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Contacting Nordstrom Customer Service Center

Nordstrom is not your average fashion retailer. The company specializes in beauty, design and customer support. There are more than 231 store locations in the United States, but that is a relatively small number compared to other retail companies. Nordstrom also operates a bank and restaurant under the company name. You can contact Nordstrom customer service about the restaurant, but you need to visit the bank website for Nordstrom Banking to contact customer service about your account.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

You can call any of the customer service departments for Nordstrom from 7 A.M. to 1 A.M. any day of the week. Agents are available to talk about your order or help you plan the perfect wedding look.

  • Customer Service (US): 1-888-282-6060
  • Customer Service (Canada): 1-877-794-5304
  • Customer Service (International): 1-319-846-4140
  • Beauty Stylist Help: 1-800-723-2889
  • Designer Stylist Help: 1-877-543-7463
  • Wedding Stylist Help: 1-888-300-1295
  • Credit Customer Service: 1-800-964-1800

Mailing Address

If you have a problem with Nordstrom or if you’d like to praise the company for being the best at what they do – you can contact the Nordstrom corporate office by mail.

Nordstrom Direct Inquiries
1700 7th Ave.
Ste. 300
Seattle, WA 98101

Official Website

The main page of the Nordstrom official website at is dedicated to the customer who wants to buy from Nordstrom, but the customer service page is only a click away. If you scroll to the bottom of the page you’ll notice the Customer Service link on the left side. You can choose the main page or one of the dedicated customer service pages from here.

Customer Service Email

Nordstrom promises to answer customer service emails within 48 hours of receipt. They warn customers that immediate resolution to a problem or issue is not available via the email contact page, so if the problem needs to be resolved soon – contact a customer service agent by phone not email. Once you choose the topic from the dropdown menu, you can send your email to customer service.

Our Experience

Nordstrom customer service is answered with an automated message, but there is no button pushing. The recording warns that the call may be recorded or monitored and then the call is either answered or placed on hold. We’ve come in contact with multiple high-end companies that don’t use the standard automated navigation to keep customers on hold longer. When our Nordstrom agent answered we asked for the email address for customer service. She said there was no email address, but offered to help us navigate to the page where the customer service form was located. She also offered to help us with our issue immediately.

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20 Comments on “Contact Nordstrom Customer Service
  1. I am Lisa Wu from China. I bought five bottles of Estee Lauder: ANR SYNC RECOVER 1.7 OZ from NORDSTROM (Michigan Avenue in Chicago). But it is really unbelievable that there are two bottles of ANR SYNC RECOVER empty after I returned to China. How would that happen? As a famous retailer, how can you permit your salesgirl to do that kind of thing.(To cheat Chinese traveller) Could someone of you can contact with me about this thing. I lost US$183.96 because of these two empty bottle. Please send email to me or please contact me via 0086-13761940395 to solve this issue. Thank you!

  2. I want to let you know pod my wonderfull experience atNordstrom in Natick Ma
    I went to get a pair of shoes, I was helped by Oscar an Allstar who noticed my worn out ACL shoes.I left the store with 2 pairs of shoes one of them a new pair of ACL.
    I was beside myself. This never happens to me.
    Amazing service.

    Tyia, the wonderful lady who works in Fragrance, always, always give outstanding service. I enjoy seeing her and buying parfums from her only. I admire her knowledge in fragrance and value her services.
    Thank you
    Mihaela Stoian

  3. My daughter and I went to the shoe department at Cherry Creek Mall yesterday and was very unhappy with the salesperson. As a previous employee of Nordstrom (shoe dept.) I know there expectations about customer service. With that been said, my salesperson walked around in a daze not really looking for someone to help. We sat down with our shoes with hope that he would see us or walk buy, but that wasn’t a good assumption. Finally, I went up to him with 2 pairs of shoes and he came back with ONLY 2 pair of shoes. Instead of going on, I’ll leave it that he needed a bit more training. I could have trained him! If you want to hear full details about my experience, please contact me anytime. I have a Nordstrom card and should be easy to find.

  4. Hello my name is Tonya Laryea I had a terrible experience at your store at Perimeter Mall in Atlanta GA. After looking at shoes for about 15 mins then trying them on for 10 mins while at least 3 of your sales associates walked by was unheard of. I was trying on one shoe.Not a single associate asked could they help me for at least 30 mins. I never shop at Nordstrom and order a dress about 2 weeks ago and really loved it. I wanted to give Nordstroms a chance to become one of the stores that come to mind when I need anything for occasions, as I do with Macy’s. I was very turned off after giving customer service for years this was terrible. SIGNED OVERLOOKED.

  5. Daniel Ericsson in the flagship downtown store home dept had outstanding follow through in delivering an item not in stock to my home. kudos for the great customer service.
    Dao in alterations at Northgate is so efficient and cheerful . In addition , she is very prideful of her work. I am very appreciative of Nordstrom for having this caliber of employee.
    5/5 for both employees and Nordstrom experience.

  6. This is WAY TOO OBSTRUSIVE, recording phone calls (is it similar to NSA). Someone told me that every word they are saying (or not saying) is scored. On another forum it appears that Nordstrom does not compensate for service failure; however the person scoring the call penalized the agent for NOT OFFERING A GIFT CERTIFICATE. so in other words someone can be offered a gift certificate if the call is monitored ??

  7. Once again I had a negative encounter at the Pentagon City Nordstrom.
    I wanted to exchange another Michelle watch that stopped working but I
    Was not willing to send it out for repair. The
    Previous watch was sent out twice and I drove an hour both
    Times to pick it up, only later to return it. Well obviously the salespersin did
    Not like that I was returning it and said commenced to bittlement right in my face. Since the watch I wanted
    This store is really messy and I will not put up with this sort of treatment. The store
    Manager previously looked up my husbands credit account (not mine) and commented
    That he was only making minimum payments as if it was her business! I complained before but not publically.
    Shara and this store should really be retrained on customer service. I would really like to see something done
    Once and for all about this store. I am really unhappy with these experiences.

  8. My last order with Hautelook is missing because the shipping company claims it was delivered, but it wasn’t. I have called Nordstrom twice and been in touch with customer service via live chat. Both times, I was told that I have to wait while the company investigates and tries to track the lost package. What kind of customer service is this where the customer has to wait and PAY for items they did not receive while the company investigates its own incompetency?? Instead of using fedex or UPS, reliable shipping companies-Hautelook uses ontrac an unreliable, incompetent company. My last order from Hautelook was delivered to house number 947 my address is 974!!!!
    I am a loyal Nordstrom anf Hautelook customer for the past ten plus years and a card member for 7- this incident and the amount of time I have wasted on dealing with customer service agents who sound like broken records , regurgitating the company policy without any ability for thinking outside the box and resolving an issue has turned me off as a customer. i will not be returning to Hautelook OR using my Nordstrom visa anymore- I am disappointed, frustrated and angry at the poor customer service and questionable business practice by Nordstrom. needless to say, I will be sharing my experience with everyone in my community of school, work and church so that they don’t have to go through this with a company that has obviously bitten off more than they can chew by acquiring Hautelook

  9. I here you won’t decorate your American Stores until after American Thanksgiving. Well Mr. Nordstrom you probably are not aware Canadian Thanksgiving is long since over so why don’t you DECK the Halls in your Canadian Stores. The Christmas buying period is very very short….You certainly could put up the displays November 12th immediately following Remembrance Day. Bring on Christmas Canadians do not want to wait for Americans we want a Little Christmas NOW…I am sure you know how the rest of the song goes. Cheers Love the Vancouver store. Sincerely Bill McFarlane/Vancouver BC Resident.

  10. Pl forward my email to mr Jamie Nordstrom – sales are down because of your apparel quality not because “it’s just a traffic thing”

  11. I drove from Chicago to the Milwaukee Mayfair Norstrom looking for interview clothes for my college daughter. An employee named Claire from the Independent dept was amazing! She kept within our budget and met my daughter’s specific tastes and concerns! She was kind, enthusiastic and hard working! Thank you Nordstrom of Wisconsin and especially Claire!

  12. I will never again come into your store since you have stopped carrying Ivanka Trump’s line of clothing. We all know this is political and you have made the wrong choice. Politics is one thing. Business and carrying clothes for all is another. You chose incorrectly!!!

  13. I have been a Nordstrom customer for over 40 years. I have witnessed the company and
    quality go down hill. I might add, as evidenced by their poor performance in recent years.
    Recently and, may I add, for the first time, I had a problem with my Nordstrom CC. I spoke
    with 4 different people over this issue to ABSOLUTELY NO satisfaction. Their comments
    were completely contradictory one to the other. I have, in recent years, dealt less and less
    w/Nordstrom as one customer above reported – lack of service/quality of merchandise. I was a buyer for an independent store (Rated one of FORBES 100 FINEST) for many years. I,
    therefore, consider myself an ‘expert’ on customer service and satisfaction. W/your numbers continually declining, I can only say ‘Nordstrom hierarchy – TAKE HEED – you are definitely on a down – a -later~~~

  14. Placed order never received confirmation of it called this morning to cancel and was told it was too late to do that..Placed last evening at 10pm too late at 6,am?no confirmation? Bad

  15. I have a pair of Josef seibel sandals purchased from you a couple of years ago and the leather is separating from the sole! I have a picture of it but have no idea how to send it to you. The Seibel Company told me to contact the store I bought them from and I wear nothing but Seibel shoes and this is my first problem with them!
    Thanks for any help you can give me.

  16. First of all I have been a Nordstrom customer for many years yesterday was not a good experience.
    When I shop either online or in person if I see something I like that is available in my size I will purchase it, bring it home and have it ready when needed. Unfortunately I have encountered a dilemma …I have gained some wait in all the wrong places and going to a wedding in a few weeks . I started trying on dresses never worn, tags still on and everyone was too tight. These were all dresses purchased awhile ago as I don’t wear dresses on a daily basis only when needed. I had 3 dresses from Nordstrom that I had to return and 2 from Macy’s. Alterations is going to work on one of the dresses but the other 2 needed to be returned . All of them were purchased with my Nordstrom account. After a very long time (which I did not have) they couldn’t find them and even with the tags on the dresses gave me a gift card for an amount much less than what I paid! I was not at Walmart but Nordstrom and certainly expected better service. Macy’s returned my dresses without a problem that were also purchased some time ago. I had to leave and no more time to spend but I am very unhappy . Why should I take a loss when they were bagged, tagged and never worn? This occurred at the Westfield Valley Fair store in San Jose, California.

  17. I Had a terrible experience yesterday at the Nordstrom Rack in Waikiki. 5:30 pm Tues. 20th. I tried to return a pair of pants with all the tags still attached.I had a different pair in my shopping bag among other things I planned to purchase.I presented my Nord charge card. The salesperson said the purchase wasn’t on my card. I tried several other Visas that I use for points still no match.I travel for a living and don’t carry every card I use. At this point I was told I needed a receipt. It was frustrating and I was embarrassed as I felt It was inferred that I had not purchased the pants. I left the store so disturbe3d that I trashed the pants in the nearest receptacle. I have a long customer history with that store and frankly don’t find the staff there as accommodating as you advertise. I wont be using my Nordstrom charge again. Sincerely Brenda Kleebersalo

  18. Just wanted you to know, I have been watching your new Canadian commercial and you may want to rethink it. I particularly hate the grey-haired woman getting up to give an able-bodied man and his child a seat on the streetcar. Turban or no Turban. How about an older man getting up to give a young woman in a sari a seat.that at least would represent good manners

  19. just trying to reach a department in the store is absolutely impossible as soon as I have someone I get a dial tone aside having to listen the same thing over and over and still not being to speak to one person in the department I am trying to reach

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