Contact Nortel Networks Customer Service

Contacting Nortel Networks Customer Service Center

Nortel Networks is one of the oldest telecommunications companies in Canada, founded in 1895. After the turn of the century the company faced financial hardships and decided to seek bankruptcy protection. Although the company is not is operation, you still have the ability to connect through mail, phone, email and social media.

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Contact Info:

Nortel Networks is currently in the middle of bankruptcy proceedings, so some of the contact information we’ve provided is for the law offices handling the bankruptcy.

Phone Contact Numbers

  • Ernst & Young (US and Canada): 1-866-942-7177
  • Other Contact: 1-416-943-4439

Mailing Address

Nortel Networks Canada5945 Airport RdSte 360Mississauga, OntarioCanada L4V 1R9


Nortel Networks US4001 E Chapel Hill-Nelson HighwayResearch Triangle Park, NC 27709

Official Website

When we visited the official Nortel Networks website, we noticed the bankruptcy information. There was contact information for current employees and creditors. Customers can also learn about the company in the About Uspage. Additional information can be found on the main site as well as the Canadian site located here:

Social Media

Although the company is currently embracing bankruptcy, Nortel Networks is still active on social media networks. We didn’t find active comments, but there were responses from what appeared to be Nortel Networks employees.

Customer Service Email

We are not confident as I relates to a response from the customer service department. We sent a message asking for the hours of operation, nothing to complicated. We immediately received an automated response stating a customer care agent could take up to 30 days to respond. If we do receive a message back, we will update you with our findings.

Our Experience

We realized that Nortel Networks has restricted under Chapter 11 bankruptcy, but we wanted to know if the company was still able to address former customers who had concerns and questions. One thing we need to note is the length of time it will take to connect with a live agent. There are no options; the call connects to an operator. After the operator connected the call to the appropriate department, we waited to speak with a live agent for more than 20 minutes.

After the wait, we asked several questions and to our dismay, the customer service agent decided to only provide partial answers. We know the company fell on hard times, but the customer should always come first. We would love to hear your customer service success story. Do you have one? Comment below.

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10 Comments on “Contact Nortel Networks Customer Service
  1. Hi,
    I need to reset my Nortel phone system. the lady that used o work her has changed all the voicemail passwords and the administrator Password. Please Help!!!

  2. Every time it rains any incoming call because static and no one can understand anything that is said. No one in the office knows what to do about this and we would all love it if there was a way for it to be fixed. Thank you. Isabella.




  4. Tried contacting the us&canada number but got the voicemail. I’m needing to change the settings on all my nortel t7316e, This phone runs off the “old” system so all programming has to be done on the phone itself. Right now it displays the time and date when a call is coming in but once the phone i picked up it says line031 and on the lower line says transfer.Really hoping someone can help!

  5. DOes anyone you know who I can contact re: my worthless NORTLE networks stock I bought when I was an employee 15 years ago.
    ALl I need is to get a letter from someone at Nortel or theri agents saying the stock is worthless so I can write it off on my TAX return.
    am holding the certificate copies. Would appreciate any information.
    THank you.
    – Seshan Subramanian

  6. is there a manual for the Nortel Meridian SL 100?
    I would like to get a copy for my work with the military in Afghanistan.
    Thank you

  7. Hi,
    I need to reset my Nortel phone system voicemail the lady that used to work here has changed all the voicemail passwords and the administrator Password. Please Help!!!

  8. The lady the use to work her quit and we do not have the passcode to change the company greeting. This would be the system coordinator mailbox number for the Auto Attendant.

  9. I need to reset my phone due to storm surge-it will not accept voice mail and tells me that I have an extension phone off the hook. Red light stays on until I pick up receiver then it flashes. What is the address that the reset is asking for?

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