication. Are you going to restore my account or refund my friggin money???

  3. What is the problem with the robot???? This has never happened before did some idiot hack into the system and put a virus on the system??? I need to be able to contact the beautiful woman i met here cant do that if i cant access my account!!!

  4. Hi im valieca I will like to get a email back i can’t get off line even wen i put my email in to change my password they want except my email can i please get help

  5. I had the same problem as the person above. I paid to be an A-List member and my account gets deleted a week after I paid for it. I have been a member of okcupid for 2 years and no problems all of a sudden when I pay for A-list my whole account is deleted and I cannot log in or create another account. When are you going to restore my account or refund my money, I have sent you several e-mails.

  6. My man and I started talking May 30th 2013 and we fell in love. Today we are engaged and live together in our home with my two children from a previous marriage and six days ago we had a baby girl of our own. If it wasn’t for your site we would never have met nor had our beautiful daughter. Thank you so much.

  7. I am a paid member on list A and just took the membership with you. I have suddenly lost the contact with the site and cannot log in. It shows error 101 and error118.
    Please help urgently and if you cannot recover it kindly refund my money asap or I will go to the credit card/paypal for dispute.

    B P Chawla

  8. I have tried contacting you to reset my password but failed. I forgot my password but my account is still available and i do get messages through my email but can’t sign in…So it’s better to delete it since i can’t access my account or atleast send me a password reminder!!!
    So what’s wrong with the customer service???!!!

  9. I’ve been using OKCupid for years. I stopped using it a few months ago & deleted my account. I came back, made a new account, & it was banned less than 24 hours after it’s creation. I messaged OKCupid, & 2 weeks later, was told that it was an error & gained access to my account again. Was allowed to use that account for a week, & got banned again. It’s been over a month, & I’ve sent 4 messages to OKCupid trying to find out why not only was my account banned, but my IP address. No response.
    In the past when I had a problem with not being able to use the site properly, Adam, one of their support guys, ignored my message & sent me an automated response THREE times before I finally was able to get a different guy to give me the response I needed to fix the problem. Adam needs to get fired big time, because he’s still ignoring messages, obviously.

  10. I was using my account up to Saturday the 24th of may, 2014.
    Come sunday morning, I was unable to get in my account, my user name and password not recognized. I tried obtaining a password reset link, and it did not recognize my email address. But, yet, if I tried creating a new account, my email address was on file.
    I opened up a new email, created a new profile, and when I tried to get back in, the same thing happened. I have gone through the help section through the site, seeking assistance, and nothing…If I had a problem with facebook, ebay, craigslist, match, I would get a reply instantly. I never closed my account, so what is the deal with these people???

  11. For got my E-mail, asked several times for help?????? Can’t getinto site to reverse the trouble ??????Whats up

  12. I have been trying to access my account for a week now. I have tried to use the site. To even send a message to customer service but it will not even let me do that . I have called corporate office only to get a voicemail. Why is it so hard to get help so that i can enjoy using the site? Does anyone cate about their members?

  13. Site is a joke. Just like everyone else they kicked me for no reason at all. I tried to contact them, but to no avail. ….what do you expect for free??

    • For free: we all get “right-left-center” be held hostages.
      That’s more than clear.

      When we disagree to agree to show some comprehension
      that’s the way they force normal folks: they take hostage
      our properties = our pictures and our personality’s description.
      And continue to play the Stupid with their:
      **We’re having technical difficulties, try again later.**

      Either way, in their rules they do not make their user
      aware and consent, that it will happen indispensably
      in case of ignorance to become a scammed A-lister.

      FTC complaint on its way.
      Encouraging everyone to take this action.
      Otherwise this hostage taking and holding politic
      won’t ever end.

  14. I feel I need to inform someone of my date last night, he’s name is Kalvin Freitas. At first everything was going just five on the date but he kept in voicing that we needed to kiss! Finally I tried to make a joke by saying ” you sure talk a lot about trying to kiss me?” And that was it! He started calling me names.. Crazy, cunt, synodical, insain, tried to leave me in Portland OR when my home was “is” 30 to 35 miles away! He threw money at me and said get the f out of my car…but that’s wasn’t enough to get home! I ask him to please pay ahead of time for the taxi and I would gladly leave! He said no! U need to walk home! Then he just kept driving..when we were on the free-way he slowed down and again tried to throw to out! I know I should have never left Portland with him but I was very very confused and scared to be alone in Portland! But I still should have left! My main concern for other woman is this guy did a complete 360 on me from night to day with in seconds! Iv been on lots of dates on ur site and have met a few crazes but not like this…he have pure hate in his eyes!!! He could hardly drive he was so mad and shaking because I waisted his time and money and got nothing in return! This might not seem like anything to you “okqubid” but please believe me this is not a safe person! Thank you for ur time! I’ll be making better choises in when to leave or stay on my next date!

  15. I have requested several times for you to position one of my photos in an upright position. Still waiting !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m a paid member. What’s up with customer service ????

  16. I am trying to to get my password reset. Can some please contact me.
    I really want to delete my information. I am not pleased with your website. Please somebody respond.

  17. What is wrong with your site? I can’t even chat with anyone. Oh sure, I can send a message. I get a conformation that my message was sent, but nothing comes back. Then I see a note that says to click on the green button to chat. Where is this green button? This is just crazy. A friend has told me how successful he’s been. I think he’s feeding me a load a crap. I answered over 300 ‘match questions’ and still nothing. According to my ‘matches’, and there are several, somebody should be receiving them and chatting back to me. I really feel as if I’m just wasting my time and giving you guys a charge with my comments.

  18. I was banned after I discovered I was becoming a victim of identity theft. I changed all my personal finances around and bought fraud protection after being contacted by a member on Ok.cupid.we talk for a few days, then she asked me to send her money to get paperwork for leave from the military. I realized I made a mistake telling her anything. I told her I would send the money in a couple days. I was stalling to to protect my identity. I reveiwed my contact letters during this time and realized that her first letter was cut and pasted from a letter I had sent to a totally different member.
    The person that contacted me deleted her profile. So I sent a message to the other member letting them know I had protected my name and finances.
    I was banned 30 mins after sending that message.
    Really nice, ban the victim–reward the criminals.
    I guess eventually karma will catch up to you all. If you keep booting good members off, eventually all you’ll have left is criminals as members. Then they can all defraud themselves…as Ok.cupid sits back eating popcorn watching the train go off the track.
    Keep up the good work guys,

  19. I cannot pull any of my messages. It keeps on sending me back to thank you for joining A List. I never joined A list.

    I just want to get into your site and be able to read my messages.

    Please reply at your earliest convenience.

    Thank you.

  20. liv_Tempest 22 ( is a married woman posing single and innocent online and asking for a sex partner while out at coffee. She has cheated on her husband several times. please someone report her.

    love anonymous

  21. There is some fraud of Nigeria .
    They put another guys photo.
    and chat few months then finally they
    said come to mycountry but imigration
    take mymoney so please send me money.
    etc.. i got the fraud 2years
    ago.different site though,but ”ok
    cupid ”also, i found one guy,
    please,make sure or protect us!more strickt
    roule, or find them.
    i really,hurt that.
    and i dont want anywoman get that bad
    feeling like me.

  22. I’m glad I found this site before paying the company, OKCupid, to be on their “A-List”.

    Thanks for hosting this site so we consumers can use judgment before flitting out earnings off to a company that will arbitrarily blackball a member (which appears to have happened in my case) for no good reason. I did not post porn or make any lude or terroristic comments and when emailed the company, find they don’t even have the consideration to return a reply.

    Thanks again for making this site available as it has saved me moments of my life as they are now blackballed by me! “;-)

  23. This site is ridiculous. I will be chatting fine then I will be
    sent to the log in area. I keep being told that my
    email address is wrong and it a correct email. There seems to
    be a lot of frustrated people and impossible to get answers..

  24. my user name is sexydave1980
    hi there like your site a lot, is fun a messaging application, you make good friends or acquaintances, and sometime by chatting with someone can make your day if your down or depress. i’m a psychology major so this communications network helps….. also im a pro DJ and i network using this app and others.
    i’m having issues on logging in with my password and faster log-in with facebook.
    my question to you, why did, has kicked me out, or i assume because i read people’s comments about saying “sorry, when logging in staff robot has meltdown- check back later”.

    what does this mean. i have not done anything to violate their terms on, sexual pic or of any kind., i have a image to uphold.
    what can i do to fix this issue or if i did something can you fix this problem.
    thank you

  25. i have tried a lot of times even 100 times to log in but it shows internal error. after few days it showed as if there was no account with that email.
    then i created a new again . but when feed my 1st mail id, i showed as if it is already used. then created with new email id,

    after 2 days it again pissing me like earlier.

    even after clicking forgot password, no mails are coming to reset nor any link come to my mail . so disgusting

  26. This person who used this side I date and everything end went he hit me and send to the hospital. Have a report f the police and photos f the attack appears as jessdavis.from silver spring. Is a chef n DC you need to block him to don’t the same thing to another women

  27. OK CUPiD HAS NO CUSTOMER SERVICE, their Help page is COMPLETELY DYSFUNCTIONAL, they have turned into a money making scam company!

    • Bravo, Franco,
      a perfect name to a former okcupid:
      a money sucking scam company.

      Thank you for easing my decision to report them to FTC.

  28. I am having a hard time logging on..but I see that I am not the only one…why is this happening? Why can’t we get in touch with anyone on this problem…how can you up grade if we can’t log on…I guess you just don’t care…shame on you.

  29. It has taken me years to pluck up the courage and start dating again and then 3 days after I join Cupid,
    I am signed out with no explanation and can’t sign back in due to ‘technical difficulties’. I feel utterly deflated by the whole experience. No one is answering my emails that report this, I assume my photograph is still on a dating site that I can’t access and I have no means to delete my account. This is outrageous in every way possible. Could someone please let me know how I can re-gain some control of a personal profile that this sitting there waiting for anyone to visit without my knowledge, just so I can be sure it is deleted once and for all. I have read hundreds of similar comments by other users so this is obviously a recurring problem for OkCupid and yet nothing is done about it.

  30. I can not long into my account. Will someone please email me at the email address above. I will not leave any personal information. This is not even my real name because I am not sure what is going on with the website and I have pictures posted on here. I am concerned and want to know if my account has been deleted. Please tell me something Okcupid

  31. Want my account delated for good u are taking to lots money out of my account am not even on the site .u got no rite going into my account .want my money back soon as possible or am contacting police

  32. the site won’t recognize my username or password and I don’t get any email to reset my password. So my account is open but I can’t access it and nobody has responded to my emails or calls. Please help! I atleast want to delete my account!!

  33. Great site if you can keep an active profile. They have some kind of advanced spam bot software that not only locks users out for reasons unknown, and it cross references photo’s, text, email addresses, IP address and MAC addresses.

    So if you try to open another account using anything in it’s database, it will catch up and delete your new account.

    You don’t have to do anything wrong, it’s just random and even if you are a A-list, they could give a crap. They got your money and if you complain to your credit card company, they reject the chargeback and send the terms and conditions that state no refund, and accounts may be deleted. So you are totally screwed. They have the banks in their corner with their legalese, and can delete you and keep the money.

    Great site but odds are you will get booted out.

  34. I met a woman on this site and found she is a scam, email address is karenlovingheart11. I just wanted to alert your staff. Please kick her off site.Thank You

  35. The site won’t recognize my username or password and I don’t get any email to reset my password. All I get is a message that they are experiencing technical difficulties. I have been unable to access my account for almost 2 mos. So my account is open, but I can’t access it and nobody has responded to my calls.

  36. I had subscribe for the 1 year subscription and y’all charged me 69.99 twice and its showing in my bank account 140 dollars has been taking out. I have emailed y’all 4 times with no response period. I want my 69.99 back from the second charge or my 140 back and boot me forever from this site. I’m extremely pissed

  37. Hello: Everything was working fine on site for a long time then. It started taking things away trying to get me to join “Lists”. I refused so it finally took away my messiage privilage and ability to pull up pics. Is this really a free site if they do this. I am currently trying to inform FCC what is going on. Thanks

  38. I deleted my account but when I signed back in I couldn’t, I get a notification saying,” Staff robot failed, check back later,” please help

  39. Dear Alex Dill and Teresa Beard; Customer Support Representatives: I am a member of Okcupid, my name on the account is Rosebud 1947. I am unable to use my okcupid account because I have used all my storage space. How can I obtain additional free storage space .

    Thanks in advance


  40. I canceled my okcupid in MAY. AND I AM BEING CHARGED FOR ANOTHER


  41. having trouble with my matches photos not showing…not even my profile photo isn’t showing..could u please help me fix the problems…how do I know they are a match if I cant see there picture…would appreciate you resolving this matter..thank-you

  42. I signed up and was getting interest through emails. I just got the app and it says no server available and I’m not getting emails….help

  43. these site are filled with a guy posing to be in the military and sd he had no was taken by military when he got dropped he loved me and told me he was receptionist but then story changed.and pictures too.erase my email and forget it.i made two different emails and i cant remember my password.

  44. Okcupid has me living in a state 1000 miles away from my actual location. ..and they refuse to correct the problem! #!!……even after numerous emails. “customer service”. Phone numbers don’t work! !!! WTF? ?????

  45. No one calls back or does anything when a member is reported for asking for thousands of dollars as well as naughty pictures. Never met them.

  46. Trying to cnacel my subscription with no response from e-mail or phone messages. VERY disappointed in your companies lack of phone service and responsiveness.

  47. My name is ashley Lawrence and I keep getting charged 9.95 each month and I have not been on the site since there anyway that I can no longer be charged.

  48. I had a very vulgar user contact me so I blocked him and instead you guys blocked me and kicked me off the site and I have no access anymore and can’t even get a hold of Customer Service I didn’t abuse the system that other jerk did

  49. Please I will like to know what I have violated as regards my account. I have not been able to get access to my account which is not right for me. I will appreciate if this is looked into. Thank you for your cooperation

  50. id like to report a guy in ya site hes going by dcolg21 i met him before in ya site before feraweek we talked he tod me he hada son so i said i dot have that kinda mneyy i live on social security disability a month o then he gotreal asty with me an wouldnt talk to meany more then isson ame oninestrtd cussin me out fer not helping his dad out excuse me but u needto gt rid of him hell cussbu out if u dontsend him joone dont need that ty

  51. ..out of the clear blue I could not get back ‘on’ the system & after numerous complaints & pleas for the problem to be rectified I still get : ” there’s something wrong with ur account” ’bout fixing the thing !?!

  52. I have used Cupid for quite awhile. I use the free account. This past week end it appears that your format has changed. I cannot speak to the women that I have spoken to before. Thee used to be three circles. Far left circle a white arrow indicating someone visited you. Middle circle a recap of the amount of usages for the site. Far right circle red arrow, is one that you can start a conversation with and message. Everything is different and some of the people are from over countries. Others are from all different states. I set mine up with the following: looking for females within a 50 mile radius of where I live which is Hamden Ct. 06517. What good is for me to locate an individual that is living cross country from me. At this time I have lost all the women that I contacted. Please restore the site that it was before this past weekend.


  53. I would like to have my Cupid site restored to what it was before last weekend.^-11 & !2 2016. Some individuals are trying to contact me and I cannot respond. I get a page full of male & female pictures both throughout the USA and out of country. I set up my profile to give me women within 50 miles of 06517. I would like to have my old site back. I have used the site for quite some time and I like it. Please respond using my email.



  54. hello,
    currently my mail box is full, and i can no longer send messages again.
    kindly respond to me.

    l look forward for favorable responds,

  55. I have been trying to delete my account with okcupid as I intended to be a subscriber for a month but I was placed on auto renewal when I enrolled. Please delete my account and my pictures and personal information in the site. I was not successful in doing it because of email and password problem please help. Thanks.

    • I have been a paid member on cupid for a long time. This morning I couldn’t access my account and have been trying al morning to get an answer other than a robo response that doesn’t help me at all. All I need is a phone call to or from them. Cupid is terrible when you need help.

  56. My account is suspended for a TOS violation and I’m being blocked from logging in. I’m still getting email notifications about messages from members on a daily basis. Please, just delete my account already.

  57. I can no longer log in. I get a message saying that ‘there are too many redirects’. Please correct this problem and restore my account.

  58. I have made the changes and rest my password but my friends can’t still find my usher name in the site… johnurbansoza

    Help me get me back normal in the site so i can send and receive email and my friends and other ushers can see me and email me and receive my reply when i write back to them.


  59. Hi!
    I just had a quick question. I was recently trying to login and I’m having issues logging into the app. It says that my account has been suspended due to violating terms of the ageeement. I’m wondering what terms I have violated and how I would be able to gain access to the app again. I believe I didn’t do anything wrong and pretty confused. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated

  60. This is the second time my account has been compromised. Someone hacked into my account and changed everything and now I can’t even get into my account. What is up with your site????

  61. I joined For one month . I terminated My account and I was Charged for March ? Unacceptable I never Authorised this and there is no phone number to contact you . The one listed is a fax machine . Furious . Please contact me immediately!

  62. I need to be contacted about cancelling my account. I do not want service, and only used for less than a week. I need a refund

  63. I got suspended for putting my wrong birthday. I’m not a minor I was born in 1985. Please unsuspend my account. Thank you!

  64. It seems everyone is having the same problem. I’ve created a new OkCupid account three(3) times and all three times it has been suspended for TOS…yet I have only ‘browsed matches’ and sent a handful of messages that did not contain and lascivious or lude messages to users…..why is this happening? Why will OkCupid not help? Is this because I am using a VPN or Tor as my browser? Please help OkC.

  65. Hello. I just reactivated my account tonight, and as I was updating my profile, I found myself locked out due to some terms violation. I’m not sure of what I’ve done or how I’ve done it. I’d appreciate it if someone could let me know what I’ve done wrong, or if it was just a mistake, allow me back into my account. Thank you.

  66. I just had my account suspended for “terms violation”. “If in error contact us.” HOW? I can’t find an email for you anywhere. Can someone assist?

    • I received a message saying I was suspended. I pay almost a hundred dollar every three months. I know that they do this sometimes to review an account. Could you kindly review my account and restore it?

  67. WHY WWHY WHY would you charge my account for a service that’s been closed for over 2 months? Trying to get back into my account, it even says it’s deleted. Are you a bunch of F*cking scammers or what?
    I want a full refund of $63.57 sent back to my account. IF NOT… i will take this to the attorney general’s office and the BBB.
    And the people that you have on your account?!?!?! pATHETIC bunch of lying scam artists.
    Get it done, or I will.

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