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Contacting OG&E Customer Service Center

OG&E, also known as Oklahoma Gas and Electric, is an energy company focused on providing affordable energy while selling wind power to customers to reduce carbon emissions and impact of energy production on the environment. OG&E offers Oklahoma City residents Cool Zones throughout the city where they can retreat during high temps to reduce energy consumption and lower bills during summer months.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

If you need to report an electrical emergency to OG&E customer service you can call 24/7. General customer service hours are 8 AM to 5 PM Monday to Friday.

  • Customer Service: 1-800-272-9741
  • Local Customer Service: 1-405-272-9741
  • Emergencies and Power Outages: 1-800-522-6870
  • Local Emergencies and Power Outages: 1-405-272-9595
  • Products – Average Billing and Time of Use: 1-800-842-3850
  • Automated Information Line: 1-877-643-4636
  • SmartHours: 1-877-898-3834
  • Call Before You Dig: 1-800-522-6543 or 1-405-840-5032 or 811
  • Corporate Office: 1-405-553-3000

Mailing Address

There are times when customers want to stress just how happy or upset they are with a personal letter to OG&E. There is a mailing address for corporate office for just this purpose.

OGE Energy Corp
OG&E Electric Services
P.O. Box 321
Oklahoma City, OK 73101-0321

This address is for communication purposes only – not for payments. If you need to send a payment you should address your payment to:

P.O. Box 24990
Oklahoma City, OK 73124

Official Website

OG&E is available online at The site allows customers to access their energy account for payments and changes. Many of the customer service options available by phone are also available online.

Customer Service Email

There is no customer service email address but there is an email form for customers to fill out if they would not call or send a letter via standard mail. The contact form requires basic information like name and email address, but there is also a place to put your account and phone numbers to help the agent better serve you.

Our Experience

You can press 2 for account information and then enter your account number or press *1 if you don’t have your account number. You will then be asked for your social security number or phone number. You can also press 5 for more options and then press 0 for a customer service representative. Our call was placed on hold for a representative where we waited for about three minutes. When the call was answered the agent told us all about the available payment options for OG&E customers.

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57 Comments on “Contact OG&E Customer Service
  1. You are stepping into illegal territory trying to pin my ex with my final bill. You can not do this legally because we nolonger live together. The lights were in my name and when we seperated I had the service disconnected and he had them reconnected in his name. If you press the issue my lawyer will be in contact with you.

  2. Wel I have a brother that turn on light in his name now he back In jail an don’t he git out but the bill got to high that he can’t pay Iam not going to pay an try to git a bill in my name they say I have to that bill an I have 2 kids that relly need that to foot scool do u think I need lawyer

  3. What is the proper Fax number for OG&E customer service? I want to send a copy of my tax exemption card.

    Thank you.

  4. I am very upset with you and your tree trimming. Obviously you could care less about how you leave the trees after you have chopped the hell out of them. 20 years these trees have been growing and when they finally get big and look good you come along and make them look like crap! I am so happy that you have cleared you lines and wont have to worry about them for another 20 years, GREAT! We will have to look at your sorry work for everyday for the next 5 years. Trees that wouldn’t even have been a problem for another 10 years you hacked up I guess for the fun of it………I want you to know that I believe that OG&E is the sorriest excuse for a public service company that services OKC. Now you can toss this aside and get back you your debeautifying project around the city. Thanks a lot!

    • Your site is down again. I have checked with more than one pc and when I check online to see if the site is down for everyone, it shows it up and reachable. I paid my bill online last month and you sent me a notice that said I didn’t, so I paid again. Well, I was right and my bill was paid like I said in the first place. You did send me a refund, but this is ridiculous and it’s not the first time your buggy system has caused problems. You charge extra last month for me to pay over the phone, because your website does not work, even though I had already paid my bill.

  5. I have no idea what is up with your website I have been trying to pay my bill for 4 days down. It will not let me do anything.
    Please contact me.

  6. I have no idea what is up with your website I have been trying to pay my bill for 4 days down. It will not let me do anything.
    Please contact me.

  7. Hello, can we get the website up and running so I can pay my bill. I do not want to pay the fees, nor do I want to go through the hassle associated with contacting you.

    Thanks, Have a Great Day!

  8. Hello, can we get the website up and running so I can pay my bill. I do not want to pay the fees, nor do I want to go through the hassle associated with contacting you.

    Thanks, Have a Great Day!

  9. OG&E’s site to pay on-line does not work, as soon as your website had a make-over, I’ve never been able to access it. I tried at work on that computer, then I get home & still the same problem. With just the complaints on the website, you would think it would be a priority to fix the on-line bill pay or is no one actually looking at the comments section at all?

  10. The new OG&E website has not been accessible to me, I’ve tried on 2 different computers at different locations & I’m still not able to access the website. You would think an on-line bill pay would be OG&E’s #1 priority to fix, unless they don’t need the money or the rate hikes?

  11. I can no longer access the og&e website to view or pay bills online. Tried from computer and phone. There is no local address to pay the bill in person. Only other electronic option requires paying a $2.95 fee to pay by phone. I have always kept up with my bill and paid on time until the last 2 mos. when you decided to change your website. Please go back to your old website so customer’s can use it. geez Based on other comments I’m not the only one.. how about listening to customers .

  12. Unable to pay my bill online. I am on SSI and have limited funds where as I can not afford the additional $2.95 to process a check. I can not get to your new website. All I get is a bunch of broken HTML crap… You want to get paid? Correct your webpage. Posing on FaceBook, Twitter and whatever public forum I can connect to in order to get your attention… I have been a loyal customer, always paid before due date and now this crap? What the hay? Get your act together and become the professional website you were before your crappy upgrade…

  13. WHY???? Why does your online bill pay not work? What is going on? I have paid my bill online for well over 4 years now and the new layout will not work? Might want to look into this. It has been down for almost 2 months now. Then you want to charge a fee to call in and pay over phone? Nope, I don’t think so. This is just getting silly.

  14. your website has been frozen and inoperable for days (weeks according to some of these comments), and now my payment is late. when will it be running again so I can resolve my bill.

  15. I live in country estates in springer. With the recent work being done and all the rain our access road has been severely damaged. This is a privately maintained road so we hope when the work is completed the road and ditches will be brought back up to usable condition. Thank you for your help.

  16. I have. Breathing machine. There is no 24/7 or even on weekends
    My power has been out for 3 days off and on.. It stayed on even after a y said weather, then hours after the storm, they disconnected my power to give it to the rich neighborhoods. Aweful service and I plan on taking legal action. If my power was on hours after storm…MY House IS NOT WEATHER RELATED!!! Yet they keep saying this. Which is untrue.

  17. I am trying to get an average electric bill for a property I’m selling. How do I go about getting that?

  18. We have smart hours but they appear to go from 2:00 to 8:00pm not 2:00 to 7:00. I would call customer service to ask why but can’t get into them. Also can you shut it off if needed? We had company for 4 weeks with extra laundry comfort etc. required. Cost us a ton!!

  19. Hello , I would like to tell somebody , about an employee, u have working for you , his name is Jim Ebel, he lives in Moore okla , has access to a Wearhouse , fixing houses , he has stolen alot of things from Wearhouse , also was living in Wearhouse before they put cameras , I had alot of marerial , light bulbs , chalking , doors , wood that’s why , he took most back when I told him I was gonna tell , he works for yall OG&E or Dean , he has stolen property in Wearhouse , any way yall was wondering where everything was going , he took it , he stole it.
    To whom it my concern

  20. West Tree Service trimmed trees in the right of way behind our property yesterday and left a bit of a mess. I called the office and was told that they would return today to clean. They have not. The properties affected belong to several disabled veterans who are not able to clean this themselves and have recently paid an outside contractor to clean this area only to have West Tree Service mess it back up. This debre will cause drainage problems if we have a heavy rain. When can we expect this to be cleaned up. Please email for further comments and pictures.

  21. Of&e. Customer service. The
    Last time I played my bill I ask to be put on the flat rate plan. I received my bill. And I hadn’t as of yet. My bill is due for cut off day. Please contact me as soon as prossiable. Image apply for liep. I need to make payment arrangements. Thanks Mary rice.

  22. To. A. Supperiser. My cut off date is today. 10/5/2015, I need to make payment. Arrangements. I was going to call in sooner but I had gotten sick. And I need you to look over my account. I ask to be put on the flat create plan when I played my last bill, I know it had to happen. My worker at dhs. Did it,

  23. I have replaced 4 hard drives due to loss of power and I’m getting tired of having to reinstall all of my software. we lose power every few days.

  24. You OGE Customer Service people HAVE FORGOTTEN who is the customer.
    Seems OGE is run by A BUNCH OF IDIOTS.
    Wish I could earn the same salary as your CEO & Board Chairman, Mr Peter B Delaney, yet be so grossly over-compensated for such a lousy operation.
    He was paid $8,276,832 for 2014.
    Yes, that is correct, over 8 MILLION 2 HUNDRED SEVENTY-SIX THOUSAND DOLLARS.
    Could this be one reason OUR RATES are so DAMN HIGH ???????????????

  25. I don’t know where you people get off trying to screw people over. Probably because you are the only electric company in Fort Smith. I had electric through you several years ago. I’m on disability and you said I owe you for 5 months of electric because, according to you, I failed to call you and have my electric shut off. You told me I owe you over $1200. When I explained that I had moved from that residence months before 5 months before you shut off service, I was called a lier. I was told if I wanted to reestablish service I would have to pay the outstanding bill all at once. You people need to get your heads out of your asses. Not everyome has that kind of money.

  26. Our electricity has been off since before dawn in this ice storm. It’s on now and I want to say thank you for all of you who have been working outside in this horrible weather to help all of us. We certainly appreciate it.

  27. I just want to say, “Thank you!!!”, to all of your linesmen/women for all of their hard work in extreme conditions to get out the power restored.

  28. fraud on my account from an og&e prepaid account and og&e wouldn’t help me find out who used my account

  29. OG&E is a third world provider of electric service. I experience outages 3 to 4 days a week and currently have no power for 2 days. I have lived in 3rd world countries and never experienced power outages and surges like in Oklahoma. This whole state is like a 3rd world country. It doesn’t do any good to complain….

  30. Due to a storm our service went down July 3rd at about 7:45 and was not restored until July 4th at about 6:30. That’s 22 hours later. Unbelievable. It was 97 degrees and miserable. I am writing to the Corporation Commission something has to be done about OG&E poor customer service. How many people went to the hospital with heat related symptoms over this. I have had OEC and OG&E. OEC beats you guys out hands down. Had OEC for 15 years and maybe 5 outages in that time but they had us back up really quick except once in an ice storm and then it was about 24 hours. My next home will be in OEC area

  31. My service has been off for over 8 hours now. I have held on hold 4 times for over 30 minutes each time unable to get ahold of a representative to give me any idea of time line. I am now headed into town to purchase a generator to try and save a side of beef and 3 mos of organic gardening in the freezer. Extremely unhappy!

  32. Been without electrical service since the afternoon of Thursday 7/14/16. Although this has been reported, we haven’t since any OG& E equipment in the area attempting to correct the outage.

    Have called multiple times to get new service. Even had two phones going to two different numbers at the same time. Just left the phone on speaker to try and get other things done while on hold! Extremely frustrating!! Horrible customer service!

  34. Why can’t I discuss my electrical issues with OG&E? I don’t have a power outage I have power that is off and on in part of the house. Electricians say it’s a phasing issue and OG&E has to repair that but I can only report a power outage and not this issue.

  35. I connected electricity last week on 4/12/17. I was told everything was set up and I just needed to fax in a copy of my military orders and the filled out deposit waiver sheet. I faxed everything in on 4/14/17 and have the fax confirmation, verifying that the fax went through. I no further communication from OG&E, requesting additional information or payment. Today I came home to find my power off. Since I work until late, calling the customer service line is useless because they close at 5pm. According to the automated line, power was turned off due to nonpayment of deposit. I sent in the paperwork needed in thewithin the required time and have fax confirmation to prove it. Now my food in the fridge and freezers will go bad. If the company can’t match up faxes or call if further documentation is required for an account, maybe they should move into the 21st century and use email and 24/7 customer support like all the other electric companies I’ve dealt with in the past. This is ridiculous. I fully expect to speak with a manager regarding this issue and I also expect for OG&E to replace the food that I’ve lost in my fridge and freezers.

  36. I want to express my thanks to all the OG&E people who worked hard to get our power back on. The storm that brought down poles on N May Avenue provided a daunting task for you. I figured we wouldn’t have power for a couple of days. I was happily surprised that it was hours instead of days. Amazing. Thanks again!

  37. Oge tell the news that Yukon is 100% powered now but out entire block has been out for now 6 hours. Pawnee Pl. Yukon. Ok

  38. I’ve found that about all companies now have the most difficult websites as they really do not want to hear from you. My electric bill more than doubled for no apparent reason. Could electric system maintenance have caused it as the smart meter was removed by the electrician and the OG&E employee several times? And since Oklahoma is now littered with these unsightly wind generators, why is our electric bills so high?

  39. Everyone was so nice and my electric was turned on in 10 minutes. I appreciate all the patience from your wonderful customer service.

  40. My son was told electricity would be turned on today, Saturday, Dec. 30. It was not. Today is one of the coldest days of the year. There is no way to talk to anybody. He is staying in a motel which he cannot afford and doesn’t know if it is on or not. And Monday is a holiday. Thank you so much for such great customer service!

  41. i have received my bill for dec. 2017 it has gone up over $100.00. it has never been this much . could there be something wrong with my meter

  42. Hi there,
    I just applied to turn the local electric service and I also got the verify email for you.
    But my address is wrong.

    Please modify the address for me.
    Hungchen Chiang

  43. I called yesterday in reference to reconnecting service at my apartment. I was basically accused of fraud because my daughter started service in her name while I was not living there for several months. Christian, the customer service rep I spoke with was not helpful. He was rude and accusatory. When I requested to speak to a supervisor, he blatantly refused stating “that’s not our protocol”. I requested a supervisor several times and he flat out refused. His only response was I could hang up and call back, which I did. I spoke with Erika, who was much more pleasant, but still would not allow me to speak to a supervisor.
    This practice is unacceptable. Never in my life have I not been permitted to speak to a supervisor when the rep was not understanding or addressing the reason for my call. OG&E is awful to deal with and many of their phone reps lack professionalism. I guess when options for electrical companies are limited, they can treat their customers any way they want to. Shame on you OG&E!

  44. You’ve got a crew cutting/trimming trees for OG&E, on S. Foxden Rd. outside of Ardmore.

    No one is doing anything about traffic safety.

    I was heading south, the crew trucks were on the other side of the road, the east side. My lane was clear. I slowed and kept going. One member of your crew waved a driver around their southernmost truck. She came around and we would have hit head on if either of us had not been going slow. The driver slowed an apologized, saying she couldn’t see around the trucks but that one of your employees sent her ahead. Your guys look like a bunch of disfunctional meth-heads doing as little as possible, esp. traffic safety.

    You’ve got guys standing in the shade of the trucks and doing nothing to prevent an automobile accident due to their presence. There’s an accident and lawsuit waiting to happen.

    Carter County resident

  45. My son has made the third house payment on our new home, and still no electricity. The electric box has been installed, workers have been out, but failed to hook up power, all requirements on our part have been met. You are really taking the fun out of having a new home that is difficult to enjoy without electricity.

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