Contact Novartis Customer Service

Contacting Novartis Customer Service Center

In 1996 when Sandoz and Ciba-Geigy chose to merge Novartis was formed. The company’s aim is to develop products that improve health, well-being and overall life for patients and people from all walks of life. Novartis is active in pharmaceuticals, oncology, over the counter medications and research to develop new treatments and products.

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Contact Info:

Novartis is pretty good at sharing consumer contact information, including the Novartis customer service mailing address, phone number and links to Novartis company websites where additional information can be found.

Phone Contact Number

In order to speak with a Novartis customer service representative, call the Novartis phone number between 8:30 AM and 5:30 PM Monday to Friday for the pharmaceutical department or 9 AM to 6 PM for the consumer health department. The Patient Assistance program is open from 9 AM to 5 PM Monday to Friday.

  • Novartis Phone Number – Pharmaceutical: 1-888-669-6682
  • Consumer Health: 1-800-452-0051
  • Patient Assistance: 1-800-277-2254

Mailing Address

Check out these two mailing addresses for Novartis customer service. The first is for general communication and the second for the Patient Assistance Program.

Novartis CorporationCommunications Department230 Park Ave21st FloorNew York, NY 10169


Novartis Patient AssistancePO Box 66556St Louis, MO 63166

Official Website

Go to for the US company website. You can read about the company history, patient assistance program and the products developed by Novartis on the site. If you need another global website, visit http://www.novartis.comand choose a different country. Other websites for Novartis brands/companies include:

Social Media

Novartis is an extremely social company with pages on most popular social media sites. Some of these sites allow users to communicate with the company, but you must log in to your account first, in most cases.

Customer Service Email

The email for Novartis customer service was the only piece of contact information not openly available on the contact page. We never found an email address.

Our Experience

Novartis customer service is automated. You have to press 1 if you know who you’re calling or wait for the option list. Press 1 if you are a medical professional or 2 if you are a consumer. If you press 2 you will be taken to the Patient Assistance Program even if that’s not the reason you’re calling.

We tried to call the Consumer Health number to see if that is the best number for consumers with questions. When you call press 6 to skip the list of options and connect directly with an agent.

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24 Comments on “Contact Novartis Customer Service
  1. I have used Nupercainal ointment for many years, and all of a sudden, no drugstore has it anymore.
    Could you please tell me where I can find it. Cvs or Walgreens do not have it anymore.

    Thanks and please reply.

  2. do you have any other packaging for gasx?im a disabled vet,who is severely arthritic,and have difficulty opening your blister packs.i wind up yhrowing out more than I can save.please respond

  3. I have been using Diovan 160mg since the last 8 to 10 years. I did not have health insurance so I have been paying for the medicine out of pocket. Now I have health insurance but it does not cover Diovan. My last prescription for 100 tablets cost me $504.45, at the COSTCO Pharmacy, more than double the cost of my previous refill. They said price is determined by the manufacturer.

    Since this medicine has been working for me I do want to change. My concern is that if this level of price continues then I will not be able to afford it and will be forced to talk to my physician to switch to some other brand of hypertension medication.

    I will much appreciate if you can make this medication affordable for us whose Health insurance does not cover this brand name medication.

    Thank you.

  4. Have been using Diovan for over 30 years. GREAT PRODUCT. We are retired and have been able to use the $4.00 co-pay on Diovan. Please let me know if you are going to have any promotions in the future.

    Thank You

    John Nordstrom

  5. I have been taking Metoprolol tartrate for the past 6 years. I began having multiple side effects, including cold extremities, fatigue, low blood pressure and the medication was gradually discontinued. It as been a month since that time but the side effects continue. Do these side effects disappear over time or will I always have these symptoms? Is there a course of action that I can take to eliminate these very undesirable effects?
    Please advise, thank you.
    Robert Scarlata, M.D.

  6. My son has been taking Tegretol 100mg chewable tablets, BRAND NAME. Every since he was 14 years old and it is GREAT. But a couple of years ago all that changed your company no longer made it, that was the biggest mistake your company ever made. I guess no one in the the corporate office has seizures. My son has Austim very mild, he is nonverbal. I am his voice. The doctor started him with. Carbamazepine that was the biggest mistake every. The side effect are VERY BAD. My son started attacking his little nieces and nephews when they came over to the house for a visit. Then he attack me last week in the car when I was driving. I have taken my son off the medicine. I am not giving up until your company start back making the tegretol. Just trying to save my son.

  7. Hey Theraflu…are you aware of the Twitterstorm you are being tied to as sponsor of tonight’s undercover boss episode on CBS? Read comments listed under @ and #’s for the show , CBS, the mysoginist CEO of Bikinis Restaurant they featured, etc. some are tweeting about boycotting the show sponsors including Theraflu.

  8. Greetings to you, my name is Bede Ogbonna also known as BEDEX SOLE IMPEX NIG LTD. Am from Nigeria and am interested on your product(sirdalud(R)) I will like to buy it and some of your products too. Am waiting for your valuable reply.

  9. I have used the Vivelle Dot patch for many years. Now that there are generic medicines available, my insurance company won’t cover the medication as they have in the past. I have gone from paying a $20.00 co-pay for my prescription, to now paying close to $200.00.

    I am sensitive to medicines -this is the only medicine I take – and would strongly prefer to remain on Vivelle if I can. Do you foresee a reduction in your pricing now that the patent has apparently expired?
    Thank You. Marvel G.

  10. What a cheap company. I had a problem with Theraflu Nighttime and could not continue to take it. However, immediately before this I had been taking Theraflu Daytime without any problem. When I called, they had me complelete a lengthy questionnaire on the phone and then denied me a coupon so that I could replace the Nighttime with Daytime. When I insisted that I speak to a supervisor, after a lengthy hold, they agreed to send me the coupon. What a company.

  11. Whoever invented the packaging for Gleevec needs to be fired!!! It is absolutely ridiculous to expect customers to open a mess like that. I can’t even begin to open it. If I don’t have someone else open it for me, I simply cannot get into it. I had spent months trying to get CVS to quit using childproof caps, and then you start using this junk!!! It’s bad enough to live with this illness without having to fight to get into my medicine! I have been on this medicine since it was in the study phase, and am grateful to be alive. I can’t believe that a company smart enough to produce this has no thoughts regarding the packaging!!!

  12. My name is Rocky Galati, my birthdate is 7/12/60

    UPS is NOT a good carrier for delivery of medicine.

    In the 3 or so years they have been delivering a GILENYA for me, they have NEVER knocked on my door. They only have supplied ‘sorry we missed you’ forms and I had to go to their office in franklin park, which is NOT easy to get to, and no public transportation runs there.

    Consequently. A year or so ago, they LOST my medication and lied and told me it was delivered and I signed for it. I did NOT receive it or sign for it. I have complained about this to novartitis, and UPS, and medicare a million times and it was never resolved. I NEVER got my medicine.

    I got fed up and said to heck with it, and just stopped taking the medication.

    In march of this year I had a major attack of the disease, the gilenya prevented (MS) and was hospitalized. I was very sick and lost my home. I have been staying with my parents. I got in touch with Novartis again, and I had to retake the clinical trial to begin gilenya again, and reapply for assistance.

    I have called Novartis 100 times making sure my meds will come. The FIRST shipment to my parents home was a day late (I was OUT of the meds they gave me at the clinical trial) and to go 2 days without meds. I have been calling Novartis for 2 weeks trying to make sure it won’t happen again, and listening to the god awful hold music for hours and NOBODY is assuring me anything can be done.

    I am working now, the meds need to be delivered to me at GALATI REALTORS 3818 IRVING PARK ROAD, CHICAGO, IL 60618-3106. I AM HERE ON MONDAY WEDNESDAYS AND FRIDAYS BETWEEN 10:00am & 3:00pm I have changed my delivery address and time as this every day for the past two weeks! UPS says they won’t deliver it, and I have called Novartis every day for 2 weeks making sure it will get here.

    I am ok with an alternative and have asked for one FOR 2 WEEKS? I can pick up the meds to a neutral place here in Chicago that has access to public transportation? But nobody has offered any alternative but to try to trust UPS. They are not worthy of trust and they are not worthy of delivering important medications.


  13. I had an awful side effect/adverse reaction to a Novartis medication. My doctor was perplexed and asked me to contact Novartis, so I did indeed. After taking awhile to get through the prompts..I reached someone who I hoped could help. The CS rep I spoke with tried to help initially, but became short, sounding annoyed. Being that the adverse reaction was one that led to my getting off the Novartis medication, I was hoping to receive better info. I felt rushed off the phone. My doctor will call personally, hoping to get additional information that I was no table to find via my call.

  14. I asked last week for a person from your accounting department to talk to me directly on my cell phone about an item that needs clarification. No one has called, a week later.
    Eric J. Ruby, M.D.
    Taunton Massachusetts
    774 218 8993

  15. I am trying to send an email with a picture of a medicine that is totally in Chinese with no information in English. I need to know what the medicine is and what it is for. I can not find an email address to send it to.
    Thank you for your help.

  16. the $4 co-pay card reads 2015 expiration date. The Automated system says that the card is good until 12/31/2016. has the card been updated to read 2016? if so can it be e-mailed to me.
    also, irregardless to how many prompts I selected, I was unable to speak to a person.

  17. I am in mumbai near homily sham goregau Mumbai
    as per doctor prescribed I am using trioptal 450 now I need this medecine but I didn’t get it in this place I search many shops but I didn’t get it
    I need your suggestions where I can get this same 450 medecine

  18. i have been taken Lescol for years now norvitis dont make this medicine any more i stated to take the generic and got a bad reaction. my problem is i cant take every thing why would they do this norvitis dont care it what good in there pockets but i was paying now norvitis created a hugh problem for me.

  19. Good day
    I purchased a 20g of Voltaren Emulgel from Clicks – Northmead Mall Benoni. I used the gel 3 times and the tube is almost empty. The tube is filled mainly with air. When purchasing a product I think it is only fair to match the contents with the size of the packaging. Very disappointed. I can unfortunately not afford to purchase a product which is costly, an excellent product but the tube is basically empty.
    Lot number: R03999A
    08 2018 expiry date
    another number printed on the tube 14 49 30

    Thanking you

    Kind regards


  20. My brother was prescribed clozaril my his local hospital. During 2-3 days of medication stoppage he would manifest disorientation. During 3 – 4 days he would manifest memory impairment. After 18 days medication stoppage, he died after jumping from a bridge with a seventy foot drop.
    Could you please explain, why there were no warnings regarding these types withdrawal from this particular medication.?

  21. Why is the cream Elidel so expensive? The normal retired person, heck just any normal person can not afford to pay over $300 even with a online coupon.

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